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Thomas County cat. (Colby, Kan.) 1885-1891, December 17, 1885, Image 1

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-.j-C,- '- TWP-rt"
' VOL. I. NO. 41.
$1.50 PER YEAR.
In 1
Population January 1st '85
!l r a w l i n s g : kjI
j "f I ' II i f! I 1 I i-fe-ii iTT! 1 1 I 1 TrrrTIIXCirCP!l
w i-J L-l ! 1 I 1 ' M 1XL J AJ'hbcra-idLir O I W
TGj 4l:u:tT rf
o h-HH- Kf fj- -H4- TffiS? 5-H-M- 4 44-43 3 I'
1 I I 1gffl I ' uTrnTifi H,,lJ c"
, , ' y 1 ! ' ' ' I ' 1 1 T 1 i ' ! MM li 1 j " w
I'teEffi gfflj J!
d-rh-r -F vf -447aig6a- EE::LH " ?
- iffffimffiiqM 3
! I 1 1 1 iO"'-- vl I II!' 11 '
J- J ITT i 1 rye. Tyyj 1 1 , VT rJ- vj
I M I I . JJ -!l-3 1 1 I I . i 1 1
s, a m t - . L I
' - - J - :: j , C.
homas, Sherman and
Write to or
V. S. SEE,
Land Locator
Fit iak J'iNfJiJi-i:, Notary rnbllc. Collir, Kim.
L. W. Ct t'"H otoi, Colby, Kunsav
Real Estate Insurance
Weliavfchoico fanns ami wild lands In Ne
lir.nka. k'o -rliool ami demluu lands m Tliom-n-i
count v. iv.m-.as. Locating done in 1'lioni.is
and Sheridan counties promptly and uecu
lately. A. 1J. .l.s:niM',
Strcator, Kaf
Tiios. Hkkd.
Grinnoll. Kns.
Land locators.
We have choice farms nnd
school lands for p.-.Io in
Thomas county. Kansas.
3. J. Skaks.
T. 15. i!ORT(.
Real Estate Agents,
fi. John count v, U. P. K. R., w -lero all trains
kton. "Woarodoinjru pcnvrnl land bumiic.
Locating in Thomas and Su John countic
inado u Specialty. All kind- of land business
promptly attended.
Real Estate Aff'ts!
Wa-Kxeney, Kvnsas.
?.-, rt-o lfny nnrtli nf HT
, . J" . J.ifVtn.n.l Tvivi!rinrr ilonn on short
noucc Hoicshoeing sad plow work a spe
cialty. All ork guaranteed. Gnome a call.
Call on
From tlii'Ni-biiixKu City Daily Prcs.
1 ho ?ilajor Has His Say Regarding I
unoof tno New ana romising
OountiOcor Kansas.
Coi.nv. Thomas Co., Kan., Xov. 2I.
Our little party alluded to in my letter at
Voltaire, ai lived lieio at 8 p. in. to-niK'it. We
traveled over a) pi city country as the e.e
erer boheld, a d it is no wonder that eory
man w ho comes here is dclllitrd w ltli the
count! y, and e-peemlly the town of Colby,
the county -cvt ot Tliounih county. It was
located last Ma b Dr. D. .M. Dunn, J. H.
McGonijral, S. C. Mill and a tew others, who
Vao within a space of fix months witnessed
the building ot a city second to none in north
west Kansas, and if it continues as it has be
sun, will in a few j ears become the coiumcr
cul center ot all northwestern Kansas and
eastern Coloiado.
Its buildings nio all first -class, from two to
thi-ee stories hi-;h; its streets wiric and side
walks and cioss walk1 as ;rood as could be
uskeJ for. It contains two banks, three good
hotels, nn iniantitj ol stores, in which a j;on
eral assortment ol merchandise is kept and
sold as cheap as you can purchase elsewhcie.
Tin to luuiberyaidsaio here all doiiijrn food
The Tom Cat is here also, and after lookin-r
at it for sometime I came to the conclusion
that Mich a cat is a Koodthiujj to have in a
town. It brink's forth a litter of kittens once
a week w it i i's open as soon as boi n, and can
be had for five cents each, or fifty-two at a
less rate. It doesn't bump its head lurainst
thctloor and make nlplit hideous. as soinetom
cats do, but it does make music that is sooth
ing to the managers and patrons.
It is the only weekly published in Thoma
county that I know oi, which its proprietors
are pleased to call the Tom Cat, and well they
might be, lor its m-e o-W-ups hae been tne
means or pivintr Colby a population of at
least a thousand people and inducing farm
crs. mechanics and busiuess men generally to
locate in the county and develop the resour
ces of a deep productive soil.
