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le Burger
Known Auctioneer.
les in anv state or
T " 1 1 J t
y. l am oooKeuior
irest stock sales m
i r- i i
13 ana umnoma.
pns do my best advertising
or call ioj terms before
making dates.
puri Pacific R'l'y
im Kansas City to
Louis and the East
Service, Low Rates
further Information address
Passenger Agent. Kansas Clty.Ma
A rood look
horse and poor look
ing harness is the
worst kind of a pjm.
binialon. iiv-
Harness OilT'v!
not only makes the harness and the VI
Eureka m
horse tocc better, but maks the '
leatker aoft and liable, puts it In con- i ll
mi i i . dition to last twice as long l
'di fiiii as it ordinarily would. iP4
J. 1,7, Sid b is iui all u
NV oilco. trtdK
Horse a
n fx
a n f ra . mm. n m m m
j minion uoiiars
To tie Farmers of Kansas
this year, upon the terms
indicated below.
Do You Want to Borrow
Money on Your Farm?
Fill out and sign this blank
and mail it to us. We will at
once send one of our examiners
to inspect your farm and quote
you the lowest rate of interest
your security warrants. We
are in position to give you
better terms than you can get
elsewhere. Write for further
k i
To be Filled Out by Applicant
Wichita, Kansas.
I hereby make application for a loan of f
acres described as follows:
.... ii i , Township , nt Range,
upon my farm of
of Section
the understanding that the loan is to be made for ten years, with annual Interest and
with the privilege of making partial payments to reduce my Indebtedness In any
amount at any time after one year, with rebate of interest from date of payment.
I want my interest coupons sent
ln . for collection.
acres in pasture. I
My farm has
value the land at).
.acres in cultivation
-exclusive of buildings and the buildings at $
My personal property is worth $.
My total indebtedness Is
My postoffice address is
My age isyears. My wife's name is
, and her age lsyears.
Equitable Tax Assessment
Repre&euldtive-elect Adams of Bui
ler cuutity will introduce a bill look
ing to the assessment of all propert)
at its full true or real value, wnu a
penalty for the assessor who fails of
ins sworn duty. Mr. Ad iras d-clares
that "a large per cent of the peoule oi
Kansas uuw pel cut of piyin taxe
altogether, although they never fdii
to vote aye od a proposition thai
means more taxes. One may lav
$2,000 worth of property. The asse-s-or
comes along and asses- it for $600.
one-third of its value. Then his 8200
exemption is set off from the $600
This only leaves him $400 to py
taxes od, when in fact he should bj
paying on the $2,000 mijU9 the, $200
exemption, or $1,800."
State Auditor Cole recommends
that the law make it absolutely man
datory to assess property at its full
cash value, and it is likely that such
an amendment will be added without
much opposition. There Is no ques
tion but that the present system is
detrimental to the state in many
respects. The rate as fixed ln the
different counties n a false valuation
undoubtedly militates against U9.
The first thing a sensible man does
when he concludes to change big resi
dence from one state to another is to
Inquire Into the rate of assessment,
and when he learns that It is from
four to six per cent he never stops
lone enough to inquire as to valuation.
He knows that money is only worth
five to seven per cent per annum, and
when taxes from his point of view
amount to what actual cost will
bring, he passps, and moves on to
some other state. Assess property at
its true value and the rate can be
lowered to one and one-half or two
A Habeas Corpus Case.
Mrs. Mary E. Luwn of Jefferson
county, secured her two year old biby
h.mer from its father Sat urday on a
writ of habeas corpus, issued out of
Jud!e shiffeibacu s court. The child
was stolen from its mother in Jefferson
county last September, while ao
Ht'fioo for divorce wis penriiug, and
takeu to Oklahoma City, O.T., to es
cape t;ie jurisdiction of the court
R cently it was brought to Welling
ton and left wi'h the family liv
mg in the Rube Orr property on
Slat? creek, 1m the southwest part of
the city.
