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le Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist.
Ow Discoverer of Swamp-Koot at Work In
Eli Laboratory.
There is a disease prevailing In this
country most dangerous because so decep
tive. Many sudden deaths are caused by
It heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
or apoplexy are often the result of kidney
disease. If kidney trouble is allowed to ad
vance the kidney-poisoned blood will attack
the v."al organs, or the kidneys themselves
break down and waste away cell by cell
Then the richness of the blood the albumen
leaks out and the sufferer has Bright'!
Disease, the wont form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp.Root the new dis
covery Is the true specific for kidney, bladder
, and urinary troubles. It has cured thousands
of apparently hopeless cases, after all other
forts have failed. At druggists in fifty-cent
and dollar sizes. A sample bottle sent free
by mall, also a book telling about Swamp
Root and Its wonderful cures. Address
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. and
mention this paper.
, Groceries
You will find it to your
interest to investigate
quality of goods as well
as prices. We have a
well deserved reputation
for cairying the best
quality of goods at rea
sonable prices. Give us
a trial.
& Brum ley
Produce handled at
highest market price
bought of the Long-Bell Lumber
Co. can b" relied on every time to
be just, as represented, or money
refunded. Satisfaction always.
Always on hand a choice
lot of hih oracle woods,
' Vim which no one make
lower prices.
Telephone 37.
Lo-lidi Lumber Co.
C. W. King, Mgr.
tsi SrnaJ( Load)
( or ilfiCS SEMlA
is far better than a.
larger had of the or
dinary black powder.
It (fives Higher Velocity
wiin juncnor accuracy
f.rr. ft. j n.i.i :
and Goes not foul!
I Ask for them and et them.
petfrs cartridge co,
1ku(r4, heiirkt fr. inS ft.Hn. or I ft
SMll lorl 1-4 in. For any othrv
nxsena Mr catalog:?. int?-iiaa.oat
and send to u wita UiK L-oU.aU, Kite
' rlie wheel wuit-dind we will fend lliera
bj freight 1.0.11, IliHUH l.ill at
your freleht depot and then t'J tnHH
O) Ycufinditin Cr
TAX OS .HWfiMFNTS. I J-R. Heskett has mnvPft hark- t.n If-lV?!? firtllV nriTrTT i -
The Supreme Court Knocks Out a Recent
Kansas Law.
The state supreme cc urt Thursday
knocked out the law for the taxation
of judgments passed by the legisla
ture of 1897.
For three years judgments, both
domestic and foreign, have been listed
fortaxalion.it beicg a provision of
the law that they cou'd be sold like
other property upon which taxes were
not paid and it was the failure of an
Iowa man to pay the taxes on a judg
ment he held against a man named
Rankin in Ellsworth county that got
the question before the supreme
Hamilton's judgment was sold for
taxes and Rankin, the man against
whom it was held, bought tt and pro
ceeded at occe to release himself from
the obligation.
Harvey & Ilarvey of Topeka, for
Hamilton commenced an action to
compel the district clerk of Ellsworth
county to issue an execution against
Rankin notwithstanding the sale.
The district court refused to listen to
the application and a suit was then
filed in the supreme court asking for
a writ of mandamus to compel the
clerk to issue an execution.
Tha supreme court Thursday grant
ed the writ which will put a stop to
the taxation of judgments.
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible burn,
scald, cut or bruise. Bucklen's Ar
nica Salve, the best in the world, will
kill the pain and promptly heal it.
Cures old sores, fever sores, ulcers,
boils, felons, corns, all skin eruptions.
Best pile cure on earth. Only25cts.
a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by F.
B, Snyder, druggist
Mrs. Joseph Christie (f McPhersoo
Thursday cut the throats of her two
chilaren, both under six years old
then cut her own throat and set fire
to the house. The children died at
once and M's. Christie died as soon as
taken to the hospital. On Monday
Joe Christie, her husband, was ar
rested for drunkeness and is now in
J -a.il because he could not pay his floe.
