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Thomas County cat. (Colby, Kan.) 1885-1891, December 24, 1885, Image 4

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&& J: 5:v sv St. '
Clothing at your own price "till January 10th, at the Old Reliable store of M. Donelan, on the Corner. '"Look" in and see.
t -WW!:
Ab. i
- -"few
New Departure '
The Pioneer
Oct. 15th,
1 will display -n my shelves
a new and elegant stock of
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Underwear, Etc., Etc.
1 have selected my goods caiefully
to meet the demands of the people.
and can and will sell at such prices
that no one
feed go cold
Of Course
-l still keep on hand the-
Uesl brands of FLOUK, Etc.
The Old Pioneer
?.I. DOXELAX. Prop.
-IS?- '-
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Colby Union Sunday School meets every
Sunday at 10 a.m.
Preuehinjr at 11 A. M.
Pinjtfnj. at 7:30 p. M.
Preaching at 8. p.m.
Service- held in Mr. Roan's Hall. All are
invited. "Wbosoe er will may coine."
E. A. CROUSE, Pastor.
Xew York City is alarmed over the
appearance of small pox.
The Dakota legislature met at Hu
ron last week and elected two United
States Senators. These Senators take
their seats in case Dakota is admitted
as a State.
The Kuiibas Central It. It. is to be
made a standard guage next season
and extended westward. It is thought
that the Itock Island Company will
get control of the road and push it
throusih to Denver.
Judge W. II. Pratt was presented
with some very lilting and appro
priate resolutions at Hays City, last
week, by the entire bar of Ellis coun
ty. They speak o$ him as an able,
fair, worthy and most careful Judge.
Trejjo Tiibune.
The Leavenworth Times is the lead
ing daily ia the State. Its editorial
depaitment is ably conducted, while
its Kansas news department is a most
interesting feature. Those contem
plating taking a daily for another year
should trv the Times.
An exchange says that the man
who prefers a city weekly to a home
paper because it has more reading, re
minds us of a man who picked out the
largest pair of boots in the box be
cause they cost no more than the smal
ler pair that fitted him.
The "Wa-Keeney "World takes us to
task for not ciediting an item taken
fiom its columns. The item wa3 about
the rush at the land office and was in
complete w ithout a credit. The cred
it was marked on the proof, but the
printer failed to make the coirection.
The 17th judicial district is enthely
too large, making it impossible for a
Judge to hold court in all the counties.
At the special session of the legisla
ture the district will probably be di
vided. The oiganization of Thomas
county makes another county in'w hich
com twill be held.
Hon. Thomas Cavanaugh, formeily
Secretary of State and later register of
the land oJlice at Oberlin. is publish
ing a paper at Oiympia, Washington
Ter., called the Paitisan. Hon. Thom
as has scores of friends, who will
watch his political advancement in
that new country with interest.
Congressman Price, a Democrat
ic representath e from Wisconsin, was
the only man in the House that voted
against giving the widow of General
Grant a pension. Price misiepresents
his constituents, and after his present
teun his name will not be sounded in
the -halls of the American Congress."
North Pole Moving South.
An exchange says : ltev. P. Hunter,
of Palmer. Mass.. who gets a salary of
6.1.800 per ear leceived a '-call'' to
preach at -$3,000 per year. He de
clined when the ,:e:ili" was raised to a
shout" of $5,000. but the gentleman
conceives his duty to be where he is
now located.
A good old honest German, while
traveling through the country noticed
a good main- sod mansions, and- was
told they were '-June. 'SO's," but did
not quite understand the nature of
the ease. Arriving at Kenneth, look
ing up and down the street, he re
marked to 3Iajor Pearman : 4-Py tarn!
Kenneth was a Shune '80."
