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"Here's Ter Cat."
Chang, the Chinese giant, is about to
be married to a Kansas City lady, who
is six feet six inches high and worth
82W.000. Are we about to lose the par
agrapher of the Kansas City Time3 ?
On our round through the county
last week we saw antelope, and an cyer-
lastine number of jack rabbits. "We
were told that wild horses could be
found in the western part of the state.
"Stay at home," is the advice the
Leavenworth Times giyes the Kansans
who are restlessly disposed to become
Oklahoma boomers. The advice is
sound, for there is no place like home,
and no place like Kansas for a home.
The Topeka Capital naving heard
that Gov. Glick has left Kansas for Al
bany, in response to a telegram from
president Cleveland, says that the Ex
Governor will surely receive the ap
pointment of U. S. Land Commission
er Yice McFarland.
Maj. Ed. Howe, editor of the Atchi
son Globe, has written a new book, en
titled "The Mystery of the Locks,"
which it is said is interesting, enter
taining and instructive. We have not
seen a copy yet, bat would like mighty
well to gaze on it, for we have heard a
good deal about Maj. Howe, as being
an author.
The Democratic organs are already
worrying because the Bepublicans are
likely to criticise the make-up of Mr.
Cleveland's cabinet;. It looks as
though the Democrats might be the se
verest critics. The Republican press
will handle Mr. Cleveland with fair
ness, but as the case demands.
A ration for one cow per day, com
prising all the food elements, is thus
estimated by a practical dairyman:
Ten pounds clover hay, costing 4. cents ;
ten pounds straw, 2 cents; four pounds
linseed meal, C cents; four pounds
wheat bran, 3 cents ; two pounds cot
tonseed meal, 3 cents; four pounds
corn meal 3 cents; total, 21 cents.
This estimate is for what may be term
ed high feeding, and of a variety that
fulfills all the requirements of a heavy
It is told at Topeka that Ex Gov. An
thony having an ancient grudge (which
time has not dissolved) against Gov.
Martin, during discussion of the tem
perance bill was always on the side of
-4he ''impracticablcs" thougkhiaaelt
an anti-prohibitionist for the purpose
of making the bill as objectionable as
possible, thus causing another "Glick
revolution" two ybars hence, and
bringing about the defeat of Martin.
Salina Jnurnal.
The snide life insurance companies
have made a pool and paid a firm 51,
000 to prevent legislation. It is about
time the just indignation of the mem
bers of the legislature took hold of this
subject and protected the people by
giving them some legislation requiring
responsibility from those who take
money for life insurance It is not too
late. The bill prepared and endorsed
by the iusurance commissioner and the
attorney general will, if it becomes a
law, be a great benefit on this subject.
Don't judge a man by the clothes he
wears; God made one and the tailor
the other. Don't judge him by family,
for Cain belonged to a good family.
Don't judge a man by his failure in life,
for many a man fails because he is too
honest to succeed. Don't judge a man
by the house he lives in for the rat and
the lizard often inhabit a grander
structure. When a man dies, they
who survive him ask, what property
he has left behind. The angel who
bends over the dying man asks what
good deeds h6 has sent before him.
The Washington monument i four
sided, the base being fifty-five feet
square. Its total bight, to the apex of
the capstone, is 550 feet. The founda
tion is thirty-six feet deep. Inside of
the monument there are 900 steps.
Tiie total weight of the structure is
S1,000 tons. There is considerable more
work to be done in and around the
monument before it can be said to be
finished, aiut it is estimated that the
additional expenditure necessary will
bring the total cost of the structure
up to .$1,354,510.
The Cat.
Charles Coowr. lar.
riinrsd iv, j
orougnt irom me railro-iu tno pre,
type and material of the Thoma-s tjorx
ty Cat. weighing H,ft90 jkmwiiK The
Cat will purr for Thomas omnty, .-mil
what wo ili'Mi! the twt interests f:ill
her people. The Cat will Iw loe.-itvtl :it
the new town fito on the Dog. The
Cat has velvet paw., hue will nor al
low the fur r ho stroked the wrong
way. To nil eoneenjetl it would be
well to remember that a Cat has nine
lives, and farther thur a Oat i greatly
attached to a place vliere located.
