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"MI s,
1(11 IT
as our line consists of the very best
styles and qualities the market
We feel assu ed that it will not only
be a pleasure to you looking
through our large stock, but at
the same time you will readily
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I IF " I ill!
Wakila la company with a man by
the name of William Swift. Just as
It Wll Stettin? dusk thnv naaaoit th
nenancKS nouse, ana one man cot
uui, auu appeared 10 oe fooltog with
Pond Creek I. Fall ot Stamen au l!:MC"n'"e?Ldr,cts.
. . uu tit jcaia uiu, wcub iu iae coro
uareome ei toanty seat Contest Dep wck ueia 10 anve op ine horses, and
ty Marshall on the Ground.
Nothing of imnortance h
velopedinthe coutest for thermm,
ty seat of Grant county. Ok
lahoma, which Is io progress at abut a mile further south.' When he
r ona week before Judge J. L. Mc-
Atee. Med ford claims that fraud was
committed at the county seat election
held a year ago and had Pond Creek
city, "Berry and Prairie" townships
nat cast almost 1,000 fraudulent votes,
Medford would have easily have had
the required two-thirds mainnt.w f.r
all the votes cast over its competitors,
Pond CreeK and Jefferson. More than
200 witnesses have been eiamtnpri an
far and at least 500 mnrp ham hoon
Judiie McAtee has himself hpen
busily enizaeed in counting t.hp vntpa
cast at the election in 1899, but so far
nas round no irregularities. Fearing
trouble would occur, as thpre fa a
very bitter feeling on the part of
Medford people, several United States
marshals have oeen summoned, and
Ave nf toese officials are now in Pnnrl
Creek. Court adjourned Saturday
evening, but the case will occupy a
week's time vet at east. Hundrpds
of strangers are in the town, and
hotel acc laimodations are at a pre
mium. The mayor of Pond Creek has
ordered that ail people shall abstain
from talking county seat matters nn
the streets under nemltv nf halno
jail 'd.
Sheriff Shawver. who was In Pond
Creek Tuesday, says that Judge Mc-
Atee's life has been threatened and
that he goes to Enid every afternoon
to spend the night. McAtee is al
ways accompanied by a body guard
in the persun ot the deputy sheriff,
ar.d when he goe9 to bis meals in Pond
Creek, walks down the middle of the
street and avoids the crowds. Pond
Creek people are very bitter towards
Judge McAtee, claiming that be has
shown that his sentiments are with
Medford in the contest.
The Methodist minister at. Pond
Creek has betn compelled to leave the
town ior lesiiryiotr lint mere were
oniy inree or mur hundred voters lo
Ponu Creek. (At the county seat
election, Pond Creek cast 3,100 votes.)
The minister accounted for his knowl
edge of the number of legal
voters in Pond Creek bv saving he
had canvassed tile town nrinr tnthe
election to get names to right an ap
plication ror a saloon license, rnd
read a list of the Pond Creek voters
)2fore the contesting board to sub
tantiate his statement?. The mlni9
ter Is staying in Medford at present.
There Is little doubt that Medford
will win the contest, and blood will
begin to flow when the time come for
removing the county records from
Pond Creek to Medford. Medford
officers and citizens will bare to do
this, and it is nnenlv nrpdictpd that
there will be trouble ot such a serious
nature as to attract the attention of
the entire country.
told them they turnei south again,
but had not gone far until one man
got out and came toward the house
and the buggy druve on. The man
coding toward the house had his hat
down, hiding his face, and rh hnv
thought bira acting strangely. lie
soon went to waving a white handker
chief. The boy took fright acd ran
to the house and ohiiuted t.n ha
mower io get me revolver, f:r a
drunken man was coming. The fam-
It. ill SaH that, thav mora .
. .-, tuujiun. x uc i am- i -v v..uu lutj nueuiciiaiiuK lu
Hy was in a sod house and she ran to i aaopt tbe child as their own. The
Lb0 Tramp hnnap anil rtnf tVin i rpmatns wpro hnrlol a 3 nlwl
. " vuu LIUI t CI
the man on the ground cmt. in t.n tho
buggy. It was turned around and the
menarove nowiy oack toward the
house, so that they met f.hp hnv h era
the road veers to the west, toward
the bouse. Bare they asked the hnv
where Mr. Howland lived, which is
H. E. Suddreth of Cherryvale, tiled
a suit In- tbe district court today
against the A., T. 4 S. F. Railway
company for $5,350 for a broken leg
received In Wellington la August.
Suddreth says he bought a ticket
for Cherryyale the 14th of last August
and that he was put on the wrong
train. As the train was rounding the
curve east of the round house he
Jumped off and broke his leg, and laid
for four hours helpless. Finally aome
onecame along and helped him to
town. He says the accident was due
to the carelessness of Santa Fe em
ployes In directing h'm to the wrong
train, and In not slowing down suffic
iently to Mblm off.
Allen Jnyner, nephew of Mrs. W. M.
Ready, died at 4 o'clock Tuesday
morning of scarlet fever. The boy
was 4 years old June 23, last. lie
was taken sick last Wednesday. Mr.
