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VOL. I. NO. 27.
S1.50 PJR YEAR."
f IlMll
VY. 31. EDWARDS, 31. 1).,
Physician & Surgeon,
Bunker Hill Roller 31111s,
IIEALE & FEAKIXS, Proprietors,
Capacity, 200 Barrels Per Ray.
One or the Most Complete Roller Mills
iu the State.
A 5cw House. Board and Lodging by
the Day-an'l Week.
Attorney at Law and Notary Public.
All Land Business Promptly and Ac
curately Done.
AH Business in this Line Promptly At
tended to.
Attcnds to all kinds of
. -,.-,-. -
Cull and sic him w hen j ou go to Oberlln.
(Jood Rigs and Plenty of Stabling and
Special Attention to Thomas County.
NEttT. suurso.v,
oxmmcxnr, KAirsAS.
Land & Real Estate
Sign Writing a Specialty.
OBUTCi-iri, shop
Prcsli and Cured 3Iea!s ou Hand at
All Times.
Real Estate Agents,
F. S. SEE,
House, Carriage & Sign Painting
XV. W. COX. Xotnrv rublic, Seward. Nebraska
THANK riNGKEE,XotaryPubhc.CoIby,Kan
Eeal Estate and Insurance
We have choice farm" and will lands in
JJebraka. also school and deeded lands in
Thomas County. Kansa. Locating done in
Tnomas and Sheridan Counties promptly and
accurately. Correspondence solicited.
Real Estate Agents,
BL John County, Kansas. U. P. K. R Kanas
Division, where all trains stop. Wo are doiag
'General Land Business. Locating: in Thom
as and St. John Counties made a specialty.
Plenty good Government lands in thoe
counties unoccupied, -.pmesiini? claims and
- business prompuy attended to.
r, Kan.
Grlnnell, Kan.
.P-olM Ttmi .feVool Za4f
IIHUHUH Wiaiiiwwi
Qlfaaned by Telegraph end MalL
Of 2,332 Presidential postmasters In the
United States, changes have baen made in
JS7 cases since the adjournment of the Sen
ate. The coinage at the various mlnU daring
August w as $6,520,000.20, of which $2,447,-
G0O was in standard dollars.
The decrease in the National Debt dur
ing August amounted to ?2,879,0o2.17. The
total debt, including all items, amounted
Johx T. Moroax, Jr., son of Senator
Morgan.of Alabama, and Miss Delia Stella
were up the river pt Washington on the
night of the 1st in a canoe, and when near
the chain bridge were caught In a squall.
Tho canos overturned and both were
drowned. -t
The Mexican Foreign Minister recently
made complaint to Secretary Bayard of
American citizens of Dimmit County, Tex.,
stealing cattle from Mexicans. The mat
ter was referred to Governor Ireland.
At a meiting of agricultural chemists at
"Washington, on tho 1st, Commissioner Col
man denounced the frauds ami adultera
tions in fertilizers aad in articles of human
food. The difficulty of obtaining a convic
tion against persons engaged in such dis
honest practices was due to tho lack of
Uovcrument standards.
Government Inspector, Armsthong re
cently returned to El Paso, Tex., from an
inspection of tho Indian agencies in Ari
zona. IIo reported that among the resi
dents of that Territory all fears of further
Indian depredations have disappeared,
tliat the Apaches at the San Carlos Agency
havo raised a large crop of grain this year
and are peaceful and contented.
The total collections of internal revenue
during tho month of August last wero ?.-",-63J,;;i
I, or $jfi,2I-t less than for tho same
period of 18S1. There was a decrease of
SKW.GTTi In tho collections for spirits and of
v-10,471) from miscellaneous sources. There
was an incieasoof 13MISin thecollections
for tobacco and of 1S2,501 on fermontcd
The Indian Bureau was recently In
formed by General Crook that tho hostile
Apaches were in Mexico, about twmty
five miles outh of the boundary line, and
moving southward.
Five persons were terribly burned by a
natural gas explosion at Marvin & Co.'s
steam bakery, Pittsburgh, Pa., recently.
One of O'Brien's elephants recently
broke loose in Philadelphia. One man was
seriously injured by tho animal, being
picked up and hurled a considerable dis
tance. A DnucaiST of Iloboken, N. J., recently
filled up a prescription for quinine with
morphine. Tho result was the death of one
young woman and tho fatal poisoning of
another. Tho druggist fled.
Ho.v. Jonx E. Russell, Secretary of tho
Massachusetts State Board of Agriculture,
has written a letter declining an invitation
to preside over tho coming Democratic
State Convention, on the ground that as a
mmber of the Board, appointed without
regard to politics, h- acceptance "would
not bo an example of tho ti ue principle of
civil service reform."
Br an explosion of gas in the Susque
hanna Coal Company's coke mills at
Wilkt'sbarre, Pa., recently, Lewis and
Charles Glanville were fntally burned and
two others slightly.
