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Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
Notice to Correspondents
All correspondence must reach
this office on Tuesday to insure pub
lication in issue of same week.
Weather very warm, corn is making
very rapidly, also the weeds.
A genuine root soaking rain visited
this locality July the 3rd.
Tiniberlake uncorked its patriotism the
4th and had a good time.
Harvesting will soon be over.
The shrill whistle of the thresher can
Le heard now.
Mrs. Meigs' brother and family who
live in Texas are visiting.
New potatoes are in the market.
Mr. Oriswell says he has roasting ears.
Mr. Miller's baby is very sick.
Some miscreant is trying to force him
self into jail. If he happens to be caught
there'll be a warm time in the the old
town for him.
R. M. Lawrence began threshing.
Every house in town is occupied now,
and more wanted.
Mrs. J. C. Woodward returned from
visiting her parents at Teabody last Sat
urday. Judge Herrick of Wellington was a
caller in our village Saturday.
E. Brown was shaking hands with old
friends in town Tuesday.
G. B. Smart of South Haven visited at
the home of W. S. Ames Sunday.
C. H. Sharp was in Wellington Mon
day seeing about disposing of some land
belonging to a minor heir for whom he
is guardian.
Dr. Willhoites' aged mother arrived on
the Rock Island Saturday from Illinois
to pay him an extended visit. She stood
the trip well and is enjoying good health.
The Stayton bjys u;c ui. t
this writing, and tn ir v ai hw.iujj
out pretty well.
Grandma Va llivve is n-iit i.k.
Miss Clara il,liuiv Co
visited with frie 1 Is m-re o.c : S;mi; .
Union Tetn;) mi v ...rv.j..; at tVt I .
P. church wjm well att:;iLJ Si i d;
The Christian En leavor will ut ai
entertainment next Sunday nitfht.
Milo Vandiveer and wife of Med'on
came up Sunday to visit the formcis's
John Vandiveer of Winfield spent S; 1 -day
with his parents.
Grandma Updegraff is numbered with
the sick.
There will be an ice cream social on
the lawn of the Baptist church Thursday
night, July 20th.
Rev. George Creekmore of Milan at
tended preaching sen-ices here Sunday
Rev. Frank Harrison of Missouri filled
the pulpit at the Baptist church last Sun
day night.
John Moore will move to Caldwell
soon. He and L. B. Stump are starting
a general merchandise store in their own
building. Mr. Moore expects . to hire a
man and woman to live on his farm and
take care of his stock. He has purchas
ed the Lew Swartzel residence.
Rev. F. L. Benedict preached at 191
John Jordon's wheat was shriveled so
badly he did not cut any of it.
Oats are good but wheat is almost a
fizzle in this section. Corn will need rain
very badly soon as it is silking.
The Demo-Pop convention at the John
ston school house, known as Belle View,
Caldwell township, will be very tame un
less some candidate puts some enthusi
asm in the voters.
Fran Logan has not rented the Alger
farm. So come and see it. It is for sale,
also 400 acres in a body. Frank will sell
out hi? own farm, three-eights well im
proved, very reasonable now.
School inarms seem scarce this year as
none have shown up yet.
Deering and Eby's girls started up the
reading circle which died last season.
We are well pleased with the present of
"James Blaine's Life" from the editor.
We have just one objection to the vol
ume and that is it contains old Grover's
Mr. 0. II. Benedict was unable to at
tend Sunday school last Sunday. He
has been superintendent about 17 years
and in all that time he hasn't missed on
account of sickness but very few Sun
days. His son Frederick filled the po
sition with credit to both.
Sumner County's School Interests.
It Is only by comparison with other
counties that we can arrive at a fair esti
mate of the value of Sumner county
as an educational factor in our state
Organized as a county in iSjr, its prog
ress in ever)- sense has been remarkable,
There are 105 counties in Kansas, and
yet in point of valuation Sumner county
ranks sixth. To make it better under
stood we give the six counties with the
amount of their taxable property as
shown by the report of the state auditor
for 1S9S, viz: Shawnee, 515. 112.344;
Wyandotte ii, 681,026; Sedgwick ),-
857,275; Leavenworth 59,324,050; Lyon
7,319,020; Sumner, 6,538,942. In each
of the above counties, with the exception
of Sumner, are located larger cities which
go to swell the valuation of this respect
ive county as well as their population,
while Sumner county alone remains a
distinctive agricultural county, and from
this source has sprung her great wealth,
aud reputation as a school county.
