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People's Voice.
WM. STRYKER, Editor and Proprietor.
3SPED every Thursday and entered for
transmission by mall at second class rates
Thursday, December 27,
Members of theatrical companies
bay their Christmas presents wherever
Ihey hapneo to be a lew days before
Christmas. The members of the
'Two Married Men" company bought
their Cnrislmas presents in Welling
ton Friday.
Eagle: Estimated by their own
testimony that West Puiot ag
gregation of favored youths constitute
pretty tough crowd. Ostensibly
being educated as gentlemen and
trained to command, they are .imply
tough to brutality. Boarded, bedded,
salaried and educated by the govern
meot, which undertakes to take care
of them for life, their idea of funis
cruelty, of courage brute force. The
people of the country at large hearti
ly endorse the proposed investigation
by congress. There is no fear that
all the facts will not be brought out,
involve whom they may.
Church creeds and customs are un
dftrgf.ing rapid changes. The Praye
meeting will soon be a thing of the
past in some churches. The pastors
of the Kansas City Christian churches
adopted a resolution at a meeting
yesterday, declaring it to be their
sense that the mid-week prayer meet
ing, as it conducted Id a majority
of Protestant churches, has outlived
Its usefulness, and appointed a com
mittee to prepare acd report a pro
gramme for such meetings which
shall be aiore modern in its character
and better calculated to meet the
needs of present day church people.
The question as to whether there
shall be created the position of state
pension agent to look after the pen
sion interests of the Kansas soldiers
is now up to the old soldiers them
selves. They can have it if they want
it. Governor Stanley is willing to
incorporate such a recommendation
in his message providing the soldiers
want it, and the legislature would un
doubtedly pas such a measure. But
the old soldiers themselves have not
manifested any interest in the mat
ter, and unless they come forward
with some sort of a demonstration in
favor of such legislation, they are
liable not to get it. It is a matter in
which only they are interested, and
if they do not urge the thing the
chances are that outsiders will not
lose any sleep pushing it along.
War has broken out between the
society bloods of North and South To
peka. South Topeka Is the big town
and contains the most bloods. Thev
manopolize all the swell society girls
on their side and have moved on the
choice girls on the North side. This
bas aroused the North side boys and
they have organized to keeD the
South siders oS their reservation after
sunrlown. During the past two weeks
scraps have taken place almost
tightly. Everv time a South sider
shows up on the North side a gang
pets aner mm ana chases him back.
Some of them refuse to go and then
a fight ensues in which the South
siders get the worst of it, and finally
are persuaded to return to their own
side of the river and take their
bruises with them. A few nights auo
one South sider eluded the North side
crowd and reached bis girl's home.
The gang went in, took him by the
collar, hauled him out and escorted
him to the bridge, with instructions
to shinny on his own side. The South
siders have appealed to the police for
protection. Unless the trouble is
patched up soon there will be an
exodus of society girls and their fam
ilies from the North to the South
side, for the girls are standing by the
South side boys.
The frequency of bank robberies in
Oklahoma in the last four months
caused uneasiness among the owners
of a small bank in a country town.
They were advised to replace their
square safe with a screw safe, upon
the theory that they would have bet
ter protection against cracksmen and
that surety companies would be will
ing to give them a lower rate of bur
glar insurance. A letter to one of the
strong surety companies of the Uni
ted States brought the following
reply, which contains information
tot. generally known to the public:
"We are not accustomed to discrimi
nate in the determination of our rates
between styles of safes where the
safes are the product of any of the
standard makers and are of their best
grade and are of modern construction.
After a careful study of the safe
question we are of the opinion that
the safes of any one of the standard
makes will compare very favorably
with a similar grade of safe of any
other of the standard makes. One
person might have a predilection
for a certain style of safe,
whereas another would have for
a different style, both of which would
afford a certain amount of protection
and that is all. As the cost price is
Increased, the security famished is
correspondingly increased, but the
fact still remains that there is not a
9afe on the market today and proba
bly never will be that is absolutely
burglar proof, provided that the right
methods of attack are employed. We
think well of the best work of the
square door safe makers and we think
equally well of the best screw door
safes. We do not care for automatics,
but prefer to have the time-locks
wcrk In connection witb nroper com
bination locks actuated bv "built In
or cut off spindles. We have no
hesitancy in saying that for our own
part we consider a burglar-proof safe
In a fire-proof casing located out in
the open banking room, preferably
near the front windows, very much to
be preferred to a similar safe enclosed
in a fire-proof vault. We are inclined
to consider a fire-proof vault or less
of a detriment to a risk as against an
attack by burglais, for the reason
that entrance therto can be secured
in a very few minutes and when once
inside the burglars are screened from
view while working upon the safe and
the noise of the explosions on the safe
is so muffled as not to attract atten
tion on the outside."
