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Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
ana cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncommon
for a child to be born
'afflicted with weak kid-
ijp-' neys. If the child urin
ates too nftn if th
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
me cinicuny is Kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fifty-
cent and one dollar f fTjjtiUSSS
sizes. You may have a gyjifti iffit
sample bottle by mailStto
iree, also pamphlet ten- Home of Swamp-Root
Ing all about it, Including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. InwritinpDr. Kilmer
& Co.. Binghamton, N. Y be sure and
mention this paper.
Long a vita
(I'ilula At Loingan Yitatn.)
The Scientific Discovery of the Age !
The Magic Key to the Mystery of Life !
Froii. time Immemorial it lias been man's
preaonilDatlair ammtlon to prolong Life.
But ainonur the i-uiny brilliant minds, who
haye devoted their lives to the fascinating
subject, it was left for the immortal Darwin
to (five to the world. In his groat theory of
Life, the fundamental principle upon which
to build all further research in tbisdirertion.
Following' closely in his footsteps canie Prof.
Dr. Ludwijr Buecliner. a German scientist
of International renown, with bis remark
able work entitled "Das Iluch des Langen
Lebens" (the book on Longevity.) But alas,
like Darwin he too died, ere lie could eao
the fruit of his wonderful doctrine. Others,
however, eip.ally great took up the inter
rupted thread with the result that two fa
mous (ierraan scientists, after years of expe
riments and research, have at last found the
secret of Longevity, in the shape of a re
markable Vegetable Compound, which, f
properly used, will positively prolong Life.
This new remedy, appropriately named
"Loiigavit a" (meaning Loug Life) has been
subjected to the most rigid tests at all the
leading clinics and hospitals throughout
Europe with marvelous results. Appreciat
ing the importance of this discovery, we
have acquired, at enormous cost, the exclu
sive proprietary right to this truly wonderful
preparation which has proved ables'ingto
maukind . "Longavita" is the true Tablet of
Life, a rejuvenator par excellence, embody
ing the veritable secret of longevity in a
practical, feasible form. It is the fountain
of perpetual youth, which it prolongs far
beyond its present limits, while retaining
health in a perfectly normal state. "Lon
gavlta" brightens the eye, stimulates mental
activity, gives elasticity to the step, makes
the face full, absorbes wrinkles, cleanses the
system, purifies the skin, and Is the only true
Ponce de Leon remedv for onl ni vnimo rf
both sexes. Endorsed by Europe's leading
$1.00 A BOX. BY MAIL. -
113M133II35 Broadway, New York City.
Publication Notice.
In the District Court of Sumner County,
Harriet Benton."!
Frances It. Hull
and Harriet B. Bell-
amy, Executrices of j
the last Will and Tes-1
tament of Jchn V.
Benton, deceased,
and Harriet Benton,
Frances K. Hull and
Harriet It. Bellamy j
The Central Tru.t
Company. Paul F.
Coste, Receiver of
The Ceutral Trust
Company, Joseph
Grave, Margaret
Grave. Unknown
Heirs and Devisees
of Joseph Grave, de-1
ceased, Defendants.
The State of Kansas to the Central Trust
Company, Paul P. Coste, receiver of The
Central Trust Company, Joseph Grave,
Margaret Grave, Unknown Heirs and De
visees of Joseph Grave, deceased, Greet
ing: You and each of you are hereby notified
that you have been sued by the above named
plaintiffs In the above named court, and that
you must answer the petition against you
tiled In tbe ctBce of tbe clerk of said court by
the 8th day of November. A. D 1900,
or the plaintiffs' petition will be taken is
true and judgment will be rendered against
you and in favor of tbe plaintiffs quieting
their title to the east half (4) of the north
east quarter of section twenty (30), and
the west half (W)of tbe northwest quarter
V)of section twenty-one. 21. In township
thirty oue. 31. south, of range three, 3, west,
in Sumner county, la the state of Kansas, and
forever barring all your claim to an Interest
In or lien upon said real estate, and for tbe
costs of said action.
Herbick & Rookrs.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
First Publication in Voici Sept 27, 1900.
Broken Bric-a-Brac.
Mr. Major, the famous cement man. of (few
York, explains some very interesting facts
bout Major's Cement.