Cff-WHY WILL YOU Cough when
ohiloh's Cure will give you immediate
relief? Price, 10 cts., 50 cts. and
About. the highest point in the coun
ty, Colby post office, 3Ir. I. W. Irwin
postmaster, water can be obtained at
a depth of 140 feet. The shallowest
well we heard of was 17 feet, located on
the Dog. Tho new town site which is
on the Dog, north of post office 2
miles, is fortunate in furnishing pure
water at a depth of 50 feet. On the
beautiful divides water can be obtained
at about SO feet. There is no running
water only in the north east part of the
county. There are 7 wind mills in the
county and after water is reached the
supply is inexhaustable, as has been
tested bv these mills.
It. R. Lands.
The half of the southern part of the
county is rail road land which is at
present withdrawn from marker. The
managers of the rail road lauds can see
that Thomas County will be settled this
summer, and have withdrawn the lands
for the purpose of re-appraising at a
higher value. We hope these lands
will not fall into the hands of sbecula
tors, but will be sold to actual settlers
and colonies. The other half of the
lands in the southren part of the coun
ty belongs to the government, but are
rated at 2.50 an acre. This fact will
cause the northren part of the county
to settle first where the full benefit of
the bounty of the government can be
A Voice From The Desert.
We are in receipt of an address, de
livered by Hon. W. D. Coburn, before
the American Agricultural Associa
tion at New Orleans, February 21, un
der the caption of "A Voice from the
Desert." In this address he gives
Kansas a big boom. As a sample, and
to show the nature of the address, we
give the following extract :
Do ,you ask if corn grows on those
wind-swept prairies?
Yes, corn grows there; but the offici
al report says "the condition during
the spring (1884) for corn planting and
the cultivation of the ground were ex
ceedingly unfavorable, owing to con
tinued rains in nearly all portions of
the State." and "the general average of I
the State suffered severely." Owing to
these draw backs the crop averaged
forty-two bushels per acre on our 4.545,
908 acres; hence, the year's crop was
but 190,000,000 bushels; as much, how
ever, as the products of all New En
gland, of New York, A rkansas. Ken
tucky and Texas combined. Thirty of
the counties raised from 3,000,000 to
5,920,000 bushels each. With this, ev
en though much of it should "be (as a
Kentucky friend says) wasted to mase
bread of, we hope to have a reasonable
supply for seed the ensuing Spring.
Only three other States Jo wa. Illinois
and Missouri bivis much.
The address is able, timely and can
not fail to advance the interests of
The Future of the Union Pacific.
Charles Francis Adams Jr., Presi
dent of the Union Pacific Railroad,
lis written a letter to Judge James
Humphrey, one of the Railroad Com
missioners, concerning the quo war
ranto proceedings against the Railroad,
and says the successful pi osecution of
the suit will be detrenitntal to the
State. He says through rates are now
so adjusted that produce, manufactures
and merchandise pass ovei Kansas line
between the Atlantic and Pacific at the
same rate as by the Union Division, al
though the distance is 225 miles great
er. In another letter to the General
Freight agent at Onaha, concerning the
local development on the Kansas Di
vision and the haul, so-called, in which
he considers the local developmeot of
more importance. The new President
says there will be some brains used in
the management of the Road, which
the people are glad to hear. Mr.
Adams says:
From my point of view this is a
short-sighted policy, and one absolutely
wrong from every point of view.
Coramerciallv considered, it was not a.
mere question of the freight to be re
ceived from hauling a few bushels or
carloads of salt a greater or less dis
tance; it was a question ot developing.
somewhere upon the line of our svs-
teni, a thriving local comu unity, with
all its numerous railroad n quirements.
The extistence of such a community
is worth infinitely more o i railroad
than the freights upon a very lnrse
amount of raw material.
In the future of the Union Pacific
system, in our. opinion, i inseparably
woundup with this dcvclopement of
local productions and industries. Up
on the lines of our various roads we
h.ivc vast natur.nl deposits, in addition
j io these usually known as minerals.
We have soda. salt, sulnhur. mint, and
many others which will re ulily suggest
themselves in you. It is the policy of
the company that even ptssible facili
ty which is leasonable should he afToi ti
ed to those wishing to develop a mark
et for the-e deposits.