It was reported at New York that Hon.
B. F. Butler was preparing a suit against
the Government on behalf of the evicted
At New Haven, Conn., tho wire mills
started six largo furnaces recently, but
not a workman appeared. The proprietors
had thought tho strike which took place
previous to tho "shut down was over, but
they were mistaken.
VinuLENT small-pox has broken out in
Fall ltiver, Mass.
The employes of the Lackawanna &
Pittsburgh Railroad, running from Belfast
Junction to Anglica, N. Y., have struck
because of non-payment of wages. They
claim seven months back paj-.
It was stated recently that the managers
of tho elevated railroads in New York had
found tno electric xuoter a success, and
would shortly run all their cars b- this
TnE ceremony of laying tho corner stono
of the statue to the memory of Commodore
Oliver Hazard Perrj-, of Lako Erie fame,
was performed at Newport, It. I., on the
1st, by the Grand Lodge of Masous. Tho
statue is in Lronzo and weighs about four
Four persons wero recently poisoned by
eating toadstools at Shenandoah, Pa., one
of them fatally. -
Philadelphia butchers were reported
preparing to organize in opposition to Chi
cago and other Western meats.
A child at. No. 127 Pitt street New
York, was recently discovered suffering
with Q virulent case of small-pox. Part of
the building was used as a school and there
were fears that the infection would spread.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Grant and Mrs.
Sartoris left New York on the 2d on tho
North German Lloyd steamer 'Werra. They
were bound for Southampton, the two first
named on a visit and the last to her home.
Ax epidemic of typhoid dysentery, due
to impure water, prevails at Waymacrt, a
small village five miles west of Honesdnle,
Pa. Thirty-five cases and five deaths are
A young jockey named Moran was in
stantly killed' on the Brighton Beach (N.
Y.) race track, the other day, by a col
lision. The other morning at the Oakwood shaft
of the Lehigh Valley Coal Company a
large cage in which nine men were being
lowered had nearly reached the bottom
when a mass of loose coal fell from the
side of -the shaft, instantly killing four and
fatally wounding two others, while the
other three were seriously injured.
Dcrecg a rainstorm at Wahpeton, Dak.,
recently, E. E. Redman's barn was struck
by lightning, killing two men within and
injuring- two others.
As excited crowd of Polish men and
women in Chicago recently hong in effigy
one of their countrymen -named Mulkouski,
who had been arrested fox the murder of a
Jtrs. ffledzleck. . , .
Two polloemea wer found nmrdertil
recently Geaers. m. Tb crime tu
nppoMd tolart bM MMBitt4 tar p
"William Uowarth, dealer in hardware
at Centrsl City, Col., dry goods at Pueblo
aad cattle in various parts of the State,
was attacheil recently for S12.000. The
estimated liabilities are $V0,000; nominal
assets, SlOO.O'W; actual assets, unknown.
The boxing contest at Cincinnati on the
20th, between John L. Sullivan and Domi
nick McCaffrey, ended in the referee
awnrding the "honors" to Sullivan.
TnE Dmro, of tho City of Mexico, re
cently said this: The financial depression
continues, and the Government is unable
to accumulate a surplus. There are rumors
of a possible negotiation of a loan in the
United States if tho United States Gov
ernment can bo induced to guarantee the
Interest In return for certain commer
cial concessions.
A oao of robbers were captured re
cently eight miles from Helena, Mont.,
while engaged in robbing a stage coach.
Tho plot had been given away to tho po
lice by one of the confederates.
A vert severe wind and hail storm
passed through Belmont County, O., on
the evening of tho 33th. A flouring mill
was blown down 2ad crops wero much
damaged. "
A gang of masked men recently burned
a bridge on the Indianapolis, Bloomington
& Western Railroad, "near Danvers, HI.
The intention was to wreck the express,
but tho engineer discovered the fire iu time
and the train was stopped.
The Coroner's Jury in the Walkup pois
oning case at Emporia, Kan., found that
the deceased came to his death by arsenic
administered at tho hands of his wife.
Martix Drockman's stable in Cum
miuaville, O., was burned early tho other
morning, and an unknown boy w ho was
asleep in the hay perished in the flames.
The miners in tho Massilloa (O.) District
of the Tuscarawas Valloy, by a majority
of 270, decided to coutinue the striko
against a reduction of fifteen cents per ton
in the price of mining.
J. Romero & Co., contractors and stock
raisers, of Las Vegas, N. M., havo failed.
Liabilities ?i0O,O00, assets claimed to be
John- and George Zimmerman, agod six
and eight respectively, w hile playing iu a
barn at Pro iso, near Chicago, tho other
evening, accidentally set fire to tho struc
ture by dropping a lighted match. They
were both roasted alivo.
The Little Rolling Mills, situated in East
St. Louis, were closed tho other morning
by fVW of its hands striking. Tho men
kicked at an order announcing the same
pay as that of other mills, claiming it to
be on attempt to fqreo upon them the re
ducod Pittsburgh sc-.V.e.