She has within her limits of 1 iSS square
miles, (almost as large as Rhode Island)
197 school districts, and requires 245
teachers to conduct the machinery of
these schools. There is only one county
in the state which exceeds her in the
number of teachers, viz: Shawnee county,
with 250 teachers, and she pays the teach
ers and maintains these schools with a
levy of almost 4 mills below the aver
age levy of the state.
When we take into consideration her
graded schools, no other county in the
state possesses any better and very few
as good. Wellington, Caldwell, Belle
Plaine, Oxford, South Haven, Conway
Springs, Argonia, Milan and Mayfield
are all excellent graded schools and will
compare well with those of any other
county. They are excellent auxiliaries
to the Sumner County High school, and
in time their growth and expansion will
be in close touch with it. Both are nec
essary to the future and higher develop
ment of the educational interest of our
county and state.
In the state there are 10 county high
s:hools, and here agaiu a comparison
may not be unprofitable. We give be
low the name, when founded, and num
uer of pupils attending each county high
;chool in the state, so far as reported:
Name. Organized. No. pupils.
uuiteouCo. 1S88 181.
)ickinsoi. Co. 1889 198.
Gi-cuex Co. 1805 13.
Libtt'.v Co. 1S93 179.
Thorn.-'?: Co. 1897 96.
ummrC 1S97 356.
Will. In atttr.dance at these county-
high schools li t us compare the attend
ance at some of the other institutions of
learning in the state, of long years
standii-!.' and reputation.
Bal-pr's University, Baldwin, 532
Central Normal Colli ge, Great Bend,
Washburn College, Topeka, 212.
Lewis Academy, Wichita, 272.
Southwest Kansas College, Winfield,
Yet with all our facilities for good
schools, there ought to be one important
change made in our county schools, and
that is the consolidation of weak districts
into stronger districts, and better teach
ers and better wages with less expense,
Take forinstance Osborn or Wellington
townships, where many of; the districts
have not to exceed ten or fifteen pupils,
and in some districts not over six or
seven. How much better would it be
for these districts or townships as a
whole, if the entire township was made
a school district with a central school-
say for Osborn township at Mayfield,
and for Wellington township at Welling
ton, and facilities or conveyances pro
vided for the more distant pupils or for
those unable to reach the school by
walking. The whole expense for main
taining the central school and prodding
it with better teachers and more facilities
would be much less, while the advan
tages would be so much greater that no
one would think of returning to the old
I only speak of these two townships
because they come first to mind, but
other townships are in the same condi
tion. I only suggest these ideas for peo
ple who are interested in better education
to consider and digest before the annua
school meetings, for the time is coming
when this will be done and Sumner coun
ty may as well be in the lead. We can
not afford tobe behind in any educa
tional matter, or take one step backward.
C. J. Garver.
For Sale At a bargain, 80 acres of
good wheat land, one quarter of a mile
north of Mt. Hope church, Walter tow
ship. Either on cash payments or trade
for cattle. Chas. W. Clark, Box 7
Wichita, Kan.
For Sale or Trade New and Second
hand threshers and engines of all kinds
Chas. W. Clark, Box 745, Wichita,
Harvey mil, left over the Rock
Island this morning for Colorado, on
a bunting and Ashing trip.
Trouble Among the Bind Boys.
At a meeting of Ansell's, bind last
night, Sam J. Trew was elected
manager to succeed Tom Roup, aud
Sujnner Garver w9 elected secretarj
to succeed Fred Smith. No treasurer
was elected. Frank Bailey will tem
porarily fill that office. Fred Smith
walked out of the meeting, and later
W. H. Lawbaugb, Claude Nofsinger
and Prof. Tbeo. Huuse withdrew from
the organization.
The trouble is tie band has been
brewing for several months. Tbe
Ansell faction accuses Fred Smith of
wanting to lead tbe band. This,
Smith denies and says be only wants
a new leader or director. A poll of
the band boys was taken a few day.
ago and a majority are claimed to
have signed a request that Ansell re
sign. At the meeting last night a
vote was takeu on the question, re
sulting in 9 to 5 in favor of
retaining Ansell. At this point
Fred Smith walked out. The
organization will be kept up un
less the public withdraws its support
from the remaining members. Prof.
Ansell has agreed to lend his services
free until the organization is out of
debt. He has been drawing $.'10 a
month salary. The organization owes
about $175.
Attend your primary July
29. See call in this paper.
Atchison Globe Philosophy.
If you have your own way, see that
your way is right.
Some mighty nice women chase
men, and are punished for It.
It is hoped tbe Lord understands
the boys; very few people In this
world seems to.
A woman may be a "good woman"
in tbe church, and still be of no use
to her home or husband.
We have noticed that the praise for
a horse comes from those who have
no Intention of buying any.
