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People's Voice.
WM. STRYKER, Tditnr and Proprietor.
TS3TTED every Tbursdny and entered for
1 transmission by mail at second clubs rales
Thursday, November 22, 1
McKinley's piur.ti u y iu Kaunas h
22,270; SUnlev' 11712.
The raiiroiu- u uie lower lakt
reu'ion arouad Cleveland ana Buff.i..
are blockaded by snow.
Tne Kansas postmasters will rueei
at T jpeka in January and endorse oik
another for reappointment.
J. Pierpout Morgan's favorite
daughter was married t iday. The
wending cost 1170,010. The budoV
lO.sseau alone cost $50.000..
Tae c:.unty c mjinissiotiersmet thi.
mTnr.g locanva the soldier vott
from Dodge City, but there wt-M no
voles to can vass. The hoard adj.. up
tied until the third Mocaay In Decem
ber, when the rriuiooine and China
fo dier vote will lie canvneu.
Private but :aot tn.ii worthy in
f' rmation has leaked out to Hie
effect, that Kin: Os'Y.r of Sweden, i
in a very low state of ):eaith. Mi
recent braio attack, it. i, added, rle
piivelhitn of his raenj iry, and he
seems unible t' recuperate. The
facts are being supprpssed.
Admirers if ihe chrysanthemum
are doomed to disappointmenr, thi
fall. Vor s ime reason, uoaccourtible
to the florists, that variety of fliwer
h of very inferior quality this veir.
They have now bern in bloom about
two weeks and by this time the
chiiceso and largest should be or
hanJ, but the bet that is on the
market is a little larger than the
Kmperor William of Germany, was
the object, of an attempted outrage at
Breslau Friday. wlii.;b failed. As
be was drlvinir in an open carriage to
the Cuirassier b rtracks, accompanied
bv the hereditary Prince of Sax
Meininger, a woman in the crowd
hurled an ax at the carriage. The
rapidity with which the vehielp was
passing saved the occupants. The ax
fell just behind the carriage. The
woman was Immediately arrested.
There are thousands of peop'e, suf
fering untold torture from Hies, be
cause of the popular impression that
they cannot be cured. Tabler's Huck
eye Pile Ointment will cure them and
the patient will remain cured. Price,
50 cents in bottles. Tubes, 73 cents.
A. M. Stanlev, Druggist
Hundreds of thousands of birds'
nests are built every year in trees
and hed 'es. What, becomes of all
these hones after the birdn have
flitted Irom tl.em at summer's end?
M ist of them are lined with sheep's
wool with feathers and other ma
terials that bind them together.
Pieties and motbsand other insects
devour these things, and by thus
destroying them loosen the nests so
much that wind and rain soon scatter
the rest of the materials. But for
this timely help the trees would he
clogged up with a mass of old nets,
the leaves rouid not sprout, and many
trees would perish.
To .remove a troublesome corn or
bunion: First soak the corn or bun
ion in warm water to soften it, and
then pare it down as closely as possi
ble without drawing blood and apply
Chamberlain's Fain Italm tw ce daily;
rut bing vigoiously for five minutes at
each application. A corn plaster
should be worn for a few days, to pro
tect it from the shoe. As a general
liniment for sprains, bjuises. lame
ness and rheumatism, I'ain Balm is
nequaled. For sale by all druggists.
In the opinion of F. T. Cook of
Cloud Chief, O.T., the county seats
In the new Kiowa and Comanche
country will be three. Mr. Cook is
the edit'irnf the Cloud Chief beminel
Herald and is well informed oa the
condiuots at.d likely development In
the new country, which is. dot far
from his burnt. Mr. Cook was in
Wichl'a jesttrrtav. and said: "In rm
opinun, the Kiowa, Coruaiclie and
Apache country wiii he made inti
three c iuntie-. Or-e of the eounlj
seats will be. I th nk, very near tlu
pip.-ei t site o: Fori. Sill. The other
win O" ncuen in tne northwestern
part, ofihe present reservation, and
the other in the southwestern pnr
tion. The government will tlx the
exact, lecations later."
