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doesn't come by accident A
fertile soil and careful cultiva
tion are necessary to produce
the towering stems and heavy
Yet the fanner who under
stands that he can't have a
healthy corn crop without
feeding and weeding, seems
to think that he can have a
healthy body without either
care dr culture. Eut the body
is built up just as the corn is,
by the assimilation of the
several chemical elements on
which vitality depends. And
what weeds are to the corn,
diseases of the stomach ard
nutritive systems are to the
body ; they divert the neces
sary food supply from the
proper channels, and th
body becomes lean, sickly
and ill-nourished.
The proper digestion and
assimilation of food is a pri
mary essential of health. By
healing diseases of the stom
ach and organs of digestion and
nutrition, Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery increases
the digestive and assimilative
powers, stimulates the action
of the blood making glands,
and sends to every organ of the
body the rich red-corpuscled
blood on which physical vigor
and vitality depend.
"I took two bottles of Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discor
ery, for stomach trouble," writes
Clarence Carries, Esq.. of Tavlors
town. Loudoun Co., Va. "It did
roe so much good that I didn't
take any more. I can eat most
anythiug now. I am so well
please d with it I hardly know how
to thank you for your kind infor
mation. I tried a whole lot of
things before I wrote to you.
There was a gentleman told me
about vour medicine, how it had
cured his wife. I thought I would
try a bottle of it. Am now glad
that I did. for I don't know what
I would have done if it had not
been for Dr. Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets
regulate the bowels and cure
You will find it to your
interest to investigate
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well deserved reputation
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quality of goods at rea
sonable prices. Give us
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& Brumley
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street lrom the old stand.
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dollars per cow
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You can make
more and better
butter and raise
better calves than
is possible with
any other system.
For further particulars see or write
D. F. GARNAND at the Gellno Har.
wiiMm, wareCo.'s Store
8 i
Rnral Delivery. 1 ;
PoHLmasUr Feigu-on Ins sent nil
forbl.iok in be us-u by me peop;e la j
tht Cleardale vicinity lor ctlliug ttiel
D!St:il :ic tan ii. ii. V a 'tM 'Oi. in ti e 1
need of a iu'h: fret- ly r -uie
from UeHi'Ftn to O-ii'i Spiv;
vu Cleardnle i ne rosn ffl-e at, Clear !
dale waiflC"n inn- fi 'a: S-u i;i'i-.y.
Hiid H leaves a humI manv f.unirs ,
an iocotiven'Pi t dMr.u- f' Ui-'
i ii:ret lu st.' fflce Tin- r.ti dice at
Clcardaie served a lcg" sc't-
Country and together wi! h i lie . ffi'V
at Concord wai supplied bv a s'ar
route tri weekly mail service from
Wellington, the only star route left
in 'he county.
There is some talk of having the
route started from Geudi Springs in
stead of Wellington on account of t he
country on lowr Slate creek being
more thickly settled than it is up
this way, but the mail facilities at
this office are o much ahead of thoe
at, Geuda thatjirobably they will de
cide to have the application go in for
a route out from this place. This
point will be decided by the special
agent of tbe department who will he
nent, here to examine ir.ti and lrcifp
a route, and en his recoronvnRtim
it will be established, the lci' mt
nvisters havins? nothing to do with it.
The regulat ions of the postoffice de
partment, In regard to these rural
rou'ps re t int t hey slia'l be not les
than twenty five milps Wn and serve
at least one hundred families living
not morp than a mile on either side
of the proposed routp. The govern
ment, k puuin? in these rural mail
routes h fast, as the Seating officers
can vet around and report on the
Thpre is also talk of a rural free
delivery route from Wellington north
west to the Ansnn neighborhood, and
it is aid tint Hunnewell people have
recent.lv been talking of a route into
that localitv. Now that the agita
ti n h'.s been storied, it, is probable
that, there will be a clamor for rural
delivery routes in various directions
out of Wpllington
Cleanlal" postnffhe, the discontinu
ance of which first suggested the
necessity of rural delivery routes in
thi- county, was established about 25
years ago. For several years past Jas.
Donohue has kept, a stock of goods
there, and kept, the post nffice in his
store. Last year he sold out to a Mr.
