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(Garland & Knowles,
ands!Lit MEATS
Game and Flsr In Season.
Under Security State Bank. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Your patron
age solicited.
Schuyler Gilbert, Proprietor.
Wellington, Kansas.
"When Blacksmitbiog can't, be done
with the mouth. We do Artist ic
Work, employ onlythe best work
men. Horseshoeing a specialty.
J. E. HUTCHINSON, X. Washington
Rock Island Restaurant
Chas. Ross, Proprietor
Meals Served at All Hours
South Washlnzton Avenue,
Wellington, Kansas
The Voice
for Sale Bills and
General Job Printing
Snyder Bros,' Studio
Aristo, Platinum and
Outdoor Work.
Also Photo Buttons.
Sncll'sOld Gallery, Wellington, Kansa?.
Livery, Feed and Sale
East Seventh St. Trv us
Hair Cut ar.d Shave 25c
South Washington Avenue
Leave your order with D. . Patten lor
Home-made Bread, Cakes
and Pies.
The Voice
cstcrn Edition American Agriculturist.
I'.y special arrangement with the publish
ers, wo are enabled to oiler The Change
Jt PD Faujii k, tho Ipadins ncrlciiltnral
weekly ol the Western and Sliniiasippi
3aey States, in club with this pa
per, at an exceedingly low Ik-iire. The
OKA.noe Jrri 1ai:mi;i: is remarkable forthe 1
variety and if,im-U of its rmiteiits,and is un- i
ih.nbte.lly the best and most practical paper I
of Us kind. 1 li"uia,ir
liAg, JUoriicuituxu, lvTiUiry, Market Gar
dening, and othnr topics, written bv practi
cal ami successful farmers, supplemented
With illustrations byahlo r.rti:t, combine
to make it invaluable to t!insi who "farm it
for a livinc." The lr.trst Markets and
Commercial AsrriouUare aro features in
which the 0. J. FAHMEUis unexcelled.
nnTi.,pM I I. in i.iMHi ..wiim
est Aasliious, fancyvS rk7 Tho Good
Co V, Puzzle Contents, Library Corner,
and loung Folks' TaRfl combine to make
&is Department of as much value and iuter
tjtt as most of the Siecial Family Tapers.
AtyJopellaof Progress and Events
All sending their subscript ions under our
clubbing oiler, are presented, postpaid, with
the American- Aghktlttiust Yeab Book
and Almanac for im This preat book is a
Cyclopedia of Progress and Events of the
World, a Guide to ilarkets, Marketing, and
It is a treasury of Statistics, revised to date, for
IFarm or Home, and Office or Factory. A Refer
JenceWorkon Every Subject Pertaining to ArtI
fculture. Industry, Commerce, and Markets ; I'ub
lic Affairs, Economies, and Politics ; Household
Education, Eelipfion, and Societv. It is also an
Almanac of Calendars, the Weather, Astro
nomical Data, Hints for Each Month, Dates, etc
magazine Mrm, will in; mailed to von bv ad
Marquette Building, Chicago, 111.
Our SPECIAL Offer:
Both Papers and the Year Book
for $1.35,
rancy r-nKTSTCO, J&rjS -. v
Silver Dog Inlaid, vJPP
Damascus S-rf - ..-f- ;
Finished Vl
Ton tan enmloc It
your eipreM office and
ad Uw RMtnt ra nlM TM "n
tiLOO. nartha DRaa actnt OI
premium Offers
$15.50 and iprchani, lew thfl.eont with ordr.
r T. HAWSE. TbT an made bj on of the k u uln, la EOIU BiBikrs iLZiL ?21i wJw."
itB DP nb, I
ya, guUb B1UU lelala
cietol piP. UncJ rubber bott plate, taocj clieckered patent fore end, trooeat dcable loap actiua. It or U
Gilmore & Randolph
Real Estate and
Rental Agents
Office in Wellington National Bank Building
Harvey and w ashington Avenues
Be mi & Newbold
Farm Loans ot 6 per cent with a
srcall cash commission.
PIaNOS: Estey. Schaaf, Brambach. Newton
uuuas: JSstey, dough s Warner
Singer Sewing Machines Victor Bicycles
North Washington, Ave., Wellington
Will Not be Sent to China.
Best i a Day House
in the city
South Washington Ave
Patent Medicines
Groceries, etc.
Try Mrs. A. Rrf'f's new grocery
blu urug store, jortn Main it.
