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fMes the food mere delicious end wholesome
Early wheat is not showing up as
good as some anticipated. Many com
jJain of a poor stand.
1 Our phenomenal October weather is
continued by tin smile of November.
Our farmers predict a cold winter
and sig'. t as proof the large supply of
water. - ,
. Nearly everyone in our vicinity vote
lor Daniel Blue corn as being the best
ll a-ound corn both as regards yield
and solidity.
Marion Bledsoe has hired Fred War
lick to help him shuck his corn.
Now is the time to begin to feed
pou try for the holiday market.
Ask President Brown how about the
revised version of that ink tale be told
as at Greene school house last Friday
Question f)r next Friday night,
Resolved: "That Ancient Times Pro
duced Greater Men than Modern
Times." (.'has. E. Wright has consent
ed to be present and champion the
Affirmative in debate.
E Nuttle is selling corn at 28c per
, John Linstroth is shucking corn for
John Dunagan at 2c per busheL
The merrymakers from Batchelder,
Okia., returned last Saturday. The
girls were homesick and glad to get
back to ma. All report a big time.
Jake Messner is to move from where
ie lived to the place formerly occupied
by the Bardwell family, ne r Belknap
school house
Sam Whitehead has purchased a
-iorse of Manuel Tennant
Some complaint is made owing to
5orn being down and spoiling in the
Norris Bros, are baling hay this
' week. Paying 3c per small bale.
Duck Hunters were qut with very
.good luck last week.
Jim Stockton troved in on the Pat
ent place while he is shucking his
oorn. lie is to go to Oklahoma Terri
tory later in the season.
Robert Pomeroy sold his Oklahoma
farm for $4500. Will invest in Sum-
xier county real estate.
Obituary: Mrs. Sarah Wartick de
parted this life Thursday, Oct 25.
1900, . ged 28 years, 18 days. Funeral
.service held from Berea Chapel, P.ev.
Martin of Winfield officiating. Mr.
and Mrs. B others sang her favorite
None knew her but to love her
None srtnke but to praise,
' Council Hill.
Elder D. T. Broadus of Belle Plaine is
holding a series of meetings at the Mar
light school house. Three or four young
penile have decided to live christian
Charlie Bishop, teacher of the London
school, was in Wellington last Saturday.
The writer of these notes attended a
aneeting of the high school board of
trustees last Saturday. While there he
: attended, for the first time, a football
game. It reminds one of the game of
lite. It requires effort and earnestness
'to secure coveted places and results, and
-ven with all this and by using tact and
skill the weaker are often knocked out,
and the stronger and more fortunate se
cure the place.
Mrs. Jess Beams invited some of her
neighbors to an old fashioned carpet
'tacking last Friday. The Indies report
an excellent dinner and a splendid time.
The following ladies were present:
Mesdames Jack Beams, John Donglas,
- Cas Markley, Geo. E. Meeker, Martin
Schoeppel, M. Piatt, Henry Shinn, Hi
lary Hurst, Hatfield Willy, John Crider
.and Grandma Walton; Misses Daisy
Shinn, Sallie Hatfield, Maude Mountz
and Emma Shields
Dollie Winkle was at home again over
Elder Houston preached at Peck last
We had another good rain last week,
"but this weather seems more like
spring than fall
Rev, Wilkinson failed to fill his ap
pointment at the M. E. church last
Sunday oh account of the sickness of
lis mother.
Alex Hiil, Wm. Wilkinson and Mark
Ward spent several days in the Strip
'a&t week at Renfrow and Medford.
Mrs. Hendricks is quite sick at this
writing. The doctor pronounces it
pneumonia fever.
A series of meetings commenced at
the Baptist church Tuesday nijrht con
ducted by Rev. J. T. Stephens of
.isontu Haven.
Harry Cobean came home Sunday we
suppose to be here for the election
Mrs. J. H. Martin was called to Illi
nois last week to see her sister who
was very sick.
Guy Selfredge, who is teaching
nooi near Argoma, spent eunday at
Mrs. Adams, who has been visiting
urr buu ueurge ana lamuy at -Med'
iord, returned home Saturday.
White School.
Wheat is looking fine in this locali
il M. Brook finished sowing wheat
xne zom insi.
Sir. Robert Benson of Illinois,
-cousin of J. R, Leigh, is out here on
Miss Mabel Yarning returned home
worn mcDita wnere sne nas been on
two months' visit
. Winter is coming the wild ducks
-ana geese are going soutn.