It mother came to Wellington Sat
urday with her attorney, A. C.Miichell
of Lawrence, and swore out a writ of
habeas corpus to secure possession of
the child. Sheriff sbawver and City
Marshal Cox sicured the child Sat
urday. It is in a delicate condi
i 8ign full name,
A write plain
rou Must Hurry up, Hurry up, Hurry up, to the
iiid see the volume of work beiii?- turned out every week.
louse i aiming, raper Hanging, fcign Painting, Glass betting.
Uso the bargains vou can zk in Paint. Wall Paner. Glas
Varnishes, etc.
Game-boards, Jardinieres,
Stands, Hugs, Footstools, Pictures and Other Novel
ties. A full assortment with prices to suit your
PIANOS-Ivers& Pond,Chick-
ering Bros., Cron, Smith & Barnes, Willard, Bush
tfcGerts. We sell at reasonable prices on easy
terms and guarantee cur goods. Crown and
Western Cottage Organs.
Small Instruments Guitars
Mandolins, Violins, Banjos, Aecordeons, Harps, etc
We have a nice assortment, including the famous Har
wood and Washburn Guitars and Mandolins.
FURNITURE - A Full Stock
of latest styles, selected with a view to Christmas
Undertaking-ln charge of a
) competent and experienced man. Call on us at any
1 time.
ENCHJS HITCHCOCK, Wellington, Kans.
Taken from he Milan Herald.
There are men who know the life they
are living today is not right. They im
agine that the power is in them to trans
form it any day they please into an en
tirely different life. They do not under
stand that the life has been grcwing
wrong with their growth, and strength
ened with their strength, and that daily
conduct has to do with the character
which has been forming through all
these years. There can be no perma
nent change made on the outer life with
out first there is a change made in the
inner life.
We are making record every day and
memory comes in to have its influence
on the life of today. Sweet memories of
yore, how they crowd in upon me? Our
memory helps either to comfort or
scourge our today. We cannot escape
from it, and our life that now is, is col
ored by it Edgar Allen Poe has left on
record a testimony that we cannot live in
the future as though the present had not
been. By our thought, our conversation
and our conduct we are liberating sweet
songsters that will wake with the dawn
of the morrow to gladden us with their
melody, or birds of ill-omen, like the
Poet's Raven, above our chamber door
and croak their grim prophecy of coming
evil. The spirit in w hich we live this
present life, not only dictates the quality
of this life, but decides what kind of
messengers we will send into tomorrow-
messengers laden down with disappoint
ments or with glad messages of good
cheer. Shall we send raveus into the
morrow to croak over our chamber door,
or shall we send robins to chirp, or
nightingales to sing? We are deciding
Show Yourself a Man.
Taken from the Milan Herald.
Popular opinion is very fickle and very
often wrong. To be on the popular side
is no evidence of being on the right side.
The fact is, right and truth are often not
very popular, and at times have to wade
through bloody seas to the surface and
to victory. There is a great deal of
blind leading in our country and a vastly
more blind following. "Where the
blind lead the blind, both shall fall into
Otto Eckstein, the Wichita lawyer
with beer froth on his name, is trying
to prove that liquor bills can be col
lected in Kansas. There is an old
decision to tne effect that a liquor
bill cannot be collected In Kansa
through a court piocss atd Knnsas
pec p!e therefore regard it as perfectly
hnnorab'e to heat a whisky bill.
Two doors south of A Graff's
harness shop. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Your patronage
T. C. MclNTYRE, Proprietor.
Livery, Feed and -Sale
4th Street, between Main & C. Try us
Best i a Day House
m the city
South Washington Ave
the ditch." The world is full of men
t ion, due to a severe burning received who either have not brains or are too in-
on the buck, neck and bead through
the alleged negligence of its father
and abductor. The bearing of the
case was concluded before Judge
Staffelbach at 3 o'clock Satur
day. County Attorney Ready con
ducted the case for the defendant,
and during the arguments hot words
were exchanged by the attorneys.