A strong effort will be made at the
coming (session of the legislature to
pass a law prohibiting the operation
'f private banks. There are now
fifty-five sucn banks in the state. If
' he proposed legislation is adopted
hese institutions will either be forced
to go into the state or national system
or be driven out of business. Bank
Commissioner briedenthal bas started
the fire under private banks and sev
eral of the legislators will back up bis
recommendation by pushing a bill in
the legislature.
It is reported that Frank Rockefel
ler cf Cleveland, 0., is negotiating for
the purchase of 140,000 acres of land
in Kiowa and Clark counties with a
view to stocking it witb horses and
nigh grade cattle, sheep and hogs,
especially horses, for which he sees' a
profitable future. The land is along
Soldier creek, the fastest running
water in the state, and which is fed
by a great many springs, many of
then of an artesian character. At
present Rockefeller owns the land on
both sides of the creek for over seven
miles, but the area is too small for
his plans.
A man from Kay ounty says that
there is a good chance for a big coun
ty seat war in that county. Newkirk
now holds that coveted position, and
Blackwell wants it. Petitions are
being circulated by Blackwell people,
asking for a special ele ction t- ote
upon the proposition .to movr the
county seat from Newkirk to Black
well. It requires two thirds of the
taxpayers of the county to insu-e an
election, and it is said that the num
ber will not be difficult to secure. If
Blackwell wins then the troubl will
be to move the county seat. There
always was a nice time attending
such ceremonies, and probably there
will be at this one.
An interesting statistical table of
murders in the various states during
the past ten years has been compiled
by the Chicago Times-Herald. It.
hows Texas far in the lead, with
1.021 homicides, and Alabama, Ten
nessee and Kentucky in a second
group, with a total for each appronch
Ing400. Of the other states, New
York and California lead with 512
and 422, respectively. It is a grew-
some competition. "When population
is considered Texas has one murder to
each 2,988; Colorado has one to 2,102.
This leaves the banner with Colorado
where special conditions and the class
or unruly citizens they bring are
doubtless responsible. The lesson
from this table is plain. It is that,
ignorance, bred of shiftlessness and
poverty. Is the great breeder of mur
der. Where the average of intelli
gence is the greatest there is the least
Happiness is but another name for
perfect health. Use Prickly Ash Bit
ters and be happy. It keeps the vital
organs healthy and well E. Hayes,
The $25,000 reward for the arrest of
the Cudahy aoductors has created an
interest among officers everywhere.
and it seems impossible that the
criminals can evade arrest very long.
Charlie Shawver says be is going to
arrest every man seen with a gold
coin, no matter who he is, and hold
nimior identification.
Stops the Cough and Works Off the
Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets
cure a cold in one day. No Cure, No
ray. Y rice 2a cents.
Mrs. J. F. Harrelson writes from
Manzanola, Col., that her daughter,
Mrs. Roy McLaughlin, I? no better.
Miss Dora and Lulu Renn came
home from the K. U. Saturday to
spend their holidays with their
Chas. Allen of Braman, and Miss
Alice JNoble of Hannewell, were mar
ried by Probate Judge Staffelbach
Mrs. N. Daily and baby came down
from Wichita Friday to spend the
nonaays with her mother, Mrs. S. E
J. W. Moutray, a former resident of
sumner county, has been in the city
several days. He lives at Rilling, n
T., now. He left Saturday for Missouri
on a visit.
Miss Utie Kirk arrived from Kan
sas City Friday to spend the
holidays with her parents. She is
teaching in the public school of Kan
sas City.
Recently two tramps were arrested
in Wellington with 108 pairs of gloves
in their possession. They were held
three weeks for identification, and
released. Wednesday the officers re
ceived a description of the goods from
Chickasba, offering $50 reward for the
arrest of the thieves.
