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Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1883-1888, November 27, 1885, Image 4

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M, K. MURDOCH. Editor.
t r.s:i:iiTi)N tw o dollaks in advasct
A KcmJeraac w!i-lias traveled extcnslrely
mcrilic United plates, says tho Eunx Is
tbo Led IJ or pubUbcd In the nation, by "0
per rent, in a city of 20,000 inhabitants. Ho
sj-s l.e ii not civing any taffy in mating
the n'fprlioii.
A visitor from tbe western part of th
Halo reports that to ur ilo tail nseai isj
very promising awj looks better Ihau in iho
mora o&itcrn section?, wlipro already tboj
lmo commenced lo boa' T tho prospects
for tbo coming year. ,
. a.
Iter. Wu. Ijong and iff, rpcr.t secrall
tla,s in Witbitalatl uk. Ho went tberoj
to inert hit brother vlicm he bad not Ttca j
for twenty year. His brother and lady ac-1
comptnied tl.cm homo and will rjicnd tome
time visiting In thlt vicinity. AWllinton j
Hon. W. 31. llcdpatb, formerly of Brazil,
Ir.il , but who bat been Indian nger.t for a
immtarof joars in Dakota, and recently at
tbo l'w Paw ngcr.cy in tbs Indian Terri
tory, i a guest at tbc Manhattan hotel. Mr.
llojpatli wit s pealer of tho house cf re prc-U-nWlin-s
i)l tliu Indian legislature in the
setsion of 1SS1. Its bat jtul been, bounced
lor oflemHeparti'ahtbip, tbougli just how
an .ffic.nl can show hit oflcntivo partisan
ship among n lot ot Indian it not very dear.
It is a demonstrable fact that a number of
towns in Southern Kansas contlnuo to c.row
despite U.s usual building months raring
been pasted. Jacob Ilizanti i hipped yester
day tome iron cornlra of line designs and
expensive make up, for a number of fronts
in New Kiowa and to Kingman. Two
hundred and tctcnty-five feet of this cornice
went to Kingman, and one hundred and fifty
fctto"cw Klosa, or total oftcer.tccn
Dr. Samuel Hupp, from Warrtn, Indiana,
arrived in our city kit Thursday, and feels
inclined to locate inour midst. Dr. Hupp
has Itn n reader of tho Kaqle for two years
and to knows pretty much all about (is. Ho
finds tbo city all ho rxjiccted and more than
oven tho Eagle has represented. Dr. II.
wst in tbe city a year or two ago and made
tome investments and of course is highly
Ocorge ilatbews is rigging up a pump
for a well In I'ord county, tho tuetion cyl
inder of which is go ono hundred and thirty
feet belo tbe turfaec of the ground. Tbo
well hat ln bored, down which an ordi
nary drive-well pipe w ill bo let, and through
which pipe an ordinary half-Inch tod ill
lm run from tho pump handle to tbe cylin
der below. Tbo man who owns that holo
in the ground it assured pure, cold water, at
The pork packing cstahlithment on East
Douglas at cnuo are tiling up their ttock
--3is with hog. Trices ranging from S.-00
103.10. rivoloads wem purchased there
vestirJiv for 3-09. Tho t upijrintcndcnt in
formed tho reporter that the weather has for
jmo daj t bem loo warm lokill andtbata
mailer number than x Intended bavL
been killed tbit wctk. Xctwitbtlanding the '
arm weather the larco amount tlaughtered
n the forepart if the week has beeu dt
viseJ of, and everything put in readiness i'or
large f laughter as toon as R cold tnnp eets
vi l? iiTi To T
,.' , 'V """ u"ur - """"''
uilin ir lint innit ,.r T ... 1 r T
vu...h uuuuua lutu, ui UUU'U, IUIU -"'l0ft,
iarK uray, presiuent ol lLo larncU ttate
iank, spent tbe daj in our city yesterday,
be poopla oflmrned aro much interested
n the projection of the "Wichita & Colorado
Aitwy,bcing,infact, anxious to know of
Is exact status. Wj don't know what all
hey leamod.but it will rut be many month
ahen tho duly Eagle will bo reaching itt
readert at Earned over the Eagle line.
Lvned is a splendid loan, ono of the most
olid in nestern Kanrst, and wo hope that
ier businest nun will make no mUtaket
'.iucbingtlieir railway hterestt, or in any
iianner implicate thcniselvo to far as to
jnd their hands tied when the golden opport
unity comet.