Me. and Mrs. Yarning will leave
aiext wee it lor a lew weeks visit
Corn is making from fifteen to thirty-five
bushels per acre in this locali
ty. Girls, look out! Mr. Ed Thorpe has
got him a new buggy. He says he is
going south n w. Ha, ha!
District 191.
We were the recipients of a good rain
last week.
Mr. C. Foust turned his face towards
Nebraska last Tuesday, where he will be
the guest of relatives and friends.
Mr. Chas. Embros has recovered from
his recent illness and has resumed his
A rpnrvntatinn of our vounc men
are ttiintitiir nf vkiI incr the land of the
Kiowas, Comanches and Apaches for the
purpose or securing uesiraoie ui.orma
tion relative to the opening of the ame.
Carry Your
Golf Clubs
to California
, Though it may be fine weath
er now on Eastern links, bliz
zards will soon drive you in
doors. Why give up golf then? Don't
do it Follow your fad in win
terless California under sum
mer skies.
Golf grounds and expert play
ers at principal California re
Beginning November 8, tri
weekly between Chicago and
Los Angeles. Beginning early
in December, daily between
Chicago, Los Angeles and San
Ask for illustrated pamphlets.
T. E. PURDY, Agent, The Atchison-,
Topeka & Santa Fe Rail
Republicans Got Nearly Everything.
Nearly the entire Republic-n ticket
was caught la the landslide Tuesday.
W. T. field, caodidaie'for represent
ative from the south district, was the
only furionist elected. His majority
overDinsmore, the Republican can
didate, will be between 50 and 75.
Staffeibach and Massey led the ticket.
The returns are yet incomplete, and
it will probably require toe official
ount to determine which one is in
the lead. Their majorities over their
opponents will be in the neighborhood
of 200 votes.
Long's majority In tbls county will
be over 100 considerable Increase
over two years ago.
McKinley's and Stanley's majorities
n the county will be in the neighbor
hood of 150 each.
Ready's majority over Burnette will
be about 100.
Loner is claiming a majority of 102
over Judge Chapman, the fusion can
didate. The way the returns were
coming in at night and early
morning indicatedCbapman's election.
J. Eobt. Gillam Is beaten lor dis
trict clerk by about 65 votes. Bob
claimed bis election until in the after-
not n. In morning be was claiming
a majority of 15, based on estimates
from precinct yet to be heard from,
The Unofficial Returns, General Election, Nov. 6,
Gore. 1st precinct,,
(lore, 2il precinct,..
Belle l'laine.,. ....
103 83
;n as
-M0 ,157
Walton, lt precinct
w anon, sa precinct
Soutu Haven.lst pre
bourn Haven, 2d pro
raus, isi precinci,
Falls. 2d precinct,
Wellington Ctty-
lst ward,
2d ward
3d ward...
4th ward,
' Mhw&rd,
CaldweU City
1st ward
2d ward, ........
Tot At......
- OF
BIG Bargains
Oar success in this business is to sell goods but the selling
mast be right, every article shown you must bear the stamp of
nonest vaiae. jvery uoiiar spent in tnis store mast be civen
its fullest purchasing; power else
are keenly alive to all this and
shown and are showing in our
will never be abused with our
we want to know it.
A great many of the good bargains that we offered last
week are closed out.
But we have many more,
Our 48 cent fleeced lined Vests and Pants
that we sell
any 5U cent garment in Wellington.
Outing Flannels worth 6 cents a yd
Sale price,,
We received this morning
ment of Waists.
Broad cloth waist
French Flannel
Our Price;
Mercerized waist
Plaid waists
There's no fat on the figures we make yon in groceries
To give you an idea of what we are doing, look at these prices
Big Bar of Toilet Soap
9 Bars White Russian for-
Ralston Breakfast Food, pkg 1
Ralston Pancake Flour, pkg
Best Cream Cheese, per lb
17 lbs. Granulated Sugar
California Pears, per can
California Cherries, per can
Beans, per pound
but later returns knocked his esti
mates galley west.
Jas. Lawrence ran right alonj with
McKtnleyand Stanlev In the north
representative district, and was
elected by about 150 majority. This
will be Lawrence's second term in
tbe legislature. '
R, T. Simons ef Caldwell was
caught by tte tidal wave and Is
elected to the state senate over A. C
Returns from Oklabema so far re
ceived indicate Flvnn's return to con
gress by about 5.060 plurality. -:A
. Probate District County County Com'r
Representatives Judg, c,erk Atty. Sopt 1(, Dlf,
f 2 i 3 f S. 2 5 r 5
2: ifB!$SB
i o : : : : ? : Z : ?