Hotel ETNA
Most popular low priced Hostelry
mine L;iiy. uive m a trial.
Mrs. A.Bresee, Prop.
Wellington Machine Shop.
Machine Work of all
P. DeLon, Prop.
Pant hunter
SS. I tisiltllic fnr
Pants, ho punts for the best pants the punt
market (fronts. He pnteth ununited until
ne imp anis mms-.ii in a iair of our tailor
made pants only .".
Henry the Tailor.
The Voice
TUTE EDITION, the must remark
able success of the age. A farmers
institute in your own home every
moniu in tue jvar. Worth 50
cai p'tuitry pap3r for the farmer
Wtlo Wants to make poaltrv rrotlta
Ijle Fdll of lip'nfnl lii-it -ihnit
's "L'P lU 1 1 Jlb a b )Ul t;ir
ana m-inaement that will ru:ik(
I poultry grown for eiys and n?n puv
: the grocery and dry poods biils'and
; supply Hie irood wife's pin money.
. m-guiar price 30c
I Ion;' established and thoroughly up
1 1 el ite lurricvitural an:l livj stock
1 paper. Ahly edited and containing
! numerous spcriil departments, cover
ing ail branches of faroiing and live
! stock growing. It, is an authority on
! cattle and swine. Slieeprnen, dairy
! men, horticulturist, etc.. also valu
it for the sound, practical counsel
given by skilled specialists in these
various lines, while the general farm
er finds it an almost indispensible ad
junct to profitable crop growing.
Farmers' wives and daughters love its
Home Department. Regular price,
ANCE JOUSNAL, a new paper de
voted to the interests of farmers' mu
tual insurance associations in the
west, containing full information
about the form of co-operative insur
ance. Regular price 50c
THE PEOPLE'S VOICE goes to its
readers once a week. Those who
know it best say that it is the best
paper in the county. Try it and see.'
We spare neither money nor effort to
make it so. Price $1.00
CM ikli iintuwiin,ul t will
end toil pu, to ,00 b , r
at 1
. and Maal tonnlhil Mn
K SPECIAL iirrre votfv Vii
Intcrestinj Sketch of 'Squire L D. Cbaddoi
of Welllnjton.
It is probably cot generally known
that 'Squire L. D. Chaddon of this
city has known and been intimately
acqdaiuted with some of the greatest
people of this century, but such is the
Born many years ago when the
ctntury was young when Lincoln
was but a lad of nine, and Gladstone
yet a stripling; when the soldiers of
the war of 1812-14 were almost as
fresh from the scenes cf war as are
now the heroes of Santiago he has
met and known some of the greatest
characters living in his time.
Mr. Chaddon was born in Coopers
town, New York, and when old
enough learned to be a carpenter.
The first work that he was ever sent
to do was to repair the yard fence of
James Fenimore Cooper, the great
novelUt, and many of the scenes and
places described by Cooper in his
"Leather btocking Tales" were
familiar to Mr. Chaddon In his boy
Before he was twenty years old he
moved to Utica, where he became
acquainted with Roscoe Conkling and
Horatio D. Seymour. lie often saw
Grover Cleveland, although he did
not knyw him well, but was well ac
quainted with Miss Rose Cleveland
(who was the lady of the White
House until Cleveland's marriage).
For a number cf years Mr. Cbadaon
worked at a planing mill a few mile
from Utica and was frequently visited
by Conkling and Seymour and the
three would often hunt together in
ile forests. Ia the fifties Mr. Chad
Ion moved to Champaign, 111., and
while living there held the office o
justice of the peace a part of the time
and at another time was deputy Bher
iff. In both positions he m .-t Abe
Lincoln frequently add heard him
tell many of bis quaint stones not
all cf which will do to print. While
David Davis was judge, Lincoln sat as
judge pro tern one evening and tried a
:asa in which Mr. Chaddon was plain
tiff. The case is mentioned in the
'Life of Lincoln" by William II.
nerndon, who was Lincoln's law
partner for twenty-five years. The
story is to be found in the second
volume, on page 318, and is as fol' jws:
"Several of us lawyers," remarked
one of his colleagues, "in the eastern
end of the circuit annoyed Lincoln
ones while he was holding court for
Davis by attempting todefend against
a cote to which there were many mak
ers. We had no legal, but a good moral
defense, but what we wanted most of
all was to stave it eff till the next
term of court by one expedient or
another. We bothered 'the court' till
lateen Saturday, the day of adjourn
ment. He adjourned for supper with
nothing left but this case to dispose
of. A'ter supper he heard our twad
dle for nearly an hour, and then made
this odd entry: 'L. D. Chaddon vs. J.