Hon. Eobcrt E. Lawreneo left josterda
uorning for St Liuis, at a delegate to the
National Cattle and Horto Growert asocia- j
ion, to which responsible -and honorable
xisitionhc was appointed, as will bo rc
.lembered, by Gov ernor JIartin. l'robably
10 belter appointment could have been
nade, for no man in this section is better
icquainted with the stock interests of the
tale than Air. Law rence, and not only that,
ml at n member of the legislature he is a
nember of the committe" raited bv that
ody u, ,nl fclo and report uFon j Jffi" fS 3 tV
t rcn- interest. On account of the work joieo at his removal. Tho Electric Ight.
3 be done u.d tho endt to be aceoaiplishcd Wouldn't "Tbo rbosphoresccnt Tadpole"
jucnmgmo intca m our railroad matter pr01 0 a bctter narco for the Augusta wcak
Ir. U remained till the la-t moment doing j iingl Tho 'Jecent" Democrats. and"de
ery eflectivclwork. Dut of that more here- cent" Republicans of Wichita happen to ho
Ier, and. probably, from hit own ptn. Cndoc-' with common tense and, withal, re-
Col. IL Jj. Taylor returned from Eaw- 'P t only that kind of manhood that tpeaks
nee n'ght before lat, whero ho had btenout- T1-' "-Ifw'-t" Democrats of Wichita
s a delegate to iho annual meeting of the'V,Ble "OUf0 for a political crank or party
Meet Knightt, A. O. U. W. Wichita was
fleeted as tho place of tho next annual
aoeting. Mr. P. Steen, of Fort Scott, had
een canvassing the delegates for throe or
.mr dayt in the interest of bis city, whilo
loLTaylormndonocaniAss at all, mircly
ilacing Ib'u city among tho list of candi
dates. Tha result -was the choosing of this
ity by about tw o to one. Cob Taylor fa; t
v number of tho delegates told him after-'
vards that they had heard so much of the I
oomuig metropolis of the tcuthwett they
vera bound to tee it, and this would ben
ood occasion for having a look at it TLe I
. ,,. .... . ?. , .1
-nights will have a right royal reception
Te. j
Air. I'rank Stocker, ofAnthonv, brother
f Air. 0 II. Rocker, of this city, died sud-1
... , , . i . ., . ., . ,,. ..
enly at his brother residence in this city
itt Sunday c onlng.
Tb? deceased was en route to Iteec last
aturday, and flopped offto sec his brother
t his office nar the railroad. Tho train
ulled out and left him. Ho appeared all
irht at the time and until early Sunday
isorning when ho found himself hardly able
breathe, and insisted on having some
norphine, which ho had been in the habit
f taklLg once in a while when he felt cs he
'id then. From the time of hit taking the
Irug he kept growing wertc and died about
nen in the evening. Tho funcial took
. . ,
dace ctterday forenoon.
dropped dead.
Mr J indwell Drops Ded at the Docjlm
Avrnue Hotel In a Fit of Apople y.
AlwVtif lfl rt.lw t cf .!. m.h.:.. V!
1 Ilidwell.tafUrdeecnd.m.theab.ir.of
he Douglas Aenuo hotel dropped upon
he floor in the hall at the foul of the stairs.
Mr.A. Scavcr, the proprietor cf tho house,
.nd Will Chi 1 in, the clerk, who were in tbe
itfice and heard the fall, hastened to tee
bat the matter was. Upon reach'ng the
pot they discovered Air. Bidwcll in an ap
larcntly lifeless condition on the floor. They
mmediatcly carried him into a room on tho
-round floor at tho baik of the hall and laid
dtn upon tbe bed, when after takintr a drink
f water ho revived and recognized them,
ld them to raise him in a sitting posture,
ut while in tbc act of complying with his
pqucst hetuddonly fell batk n corpse. Dr.
Jennctt was tummoned, but medical aid
ras of no avail, the spirit had fled and noth
ng but tbo lifelrts clay remained. An
iAOLE reporter learning of the sad occur
ence repaired to the sceno where he found
t ton of tho dead man, who had just arrived.
''rom him the reporter learned that the de-1
"cased was flfly-dx years old and had been t
in liis usual health lately.
The deceased had lcen
at the hotel I
vu or twelve days, and Mr. Seuvcr, the pro
prietor, informed the reporter that he Lad
caton a hearty supper Uii night before. He
had slept rather late j esterday morning and
girl was sent to his room to wake him up.