Cattle dU ase, which many stock men
pronounced Texas fever, was reportod rag
ing throjghout Pottawatomie County,
Western Iowa.
The w est 1 ound train on tho Chicago &
Alton was boarded tw euty miles east of
Kansas City by four masked men ou tho
night of the 2d, who proceeded to rob tho
passengers, obtaining small sums of money
nnd a few trinkets. Tho robbers w ere evi
dently green hands, as there was consid
erable wealth on the train. Tho robbers
compelled the brakeman to stop the train,
when they got oil and disappeared in tho
darkness. A posse was immediately or
ganized in Kansas City, who left on a
special train in pursuit of the desperadoes.
White men to the number of 159, armed
with shotguns, attacked tho Chinese at
Rock Springs, Wy., recently, driving them
out of their quarters and killing several.
Tho Chinese fled to tho hiUs, when tho
white men burned their quarters, destro3'
ing thitty-nino houses owned by the coal
company employing the Chinese.
A DibPATCH received in Tucson, ArL,
fromAVrfc Bowie stated that Geronimo, tho
Apache outlaw, had been killed in a light
which took placo in Mexico, when ho at
tempted to escape.
A boat containing a number of boj-s nnd
girls was upset at Oshkosh, Wis., by tho
swell from a passjug steamlwat .roceutly.
Two boys and four of tho girls wero
drowned. They wero crossing tho river to
work iu tho match factorv.
Al. Lockie, tho murderer of six persons
near Bianco, Tex., was taken from jail re
cently by a mob nnd hanged.
A train' en the Georgia division of tho
East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Rail
way was wrecked by ninuing through an
open switch near Rome, Gx, recently.
Williams, a section hand, was instantly
killed, nnd Engineer Powers, Fireman Bel-lo-.t3
and Porter John Thomas seriously
A strange disease, either flux or some
form of cholera, was reported proving
quite fatal in Sycamore, Clay County,
W. Va.
Anti-Prohibitioskts elected their ticket
recently in McLennan County, Tex., by a
majority of 1,500.
TnE distillery of Sperry, Wade & Co.,
near Nashville, Tenn., was burned the
other night, involving a loss of $70,000; in
hurance w ill almost cover the loss.
The railroad striko became very threat
ening at Galveston, Tex., on the 30th, when
the Sheriff and possa turned some threo
hundred Knights of Labor out of the Gulf,
Colorado & Santa Fe roundhouse.
The strike of the Baltimore glass blow
ers, which has continued since last winter,
has been amicably settled. The non-tfnion
men wero discharged and only union men
Four cotton mills at Woodbury, near
Baltimore, Md., were reported making
preparations to start up, giving employ
ment to two thousand men. "
S. AY. Pile, a special deputy of the reve
nue service, was recently assassinated by
moonshiners near Jamestown, Tenn.
Parker Pbescher, of Philippr, W. Va.,
has made on assignment. His liabilities
are estimated at from 75,000 to $100,000.
He was the largest stock dealer in that
State, shipping largely to Eastern marlets.
Sister Mart JosEPn, of the Visitation
nuns, died at the convent Monte Maria in
Richmond, Va., recently. She was the
younger sister of the Hon. A. M. Keiley,
United States Minister to Austria.
Tije remains of the late Admiral Cour
betwere interred at the Invalided, Paris,
on the 2Sth. The services at the graTe
were witnessed Jy a large crowd.
Subscription lists, hare been opened
throughout Galicia for the benefit of the
exiled Poles. Great animosity is displayed
against-Prlnce Bismarck.
Th clearins noose returns- for week
sded t&ngiut SB. showed, an arsrmce de
rsMsofOUoBpfBd wltfcjbs Mmtcond
to;wrfls jt-V gftnTTitt'llM-
Several thousand unemployed work
ingmen assembled in London, recently, and
J adopted resolutions demanding that the
Government assist them to emigrate.-
The steamer Benefactor, of tho New
York & Wilmington line, Captain Teibon,
outward bound from Wilmington, with a
general cargo, went ashoro on tho inner
Cape Fear (N. C.) bar, on the evening of
the SOtb, and was likely to be lost.
A recent dispatch from Paris stated
that Prince Hohenlohe was determined to
expel all French subjects from Alsace
Lorraine. The French would retaliate by
expelling Germans from France.
Fears were recently expressed in politi
cal circles in Holland that the real object
of Bismarck in picking up islands belong'
Ing to other countries was to finally fall
foul of Holland over "ynyg colonial seizure,
when that.Kingdom would be absorbed by
the Empire. ;?'&
From tho outbreak of cholera in Spain
to the end of August 220,540 persons wero
attacked by the disease and 2,til2 died.
A heavt thundesstorm damaged some
churchcsTecently in Pisa, Italy.