When tbe wolf finally arrives at a
man's door, tbe animal la not nearly
so terrifying as was expected.
Talk about sunsets and river scen
ery: neither one is in it with a pretty
girl wearing a white dress and a blue
Every unhappy woman takes pleas
ure in thinking of the time when be
will come back, and it will be Too
An Atchison woman is so extrava
gant with her household accounts that
her friends will not be surprised at
learning that she writes the letters to
magazines on bow to keep a family of
ten on $3 a week.
Jessie James, son of the noted ban
dit, played base ball in Atchison yes
terday, and when be went to bat, wan
cheered from the grand stand. The
fact that James' father was a bandit,
has been of creat advantage to him,
though they say the father's sins are
visited on the son.
Attend your primary July
29. See call in this paper.
Marriage Licenses.
Alfred Harper, 23.... Black well, Ok
Cora Bowman, 21 Oxford
Miss Lena Cobean entertained a few
Intimate friends last evening In honor
of her guest, Miss Lucerne Miller of
South Haven. There were present:
Misses Lucerne Miller, Edith Stewart,
Anna Ray, Beattrlce Lynch, Lucile
Stlpp, Bulah narrelson, . Mabel nig
ley of Kansas City.
W. H. Burks went to Drury this
afternoon with Billy Frantz's two
boys, Hubert Lynch, John Garland
and Fred Allen. Tbey will spend the
night there, and return tomorrow.
Ten head of Good
Horses and Mules for
sale by A. Graff.
. The funeral of Claude Cann was held
from the family residence this after
noon at 3 o'clock, conducted by Rev.
0. L. Smith. Interment was made in
Prairie Lawn cemetery..
County Clerk -Wood and Judge
nerrick will go to Caldwell tomorrow
to look after tbe refunding of 129,000
worth of Caldwell city and township
A. B. Rutkomski has accepted a
position with the Kramer mills as
night engineer, and will enter upon
bis duties tonight.
Mrs. E. Wlllard was very neardeath
last night, but rallied this morning.
Her children in the east have been
telegraphed for.
Mrs. Rebecca Hodge and daughter,
Miss Mollie, of Mayfield, were in tie
city today shopping aod visiting.
Sumner Whitson and brother Henry
returned from Wichita last night, and
will go to Eo'.d in the morning.
Rev. J. W. McLaughlin returned to
Hortoo this morning, after a week's
visit to bis family in this city.
Jerry Simpson was in town, last
nfght on his way to Kansas City 'with
several carloads of cattle. .
Garland Ferrell and Graham amc
bell of Wichita, were in the city last
night visiting friends.
Miss. Belle Lewis has reinrnedfrom
a visit with friends in Winfield and
Arkansas City. .
Beer boh m Tree Is a godson of the em
peror of Germany.
Miss Lillian Norton attracted littl
attention as an opera singer until sh
took on a foreign disguise by changing
her last name to Nordlce, She was
born at Farmington, Me.
A German statistician hnn discovered
that ballet dancers, aS a rule, attain an
age much above the average. Car lot t a
Grisi Is 77 years of age, and Amalia
Ferraris 78. TaglionI was over 80 years
old when she died, and Fanny Elssler
was 74. Kosita Mauri, well over 50, is
still dancing at the Paris grand opera,
German actresses have to be careful
how they wear male costumes. A young
woman has been lined in Vienna for
wearing a correct military uniform,
which is not allowed by the Austrian
authorities. In Germany, however, she
would have been punished if the uni
form had not been correct, the kaiser's
decree permitting military dress on
the stage only w hen absolutely correct.
Laurence Irving is said to be imita
tive of his father, Henry Irving, in play
ing the chief part in "The Crystal
Globe," a new London melodrama of
the howling type. The character is a
mesmerist, so demonstratively weird
and figuring in scenes so very sensa
tional that the reviewers poke fun at it
However, the younger Irving is de
scribed as a clever actor.
Hermann Muller, leading actor at the
Berlin Deutsches theater, killtkl himself
recently In an unusual manner. After
puttiug a blank cartridge in a pistol,
he filled the barrel with water and then
fired Into his mouth. His head was
blown to pieces. Overwork and melan
cholia caused the suicide. lie w as best
known through his work in the new
school of plays by Henschel, Suder
mann, Hauptmann and Hirschfeld.
Eagles when played to become seri
ous and sedate and listen intently with
edent enjoyment.
Captive coyotes when music is played
will range themselves in a half-circle
and listen with the greatest attention.
Snakes like the bagpipes played soft
ly, and will sometimes coil up vith
raised head and gently sway to and fro.
