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People's Voice.
WM. STRYKER. Editor and Proprietor.
ISSUED every Thursday "nd entered
transmission by mail at second class i
Thursday, October 11,1900.
...... w 1 nBVX
For Vict President A ULAI E. STEV EY-ON
for Presidential Klectors-.l 03EPH B. FC
jor Associate Julce-DAVIDMARTIN-.
far Governcr-JOHN f. BKNTHAI.
For Lieutenant Governor A. M. '
For Attorney General- uh r. r AKBtLLi
For Auditor-., j . "At'.v.r, , rrn
For Stat fup tendent-Levl HLMBAKijfc.K
For Supfendeot of Insurance-. MC all,
Fur Congressman 7th Dlst -CLAl I) DL AL
For Probate Judtfe-C.O. flANDY.
For District Clerk-J. H)BT. G LLAM.
For Superintendent-CEO CV A KEH E LP
For County Attorney-. C Bt KNE1TE.
For Commissioner-.). W. rilAPMAN.
For Senator A. C. LAM BE.
For Repreientatlve,rMdist-I)R. J.A KKA
For Representative. 7Uh dist- W.T. I IUV
v..- rv. ll...h CVwu.l Trntpf!t M. PIATT.
McKinley Suspends a Law which he was
Sworn to Enforce.
On the 4th day of September, 1S99, a
cabinet meetiue was called to pass upon
an important subject. Large numbers of
Chinese and Japanese laborers have for
years gone annually to the Philippines.
In fact a large part of the labor of the
islands is done by them. A ship load
had come into Manila bay under con
tract with one of the corporations ex
ploiting the industries of the island.
Otis refused them admission and tele
graphed the president for orders. The
result of the cabinet meeting was the
suspension of the Chinese exclusion law
so far as the port of Manila is concerned.
Since that time and until April of this
year 17,000 Chinese and 33,000 Japanese
laborers were booked for Manila from
which point they come without hin
drance to this country. Those figures are
official and are taken from the report of
the commissioner of labor. Foreigners
wishing to come to this country report to
our consul at home" and it is from these
reports these figures are obtained. From
this number 400 Japanese women weavers
displaced that number of Americans in
one town in Massachusetts. 800 labor
ers displaced that number of Ameri
can laborers as section hands on roads
out of Portland, Oregon. One inevita
ble result of imperialism must be the
nullifying of the Geary law including
Chinese and Japanese laborers and the
forcing of American labor to a level with
t'.iese people. This Geary law expires in
1902 any way. If it remains a dead letter
it will, of course, not be reenacted. Mr.
Republican, how do you like this?
The Constitutional Amendment.
The amendment to the state constitu
tion which will be voted upon in Novem
ber providing for an increas: in the mem
bership of the supreme court should be
defeated. In June we gave reasons why
this amendment should be defeated. We
wish now briefly to refer to the same sub
ject again. The courts now have too much
power and are too far removed from tile
people. The appellate court is better for
the people than the supreme court, but
it is unnecessary. A large part of the
business of the higher courts is reversing
cases decided against corporations and
for the individual in the district court.
One case in Sumner county has been ap
pealed three times. Each time the dis
trict court gave a judgment of about
$3ooo against the Frisco railroad to an
employe for the loss of an arm. The de
cision is just; but the supreme court
sends it back for a new trial until the
man shall be worn out and accept one
fourth of the amount or less. Make it
impossible for the higher courts to spend
their time in defeating justice in this
way. Make the decisions of the district
court final in a larger number of cases.
Keep the administration of justice nearer
the people. Decrease rather than in
crease all legal business. It will be
much easier to increase than to decrease
the number of judges of the supreme
court. We give also this week an edito
rial from the Commoner upon the same
t subject. This is a matter which should
be given more attention than it has been.
Defeat the amendment Do not let the
corporations gain another advantage.
Cattle shippers and raisers, how do you
like the hundred pound rate? When the
railroads attempted to put that rate in
effect during Leedy's time, do you re
member what he and Boyle did to them?
But as soon as Stanley got in office the 100
pound rate was put back. What effort
Stanley made to stop it'
That's a mean trick the Republicans
y.iyed on French & Hitchcock in giving
0. C. Knowles the job of embalming tLe
corp-e of the McHanna Teddy terrible
Press dispatches say that I. P. Camp
bell is to be on the new railroad commis
ion th- Republicans are to give us if
Stanley is elected.