He is a laborer a fed has not had steady
work this winter. It is supposed that
worry over their condition led the
woman to commit the horrible deed.
There is a Class of People
Who are injured by the use of coffee.
Recently there has been placed in all
the grocery stores a new preparation
called Grain-O, made of pure grains,
that takes the place of coffee. The
most delicate stomach receives it
without distress, and but few can tell
it from coffee. It does not cost over
one-half as much. Children may
drink it with benefit. Fifteen and
cents per package. Try it. Ask for
A t the annual meetiDg of the stoci
holders of the Wellington National
bank the following board of directors
was elected: Geo. T. Pitts, W. R
Savase, John T. Sttw.irt, A. Carrol
and E. B. Wimer. John T. SLewarl
was re-elected president and E. B.
Wimer, cashier.
A Night of Terror.
"Awful anxiety was felt for the
widow of the brave General Bu.-nh.iiu
of Maci:i;;s, Me., when the doctor:
uid she couid rot live till morning'
writes Mrs. S. II. Lincoln, who at
tended her that fearful night. "AH
thought she -must soon die fnru
pneumonia, hut she begged for Dr.
King's New Discovery, saying it hail
nnre than once saved her life, and
had cured her of consumption. Af
ter three small c'oseshe slept easily
ail night, and its further use com
pleteiy cured her." This marvelous
medicine is ;;uaracteed to cure all
throat. chet and lung diseases.
Only 50c and 51.00. Trial bottles free
at F. B. Snyder's drugstore.
Try Graia-0! Try Grain-O!
Ak your grocer today to show you a
package of Grain-O, the new food
drink that takes the place of coffee.
The children may drink it without
injury a well a the adult. All who
try it, like it. Grain-O has that ri:!i
seal brown cf Mocha cr Java, but it is
made f;o:n pure grains, and the mos:
lelicate "tonid'.-h receives it withou:
distress. One ha.f the price of coffee.
Fifteen and 25 cents per package.
Sold by all grocer.
W. A. Bradford, Jr., ex president of
the Hutciinsofi & S lUthern r.i;;uid,
was in Hutchinson yesterday from
Boston. Mr. Bradford owns a tine
brick depot buildirj? and round houe
in the canter of Hutchinson. When
the Athison, Topeka & Santa Fe
bought the Hutchinson & Southern
road the terminals were not included
in the sale. Since that time Mr.
Bradford h ;s been trying to disuse
of the depot and round bouse. Tuere
has been talk of the Missouri Pacific
purcl:asiuKr it to brirp their ro.r
further into town, but in order to d
this a rihi of way would bare to b
secured crosit? the Chicago, E.cl;
Island- Pacific road. No deal has
been co nsumnited and the fines
drp.-,t in lIutct.issoQ stands unoccu
pied. Adam Stuitz of Medfo:d, O.T., was
here Friday.
J. R. Heskett has mored back:
fcis firm in London township.
at bis home southeast of tbe city.
Of course Sierman Teal cuts hair
first-class for 15c. South Wash. are.
CallieCrisIer has bought 85 acres of
land near Rome of Wesley Crisler.
The consideration was 11,000.
Sam!. Stewart and Amanda Beall of
Geuda Springs have been granted
license in Cowley county to marry.
T. A. Hubbard of Rome, and C. M.
Johnson of Caldwell are in Topeka
attending a meeting of cattlemen.
Mrs. A. M. Campbell has arrived
from Manchester, Vt., to spend the
winter with her son, Editor J. G
Hon. W. J. Lingenfelter, the demo
cratic member of the board of mana
gers of the Hutchinson reformatory,
says the present board is composed of
the most level headed and reasonable
men of any since the finding of the
institution. Beacon.
Chicago papers are now displaying
typhoid fever ravages tn St. Louis and
claiming that this shows tbe water
supply is bad, even before Chicago
filth reaches that point. They are
trying to show that the water supply
of St. Louis is so very bad that it can
not be injured by the drainage canal.
