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People's Voice.
Wm. STRYKER, Editor and Prop.
EnUnd for transmission by mail at second
class rates.
Frances Woods has buugbt a house
and lot in Northwest addition to
Wtlliuo'tou or Emma M. Jackson, lor
Tolr-toi's new book, if translated
into English, would be acandajuus, it
is said. The book deals with the
decrease in the birth rate in France.
The fool scientists are now out with
a statement to the effect that the
shooting itars may be a year late, or
may have passed by already. The
scientist- oe ui an apology.
Old Man Ca'nC'ie has offered to
give 1! 'j'liliuii dollars to enlarge the
free library in Pittsburg, Pa. He
ounht to cut off ten or twenty thous
and dollars and give it to the Wel
linf:n library.
Tue engagement, of Lieut. Co!. Ed
Little to Miss Edua Steele of Parsous,
is auuuuoced. Mis? Steele was one of
Gov. Leetiy's stenographers, and is
said to be very bright and pretty.
The Santa Fe is reported to be con
sidering u proposition to put in an
electric Hunt plant at the round house
in ArifiKisas Ciiy, fur the purpose of
liiintiutf its ritjht-of-way through
town. ,
Topeka's hasty marriage record was
broken yesterday, when Everett West
of Fort Worth, Tex., and Mattie Owen
of Lino, Mo., were married at the
probate judge's office and caught a
Santa Fe train in twelve minutes.
Some idea of the vast amount of
cattle handled by the Santa Fe can bo
obtained from the report of the Pecos
Valley and Northeastern railroad for
October. During the month that line
handled 7,4.'J0 hend of cattle, requiring
193 cars to transport them, or maki ug
over one train a day.
Wichita Eale: OBce a year Kansas
has to have a prohibition excitement
for a few davs. It comei like a
periodical headache and departs ns
quickly. Just at present nooneseTiis
interested in the great, work of blot
ting out, Klondike or to know whether
it is being done or not,.
England has received news of the
death of Gen. Joubert, coraanrler-in-chief
of the Bour army, but the news
is offset to some extent by the news
of the capture of a British armored
train and the loss of ninety men. The
Boers are now threatening Estcourt,
and Ladymith is still under bom
bardment, with reports of heavy Boer
losses. The report of Joubert's death
is unconfirmed.
There n a rumor afloat that a new
railroad ii to be built south from
Kiowa to rsach the undeveloped part
of western Oklahoma. The rumor has
it that the Missouri PacirJc Is behind
th scheme, but this li denied in some
quarters. The Santa Fe officials who
went through Wellington yesttrday,
stopped awhile at Kiowa and held a
conference with the business men
there. This bas given ris to a rumor
that the Santa Fe ii interested to the
scheme. Another rumor ii to the
effect that the road ii to be built by
an Oklahoma corporation, which
claims it raised the money, unassisted,
in the east.
When will the millionaires quit
endowing over-rich universities and
place their wealtk where it will
benefit the manes who never reach
the universities? Mrs. Leland Stan
ford has just sold her interest In the
Southern Pacilc railroad for $11,320,
000 and riven 11 millions of it to the
Stanford university endowment fund,
miking the tnt.l endowment of the
university $25,740,000. University
endowmeut funds are a eood d.al like
the surplus funds of life insurance
companies They can be reached by
no one except th officers, and are
nper ujed to cut, down the premiums,
and do the policy holders no good.
The enormous snrplu the life insur
ance companies bragabout Is evidence
that their profits are extortionate,
and nn'a'r. Insurance companies
should quit b'agging about their sur
plus and say more about their prem
ium rate
Is capricious in its methods of attack some people drift
ing into the clutches of the relentless demon almost un
consciously, while others are stricken at once with all the
severity the disease is capable of inflicting, making the
robust man of to-day the cripple of to-morrow. "While
the greater per cent, of sufferers from Rheumatism are
people well advanced in years, yet the alarming increase
of the disease among persons in the prime of life calls for
the most active efforts on our part to make known the
Positive curative properties of S. S. S. (Swift's Specific),
iedical authorities agree that Rheumatism is due to an
acid poison, therefore the only way to cure the disease
should be to thoroughly eradicate this peculiar poison
from the blood; but the system of a person afflicted with
Rheumatism is so badly deranged that it can not recuper
ate Under tha TtriTinns triiatrr.pnt nf TihrsiHan'B nnta:;h
a i j r i
M j ac! itinera! mixture?. Their method of endeavoring to
v effect a cure Ivsulstitutine one toison for another creates
a complication of new disorders that reduce the patient to a state of com
plete collapse. S. S. S. by its great solvent properties neutralizes ttia
poison ana eliminates it tnrough the channels nature
has provided for the exit cf refuse matter, and being
purely vegetable,stimulates and strengthens the stomach
and general digestion.