Lionesses are affected most by the
bagpipes. They crouch half fr'ghtened,
and then dash madly around their cage
as though scared.
Perhaps the most surprising effect of
music on animals is In the case of tit
Blliga4or. When the experiment wa
tried the big brute rose from the water
and actually imiled withhis great teeth
When a whistle was played for the
benefit of a cage of monkeys it was
f6nnd the green-bonnet monkey sat
with hands and feet tightly drawn to
gether, as though he controlled himself
by the utmost effort. Another monkey
dropped his jaw and made horrible
faces at the musician.
Just as music has different effects on
different natures, so It acts differently
upon animals of varying species. Weird
music is more successful in attracting
the attention of animals than that of
the louder and harsher instruments.
The blare of a trumpet only infuriates
then, while of the cornet and flageolet
they take not the leasFnotice. Bag
pipes and the viol hi are afforded atten
tion and interest.
By the time a man has saved up
enough to get what his appetite craved,
he has lost the appetite for it
Your reputation is above reproach
If those who see you on the streets after
midnight wonder what sick man you
have been sitting up with.
One of the things a boy is very sure
of is that when he ss grown to be a
big ma?, he will n forget to hunt vp
and hV those who abused him when
he was - boy.
"He is the biggest fol in the world,"
we heard a man say this morning, re
ferring to a man of his acquaintance.
If the fellow is the biggest fool In the
world, he must be a daisy; there are
some aw fully big fools in the world.
Physicians ' say that when a hard
working man says he is sick they feel
some apprehension, and watch his case
closely, but that when an idler comes
for a prescription, bread pills answer
as well as anything.
The people should read more and con
verse less. Half the conversation one
hears is to the following effect: - "I re
tail once in 1870, no ft was in 1869; no,
again, it was in lfffi, because another
Incident ,In 1871 fixed it upon my mem
ory, that I met Mrs. , oh, now, whas
Is her name? Mrs. , oh, you know
who I mean. Her husband afterward
died, and she moved way. Smit, Smart,
Swift, Swelt! Now, I have It Well,
what was I saying about Mrs. Swelt?"
Atchison Globe.
Japan had more than a hundred rail
road collisions last year.
In 1792 the first Boston stage coach
started for New York, and now 700 rail
way trains are sent out of the city
Thera U a proposal to run a light
ning express between Manchester and
Liverpool in 18 minutes, on the mono
rail system. The rate of speed would
be CO miles an hour.
The London Railway News reports
that th Argentine government lately
telegraphed' to the Krupps in Germany
to cancel an order for guns and arma
ment and supply rails instead for 500
kilometers of railway.
The two cars running on the trolley
Una op Mount Tom, Mass., are con
nected by a cable running over a re
turn sheave, so that the descending
car's weight balances that of the one
ascending, and makes less demand on
the electric motor.
To defendants and others interested
In the defense to the salt of the
Piano Manufacturing company
agahstllenry Shapcottatid otl.er:
Your committee appointed to con
duct the defense having pltcelMie
duty or collecting and disburden the
funds upon me, and as the defendant
and others afterward at a moeting at
Wichiw relieted me from fLrtiit-r
duty in that capacity aod appoiuted
J. P. Wimer Instead, I hereby submit
my report of funds collected aod ex
H. F. Harbaugh for Green twp..J5 00
11. nan aius iur iowns iwp. . 3 25
Frank Tate for OvfnrH iwn r'(1n
O. DeTurk for Wellington twp.. 5 00
Henry Shapcott for Sumner twp. 2 00
G. E, Meeker for Belle Plaine twp 6 00
i... u iiauuy ior r.aen twp 4 O0
r (auk nuucK ior murx twp 2 2o
And from Henry Howe 5 00
To'tal receipts 8)37 50
I have piid out the folioiog
Lyu.ao Xaugle for printing cir
cular letter 50
Postage in correspondence 1.60
Blank and receipt books io
A. A. Richards for publishing
ROticeof meeting 1.65
Herrick & Roger, retainer fee. 25.00
Expenses attending court at
Wichita 4 85
Paid J. P. Wimer my assessment
as one of the defendants 12.00
Total expenditures $-1(5.70
The. expense items exceeding the re
ceipts by 19 20. .
Forecasts of the report of the board
appointed by the war department to
study the distribution of typhoid
fever in army camps to be made about
the end of July, indicat.- that the
water supply had practically little to
do with the spread of the disease.
The infection, the report will 6ay,
was transmitted through the atmos
phere In dust carried by the wind and
by the agency of flies. Medical
Last fall I sprained my left hip
while handling some heavy boxes.