The multitudes who use this standarl arti
cle know that It Is many hundred percent
better than other cements, for which similar
claims are made, but a great many do oe
know why. The simple reason Is that not
Major uses the best materials ever disc Mr
ered and other manufacturers do notovd
them, because they are too expensive andus.
not allow large profits. Mr. Major tells u
one of the elements of his cement costs $3.75
a pound, and another costs $'-'.65 a gallon,
whliealarge share of the so-called cements
and fluid glue upon the market aro nothing
more than slxteen-cent glue, dissolved In
mortar or citric acid, and, In some cases, al
tered slightly in color and odor by the addi
tion of cheap and useless materials.
Major's cement retails at fifteen cents ind
twenty-fire ceuts a bottle, and when a dealer
tries to sell a substitute you can depend upon
t that his only object Is to make larger profit,
The profit on Major's cement is as much as
any dealer cught to make on any cement.
Andthis Is doubly true in view of the fact
that each dealer gets his share of the benefit
of Mr. Major's advertising, which now
amounts to ovsr $5000 a month, throughout
the country.
Insist onbaving Major's. Don't accept any
Offhand advice from a druggist.
Always have a supply ef Major's Cements
On hand.
If you are htall handy (and yon will be
sure to find that you are a good deal more
so than you Imagine) yoa can repair your
rubber boots and family shoes, and acy other
rubber and leather articles, with Major's
Kubber Cement and Major's Leather Cement,
And you will be surprised at how many
dollars a year you will thus save.
If your druggist can't supply you, 1 will be
vrwarueu uy Will, tuner kind.
A Thief Smashes a Big Plate Glass and
Steals Two Watch Cases.
A thief broke the big plate glass in
front of Sellers1 jeweiry store Thurs
day uitfbi aud stole to gold tilled
watch cases. Xoitiing eie is rutting.
Tbe theft was nut discovered until
next rnorniog, although the crash ol
falling glass awakened Mr. and .irs.
Se lers, who were sleeping in a room
over the store.
The work was undoubtedly that ot
a "professional." A number of dia
mond cuttings are visible ou the glas
showing that he had marked the glass
with tbe idea ol controlling the
break. A heavy blunt instrument of
some kind was used, and a hole large
enough to admit tbe body of a man
was broken out of the cbs at the
ib)ttom and next to the noith side of
the window. A tine collectiou of
jewelry was on display in the window
yesterday, consisting of gold bronze
ornamental clocks and gold watch
cases. Before locking the store last
night Mr. Sellers had removed the
solid gold watch cases, and left the
clocks and two gold filled cases in the
The robbery occurred about 1
o'clccic. About that time Mrs. Sellers
was awakened by tbe sound of falling
glass. She awoke her husband, who
went to the window and looked out.
All was quiet on the street and be
wentbacic to bed. and thought little
or the occurrence until this morning,
Tbe thief stole nothing except tha two
filled watch ca.-es in tbe window. He
evidently expected to get more valua
ble booty than empty watch cases.
Mr. Sellers says Ho will cover bl9 loss.
The building is owned by Emil Roser.
and there was no insurance on the
plate glass.
The thief must have carried away
the object with which he broke the
glas?, as nothing could be found this
morning with which the work could
have been done.
Barney's Ire is I p.
Barney Sheridan's Paola Spirit this
week has the following double leaded
editorial, under the caption, "A
Straight Tip."
Our two national banks in Paol
have McKinley's picture conspicuous.
They would better put up Bryan along
side or Mckinley, or take down Mfr
Democrats are fur safe money as
are Kepublicaus and if our two
worthy, powerful and useful national
banks insist on parading McKinley to
the exclusion of Bryan, there will be
a state bank In Paola before the elec
tion. If the McKinley cashiers think for
a second this is a bluff, let them
call it.
They must pull down SMcKinley or
put Bryan along side of him. Demo
crats have patronage and money and
grit, too.
Barney has money enough to start a
bank, and is the kind of a man to
make his threat good.
Robbed the Grave.
A startling incident is narrated by
John Oliver of Philadelphia, as fol
lows: "I was in an awful condition.