"For years I suffered vith Sciatic Rheumatism, whlck
the belt physicians were unable to relieve." write Mr. Asa Smith,
of Oreencastle. Ind. "I took many patent medicines that did not
reach my trouble, and gradually grew worse until I was in such a
helpless condition that I could not take my food or handle myself
In any way; I was absolutely helpless. A few bottles of S. 8.8.
relieved me to such an extent thai I was soon able to move my
right arm, and before long I could walk across the room, aid
continuing the treatment I was completely cured and am as well
m ever."
Mr. J. B. Manson, of Mnrf reesboro, Tenn., writes : "Several years
ago I was afflicted with what the doctors called Bdatlc Rheuma
tism or Lumbago, suffering the most intense agony at times, and
being confined to my bed for about a year, although (oar of the
best physicians (one of them my father) attended me daring my
illness. They could give me only temporary relief, and I thine.
all aSIcted with ttHdiacaj. STOT snoinQ CO-Attut. Gfc 1
Look at your tongue.
Is it coated?
Then you have a bad
taste in your mouth every
morning. Your appetite
is poor, and food dis
tresses you. You have
frequent headaches and
are v often dizzy. Your
stomach is weak and
your bowels are always
There's an old and re
liable cure :
Don't take a cathartic
dose and then stop. Bet
ter take a laxative dose
each night, just enough to
cause one good free move
ment the day following.
You feel better the
very next day. Your
appetite returns, your
dyspepsia is cured, your
headaches pass away,
your tongue clears up,
your liver acts well, and
your bowels no longer
give you trouble.
Price, 25 cents. All druggist.
" I naTe taken A yer's Pills for 35
years, and I consider them the best
made. One pill does me more good
than half a lx of any other kind I
have-ever tried."
Mrs N.E.Talbot,
March 30, is. Arrington, Kans.
9 W W V r ay yy w
Admiral Dewey w carrying his
devotion to his wife too far, and is
receiving some yerv just criticism for
dtediog his Washington home
to Mrs. Dewey. The people who con
tributed money to help buy the lwey
home had no idea that the property
would be given to a giddy old
girl of forty-five who uses powder
and wears an 18,000 wedding trosseau.
It was announced a few weeks ago
that Bion S. Hutctiins bad been ap
pointed superintendent of the Tank
toD (S.D.) Indian schools. We won
dered where Bion got his pull, and are
not surprised at the recent report
that Instead of having the school
superintendfiDcy he is connected with
the Yankton Boarding School, which
is a big soundiDg name for a bash
Last weeks issue of the Mail and
Breeie contains a good write-up of
Sumner county by Miss J lura J. Fool,
who visited Wellington a month ago
In the interest of the caper. The
Breeze prints an excellent picture of
the County High school, and social
mention Is made of Wellington, Con
way Springs, Belle Maine, Argouia.
Milan and waySeld.
John A. Scollard, representing ths
Scollard Directory Co. of St. Louis, is
lc Wellington, arranging to get up a
county and city directory. A county
and city directory is badly needed. It
will take about six weeks to complete
the work.
A few days ago J. V. Williams'
children received two pet white rab
bits. Someone bas stolen them, and
the babies are very much distressed.
In addition to the best wheat grow
ing country in the world, the Arkan
sas valley is said to produce the finest
chrysanthemums grown anywhere.
they tried about ail the remedies known to medical ideaee, dosing
me with strong medicines nntil my stomach, got into fochooi
dltioa that 1 could digest nothing and neither sayselt er nf
friends had any hope of my recovery . I was pemaded to try 8. 8. B.
ard before finishing the first bottle I found I had the right remedy.