Ho answered tho call, dressed and "camo
down stairs, when what has already been
told followed. Ho leaves a wife and six
children, four of whom bcs In this city, alj
of whom arc highly respected. At tho
breaking out of the war ho was caught In
New Orleans with a large number of stock,
in which bo was a largo dealer. "With tho
assistance of friends he made bis way north
and soon after enlisted in tho Union army,
in Company "F," I'irst Wisconsin cavalry,
of sbicbho was quartermaster sergeant at
tberiffif lis dis charge, July, 'dS.
You plead for a "poet's corner"
Away on the iniido page;
You fondly imagine that corner
Could not fail of becoming the race.
Just listen a moment, I pray you,
A ftory I nith to relate,
How, veart ago, such n corner
Decided n poor poctV fate.
In joiith I Iocd a fair maiden,
Ax Mm know all trua potts will;
Kjt afa! I was dreadfully bashful.
At you know all poett aro still.
Mt ru-sien, I dur-t not dcclaro it,
So I vrota tome beautiful lines
Inscribed them to darling Jennio
l'or th3 "Weekly Yillago Times."
Enshrined in tbo "poet's cornor,"
I called on my lovo last night.
Sho said not a word of tho poem,
So 1 left the paper in tight;
I called again tho next evening:
O.those ttaczas.tlo mentioned them not,
Hut said, at f ho g.ve mo tbo paper,
"Here's something I guest you forgot.'
"1 left it for j oil my darling.
Did jou read iil""I earglj- crieJ.
O, horror! in accents to cruel
Those beautiful lips then replied:
O. did ou! Ho kind of jou, really;
In return pleaso accept my thanks.
I n-ad it all through excepting
That corner devoted to cranks."
I seized my list in a hurry
And found roy wav to tho door,
At I mentahy voueJ, in tbo lu'.uro
To wo my tweet charmer no more.
That wopirted then, and forever,
I've only tint corner to thank;
l'or bow could I summon up courage
To tk her to lnarrv a crank?
Jacob Jawiittik.
"lire Harper Graphic exhibits mcro -f the
chitrsrlmNlics of (he little French bull than
any "!r w know of. Its courago and
mergy i undisputed, but its judgement
and Ci-crttion. "nixie. 1 ue Unpnic u un
tiring in lit det otion to tho Wichita Eagle
and a lHVon.b!c m.tice from that paper sets
the lilllo thirg wild nith delight. Tbc
(rat hi , Lhapcroned by tho Eagle, has un
dirtaken tbo demolition of tho A., A. & N
W. It. It. This road would be a cood
thing for Harper, but one approving squawk
Irom the j-.aqle u more to tno urapnlc tuan
the interests of tbo whole of Harrier county.
t c take it tint tbe Uraphlc it a good local
' ,'. i...:.ji ; ,.:. .., ... ,.
I ma Bin 1.S1 linn tlliJnvtal oa 4 a .nnUlA
railroad building in this great western coun-
try, just to plc-i-c tbo Wichita Eagle, it has
it Ha
bitten off a bigger chunk than it can
1'n.tt County Press.
If tho Harper Graphic has ever cbamion-
i ed tbc Eagle or c en warmly endorsed it
we must plead utter ignoranco of tho fact.
Upon tho other hand that it has been i
little profuse in itt criticisms wo are com
pelled to admit. Why the Eagle should
antagonize the Anthony & Attica enterprise,
we can't understand, nor has it dono so.
Such n road would affect tbe interests of
Wichita no moro than the D. M. & A. It
It only a question of time, and not a very
long time either, vihcn A ichila will reach
Pratt direct. Tho results of such a connec
tionwhich wojld have been made a vcar
ago but for existing adverse contracts need
not cvea bo discussed. 'When made, "Wichita
will bo in an attitude to offer the people of
Pratt alt tro advantages to bo had at Kansas
City, with less than a third of the distance
intervening. Tho people of Pratt can force
I an extension of a road from Kincman direct-
ly west through their county, and could
have dono to at any time within tho past
eighteen months. If tho people of Pratt do
not do this somebody else will, tho only
difference being to them, thit under the
former policy the points to bo touched
v ould be left to them instead of with outside
interests. .
cattleman writes from Oklahomts, but
his letter hat been delavcd to long, and some
bo information it contains has been pub
lished in tbo Eagle before, therefore wo will
r.ot publish it but giro somo newt it con
tains. Ho tays that tho commiltcc'Ecnt to inves
tigate things in Oklahoma gave ont the im
pression at Fort Itcnothat Oklahoma would
be optned for settlement before long. There
arc thousands of cattle there and they are
turned loose without herders until the next
t pring round up.