I.lver, Khinry or Ninmurh Trouble.
Symprmii: impure mNmmI. rusiivc
'iiiwi'l.. irri'giilar sippeiite. Mir belch
ing, n:ii'i in -Mite. bi"k :iutl h".irt, yel
low urim,, hunting uIh-ii uriu.'ttiiig.
cl.-iy-eoluml ;1. hid ln:irh, no ile--ire
for work, chilN, tVer. irrii:ililitv.
tvhitNIi tongue, dry cough, iliszy head,
ith dull pain in back p:rt. los of
inemorv, foggy sight. FortlieM troub
les "SWAYXE4S PILL-' are :i sure
cure. Box (30 Pills) by mail, 25 cents,
5 for f 1. Address Dr. SWAYNE &
SON, Phila., Pa. Sold by druggists.
Thomas County.
Hearing much about the. fertility,
smoothness and the great adaptability
of the lands of this county for stock
raising and farming, we last week in
company with our genial friend J. B.
McGonigal. paid Thomas a visit. We
rode to Beloit over the Solomon Rail
road, and after a short stay in that live
ly city we seated ourselves in tbs cars
of the Central Branch for Lenora. We
know nothing of the condition of the
road from Belbit to Atchison, but from
Beloit to Lenora the road is in good
condition and doing a good business, as
many land hunters arc going west.
The ride from Lenora to Oberlin, where
the land office ol this district is located,
is not so pleasant as it is made in a hack
and the distance is 43 miles. The land
office lias to be visited in order to see
the plats. If you are not acquainted
in the locality you wish to examine, it
is highly necessary that you engage
the services of some intelligent and
trusty person who will give you the
candid information you are seeking.
Our route was up the South Sappafrom
Oberlin (see map) and our first stop
ping place was at Fay Gibbs.an old set
tler who has lived here nearly five
years, bquire tfibbs' teslnnony is that
you can raise hay, grain potatoes, veg
etables and fruits. Our journey was
continued up the South Sappa passing
Cumberland post office, and ten miles
higher up, the Otterbourne post office.
Both of these places are the centers of
thriving settlements. Wo find an
abundance of living water in this
stream, and tlie statements of the set
tlers are positive on this point. Our
journey led us from the South Sappa
Valley aciossthe Hat or dhidetothe
Prairie Dog Valley, striking the Dog
about 2) miles north of the present site
of the Colby post office. Where we
struck the Dog is where the new town
site is located, and where the new pa
per is being published. The land be
tween these streams is very fine, the
land being level and the soil deep and
rich, the drainage being sufficient.
Our return to Oberlin and the selec
tion of our laud being accomplished
we came home. While in Thomas we
had two days of snow, a fall of about
three inches. We were informed by
j parties who have been in all parts of
the county that the general character
of the surface is sinoothe, the breaks
where they do occur, not being rugged.
You can get a good idea of the lay of
the land by knowing that ou can drive
a horse and buggy over almost any part
Of the county, especially the western
part. The present settlements are in
the north east part, hut land hunters
arc numerous and the laud is being
"taken" every day. At present abou
one half of all the lands in the county
are open for settlement.
There is an abundance of nutritious
Buffalo grass all over the county. Wa
ter can be obtained at a depth ranging
fronil to 140 leet. At the new town
site water can be obtained by digging
fifty feet.
We saw no dead cattle while out
there. There seems to be plenty of haj'
sorghum, millet and the everlasting
buffalo grass.
You will not find babbling brooks or
magnificent forests, hut; you will find
some of the finest land in the stale, a
drier climate than east and about 200
brave and intellegent settlers. Let ev
ery man be persuaded in his own mind
Be sure 3-011 are light and then go
D. M. D.
A Marvelous Story
" Qeutlemen: Sly father reaMet mt Glow,
Vt. He haa been a great nCerer from ScraC
sla, aad the-inotoeed letter Tfll tall yon vkat
reloss affect -
Ayers Sarsarilla
haa had in hla case. I thiak hia tOaod ant
Taare contained the humor for at leaat tea
years ; bat it did not show, except in tka totm
t t, scrof alotu tore on the -wrist, nntfl abort
f Ye years ago. From a few spots which ap
peared at that time, it gradually spread sou
to cover his entire body. I assure yon he waa
terribly afflicted, and an object of pity, whan
he oegmncsing your medicine. Now, there are
few men of his age who enjoy as good health,
as he has. I could easily name fifty persona
who would tettify to the facts in his case.