Krause's Cold Cure cures colds with
out loss of time from your work or
business. Take two capsules at night
before retiring and two or three the
following day. Result? Cold gone
cured. Cot 25 cents. Sold by C. V.
Schwann, druggist.
From statistics recently compiled it
Is si. own that railroad men are not
only becoming more proficient in their
duties, but that they are also becom
ing more temperate in their habits.
It is stated that ahout twenty years
ago, more than 20 per cent of the men
discharged from the New York Cen
tral road were discharged for drunk
enness. At the prefect time in an
armv of over 20,000 men enmiojed
by the road, less than 1 per cm of
t.ho'ie dismissed from service can
face their ci-harge to the ciuse of
drunkenness. The railroads are rah)
the reat reformers; not- t he men hr.
gad around tellimr others how to
behave. Atchison Glob".
B. F. Loomis started f r Wichita
this .morniog intending on nis re
turn home to meet hi luotb.pr-inlaw,
Mr.-. IT. Parnes of Birmingham.
Iowa, at Mulvnne, Kansas, but upon
reaching Vel"ingt n the ct niu.Uor of.
the train came into the car ir.q'uiiirig
for a man hy the name of L nruie say
ing that there was an old ladv in his
train going to Blackwoll to visit Mr.
Loomis' family. Mr. Loomis immed
iately made himself known and got
off of the north bound train and cam?
bac'r homev accompanied by hia
mother-in-law. Mrs. Barney al
though nearly eiehty years old, came
all the way from Iowa to Wellington
by herself and stood the trip nicely.
BlackweHSun. .
J. . Flaugher h.. bougt.t80 i.ere-
f land in .Spiiid ile towtistnp i f II.
The worn of putt ru m the new
iieiih.g fuinac: in . II. F. Smith'?
driii; stoie has rmnm rrd.
Sumner im n; -c - i property i
..idt'd sPio.uvU. There ate 2ll
chool bui.c.rus n i lie county.
Dr. ll.;l oi Mci.fi.nl, ran a bet Mint
Flynn's rn;.j'iriy wiu d tut tie o,00!.
Me came Very near t-eiini buupsu:
FlyuuV m i j i i W44 711.
For all fresh cuts and wounds, either
on the hun. an subject or on animals.
Hallard s Snow Liniment is excellent:
while for corn-huskers' sprained
wrists, barbed-wiro cuts and sores on
working horses, it cannot be too
highly recommended. Price, 25 and 50
cents. A. M. atanley.
Mrs. AliC ! lleiiuncka uied at her
home near M syHeld tne I4th of
pneumonia, and w.s burud at 3
j'cio'k Thursday. She was 49
years "f ae and leaves a family.
The Weilinutou A.O.U. W lodge has
paid the ?2.000 insurdLce lelt by the
late Sami. Wickery to his beetle
'xrjpp, Mr-. E mer Pierce, L. U.
W ekeryand Tnos. II. W'Cery.
Justin R. iJivis, formerly ciurt
s-enorapi.er fur Sumner cuuniy, now
of Halt Lake City, will .e :ourt
stf n'rapiier unrier Ch is. W. Morse,
'oimerly of Wellinut n, rectnily
elected district, judge at. Salt Like
Thousands of testimonials could be
furnished to prove what Lichty's
Cough Cure has done in curing coughs,
colds, croup, whooping cough, throat
and lung complaints, but by purchas
ing a 2."c bottle you will be more
quickly convinced that it is a medicine
of rare excellence and oue that you
should always Lave in the houso. It
is warranted to cure. Sold by C. W.
Scbwinn. druggist.
Electric push buitms competing
all the offices in the ci urt hou-e with
the offices that have telephones were
put, in today. There are five tele
phones in the court houne. i'ou can
now reach any of the officers over
either telephone. .