Seven Jews were recently murdered in
an inn near Lemberg, Austria. Four ar
rests were made iu connection with the
The London Standard declares that Ger
many will not give up the Caroline
Ludwig Restter, a clock merchant at
Bruun, Austria, has failed. Liabilities
amounted to $1,2."0,0Q0. J. Jonas, a cotton
dealer, of Pestb, has also failed. Liabili
ties $200,000.
A banquet was given to Pnrnell by the
Lord Mayor of Dublin on the 1st. Parnell,
in his address, spoke confidently of his ap
proaching success.
The American Legation in" London w ill
shortly removeJb new nnd spacious premi
ses at 10?. Victoria street. The heavy iron
floors nnd massive safes with which the
now building is provided will render the
archives of the Legation safer than at
Ste d, editor of the Pull 2Tall Gazette,
General Booth, of the Salvation Army,
Mrs. Jarrett, a procuress, and sovernl
other parties havo been indicted in Lon
don for tho abduction of the girl Arm
strong, who was subjected to gross indig
nities by them to prove that such thiaga
were possible in London.
M. Flowkt, nu official in tho Italian
Treasury Department at Rome, having
been detected in embezzling public funds,
committed suicide. Ho was led to steal by
heavy losses at gambling.
The Germania, of Berlin, says that 1-1C
Prussians have been expelled from War
saw. They were arrested and chained to
gether nnd compelled to march, womer
following men, and sleeping in prison.
The Secretary of State has recoived a
telegiam from Consul General Wood at
Rome, reporting that there has been fout
deaths from cholera at a placo nina milei
from Naples, nnd five at Trevis, about fifty
miles north of Naples.
Tije number of new cases of cholera and
tho deatht from the diseaso throughout
Spain on tho 1st wero 3,G02 nnd 1..107 re
spectively. '
Fears wero recently expressed that the
cholera might bo imported this fall in
Spanish raisins, the crop of which wui
large this year in Spain.
Fire at Barrow-in-rurness, Eng., the
other day, destroyed the works of tho Bar
row Shipbuilding Company, causing n loss
of .l,C0O,CO0 and throwing 3,000 men out ol
The Allan lino steamer Hanoverian was
recently wrecked off the coast of New
foundland, in a dense fog. The passen
gers nnd crew were sived. It was hoped
the cargo would also be saved. The acci
dent was duo to false steering.
There has been a heavy run on the Bans
of Ireland, in Tipperary and other places.
At one time it amounted to almost a panic
Judge Brewer, in the United States
Circuit Court at Leavenworth, Kau., le
cently, decided the case of tho Neosho Val
ley lands in favor of the settlers and
against tho railroad companies. It was
expected the matter would bo taken to the
Supremo Court.
Arguments were heard in tho District
Court at Dubuque, Iowa, on the applica
tion of defendants for removal to the Fed
eral Court for temporary injunctions
against saloon keepers. Tho Judgo de
cided in favor of allowing tho removal to
the Federal Courts.
Whitaker aud Anderson, w ho wero "ar
rested in England for tho Hamburg rob
bery, hav been handed over to tho Ger
man authorities.
Count Tolstoi, tho celebrated Russian
statesman and poet, has been pronounced
insane and has been placed in a lunatic
Sir Richard Thornton, British Am
bassaUor, has presented his letters of re
call to the Czar at St. Petersburg.
A bitter spirit of hostility is manifested
between Germans and the Czechs in Bohe
mia, and outbreaks are constantly occur
ring. At a military camp at Pilsin re
cently a riot broke out and many persons
were injured
Three Township Trustees of Daviess
County, Ind., recently disappeared. It is
caid the issued fraudulent orders on their
respective townships, and on the credit of
the same raised mon'-y and absconded
with it. Thev were Charles V. Brown,
Trustee of Washington Township, Davis
County. John G. Ramsey, of Steele Town
ship, and John Stark, of Barr Township.
The amount of money carried away is va
riously estimated at from $00,000 to $200,-
000. Great excitement prevailed.
Frank P. Col van, younger son of the
Commissioner of Agriculture, Norman J.
Colman; died at St. Louis recently.
Two Kansas City men named John
Brosnahan and John O'Brien were ar
rested at Lexington, Mo., charged with
being concerned in the train robbery on
the Chicago & Alton on the night of
the 2d.
Dr. Stephen Ttng, the well-known
pastor of St. Giorge'a Church, New York,
died at midnight on the 3d. .
A tank car on the West Pennsylvania
Railway containing oil, exploded at Pitts
burgh, Pa., the other morning, fatally
burning a brakeman, Thomas Ryan, of
Cleveland, O., and setting fire to the traiu.
The business failures for week ended
September 3d numbered for the United
States; lr for Canada, 19; total, lCo; as
against 1 Ue weak -previous.
Tsatx dots wrssot by a faaer near
Dftrtea, Q.,,WBMTfwk;isartac.tfcw
Second Eanuu Veterans.