Long and Ippy Campbell, the sin
t vaster j, spoke at Argonia Monday.
What a loyal Pop Campbell is!
Kinsas Educator Thinks Spain Should be
Left Notbln
Special D spatch to the Globe- Democrat.
Topeka, Kan., June 6. At the meeting
of the National Teachers' association to
be held at Washington next month an
address will be made by Win. Stryker,
state auperintendent of public instruc
tion for Kansas. Superintendent Stryk
ar stated today that he would devote his
address to the educational influences of
the present war, and would advocate the
acquisition by the United States of every
Spanish possession.
I am in favor, said Mr. Stryker, of car
rying the torch of liberty to the utter
most parts of the earth peaceably if we
can, but forcibly where humanity de
mands it. As much as I deplore the
blowing up of the Maine and the death
of those gallant seamen, I look upon that
dastardly act of Spanish treachery as a
blessing iH disguise. It was the shock
needed to start us on our proper course,
and, once started, our people will never
turn back. Every Spanish possession
must be ours, and civilization must be
carried not only to those islands, but to
the countries adjacent.
The above is being used quite exten
sively by Republican speakers and in
other ways over the county as an evi
dence that we have flopped on this ex
pansion question since 1S93 when this
was reported to have been uttered. That
the above did appear in the Globe-Democrat
there is no doubt. That we were
then as now as patriotic and desirous of
our government doing all in its power to
put an end to oppression and wrong in
the Spanish possessions as any Republi
can is also true. We believed then and
believe now that a grand opportunity
was offered in Cuba, in Porto Rica, and
in the Philippines for this great Republic
to extend its trade, its public school sys
tem and all of its free institutions, the
love of liberty and everything for which
our flag stands not only to those islands
but by a noble and disinterested policy
to all the world and especially to the
countries adjacent to those islands. Had
not greed for gold, which dominates
those who control the Republican party,
overcome all of the higher, nobler, bet
ter sentiments the policy which humani
ty and justice dictates would long since
given us more of trade, more of Ameri
can language and institutions, more of
substantial advantage financially, polit
ically, morally and in every desirable
way than we will now ever get. News
paper interviews are not always absolute
ly correct. We st:nd now for what we
have always stood, the broadest possible
extension of the best American ideas and
institutions. We stand for liberty,
equality and justice whether in North
Carolina or in the Philippines. Two
wrongs never made a right. We stand
for the rights of free government, of free
speech and cf liberty everywhere on
earth and demand that our government
abandon its present 16th ceutury method
of extending our influence and trade
abroad and adopt a 20th century method;
that is, adopt the golden rule "Do unto
other's as ye would that they should do
to you" instead ot the gold rule "Do
your neighbor or he will do you" which
is the policy now of the Republican par
ty both at home and abroad.
We favor expansion rather than impe
rialism; we favor moral suasion rather
than bruteiorce; we favor extension of
trade and influence but not war and
bloodshed. We honor the flag and ad
mire American bravery and manhood as
shown by our soldiers wherever they
have gone but would save them the need
less sacrifice they are now called upon to
make. We have no word of censure or
blame but rather admiration and praise
for the brave boys who have answered
their country's call and are now doing
their duty regardless of personal beliefs
by obeying the orders of their superiors.
Our criticism is upon those living in ease
and luxurv at home who have forced this
administration into this unholy and need
less war against a people struggling for
liberty and who never did them a wrong
and all that they may the better exploit
labor at home and in these would be pos
sessions; that they may further increase
their ill-gotten gains by further class
legislation. We would devote the money
now being expended in this war to the
reclaiming of that immense arid area
upon the eastern slope of the Rockies
making habitable and populous an area
larger and with infinitely greater possi
bilities than any tropical island or group
of islands.
If oar Republican friends will produce
any other quotation from us of any date
we shall be pleased to answer their de
mand that we define our position upon it.
The complete poll of the Republican
nominees for the legislature shows that
Burton is far in the lead of Baker and
will control the legislative caucus.
Republicans, do you want J. Rats Bur
ton for U. S. senator? Is not an honest
Bryan man better than a dishonest Re
Vote for Lawrence, Dinsmore and Si
mons and you vote for J. Rats Burton-
just investigate his record.
Embalmed beef embalmed McKinley
and Roosevelt club.