Sheriff Turner of Butler county,
was in Wellington Tntireday and sub
poenaed Rev. U. II. Stull as a witness
in the Morrison trial which will be
held at Eldorado next. Tuesday. It
will be remembered that Miss Mnrrl
son killed her rival, Mrs. Castile, in a
love quarrel. k
Never try to coax a cold or cough,
use the remedy that 'unfailingly con
quers both. Ballard's Ilorehound
Syrup is the great specific for all
throat and lung troubles. Price, 25
and 50 cents. A. M. staniey.
James II. Mason bought the Li 77IP
Campbell bto! store Tnurday of
Victor E. Creighton, the owner. I.
1. Scott will continue as mmairer.
Mr. Mason will continue to devote
the greater part, oi his time to the
collection business The purchase
was maae as an inv im n .
Jell-O. Tile New l;..N.serr.
pleases all the familv. Four ltatnr.
Lernon, Orange. Kaspbeny and
Strawberry. At your grocers. ' 10 cts.
Try it today.
Joe Amick returned la-t. ni.-ht. from
Jerson, O.T., where te as called
several days ago on account, of the
sickness of his father. The eldpr Mr.
Amick's condition i ii, t unproved.
He is suffering from Ii. url iimihlp
and general breaking down of the
system, superinduced bv .:d age. Hp
is 85.
Ihi signature is on every box of the genuine
uauuiv Oi OtUiy-yjiUUJC raoiets
the remedy that i.- n olil lu one day
A StOrv filiiiPS fn,m T.iroU
Sumner and Hur ler .nmi 1,.
addid to the Third district, by the
legislative gerrtnnnner thi winter
to make the Thud disr riet safoly Re-
iiu. iican. int cneme nnv be de
feated bv lniMl npnnhHfjnj "o h..
j-ct to b'int nerrvmand.ered out of
vucsier j. LiOng N QlSt l let.
Vou Know Wht You Ari Takln?
W hen vou takp i!mw' rv,;n t; v-
cause the formula U Tlainlw rmni
on every bottle showing that it is
anupiy iron ana yumine in a tasteless
orm. No Cure, No Pay. 50c
A few days ago sj. II. Thomas
(.need that some of the rjsh io hi
reervtHr in the Third wrd were
dead, while the rest were :.ciing
"oopv." He had the rond drained
a-d the ivpiestf uie pllti in,0
fresh water, but; was unable to ave
a' y of them. He thinks there wa
S'.tnefhing in the mud at, the bottom
which stuck the fishes' gills together
He will re-stock the pond wit h ctppy.
It conveys i healing, strengthen
ing influence to the afflicted organs
which irinstantly apparent Quiets
pain, stops wasting of the kidney
tissue, removes that tired, despond
ent feeling that all victims of kidnev
ii ailments have A short course with
ttiis splendid remedy brings back
strength, good digestktt energy and
cheerful spirits.
Prfc, SIXS-u Bmi Stores.
The Original Oklahoma Boomer.
aiXtccu )u9 ufcu belt Tacsua),
Capb. DjV,U L. rujue, itie origiUai
Uk.ilUuUi Uootiicl, icil JcU tl t iC
ijiciKia--t taint: 10 Hie ou lloiei 1A
Uaruaia IU Welliugtt n ills Uf elect
ron!) ws carnou lo Uieold DeBaruara
brick in the rear of the Hotel, ana
lacing Jeffersou aveoue, where it was
preparerj lor tmual a day or twoaftei
wards in Prairie Lawn cera-.tery. The
a.do'il'jl va,l, I'ujUi b.oUf.1. l 901 l On
I., tile hearts oi iiiousaLius of fui wA
ers and cat a gloom ovei their future.
At that time the opening ul 0i
iiuOia tor sctlletueut was a quesi.u.
tm dtiutiou. - Millions ot aeus ot !.