Wilcox of Oxford, who took the post
office also. Wilcox is closing out his
stock at auction, and resigned as
postmaster some time ago. Upon the
acreptancp of his resignation thp
office was closed and its mail is now
sent to Concord. Concord Is 3J miles
from Rome, and the postofnp was
kept at the home of Henry Harbaueh
as a neighborhood convenience. The
Concord office will disappear with the
establishment of the rural delivery
The pay of carriers of rural delivery
outes is limited hi 8600 a year. With
limner county's good mads, the nay
will, it is thought, not be over $500.
Ju s uu . Lite.
It was akhrillingftt ape that Charles
Davis of IJowerston, O., lately had
from a frightful death. For two
years a severe lu.ig trouble constantly
grew worse until it seemed he must
die of Consumption. Then he began
to use Dr. King's 'ew Discovery and
lately wrote: "It gave instant relief
and effected a permanent cure.' Such
wonderful cures hnve for 25 years,
proven it's power to cure all Throat,
Cdest and Lunir troubles. Price 50c
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Trial bottles free at I". 15. Snyder's
drug store.
C. L. Veils and wife of Burden,
Neb., are in the rity tc spend the
holidays with the t- m1 of W. H.
Voils. W. II. and C L. Vol la are
.1 i n E Weils, former owner of the
Cad . A.lvaiC-, Im bought the
II-n - i' Dem T t
Kri-jbt e.esare an infallible index
to youth. nee windows from whk-b
Cupiil s loots his ar ows. Rocky
Mountai lei makes bright eyes.
ii v.'' M B' .. . m ipii-. H rr ck
i-f i.;. m f i .hn '.;iim-ri io.in-.v-.
Cn'.j : ' ''ey c-'iifity luis adjnui '.ni
ui. :it'.' ::s n.
Mis Addie Sides has sued her hu
h n i, Joiiri il Siiies, fi r divorce, on
liie grounds i f gn ss neglect of du'y
and abr d n.meiii. Tin v were mar
ried .-n O-i. -ber 1, 1879, and have
three children
Every household should be prepared
for emergencies, for how often, "like
a thief in the night." croup or whoop
ing cough may come upon a dear child
without warning and in a few hours
place its sweet life in the balance by a
siemler thread. Lichty s Cough Cure
promptly used will avert all danger.
Sold by C. W. Schwinn, druggist
II. F Benedict, a mveliru insur
ance adj-ister fn-m Omaha, wears on
f bis own (inters for a watch charm
While hunting in the Indian Tern
lory three of bis fingers were shot, i ff
an I he Han fine o' them dried and
inoiinteri for a watch charm. "I
wanted something out of thP ordi-
nary, and I think I have got it," said
Benedict. S ill, this is not any wore
tt an wearing a skull and cossbonesnn
a lodge charm.
Paid Dar for His Le?
K D. I'.lanton of Thackerviile. Tex ,
in two years paid over 8300.00 to doc
tors to cure a Runni n? Sorft on hislpir.
Then they wanted to cut it off, but he
cured it with one box of Rucklen's Ar
nica Salve. Guaranteed cure for PiW
25 cts. a box. Sold by F. B. Snyder,
John I. Anderson left Thursday
for Illinois, Iowa and Ohio on a
viiir to relatives. He will be absent
until March.
What Shall We Have for Dessert?
This question arises in the familv
every day. Let us answer it today.
Try .lell-O, a delicious dessert Pre
pared in two minutes. Nc baking!
add hot water and set to cooL Fla
vors: Lemon, Orange, Raspberry and
SL awberry. At your grocers. 10 cts.
Job Printing.
You need it iuyour business, but you
want it done neatly and in an up-to-date
style, and of course at a moderate price.
We can furnish you anything vou need
in the printing line, but to jog your
memory will mention Bill Heads, State
ments, Receipts, Envelopes, Note Hetds,
etc., any of which you may be in need
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your order.
For Infants and Children.
Tie Kind Vou Hava Always Bought
Signature of ajffi&C&S.
This picture is the trade mark of
SCOTT'S KMUJ,SIOX, mid is oa
:very hottle of SCOTT'S KMUL-
SIOX in the World, which now
imiounts to many millions vearlv.
This great business has grown to
such vast proportions,
FrsfV-Because the proprietors
have always been most careful in
selecting: the various inorerliVnt
used in its composition, namelv;
the finest Cod Liver Oil, and the
purest Hypophosphites.