Bobb Pouett, a half breed Arrapaboo, and
Ben Keiff, a white man who is married to a
Cheyenne squaw, who havo lived in
the Oklahoma country for tho pj't ten
yeatf, and who have well cultivated farms,
lino lmu'cs and hundreds of cattle, havo
been ordered to leav, by Iho military agent
and commander.
The soldier havo a taw mill in full opera
tion in Council Groe, and aro sawing lum
ber for building and bridge purposet for
the 1 ort Itv.no agency. Grading has not
jeloimmenccdon tlioirisco, which is to
bo extended from TuUa southwest through
the OMabo'na country.
Dt" " icbita postmatter it a disgrace for
tvehophsntand despise n cringing, crawling
tnoiL. The "decent" Democrats of "W ichl-
ta, rather than have a man of the Electric
Light pattern, would suffer tho off-nsivc
partiranship of tbo Wichita pottmasler, for
forty ycart. The "decent" Democrats and
Itepublicans who hare mado Wichita tho
proudest and most prosperous city in tho
state, am nt lajing awake nights studying
how to beat a half dozen postofiiec clerks
out of bread and butter, and whoso politics
Iho postmaster himself does not even know.
,. .. . ., ., . , .,
Dunn;, the time that he has been on tbo
bWn.Judgo HcnryCSluss has established
an enviable reputation in many regards, but
I'BniL-uiurty u.u uarriert 110 cag raisea
, against tbote seeking divorces for trivial
'ca "tee. On sev. era! occasions, hero in this
tUIV. he has thown to person! teeking a
touranec of their marital tiet that they
lnu.t .,roducc ,. nd ,nfBeit
must produce good and tufficicnt reasons
ll..r..'.l.t - " , !.-.! !
before their prayers for a judicial separa
lion can be granted. If other judges
throughout tho state would emulate the
example of JudgcSluss in this particular,
though the law may lie law, Kansas would
not be troubled with near so many suits for
div orce. Kingman Courier.
Mr. M. D. Canaday, of Mulvanc, was in
the city j ctterday, and reports that some
partie. while digging a well at that place
this week, struck n vein of genuine coal at a
iihiilii in niinv it"i t nit VBin r ra
.' . . : .
?w inciics tuick ana appeared to be the
edge of tbo ledge, therefore, It is supposed
that further back under tho highland, the
em will be much thicker.
Jlr. Canady, who it a reliablo gentleman,
f n v s the coal rested on a sheet of slato and is
"" " every respect, a. far as bo could
tee, to tbe coal found in tbo central and
northern parts of tbe state. It was tested in
a ttovo and burned as cll as tho best Kan
tat coal.
Toler & Walker havo inaugurate! the
board of trade system of real estate talet.
They have large blackboar.il on which a
comphslii-tofthe property they have for
sale will be recorded cath day, together
with the market prico that day. Those
wiihing to dUposc of any city or frm pro
perty can have it recorJed upon the board.
Thwo desiring to purchase city property
will probably dUcotcr that tho prico one
day won tbo tho price next day, to they
will do well to buy what they take afanc-
to at once Of tho nine transfers recorded
day before jesterday, Toler & Walker made
tLesalo offiveof tl.em. They are rustlers.
A wS of tho Old Settlers took place
in ouaccit-weu omce eslcretav as a nre-
,imlury meeting to arrango rules and ar
rangements for the coming annual feast of
that honorable body. -
Mr. C. F.Derby was called to tbe chair,
and'Judge Jcnctt mado secretary. The
meeting was a preliminary step to the ar
rangements to bo made for tho event, which
is expected to be tbo largest assemblage of
old settlers ever seen in this part of the
Another new town, named An Dale, has
been laid out on tbc Kagle line, in Sherman
township, twenty miles west of Wichita
and six west cf Colwiob. A public sale of
lots will take place in that town next Satur
day. This town Is far enough away from
W.cbita to inako a cood substantial litila
city, such, for instance, as Goddard, which
uijjs uiurc
on iho W. .
grain than anv other two tnvroa
K v. railroad.
I- - .-...