Qne land as a crow ever fl-jw over l.i)
1 ;le beneath the son aua fell only the
beat of Cdttle's huofs and the cont
our's gauoplug pui.y. ,
Wellington was tuu a boraer ton,
aiiu neauqualters fur many oolaOlo
of those pioneer days. One of the
most prominent characters of the day
was Capt. David L. Payne, known all
over ihe west as the original OkU-
lioma boomer: he was the pioneer In
kite uiuvi went in iiivve inisreai lai m
ing country thrown epen to seitle
ment. and provide nuiues fur tlousauil
of homeless men. As a leader and
piouter he was loved and revered by
thuusanas of his followers. He was a
man of ability and genius, ana old
much to crysUlize the sentimeui
whicu Bualiy resulted in the piei-i-dent's
proclamation opening Okla
homa to settlement.
Tne funeral ot Capt. Pavnc wa
held on the Sunday foiluwi ig bis
death, and was the largest funenl
ever heia 10 Sumuer cjuuty up t
that time. It was held from the old
Methodist church, which stood on the
site of the present location uf the
Voice office. The Voice office
is bunt of the brick wtkh was used in
the old church bunding. Capt,
Payne's grave Is near 1 be ctn'er of
th oid part of the new cemeltr) .
. Memoiia! exercises iu nis honor will
he held at biacKwell next, Monday
oignt, when a hauosome flag put
cbased.wlib money-raised by popuiat
kubscnpliou win he presentea to
Jamps Shields rust, No. 57, tr.A.u,
of Wellington, to be erected over
Capt. Payne's grave in Prairie Lawn
cemetery with appropriate exercises.
The memorial will be he!a at ihe
BUck well opera house, whn Hop. J
W. Forney of Belle Plaine, and Hon
Si.iney Clark and 1Iop."W. S Works of
Oklahoma, will deliver appropriate
addressee. Friends and acquaintances
of the late Capt. Payne wi.l . pres
ent and testify to bis worth and work.
Smith Chambers, editor of the Kay
county Sun of BUckwcli, Ed L. Reed,
W. M Vickery, J. M.Higgins, W. G
rtiidersoo, A. G. West. 11. Home, T.
N. Athey, Win. Fox, J. W. VVymer,
A. J. Hunter, J. A. Savage. Lee D.et
and Sank Foster have issued the fol
lowing address tu the people of Kay
cuunty for the memorial service:
Nuvember 20 is t'e Mxieenth anni
versary of the deatli of Capt. David
L. Payne, the mau whose untiring tn
egy and indomi'able faith had more
10 do with the final openm? ai d set
tlement of Oklahoma than any other
single Individual. Capt. Payna gavp
the best years and vitality of his life
to the service of his country and Lis
lasi energy and ambition to the cause
of homeseekers in the west, vet death
claimed Jiini before the fru.t ot vie
tory could bj showered In hi lap. He
died iu the harness asit.were and was
buried November 21. lfl, in Prairie
Lawn cemet:ry at Wellington, Kan
Now, those of Dlackweil ml Kay
county in full enjoyment of the f ru.ls
ofCapt- Payne's labor want to pay a
tribute to his memory tins sixteenth
anniversary of his death, nn1 to do so
the undersiKntd have raed riione
mlpuichased aflig whi:li will ie
preented tj PriVdti Soldier Post ol
Hlackwell, wieh iu tuin wiil present
fie same to Well nton Old Soldipr
Post to be erected on Biting occasions
over the grave of that, gallant battler
for human rights. We have further
designated Monday, November 19 as a
memorial day in honor of Capt Payi.e
and have invited Hon. J. W. Forney
of Belle Plaine, Kaosa--, Hon. Sidmy
Clarke or Oklahoma City, W. S.
Works of Conimat.che, Oklahoma, end
all early friends and followers of
Capt. Payne to be presfnn to testify
to his work and worth in the cause
ndtoleiid tribute to his memory.
Rev Craighead of tliiscitv, has been
asked to deliver a memorial address
on the early historical associations
and tne achievements un-i prorpss of
a new commonwealth. -We want this
to bejn incision betlttii.g 1Iip mem
ory of such a man. and we urne nil
who arc 'nterested in the early his
tory of Oklahoma to bp present on
nxt Mdnday evening Journal.
Six Frightful Failures.