Saturday was the last day for filing
nomination papers. Tbe law says
tliey must be died 30 days prior to tbe
e'ectiOD. The prohibitionists did not
file their nomination papers. Tbe
Republicans faileu to file nomination
papers for London, Morris, Harmon
and Greene townships, and the
Democrats failed to file papers for a
number of townships. The Populist
nomination papers are all In.
Ota figured Skin
wasted muscles and decaying bones.
What havoc!
Scrofula, let alone, Is capable of all that,
and more. s
It Is commonly narked by bunches In
the neck, Inflammations In tbe eyes, dys
pepsia, catarrh, and general debility.
It Is always radically and permanently
cured y Hood's Sarsapartlla.
I was a sufferer from scrofula from
birth. My eyes were so affected that I was
almost blind for days at a time. My neck
began to swell so that I could not breathe
freely. Medicines failed to do me any good
until I began taking Hood'i Sarsaparilla.
Today I have excellent health." Miss Krr
vn McGnat, Silver Creek, Ky.
"I was troubled with scrofula and came
near losing my eyesight. For four months
I could not see to d anything. After tak
ing two bottles of Hood's SarsaparDla I
could see to walk around the house and
when I had taken eight bottles I could see
as well as I ever could." Srsii A. Hah
8T05, Withers, K. C.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
expels all humors, cures all eruptions, and
builds up the whole system.
Shall We Abolish the Court of Appeals?
At the November election the question
will be submitted, of amending our con
stitution, increasing the number of
judges of the supreme court from three,
as it is now, to seven. If this amend
ment is adopted, then the court of ap
peals, which expires by limitation in
January next, w ill be abolished, and in
lieu of the present supreme court and
the court of appeals, we will have a su
preme court of seven judges.
The proposed amendment to the con
stitution provides that if the amendment
is adopted, the governor shall, as soon as
practicable, after the second Monday in
January next appoint four judges who
shall hold their office until the second
Monday in January 1903. That at the
election of 1902 five judges shall be
elected; one of whom shall hold his
office for two years, one for four years
and three for six years.
According to this amendment, the
election of 1902 will determine the polit
ical complexion of the supreme court for
tlie succeeding four years. If this elec
tion in the odd year results the same as
every odd year election since 1S90, the
amendment will result in ti'rnin the
court permanently to the Republicans
It would take at least six years before
sufficient changes could t;tke place to
change the political complexion ot the
At the election of 1S9S Justice Alien, a
Populist, was defeated and Justice Smith,
a Republican, was elected if his stead.
This gave the court a Republican major
ity. Since that time the effort of the
legislature to regulate tke charges for
shipping stock and the court of visitation
law, have both been overthrown
Freights have advanced from fifteen to
twentv per cent, and the people are left
without means of redress. The people
who believe that the railway corporations
of the state should be controlled and
made amenable to law are at present
powerless and will continue to be if the
Republicans carry the legislature and
continue in control ot tlie supreme court
This amendment to the constitution is
not in the line of the reform advocated
by the Feople's Party, but is directly the
opposite. We nave constantly urged,
that equitable laws governing corpora
tions enacted by the legislature, could
only be maintained and put in force bv
our having control of the courts. This
amendment removes the court further
away from the people, and abolishes
what they procured by the establishment
of the court of appeals. The court of ap
peals come nearer to the people and is
in line wun me uieas. couienaea tor by
the People's Party. The term of office
is shorter and the judges are elected from
different division of the state and are
more nearly in touch with the people.
Whether the intention of the framers
of the proposed amendment to the con
stitution was to put the supreme court
under the control of the corporations of
the state or not, we uo. not know, but we
do know that no better method
could have been devised to accomplish
it. It would be much more in accord
with what the People's Party have been
advocating, to amend dur constitution.
by taking from the supreme court the
power it has arrogated to itself in over
riding the will of the legislature, and
confine its jurisdiction to what was orig
iaally intended both in the federal and
state constitutions, viz.; that the lunsdic
tion of the court extended only
to the interpretation of laws as
enacted by congress and by state legisla
tures, instead ot setting them aside.
Jefferson said, "The assumption of
power by the courts would ultimately
lead to despotism." If the almost un
limited extent to which government by
injunction is being carried and the as
sumption by the courts of guardianship
of congress and legislatures has not al
ready established a despotism it certainly
is tending that way.