At the time the Boer war began
England estimated that the cost to
her would be about $50,000,000. The
present estimate made by her states
men is that it will reach $300,000,000.
Wars are expensive thiogs in this age.
In the present instance the war is
rendered peculiarly expensive for
England by the circumstance thatshe
had very few troops near the seat of
the trouble when the war began, and
60,000 or 80,000 men, with all their
supplies, have had to be transported
thousands of milestogetwitbin reach
of the enemy. Eogland ranks next
to the United States in wealth, but
this war, even if it ends in two or
three months from the present tim-
will add enough to ber debt to make
a difference in that fund that will be
felt for many years.
Tbe news of 11th: Secretary Gage
has replied to the criticism for depos
iting U.S. funds in a ew York bank
by saying he was justified by law and
precedent. . .The trial of Joseph Leach
for the killing of Tom Fennel at Fort
Riley in 1897, has begun in the United
States circuit court at Topeka...
Senator Hoar has replied to the speech
of Senator Beveridge on the Philip
pine question, in which he compares
Beveridge to Satan.... England has
heeaed the roar made by the United
States, aod will pay for the corn and
hour seized in Delagoa bay....Secre
tary Root has declared that be will
not run for vice preMdent.... There i
said to be a movement on foot to do
away with the commissions paid to
railway ticket agents... .A largo part
of the United States senate's time
jesterday was taken up with speeches
m honor of the i:.emory of Garret A
H'!)arr....Or.e of Kansas City's fire
cjmp.inio N (;':arantir.ed on account
of Mil i:lp x.
0 0 0
I Babies ar.d children need I
S j
I proper food, rarely ever medi- j
cine. Jf they do not thrive
s on their food something is !
I wrong. They need a little j
j help to get their digestive !
machinery working properly.
I will generally correct th:
I difficulty.
I If ycu will put from enc
f fourth to half a
teaspoor.ful :
S in babv's bottle three c? f.
times a day you will soon sec ?
j a marked improvement For
j Izrgcr children, from hcif to ;
r a teaspocnfii!, according to a
! age, dissolved in their milk,
! if you so desire, will very (
f soon shew its crest nourish-
ir.g power. If the mother's ;
:rr.;!x docs not nourish the!
j baby, she needs ihe emu!- f
s:on. It Wiil show an effect !
? at once both upon mother :
1 2nd child.
Kx. ami Jr.oo, al! Jnitrrrets.
X crilTT.' P.;1wvc r. v - .t
1 il i i II j J
HI p
la March.
Mr. Geo. H. Hunter of Wellington,
Kan., president of the Kansas State
Millers' association, in a letter under
date of Welliugton. Kan.. January
addressed to Secretary Tom Richard
son or tue Houston Business League,
"Relative to the excursion party
made up of members of the Kansas
Grain Dealers' association and their
wives and the members of the Kan
State Millers' association and their
wives, regarding which we have bad
some correspondence, am pleased to
inform you that such excunion is new
decided upon for some time in March,
Can't give you exact dates.
"I have just returned from Chicago,
where arrangements have been com
Dieted with the Atchison, Topeka &
Santa Fe Railroad company for ex
cursion to Houston and Galveston.
We have engaged eight Pullman and
baggage cars sufficient to accommo
date traveling necessaries for 250
"The association meeting will be
held at Topeka and after two (Jays'
essioo, will come direct to Texas. 0.'
course, our principal stay will be at
Ga'.veston, but our peopla are par
ticularly anxious to see Houston and
I hope we will be able to stay there
long enough to thoroughly see the
city. Would say, however, we are
making no arrangements for Houston
until we hear from you. Will send
you more exact date 'ater.-Houston
Tom Hubbard at Topeka.
Tom Hubbard, president of the
state board of agriculture, was presid
ing at the twenty-ninth annual meet
ing of the board at Topeka last week.