The following appeal has just been issued
t the survivors of the Second Kansas:
Comrades of tho "Old Second," do you re
member, how twenty-four years ago, on the
10th of August, at Wilson's Creek, you
sprang to your feet ou cearinir the order
ring ont like a bugle call, "Second Knnstts to
tho front!" And do you remember the aiao
rity with which w e followed gallant Colonel
Mitchell, and took the position which the
brave General Logan had assigned us, on
tho deadly line of battle!
To uie it seems but jesterday, ct I havo
not met a dozen members of the old regi
ment since it disbanded.
I am anxious to meet tho few survivors
oucc more "to the front," and as I wrfs
the youngest soldier in the regiment, and
perhaps in the army which took part in tho
battle, I have assumed the prilligc of call
ing a special reunion of the old Second, to
m3t the second ilar (September 3)) of our
grttt reunion at Topeka. Kau., where onco
more we may liieorer the inarches, battles
and reminiscences of our historic regiment.
I should be glad to have the name and ad
dress of every surviving member of the regi
meni sent mo forthwith, from which I will
prepare a roster for the information of all
Wo will have a headquarters tent at the
camp ground to which jou can report.
Kouert A. Fiieuerich.
Toper , Ki, Augusta, lbSj.
The county seat war in Pratt County
has been unusnally warm.
Post-office changes in Kansas for the
week ended August 22: Established
Dell, Lyon County, Beniah E. Brower,
Postmaster; Fonday, Ford Couuty, Liu
don Hibbard, Postmaster; Harw ardville,
Seward Couuty, William A. Gillum, Post
master; Ivanhoe, Finney County, C. A.
Knfziger, Postmaster; St, Joseph, Cloud
County, Louis P. Ponton, Postmaster; Su
gar, Miami County, John W. White, Post
master; Tokomo, Pratt County, William
A. Quillen, Postmaster; Upton, Phillips
Couuty, William D. Bovey, Postmaster;
Wittrup, Hodgeman County, Julius Wit
trup, Postmaster. Name changed But
lir, Washington County, to Ardnle. Post
masters Appointed Climax, Groenwood
County, Samuel Holmes; Duulap, Morris
County, Charles E. Kidd; Havana, Mont
gomery County, Thomas IUPittinan; Key
West, Coffey County, T.H. Hinshaw; Nor
touville, Jefferson Couuty, J. B. Brown;
South Cedar, Jai kson Count-, William L.
Munn; Willintnsburgh, Franklin County,
Hewitt Craik.
The Harvey County fair will bo held al
Nwtou, September 22d, 23d, 24th and 20tli.
The Association has no floating dobt and
tljero is a fund of ssveral hundred dollar
in tho treasury to be applied on prem
iums. E. N. O. Clough, Vice President fot
Kansas of the National Association ol
Mexican War Veterans at Leavenw orth
hf.s issued an invitation to all comrade!
reciting the fact that tho National reunion
ccuies off at Indianapolis, Jnd., on the lGtb
and 17th of September, 1SS5, and in making
arrangements for transportation of suck
as desire to attend, it is necessary that he
should know who and bow- many intend tc
attend, as rates will depend very much on
how many go. All will, therefore, infortE
hiji whether they desire to attend or not,
aud if they desire taking ladies. He if
getting reduced rates from Leavenworth
Cily for all who desire to attend. Parties
wishing to go should niako their arrange
ments to leave Leavenworth on the even
iiij; of tho 14th. This wilj bring them tc
Imiiauapolis on tho evening of the 10th, sc
as to bo present at tho opening exercise
on tho 10th.
Less than than threo months ago the
town of Meade Center was started with
but one house w ithin the town limits. It
now consist of a booming town of nearly
ons hundred and fifty houses, with a pop
ulation of about five hundred souh.
A call has ben issued for all survivors
of tho Forty-second Indiana Regiment re
siding in Kansas to moet at Topeka Sep
tember 30, and again shako hands and tell
th camp stories incident to tho march to
the sea.
A reunion of tho survivors of tho Fifty
thi'd Ohio Infantry will be held on the
second day of tho-Stato reunion (Septem
ber 30), nt Topeka. A tent has been se
cured for regimental headquarters. Sev-,
eral of the officers will bo there.
Collector Acers has named tho fol
lowing deputies: T. B. Bowling, Wyan
dotie, first division; William L. Bartels,
Io!a, second division; Elwood Sharp.
Council Grove, third division; AVilliam
O'Connor, Canton, fourth division; C. N.
Coggeshall, Solomon City, fifth division;
J.M.Jones, Parsons, sixth division; H.
Feagans, Leavenworth, deputy collector,
Chief Clerk in office; Elijah Yates, To
peka, deputy collector and second clerk iu
office. Qollector Arers has recommended
the following persons to the position!
named, and they will be appointed: W. H.