The Union Pacific ft. It. Co. an
nounce that they will meet all compe
tition in freiccht rates to this point
The competition of the B. & 31.
and the U. P. lines to supply Colby
and vicinitj- are also benefiicial to
Oakle-, as they furnish our merchants
exceedingly low rates. This war of
the railroads will probably continue
until the U. P branch from Oakley to
Colby is finished. Various views are
expressed upon the final terminus of
the branch in question. The original
idea was certainly to Imild it through
to Denver Junction on the line of the
U. P. R. It Oakley Opinion.
The history of the school land deals
in this and Sherman county, is not en
tirely devoid of interest The matter
of petitioning the school lands in
market in Thomas count- have been
regular, but the manner in which doz
ens of proofs have been secured un
der the settlement act, before the Pro
bate Judge in Sheridan county is
shocking. It is an open secret that a
five dollar bill judiciously used at
Kenneth would carry though almost
any proof of settlement Thomas
county lands arc almost all sold. A
greater part of them have been set
tled upon ; the State school fund is
poorer and curtain officers of Sheri
dan county are richer. An investi
gation of this matter by the State of
ficials will reveal some rich develop
ments. The manner of bringing the Sher
man county lands in market were far
from regular. Petitions were made at
Kenneth and as Sherman men hap
pened in town, were solicited to sign
the petition, and a majority) of the
signers were not householders as -the
officers of Sheridan county well know.
The balance of the Sherman school
land was sold this week, although
Judge Pratt ordered the sales to be
it pped. It came about in this man
ner: The injunction papers were
drawn up and signed 03 Judge Pratt,
and sent over to Kenneth lust Mon
day. Deputy Sheriff Harvey instead
of giving them to Clerk of the Dis
trict Court Tatum, gave them to Coun
ty Clerk Stevens. Stevens pocketed
them and refused to give them up un
less forced to by a legal process, al
though on the outside of the paper the
address, "Geo. Tatum, Clerk of the
District Court, Sheridan County," was
written. Consequently the Judge's
order was not filed, and the sales went
on. Brooks was knowing to this steal
and is correspondingly responsible.
This action on the part of Stevens
brands him as a common thief, and
unfit for the society of men. The ac
tion he has commi .ted is of the dc
greee of ballot box stuffing, and the
next in order to iobbing a maiden of
her honor, ltepoit sajs tha1; this is
l ot his fin t offence.
The State officials have been noti
fied of the steal and cf the inward
workings of the gang, and rich devel
opments are certain, as enough affida
vits can be secured to place certain
men behind the prison walls.
The whole lotten outfit, from top
to bottom is the concentrated escence
of villiany and fiaud, and well calcu
lated to give them the infamy that al
ready attaches to the name. The day
of letribution is not far awav.
Holy Hands.
Editor Cat. Each succeeding day
brings to light the trickery, fiagrant
frauds that some of the officials of
Sheridan county stoop to do.
An injunction on Saturday last was
granted by Judge W. II. Piatt, at El
lis, Kausns, on Sherman county school
land. Mr. Harvey, deputy county
sheriff of Thomas county, Kansas,
took it, together with a letter directed
to Geo. Tatum, cleikof the district
court, Sheridan county. He handed
them to W. M. Stevens and he read
the letter to Geo. Tatum, and did not
say he had served them on the wrong
man. He pocketed the papers and
refuses to give them up. This man
Stevens is not unknown to fame. He
is the same man that t ok away some
court papers in a prominent murder
trial and then defeated justice, just as
he has done now. It is known that he
advised with G. 31. Brooks, treasurer,
Sheridan county, and no doubt with
the county attorney, Sheridan count.
In respect to said injunction this
Brooks is also known far and wide.
He is the same man who, during the
dry season, drew piovisions ami sup
plies for himself, (he wjis never known
to do anything but for himsalf) both
from Keiineth and Buffalo Park. He
represented that he lived both in Gove
and Sherman counties. He is the
same man that has received money
twice on same school land.
There is only one inference and this
people can readily sec. Their hands
are blood stained. Their pockets are
weighed down as we are informed with
bribes. How long will the' go on de
feating the ends of justice, setting at
naught mandates of courts, disregard
ing all sense of honor and common
decency, gloating over their ill gotten
gains, boasting over their sinister de
signs and bragging over artifices that
become none but black-legs, thieves
and highwaymen.
A Citizen.
Wm. Yoder, of Falls City, Xeb.. is
in the county building on his claim.
If you have deeded land for sale,
go and see Willcoxon & Vancleave.
They can find you a buyer.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to us. are requested to call and
settle at once.
J. W. Allen & Soxs.
A lodge of, the I. O. O. F. will be
organized next Monday at 3 p. m.
D. M. Long, a State officer for the or
ganization will be here. Initiations in
the evening.