Ready arrived home from Arkansas
Tuesday, called by the serious Illness
oi tne cniia, whom they were raiuing.
and was returning when sh mpt. thp
children just east of the 6od bouse,
ana ine man near by com nc nn.
waving bis white handkerchlpf. Rv
this time It was so dark that the
features ota man could not be dis
tinguished very far off. Mrs. npn.
dricks told the man to go away or she
wouia snoot mm, out he kept coming
on. The children hpiran tn chmit.
"shoot him, mamma, shoot him."
When be was within four or five fppt,
of her she 6hot him twice, one bullet
entering close to his collar bone. npr
the center of the neck, and the other
n the left temnle. A coroner's inrc
was summoned, but could not agree
on a verdict. Another lurv wa
ummoned. and after rpadlmr thp pvI.
dence. returned a verdict In five mln.
utes of justifiable homicide.
remains were buried a 3 o'clock npsr,
afternoon, the Rpv. T. A. WW. nf ti.o
Christian church conducting a brief
service Derore tbe body left the
A. J. Dowis of lluonewell, and Miss
Minnie Pratt of Perth, were married
at tbe home of the brlds's pirents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Pratt, at lVrtu,
Tuesday at 8 o'clock. Rev. Thoe.
Penlck of Wellington, officiated.
Several Wellington people witnessed
the ceremony. The newly married
people wl'l reside at Hunnewell,
where the groom teaches school.
There are .nany reasons to believe
that a man well known to the Omaha
police conceived the plot of the kid
naping, and carried It Into effect by
the aid of two accomplices, all of
whom were seen by neighbors in the
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vicinity of the mysterious cottage
Four witnesses agree as to personal
descriptions of the three men, while
two more witnesses give Important
details in description of one or 1 be
other. There is no doubt that any
or all may be readily identified if
caught, and the personal description
of each has beeu wired broadcast.
Advice received by the Omaha police
department last night from Denver
leaves no doubt that the man sup
posed to be the leader has just reach
ed that city and is in hiding there.
ISB ... 0
2 commence our semi-annual Clearance Sale of all Odd Lots and Short Lengths.
: You will find Remnants of 1
Jessie Morrison was released from
the Eldorado jail Monday, and ate
her Christmas turkey at home. Tbe
bona is signed hy w, T. tfnwn, bank
ere: J. W. is lot) v. hr.. Rf firVman: J
W. Skaer. merchant: Henrv Movie.
merchant; B. II. Cornelius, stockman;
J. n. urowiev. stockman and farmer:
J. W. Kibby, Sr., stockman. Allot
these men are residents of Augusta.
The other signers are C. L. Shidler, a
farmer of Loaan townshin: A. F.
Cook and C. W. Little, farmers, nf
Clay township; J. M. Brewer and C.
is. Lrueoaer, larmers, of Hickory
towoship. These men are all-well
fixed Qaaocially and are the most
uromlnent men of RiiMpt county.
They are easily worth $200,000, and
quaiiry ror a&i.ooo. it is noticed that
none of tbe sureties are residents of
Eldorado, the borne of the Morrison
ana castles. Jessie could nave got
ten bail in Eldnrartn nprhnna. hut. thp
feeling on both sides in Eldorado Is so
intense tuat n was consiaerea oesi to
So outside of Eldorado for auretiea.
In Eldorado, when anyone shows that
hissymoatbles are with the Morri
sons, he is nromntlv cut bv the Wilev
faction, and if he happens to be In
business, is made to reel the displeas
ure of those who do not believe In
the Innoopnrp nf JpsbIh Morrison.
Tnls feeling exists In a lesser degree
io every neignoornooa or cutler
county, and some go so far as to pre
dict that tbe Morrison affair will be
felt In the politics of Butler county
tor many years to come.
The WaUita lfl.T. TTpraM viim a
correct version of the killing of Clyde
Parker ef Oxford, as follows: One of
the saddest tragedies In tbe history
nf thla Tiart nf ti rnnntr wrnrrprt
last Friday night near the Riverside
scnooi nouse, aoout eignt miies souin
wefct of here. Mra. Luta Hendricks
shot and instantly killed Clyde Par
ker. Mrs. Hendricks' husband, Wil
liam Hendrlcta. la a enndnrtnr nn tha
railroad, and his run Is from Wichita
;o busworin. aits. tienancKs lives
with her seven children on tbe clalu.
Clvde Parker is a young mm 22 years
old. who made his borne with bis
parents one mile west, but who spent
much lime to town working in restau
rants, painting, et lie was occa
sionally given to drink. However, he
wa9 not considered, vicious, but his
own worst enemy. On Friday morn
ing he was beTore the police court ot
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5 .g
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5 . . ""
5 "Wishing you one and all a Happy and Prosperous New Year,
We remain, yours respectfully,
Wakita: and plead guilty of drunken n m ft (t ( (ft m fft (ft fl f ft & fft fft fft fft (ft (ft (ft (ft (ft ,ft fft
AvaDout4or&ociock ne lers rf A? AJ 'f I '! 'I'T 'I vf' "I 'i"fvivivi W
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