Seconrf.'-Because thev li
skillfully combined the various
ingredients that the best possible
icaiuia aic ouiamea ov its use.
TArcfc-Because it has made so
many sicklv. delicate
strong and healthy, given health
nd rosy cheeks to so manv pale,
anaemic ffirls. and benWi tVlnncrc
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If yon hare not tried it. send for free sample
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s-un 6c BOwXE, Chemists.
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Tabler's Buckeye Pile Ointment has
been thoroughly tested for many
ycrrs, and is a positive cure for this
ccot distressing and embarass;ng
cuttle, rnce, 50 cents in bottles.
Trees, 45 cents. A. M. Stanley, drug
John Binder was up from Med ford
Wedoesday. 1 e says Grant county
people are looking iur a decision id
the county seat contest ribt awjy.
Frank Ilunter of Caldwell, charged
with ointilariz ng Harve liomnr's old
drug store, was brought, ti Welling
ton by Sheriff Shaw ver Wert neday nd
lodged in jail to await trial in te
district court. ITo wjs hound ovr
bv Justice O. Beeson in the sum of
Press dispatches Wednesday say that
Myron 1. Herrick of Cleveland. O,
cousin of Judge J. T. Derrick of Wel
lington, may succeed Lyman J. Gage
as secretary of the treasury. Mr.
Herrick visitf d in Wellington about
foi r year ago. He is said to re
closer to McKmley than the presi
dent's U .
Joseph II. Nichols, c ne of the jurors
in the Morrison trial, denies that lie
and M. I. Simpson and J. M. Helm,
the three jumrs who refused to agree
to a verdici of not guilty, only held
out for manslaughter in the fourth
degree. He states that he considered
Jessie Morrison proven guilty as
charged. Mr. Nichols aNn states
thatoneof the jurors tried to throw
away Mrs. Castle's dying statement,
explaining. "It is all the work of that
d o Brumbick. He gave me a whip
ping when I went to school to him,
and I have had it in for him evtr
since." Interesting developments are
expected to follow Juror Nichols' dis
closures. The average man has an idea that
to be a successful fruit raiser he must
go to California or Colorado, although
it has often been demonstrated that
successful fruit growing can be done
in Kansas as well as anywhere else.
D W. Haskins, who lives one mile
east and three north of Argooia, in
the sand dunes of Creek township,
has made success at fruit growing for
many years. He has a young orchard
of 15 or 20 acres, in which he raised
this year the finest apples grown in
the state. He has a great variety
of fruit and berries and makes more
money every year than the average
wheat grower Haskins makes a
study of fruit growing, and has
mastered the knowledge of the busi
ness, which is the secret of its success,
ne makes do attempt at farming, and
doesn't so much as grow corn or wheat
in bis piace. Haskins' farm is close
to the J. M. Ready eighty, which Is
tenanted by a man named Smail, wbo
owns the adjoining eighty. Mr.
Ready's land is farmed, and his third
Interest in this year's crop was nearly
I20O, which shows that Sumner
county land is good for moet any use
it is put to.
Oklahoma Immljritloi.
Oklaloma will soon be w full of
people that the oveiflo into Kansas
a..d Texas will take ou tue piopur
tious ol a bo .ui. Oklahoma is a.reaoy
ouutuii1, md h b en fur ( , r m '
o.t. itii .u.t: b g ii.irveo. exi-u,s ..i. i
ii . in pro.i. Yet r id; . .-pei iai ;
titti j ol i urtet-o c acnes, Ciir)li u'
luinoiKaus to UK ai.o.'ua, was ,u,i
turouu Afil n.ou ovei lot; U,, '
lUiwl at 11:50 ..'Che atVea i u I
coache. 1 li-S"Uthtound Rock Is.- j
aua Ust night was a doubirheauer 1
anUcirrifd la coaches: Immigrant ,
l ne Santa Fe Udins, weslbouufl, wt re
aio croued yesit-rdiy, and Mie
ono ward pascecger pulled i wo xi ra
Cii8to accommuaate the exrur-
lonil8. The tra ns on t he main lm..
ere loaded t ) the guards' with pti-nr.
bionisis bound for the eastern part of
If the travel Onthehomeseeker'aPT.
cursions now is any indication, t he
roaas 'ii! mt'e aole to handle the
inivel wlien the excursion rate urn
ext 'iided to the Atlantic coast next
There Is a Jesson In the situation,
which shrewd investors will pn.rlt by.