My skin was almost yellow, eyes
sunken, tongue coated, pain continu
ally in back and sides, no appetite,
growing weaker day by day. Three
physicians had given me up. Then I
was advised to use Electric Bitters;
to my great joy, the first bottle made
a decided improvement I continued
their use for three weeks, and am now
a well man. I know they robbed the
grave of another victim." ro one
should fail to trv them. Only 50c,
guaranteed, at F. 15. Snyder's drug
Goshkx, In,.
Genesee Ture Food Co., Le Roy, N.Y.
Dear Sirs: Some days since a pack
age of your Grain-o preparation was
left at my office. I took it home and
gave it a trial, and I have to say I was
very much pleased with it as a substi
tute for coffee. We have always used
the best Java and Mocha in our, fam
ily, but I am free to say I like the
Urain-o as well as the best coffee I
ever drank.
Respectfully yours,
A. C Jackson, M.D.
The hunting season opens Monday,
and tbe pot hunters will become as
Dig a nuisance as ever. An organiza
tion should be formed for the purpose
of suppressing pot hunters. A recent
congress passed a law empowering
any officer to seize game in transit
which was killed contrary to law, so
that there is every means for stopping
tbe evil.
A "stitch in time saves nine," and a
dose of Ballard's llorehound Syrup at
the beginning of a cold will save you
many weary hours and days of dis
tressing and harassing cough. Price,
25c and 50 cents. A M. Stanley,
The Southern Kansas Grain Deal
ers' association beld a meeting at the
office of Hunter Milling Co. Thurs
day, and discussed matters pertain
ing to the grain business. AmoDgthe
out of town grain men present were:
Sam Cole of Harper, J. C. Elvin of
Danville, Geo. Harbaugh of Alva, W.
H. Downer of Alva, Messrs. Chalf and
Gordon of Kiowa, Mr. Probst of Bluff
City, Mr. Work of Ellsworth, Mr.
Lucas of Kansas City, and others.
What Shall We Have for Dessert?
This question arises in the family
every day." Let us answer it today.
Try Jell-O, a delicious dessert Pre
pared in two minutes. No baking!
add hot water and set to cool Fla
vors: Lemon, Orange, Raspberry and
Strawberry. At your grocers. 10 cts.
Taylor Riddle, the famous Kansas
Populist, was In Wellington Friday
morning on his way from bis borne at
Marion to ew rexico, on cattle busi
ness. Tom Richardson's town shows a net
gain of 61.97 per cent, according to
the last governmentceosus. Houston
largely ewes its gain to Tom Richard
son, who has been booming the place
for several years.
We have seen the frail infant when
the faint struggle for existence
seemed almost ended, resuscitated and
made strong by the use of White's
Li-eam vermnuge. iTice 's cents.
A M. Stanley, Druggist.
Black well Times-Record: W. H
Burks, president of the First Nation
al ban, was clown from Wellington
Tudy of tliis week, ar.d assisted by
Leslie C'lombs, vie-pre?Hlent and G
K. Dowis, cashier, was sigins up the
first issue of the First National bank
bills. Ttie work is quite a task, and
..ne in which Mr. Dowis has the worn
of it, as all bills nn:st be signed bv
him, while either the preMdenf or
vice-preMpnt may ik.'i thtm. . . .The
Sumner County Jubilee at Wellington
this week, was the bigLret thing ever
held in the county. ThuKda? the
day of the flower parade, it wis con
servatively estimated that there were
20,000 visitors In the citv, and the
flower parade was pronounced by ex
perts as the best para-ie ever held in
the west, not in the nuinher of en
tries, but in quality and beauty ot
decoratioos. Quite a number from
this county attended the Jubilee.
A sister of Mrs. Wm Geiinowas in
the Galveston storm. Her husband,
J. F. Smirh, conducted a business
college in Galveston. Thesrnrm un
roofed his building and destroyed
their home and its contents. Mrs.
Smith was In the water for three
hours, and sustained some very ser
ious injuries. Her leg was cearlv cut
off, and her scalp was cut to the skull.
Fortunately neither of them lest their
A gasoline stove in the home of
Mrs. M. A. Daniels on East, Ninth
street exploded about 6:30 o'clock
Friday while Mrs. Daniels was try
ing to light it. With the assistance
of neighbors she managed to put out
the Are before any greit damage was
done. Mrs. Daniels wa9 painfully
burned on the band. The kitchen
furniture was damaged pomewhat by
smoke and water.