E.,S. Disbrow, of Nelson, Xeb.,
while traveling in the east part of the
county last week lost a pocket book
containing about 100 in cash and
some notes. ltev. Wallace, living
northt-ast, being informed of the loss,
started out in search of the missing
book, found it and restored it to its
owner. Mr. Disbrow wishes to pub
licly thank ltev. Wallace for his kind
Colby, Kan,, Dec. 22, 1SS3.
Every physician and midwife in the
county are icquired by the State
Board of Health law to return all cer
tificates of births, still-berths and
deaths to the County Health Officer,
instead of the County Clerk. Every
minister, judge, or justice of the
peace in the county, are required to
return all marriage certificates to the
County Health Officer instead of the
County Clerk. All the above certifi
cates must be returned as above di
rected from and after this notice.
W. 31. Edwards.
Co. Health Officer.
' The appeal case in the matter of
school land settlement of a man from
Sherman count- who swore that he
was getting his board and clothes for
making the settlement, has been dis
missed on the recommendation of the
County Superintendent of Sheridan
county, so we are informed, and the
proof made and co ltract 'suicd. This
was done to keep certain parties from
making affidavits about the manner in
which it was brought into market.
And still the evidence accumulates.
Arriving in Co.by we found it a
rustling little town, full of business
and fullv up to all reports we had
heard regarding it. Putting up at the
Colby house, we found the proprietor,
3Ir. Weaver, a genial accomodating
man, a good landloid. one who not
only knows how to run a hotel, but
does run it on the most approved plan.
We made many acquaintances and
found many fine people in CJly,
amemg others the county officers, the
post master, the merchants and the
newspaper men. We had a most
pleasant time and came away feeling
we had been well treated and that we
snail ue giau to meet tnein at any
time in Voltaire. Yoltahc Adviser.
The Xew York Sun thinks 3Iiss
Rose Elizabeth. Cleveland's sister,
wrote the intense and energetic pas
sages of the message which relate to
the 3Iormon problem. The Sun com
pares these passages with the acknowl
edged writing of 3Iiss Cleveland and
notes the similaiity. When one's at
tention is called to the glowing, ani
mated paragraphs thrust into the pres
ident's pros y message, the abrubt
change of style is very noticeable. If
a woman really did write the most
earnest part of an American presi
dent's message, it is an interesting
fact, though not a discreditable one
either to the president or his 'iister.
The only criticism that can be offered
is that he did not allow her to write
more of it. Jewell Republican.
Frank Pinrree, Notary Public. Colby, Knn.
L. W. Cox, Collector, Colby, Kansas.
Real Estate! Insurance
We have choice farms and wild lands In Ne
braska, alo school and deeded lands in Thom
as county. Ivaniaa. Locating done in Thomas
and Sheridan counties promptly and accu
rately. A. B. Jahdinf,
Streator, Kan.
Thos. Kekd.
GrlnnelL Kas.
Land locators.
We have choice farms and
school lands for sale in
Thomas county, Kansas.
January Prices
For School and Deed
ed Lands are bound
to raise. I have some
desirable bargains in
school lands ; lands
suitable for farms or
ranches at from $4.50
to $7.90 per acre. Ti
tle guaranteed. No
lands with questionable
titles handled. I sell
my own lands, and
can save you money.
Central Drug Store
Pure Drugs and Medicines
Everything in our line of the best obtainable.
When you are in need of paints, oils, per
fumes, stationery and all kinds of fancy no
tions. Don't forget to give our house a call.
A. W. Patciiix,
iFor Thirteen Weeks.
The POLICE GAZETTE will be mailed, se
curely wrapped, to any address in the United
Statcb for thieu mouths on receipt oi
Liberal discount aINwed to postmasters,
aj: tints and clulis. Sample copies mulled free.
Addrfs all orders to
Franklin Sljuahr. N. Y.
WitOiing n ,rood bargain in
Tinware, or
Should call on
Morris Vanduser,
Accommodating Iron Jeweler.
Contractor & Builder,
Jobs solicited, estimates furnished for all
kinds of buildings. I hare now got my shop
in running1 order. Scrolo sawing and bracket
work a specialty.
Attorney and Counselor atLaw.
HeaTEstate bought and sold. Money
loaned on chattel qnd real estate security.
M. T. Rowland, Prop.
Land Papers
-Of all kinds made out and-
Notary Public.
Come and see me.
Heavy and Shelf
In fact everything usually
kept in a
F irst-Class Hardware store
r r'
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J?jfc&awfei 3! rrSfcifc. bgjvag
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