Tne reason t he homeseikers are aii
jeaded for Oklahoma is because the
impressiou prevails in the ea-t that
Oiuahoma offers greateropportunl'ies
for securing valuable farms ci.eap.
The factis, liomnseekers have beeu
poui ing luto Oklahoma for two y ar
uiuil tue price i f lann is out of -ig.it
and the couuiry is on a boom Farms
.icrss the line in Oklahoma mm ma id
readv sale at twice and three limes
the price Ki,s .8 land can be bought
f r The li'imeseekers dou't know
this but the Oklahomans do, arid they
are seiung tntir claims and returning
t" Kansas with enough ruonev to huv
a farm and leave the price of another
to snuve oown 'n their Dockets. We
MniM'n now has several well-ti-1o
c.tiz-Jtis whn went t Oklahoma witu
or.t a dollar when the FtrlD omned
They took claims, proved up on them
n1 made inonej in the meantime;
s'. Id out at boom prices, returned to
Wellington, Dugu: larms and town
property and have a competence left.
The Kansas real estate agents ought
to waite ur. There is a ereat ld n
Immigration going through the state
toOk!ahoma. The homeseekers buy
ncKets ror uaianoma because tnev
can buy them for the same money
they would cost to points in Southern
Kansas, and a homeseeker npverstnno
until his ticket runs out The Wel
lington real estate rapn ciu'd afford
to pull the excursionists off here,
show them over the county for a
couple of days and send them on to
their destinat ion with a polite Invi
tation t(. come back and buv a farm
if they are not satisfied with the con
ditions :md prices In Oklahoma.
Hair or them wi come back Ynn
know a lot of reasons why Kansas
offers better opportunities to hnmp.
seekers than Oklahoma, but what,
good will it do if the homeseekers
aon i Know it?
g Offef
Among the tens ot thousands who
nave useu namoenain s tougn Kerne-
dr for COlds and la crinnM rinrin.r tlio
past few years, to our knowledge, not
a single case has resulted in pneumo
nia. Thos. Whitfield Co., 240 Wa
bash avenue. Chicago, one of the most
prominent retail druggists in that city,
sav: "We recommend Chamhprlnin's
Cough Remedy for la grippe in many
i-ases. as n noi oniy gives prompt and
complete recoverv. but also cnnntor-
acts any tendency of la grippe to re
sult in pneumonia, r or sale by all
UI stronirlv recoirmend Uecers Cher
ry Cough yrup; it cured me of a
throat and lung trouble of many
years sianimg.' airs. J. Hremen,
Kifle, Colo. Cures coughs, colds,' asth
ma, bronchitis, la cr'DDe. pneumonia
whooping cough, d-aup and consump-
uun. Aii uruggists.
"With one bottle Eeggs' Cherry
Cough Syrup my cough and soreness
entirely disappeared." Ernest Whip-
yic, Kttvf uiwrt, jit. uurauteea to cure
oil i i vi.. ,
ai luiuan auu iuu iruuuies ii as nev
er failed; try it All Druggists.
Don't ri-,k the little one's life; croup
i a uaugeruus uisease. wrs IL Uregg,
Dundee, Kans., says; "My 'Ittle
daughter hid been troubled with
croup since she was three months old:
Heggs' Cherry Cough Syrup cured ler.'"
Children like it. Guaranteed All
Disease and danger lurk in the vital
ortrans The blood beomp vitiated
and the general health is undermined
wnenever tne stomach and liver fail
to perform their functions as nature
intended. Ilerl.ine will .tone up ti e
stomach, regulate the liver. wWo
other preparr lions only relieve. Price,
50 cents. A. M. Stanley, druggist
The Santa Fe announces a rate of
one fare for the round trip to Topeka
on account of the annual meeting o'
tne Kansas State Teachers' nssocia
tion. Tickets will be on sale Dec. 22
to 28 inclusive. Return limit Dec. 31.
h conveys a tailing, strengthen
big influence to the afflicted organs
which is instantly apparent Quiets
pain, stops wasting of the kidney
tissue, removes that tired, despond
ent feeling that til victims of kidney
ailments have A short course with
this splendid remedy brings back
strength, good eUgesooa. energy and
cheerful spurts.