The Matter In Controversy Settled, and tbe
Wichita ft CoIcmJo Pull Ont
for Colwch.
A board,r an association of Wichita meiij
aftir months of work, may, by advene cir
cumstancrvind unforsem blundcrt.bavc been
weakened to a degrco harclv noticeable, and
to fev.1 that they had almost reached tbo end
of the string, bejond which their labors
would go unappreciated and count for
naught, but when backed by tho unanimout
tympatby and united work and efforts of tbe
businest men of tho cntiro city, u was the
cawi jestirday, no task too great could bo
set for their accomplishment It is to, alto
with a newspaper. "Work based solely on
faith, in the abeenco of sympathy and con
fidence, is discouraging to tho last degree.
while appreciation it a ttimulous equalling
inspiration. Tho Eagle's appeal of "ed
desaay morning may havo -teemed a little
strung, but ilia cxegencics cf tho caso war-
rant"d v en moro than was said. It was a
cri.is a rulminating point, which, to havo
disregarded would have wrought tuch disas
ter as yean might not havo made wholo.
Tho retponto that followed showed
that the enterprising among o-t business
men fully appreciated the situation in its
true light To them we most willing award
a full measure of praise. As for those who
live to fatten off the enterprise and labors of
others and who would not lift a finger or
offer a word of encouragement, neither thdr
praito or jticism can now avail anything.
If, and providing the agreements made
j cstcrday aro carried out in good faith to
day, wo are authorized to say that every
thing of i disagreeable nature will be for
gotten, and all tho original intentions and
proiniscj carried o Jt to tho IcttT. If, as wo
say, tbcro Is no further hitches in tho mat
tor and wo havo not tbo least doubt that
every ram will do as he has agreed, that
dirt will bo flying all along tho line by to
morrow's sunsrisc. And with no more
such mistakes tho lino will, as it pullt on
towards the letting tun gather strength and
magnitude with each mile, while "Wichita
will continue to sweep forward in her rapid
course as tbo coming commercial metropolis
of tho great central state.
W. K. AND L. t. ARL1SLE.
Wo acknowledge a very pleasant-call yes
terday from "W. K. Cailitlc, Esq , who, with
his family consisting of his wife and child,
havo come to make their homo in Wichita.
Air. C. was accompanied by L. K Carlisle,
Esq , a younger brother, both of whom aro
tho tons of tho honored speaker of the Na
tional house of rcprcsentavct, Those re-election
by the way it forgone conclusion. The
Messrs. C. who aro very pleasant and enter
taining gentlemen, liko their father-are, law
yers, fully imbued with tho progressive
spirit of tho times, and who, therefore, seek
a homo among tho mott enterprising peoplo
of this country. Tho elder brother informs
us that before locating he had visited many
young cities ot the west, coming direct from
Omaha to Wichita, but ho tayt, ho had
hardly taken his seal in a street cai at the
union depet before bis mind was mado up.
After spending a day or two ho went back
to his old Kentucky home got his wife and
baby and camo on immediately, accompa
nied by his younger brother. They havo
taken a home on uppor Topcka avenue, and
us soon as they can find office room will bo
ready for business. Airs. Carlisle it de
lighted with our city, country and climate.
The E igle w eleomes them, ono and nil,
with tbo expressed hopo that they may take
kindly to our brusquo western ways, and
that they may realize hero their fondest
hopes and ambitions.
As to tho Alvtinson difficulty tho Goroian
knot ns cnt by Capt Smyth, N. F. Nieder
landcr, 1'. V. Ilcjy and Mr. Anderson by
baying tho land outright last evening. In
congratulating the gentlemen for their en
terprise and thanking them tor their prompt
aclion, we must at tho samo time commend
their foresight Tho truth of the matter is
Martinson was not damaged to the amount
of a single penny, but only benefitted. To
pay him a good price for tho land taken was
all right, but to allow him damages all
wrong. How in tbo namo of common
tenso can a man's property be damaged by
adding a hundred thousand dollars to its
valiu;. If Mr. Alartinson had wanted bis
land for farming purposes or for any other
purpose under heaven than to make town
lots of it to sell on tho strength ot that very
railroad, there might havo been somo senso
in damages. We hope the gentlemen who
purchased it may make a cool hundred
thousand out or it and that Martinson may
live to see them rolling in wcilth realized
from that identical piece of land.