The Topeka Journal prints a double
column picture of Mr. Hubbard in last
night's issue, and gives him tt)is Very
complimentary notice:
T. A. Hubbard of Rome, Sumner
couuty .president of the board, res
ponded to the addresses of welcome.
Mr. Hubbard is one of the best
natured men in Kansas, ne Is more
than six feet high, and every move be
makes indicates kindness and good
nature. He is a talker, too, aod las
night amused his hearers greatly. He
started in by saying
"If I had the eloquence of Ingersoll
the polish of our own Iogalls or the
vi wuauuitj .u. yepew, j mignt
-.u CAls ujjseu concerning
Topeka." Mr. nubbard then called
wwunuu iu vuc tuveruor s remancs
demulidhiog the railroads, also to
the decision of Judge Hojk demolish-
ng ttie railroad court. Atthisevery
oooyiaugued, only to be convulsed
again when Mr. Hubbard said:
"As the distinguished Judge Lit
Crura says: 'We are strictly in the
Mr. Hui bard told how he has teen
visiting lopeka for 27 years. "Dur
ver seen a drunken man or beard
quarrel in the city." He then refer
red to the kindness of the governor to
the Twentieth Kansas and said: "We
hall never Lret these things and we
all hope that his remaining four year
as governor will be bright and that at
the close he will hear: Well done tln.u
g'Wi am faithful servant, come up
a little higher."
In nominating Stanley for the sen
ate Mr. Hubbard provoked hearty
applause from his auditors.
Referrinuto.Mr. Bird's address Mr.
nubbard siid: "We hope the malt
ordinances will be enforced durine
our stay here, but in the event any of
our members get caught, I hope ihey
will be sent home with a C.O.D. tag
on them. My visit s to Topeka are the
brightest spots in my memories of
Kansas. The broad streets are ex
celled only by the broad minds of the
citizen's who are excelled only by the
beautiful women."
Man'.y Turner and Virgil Miller.
who have b:en visiting relatives in
Wellington and vicicitv, returned to
their horje in Upton, Ky., Thursday.
They wore accompanied by Ethel
Doion of Cicero, a niece of Mr. Tur
The ci'y council has appointed Dr.
W. M. Martin city health officer, as a
prccautiomry neasure to deal with
smallpox, in the event it should reach
w ellicgton. The disease is prevalent
n Cowley county and in Oklahoma.
The Railroad Loan & Savings Co.
of Newton, has establish"d a branch
office in VTel'lngton with W. J. New-
fa ji(i : s president of the local onraoi-
zation, W. A. Renn vice president.
and Ed Hayes secretary and treasurer.
Alex McClanahan a prominent Sum
ner county stock man has traded his
property there for cattle and is in the
city looking for a new location in
Cowley county. Wlofleld Courier.
Albe J. Epperson has beenfnamcd
as executrix of the estate of II. N.
Eggleston, and the probate court has
Issued an order for the sale of personal
property of the deceased.
The infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Chi. Snyder, born a day or so
before, died Friday and was buried
that afternoon.
"A Bit SMB."
. A man looks at his trembling hands
and says: " I feci a bit shaky this morn
ing, and shall need a bracer." His real
need is not nerve stimulant, but nerve
strength. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery givea strength to the nervous
system. It does not brace up, but builds
up. It is entirely free from alcohol and
from opium, cocaine, and other narcotics
usually found in so-called nerve medi
cines. Accept no substitute for "Golden Med
ical Discovery." It cures.
Dtrld Dunint, Efq.. of Jottn. Ohio Co., Kjr.,
write: "Wnen I began taking Dr. Pierce'
Golden Medical Discorery I think I had nervous
or general debility of three rears' duration. I
took three bottles of the 'Discovery.' During
the time I was taking it nv sleep became more
refreshing and I gained fifteen pounds weight,
and also gained strength every day.
