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Thomas County cat. [volume] (Colby, Kan.) 1885-1891, December 24, 1885, Image 5

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Beautiful weather.
Move the windmill.
Christmas to-uiorrov
Hardware at X. D. Bean's.
Literary is largely attended.
llainy Sunday and Monday.
Every tiling at the Red Front.
-Nails at X. D. Beak's.
"Wagon stock at X. D. Bean's.
Fresh canned goods at Donelan's.
All kinds of nails at I. II. Bul
lers'. Ilev. Crouse is back from Smith
Chas. Hovey has returned from
Nails, locks, hinges, etc. at I. II.
Goodsoe loans money on chattel
Mrs. McHugh has returned from
the east.
Xew side walk in front of the
Cat oitice.
Expert' cooking stoves at I.
II. Bulleis'.
Holiday goods of all kinds at
the post oflke.
Legal papers of all kinds kept at
the post office.
"Work on Martin's stoic is pro
gressing finely.
If 3ou want candies or nuts go
to the post office.
Fine line of cigars and tobacco
at the post office.
Soms improvements in the inte
rior of the hank.
Col G. "W. Eiser was here the
lrstof the week.
Remember Donelan carries the
best brands of flour.
Br. Dunn was down to Oberlm
the first of the week.
Trial bottle of cough syrup free
at Smith & Walker's.
Ed. Little's wife i-.as gone to
Minneapolis, Kansas.
"Who is in favor of a barn yard
in the center of town?
Climax, Four X and Queen of the
west Hour at Donelan's.
Frank Sollenbcrger is boring a
well for Xathan Byars.
Don't buy an overcoat until you
see Donelan's new stock.
Second hand school books for
sale at Smith & Walker's.
The postoilicc building is now or
namented with an awning.
Bcmember the Cat office can do
you first class Job printing.
John A. Walker is having a well
bored at his residence house.
P. B. Lewis has gone to Dakota
to be gone over the holiday?.
Frank Pingiec has a few desira
ble claims for sale very cheap.
"Will Strattaa and wife started
Monday for "Whatehcar. Iowa.
Send the Cat a year to your
friend foi a Christmas present.
Dan Bowers is here from Seward.
Xeb. Dan is a brother of Joe.
If you want to stait a contest
call on "Willcoxon & Yancleave.
A few more pieces of land want
ed by, II. E. Weld, Colby. Kans.
J. B. McGonigal was down to
Kansas City the last of the weak.
Harness, saddles and whips at
X. D. Bran's.
Joe Bowers and Mai. Davis are
having their holiday toot at Seward.
Cooking stoves and heaters at
X. D. Bean's.
Oberlm and Colby hacks are
loaded with land lookers every day.
If you want to prove up on your
land, call on Willcoxon & Yancleave.
Rock Spring, Wyoming, coal.' the
best coal in the market, at Smith &
For law. land; loan or real estate
business call on Willcoxon & Yan
cleave. "Willcoxon & Yancleave will make
out your land papers, and guarantee
. Railroad, school, and all kinds
of wild and deeded lands for sale by
II. E. Weld.
I have some splendid seed corn
for sale. Seed warranted good.
A. B. Jardise.
Leave j'our order for a Xo. 1 set
of hand-made harness at
N. D. Bean's.
Tinware neatly and promptly re
paired at X. D. Beans.
H. E. Wreld buys and sells all
kinds of wild and improved lands.
Fine stock gents' furnishing
goo.s will be opened at Donelan's
You ought to see the fine large mir
rors at the Red Front furniture store.
The Buffalo Park Pioneer is do
ing some good advertising for Gove
W. H. Copelaud has gone to Mis
souri to be absent until tne nrsi or
Christmas in a sod nousewill be a
novelty to a good many settlers in
this county.
See M. Donelan for clothing. He
is bound to run down his stock be
fore invoicing.
Call 6n I. H. Bullcrs and get an
Expert," the most wonderful baking
stove ever invented. 4
I have more town lots than any
one. Remember the place opposite
the Cat office.
All kinds of legal and land office
papers promptly and accuratly prepar
ed by II. E. Weld.
G. W. Goodsoe will make your
papers for the land office, and furnish
money to prove up.
Hay For Sale 100 tons of millet
and wild hay for sale. Enquire of S.
K. Ellsworth, Colby. U
If you want to sell your deeded
land or school land Frank Pingree
has a customer for vou.
Major Peannan was here the first
of the week. The Major is getting up
a map of the Xorthwest
The work of transcribing the
records from Sheridan county is being
done as rapidly as possible.