There are no laws either federal or
state in operation which have met the
disapproval of the judges of the supreme
court of the United States or our state
supreme court. If the court wishes to
overturn the law, it can always find rea
sons for so doing, even if they are as so
phistical and lacking in merit as those
given for overturning the court of visita
tion. It behooves every citizen of this state,
no matter to what party he belongs, who
believes in government by the people
and for the people and that we ought to
have equitable regulations for the con
trol of corporations, to vote down this
proposed amendment Let us at least
preserve what we have, if w; are unable
to make further advance. The voting
down of this amendment to the constitu
tion means the permanent continuation
ot the court of appeals, it the court of
appeals is continued and the law amend
ed taking away the discretionary cower
of the supreme court to review the de
cisions of the court of appeals, bur svs-
tem will be one of the best yet devised.
Mrs. McMahan hag bought the Dr.
J. G. Reid residence on South G
. Tem Richardson, Sr., of Welling
ton, is dead, aired 86 years. He was
tbe father of Tom Richardson, one of
the best known Kansans In the west
and now secretary of the Houston
board of trade. Eagle. !
A. C. Lambe for Senator.
One of tbe solid, substantial farmers
who has helped to make Sumner coun
ty what it now is is the Fusion nomi
nee for state senator, A. C Lambe.
Coming to the county in H70 with less
than $100.00 in money but with good
health and pluck and taking up the
claim upon which he Las ever since
lived he has been foremost in all
efforts to develop and build up the in
terests of the county. Except for the
few months he was engaged as maoag
er of the Kansas exhibit at the Omaha
exposition in 1398, a position which he
filled with exceptional credit, he his
attended personally to his farm. No
man in the county knows tlie needs
and interests of the county better
He is an able speaker, is exceptionally
earnest and industrious and will rep
resent Sumner county and not any
foreign corporation. This nomination
came to him unsought as have all oth
er nominations and public positions
ever held. Elect A. C Lambe and
Sumner county will have a represent
ative who believes and will act upon
the principle that the will of the peo
ple should be supreme and that they
should be heard. A man whose pri
vate life and public acts have always
been above reproach and a man who
will be in every way a credit to the
A few d.ivs aim. Oir fiillowini? mi it
was found in the late John J. 1 trails'
aesk at AtchUou, and printed iu ti:e
Globe. It refers to a visit to the site
oruisoia Lome on the river bluff,
burned many years ago: "Was it on
this plauet we lived alone and loved
in youth's enchantei kingdom, amid
the forests and bv the ureal, limply
river, looking with mingled k'aze at
me Jvisiern oiurj.-, purplid uy the
autumnal sunset, cr at the wan fare
of the moon clitubiog with sad steps
thb miaoiKiitsxy, or was it 00 seme
rtrrrjLe star in snme ntlirr lifp.
recalled with npture and lotiirg
ununeraoie ana unavailing Uu,
death in life; the days that are no
more.' The crumbling excavation
scarce discernible among the vines and
weeds and hrarnh'ps. rip.pripri anrt
inat'ce?sib'e, ancient as Palmyra or
rerseptnis in seemintr, was this the
theater whereon was enacted the
intoxicating d'zma, the sweet t ragedy
of human passion, grief, joy and end
ies separation? Since then, what
devious wanderings of the s-iu!; whit
darkened vista: what trepidation,
whit str:i.'L'le fird S"l-!Ci-: whar
iX'Inevem -ot and defea'; v. 'v.-r ;' -dor
and what, gio ,111. Tn- river 11 iw
und the landscape is ufii-inr' c'.
Nature m .cks with her pT;:.ant-fCf
the mutability of man: uri.1 in tint
steadfast presence, rtcailir:? lif.'s
vani-nea giory ana 0100m, ann clew nf
morning, hi w worthless and eniptv
appear all that time gives compared
with what it. boars insatiably away.