The rr(vnt election cost the county
just $339 32.
"Hoggs' Cherry Cougn Syrup saved
the life of my baby boy when dying of
croup: (!od bless the remedy," writes
Mrs Adam Schreiber, of Chattanoog
Tenn. Guaranteed to cure throat and
lung troubles. Saves hundreds of
these little ones every year. All Drug
gists. The Voice is prepared to do first -class
job printing on short notice. See us be
fore having work done. Send in copy.
Prices will be the lowest given for good
For Sale Cheap, a new Winchester
snot gun. Inquire at this office.
A 10-pound girl was b to to Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Sch winn Tue;day after
noon. Ail concerned are doinj well.
Pay L'p and uet a Premium.
We are especially desirous of getting
our subscription list brought up as
closely as possible. To do this the fol
lowing offer is made: All parties who
pay one year in advance will be credited
up to Jan. i, 1902, and will also have
sent them the Farm Journal to Jan. 1,
1905. This is one of the best farm pa
pers published. We are also prepared
to furnish any paper or magazine to
Voice subscribers at the lowest club
bing rate given. Subscribers should
call at the office or write us birore select
ing the winter's reading. We can save
you MONEY.
One or more of the
expert physicians apd
surgeons of the medical
staff of the Chicago
f"!nr:itivo TnsMTnto u;h..
can tell what your dis
ease or affliction is without asking any
questions will visit
Wellington, One Day Only,
Monday Dec. 31st.
Inquire at tje Arlington House. All
Chronic sic Special diseases success
fully treated. Cure guaranteed. Con
suction ''ee.
Get Clark's one minute Headache
Cure at drug stores sample free.
If you answer any of the avertise
ments in this paper mention the Voice
in writing. It will be a kindness to
us and may be of advantage to yon.
Art thou one of the many that has
drained the Golden Nectar that mak
eth thy heart full of strength and
gladness? If not, take Rocky Moun
tain Tea made by the Madison Medi
cine Co. 35c,
' If the average man would look him
self squarely in the eye, he would ee
at once that he needs Rocky Mountain
Tea. A priceless boon to men. 35c
Those who believe sick headache to
be incurable should read what Mrs.
Florence Frazier, of Lidgerwood, N.
D., says about it: "Send me 50 cents
worth of Kra use's Headache Capsnles.
I hare terrible sick headaches and
that is the only medicine that cures
me." SoldbyC-W. Schwinn, druggist.
rhii ifgnatsr li oa every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablet.
the remedy that nrn a cold to M lay
dolent to investigate for themselves, and
who are content to be found in the party
lines or on the popular side. They are
not troubled much with questions
of right or wrong either in politics or
in religion. And this is also true of
a great many newspapers of the land-
papers which ought to be reformers and
bold leaders and conservators of a whole
some popular sentiment, but which in
stead thereof, are towed along by them
Instead of being in advance, or even
abreast of popular opinion, they are fol
lowing in the rear. All this blind and
selfish following must be unmanly
"Show yourself a man" by thinking for
yourself. Study and read up both sides
of every important question. Weigh im
partially and independently "the pros
and cons," then show yourself a man by
standing up nobly for the right and by
eschewing the wrong. The whoop and
cry of the political demagogue convinces
not thinking men. Ot the many politi
cal parties bidding for your suffrage
they each contain a strand of truth; but
party plattorms go for but little unless
the men who form them, the candidates
who stand on them, and the strong fol
lowing, men of conviction who think
more of the greatest good to the greatest
number than they do of place or prefer
ment, be in the ascendancy. Be not one
of the number without principle; but see
to it that your little ballot expresses the
real sentiment of a man, and one who
thinks for himself and dares to vote his
principles, though he votes alone.