At a meeting of tbe city council a few
dajs ago a committee was appointed, con
sisting of Councilmen Kiche), English and
Stone to report a list of streets having names
alike within the city. The committee re
quested the city surveyor to furnish tho
names of such streets to tbo committee to
enable them to determino w bat action thev
will take in tho premises.
The list so far furnished tho committee is
here published. So fur tho committee has
not mado out a report designating tho names
they proposo to recommend, but at the next
meeting will suggest to the council tuch
names as they deem suitable foi confirma
tion. Tbe streets proposed to bo changed
from present names aro these:
Lincoln street in Nicderlander's, addition,
Fifth ward. Lincoln street in Xeo'a and
Orino & Phillips' additions.
Pino t ircct Fifth ward. Pino t treet, Alun
gert original.
Lawrence avenue. First, Third and Fourth
wards. i,awrcnce avenue, rifth ward.
Oak ttrect. Fifth ward. Oak street, Mun
gen original.
Walnut ttrett, Fifth ward. Walnut
street, Mungert original.
Texas avenue, Tilth -u ard. Texas at en ue.
Alungers & Griffinstin.
Tho new town of Colwicb, in Union town
ship, Sedgwick county, is just now receiving
tbe attention of speculators. It is on the
lino of the Wichita & Colorado riilroad, on
which work was begun last-weeV. Tbo road
Is to be completed within thirty days. Tho
sale of (own lots latt Saturday was quite
largely attended by parties from this p'ace,
also Wichita and other points. Lots sold
high, ranging from 75 lo ?180 each. The
prospects aro that Colwicb will boom for the
first few months at any rate, and may possi
bly, become a town of 500 or a 1,000 inhab
itants if time enough is given it in which to
grow. Pantagraph.
Mr. Irtughlin, an extensive stock man,
whoso ranch is on the Cimarron, in the In
dian territory, was in tho city yesterday for
the purpoo of selling COO head of cows. In
conversation with a representative of tbe
KiQLE he said that bo had heard that the
mabtary at Camp Russell, bad received or
ders from the interior department to round
up all tho cattlo in the territory and take
them out without notifying the cattlemen at
In answer to the question if the order to
remov o the cattlo had not been fully com
plied with, Mr. Laughlin laid: "Tbe terri
tory is full of cattle jet, and tbo soldiers
will find it a more difficult task to remove
them than the boomers."
Tberiglt of way is secured and tbe dirt
will begin to fly all along tbe Eagle lice.
Messrs. M. "W. Levy, George Steenrod and
A. W. Oliver came in last night from Union
and Sherman township;, where they had
been to cecuro the right of ay on tbe
Wichita & Colorado line. They brought
the deeds home in their pocket all the way
to tbe center of Sherman township. Thero
It now nothing ! tbo way and tbe work will
be pushed as fait as hands can do it.
Look at it! We mean the half page ad of
that energetic and reliable real estate agent,
Mr, Geo. W. Bartholomew, in cur supple
ment this morning. Mr. B. baa secured this
apace indeflnately, and his "ad" will be
found there every Sunday morning. Go
call on him and see what bargains ho ban to
offer, and if you don't find anything to suit
it won't cost you anything.
At tbo Presbyterian manse, by the Rev. J.
D.Hevitt,Nov.l7th,Mr.Eobert S. Cook
acd Mrs. Fannie K. Wenger.
At the residence of the bride's parents in
tbj city, by the Rev. J. D. Hewitt, Korm
ber 19th, Mr. Cha. JC Freeman and Lizzie
R. Baugbman.' 1 i i
The old Eagle's so busy encircling tbc earth,
. With railroads In ev'ry direction,
no has not moment for innocent mirth,
JNor ono for tho larders inspection.
Afraid tbe young Eaglett would starve on
the day
That's welcomed by saint and by sinner,
I send them a turkey in hopes that it may
Bo part of their Thanksgiving dinner.
Which lines, dear Mac, carry us back,
when dctiro did fail, and the only wail was
grasshoppers! and thoir intolerable burthen;
when our dinner was much thinner, and
Billy Host took up the cross and everlast
ingly laid out tbo "Cowtkin's rooster,"
whoso famo was sung by many a tongue, by
fires of cobs and sunflower logs, all thiougb
that never to bo forgotten winter. Thankt.
Editor Eagle.
old settlers.
At the Old Settlers' meeting, Saturday,
the annual election of officers took place,
resulting in the election of E. P. Thompson,
president; John Wilkins, secretary, and Al
mond Dodge, treasurer. Tho meeting ad
journed to Saturday next
Tho Barnes buildinc next to tho new
masonic hall is being moved to North Alain
Township Officers.