I continued to take it until itewred me perfectly. This waseteeJl
nine years ago and I have keen ta Splendid health ever atao."
We have just issued a arw and vahatle book m Kfctj
matism a cost of wkick w. will fc eleuai t laai ta
Is Becomla Serious.
The Coal situation Id Kansas and
the central west is becoming more
serious every day. In addition to a
shortage in output and the extensive
confiscation of coal by the railroads,
coal dealers have no to contend with
a scarcity of cars for fuel transporta
tion. The mild weather existing at pres
ent is a boon that people probably fail
to realize the value of. tiiiuuld ex
treme cold weather set in the condi
tion of the coal market would In
stantly assume the proportions of an
nbsolute famine.
The immetisc traffic that, the rail
roads are now, and have b.-en, enjoy
ing, is responsible for an emruiou
consumption of fuel. Almost daily
the railroad companies find the sup
ply of coal at various pointsextiausted,
and confiscation of fuel in transit
results. Hundreds of car loads of
coal have been confiscated by western
roads during the past few munths.
Into the Coal Fields.
It is rumored that the Smta Ft1
will extend the Ponca City branch,
turmeily known as the Hutchinson
SouU:ern, east into the Osage n-ttioi.
and from there through the McAle
ter mining district. It was expected
that the line would stopat Ponca City
a'd it uoiild be made a terminus, but
it is now aid that the Santa Fe wili
carry out tin designs of the officers of
the Hutchinson & Southein and
thereby hope to gain a tighter hold on
the railroad situation in the two
If this is done, it will give Welling
ton a rl'rect line to the coal fields of
Oklakoma, and means that all the
thipmant.s of coil to the west from
thU pift of the country will go
through Wellington.
The Arkansas City schools closed at
uoou Thursday as a result of the
smallpox scare. The Courier says
mat .Vinfleld people who were lu
ArKan?as City Thursday say there
was almost a panic and that it was
almost impossible to get close euough
to some of the citizens to talk with
them. Tiiis is funny, when it is
remembered that it is not known for
certaiu whether the desease in Ar
kansas City U smallpox. There Is a
nod deal of the rabbit in Arkansas
City peoole, who ruu at every uoiso.
Smallpox would create no more alarm
n Wellington than a typuoiU epidem
ic. Indeed, when smallpox was in
vVeilingtou several years ago, we paid
no attention to it, but trusted iu the
ability of the physicians to stamp it
out, and went on about our business.
When smallpox breaks out in towns
too near Wellington, we take the
cider vinegar treatment, and the
disease never gets into the city.
The Santa Fe officials' spscial came
la from the west Wednesday and laid
over here, going north next morning.
Tlse special consisted of a cook and
dining car and two coaches. One of
the coaches belongsd to J. J. Hager-
man, president of the Pecos Valley &
Kortheastarn, who is goiDg wa.t.
There win on board the special, J. J.
Haeerman and wife. President E. r.
Ripley of Chicago, Director Jones of
Wichita, Director (iibbsofJSew lorg,
nd two ladles who were with Mr.
Gibbs, whose names wa were unabla
to learn. The officials bava bean on a
tour ef the westsrn lines. Tbe spe
clal left next morning at 7 o'clock In
charge of Conductor Houie of Mew
Tbe Santa Fe bas concluded to ad
vance the rate on cattle from tbe
south. This is supposed to be the
signal for a general advance Id freight
rates. The rates on coal and lumber
have already advanced and it is as
serted that this was merely a prelimi
nary move. All tbe western lines
msist that ther have been carrying
freight at too low a rate and they have
stated that they would advance rates
so that they would have a share in
the prosperity, which it is said, is
general over tbe oountry.
A Perth man was asked if
there was not a probability of some
one being killed in the wolf drive
today, when everybody will carry
a shotgun. "Yes," be drawled, "but
if you are prepared to die, wnat is the
difference. The trouble Is, not ont
in fifty will be prepared to die, and
the percentage is In favor of the
County Clurk W. E. Wood is busy
sending out certificates of election to
the successful county and township
candidates. He is also mailing out
slips containing printed instructions
to be followed in qualifying lor omce
The latest cozy corner is a place for
odd bits of china. After awhile, the
bouses will be so full of cozv corners
that a man will have to go out to the
barn to find any comfort.