Tours truly, W. M. PHUXXW."
& duty for me to state to you the basalt I
have derived from the uso of
Ayers Sarsaparilla.
Six montlis ago I was completely corered with
a terrible bumor and scrofulous sores. -3
humor caused an incessant and Intolerable
itching, and the skin cracked so as to camta
the blood to flow in many places wheaersr
I mored. My Bufferings were great, and my
life a burden. I commenced the use of that
Sarsaparilla in April last, and have used
it regularly since that time. My condition
hagan to improre tt once. The sores hare
an healed, and I feel perfectly well in every
respect being now able to do a good day's
work, although 73 years of age. Many inquire
what has wrought such a cure in ay case, and
I teU them, as I bare hero tried to teU yoc,
Atxr's Sacsai-arit.t.a. Glover, Vt, Oet.
21, M8i Tours gratefully,
p Hiram Pjaiiir.
Arzs's Sarsaparilla cures Serofsd
and all Scrofulous Complaints, Erysip
elas, Eaema, Ringworm, Ftrtfhss.
Sores, Boils, Toraors. aad Ereptioaa af
the Skin. It clears the blood of all imam
titles, aids diction, stimulates the action, of
the bowels, and thus restores vitality and
strengthens the Thole system.
C- C-
R1 5 a w r IVN s e l y
ry-LxY1 a XXXV B.SSS.fe' R.SSZIH t.xxxu rxxx. I-'-j
TrrPTfTT ''T Jfr ' 1 M I ' ' I ! ! I TA ' M ! f " j
1 ttefe j I 'T ill I i I 1 i,i iTTTtiT
; 1 --Jt 1 1 11 1 1 ir- iiii 1 1 1 iTiTii
fyr 5r 1 I 1 w j I ii hiiH n
; I ILL Jlt- K! I "" I I i 1 I i T!
II M I Mill I I I I i i i j i j
fvJ I Mill Tj-HV. J. l U i i j I I i,
id 1 I I -H-WTTr14iJ 4 ,
s r. j o h :; o "; jo-i
t Reboot Hoax j.ii.N.nT crt.crvaM..; j
Lnnelea Hair Bestorcr.
Great English Toilet Article. Re
stores growth, color, gloss, and soft
ness. Removes dandruff. Aristocrat
ic families of Great Britain endorse it.
Elegant dressing. Fragrantly perfum
ed. The favorite of fashion. At drug
gists for 3s ,l.Jd, or 75 cts in U. S.
A single trial of the Peerless Worm
Specific never yet failed to relieve the
baby, and overcome the prejudices of
the mother. It not only frees the child
from worms, but regulates the stomach
and bowels, cures wind colic, corrects
acidity, and cures Dysentery and Diar
rhoea gives rest and health to the
child, and comforts the mother. Try
it. No cure, no pay. F. L. Flint.
Coughs, Celds, Catarrta, Ceantla
All throat, breast and lung affec
tions cured bv the old-established
first dose gives relief, and a cure speed
y follows. 25 ct3 or $1 at druggists.
EST Croup, whooping cough and
Bronchitis immediately relieved by
Shiloh's Cure.
Dr. Jackson's Vegetable worm syrup
a certain remedy tor worms in tne
stoiiiach and bowels, for sale by all
dealers in medicines.
Puny Children eli'ected with worms
made strong and healthy by use of Dr.
Jackson's Vegetable Worm Syrup, 25
cents a bottle.
Jackson's root and herb cordial is the
best blood purifier in the world. Price
SI. 00.
Collins' ague cure acts direct upon the
liver and cleanses the stomach of all
impurities. No better eathartic can be
Physicians recommend Collins' ague
cure "because its effects can be relied
Cure for Piles
Piles are frequently proceeded by a
sense of weight in the back, loins and
lower part ol the abdomen, causing the
patient to suppose he has some affection
of the kidneys or neighboring organs.