The doctor I called 00 said at first it
was a slight strain and would soon be
well, but it grew worse and the doctor
then said I bad rheumatism. It
continued to grow worse and I could
hardly get around to work. I went
to a drug store and the druggist
recommended me to try Chamber
lain's Pain Balm. I tried It and one
half of a 50 cent bottle cared me
entirely. I now recommend it to all
my friends. F. A. Babcock, Erie, Pa
It is for sale by all druggists.
I consider It not a pleasure but a
duty I owe to my neighbors to tell
about the wonderful cure effected in
my case by the timely use of Chamber
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhcea
Remedy. I was taken very badlv with
flux and procured a bottle of this
remedy. A few doses of it effected
a permanent care. I take pleasure in
recommending it to others suffering
from that dreadful disease. J. W
Lynch, Dorr, W. Va. This remedy
Is sold by all druggists.
The Tuesday Afternoon club aod
their friends returned from Krell's
grove last night, aod reported an en
joyable day spent In the woods. The
following ladies composed the party:
Mesdames Amsden, Russell, Aldrlch,
Wetzel, Sparr, Ready, Roser, Layne,
J. F. and S. P. Kramer, Fox, Fred and
II. F. Smith, McLean, Zellars, Cun
ningham, French, Andrews, Botkio,
Voils, Mayhew; Misses Mae Gilmore,
Josie Smith, Helen and Bertie An
drew?, Ida Kensler of Wichita; and
Masters Asa Black, Forest and Edgar
Amsden and Mary Kramer.
Fritz Schnitzler of Wichita, father
of Henry Scbnlt zler, tbe liquor dealer
was in tbe city last night. Fritz
Schnitzler 1s known as the biggest
man physically In tbe state. He Is
three times as large as Billy Bolton
of Woodward.
The Chillocco Indian ball team will
cross bats with the Wellington bard
hitters on tbe home grounds next
Thursday and Friday. Tbe Welling
ton team will be strengthened by four
"outsiders." Good games are looked
forward to.
Real estate men will soon begin
advertising residence property in
Wellington as "within the brick side
walk limits," or "being connected
with the business part of the city
by brick sidewalks."
Quincy Barnes telephoned the Ox
ford ball team this mom log to not
come over this week. There was a
delay in matching a game, and a game
with Mulvane was matched forTburs
day in the meantime.
Mr. and Mrs. O. Dobbins left over
, the Rock Island last night for their
home io Urban a, III., after a pleasant
visit In the city with tbe family of
Major Levi Ferguson, and other
J ihn Rinehart, who has been work
ing for Pray & Thomas, has bought
the old candy kitchen outfit and will
open a confectinery In the room north
of E. E. Brown's grocery store.
Miss nelen Reiley of Anthony,
spent the day yesterday with Miss
Edna Hunter, and left today for Co'o
rado to reside.
Ed Hackney went to Perry, O.T.,
last night on legal business.
Ml?s Lizzie Campbell went to Meade
county today on business. '
Finds no- flaw in our pho
tographs. Let our friends
decide we know their
opinion will be compli
mentary to our work.
Skill, taste, experience, with the best of
modern appliances and ennmmpnt nil
these ve employ to make your picture
perfectly satisfactory.
Our Best Cabinets $3 per Doxen
Snyder Bros.' Gallery
Over Security Bank, Wellington.
I have lately bought this
horse, which is a fine Stands
ard bred road Stallion.
Will make the rest of the
season at my stable. Call
and see him-
Hail Insurance
Insure your Growing
wheat with BLACK & MAR
TIN at Wellington.
They will save you money.
Losses quickly adjusted anj
paid in full. See them before
having your wheat insured.
ti l Hi
Cut this out and Uke It to th drurrlst
named Mow and and you will receive
1 25c slie bottle of Dr. rswytr's Ukatlne
or&c. UkHtlne positively cures all form
of Kidney difficulties DygpeMla, codsU
patlon. beadhrbe. Rheumatism, Pulling
of tb Eyea.. Ukatlne cures Pimples ana
bio chpi. and n.akei sallow aod yellow
skin white. Do sot dcliiy but taka ad
vantage ot this (treat ufTer, as thousands
bear evidence to tha wonderful curative
power ot Ukatlne.
F. B. Snyder, druggist,
Wellihgton, Kansas.
Have had 17 years exper
ience in Sumner County as
auctioneer. Would be glad
to crjC your sale. Leave or
ders at the Voice office. )
L. W. Johnston
Rome, Kansas.
Veterinary Surgeon.
Calls promptly attended day
or night, greats all diseases
of domestic animals. Elk
Horn barn, corner "C"and ;th
streets, Wellington, Kan.

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