Bead and Ordorwhat you should
Have to Comply with tho Law.
Each TownBhiD Trustee should
have a Trustee's Itecord. Road Record,
Poor Record and a full t-ct of Town
ship Blanks; also somo Stationery.
Each Township Treasurer should
Imve a Irca-airer s Itccortt
Each Township! Clerk should
have a CIcrfc's Record and Warrant
Each Justice of the Peace should
have a Civil Docket, Criminal Docket,
Strav Record. Transcripts, Compiled
Lawe of 1885, and a full assortment of
Each Constable should havo an
assortment of Wanks.
Each Road Overseer should hare
a t'oad Overseer's Account Hook, Re
ccipt Hook fur Labor, Receipt Hook
for Extra "Work, and a Receipt Rook
for Material lTsed.
(Ep-Tlic above should bo furnished
to tho Officers of each well regulated
Township.at the expense of llic Town
ship, the kAOi.Khaa the most com
plef c Rooks aud Blanks new published
Isthetltlu of the only authorized edition of
Ms great roruicomuiK Historical work, at writ
ten by himself. An explanatory statement
will prevent deception. In adltion to the title
It bears tbe seal or protection by the United
States "Copyright lsSS." by Ulysses S. Grant:
(all rights reserved). On opposllo iisfrc Is his
uruicauon vo ico .American ooiaicr ana sailor,
Willi fae simile of his signature.
AJItlonal proof of Its genuineness It the name
ni me oniy imonsnera oi lien uranl's own
work, C11AS.L. WEBSTEKACO., New York
Tlieui.-niJleto manuscript has ben delivered
to the publishers, and it comprises two volumes
oi iu pages encn, ana win ie ueuvereu to sub
scribers about the first days or December and
-aiarcn, ai a price jnnen lower, wnen compared
than the cheap histories of eien Grant.
Wo respectfully ask the people of Sedgwick
county to, wait before giving their onlert, for
the regularly appointed agents who represent
the Tarr AVomc. J. K. WAITE.
Cen.Ag't WJcM a, bedgwlck County.
S. L. IIAUItETT, or.1It. Hip, agent for the
Townships of Union, bhermon, Ureeley and
h. Jt. MiMOX, cf Irar Water, Agent for
Townships of Xlnueftcah. Viclaand trie. .
v C. JOHNSTON, Valley Center. A) rut
ir luiviiDini's urauv, juncuin, i aync ana
Km 1.1.
Steam Engines and Boilers.
The Glolw Iron Worts, wild their lately In
creased facilities, are prepared lo do In a flrst
claaa manner all Mndsof general mcCjloery
work, such as engines, boilers, smokestacks,
breecnlngs, and all kinds or sheet-Iron work:
also Iron and brass castings or any required
weight, such as store fronts, cresUngs, fence
anil iron stslrwork andbalconys, mill gearing,
ami pulleys, or anything made uta llrst-class
shop. AUohbreamill-wrlght departments
connection and are prepared to furnUti plans
and estimates for all classes or mill work.
Manufacturer agents for all clashes of mill
furnishing goods. Uepaii Torkprorptly t
ten'trdto. -DKAI.Ei: IN-
Wo have reduced tho prico of in
chine? the amount of agenia cominU
sious, and give it our customers. You
save $5 to $10 by coming to the store.
It costs (hat much to run a team. Xo
one can run a team for less. Don't be
humbugged. Come to the storo and
buy a sew ing machine just like other
goodi and save a peddler' profit.
113 Douirlas Ave-
From and to Southeastern and Southern
Kansas and all points northeast and south by
tho way of Fort Scott
Passengers via this route have no chnge
of cars to Chicago, Htnnibal and Quincy
from Ft. Scott, and only one change to New
York, lioston, Buffalo, Jacksonville, San
Francisco, Chattanooga, Louisville, Lexing
ton, San Antonio, Los Angeloe. It is the
shortest and quickest routo to all points in
Iowa, Dakota, Ohio, Uew York and New
England states. Pullman Palace sleeping
and chair cars attached to passenger trains.