The case of S. H. Horner, receiver
of the Caldwell waterworks, against
the city of Caldwell has been compro
mised and the suit in district court
has been dismissed, the city paying
the costs.
The key to health is in the kidneys
and liver. Keep these organs active
and you have health, strength and
cheerful spirits. Prickly Ash Bitters
is a stimulaut for the kidneys, regu
lates the liver, stomach and bowels.
A golden household remedy. E.
Only ten loads of wheat exhibited
at Wellington's big (?) wheat carnival.
Nothing big about that show except
the crowd of suckers that attended.
Mulvane Record.
This is the only knock that has
been made on the Jubilee. The
other county papers had representa
tives here during the Jubilee, and
they were all pleased and tried them
selves in writing up glorious accounts
of It. There were M entries in the
wheat exhibit, which would have
lined both sides of Washington avenue
for four blocks if the rain had not
made the roads too heavy to bring the
wheat in.
Strengthen the tired kidneys and
purify the liver and bowels with a few
doses of Prickly Ash Bitters. It is an
admirable kidney tonic E. Hayes.
A Thousand Tongues
Could not express the rapture of
Annie E. Springer, of Philadelphia,
when Dr. King's New Discovery cured
her of a hacking cough that for many
years had made life a burden. She
says: "After all other remedies and
doctors failed it soon removed the pain
m my cneM. ana I can now sleep sound
ly, something I can scarcely remem
ber doinj before. I feel like sound
ing its praise throughout the Uni
verse." Dr. Ring's New Discovery is
guaranteed to cure all troubles of the
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Price 50c
ana 51. Trial bottles free at F. II
Snyder's drug store.
Pul Kern was up from Perth.
Lastwiuiera chicken thief visited
his nlace and stole a dozen or so hen.
and drocoed a rjocketbook containing
165. The pocketbook was advertised,
out trie man who lost it has Dot yet
canea ror it.
To the Deaf.
A rich ladv. curerd of her deafness
and noises in the head by Dr. Nicolson's
Artificial Ear Drums, gave fio.ooo to
his institute so that deaf people un
able to procure tbe Ear Drums, may
nave mem tree. AddressNo. 4379c, The
Nicholson Institute, 680 Eighth Avenue,
:ew orii.
Dr. J. G. Reid returned Fridav
from several weeks' visit in Chicago
ana the east. He was sick a uond nart
01 tne time while away. He says it
commenced raininc in Chicago Tups.
day morning, and,rained more or less
an the way to Wellington.
Marshall P. Shobe of Enid, arrived
in Wellington Friday for a few
days' visit to his aunt, Mrs. Mary
Roser. He left the first of
this week for Kansas City to enter
the Western Dental College.
The water works dam across La.
bette creek abeve Parsons hmk
Thursday from tbe pressure of
waier causea cy recent heavy rains
and flooded all the lower portions of
tbe City. Many houses have gpvpral
feet of water in them. No one has
been injured so far as is known.
The Democrats nrsanizfd a Brian
and Breldenthal cluh at. the rniineii
chamber Thursday, with about 100
memoers. rroi. lieo. v. Wakeneld
was elected president and Harold
Herrlck secretary. The ftrffaniratlnn
was onlv temporary. A remanent
organization will be effected next
Wednesday night.
Wednesday night of the Jubilee.
someone "doped" narry Buttrey's
horse, which was driven by . Frank
Bresee to Buttrey's big shoe. The
same night someone smeared boot
oiacklDgoo the shoe, which nearly
spoiled It. Nothing has been said
about the affair until now, in tbe
hope that the guilty party could be
n. H. Carter has bought out T. M.
Erb's interest in the creamery busi
ness at Harper, and will go to that
place Monday to reside. The Welling
ton station will be io charge of Fred
Runyon, and some milk will be churn
ed here. Mr. Carter has been in
charge of tbe Wellington creamery
for several years, and made a success
of it. He will no doubt do equally as
well at Harper. j
Cleanses the System
Gently and Effectually
when bilious or costive.
Presents in the most acceptable font
the laxative principles of plants
known to act most beneficially.
For sale i drvggitts - price SO per botllt.
The Santa Fe Wreck.