IT"w gladly would we exchange the
prizes of ambition, and fame, and
wealth, for the splendid consecration
of youth 'Wild with all regret, the
days 1 hat are no more.' "
Tlie Ruck Aland's low rate excur
sion run on October 2, for ti e purpose
of stimulating tmicration into the
wesr, was a grand success Over 700
peouie availed themselves of the
en :iic'e to cruie west at a moderate
cot. Many of the-e people will no
cum ni tan Homes here ann the grati
tude if the state should be extended
l) ttie Uoi'k Island rjad. The second
excursion will be run on October lt,
and emigration agents of the road
say that it gives promise of being the
largest excursion ever run by any
railroad. The low rate of fare, the
well known and favorable opportun
ities in tne west and tbe prosperity
abounding tnrouhaut the country,
is resulting ic the heavy traftic west
ward. Tnese low rate excursions
were Inaugurated by the Cock I-iand
and are doing an Immense amount of
uood in advertising and scttlicg the
A great deal has been said and writ
ten of the Elixir of Life, but up to the
present time how many 01 us have
solved that problem? Life is bhort
and sweet, as the old adage goes it is
more especially Uods greatest gift,
health, strength and happiness.
Would we not, all of us, give our all,
could we but prolong our life, in many
cases, but a few hours? In solving
this great problem and to accomplish
this seeming impossibility it became
necessary for science to lend its aid.
The result of this long scientific re
search and experience is "Longavita,-1
(see ad. in another column) a scientific
ally prepared vegetable compound,
hitherto unknown, and coming as it
does from the natural element, its
curative properties can never be esti
mated as & prolonger of life. Both
sexes alike are benefitted.
A slot machine which delivers light
lunches to patrons for whom the ordi
nary quick lunch counter machinery
Is too slow, Is one of the latest novel
ties in bjston. According to the
signs placed on tne machine you
"Drop your money and your luocb
comes vi yoa without the service of a
waiter, as if by magic." Two prices
are charged five and ten cents and
by the expenditure of these amounts
one can get any kind of pie, sandwich
or salad, or, in fact, almost anything
in the light refreshment line. The
lunches are hot out of the machine
neatly packed in little pasteboard
boxes, which the purchaser may take
away with him in order to eat the
contents at his tfflce if be chooses.
Telegraphic advices f rom Tamp'co,
Mexico, state that the Faoucoana
Tsame rivers, which empty into the
gulf at thai place, are on one of the
biggest rises in their history and if real
damage has been wrought by the floods
in the populated and cultivated val
leys above there. At one point near
Chila station, on the line of tbe Mexi
cau Central railroad, tbe Tames river
is over fifty miles wide and ha-wept
to destruction hundreds of bouses
occupied by Mexican farmers and lab
orers. Many cases of drowning are
Jim Conley, sent to the penitentiary
from Sumner couoiy for burglary, is
about to be released, and Governor
Stanley has issued citizenship papers
to him. ,
mm s
toici 1
(OJ , 1. j
.. Ton 8
, LJ
MAYBE your curtains look a little
shabby. "Well," we can replace
them for you and give you the larg
est assortment ever picked from,
the cream of the market. Exagger
ation? No, that don't half express it.
nnn n
for 50c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00,
$3.00, $4.00, $4 50, $5.00, $6.00,
$8.00, $9.00, $12.00, and $12.50
per yard.
We also have a very laige assortment of Portieres,
Rope and Novelties. Count yourself in
vited to exam'ne thee before you buy.
114 N. Washington
The news ot 9ib: It is announced
today that Ilanna will not speak iu
Kansas ...Sale was filed against Slate
Trea.-urer Grimes yesterday to recover
$25,000 alleged to have been received
by him during the past two years as
interest on state deposits in Topeka
banks and not turned into t he state
treasury. Grimes says there is poli
tics in it: that it is a scheme of tbe
Democrats and Cy Lelaud Tbe
public is promised a letter from lienj
Harrison soon on the political situa
tion Harry B. Koappeo, a newspa
per man who has just returned from
the Hudson bay country, reports that
Andre's baloon was captured by sav
ages near Hudson bay and tbe occu
pants killed Bourke Cockran, the
easttrn Democratic sp3llbinder, is
stopping in Kansas City until his
throat trouble will allow him to speak
A gigantic scheme to rob insur
ance companies has been unearthed
by the Chicago police. ...A Chicago
mob attacked Governor Roosevelt yes
terday. . . .Guthrie, O. T-, Is to have a
new lio.OOO Catholic church... .A
Stafford county jolntist has been con
victed on 49 counts for selling liquor.
