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People's Voice.
IBRMS : $1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Offlcaof publication: West Harvey Avenue
one-naif block west of the Arlington hotel.
ieiepnore xo. 85.
Issued weekly, in two sections every
Tuesday and Friday.
ntered for transmission by mall at second
class rates.
FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 1899.
The legislature is ended. It has
accomplished the least, beyond mak
ing extravagant appropriations, of
any body that ever assembled. The
people will be ready for another
change in 1900.
The "Hon. James Lawrence" now
has his ambition gratified. He has
served one term in the legislature
and what has he accomplished ex
cept t) give Andy Richards and
Misi Cora Dilley a temporary job?
This is calculated to yielu a fund of
$150,000 per year. Add to (hat the
increased corporation and charier
tees which the secretary of state
will collect under another extra ses
sion enactment, and then add all of
these together, and the reader will
have an adequate idea of the way
the new "business administration"
is running things.
Senator Hessin (Rep) says this leg- posal.
lslature is a "legislature of small
things." We see they are after the
small things. Gov. Stanley has ap
pointed two guards to watch the
The Issue.
The last legislature clearly drew
the line between the Republicans
j w jumuj lu H4ll.II II. C
members and see that they don't and the PoPulists on educational
. . mittr TV, V. ...;.!:.. J
carry away the inkstands and waste
matters. The Republicans despite
their former protestation of interest
in education and their icnrrnlnm at.
It's a blessed good thing that the tacks on the Pomilists the mm.
Republicans came in power to re- Lents of education, detnile re
lieve the Populists of some of the mouthings, the Republican house
oarnacies that fastened themselves put the knife to every appropriation
on to the body politic. In 1900 the bill for the state educational institu.
party will be clear of them and in the tions. The Rennhliran fV k-
name of decency it ought to keep Rockefeller and Brown university
clear of therri.
The Republicans seem to be rigid
., j . j " v. u nuu ic "Hunt; id leacn inai
in their determination to prevent an . .
l- c t i t ... , w""" mm vuiuunuun are me
committed in the election of Cy'i
friend Stuart to the bench, and he
has no desire that the public shall
know anything about his modus
How do you Pops like to have the
salaries of your county officers in
creased 50? Who made the de
mands for th"s raise? Was it the
people? Did patriots refuse to come
to the feast at the last County Con
ventions and did you have to go out
into the highways and force the
people to feed at the public crib?
William Jennings Bryan passed
south on the Santa Fe through Wich
ita and Winfield Monday on his way
to Austin, Tex., where he addressed
the legislature. To a reporter at
Guthrie; Oklahoma, he said: "I
will be in the next national Demo
cratic convention and I will espouse
the cause of bimetallism to the
exclusion of all else. The people's
issue can not be sidetracked."
It is claimed that thousands of
dollars of the state's money has
been worse than wasted in the de
struction of property and from other
sources in the present inefficient man
agement of the Topeka insane asylum.
The same may be said of some of
the other charitable institutions. It
is to be hoped the next Populist ad
ministration will put men of honor
and ability in charge of affairs in
stead of pigmies and political
One of the bills that ought to have
become a law in this legislature was
the telephone measure introduced by
Judge Babb of Wichita. It pro
vided for county telephone systems.
In Illinois where the system is flou
ishing it is proving a great success.
Telephones only cost 50 cents a
month. Many farmers use them.
Because of being far more extensive
the service is vastly better, and the brlns
cost much less than at paesent. The
people might have these benefits if
they would only insist on them.
found necessary to increase
state tax levy from 4.4 mills to 5
tinother big item. By the terms
I law passed by the Populists at the
extra session the insurance corn-
Great Britain hs concluded to
embark in the telephone bus.ness on
her own hook. The announcement
was made by the financial secretary
of the treasury, Mr.R.W.Hanbury,
in the house of commons that the
government has decided to intro
duce competition in the telephone
service of the country. He asked
for a credit of $10,000,000 as a
starter to enable the postoffice de
partment to develop the telephonic
communication of London. The
house ultimately adopted a resolu
tion embodying Mr. Hanbury's pro-
idea of education. They believe the
young ought to be taught by the
men who are willing to teach that
natron caintc nf Amor!.-. TM
Tt,. r,, t.i. 1 v' i.icy
'." u U ; C know that when men like Rockefel-
ler and Armour who have m) their
millions out of trusts contribute to
educational institutions they expect
to get value received and that every
dollar spent as a donation to educa
tion by these men is really so much
contributed to teach and weld the
brightest boys and girls to the grand
old corporation trust party.