The Winfleld Courier gives the fol
lowing account of the Sauta Fe wreck
near Oklahoma City:
Last night about I) o'clock a freight
wreck occurred on the Santa Fe at
Flynn, the tlrst station south of
Oklahoma in which two men, Engin
eer G. is. Vancoster and Brakeman E.
S. Rusebrouifh lost their lives and
Fireman McDonbough had a close call.
The train was an extra freightcomirg
north and the accident occurred at
the entrance to the switch at the
station. The cause of the accident
has not yet been determined but the
engine and eight cars left the rails
and turned over. Mr. Ilosebrough,
the brake man, was on the engine at
the time and Mr. McDonbough, the
fireman, was in the gang way, which
accounts for his miraculous escape.
The body of Mr. Vancr.ster, the eng
ineer, was found under tbeengineand
that of Mr. Rosebrough under the
tank. The latter's neck was broken
and in both instances death must have
been instantaneous. Both the men
killed lived at Arkansas City. Their
funerals will be held Sunday.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve
Was the result of his splendid'
health. Indomitable will and fro.
mendons energy are not found where
Moraaen, Liver, ivianeys ana llowels
are out of order. If you want these
Qualities and the success thev brin tr.
use Dr. King's New Life Pills. Only
-'. cenis ai . is. cyders -drug store.
Marrlaje Licenses.
W. W. Gitlord. 22... Conway Springs
I Zenna Strait, 19 Milan
iSusie W. Kerley has bouirht 78 acres
of land near Belle Piaineof Charles
H. Kerley, paying $2,500 for it.
Lewis Harper has bought 80 acres
of land in Morris township of Marion
Herrington. Consideration, $1,000.
Charlie Martin's wheat is averaging
from 23 to 30 bushels per acre. His
big field near Whitman is turning out
30 bushels to the acre.
A letter from Mrs. Thos. Penick at
Marshall, Mo., relates that Key. Pen
ick is improving. It is not known
when be will start home.
THE very word operation
Nearly always these
If the menses are very painful,
g me ngnt aavice at once and
stop taking chances. It will cost
you nothing for advice If you write
to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass.,
for it, and if you let the trouble
run along it will surely cost you a
great deal of pain and may mean
an operation.
Miss Sarah J. Graham, SheridanviUe. Pa., writes: "Dear
"TP2gMRS. Pixkham: I had suffered forsev-
by prompt attention to it.' Don't be satisfied without Urs
Pinkham's advice.
W. R. Savage Objects to His Former Wife's
Treatment of Their Minor Children.
W.Pw. Savage has fiied a motion in
district court to midify the older of
the court fixing the custody of their
minor children, and aKing that lie be
given tbe custody of their son Frank
and not be compelled topaythe$JD
monthly allowance for the support ol
their daughter Ruth until she is
brought back to same pi. ce where Mr.
Savage can visit her at will. ,
Mrs. Savage and her daughter are
in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where they
went after their suddej departure
from Wellington on May 12, last,.
The motion tiled in court today ex
presses the belief that Bert Oyler of
Wellington is with them, and that
Mrs. Savage aud Oyler are living to
gether in open adultery.
One of the conditions of the agree
ment between Mr. and Mrs. Savage at
the time the divorce was granted last
winter was that the defendant, Mr.
Savage, w as to pay the turn of $20 per
month for the support of Anna Ruth
Savage until she became IS years of
age, and $10 per month. lor tbe sup-pt-rtof
Frank W. Savaee until be
reached his 13th year. The payments
were to be made quarterly at the
Security State bank of Wellintton.
Mr. Savage was tn have the privilege
of halting the children at his pleas
ure. On May 12, Mrs. Savage and
daughter Anna Ruth suddenly disap
peared. Their whereabouts were un
known until the ISth cf the present
Mr. Savage has made his first pay
ment of $90 under the terras of the
agreement. He alleges that Mrs.
Savage has used rot one cent of the
money for tbe support or t rank, and
that be has been left to shift for him
self. Frank is now at Plpasant Hill,
Mo., working for his brother-in-law,
who is editor of a weekly paper.
For the reason that he believpsthat
Anna Ruth iskept under the influence
of illicit relations on the part, of Mrs.
Savage nnd Bert Oyler at Winnippg.
Manitoba, Mr. Savage also asks thp
court to relieve him of the duty of
paying 120 rer month for her support
until she is brought back where he
can see her occasionally and asst In
looking after her welfare.