At times, symptoms of indigestion are
present, as flatulency, uneasiness of the
stomach, etc. A moisture, like perspi
ration, producing a very disagreeable
itching, after getting warm, isa very
common attendant. Blind, Bleeding,
and Itching piles vield at once to the
application of Dr. Bosanko's Pile reme
dy which acts directly upon the parts
aflccted, absorbing the Tumors, allay
ing the intense itching, and affecting a
permanent cure, irrice w cents, -aa-dress,
The Dr. Bosanko Medicine Co.,
Piqua, Ohio. Sold bv F. L. Flint. 18yi.
Prickly Ash Bitters is an unfailing
specific for all complaints arising irom
a derangement of the functions of the
Liver. It purifies the blood and in
fuses new life into the invalid. Pains
in the side, general uneasiness, loss of
appetite, headache, billious attacks, Ac
are sure indications that a corrective is
needed. Prickly Ash Bitters is espec-i
tally adapted for these complaints. Itj
;(ruus a iijrpiu liver in union uuu r
-tor"- ir :i healthy i-oiiditiiu.
Dr. Bosanko.
Thi-: n.-itne has become so familiar j
witli the mo-t of people throughout,
the United States th.it it is hardly ne-'
i-csuy to t:it that he i the originator'
of the iirnat Pr. Botiiko cough and
mug syrup, tin iieoplp'i tavonte reme
dy, wherever known, lor coughs, colds,
i-oii-iiiniitioii and all affections of the
throat and luur. Price .")0c. and $1.00.'
Sold hy F. L. Flint 1
m m
Simple jii'tice requirr' that DeLand'S ,
oila ami SHleratu- -liould be given ,he
... .ft:... . .t.. .. . v-lia tuiSallf asrnom T a
ilia uS-n, kwl i-.o.ie of the greatest j
-.cahh nromoters of the age.
MTThat Hacking fJougt
Cough can be so
isass? by
niiou a vure.
i MAN Of
Bjr SIVA..
12mo. Cloth, $1.00; Taper Cover-., .'Ocnts.
Since the days of the tamon "Letters of
Junius," few writings have eoniinanU'l so
much attention us these Letters of Siva to a
Tresident Elect. Thoy have been freijuciitly
and deservedly compared with the "Letters of
Junius." while in the judgment of some of the
ablest critics they are regarded as being far in
advance of those remarkable epistles For
masterly grasp of the subjects discussed, tor
keen and subtle satire, for au exhaustive sur
vey of the whole political situation, they stand
unmatched m tlie political literature of this
generation. The fact thattlic3- have been pub
lished anonymously, adds greatly to their vn -ue.
They ctialleuire attention on their own
merits and not on the reputation of their au
thor. Much curiosity has been manifested con
cerning their authorship, and the common
question of to-day is, "Who is Siui'r" The
most thoughtful readers are at a Iosm for an an
swer. These letters have been ascribed in turn
to the lion. J G. Blaine. Hon W. M . KvarU,
Hon. Koscoc Conkling. Col. Ii. G. Ingcrsoll,
Judge Tourgee, Hon. K. IJ AVasliburne, Chas.
A. liana Hon. Emery A . Storrs, "Gail Ham
ilton," D. K. Locke, General Grant. Gen. 15.
M. Prentiss, Margaret Sullivan, lames Kcd
path, and other distinguished persons. This
fact alone is evidc.-eof their remarkable char
acter. There can Ue no doubt that these "Let
ters of Siva" arc destined to exert a great in
flueuce throughout the whole land. They are
addressed in the llrst instance to a persidcnt
clect, but they desene te be read and pondered
by erery thoughtful American .
Ninth Edition Now Ready.
The most salable Book of Poems issued this
century. Square lCmo. Cloth. Trice, Sl.Ou
Miss Wheeler evidently has "the courage of
her opinions." Her ver&e is always thoughful,
often animated with a true poetic instinct, and
made beautiful by felicitous fancy It is al
ways melodious. Chicago Times.