....Railroad officials are sefdom in a
wreck, although they are constantly
on the "go, but General Superlnten'
dent Williams of the Erie & Wyo
mtog railroad was dangerously
injured in a collision at Scranton, Pa.,
yesterday.... A German bas Invented
a successful device for consuming
smoke from locomotives.... The
United States has 50,000 tons of coal
stored for use by the navy. Twenty
four thousand tons of this is at
Manila. ...A St. Paul woman bas
fallen heir to a fortune of 1200,000 In
Honduras. ..Yellow fever at Havana
is worse than at any time since
1697....K&osas City is to have a
national exhibitor fancy cattle next
week. This may draw a crowd; tbe
K.K.K. failed to do it... London is
scared over a case of bubonic plague
which resulted fatally. ...Philadel
phia has atoned for a great many of
her past sins by giving 1100,000 to tbe
Galveston sufferers.... Tbe report of
the capture of 60 Americans by
the Filipinos bas been confirmed.
Tbe Filipinos are said to be
growing more active as tne end oi
tbe rainy season approaches, ana
are to control of all points in the
Philippines except army posts. They
collect all revenues, and hive control
of the crops. ...Kansas City bas a
sensation. A sack believed tp contain
decomposed human flesh was found in
the Blue river, and is believed to be
fiebodyof Pearl Dulrey, a 17 year
old Rlrl who disappeared f ram Sheffield
about three months ago Koch, tbe
German bacteriologist, is said to have
discovered a certain cure for malaria.
Iowa raised, this year, &3,3Go,000
buebels of corn, which is tbe record
for the nation.
Tom Richardson arrived from Hous
ton, Tex., this morning to attend tbe
unerai oi ms tamer, me laie inos.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Rowers will
leave next week for Los Angeles, Cal.,
to spend the wioter. Los Angeles
will have oulte a colony of Sumner
county people this winter.
llilllll l!ll!til
Avenue, Wellington
(Vo. E. Ayer to be tbe New Superintendent
-Austin Goes to Arkansas City.
Geo. E. Ayer has been appointed
superintendent of tbe Panhandle
di vision of the Santa Fe, to succeed
H. A. Tice, who is transferred to the
Oklahoma civisiou. Mr. Aver will
assume his new duties the 10th Inst.
He was formerly assistant superinten
ded of the Rio Grande division, with
headquarters at SaoMarciai, N.M.
Trainmaster A. E. Austin of this
division will be appointed trainmaster
of the Oklahoma division, with bead
quarters at Arkansas City. He will
oe succeeded here by George Hetber
icKton, at present chief clerk under
Superintendent F. T. Dolan at New
ton. Mr. Mcthprinctfin U ahrnrhpr.
in-law of the late Chas. Klllam. Ills
appointment to me iraiumasiei
ship takes him out of tbe clerical
department aod places him in lint for
promotion to a superintendency.
Seriously Hurt
Lennie French was seriously iojured
in a runaway Tuesday. Tbe team
with which he was hauling dirt be
came frightened and ran away on West
Harvey avenue, throwing him out near
the Rock Island depot. His feet were
caught in tbe lines and be was dragged
on bis back over tbe rough ground for
tbe distance of a block. J. T. Van
dervoort, stenographer fur Superin
tendent 11. A. Tice, stopped the team.
When picked up, French was uncon
scious. He received serious Injuries
to bis head and back. Tbe back of
bis head was amassofjbruise, and his
back was sprained and bis side bruised.
Dr. J. M. Hunt attended to bis injur
leo. Tbe boy was taken to his home,
where he is being cared for. He is a
son of tbe Widow French.
Old Are.
Old age as it comes in the process of
Nature is a beautiful and majestic
thing. The very shadow of eclipse
which threatens it, makes it the more
prized. It stands for experience,
knowledge, wisdom and counsel That
is old age as it should be. Bat old age
as it often is means nothing bnt a sec
ond childhood of mind and body.
What makes the difference? Very
largely tbe care of the stomach, In
youth and the fnll strength of man-i
hood it doesn't seem to matter how we
treat the stomach. We abuse it, over- J
work 't, injure it. We don't suffer'
from it much, Bnt when age comes "
the stomach is worn out. It can't pre I'
pare and distribute the needed nour-f
ishment to the body, and the body, un-
nourished, falls into senile decav. Dr. !
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is a; f
wonderful medicine for old people 1. 1
wnose Biomscns are weak" and whose
digestions are "poor." Its invigorat
ing effects are felt by mind as well as
body. . It takes the sting from old age,
and makes old people strong, 1
Trn ult. nf Dora Tfln ,.1 r.MwplI
for a fvorce from ber husband, S. E.
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