;ni 79 1 102 H 97" M M W 101 92
;t0 27! 33 57 H3 27 SJ 27 32 2rt
x) Ira i in. la -m M m !r its im
47 ItCll. b6 vh 58 97 50 lo7 3H W
43 M 40 til 41 W : 61 44 65
HI H6 I U9 V.'4 W 119 VM 1-U 1SI 95
XI 34 H 4 1 61 45 88 45 6
46 47 44 51 46 49 50 45 50 44
B9 55 .... ... 75 54 74 52 62 60 77 N)
43 63 ... 44 64 43 65 49 62 Hi 61
48 75 51 76 5S 72 56 74 64 72
53 70 52 68 58 66 57 67 68 6fl
60 72 60 75 54 80 64 73 63 72
165 127 154 KO 147 141
... 60 36 60 31 ST 38 56 36 65 '&S 51 42
73 77 M 72 67 81 65 88 C5 64 91
(vi 62 68 62 67 ti 64 63 68 60 67 61
S7 1-6 93 81 87 87 87 e7 88 86 90 83
96 102 98 105 92 110 101 1W 103 101 91 1(6
35 37 33 89 33 33 39 33 39
" .... BS 70 75 66 ' 73 74 75 74 75 78
' 63 65 61 04 5S 69 42 73
35 36 45 42 39 47 42 44 40 41 40 49
47 69545260654367 45 61 6963
74 49 75 46 76 47 72 48 75 45
72 63 77 61 W 57 7 62 73 63
8686 81 93M92 81 938592
91 158 89 157 94 153
48 41 58 41 58 39 47 69 63 35
43 47 44 46 41 46 42 44 42 46
44 42 51 7 49 36 48 35 64 35
Id 4! 103 40 90 66 97 45 105 40 84 59
llll 75 X 8 V 103 74 95 80 90 83
151 87 171 71 13S 100 l T9 1 15 83 .
15? 109 168 93 133 131 167 1U2 Itt5 lift 122
69 43 61 4( 6649663963436943
.... .... 68 83ffi68 8ltt58NNS7
43 47 70J407448944
we are false to our trust. We
the confidence which you have
progressive business methods
sanction, if it is, at any time,
like thest. For instance:
for 24 cts. is as good as
per yard- 4c
by express our second ship
worth $4.50;Our
. $3.98
waist worth $4.00,
: $3.49
worth $3.00, Our
worth $3.75, Our
; $3.39
. 25c
stroug fusion vote In the country pre-
c.nctsis ravoraoie to fusion control
of both bouses of the legislature.
A storm of meteors Is due In this
vicinity November 14. It is pre
dicted that it will be the greatest in
A IT c.m hm tuMihf w n
. w nn una uuuguu HUC, VMC
propprty, corner of Fourth and Blaine
streets, ior muo.
Tom Garland has bought the Ready
iarm east or Wellington. Consider
atloo, 12,000.
PrrwUa Bir(lin. , I
I'Mvlary is made easy by some ol ;
the iNTutinr habit and cusloms down
in Perji. Wii.iu'Jt V.. Curtis, writing
from Lima, says: "When a burglar
wants to brpfk 'rto a Peruvian house
he takv u -u'.i:i j. i..'. a iv.u ket o wa
ter and i::o!?i t'.v v. tills, which ure
covered wit;t or.lv :i t. m 'oati:.? or
mud which easily ti:;-.-olvcs upon the
application if moisture. Then when
the mud is re tv.ovw! he taki-a n sharp
knife and cuts tlw strips of spa't bam
boo which serve ns n substitute for
lath. Tl.t wss-y iinie optM-nion pro
duces a bol? in ibe wull larpp enoi'h
for a man to crawl through, and can
be performed so silently thnt people
lleeping in tbe house will not be awak
ened. Not long ugo the resilience of
the cable manager at Barranca was en
tered In this waj. The thiets fright
ened tbe family, but were discovered
efore they had seized much txwty."
Chicago Record.
America'! Worn Mlnltter.
There are to-day about 300 women
VnlnMers in tbe United States. In
America the ministry is being more
used by. women as a profession than the
law. The great value of women mil
lsters in America is for scottered parts
tint cannot possibly afford to support
a man. They can maintain a woman
minister. The chief opposition to
women pastors comes from ministers
'of the poorer and least qualified class.
Of course the older and more conserva
tive ministers, bishops and the like,
do not, look with much pleasure on a
woman in the pulpit. But many con
gregations in the United States are
ready for women ministers. Chicago
Great Circus Town.