New Era: Some time ago, abLt
the 4th of September, Mr. Browu of
Hunnewell. came to this nl.irp. iinrl
paid off aioteat the South Havrn
oanir, wnicn amounted to Vlo. He
still had $130 on his person, and told
certain parties that he wtiscoing to
Hunnewpjl to pay off some c'd debts.
He received a letter that day from
some lady ai Wellington to meet her
there the evening of that day. Mr.
Bron asked the llvprvman if hp
could go to Wellington and conn back
that evenine. and was informed that
he could. He left here that a'ternoon
for Wellington, it is mpposed.aDd
has never been heard of since. Bpvond
a doubt there ha9 been foul play
somewhere, for we are told his prop
erty, if sold, would more than nay his
It Happened in a Drug Store.
"One day last winter a lady came to
my drug store and asked for a brand
of cough medicine that I did not have
in stock," says Mr. C. R. Grandin, the
popular druggist ot Ontario. N. Y.
"She was disappointed and wanted to
know what cough preparation I could
recommend. 1 said to her that I could
freely recommend Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and that she could
take a bottle of the remedy and after
giving it a fair trial if she did not
find it worth the money to bring back
the bottle and 1 would refund the
price paid. In the course of a day or
two the lady came back in company
with a friend in need of a cough med
icine and advised her to buy a bottle
of Chamberlains Cough Remedy. I
consider that a very good recommen
dation for the remedy." It is for sale
Dy all druggists.
There are now 204 Inmates of the
Winfleld Imbecile asvium. Of thin
number 125 are male and sevpoty-nine
female. The state has $135,000 in
vested in this Institution.
" strikes terror to a woman's
operations become necessary
or too frequent and excessiye,
v.m ;v. nnu iciuate irouoies ana
doctored until I was discouraged. I felt
wretched and tired of living. I had dis
ease ot kidneys, bladder trouble,
dropsy and bloating, had womb
trouble and a large tumor had
formed; in fact all ray organs
were out of fix.
Seeinga woman's letter prais
ing your remedies, I wrote to
her and she begged of me to try
it, telling me all that it had done
for her. I bought six bottles of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound and now cannot ex-
press my gratitude to you. The
tumor began to come away in
pieces and I got better all th
time. I believe now that I am
entirely cured.
. " My doctors could not believe
it at first, as they all had told mo
that my case was a hopeless one,
and no human power could dome
any good. They were astounded.
If I can say anything that can
help other women, I shall bo
glad to." ,
It is not safe to wait until the
1flt mnmpTit. VfeaA e(f tmnW
A rood looklne JFyK. I
dnna anit nnnr look. A
log hrnef t the
mni kind of Com- "-J
Harness Oil
HO!Oniymr!iinroariirw...u ... ..n
taonw Uk better, but maM tM
u .4 n.hi nun it In con 1
ii it ordinarily would.
SI4 mtjmhtn la caal
Ixtf. Mull by
Horse a
When You Buy Your
Or an7 other place. 'I II E FRISCO
Thruugh reclining chair cars and
Pallium pallace sleepcs between
Wichita, Wintield Cherrvvale and
st. Louis. Hesure yu purchase your
tickets this way.
Further information will be cheer
fully pivon by the nearest Frisco
B. K. Duxx, Eryan Snyder,
Dist. Pass. Ag't. Gen. Pass.Agt.
Wichita. Ks. St. Lot-is, Mo,
Novelty Repairing
and Electro-Plating.
We repair Guus, Bicycles, Sewing Ma
chines, Typewriters, Lawn Mowers, and
all other Light Machinery and Electrical
We also repair and re-cover Umbrellas,
fit keys for Locks, etc.
We do all kinds of Grinding and Pol
shing, Soldering and Brazing.
We are Experts at our Busi
ness. All work Guaranteed.
The Way It's Done
makes all the difference
in the world in the wear
ing and lasting qualities of
Our carefully worked hand made
harness gives best satisfaction be
cause there is quality in every stitch.
It casts a little more, but the best
materials and the best workmanshin
make this harness all it ought to be.
Chester WhiteSwitie.
I have & (rood rrnn nf nn YA r-i
ter White rjiirs I will r-.n i
and get choice, or write me and ret
Riverdale, Kansas.

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