Pricf, $m&-t1 Brij Stm
Do you want one or more Farm Papers?
Do you want one or more Political Paper
general circulation?
Do you want one or more Magazines?
Those given below are all cood and are samples o
remarkable rates we have been able to get lor Voice rea
11 you want something not given in this list we will . get ft
you: L(
Kansas City weekly Times 25c, with the Voice $
l wice-a-weet of Louts liepub ic $1.00, with the VoiceJ
Ihe farmers' Advocate 1.00, with the'Voice. 1a
Kansas Farmer 1.00, with the Voice . IV
Live Stock Indicator 1.00, Special Farmer's Institute
Edison 50c, Poultry Farmer 50c, all three witbS
the Voice for jl
Hick's Almanic 25c, with the Voice p
Review of Reviews 2.50, Success 1.00, Cosmopolitar!
1.00. one vear with thp VmVp fnr 't
Success 1.00, Cosmopo itan 1 00, - Woman's Home ComC
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Voice 3.1
l uuiit. vpiuitiii ij.v', Review oi Kevpws a. 50, uosmo
poljtan 1.00, Success 1.00, all one year with the )
Voice , 4X'
The People's Alias, Census Edition 1900, 250 maps and '
illustration?, complete set oi tab'es, etc., 100n
Woman's Home Companion, monthly, 36 to 54 ,$
paves, eacn nxib mcnes,l.U0, both with the Voice., pc
The PeODle's Atlas. 1.00. Farm nnd PlrpaiP ROi rAt
..i1., tt. ' '
wun xat voice att,
"Homemade Contrivances" a wonderfully useful book off'8'
www "'to, iuu luuMiauuus, yvu, me rarm ancj
iiome, semi-monthly, 50c, both with the Voice ...
Gold Coin Hot Blasti
to give room for Furniture, Bedroom Suits, Wardrobes,
Sofa?, Writing Desks, Kitchen Cabinets and Tables, Iron
and Wood Bedsteads. I will not be undersold by any. Fine
line of Rockers for Christmas goods.
We Carry a Full Line of Stove Repairs
Big sales and small profits is my motto. No trouble to show
goods. Call and gei prices.
G. E. Sominerville,
Staph and Fancy groceries
Queensware, China,
and Glassware.
Highest Market Price paid for Produce. Wellington, Kans
SbenS Turner ot Eldorado, was in
Wichita yesterday aod said tbat tie
Jessie Morrison case continues to 1 in
terest the rjeople of Butler county.
Turner is guarded in his expressions
at out tne case, out more from wbat
he does not say tban from what be
does say one is forced to the conclu
sirn tbat be believes tbat Mlns Morri
son will never be proved guilty of the
murder of the wife of Olin Castle.
Speaking of the case Turner said:
"Jessie Morrison has not yet given a
bond, but I bave no doubt of the
ability of her father to secure a good
bond. Judge Morrison told me tbat
be would not be in any hurry, but
that he would submit a good bond.
James flolderman, I have understood,
was expected to slsn it with Judge
Morrison, and liolderman is worth
150,000 to 160,000. I tblok it is true
tbat a majority of the people in Eldo
rado were against Miss Morrison.
That is more particularly the cae
among the women. Soma of the
women there, however, have takeu
Jessiejs side, and where they have
none so they ar for her r a finish. I
can not say that the failure of the
jury to reach an agreement was any
surprise to me. The state', attorneys
made a good ngbt, but tneir side was
injured by sore of tb peopie of
Eldorado who volunteered their ser
vices to aid the county attorney.
People naturally reached the conclu
sion that the great state of Kansas
was abundantly able to prosecute one
little woman, and the action of the
people there in raising money to assist
in the prosecution, or rather the re
port that such a fund bad been raised,
reacted and brought friends to the
defendant. I, of course, am unable
w eajr wiiat me incoming county at
torney will do, but of course the sop
position is that Jessie Morrison will
again be brought to trial. I have
opinions on the case, but it would not
be proper for me to state them fnr
publication." or
If yon would have an appetite lik a
bear and a relish for your meals take
Chamberlain's Stomach and Lirer Tab
lets. They correct disorders of the
stomach and regulate the lirer and
bowels. Price, 25 cents. Samples free
at all drug stores. v ee

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