Phillips, Newton, Storekeeper and Gauger
at warehouse, Nowtoa; H. Shindler, Leav
enworth, Gauger for collection district ol
Kansas; O. S. Coffin, Humboldt, Store
keeper at Hutchinson warehouse. 1
Mrs. Loveland, divorced w ifo of H. D.
Loveland, who married Frankie Morris af
ter her conviction, has published a card, in
which she states that she has no apology
to offer for her former husband's mistakes,
but in justice to him she does want to say
that ho was a kind husband, sou and broth
er, and a loving, indulgent father, and has
never failed to provido for their boy, whe
is taught to love and respect him.
Cuastine Hughes, the bigamist,and an
other prisoner had a fight in the jail at To
peka recently, which but for the timely
appearance of tho jailor might hav
proved a vtry serious affair.
During the year 1SS4 the prison farm at
Fort Leavenworth produced the following:
Corn, 5,C00 bushels; potatoee, 4.81S bushels;
broom corn, 9,000 lbs.; tomatoes, 575 bush
els; 23,000 heads of cabbage, and enough
turnips, carrots, parsnips and a variety oi
other vegetables for immediate consump
tion. This year there are planted: Corn,
about ISO acres; potatoes, 50 acres; toma
toes, 2 acres; broom corn, 20 acres; about
28,000 cabbage plants and about five acres
with different vegetables.
Cqerokeb wants a milL ET
Articles of incorporation of the Ladies
Benevolent Homo of Wichita were filed
with the Secretary of 8tate recently. This
society is organized to do benevolent work
in thecity of Wichita and in the county of
In reply to the request of the Governor
that on officer of the United States army
be detailed as inspector and instructor at
the ABcampment of the Kansas 8tato
troops swar Topeka from Bepte-nber JS
antil October 3, OeaeralSI flss.aas writtea
toOovwiwrlUrtta that It vflTaiv lm
HiMlri to W
.i A fp tfttttMalf AA fMAtsBr 1
Commissioner Colman Gives Ills Opinion
on the Adulteration of Food.
Wasiiisotox, September 2. The Asso
ciation of Official Agricultural Chemists,
met in annual convention at the Depart
ment of Agriculture to-day, Yico President
Trof. IL a White, of Georgia, in the chair.
Mr. Colman, Commissioner of Agriculture,
delhered an address in which, after declar
ing bis entire sympathy and that of the
fanners of the-country in the object of the
association, whicli was to secure a uniform
method of analysis of fertilizers, be ex
pressed the hope that the association would
extend its deliberations to the methods of
chemical anal sis. Mr. Colman thought
the association should also fix standards of
purity for tho different kinds of food and
establish methods for the detection of adul
terations. He thought that the General
Government ousht to co-operate with the
respective State Governments in passing
the most stringent laws against tho adul
teration of foods. Upon this point Mr.
Colman said: "In so simple a matter as
the adulteration of milk, it would be hard
to secure a conviction in n court of justice-
for any persons practicing It, because of the
absence of any official standard by means
of which the extent of tho adulteration
could be measured, it should not only be
the object of agricultural chemists that
abundant crops should be produced, but
also to see that the products of
the field should be delhered to consumers
free of any cheap or deleterious adultera
tion. On the question of food adulteration,
I have been greatly interested and anxious
that some steps may bo taken by means of
which the extent of it may be diminished.
I hae already directed the chemist of this
(icimtmeut to give attention to the adulter
ation of foods. The frauds that are prac
ticed upon the public in adding cheap and
frequently harmful ingredients to the food
v.e e.it in order to make greater prohts
ought to be exposed in no uncertain way
and the perpetrators of them held
up beforo tlio public as objects
of scorn and detestation. To such
in extent is the adulteration of but
ter the manufacture of a counterfeit article
carried on that the great dairy interests of
our Njtion are now almost prostrate. Tho
honest producer of a pure article is impov
erished, while the manufacturers of and
ilealcrs in a fraudulent article are enriched,
o:nc oL them having become millionaires
by this illegal work. The same may be
Slid in relation to the adulteration of flour,
sugar and srups." At the conclusion of
Mr. Oilman's address the reports of tho
committees appointed nt the last meeting
of the association upon the best methods of
determining phosuhoric acid and potash in
fi'rtili7ers were read and debated. Prof.
T. It. Gladdlns read a paper on each of
the subjects. The committee on the best
means of determining nitrogen in fertilizers
will make its report to-morrow.
Immense Herd I.ciiiic the Cheyonno and
Arupalioo Keservatlons.
Little Rock, Ark., September 2. An
Indian Territory special sasthe removal of
cattle from the Cheyenne and Arapahoe
Reservations is progressing as rapidly as the
condition will permit. Several of tho larg
est cattle owners hae rcuioed their entire
herds excepting such stock as escaped the
recent round-up. For fifteen days past the
area of country comprising the leases has
been the theater of actU ity In which im
mense herds of cattle, droes of horses and
an army of cow-bos wero the central fig
ure. Within the past two weeks
more than 75,000 head of cattle
haio been driven off tho reserva
tion, which number added to those already
removed makes a total of over 100,000.