To appreciate the town and country it innst
be seen and to those looking westward for a
home, or plan to invest their means Thomas
county ollcis great inducements; come aud
vCeit. J. V. l'KU'JIAN.
Tne Jlajor slightly esagerates, but m the
main he is coirect.
Public Land Statement.
Below we give a'llst of the vacant lands in
the counties of this land district:
Norton '. 1
Graham 2,S00
Decatur '
Sheridan . IW
Thomas IW
Sherman 175.0S0
riinvnniie "45,&10
KawUns 5,S
Total ..TsTua)
Forthcrresentyear 1,800,000 acres of gov
ernment land has been taken under the dif
ferent acts. Oberlin World.
And Deeded
For sale on long time
with small
Cash Payments,
Or will trade for horses,
S mules, or stocks of
S & goods. All our lands
jjq are nice, smooth farm
J3 lands and located in
St. John
The Topeka A: Denver Air Line Railway Co. J
has been charteied. The loud is to be 450 miles
long, and is to run between the points named. '
The capital stock is placed at ? 10.000,001), in i
shares of $100 cacit. The incorporators are
Lieutenant Got ui nor, A. I'.Jtiddle, ot Minnea
polis; D M Duna, ot Colby; J i: Martin, of
Chapman; Thomas A Osborn, Y G Noel, L M
Seammou, of Topeka; K Y MeCabe, of Mill-
biook. Tlie directorship consists of nine lem-,
bers, vi.: Thomas A Osboiu, PG Noel, Tope-J
ka; J L McDowell, Manhattan; J E Martin,
Cluipman; A P Kiddle, Minneapolis; I. Van-'
Sljke, Millbrook; D M Dunn, Colby; LJ Rest,
lieluit; K L ShUp'art, Council Illiitls, Iowa.
,-l charter lias aNo been filed m Colorado,
carrying the line into Dent or.
1'iom Topeka to the crossing over tho Mis
soun, Kansas JcTcmis railway, this line is to
i un over the line ow neif by the Missouri Paci
fic railway, and trom the Missouri, Kansas Jc
Texas west over w hat is known as the Kansas
Western, charteied a tew mouths ago by the
Missouri Pacific. The ptoprosed route is west
tiom Topeka to Alma, thence westwurd cross
ing the Missouii, Kansas A: Teas at Wrcford,
about ten m lies south ot Junction City, bear
iug dlightly soutli it w ill cross the Kansas lliv
er nea. Kansas Kails; thence to Chapman on
the Union Pacific, railway; thence northwest
up Chapman cieek through Industry and the
southwest two townships of Clay county;
thence dncctly west to Minneapolis, crossing
the solomon Ilrauch ot tho Union Pacific;
thence uorthwcsteily up Salt Creek througli
fae northeast township ot Lincoln county;
thence west through the south part of Mit
chell, Osborn and Kookb counties, touching
Phunville, in Kooks; thence west to the South
Fork ot the Solomon, to lollow up the north
side ot the river near the east line of Graham
f..!iiiiv? thence northwest to the uast line oft
Sheridan county; thence directly west through
Keunctii and Colby, the county seats of Sher
idan and Thomas counties; aud on through
Siicrman county to the west lino of the State.
It will be seen that tnis line w ill pass through
the Kansas and Solomon valleys, and tho great
Paradise flats, the finest sections in the stare.
It is expected that work w.ll be comnienceu
on this route by April 1st, lbwi.
This road epeets to get Kansas City con
nections by either the Chu-aro & Alton, Chica
go, Hock Island' Jc Pncibc, or Milwaukee & St.
Paul railwats one of which will probably
come to Topeka to secure so desirable a Wes
tern outlet. The new company has over
$1,UOO.UJJ cash to commence work with.
Cleveland's Sensible Tariff Views.
The tact that our revenues are in excess or i
the actual needs of an econimical administra-1
tion oi the government, justifies a reduction ,
in the amount exacted lrum the people for its
support, our government is but the means es
tablished by the will of a free people by which
certain principles are applied w hich they have
n,ir,iti fnnni.ir iwMiefit and nrotectiou, and
fit is net or better administered and its true
spiritis never better observed than when the
i people's taxation for its support is scrupu
lously limited to tho actual necessity of ex
nmuiitiirc,. ;md distributed accordiugto a just
- aud equitable plan. The proportion with
tttticn we nave iuutoi ii u ""." --
revenue received by the government, and in-
directly paid the people from custom duties,
the question of free trade is not involved, nor
1 is there now any occasion for the general di3-
(cassjon of the wisdom or expediency ot a,
protective system. Justfce and fairness dic
tate that in any modification of our present
laws relative to retenue, the industries and
interests of which have been encouraged by
such laws and in which on rciti7eus have largo
investments should not be ruthlessly injured
or destroyed. Wo should also deal with the
subject iu such manner as to protect tho in
terests of American labor, tt hich is the capi
tal of our working men. Its stability and
pi oper remuneration furnish the most justi
fiable pretext 1m a protective policy within
these limitations. A certain reduction should
be made in our customs and revenue, the
amount of such reduction having been deter
mined, the inquiry follows, wheie can it best
be remitted, and what articles can best be re
leased from duty in the interest of our citi
zens. I think the reduction should be mnde
in the retenue derived frcm a tav upon the
imported necessaries of life. We thus direct
ly lessen the cost of living in every family in
the land and released to the people in every
huinblc home a larger measure ot the rewards
of frugal industry during the year.