Six terrible failures of six different
doctors nearly sent Wm. 0. Mullen, of
Lookland. O., to an eariy grave. All
said he had a fatal lung 'trouble and
that he must soon die. But he was
urged to try Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption. After taking five
bottles he was entirely cured. It is
positively guaranteed to cure all dis
eases of Throat, Chest and Lungs, in
cluding Coughs, (olds, La Grippe,
I'neumonia. Bronchitis, A'thma, Hay
Fever J roup. Whooping Cough. 50c
and Si. 00. Trial bottles free at F. B.
Snyder's drug store.
The Racket has one of the cleverest
display window in the cit. It repre
sent a Colorado canon", with a waon
bridge built of spools: A strpara tf
wtr, with boulders and rd em
bankments and toil hou' add tn the
realism nf thp sppoe. The dlspky is
thp workif El Fran'tr.
There is probably no disease more
distressing and annoying tian piles
Tabler's Buckeye Pile "Ointment is
daily curing cases cf years' standing
of itching and Herding piles.' The
cure bepins on the first application, a
little perseverance makes th din.
complete. Price, 50 cents in bottles.
luoes, To cents. A. M. Stanley.
For Sale Chean. a ne WinrliMfor
shot gun. Inquire at this office.
''I won't do without Krause's Head
ache Capsules if they are to be had,
and I can get them," writes'Mrs. R. M.
Davis, of Beersville, Ohio. "Never
had anything do me so much good in
so short a time." Krause's Headache
Capsules are an absnlnte m .11
headaches. Sold bv C. W svwiT.,,
druggist. '
Carry Your
Golf Clubs
to California
Though it may be fine weath
er now on tatern links, biiz
zarJs will soon drive youMn
doors Vhy give up golf then? Don't
do it. Folli w your fad in win
terless California 1 nder sum
mer skies.
Vol grounds and expert play
er at principal Ca ifornia re
Beginning November 8, tri
weekly, between Chicago and
Los Angele. Beginning early
in Dicernber, daily betwem
Chicago, Los Ange!es and San
Framisco. 4 .
Ask for ill unrated pamphlets.
T. E. ri'RDY. Agent, The Atchi
sot, Topeka : s,anta Fe Bail
way, WKi.MXGTox, Kansas.
Broken Bric-a-Brac.
Mr. Major, the farnouscenient man, of X w
York, explains some very Interesting facts
The nillltltudcs who use thin ntnnrinH in.
ce know that it, l niiinv IninHmaH
txtter than other cements, tor which similar
.minis are n.hae, nut a jrreat many do oe
know why. The simple reason lsih-.it not
Major usea the best materials ever disc Mr
(red and ntlicr mnniiffturpr nn nm nuH
tbern, because they are too expensive and us.
not allow larire profits Mr. Major telle u
mie of the elements of his cement costs
pound, and another costs l-'.K a pallon.
vhe a lartte share of the so-called cementi
nid fluid lue upijn the market am n'-tlilng
iiiore mail gixieea-ceni jtiue, aissoiveu In
mortar or citric acid, and. In orae ca-es. al
tered Hllirhtly Is color and odnr by the addi
tion of cheap and uncles materials.
Malor'n cement rntulla t nttiuu, nnii
wenty-8 v ceutt botth , and when a dealer
en iu lien nsunnuuieyou ranaepend uiHin
that his only obje-1 !s 10 make larger prolix
The proHton Major'i cement Ii as much as
an v dealer ruirhi tn mila nn
Andthls Is doubly trm In view of the fact
iuic.Buraer geis dm snare or tnetxnetit
of Mr. Major's advertising, which now
amount to ov-r 15000 a month, throughout
the rniinlrv
Insl-t on havlnn Major's. Don't accept any
nflkttnH w . . I . a 1
unc mini auruirxit'..
Always have a supply ef Major's Cementi'
no hand.
If you are vat all handy (and yon will bf
sur-i toHnd that you are airood deal more
so than you Imairine) you can repair your
rubber boots and family shneo, and any ot h-r
rubber and leather arfclea. with MaJ r's
Uulibf-r Cement and Major's Leather Cement.