The Western Union Telegraph com
pany is stringing another wire from
Kansas City into Oklahoma. The
wire will follow the Rock Island rail
road as far as El Rene.
Tne room formerly occupied by E.
E. Pember is being fitted up for a
drug store. A plate glass front will
be put in on tbe northwest corner of
F. V. McAllister of Cowley countyi
has tiled a petition in bankruptcy in
the federal court at Wichita. The
heaviest creditor is the Wintield Na
tional bank.
Vic Trice & Son will employ four
additional cigar makers, niaKingeigbt
workmen in all. Jim Jones is moving
up from the farm near Hunnewell to
work for them.
The ladies' society of the Lutheran
church spend Thursday at the
omen of Dan'l Myers, Ave miles suuth
west of Wellington.
Col. Jesse Ask went to Wichita
Thursday. He was accompanied by
Walter Keyes, who has fallen h-lr to
a 16,000 legacy.
Mrs. J. H. Demory and little daugh
ter Mane nave gone to Jecsrsoo, 0.
T., oq an extended visit to her
parent. ' ,
A. F. Hildinger Jias bought two lots
at tbe corner of Liecoln avenue and
Douglas 6treet of C. Aih, for 1160.
Cbts. Sboap of Corbin, was in the
city Thursday and rode the goat la
the Odd Fellows' encampment. -
J.H.Cantrsll of South BareD,wai in
tfcecltjTliiiridaj. ,
U UMUIU 0 0 0
axis re
J Babies and children need I
proper food, rarely ever rr.sdi-
j cine. If they do not thrive j
I on their food something is j
j wrong. They need a liUie
j help to get their digestive j
j machinery working properly, j
1 will generally correct this !
I difficulty. j
If you will put from one- j
j fourth to half a teaspoonfi;! :
in baby's bottle three or four
J times a day you will soon see J
a marked improvement. For
j larger children, from half to j
a teaspoonful, according to :
J age, dissolved in their milk, j
if you so desire, will very
j soon show its great nourish- j
ing power. If the mother's j
J milk does not nourish tl.c !
I baby, she needs the c
sion. It will show an eff ; t i
at once both upon mcthrr
I and child.
j 50c. nd $1.00, all druggists.
X SCOTT & BOWNE, ChemUts, Kc.v V r' . :
LH M M M M -H -.1--' - t
The news of 18th: Dr. L. J. Lee.
ooe of the most advanced astronomers
In the government's service, has made
the announcement that the falling
stars will not occur until next year.
A Paris scientist says the reason the
shower did not occur, is because the
meteors have become dispersed. It is
clear that that the scientists don't
Know what they are talking about ...
Attorneys for Wm. Geobel have filed
notices asking that the vote of Louis
ville be thrown out. If this is done,
it will give the election to Geibel
without a doubt... The Boers have
Ladysmirh completely encircled, and
are pouring shot and shell into the
city.... Tbe official report of the ex
periment with the Holland submarine
boat pronounces the boat a siKress . . .
Rev. Jecse Moore of Dexter. Jn., wan
hot and killed while sWnint', but
the perpetrator of the rrim is un
known Robbers blew oprn the
time-lock safe of the bark t Parker.
Kas.. vesterday morning and robbei
it of 11.801.
Rebbed the Grave.
Astartllog Incident, of which Mr.
John Oliver of Philadelphia, wt tue
subject, is narated byhiiu asfoliov.s:
"I was in a most dreadful coi iini 'i..
My skin was almost yellow, yts
sunken, tongue coated, pain contin
ually in the back and sides, no appn,
tile gradually growing weaker day
by day. Three physicians had ?lvet
me up. Fortunately, a frier.d anvised
trying 'Electric Bitters;' and to my
great joy and surprise, the first bottle
made a decided improvement. Icon
tlnued their use for three week, and
am now a well man. I know they
saved my life, and robbed tie grave of
another victim." No one should fa-1
to try them. Only 50c, guaranteed,
at F. R. Snyder's drug stere.
Monthly Report Cards.
We have them in the best form. Call
on or address the Voice. 75c per hun
dred; less quantities ic each.
Rhenniatism Cured In a Day.
"Mystic Cure" fur rheumatism aud
neuralgia radically cures 'n one to
three days. Its action upon the
system is remarkable and mysterious.