The Oxford Register gives the fol
lowing version of the killing of Clyde
Parker at Wakita, O.T., last week:
Clyde, who had been working with
his brother Bert at Wakita, con
cluded to make bis folks in the coun
try a visit and accepted an invitation
of a neighbor to ride with him to bis
home in the country. As the nigh
bor did not go past the Parker home
Clyde rode as far as the neighbor's
house and then proceeded afoot. It
was getting quite dark by this time
ana for some reason having to pass by
the house of a neighbor, he stopped in.
It is thought that as he bad been on
quite friendly terms with this fam
ily and especially the children, ana
had been absent for some time that be
stopped to make them a short visit
before reaching borne. As he ad
vanced to the house in the dark he was
ordered to stop by the lady of the
house who happened to be alone with
her children, thought he wag a
tramp or an intruder. He could 6ee
her plainly in the light and it is sup
posed that ha TIPVPr thftnnhr h.it .I...
he could distinguish him. He never
sioppea out as be advanced he said, as
she oresentprl a rovnivar. i.tv,,i.
shoot me Mrs. Henry," but the warn-
lUKtiimo ioo iaie ana ne received a
bullet through the neck and one
through the temnla. kniinc Mm
stantly. As soon as she had done the
snooting tne woman fled to a neigh
bor where she f old what. shhA
When she was told the name of her
victim sne was prostrated with grief
and cannot be indnrrl t
the scene ef the terrible deed.
The Cudahy Kidnapping.
The Omaha newspaper reporters
have shown the Omaua police and an
army of Pinkertun detectives from
Chicago a few things in detective
wur, oy aiscovering the mysterious
nuuse in wnicti young Edward Cudah
was held for $25,000 ransom. It iJ
not an unusual thin for rennrpr t,.
trace down crime and fasten tie
gJUtupon the guilty person, after
lus ponce ana aetectives have failed,
in nosin into things in search or
news, reporters gain a valuable in
sight into human character, and learn
to reason so well by deduction that
their theories are valuable in Intri
cate matters that baffle the ordinary
person, in "ory or how the Omaha
reDOrteiS located the hnwsfi tmnri hv
the abductors is interpstinff. ThnrP
is no question as to the identity of
me nouse, as absolute proof was ob
tained and further corroborated by
young Edward Cudahv. The house u
an isolated structure situated en a
promontory commanding a full view
of the surrounaing country for miles
about. It is a two-story buildin? and
has the rickety stairway and other
reaiures described by the boy. On the
second floor was discovered a well
bucket containing water from which
the millionaire's son had quenched his
tnirst. Aoout the room were found
hundreds of cigarette stubs and burnt
matches and a small ouantitv of
sugar and cjffee. Eddie Cudahy, his
father and several policemen entered
the house, and hndie pointed out the
exact spot in the north room where
be lay from the time he was taVen
to the house Tuesday evenmi? unt il
removed Wednesday night. He also
said be had drunk from the nakpn
bucket which stoed in one of the ad
joining rooms. He also indicated the
oroken stair step which be had prev
iously referred to", as he slirmed in
going up stairs to his imprisonment.
aa:e cudahy said he had reclined cn
the floor from ilia tims iw
entered the house until removed. He
said he was only about au hour, per-
naps, going frt;m the point where he
was abducted to thehou-e and abaut
the same time in returning to the
point where he was released and told
to go home. The sensational kidnap
ing of young Cudahv is somewhat
strangely coincident with the finding
oi a letter in a Milwaukee street car a
few davs ago. Th? letter was ad
dressed to William Stewart, Chicago.
in., ana told or a plan to rob several
residences of wealthy citizens in Mil
waukee and to abduct a little girl.
The letter was written with a lead
pencil and was signed "Jack." The
letter was turnea over to the police
who looked upon it as the work of
a lunatic. The riav fnllnwlncr tho
finding of the letter the following
advertisement appeared in the Mil
waukee Journal: "Lost Reward of
$5 for the return of letter addressed to
William Stewart, Chicago, III. Ad
dress letter to John Smith. Milwan
kee, general delivery." The Journal
also received a letter signed "Jack,"
in which the writer savs he Is the ner.
son who lost the letter In the street
car and that it was he who advertised
for it. ne says be was expelled from
a desperate gang of robbers and kid
napers, who are workincr In different
parts of the country, and that he bas
determined to Inform against them
Then he tells of a plan w'nlrh had
been arrancrpd to roh t,hp. Sound Ian
Milwaukee residence, abduct the little
girl and ho d her for a ransom. Bp
sides the Scandians he says numerous
other prominent people, including
Mayor hop, uaptain raost snd
Charles Uihlein are marked for vijit.
from the gang. The Cudahys think
there is no connection bftween the
gang that abduct.pd their son and t.hp
Milwaukee gang, but they are wiring
Inquiries and will be able to say more
definitely mer.