They appreciate the fact that there
is little danger of a young man who
is taught to worship money who is
taught that money not men are the
blessing to the state, that money is
king and the corporations can do
no wrong that there is little dan
ger of a young man, so taught be
coming a Populist.
On the other hand the Populists
fully realize that if the truth is to be
clearly and fully put before the
bright, inquiring minds of ihe young
men and women of today it must be
done at the expense of the people.
that the people cannot trust the
disciples of Mammon to fairly in
form the youth of today. The Pop-
u'ist believes in having institutions
where every phase of economic life
can be discussed. Where a spade
can be called a spade. Where the
man who steals millions will be con
demned as freely as the man who
steals dollars. The people must
keep the education of these chidren
in their own hands. They cannot
delegate this task to the corpora
tion barons without becoming serfs.
Our Greatest Clubbing Offer.
Our farmer readers ihnnM nnt.
Wellington people will remember
an apparently sad case of destitution
in this city a little ever a year ago.
A man and wife acd two or three
children stopped in ti e street in front
I of the Baptist church one afternoon.
i.nc man was puslilDg a handcart
containing all their earthly posses
sions. The woman wheeled her
youngest babe in an old dilapidated
baSy carriage. The other children
rode on top of a bundle of quilts in
the handcart. They said they were
on their way to their kin at Wichita,
going from Oklahoma, where they
had been burned out and starved out
Sympathizing women brought them
oreaa ana meat, and a purse was
made up and they were sent to Wich
ita on the train and given several
dollars pocket mouey. Later they
were heard of west of here, traveling
through the country and begging.
They turned up the other day in Win
held, and their story of hard luck
excited so much sympathy thatallthe
benevolent women in the town turned
out with pies, and cakes, and old
clothes, and medicine. They have
found the Wintteld people so easy that
they have gone to housekeeping there.
From an Old Friend.
Editok Voice: A few words from
this place may be of interest to some
o' your many readers. Most of the
inhabitants are busy taking care of
the grip. The weather clerk urjered
up lots of it aod of a solid quality,
Mercury going to 20 degrees below
zero. Peaches, good bye. Most of
the wheat seems to be all right, but
needing rain. Slock is looking well.
Tour humble servant with some of
his neighbors lost his entire wheat
crop last year by hail. We are now
organizing a Mutual Insurance Co ,
ou farm property as well as grain.
Benj. Carey, Wilber, O.T.
His L fe Was Saved.
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ful deliverance from a frightful
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Emporia, March 8 The Santa Fe
made a settlement today with the
colored man, Robert Page, who was
injured on Sunday evening bv being
kicked off the fast mail. They gave
him a ticket to Kansas City and $10
in money.
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Wellington Markets.
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upon its being accurnte.
Butter, good 14c
Eggs, trade 12c
Hens 6$c
Roosters each 5c
BroiUrs 6c7c
Young turkeys, over 8 lbs ........ 7c
Old Toms ... 4c
Ducks 4c
Beef Cattle H.00(a$3 50
Hogs $3 10(53.25
Oats 2543321
Corn 30c(532c
Wheat, hard 48c(557c
Wheat, soft 48c57c
Hay I3.50(J$4.00
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tion we have secured for them this i summer and laid several dozens of
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hrgefawn colored eirtrs. comnlainpd
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that hen over there,'' said the duck,
'she hasn't laid as many eggs as 1
have nor as big, but she has books
written about and verses composed in
her honor, while nobody is saying a
word about me." "The trouble with
you is," said a wise rooster, that was
standing near, "that you don't tell the
public what you have done. You lay
an egg and waddle off without saying
a word, but that sister of mine never
lays one without letting everybody in
the neighborhood know it. If you
want to cut any ice in this community
you must learn to advertise." Tope
ka Mail and Breeze.
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