I). Beasly et a!, April term, 1S5G,
Champaign county court. Plea in
abatement by B. Z Green, a defend
ant not served, filed Saturday at U
o'clock a.m., April 24, ISjG, stricken
from the files by order of court. De
murrer to declaration, if there ever
was one, overruled. Defendants who
are served now, at 8 o'clock p m., of
liie last day of the term, ask to plead
to the merits, which is denied by the
court on the ground that the offer
comes too late, and therefore, a9 by
nil dicet, judgment is rendered for
plaintiff. Clerk assess damages. A.
Lincoln,' Judge pro tern.'
"The lawyer who reads this singular
entry will appreciate its oddity if
nobody else does. After making it,
one of the lawyers, on recovering from
his astonishment, ventured to in
quire, 'Wen, Lincoin, how can we
get this case up again?' Lincoln
eyed him quizzically a moment, and
then answered, 'You have all been so
ciichtv smart about this case, vou
can find out how to take it up again
Probate Court Notes.
The final account of S. C. Burnett,
guardian of E. C Shipley, has been
filed, showing a balance of f 109 due
the heir.
A. Logan has been appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of Stephen
Jones, deceased. A.C. Lambe, Chas,
B. Lambe and N. Loofbourrtw have
been appointed appraisers of the per
sonal property of the deceased.
t The will of II. 2f. Eggleston, de
ceased, has been admitted to probate.
W.A. Lichtenberger has filed his
annual account as guardian of Roy B.
Snyder, showing a balance of 8213.20
due the heir.
J. L. Murray has made final settle
meat as administrator ot the estate o
Chas. C. Shoup, deceased, and the
court has ordered the distribution of
12,184.25 among the heirs.
Yirginia C. Dunham, guardian of
David II. Spencer, has filed her annual
account, showing 12,116.11, due the
N. C. Shoop, guardian of Floyd C.
Shoop, has Sled her annual account,
showing $1,084.95 due ber ward.
Dolan Collins of Oxford, was la the I
city Friday. i
Peter ileiss, the old German from
Enporia who came to Wellington a I
weekor so ago for the nurcose nl havi I
Joseph Oswald, a farmer living near
Caldwell, arrested for unlawfully co-
naoiting with his wife, has been surd
by MrA Hem for divorce. After re
citing iD her petition thai they were
married In Germany 29 years ago,
Mrs. Ileiss chages her husband with
negligence of duty, loafing, failure to
provide, and extreme crueltv. tv-p
defendant frequently threatened her
nte, ice plaintiff says, and in 188(5 she
was compelled to leave him. They
were then living at Jamestown, Kas.
The plaintiff charges that in Cloud
county, Kansas, the defendant was
convicted or a heinous enme, towit:
poisoning a well with the intention of
committing wholesale murder. For
tuis crime, Mrs. Heiss says, her hus
band was convicted and sentenced to
the penitentiary for a term of years.
The parties to the suit are past mid
dle age.
We failed to make mention in our
last week's issue of the birth of the
"only boy in the west." Mr. and Mrs.
Eugene Barrett of San Francisco,
Cal., are the proua parents. A letter
written to parties in Oxford states
that the happy grandmother presented
it with a diamond ring when it was a
day old and its grandfather was so
happy that he has quit thinking about
coming back to Kansas.-Oxford
Mr. Barrett will be remembered in
Wellington as "the Jail sycamore of
the Arkansas." He studied law under
W. W. Schwinn, and married Miss
Eva Benton of Wellington.
G. W. Milne returned from Chicago
Saturday, where he went a week ago
with Will Carter, who wa3 supposed
'o be afflicted with cancer. An exam
ination was made in a hospital and
Carter was found to be suffering with
a foreign growth on the rnil.ir lv.np.
cj'used by an injury received some
time ago. An operation was rer
formed and Carter will return home
as soon as his shoulder heals, prohibi
ten 'days hence.
Geo. T.Pitts Friday received a
letter from Mr. Perry, presiient of
the company that owns the Welling
ton waterworks plant, savins that
the company would accept the offer
or the city of 5o0,000 for the plant.