A woman who Speaks as strougly and purely
as she cannot help doing good, and the marvel
is that the public have waited so long for a vol
ume of her poems. It is a tame age that docs
not want its poor heart stirred. Philadelphia
This collection gives us the ripe frutage of
her genius, and proudly justifies the claim of
her iriends for a high rank amongst Aineri.
can poets. St. Paul Daily Dispatcn.
BELFORD. CLARKE & CO.. Publishers.
315-321 Wabash Ave., Chicago, s$l-:;s; Broad
way, Kew York.
Minnesota, North Dakota. Montana,
Idaho, Washington and Oregon.
Atprlct raafinf cWtflyfraaiS2 tat per acre,
on fc fa 10 rarsf tian. TWa to tt aaVCaawBi
toaamiHCaatf Haanewenaafaf scttlataent
PBPE 320 acres of Government
Hrf ni IndFraeanderthc Homestead
andTimberCttlmre Laws. NOTE
-10.818.43X Acre s HBE TOAX
oi an me ramie bancs disposed or in van.
ri i rn
thiTYKEE Government Lands. Address. CHAS. B.
LAKBOEN, Land Com'r, K. P. R. K.. St. Paul, Mien.
ach.ao WmumtMBtnoo. Jauwaot. Piiuii.
tuajsara bpi ii. unuwama AFTOt awta.nc
3 snnsf nnnnw
srmsna s nmsjs
w, mrtfAoo., , , ten,
Hair Vigor
restores, with tao gloss and freshness of
youth, faded or gray hair to a natural, rich
bronn color, or deep black, as may be desired.
By its use light or red hair may be darkened,
thin hair thickened, and baldness often,
though not always, cured.
It checks falling of the hair, and stimu
lates a weak and sickly growth to vigor. It
prevents and cures scurf and dandruff, and
heals nearly every disease peculiar to the
scalp. As a Ladies' Hair Dressing, the
Vioob is unequalled ; it contains neither oil
nor dye, renders the hair soft, glossy, and
silken in appearance, and imparts a delicate,
agreeable, and lasting perfume.
Mb. C. P. Bkiciter writes from Ar6y, O..
JUy 3, 1882 : Last f aU my hair commeneed
falling out, and in a short time I bseanM
nearly bald. I used part of a bottle of
Ayeb's ILur Vioob, which stopped the fall
ing of the hair, and started a new growth. T
have now a full head of hair growing vigor
ously, and am convinced that but for the
use of your preparation I should have been
entirely bald."
J.W.Bowek, proprietor of the MeArthw
(.Ohio) Enquirer, says : " Ater's HaikVioob
is a most excellent preparation for the hair.
I speak of it from my own experience. Its
use promotes the growth of new hair, and
makes it glossy and soft. The Vioob is also
a sure cure for dandruff. Not within my
knowledge has the preparation ever failed
to give entire satisfaction."
Mb. Axgcs Faibbaibn, leader of the
celebrated "Fairbalrn Family" of Scottish
Vocalists, writes from Boston, Mott Feb. 6,
1880 : "Ever since my hair began to give sil
very evidence of the change which fleeting
time proenreth, I have used Atxb's Haik
Vioob, and so have been able to maintain
an appearance of youthfulness a matter of
considerable consequence to ministers, ora
tors, actors, and in fact every one who Uvea
in tho eyes of the public"
Mrs. O. A. Prescott, writing from 18 Elm
St Chorieatoten, Haas., April 14, 1882, sayst
" Two years ago about two-thirds of my hafr
came off. It thinned very rapidly, and I waa
fast growing bald. On using Atxb's Xaib
Vioob the falling stopped and a sew growtn
commenced, and in about a month my head
was completely covered with short hair. It
has continued to grow, and Is sow as goad as
before it fell. I regularly used but one bottla
of the Vioob, but now uso it occasionally as
a dressing."
We have hundreds of similar tsstteomsftla
to the efficacy of Atbb'b Hair Vioob. at
needs but a trial to convince the most i
cal of its value.
Sold by all Druggists.
Manfa of DEPP SHOT. BUCK SHOT, 4c;
Man and Beast.
a s-t
M astang Liniment is older than
most men, and used more and
moreeverj.ycar. ,
JaaMRSsjHC5ia!l TsaaasBssf
tH-kaHssl?? ItsaLaP
tJJtr.ir .

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