Anrl run will hu ci,i...ia..4 u.
dollars a v ear you will thus save.
11 yci.r aruiriris can t supplwyou, 1 will bf
irw arded by mull: either kind.
Cheap Excursion Rates
on June 21, July 7, 8. 9. 14 and 18.
aud August 1. Tickets from points
west of Missouri river, and east oi
Colby, Kansas, to Denver, Colorado
Springs, Manitou, Pueblo. Salt Lake
City and Ogden, Utah, and return,
will be sold by the
At Rate of (0ne Regular
Fare Plus $2,RoundTrip
Return Limit Oct. 31, 1000
Best Line to Denver !
Oniy - Direct Line to Colorado
Springs and Manitou
Take a ivantaire of these chean rales
and spend "your vacation in Colorado
keeping Car Eeservations may be
uadc now for any of the excursions,
Wfite for fpll information and the
beautiful book "Colorado The Mac-
nificent" sent free.
' Topeka, Kansas.
Novelty Repairing
and Electro plating.
We repair Guns, Bicycles, Sewing Ma
chines, Typewriters, Lawn Mowers, and
au oiner ugnt Jiaciiinery anu tiecincai
Ve also repair and re-cover Umbrellas,
fit keys for Locks, etc.
We' do all kinds ot Grinding and Pol
shing, Soldering and Brazing.
We are Experts at our Busi
ness. All work Guaranteed.
A. Sherwood, who rt-ciitly trans
ferrel from Well niton to Chan-ite
to take the fr.rennnship of the round
house at tbst place, is having li
household good packed, and will
store them here for the present. Mr.
Sherwood will come over irom
Chanute this eveninjr, and will be ac
companied on hi return by Mrs.
Sherwood, to make their home in
White's Cream Vermifuge removes
the unhealthy tissue upon which
worms thrive; it brings, and quickly,
a healthy condition of body, where
worms cannot exist. Price, 25 cents,
A. M. Stanley.
f 'As in the pnvt xouuill find
1 il. fi 11 1 r
uoui anu iii: ni coal oi
variety, a cleaner itock or
We want to fiinrj on your mber bill because
we'll get it if we do. Haul ami soft pines, iath, shin
gles, tenient and lime.
Paving and Builders' 'Brick and
Augusta Stone
A Million Dollars
To the Farmers of Kansas
this year, upon the terms
indicated below. ;
Do You Want to Borrow
Money on Your Farm?
Fill out and sign this blank
and mail it to us. We will at
once send one of our examiners
to inspect your farm and quote
you the lowest rate of interest
your security warrants. We
are in position to give you
better terms than you can get
elsewhere. Write for further
To be Filled Out by Applicant
To Wixse VTIXXE,
Wichita. Kaxsai.
I hereby make application for a
: acres described as follows:
, Township L, of Range.
. County
the understanding that the ln is to be made for ten years, with annual interest and
with the privilege of making partial payments to reduce my Indebtedness in any
amount at any time after one year, with
I want my Interest coupons sent
My farm has
-acres In cultivation
value the land at I.
My personal property Is worth $.
My postoflice address
I Sign full name,
V write plain
We Have nothing but
allweasks a trial. For a
ahead of the Weir City or Pittsbiw and the jame price. Do
not put ofF ordering your coal till a blizzard but come now.
You see this man knows when he gets something through his
head.. So everyone who buvs our poi . D
C. W. KING, Mgr.
it to your interest to buy 4
us. ia ot:e l
gives larger tons
ias a larger
than we (Jo.
loan of $
.upon my farm of
of Section
rebate of Interest from date of payment.
, for collection.
acres In pasture. I
of buildings and the buildings at I.
My total indebtedness Is
My age Is.
.years. My wife's name Is
., and her age Is.
got it -through the heads
of part of the people that
our MeA.ister and Fideli-
ty Coals are the '
the hi-di orotic cf A'pAter nn.l
chean coal our Kidclitv U hr
for Coal.
Lumber Co,
Independent Phane No. 25.

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