About Cranky Sparks.
A Washington correspondent writes: "No
man has a mere profound respect for law or
so much reverence for a decision of the su
preme court as Mr. Lamar, while Sparks is
like a necessity. He knows no laws. The sec
retary has as little as possible to do with the
commissioner of the general land office, but
leaves him entirely to the mercies of Judge
Jenks, the assistant secretary, who believes
that Sparks is afiamboyant asslsiantand treat
him accordingly,
Scarcely a decision of Sparks has been ap
pealed to the secretary that Jenks has not re
versed, and there are a number of others thnt
ho would like to reverse if an opportunity
could be given, but the secretary of tho into
rior has nothing to do with land questions un
less an uppeal is taken lrom the decicion of
the commissioner, as from a lower to a higher
court. Seme of the opinions of tho commis
sioner' and some of the instructions he has
Xv ea to land ofiicers, have come before the
scot.t...-j unofiicially, and he has expressed a
very decided opinion about them, but they
must stand uniil some poor suflenng settler
goes to the trouble oud expense of making an
Wendell Items.
Nice weather alter so long a cold spell.
Sunday School will close next Sunday for
tho winter.
The literary at Cumberland postoCice was a
grand success. The question was, "Itesolved,
That education is more beneficial than
wealth." The negative gained the day.
There was a larger crowd out at tho literary
last Monday night than ever before. I guess
it was because it was such a beautiful night.
We have good exercises at tho literary every
night. Program of last Monday night: Lizzio
Summer, select reading; Perlie Summers, se
lect reading; Mr. Yates and Mr. Sec, dialogue;
MaryStrayer, declamation; Willie Stoby and
Edna Middleton, dialogue; Mrs. Stoby. decla
mation; 3Ir. Marvin, song; Fred Sec. select
Wonder why Mr. Marvin is such an unlucky
man? Pittyhim!
Miss Minnie Strayer has left the neighbor
hood. She is staying at Otterbourne.
ilerry Christmas and happy New Vear to all
our friends, Shoo F,r.
V '
December 1st,
I G H E Y E N N E GO- -j
iTi'ftST 'st'an'Jakjd fa-'rallelTsIButh ? iT ' ' ' ' Tl ! ' ' i rj7Mc'o;o'iSai 11
0 "i i 1 1 ! i i . s'i -. i Pi 1 ; 1 1 t,i PT i 1 l 1 I I
G m L JIM TJr?l III ' ' I ' 1 1 Lriyn? S I ' I c ji
rn to -Ti"rr ny ' mim m m 'TJsmm in :
- a . ' ; i j ,r 1 1 i l I i 1 m r of ' ' ' ' 1 j., j
3 1 1 j i r m i ' ' M 1 m ! ' ' S 1 ! ' 1 ' "m 1 I 1 -j
-2 I 1 t M i i 1 i "m ' ' Li ; 1 'A" ' m 1 ! i 1 i 4
go mm i 1 n 1 1 yWQ Mat spkM&z?' ' j !. ' JLMyri !
0 M 1 i i I 1 tS 1 i 1 ifn ' ' ' AC WcrT c-3 v
" 2 1 , 1 M 1 I l 1 Ml ' T, I1 -I'M &cVf I L. 'U
o T Mrrrr THM-1 RrH-Kp i7 rOTI "5T D
o 3 r-rbi- j-jrirrT zJr?rr JyrrT3!?7TTi"jfV TiiVii
3oo j-r-r-f-pT- -1 ,-?y -rrn-r " r' -rjH--ixrrj
y ' Ui 1 ? ' ? ;7 ! "! , ! ' ! M ' 1 M ? '
rri j 1 wt- -i-TT'-r rfr ?srrT- "Ttt: .,
g 5 TDjn-T- -r-r-r-! r-n-r -1 jxt' j 1 r TTTiM
5 2-1 r -n- -r-r - r- -rr 1 rrrmi r TirT s
0 i . M Milt' 1 ' 1 M I ' M xl M i !V-4 I -
0 hrrr n"QXL" TT'TTf TZElJXdzr'ZSTlM--
S H rp -r li-rr - " ' 'V.: PtT - T3rH
-' rJ p' ' ' lMI ! l l iTT I LLSp ' M ' ' '''
? "" V'A L L A G E G b gtjce.. co
i ' 1 i i. ..
the Northwest Garden
D, Colby, Thomas Co, Kan.