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There is a great difference of opin
ion aoout tne nessian ny's presence
in Kansas. A Great Beud man says
he lias examined the wheat a rood
deal and fails to find the pest, ne
thinks n is the volunteer wheat that
makes the other look vellow. In snmp
places there is enoujh wheat to
make a good stand on two or three
times tne amount, or ground. Wnen
the wheat is looking good, he
adds, there is always somebody
ready to s.art a nessian fly
scare, or some other scare. Accord
ing to reports, it seems reason
ably certain that very little wheat
will be produced in Atchison county
next year. Frank Watowa, William
Kistler, William 0. McDuff and
others living in Good Intent neigh
borhood say they will plow up thei'
wheat, owing to the denredationa of
the Hessian fly. Similar reports come
from some other parts of the country.
There is no complaint of the nessian
fly in Sumner countv. M. E. T.arlrln
of Atchison county, is one who denies
the nessian ny stories. He says
wheat in the Arrinirtnn nelffhhorhnr,rl
Is all right, but an Atchison paper de
clares investigation will reveal that
the Hessian fly Is taking the wheat
nearly everywhere. Next year will be
a year to raise corn.
Keep the bowals active if you would
preserve your health, A dose of Prick
ly Ash Uitters now and then does this
to perfection. E. Hayes, Druggist
Argonia Clipper: Rev. Wharton,
the Eldorado pastor who has been the
subject of much adverse criticism for
his action in not visiting Jessie Morri
son, who was a member of his flock,
after her incarceration on the charge
of murdering Clara Wiley Castle, is a
brother of our fellow townsman, J. E.
P. Wharton, and is one of the ablest
ministers in the Southwest Kansas
conference of the M. E. church.
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UIo Mercury,
is mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell nd completely derange the whole sys
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urfaces. Such articles should never be
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)HTficians as tne aamajre iney will do Is ten
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them. 11 all's Catarrh Cure manufactured by
F.J.Cheney & Co, Toledo, O., contains no
mercury, and la taken internally, acting di
rectly upon the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Ia buying Hall's Catarrh
tarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It
Is taken Internallv. and made in Tolndn.
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Jacob and Benjamin Evans of St.
Louis, are twins so near alike that
their mother cin scarcely tell them
apart. They are united by soae
mysterlius bond which seems o
influence their lives. When ore
fels a pain the other experl
er c?s the same sensation, though
t ey may be miles apart. Re
cently Hen Ev ns was in Kansas City,
n1 while there became sick with
milarid. At the ame time his
brother in St. Louts exhibited the
same symptoms and both were re
moved to a hospital. Ben Rvanaasia
that whenever he gets sick his brother
bas a similar affliction, and that he
belives lha' 'f one should die the
other would follow.
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Miss Eila Gilmore arrived from
Albany, Tex., this morning to spnd
the bOlidaVS With YPT n.ronti Mr
and Mrs. F. H. Gilmore. She was a
coinpaoied by Miss Campbell of Al
bany who will be tb. crnpat nf Mica
Gilmore during the holidays.
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The South Haven New Era has rii
covered that the late Oswold Otteo-
dorfer, who was a New York alder
man thirty vears ago. nersistentlv rp
fused to draw his salarv. and it is
still on deposit to his credit In the
comptroller's office there.
Brave Men Fall
Victims to 6tomach, liver a id kidney
troubles as well as women, and all feel
the results in loss of appetite, poihons
in tne blood, backache, nervousness.
headache and tired, listless, run-down
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For the annual meeting of the Kan
sas State board of Agriculture, the
Kansas &tate rounry association, and
Kansas Improved Stock Breeders'
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The second annual ball of the local
tribe of Red Men will be held Christ
mas night at Armory hall. Prof,
blume's orcheotra of Wichita will
furnish the mu-ic.
naude R. Adams of Dayton, 0. writes:
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Tne Rock Island's holiday rates go
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Wellington; minimum fare, 60c. Final
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