The estimated number remaining is between
00,000 and 75.000 head, and these will be
taken out as speedily as possible. Only a
few weeks beond the date fixed by Presi
dent Cleveland's proclamation will be re
quired to clear the entire reservation of all
cattle which do not rightfully belong there.
Cattlemen accept the situation cheerfully.
There is no grumbling as far as learned, but
concerted action among all the lessees to
comply with the executive mandate. Tho
loss is estimated at sums ranging from
510,000 to S25.000. The bulk of the stock
is being driven and shipped to Western
Burglar Shot.
Sprinofielu, Mo., September 2. A lit
tle before twelve o'clock last night- J. C.
Rhule heard a noise at 0110 of the windows
of Ids dwelling house and on looking oufc
saw a man trying to effect an entrance into
the room. Mr. Rhulo arose from his bed
and with his thirty-eight caliber revolver
fired a shot through the window, and on
going out siw the burglar hastily vanish in
the darkness. Early this morning James
A. Stougliton, who lives a short distance
from Jthttle's, on go'ng into his yard found
a colored man lying against the picket
fence stono dead. One hand was caught
between two pickets and In it was
clutched an open pocket knife. Investiga
tion showed that the man had died from a
pistol shot, the ball having entered just
arxne the left nipple and passed clear
through the body. The negro, who, no
doub is the one shot at by Mr. Rhule. was
identified as Joseph Uenslcy, aged about
twenty-five, who was known as a hard char
acter and had served one term In Iho peni
tentiary. On the dead man's person was
found a watch that was stolen a little more
than a week ago from the post-office at
Stafford, this county. A justice held an
Inquest, at which -the jury returned a ver
dict that tho deceased came to his death at
the bauds of some party unknown.
Arranging a w Trraty.
New York, September 1. A London
special cable to the Herald, dated Septem
ber 1, five a. m., says: 1 learn that General
Foster, the American Minister to the Span
ish court, has spent the last two weeks at
La Granja, where, in conference with the
Foreign Minister, he has arranged the
terms of a commercial treaty between the
two countries. It is believed that its pro
visions relate chiefly to the reforms of the
Cuban custom house regulations, and that
it will settle the claims of American citi
zens upon Cuba.
Preachers In Politics.
CnrcrxsATi, September 2. A paper has
been quietly circulated among the promi
nent members of the Methodist Episcopal
Church iu this city and throughout the
Stale, and a great mapy signatures have
been obtained. It is' addressed
to the Cincinnati Conference,
which, meets Thursday aext, ana
requests a strict lavestlgitkm by that, body
of the charges brought against Her. Dr.
Leooard, Prohibition caadMate fotGorw-.
on. It aaka that the gwajflwun be catted
10 ream to. moamoa b .'MB
Particulars of the Drowalagof Yoimgr Mor
gan and Mrs. Stella.
Wasuisotox, September 3. Tha par
ticulars of U10 tragedy of tho Potomac
Tuesday evening, by which Mr. John H.
Morgan, Uie only son of Senator Morgan, of,
Alabania, and Mrs. Emma do la Stella, a
lady living at 2116 G street, X. W., lost their
lives are as follows: Morgan, -who is a
member of the Washington Canoo Club,
left the club house about four o'clock
In the afternoon, going in the Iola double
canoe with Mrs. Stella, while 'Mrs.
Stella's niece. Miss Lulu McCarthy,
accompanied them in a single canoe,
as she desired to practice paddling. At
about 7:15 o'clock, when about a quarter ot
a mile below chain bridge, tho double canoo
was casized aud its tccupants drowned.
Mr. Hurgan went down while attempting
to save Ids companion He was a good
swimmer, but of very light build. Miss
McCarty, who had turned her canoe down
stream and was some distance in advance,
happened to turn her head and saw the Iola
upset, sho saw the two occupants in tho
water and heard Mr. Morgan call
"Lulu" beforo lio sank. She at once
turned about, but when she had paddled to
the spot both 'Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Stella
bad disappeared under the water. The
canoe, it appears, had struck a sunken rock.
Help was summoned but the bodies could
not be found. Mrs. Stella was a widow,
forty years old, a e'erk in the GcneralXand
Office, and resided with her sister, Mrs.
McCarthy, at 211G G street. Mrs. Morgin
is critically ill, and she has thus far been
kept in ignorance of her son's death, for
fear that the shock of tho announcement
w. ould prove fatal.
it. A. llnuchcl, of Klrltwooil. JIn Does II
"With a Shotgun lie is Quieted by the
St. Louis, September 3. The Qlotxs
Democrat has advices that tho little town,
of Kirkwood, twelve miles west of here, on
the Missouri Pacific Railroad, was the
scene of a bloody tragedy yesterday after
noon. It appears that Mrs. Randall, a
highly respected lady of the place, had sent
a trunk to the blacksmith shop of II. A.