December 0, 18S.V
According to order Sunday school convened
at the residence of F. W. Ladd. After sing
ing, the meeting w as called to order by J. C.
Crane, after which the following officers were
chosen for tho ensuing year:
Superintendent G W Overhalser.
Ass't Supt Mr. M. Ladd.
Secretary F. W. Ladd.
Treasurer Mrs T II Kagas.
After other pieliminaiy business was at
tended to. It was moved that the hour of Sab
bath School be at half past one o'clock, also a
cop3' of the proceedings be sent to the Thomas
Countv Cat.
A cordial invitation is extended to all.
Cem Ranch Clippings.
Another snow storm has como and found
several napping or not prepared for It, and I
see that thcro are some that came here last
spring, that are not prepared jet for winter.
Mr. B. Wilkieand Mr. Holloday have gone
to their native state to see their best girls,
and will be apt to bring them back.
Our literary is u the boom, the Gem Tick
!or greatly enlarged and overt body happy;
meets ever Friday night.
The store at Gem Ranch is doing a good bus
iness and keeps provisions, groceries, dry
goods, boots and shoes, etc. Coal $10 a ton.
Call at Gem store and you will find the pro
prietor always courteous, accommodating and
a welcome to all. Ex-S.
Commissioner Sparks has modified his order
of last April suspending flnnl action to isue
patents on settlement and improvement
claims. The order is modified as follows:
The commissioner will certify and request
tho issue of patents upon all entries not sub
ject to reasonable doubt, viz:
First Tn contents where the rights of the
gvecessful parties have been established.
Second Where examinations have been
mide by government ngents and no fraud np
pcars. Third Homestead entries where residence,
improvements and cultivation have been made
according to law, and a board, to consist of
the assistant commissioner, tho chief clerk
and chief law clerk, is hereby organized to
pass upon and report said cases to the com
missioner. Chapter 11, session laws of 1885. "An act to
regulate terms of court in tho SIxtee nth Ju
dicial District, provides that tho oounties o'f
Clark and Meade, until organized, are hereby
attaehed to the county of Omnnche for judi
cial purpose. The counties, of Clark and
Meade have "lice been organized in com
pliance with the provisions of section 1, chap
ter CJ, session laws or 1S7C. They are, there
fore, not Included In any judicial district, and
are thus loft without courts for the trial of
The above is a part of the Gover
nor's proclamation calling an extra
session of the legislature. Thomas
was attaohed to Sheridan for judicial
purposes, but after its organization it
is not included in any judicial district
Sheridan has no jurisdiction over
Thomas in any thanner.'
'85, 3,000
rho Creatost of Ail.
There is something aliout Kansas
particularly precious to every one of
us. There is no country on the green
earth that can equal its beauty aud
grandeur. Every reaper in its field-
sings songs of gladness, and every
sheaf of the grain tells of its richness
and fertility of the soil. The thous
ands of acres of growing wheat, the
shout of men and laborers, hundred
of towns and cities nestled amid the
deepening shadows or sitting grace
fully upon the bosom of the vast prai
ries, the many happy homes that
sound a royal welcome, that glide down
the yeara of time in peace and plenty
are the s"inbols of enuobling life and
theprecusors of the grandest thought
and purposes. Kansas is an asylum
and home of honest men at all timed.
It has been singularly unanimous iu
its regard of public pledge and en
forcement of law. It has demanded
always that simule manhood was sup
erior to mere riches, and aristocracy,
so called, has no recognition in itrf
borders. Inehaustabie in nature,
abounding in good harvests, unrivaled
in Bcenery, aud unsurpassed in schools
and churches, she stands forth the
greatest of all west of the father of
waters, an honor to the government
and a beacon light to progress and
civilization. Leavenworth Times.
The following bills were introduce
by the. Kansas delegation iu congress
last Tuesday: By Mr.Ingalls flaking
the appropriation for the purchase of
two sites and the erection of two milj-r''
tary posts on the south western fron
tier of Kansas. By Plumb to pr
vent the acquisition of real property
by aliens. Plumb introduced by request
a joint resolulion;propo3ing an amend
ment to the tronstitatiou of the United
States in relation to the manufacture
and sale of intoxicating liquors.
Tho Thomas county papers complain of ttta
fncttbatShcridan eonntyofiielals are attempt
ing to rush the sale of Thomas county school
nd before that county is organized. An tar
junction suit has been commenced restrator
tbo sale of any more school land in Thomas
county now advertised for tola. Topeka Comr
monwc th.

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