The bonds to purchase the plant were
voted at a special election December
30 last. The deal will be closed as
soon as the bonds can be floated and a
deed to the property made out ana
signed. '
Prof. Nash of Oxford.was in the city
t"day. lie says Postmaster Maggard
of Oxford died this morning. lie died
at 3 o'clock this morning of pneu
monia. Everett Maggard's father,
Dr. Maggard, is seriously 111 with la
grippe and was unable to get out of
bed when he heard of his son's death.
Journal 13lh.
A report reached Wellington -Friday
afternoon to the effect that
Capt. Grinstead had lost his life in
the Philippines by being crushed.
The report is unconfirmed, and is
probably untrue. Capt. Grinstead's
name is not mentioned in the cable
grams from General Otis.
Judge McBrid-3 and Stenographer
Herrick returned from Winfleld Sat
urday. Geo. Mack, the Winfleld
barber who killed a man In Arkansas
City last Fourth of July, got, ten
years in the penitentiary. Geo. Banks,
the negro rapist, was sent up for five
Word has t2cn received from Nw
Mexico that Geo. Hunt is quite
sick. His mother, Mrs. S. E. Hunt.
win probably go to Rosweil to wait
After Sii Years of Intense
Suffering,- Promptly Cured
BV S S S ire clrcuIatlon 13
t ' are a severe drain
r anaJ kU,vilf"y- every case tne poison must
be eliminated f mi the blood, and no amount of external treatment
can have any effect.
There is no uncertainty about the merits of S. S. S. : every claim
testimony of those who have been cured by it
and know of its virtues by experience.
Mr. L J. Clark, of Orange Courthouse, Va.,writes:
" For six veara I had an obstinate, running ulcer on my
ankle, which at times caused me intense Buffering. I was
o disabled for a long while that I was wholly unfit for
busiress. One of the best doctors treied me constantly,
but did me no good. I then tried various blood remedies,
without the least benefit. S. S. S. was bo highly recom
mended that I concluded to try it, and the effect waa
wonderful It seemed to get right at the seat of the
disease and force the poison out, and I was soon com
pletely cured." Swift's Specific
-drives out every trace of impurity in the blood, and in this war
rares permanently the most obstinate, deep-seated sore or ulcer. It
u the only blood remedy guaranteed purely vegetable, and con
tarns not a particle of potash, mercury, or other mineraL S. S. 8.
ewes Contagious Blood Poison. Scrofula, Cancer, Catarrh, Eczema,
Kheomafasm, Sores, Ulcers, Boils, or any other blood trouble. Insist
rpon B. 8. S. ; nothing can take its place.
Valuable books mailed free by Swift Specific Company Atlanta, Ck
Komstett Found Quiltv.
The jury la the case of John Horn
stett who his been on trial at
Anthony for a week fjr killing his
nine year old cousin, Nora Komstett,
in June, came In with a verdict of
murder in the first dep T..r,
afternoon after only a short delibera
tion. Komstett confessed to the
crime and ple id miiity at the Septem
ber term of the Harper county district
court. Before J-id
sentence Kornstm withdip hi
and made the defense that he was
scared into nuking the confession. It
wm oe rememb-red that Nora K7,rn.
stett went to the field where the boy
wis ptowmg. lie murdered her and
threw the body into a wll. Sha
there forty-eight hours before her
yaicuis louna ner.
The Rock Island Wal Map of the
united Statu
Is the best offered to the public. It
is very large and specially adapted te
school purposes. Every teacher of
geography and every business office
should have one. It will be sent post
paid to any address on receipt of
fifteen cents in postagestampsorcoin.
Address, John Sebastian, G .P. A.,
Chicago, 111.
A Monter Devil Fish
Destroying its victim, is a type of
constipation. The power ot this
murderous malady is felt on organs
and nerves and muscles and brain.
There's no health till it's overcome.
But Dr. King's New Life Pills are a
safe and certain cure. Best in the
world for stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels. Only 25 cents at F.B.Sny
der's drug store.
A Big Bargain.
For Sale. 1 6o acres of improved land
in this county, cheap and on easy
terms. Address the -Yoice, Welling,
on, Kaias.
To Cure Lajrlppe ia Two Days.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's sig
nature on every box. 2oc.
Monthly Report Cards.
We have them in the best form. Call
on or address the Voice. 75c per hun
dred; less quantities ic each.
Special Clubbing offer.
Twice-a-week Times fr.oo, with the
Voice, $1.50.
Jerry Simpson's Bayonet f i.oo.with the
Voice $1.50.
Rheumatism Cured In a Day.