"Show yourself a man" by rejecting
the wrong and emulating the virtues of
the great and good. "Dare to be right
dare to be true."
You get best value when your work's
well done. Baldwin's studio makes it
so. Over Postomce.
Bucuaxax. Mini., May 22.
Genesee Pure Food Co., Le Rov. X. Y
Gentlemen: My mamma lias been
a great coffee dricker and has found
it very injurious, flavin? used kpv.
eral packages of your Grain-o, the
drink that takes the place of coffee
she finds it much better for us child
ren to drink. She has given up coffee
drinking entirely. We use a package
eery ween, i am len years om.
Yours respectfully,
Faik Williams
The last sue of the Mihn ITeralrl
arp ared Saturday. Its editor, Rev.
u.j. at.ou, nui, ody preached
sermon every weeK and attf-nned to
his other ministerial duties, but wrote
mnystrmons for the paper. The
Herald was well pitrnniz?d, but the
editor probably found the work too
T Subscriber!.
The date printed after your name is
the date to which your subscription is
paid. The Voice will be sent to sub
scribers until the publishers are notified
by letter to discontinue it, whi-h will be
done promptly when all arrearages are
paid. Agents are wanted in every town
ship in Sumner county. Sample copies
sent free to prospectiye subscribers or
anyone wishing to see a copy of the
Notice our premium offer of the Farm
Journal elsewhere in this paper. These
must come in before January i. The Jour
nal will bejdoubled in price January i. All
subscribers of the Voice paid up to Jan.
I, 1902, may save from twenty-Eve to
fifty per cent on the subscription price of
any paper or magazine bv ordering it
through us. Call at the office or write
stating what is desired.
Your Fads
in California
Golf, tennis, polo, bicycling,
fi.hing, shooting, photogeaph
sailing. mountain climbing.
Outdoor sports in this capti
vating climate are uninter
rupted by winter weather. '
ginning November 8, tri-weekly
between Chicago and Los
Angeles. T.eginning early in
De ember, daily between Chi
cago. Los Angeles and San
Ask for illustrated pamphlet.
E. ITRDY, Agent. The Atchison,
Topeka & Santa Fe Railway,
Office: Opnosite toe ourt House. West
Special Attention plv n to all matters In-
voivion tlie title to Kel Estme
Office over Wellington National Bank
Practices In All xurU. Offleo directly la
Front of court house. In old office of Gturge
Over Security State Bank.
Practice lttnlttd to Dlseanes of
Eye, Ear and Th mat. Hours 1 to 4 u.m
eicept on Friday which It spent at the win,.
field Hospital.
Prices Right. In Marble Block, Wellington.
Over Wellington Niitlcnal Bank.
The fume careful attention will be ulven to
all work, whle-i in the pr st has proven
so satisfactory. Lowest prlct-s j ri va
at all times. alUr.d fee me.
The Old
A chain of historic monuments
to the Spanish padres who un
selfishly toi'ed here generations
Noteworthy examples of native
Sweet-toned bells whose musi
cal chimes recall the romance
and peace of Arcadian days.
ginning November 8, tri-weekly
between Chicago and Los
Angeles. Beginning early in
December, daily between Chi
cago, Los Angeles and an
Ask or illustrated pamphlets.
T. E. PCRDY, Agent, The Atchi
son, Topeka &. Santa Fe Rail
f .1- r. -: jv .
Qranf lid Wuui.oi the hiir.
f romntf a lmur;.nt ffrovitu
Never Fail to Eentore Gnj
Hur to it To'ithfu. Color. I
Fremiti iModnifT tl htir tiUinf I
Legal Notice.
No. 9102.
In the District Court of Sumner county
George W. Goodrich,
Luman A. Earle and
Lj dia J. Earle.