Leaving Wichita, 9:43 a. m., arriving at St
Louis union depot 6.30 a. m. daily without
change. Threo hours quicker than via any
other route. For further information call
on ticket agents or send for maps and
folders, giving description of tbo line, to the
V. P. and Manager. A. G. T. A.
General office at Fort Scott
$6000 wort of Ms Sold at Coil tnlD all is soli
MILUNEUY GOoks In ftrrv branch,
UIIIDON8 anrl Embroider- Material
Yarns, Conets. Dress Buttons, Lace CJoocli,4c,
mrs. mTryTlentz's,
113 Main at. , next door north of Facile Express
offlce. wll-tf
? II W Q?lj
Corner of Emporia amine and Wllllim stmt
onth of Douglas avenue.
; W?x
We buy All our Underwear,&c
By the Case, direct from the Mills,!
and save you the Middle Profit. !
One Price Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers.
Kansas Wholesale
Eastern Prices
No. 145 Main ST.,
Next Door North of Woodman's Bank.
We car y tbo Largest Stoek cf Watchts, Clods. Jewelry, Silver and Silver Plata! Ware
be found In Kansas, which we offer at tbe lowest prices. All ccods fully warranted.
Repairing and Engraving
Inspect our goods and
Real Estate and Insurance.
AGENTS A., T. & S. F. R. R. LANDS.
Bargains in citv and countrr nronertv. Our insurance comnani am fnllnm.
Aetna, Liverpool and London and Globe, German American, Insurance Company ot
North America, Hartiord, Poenix or Hartford, Home of New York, New York Underwriters.
We have a number of good
Farm Wagons, for sale cheap for cash, or good, secured note.
Novelties Received Daily!!
We have received our large
stock of Ladies' Cloaks, Wraps,
Newmarkets, etc.: and are now
on sale.
Regardless of how goods
Are teg Sold in Wichita!
We will positively sell
any one. article or the whole
of our mammoth, stock
for less money tlian
offered fay any other
merchant in Wichita.
We mean business,
and will stand to the
rack against all competition.
M. KOHN & CO.,
Vice Fret't n. Sec'j.
A. W.
carefully attended to.
prices before buying.
A Big Drop !
While we are building we are making great
reductions for the purpose of reducing stock
to get all we can out of the way of the car
penters. Everythmginthe house atCost
Do you want a Cloak?
can save you money.
stock of Cloaks in town. We can show 11
times as many as any merchant in "Wichita.
Black Silks!
We will sell you a Black Silk 33 1-3 per cent.l
cheaper than any of
think of.
In the most delicate tints; Bunting, Nun's
Veiling, Albatros, etc., for Ball Costumes.
In Opera shades; all
From a Pin
It pays to TradQ with
Under theHorse-shoe, f N X T P. 0.
,i-. ,S
Wtv -!
1 Sf -i
piny '
to- .-
' JV r
, 5AWfl'st
Prices Tumbling1!
Buy now, when we
We have the largest
Balck Silks!
our competitors will!
at reduced prices.
at Cost!!
to a Pencel.
Philadelphia Store.
We Make a Specialty of Every
thing We Sell,
Specialty in Dry Goods
Specialty in Boots and Shoes,
And Particularly so in Clothing.
We challenge Comparison with any ex
clusive stock in regard to quantity, styles,
and particularly in prices.
Under Eagle Office,
Frye's Patent Combination Park, Front, Farm & Corrsl Fencing.
C5T Destined to Supplant All Other Fences 1
Forming a penect combination of two materials, bciug of five two-cable
strands of Galvanized Steel Wire interwoven with 1 1-2x5-8 inch pickets. Its
cost is unparallelleil iu the history of fence manufacture. Superior to any iu
the market. Investigate for j ourselves.
Factory at Xo. 75 W. Doii"lat Ave
Real Estate, Loan
Via bare for sale some of tho best lands
write Insurance policies in good companies
N.F.MSDERL.UDER, President.
. W. OUTER, lice President.
V.V.ID.KW00D. Land banner.
Money Always on Hand to
Office in Wichita National Bank Building.
School Books!
School Books!
School Books!
The Largest Stock in the City !
at .so
Tablets, Pencils, Pens, Paper and all Other School Supplies
We Give a Splendid Book Cover With Evfry Book.
Hyde's Book Store.
114 Main Street, WICHITA, KAS.
Seal Skin Cap for SI 50
Manhattan Clothing Co.,
Wichita, Kansas
8g PIKE,
& Insurance Agents,
ta SeJzwIek anil adjoining? counties,
only. Correspondence solicited.
Loan on harm & City Property

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