It removes at onca the cause and t he
disease Immediately disappears. The
first dose greatly benefits. 75 cents.
Sold by H. f. Smith, druggist, Wel
lington. . 18
J. W. Haughey was c own from Wel
lington Thursday on business connect
ed with the I.O.O.F. lodge at thi
place. John says his reported hold
ing in rich guld mining claims in
Ariz ma is no fable, and that he and
one the Topeka stockholders arc
goint'out there r.rxt Week to booi
matters along. Hut gold mines have
riu such attractions for the bi inn
keeper as has a GshiLg hole, and John
soon switched the conversation onto
hi? favorite themeby announcing that
he had business over at Corbin. but
would only go as far as Drnry that
evening, where he would put in the
merit Csh.ng 5outh Haven New
A Thousand Toorues
Could not express tbe rapture of
Annie E. springer, of 1125 Howard
St., Philadelphia, Pa., when she
found that Dr. King's New Discovery
for consumption bad completely cured
her of that hacking cough that for
many years bad made life a burden
All other remedies and docters couli
give bar no heir, but she says of this
Royal Cure 'It seon removed the
paio In ray chest and I can now sleep
soundly, semetblng I can scarcely re
member doing before. I feel like
sounding Its praises througbeut tbe
universe," So will everyone who
tries Dr. Kiaf's New Discovery for
any trouble of tbe throat, chest or
lams. Price 50e. sod 11.00. Trial
bottles free at F. B. Snyder's drug
sun; every ooiue fnariniita.--
Garland & Knovvles,
Ga knd FisMn Sea-eo.
Fresu and ball, Meals
Best Place in the City to trade
Vour Patroniiire Soiisited
South Washington Avf nue
When Blacksmithing can't be done
with the mouth. We do Artistic
Work, employ only lie bet-i work
men. Horseshoeing a specialty.
J.E. HUTCHINSON, N. Washington
Rock Island Restaurant
Clias. Ross, Proprietor
Meals Served at A'.l Hours
South Wasblnptnii Avtaue,
Wellington, Kansas
Wellington Tin and Bicycle
Kepair bhop
Roofing, Guttering and Tin Work
in all Its branches
Burns Soft and Hard Coal
Slack, Lignite, Wood, Cobs.
This is conceded to
tove ever manufactured. It
five years, and is destined to revolutionize the burning of soft
coal. In addition to being absolutely air tight, the stove is
fitted with a patented Hot Blast Draft. This draft burns un
der perfect control the gas half of soft coal, and produces with
any grade of soft coal the same cleanliness and even heat day
and night that is obtained from te use of hard coal in the best
hard coal stoves. There is very
and soft coal burned, when the gas half-of soft coal is burned.
It is easy to see the saving that would result from using one of
these stoves. They are reasonable in price and we carry a
urge line, which we would
Our complete line of Hardwdre and our tinshop are al
ways at your service
. -
GHgtiigr caiiui iukdigi ttwiii nncnmt r'iM,i.u.ii."iwiu!
um. loumntumineiiuyourBetrotiireiiroKMpotMia ulmM
frtMtl utlifwtwj.eurtlr u rvprfwetiMd, HJ to BMklmUwi wll
ukUku UI.ML .nrl THI tiOlTtST iKttll f llll
SS&fE Special Offer Price $15.50
and freight cnarire. llscbine weighs 1 uounrinandtWrelfrht will
aTim(r.7&cenu for aca 600 mile GIVE IT THREE MONTHS' TRIAL
yoar owa home, and we will return your 115. juany tUyyouara ont
atiKfled. W wrll dlfrmt ka ud niUnW fewlc ItrktoMti ILM,
!. 00, 111.00, IU.00 , all fully drscrlhtd in our fn tWwbc
ttklMCitthfw. butllfcW forthli ItRor DkI UBMKT IlKDIll H
tae ffrvamt Vila ttrr airrira ky aay kvaac.
Uaementa,o(Teriiur Mn nndrr vaiioui a mm, with tarteaila-
die.iiU. "riUMawrrital b(lriit4lMrak(trfIUkltt4wkatrMt.
h ererr inurM IU'RiirnuT,
itiif coon Misror mm hih
ummts or kOJI.
brat Baker
the beat
eaa hay.