Bamboo, Wis., claims to be a great
circus town. It is not only tbe win
ter quarters of one of the greatest of
jmodern menageries, but Is also the
home ol several other like organiza
tions. No other city of its size has or
ganized and started on tbe road more
alrows than Baraboo, and all have been
successful. The little Wisconsin city,
however, makes another claim fo
championship honors. Tbe hundreds
of geological students and professors
who visit Baraboo every summer ce
lare that within a radius of ten mflei
of the 'city more different formations
of rock are found than in any other
imilar section of this country.
A young and newly married couple
were entertaining their friends, and
among the guests was one whose
continued rudeness mod him extreme-
3y objectionable to the rest of the com'
pany. Ills conduct, although most un
bearable, was put up with for some
time, until at supper he beld up on his
fork a piece of meat, which had been
served to him, and in a vein of intended
humor, he looked round and remarked
"Is this pig?"
This immediately drew forth the re
mark from a quiet-looking Individual
sitting at the other end of the table:
"Which end of the fork do you re
fer to? London Spare Moment.
Il Makes a Different.
He had just reached the peroration ol
his tribute to the modern athlete girl
when the little fellow in tbe corner in
terruptcd him.
Tardon me," said the little fellow
"but may I nek If you married one oi
these modern girls?"
"Why, no. I"
"I thcught not," interrupted the littls
lellow as he resumed his seat, and thos
sitting near him were quick to not4
that h carried one arm in a sling an
had a large bump on the top of bis
head. Chicago Post
RadJealr DTlp4.
Phrenologist (examining Johnny't
head) This, ladles and gentlemen It
the bump of caution, and here is located
the bump ox combativeness. Tbia
thia (much puziled) Is ah er
Johnny Oh, I know all "bout thai
one! That's the bump of cur'osity. 1
got it last night for peepin' inter thi
parlerl Tit-Bits.
Her Ide mt a Danrala.
"Spain want $200,000,000 for thi
Philippine Uanda."
"Seems dreadfully high price
doesn't it, dear?"
' "Yes, it does. Our peace commis
sioners will try to get Sagasta to mark
them down to tl99.999.999."
"Bow reasonable P Cleveland Flail
Her Cake.
"This young man tflat comes to se
you so often," said Mr. mlkinsbnrg ti
his daughter. "You mean Mr. Brush-
ton, papa?" asked the maiden. "Yes;
has he any .dough?" "Dqugh? Why;
papa, you surely do not expect him to d
the baking afjer we are married!"
Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Odd J wed Uh Marrlace Coatom,
Tbe Swedish bride tills Ler pocketi
with bread, which she dispenses U
everyone she meets on her way tc
church, every piece she disposes oi
averting, as she believes, a misfortuna
Chicago Chronicle.
Her Spells.
Little Elmer Sister Sue has sinkia'
spells purty often now.
Mr. Spoonleigh Why, what do yoi
"She says whenever any comp ny
cornea when yon're here she always
feels like sinkin through the floor, and
somebody's come the last four times
you've been here." Chicago Evening
Cettlag- lata Wllllaaa Claaa.
"Did you read young Mr. OTshw
violent attack on Shakespeare?"
Tea. It was a very clever move. Ha
may succeed in making people think
lt'a due to professional jealousy.1-
Washington Star.
CaiaiMa Taata.
The finest shops in a Chinese dty art
Vmm devoted to the sale of cofSna.
Svery Chinaman llkea to provide for a
rell time at hla fuaeral N. Y. Sir,
' Continued from flrt page
Sixth, Eirfhtb, Teotb, Eleventh aod
Thirteenth dls'r c.
West Virginia.
1 nd ciUor.s .tie tii.it lUcKinley ha9
ICarrieu Wr Viiijiuia bi oi0J auJ
the Eepublican suuj ticket is pfob. -bly
elected, wlnie'the Democrats nl
have a major. ty t.u j na uallol int ie
J. A. Van Ortdeil, chairman of tho
WtomitiL' Mate Kejubl;can central
cotuujitlei-, at 11 o'clock made ibe
folloAlotf HiHteuv'nt. to t ie Assoctia d
I'iphs: "Sliti'. n nrprinrts nuL nf 300
berd'from 8b heavy Republican
gain. On the Ratio of those already
heard from McKlnley will carry
Wyomlnu by 4.000 majorltf . Chair
man Hunter, of the Democratic com
mittee, dimply stnted that ba had re
ceived no Information from the state
at targe auu uaa do nguret w give,
BryaD'8 majority In Montana will be
not far from 18,000. The fuion state
ticket is appart ntly elected by several
thousand Governor Toole Is running
ahead and having at least 10,000 plur
ality. Tbe ret of tbe Democratic
stale ticket Is elected. Tbe legisla
ture Is controlled by straight Demo-
crt knon as friends of Senator W.