Free. Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser is
sent free on receipt of stamps to pay cost
of mailing cnly. Send 21 one -cent
stamps for book bound in paper, or 31
stamps for cloth binding. Address Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, X. Y.
About Dining Cars.
The verdict given by the general
public that the great Rock Island
route has the best dinio? car service
in the world, will not be disputed by
patrons who have used this line.
Thousands of letters testify to this
fact. A better meal cannot be se
cured io any hotel or restaurant in
the cities of New York or Chicago
than is served in the Rock Island din
ing cars, A la carte or all cars: a
splendid lunch served on Colorado
trains for 50 cents.
Editor Voice: Please allow me to
m.nf inn thrnmrh oniip vn'niVilo minor
a matter of importance to afflicted
humanity. Dr. A. J. Lawton, spc
t cialist, has just removed a cancer
fr0m my.aim with just one appMca
tion, in one week's time, and the
wound Is fast healing. I can never
repay Dr. Lawton for the relief he
has given me. 1 can recommend him
toothers having blood and skindi
sea,es.-Mrs. Mary A. Cart, Welling
ion ivans
W. J. Poppiewell, tbe well known
stockman of Rome, was a visitor io
the Pl'f V VPatnrd IV no ttfift- Vinclnocc
IT rloniP. th r.mv r that haa hn
Bintf t ie rounds for some time that
Mrs. 'Emma HkitIipm. im that.
nl AM. was afflifMprt wit li f hat Aro'iAaA
disease, smallpox. Mrs. Brother has
been ill for some Urn? ard it was
' feared that she had the smallpox, but
competent , hvns deny Li she
a had even the first Mmptorns of the
- disease ichita lieacoo.
Guv B Revniilds. aL'Pnt in Wpl1ir..
ton for tha Weils-Fann and United
States Express companies, h is been
promoted to the position of agent at
Gut hrie, O.T., the promotion to take
effect February 1. E. E. Darnieili, at
prefer t cashier in the offices at Guth
rie, will succeed i;im as ujent at Wel
lington. Ilarve Horner, as 'eceiver of the
Caldwell Water u ply Co., has com
menced suit against the city of Cald
well for 5772.53 and interest from
January ll,'lS97. Tiie council allowed
the bill last Mr.nday eight, but the
clerk, mayor and other citv officials
held up the warrant for some reason.
C"unly Clerk Wood and deputy,
J. Rub:. Giibirn. are buv correcting
tnc transfer record-". They expect to
c iratneiiLM work 0:1 the assessment
r -IN early nrxr. wpek.
Mrs. Pinkham's Adice Saved
Mrs. Hayes From en Operation.
UTT1 IO HSi PISS2AJI 50. 483
Dear Mrs. Pixkiiam Words cannot
express my thanks to you for your kind
advice to me in regard to my hralth. I
had been running down in health for
about seven years. I had doctored
with good doctors and taken a great
many patent medicines. My trouble
began when my first child was born.
I had a very bard time and after its
birth would have severe flooding spells.
" After my second child I had very
good health until last winter when I
again became pregnant and suffered
very mnch and miscarried. I came
very near dying, and the doctor said I
must have an operation, which fright
ened me very much, and concluded to
write to you for your advice, and take
your medicine, Was troubled with the
whites, great pain in back and hips,
sometimes when lying down or sittiny
was unable to get up. Would have
such pain in groins could hardly walk.
"I can say I have cever seen any
thing so wonderful as Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound and Sana
tive Wash. Your remedies have done
wonders for me. Hoping that many
of my suffering sisters may be led to
take your medicine from reading this
letter, I remain, sincerely vonrs. Mrs.
Mast Hates, Haedixs3cko, Kr."
Letters lika the forerroin? should
convince everyone that Mrs, Pinkham's
advice Is certain help.
Office: Opposite the ourt Douse. We,t
Jas. A. Ray
Practices in all the ccurls.