"Mystic Cure" for rheumatism and
neuralgia radically cure? 'n one to
three days. Its action upon the
system is remarkable and mysterious.
It removes at once the cause and I lie
disease Immediately disappears. The
first dose greatly benefits. 75 cents.
Sold by II. F. Smith, druggist, Wel
lington. g
J. M. Kirby has filed his annual
accounts as administrator of the estate
of Uriah McKinney, deceased, and
guardian of George and Sybil James.
The latter account shows $491.88 due
George James, and $102 73 due Sybil
James. '
The Kansas Citv Star, daily and
Sunday and. the Voice one year for 4.00
cud in your subscriptions.
Personally conducted excursions to
all points east, via Great Rock Inland
Route. Leave Wellington every Sat
urday. Pullman Tourist Car rates
$2 00 to Chicago. $3.50 to Buffalo and
14.00 to Boston. Reserve your ac
commodations early. Get full par
ticulars of airent, or write to E. W.
Thompson, A.G.P. & T.A., Topeka
Kansas. 19
Obstinate sores and ulcers which
refuse to heal under ordinary treat
ment soon become chronic and deep-
in a depraved condition. They
upon the system, and are con-
Arte rrniTiN rKt tut
f4Vl? lilt.
Kidneys, Liver
Cleanses the $ystem
f-lV.'H .S
rcu sau eta crusm rau wt ri win
Notice :
are selling more
real estate
than anv
firm in Sumner county
Because, we have a
larger list to select from
and can make better prices
than competing firms.
Wc have ten farms and fifteen
dwellings that must be sold at
II I Martin
J.Albert Williams, M.D.
Cradua'ed from Bellevue Hospital
Medical College, New York City, 1S78.
Graduated from College of Physicians
and vSurgeons, Cincinnati, O., 1S76. For
merly Surgeon for X. P. R. R., and Sur
geon for Webb Gold Mining Co., of Cali
fornia. Physician and Surgeon for all chronic
diseases of men, women and children.
All the Litest and improved appliances
forvxaminatioii and treatment. Twenty-five
years in hospital, railroad and
general practice, age and experience
combined, must insure confidence. The
most difficult cases solicited. Success so
sure that I guarantee a cure. Improve
ment is seen and felt from the first hour
of treatment in all cases undertaken.
Diseass ol Wonaa.
DNpl.i'Tment nftlii' wonib.dison-iertovarlrg
cium nir p-iin In t!if Wk, .xre'Mve o-i"n,'tr
flow, 11:1111 in lltpilj-, Mid uIxIouipd, debility,
nervousness, iii-ur:iLvin p:ilnn.hjU-rlH. l-cn.
lessnc, Bud all disc isc iM'ituIninif totlieir
sex. Iiiiirnn :(.nt seea una foil afierthe
Hrstbourof treatment.
Catarrh of Head and Throat.
The f reatir.ont of .atdrrtmnd throat dlv
eases. Tne (Julvano Cautery Itattery and
other sppHanrn are usod. Every ventice of
the diseased tissue removed without pain
Nootlirrtreatnientbasevercured a siniflo
case. A perfect cure for IIIp. Look atmut
you for proof of this, and see if ynu can find a
single case of catarrh of noge and throat
cured by any olher method.
There Is no disease so tampered with or
quacksand pretenders, both In and nut, ,f
the urotesslon, as catarrh, and yet there i
p disease more easily cured If properly
treated. I need tint rcmii.H , Ji.. j
jrers lh.it surround a person havlnir catarrh"
. u.nU,uiuuudnKerisiDaiii will ex
end to the eye, ears, lanes, voice and Into
the stomach from swallowing the mucous
wh le eatlnir, drinking warm arlnks and
Willie vnn are el..,,! ...i " i
the htnmHfll Ittrf vuit inn A 1.. r
.tCMUU) uYsurusin, tTerr
day you are poisoned. 7
The worst case of PiW rurA ;
treatment, without t-nif M
detention from business.
Citv reference: rntin1t9fm f.
permanently located at 309 Washington
avenue, Wellington, Kansas.
Three times a week from Tope-
In ImnroTprl lilo.cMki.j
Pullman Tourist SleeplD Cars.
uuou tiw oeiore, at iow-
c?i, pussiuie rates.
Experienced excursion conduc
tors Also daily service between Chl-
nnrrn nA r. It-.-f .
su&u auu isamuiuia,
Corespondence solicited.
T. H PLTDY. Irrnf
The Atchison, Topeka i Santa Fe Ry,

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