A. Clark.
Towing lindane from Assistant Sccr-
wry Mciklf j-,hn at his borne in
Fuilertim, ebracka: "Tlie Demt
crau concede Nebiaska to McKlnley
by 7.0()."
At Omaha 325 precincts bad betn
heard from ai.d with the later re
turn come Ms urea which encourage
fusw nists in their avowal that Bryan
will carry the state by a -mail plur
ality. They at least indira'e that
t he early gains reported for McKlnlej'X
will be materially cut down by re
turns frcm the agrarian communities.
Pome change has also been ruled In
the legislature returns from Douglass
c unty, whi'-h has the largest assem
blv district delepatir n in the stat,
and which has always been Repub
lican. The latps:. reputs from ward
precincts In Omaha favor the fusion-
I St 3,
Chct Deaa Writes tbe Journal That the Box
ot Relief, Sent la September, Had
Not Arrived Tracers are Out.
Chel Dean writes to the Joubnal
under date of -November 0, that he has
not yet received the box of cl thing
and foodstuffs sent bim by Wellington
people in September. Tbe mayor of
Galvetitun ha' vent a tracer after it,
and Agent J. V. William of Welling
ton Is endeavoring to locate It. Mr.
Dean says (hat business at Galveston
U demoralized; that all men have
been laid off; that very few who need
relief have received any, notwlth-
standing over a million collars have
been sent to tbe Galveston relief com
mittee. It Is always a ruNtxke to
send money t( organized "conimit
teeH." Those most deserving of relief
seldom receive it, no matter what the
emergency. The mlllien dollars , sent
to Galveston was uxed to restore -the
stronger Institution of tbe town,
while the poor and needy were largely
overlooked. Mr. Dean used thernoney
cnt him - by Wellington people to
start his barber shop again, but says
there Is IU'le business except cn Sat
urdays. "Winter Is on at Galveston,
and the nights and mornlrg areTcold
and many are suffering. 1 Dean's fam
ily have all been sick since the storm,
hut tbey are all well now, and thank
ful. School Board Ateetioz.
' Tbe school board met In regular
monthly esion Mtnday. Bills ag
ureyating $664.37 were all wed. Of
ibis amount, 190 wai for insurance
P"miunis aod 1325 was for c 1.
- Complaint wa made agalost R. A.
floberts, J-inltor of tbt Fifth wiitf,
charging bim with Inattention o
duty. The matter was brought up by
O. E Bright. The hoard referred it
to the advory committee. Uoberts
Is a Democrat, vnd claims that there
is a tcbeme to vet his job away from
Tbe groends committee reported
that tbe new gravel walk Id tbe First
ward grounds had been completed.
Mm. Ed Kl in was employed as sub
stitute teacher to take Miss Utle
Kirk's place cntll tbe end of the
preient term.
Superintendent Bear reported tbe
attendance yesterday 848 twelve
more tbao on the same day last year.
TV treasurer's report showed
13,443 99 on hand in all fund. The
board ordered 1250 of th auditorium
fund money and t.100 from the library
fund transferred t j tbe general fuod,
to make up the shortage until tbe
Dicember taxes begin to cr-me In.
The Southwest Kansas Teschers'
association may met here on No vera-
her o0 and December li Int-tead of at
Caldwell. If they meet here they
will be given tbe free use of the audi
A thief worked the railroad racket
Monday, and ttole two pairs it
rtsnR lie repren'd to Mrs. Hugh
Taylor that b" wa neof the Santa
leemplfjea sent home to Tote, sod
wanted a re m. tleneprm a room
occupied In the day time by two rail
road men. and took the pant mtn
bim when' be left early this morning.
City Marshal Cox made the rounds,
look'ng for tbe fellow.
Railway managers sre almost unani
mously of tbe opinion that In a few
years wooden freight cars will be
practically obsolete. Steel cars are
cheaper, carry more, weigh less and
last longer.
Sure shot on old leaky rcofs with
their .Volcano Rubber Cement on
leaks around chimneys, leaky roofs
and bay windows. Guaranteed, our
guarantee made good. Bower & Mc- ,
The first touch of bleak winter was
bad this morning. Tbe temperature
was down close to freezing, s. I

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