The above named defendant are hereby
notified tlmt thrv have been sued br the
above named pUlntlff, In the district court
or Sumnercounty.Btme of hansas. and that.
unless UK y answer tbe petition o. the said
plaintiff, against tbeni filed in said action, in
the a nice of the clerk of said court by th
SH'b da? of January, llwl.
tbe said petition will be taken a true and
Judimenl will be rendered In said actios in
favor of tbe eald plaintiff and against the
said defendant, for tbe sum of six hundred
ana forty-two dollars. ('A2 with hie res
t hereon from the 23rd day of November, A
D 1W0. at the rate of ten per cent per an
mm, and for the sale of tbe following de-
scri hod real estate, lying and situate ln tbe
count) of suniner, and state of Kansas, to
wit: The north U) acres of the west half of
the northeast quarter of section ten (10),
township thlrtv-8ve (35), rang one (1) east
in Sumner county. Kansas, under first mort
irHfre lien to sailtfy said debt. Interest and
taxes oh theUnd, and the costs ln the said
Eaid defendants are also further notified
that an order of attachment to secure an
additional fund to satisfy aatd debt, interest,
tax, and costs, has bees Issued out ot the
c.istrli't court of Mumner county. Kansas,
and that, under said order of attachment so
Issued, tbe following described real estate
has been attached and seized In said action,
to-wit: The south 15 acres of the west half
of the northeast quarter of section ten (10);
the east half of tbe north newt quarter of sec
tion ten (1U); all ln towntbip thirty-fire
3T). ranze one east of the sixth principal
meridian In Sumner county. Kansas.
1 bat vilddc-'CLda uts are noti3edihst judg
ment will also be rendered In stidactlou, that
the said lauds, so levied upen In attachment
above described, will be sold under an order
of the court, under tiie aame restrictions and
regulations, as tf tbe tame had been levied
upon by execution, to satisfy any balance
that n ay he, due and unpaid on tbe said
iudrment after the sale of the mortgaged
land, and Judgment will also be. rendered
rraotinr an? other and further relief to
which plaintiff mar be entitled and for oots.
Hacksiy & Pitts A Kos Harris.
Attest. Attys. for plaintiff.
Clerk of District Court.
First Published In Void. De. 13, lwu. "
Gates' Tours
Mexico, California,
Grand Canon of Arizonia
First Tour leaves New York
and Boston Feb. 5, 1901. Leaves
Chicago and St. Louis Feb. C, 1901.
SeCOnCi Tour leaves New
York and Hoston Feb. 9, 1901
Leaves Chicago and St. Louis Feb,
20, 1901.
MEXICO Land of enchantment,
country of tradition and ro
mance, paradise for tourists.strange
and delightful All plaees hereto
fore visited included. Also for the
fir-t time, beautiful Lake Chapala
(4,000 ft alt.) and unique ruins of
Xochicalco and Teposte?o.
r....j r..A. r i
uianu vaiiun ui muwm 0nthe
Santa Fe Rovte, most wonder
ful 6cenic panorama in the West;
217 miles long, 13 miles wide, more
than a mile deep, and painted like
a flower.
California Special arrange
ments for visiting the noted
California resorts. Tickets good to
return independently on any train
within 9 months.
Trein deLuxe -special
train, equipped with compart
ment cars, drawing-room Pullmans,
dining car and observation car.
Large observation parlor for ladies
and smoking parlor for gentlemen.
In service lor entire railroad por
tion of each tour. All expenses in
cluded. Number of passengers lim
ited. Send to Ciias. H. Gates, To
ledo, Ohio, for itinerary describing
these ideal winter tours.
T. E. PURDY,Agent,
Tbe A. T. & S. F. Ey.,
Wellington, Kan.
ill I
Fresh Fish, Oysters, i Poultry
Canned and Silt Meats
Everything in Season
Prices the Lowest
for Good Meat
California Hams Sy2c
The largest stock of EVER,
f GREENS in the U.S. Hardy
namentala, Roses, etc
TMaj Plana. COMMiaaioa Liaaaai.
Elgin, HI

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