V 11 1 -TTii
if 11
MaXM, and then If ronTlneed that you ars eavingt.wi to 140.01), pay yoor freight agent the 118 60.
wa to am k.i ioib ii.o ir at any time wiinin tnrrc monensyou say you are not satuced, vauui iv-ltai.
DON'T DELAY. (Sears, Roebuck A Co. are thoroiiirhlv rvliable.-Editor.)
Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.) Chicago. III.
Faner tnimved.
riilvrr Dog Inlaid,
Tmi ran examine
Tnnr 'exDrma ofli
mHmiIi aalklaturr
TV..,h: .neeu aa-ent
IL. ,niraanar
trV.!?oiV;J.!l one ol
wrftk yT, m.tlV,h latest too lever Break, low circular hammers below the line of sight, rlakarstaty acrava
kWnS. special extractor, fixia walnut stock, full checkered I fancy
ISiiT. Zlfii rtrhuttoate faccy rherkered patent for and, strongest doable lump action, 11 or II
fj X?t pnii. VR' GtJ" CUA"A"mp- teoij, targeted, for paturn, rang and penetratloo, at4
WilTID. and
we will send I
yon by freight. TaMibMl
rail, C. O. subject to
sxaaunatloD. tkla kastnai
layal lase BarWa wraw
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sxaetiy as
sad eeai t staaas that
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ISO. M, pay ika fewkrht I
aswl Vwr
Offer Frtae, .9S.
U toskssslt. si ssi jrrtMheaMaaaataaratrlHasaaa,
ILAAI, I vS wi.www
r -1
ka ths II SS aent I
with) order. Wsa. 1
rT.aIi-mV J
aavaaMaaatefaW 1
toeOeaa Brato araas.lsaia lull III, swd kasaetoh,
. - - - . - .,,, htai 11.1,
Giimore & Eandolph
Real Estate and
Rental Agents
OfKof Id Wellington National Dank Building- 1
Harrt-j ana VYasimgton Aenuei
Eenn & Newbold
Farm Loans ot C per cent with a
small cash commission.
PIiXOS: Estey. Schaaf, Drambarh. Newton
UUUAXS: iiey, t'loutb & Warner
Slnrr sowing Machine Victor UicjclM
North Washington, Are., Wellington
Will Not be Sent to China.
Best 1 a Day House
in the city v
South' Washington Ave W
be the only perfect soft coal
has been thoroughly tested for
little difference between hard
be pleased to show to any one-
wt win nDd too 111 yny
Made r the.
la Aurrlra.
ajaterlaJ ataaer
in niiiRTFR sivvrn ngk tnonir!!ieiiiiirT.uiw.
One llluatratlD ahowa machloa
closed (brad dropping from aiKhtl to be Hard aa a eaelar taMa, ilaad
ar aak, tbe otberopea with full Imrth table aad Brad In place for
aewlnir. 4 faati erawtra. laleat I KM akrlHaa fnaM. carrnL riant Ltd. env
bowed afiddfCoratrdralinetnnUh,flneat nickel drawer pul la. roata on f our
raters, adjustable treadle. l-enuineFmyth Iron Hand, rtaaat larf atlth Ira
kaaa, positive four moti.in feed, aeif threading vibrating shuttle, automatic
bobbin wlrnler, adjustable beariniri, patent tension Ulieratur.lniproTed looae
wheel, adjustable pressure foot. Improved shuttl" carrier, patent Beadle bar,
patent dresa guard, keai la kaadsaasrlT 4 rears 14 aad araaaMatad aad aaaall rally
alrktltrbaase. GUARANTEED Ike llrkleat raaalaa, asest darakle aae aearaat
salaeleai aurkhtr aua. Ir) kaawa ettataatret la faraMed and our aTrM Io
itruction ook tella Just bow anyone ran ran It and do either plain or aay
kind of lanrJkFork. a 30-Tears' ll.Hn tiaaraalae is aent with every machine.
IT COSTS YOU NOTHING )"-i-.y)mp. it-ith
It at '
and If
as, and eoisl to gnn. rnai reran at
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freight depot and If found
perfectly saUafactory and
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is eaa wire wheat kardla, Urea staves, wheat seraaae,
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