Banchel to have a key made for it. Early in
the' afternoon the lady called for tho trunlc
and while she was at the shop Mr. Eauchcl,
an unmarried man of fifty years, endeav
ored to impress her with the idea that ho
w as greatly smitten with her. Mrs. Randall
received these advances coldly, whereupon
Bauchcl became very angry, and seizing
a carbine which was Iu tho shop, fired
nt and shot the lady in ono of her lower
limbs. Bauchel then marched up and dawn
the street with his carbine and dirk-knife,
aud defied arrest.
Sheriff Allen was sent for, and. when he
arrived ho called upon Bauchel to surren
der, but that individual, who was now in a
state of high excitement, refused, and
opened fire upon the officer. The Sheriff ,
returned the fire and shot him once in tho
beau and onee iu the .rro7" inflicting
wounds from tho e.Cv wc-r .. .irm.'uiec.
last evening. Mrsv Randall, who has a
painful, but not very serious wound, was
conveyed to her home. "
Wyoming Coal Miners Drive OfT Imported
Chinese, Killing Seven and Wounding
Many Tholr Quarters I'nnied.
Rock Srnixos, Wyo., September 3. At
the largest coal mines in the entire Union
Pacific system at tills point, a Iarge.numbcr
of Chineso were recently Imported to tako
tho places of white men. Yesterday after
noon the entire force of white miners, about
150 strong, organized and, armed with shot
guns, marched to Chinatown. After firing
a volley into the air they reloaded and or
dered the Chinamen to leave. The order
was observed at onco, the Chinamen ilecing
to tho hills iike a drove of sheep pursued by
the miners, who fired several volleys at
the fugitives with fatal effect. The ChI-
nese quarters were then set. on fire r.ii3
thirty-nine houses owned by tho company
destroyed with their contents. The miners
next visited the various mines iu the camp,
unearthed all the Chinese there at work
and bade them flee for their lives. Of the
400 Cliiuamen here jesterday not ono
remains. All are 111 the adjacent hills,,
heading for the Grecu River, fourteen miles
west. Seven were killed outright by the
shots fired by the miners and many were
wounded. It Is said that several China
men, feeble and helpless from disease, were
in the burning houses. Sheriff Yotuig ar
rived from Green River ou a special train
last evening with a posse, but left too late
to prevent the mob from earning out its
plans. The miners quietly dispersed after
making sure of the departure of the Chinese.
All Is now quiet.
Work of .lloonnhiners.
Nasiivillk, Tens., September 3. For
months past the internal revenue au
thorities havo been quietly investigating re- -ports
regarding the manufacture of crooked
whisky in various counties In this State;
There are many illicit distilleries In Macon,
Sumner, Jrousdale, Overton, Grundy, Put
nam and Fentress Counties, where the busl"
ness has been conducted for years, notwith
standing the efforts of the authorities to
put a stop to it by arreting the .distillers.
Reports having come from Fentress County
that the law was being broken and various
threats uttered against the authorities.
Warrants for the arrest of these men were
issued, and the regular deputy of tho
United States .Marshal was instructed to
summon a force sufficient to serve them.
Tho deputy summoned S. W. File to aid
him. United States Marshal Filloian yes
terday received Intelligence from James-
town that two men whose names were un
known had shot and fatally wounded
Pile. The assassins, who were cog1
nizant of the intentions of the
revenue force, hid themselves
behind some bushes, and as Pile passed bjr
two reports rang out, and the Special Dep1
uty fell, the blood gushing from two ghastly
wounds. The murderers escaped, and Pile
was taken to a neighboring house for treat
ment The assassination of Pile created
much excitement, nnd following as It has
the recent murder of Deputy Marshal Miller .
by moonshiners in Sumner County, has Im
pressed the authorities with the. necessity
of action by the department at
Washineton. -
- N"
D1JK ". ..V..r-r j ,
MrLWAUMK. Wis.. September. 2.--Aa '
Oshkosh spedal to the Jntosayr,that'a. ,.
six this morning a boat contatotoj: twelva-rf V
girls crosslne the Hrc wasnpset;by a --vrf
swell from a steamboat aad XowJiaMH, .vr
jouanua Muaawut, & -nre,w . Zsti
Earns Bauer aged, froaa ',BJf7 SS
ra t -1. Ti.t.iU Bua'jlui' iliiTiiitl"f ?WKs ir
19m rina iw wfj." ""f"vTS "; ; p?cZLxr-f 1
and wm.erosaiKTIto nrtxUMtx. -ijb ,rv--v'-.' ,
Jmss aMtmeVvnniiB,vnawtwvwz
t - ifc mtut nnaMK'taai M -t. -
aMHBHP mm tjm- - "-"2 -a rrarri- ..&
MM BiRHVSH.IBataawnB' .. ?i
--' U ta mkmUm af.tbJMft
.? i

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