Social Attention glv-n to ll matters lo
volving the title to Keal Estate
Office over Wellington National Bank
Practices In All Court. Offl directly In
front i.f court houe, in old office of GeirM
Phy.ician and Surgeon
Residence. 213 South 0 ureet
Office: Uoums 1 nod S, Farmers' bank
Over Engle's Store, Wellington.
Practice limited to Dis of
Eye. Ear aod Throat. Hours t to 1 p.ra
Prices S ghL In Marble Block, Wellington.
Preston Wyckoff,
Rome Kansas
Breeder f and Deak-r in
I Eureli
tt. cresei
Eureka Harness Oil la the lest
preservative of new leather
ui.d the hest renovator of old
kulber. Itollx. hoftenx. black.
em uud protecU. Use
,'66 mi
on your hert hamiw. ynur old bar
n. and vour rarrlmn-tnn. .ml ihp
will not only look l-ttT hut wear
Hinirer. roio rverj-wnerelo ca!i-ail
tun from ball ilnt to n ve callona.
Mxtt bj muu on to.
sin oke Botua
C ut tlil-. l out anil -r .iV
i-n t in of nnr k.i..n.
wt la front, fruni outnti.'
tnont-irip anil m-ri.,..i 1
BTTJobT fr.lul.tr V. 11
.wfrlt'TK, ,n4
'rr.l. r, .... -nJ
to tuM thiliwr.il .t f. a..
fr, 'ItLl amt 01 SPKI I U rit( ir,V6 7Qm i-,ith.1 I
U- nr.
Aal!!iRLR-0 3UCX4 C2' (,"C-- ChiM9. lit
SEhO ge.dolur
m ire vt : .-.a will f.o mn. 1 ,1 . ..v .V.. . !l
nali you can t jt f..r t: .. rir:, ..14 1 Ir m
inBitr4 jnetfn fc-ra, eur, (r.im flax en ooternlnit
thrcun tn B.11L Ii h a ,f,rt tinsn .f rW-r n4 u.
tar. Jrl i.f thm r,rr i.i 1.1 .t- . .
tt ont wir wht Lu.-.Ue. thrK aitve-, wt::U icretra,
CnWralaar. Hrlli fvfr- larlnHsnlfaplrawairaiihfw,
tv. kot a t ara laarvsf r,uuU. Lduar. )
filS. C. O. I).. a.il.it to ii.'-' :-; ' :
Iml kl U.A'm 1.1 T. .'. '-T--
voter irt(r ttt '- - .
h at
ffU ani if J-',. .
Ml;aUxftarr. ' V'- tA
Mar frrirk.
luntvl arrfrM
!7 iwlal u f Ikr
THlSHANSOSteAVfJTVtNni-j'.-.riit, trai-c-1. !
trvii anil in rjr U:nt n. from aW .1
I!m (I kiaia Kirk'., !a llw-Jlr-jr ibtr, ii knar.t ,
kI.T rni, fai-kw r .hr. fcrtrH'M- h Xi larart kkk,
14 li.rkxta ?. Wrilrfirri'aTa.ikrTlail-a,
sffrh Fp,:--..3.- k
- - W.'.. If
thi.r..lrI:UbTfru-ht if.-l' .IA
tioa. Luraiiw It at y.wjr V ' ; -fi ' 'S5 J
rni7bt.j..ta:.ai(fm,d VLis t'l I A
perfoi-tlvvilisfiiH- ryisi,! i '
,-.. ia ruin, !! mat rutii J; T'J
a:i.w 1. iii.w. tJt J i
1 I-
narll; 1 nmnK S" '.'w.'k..f
4 taal la tl-mi lkt f . Nk J
rnaU at fi. 1. t7 .f J r- fl
8M.0, far Ik McM f-- f"- '-. - Vl
0.-rT Pr!rr. $9.93. I - ' 3 1
nth onW. ! fn'iC... K-Zi
rrrirlarlrrlfMla 1 J.' :S v S.T ."v'" a J

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