A. L. Tomblin, one of the prc
"prietors of the Thomas County Bank,
was heie a few days this week.
Everybody knows the good qual
ities of Bock Spring. Wyoming, coal.
For sale by Little & Co., Colby.
Legal advice would not save the
-boodle" for Brooks, so he got his
man Friday to steal the returns.
Tf you want a good horse, set of
harness and double wagon, enquire of
Frank Pingree, opposite The Cat.
Settlers wishing government land
in St John Co. Kansas, will do well to
call on Beymer & Lew is, at Monument.
Solomon in all his glory is left in
the shade as to mapiificence and
splendor. The Palace Store is ahead.
The visible supply of wheat in the
United States has increased to over
S3.000.0U0 bushels, and the market is
unsteady and lower.
Miss Bradley, a. teacher in the
Oberlin schools, is improving the hol
iday at .-.lion by building on her
homestead in this county.
Moxi'.v: If you need funds with
which to make final proof or wish to
secure a loan onyour ianii, call on or
addiess. II. E. Weld. Colby. Kans.
The eastern States are en joy ing cold
and disagreeable weather, while the
weather in Kansas is as mild and
beautiful as June. Come to Kansas.
Tf you want any blacksmithing
doneuive II. B. Yance a call.ncxtdoor
to the Cat ollic?. He is an excellent
workman and his prices arercasonabe.
John Bruce has the frame raised
for Martins new drug store. Mr.
Bruce is a good workman, and it will
pav you to figure with him before con
tracting your work.
Copies of the Cat can now be
pui chased at the postoffice and at
Smith & Walker's. They are also
authorized to receive subscriptions
and receipt for the same.
Holiday goods at the Red Front
furniture store. Everybody call and
see the elegant clock shelves, paper
holdeisx comb cases, towel racks, and
all sorts of fancy brackets.
Colby's long felt want of a shoe
shop has been supplied by W. H.
Moyer. from Oberlin. He is located
next door to the furniture store, and
is prepared to do first-class work.
The Howell Lumber Co. are having
erected sheds for lumber, coal and
lime and a neat and commodious of
fice. They are putting in better im
provements here than they have at any
town in the west
Final proof can now be made be
fore the Probate Judge of Thomas
county, Kansas, at Colby. W. G.
Porter will make out your papers and
attend to the business promptly and
satisfactorily, 40tf
It would be cowardly in the extreme
to allow the "stealers" to go unpun
ished. They are in a tight place and
now is the time to squeeze.
Stevens would not give up the pa
pers that he came in possession of by
mistake and plainly addressed to
another party. Draw 'Our conclusions
of Stevens.
Wm. Hvdon has taken editorial
charge of the Kirwin Chief, and Bor
in, of the Oberlin Eye is proprietor.
Wm. is a firstclass newspaper man
and will fill Dr. Jenkins' boots nicely.
From the Cap Sheaf we conclude
that Grainfield is on the boom. Grain
field deserves a boom. There is not
a town in the west that has more right
down good people as inhabitants than
It is rumored that the Lincoln Land
Company are the real owners of the
half interest in the town of Coly that
was sold last week. We do not know
what authority there is for the rumor,
but it is certainly believed by many.
State Superintendent Lawhead was
in the western part of the State last
week Mr. Lawhead has made an ex
cellent State Superintendent, is look
ing pretty sharply after the school
land frauds, and will be supported for
re-election by the western portion of
the State.
County Attorney Porter deserves
credit for his untiring energy in right
ing the school land matter for Thom
as county. He went into the battle to
win and the victory is one of which
he may well feel proud. The treasur
er of Sheridan had ex-Judge Xellis,
of Hays City, employed.
The Thomas county, Kansas. Cat,
says: "John Bean, with his bride, is
expected back next week. The boys
are going to give him a reception."
We thought Johnny was acting queer
when he was back here recently, but
thought perhaps it was the Kansas
Judge Horton has written to the
Colby drug stores that unless they
continue to report to him, he will do
something dreadful to them. M. L.
Lacey is probate Judge of Thomas
county and not Judge Horton. The
Sheridan county officers have got so
used to taking fees that they grasp at
everything and send in a bill for a
possible balance.
It seems as though there were
enough land lawyers in Oberlin. but
there is certainly room for McBride.
the Kirwin land lawyer, who has
started just across the road from the
TT. S. land ollice. He has been ac
tively engaged in the land practice
for twelve years and has done an im
mense amount of contesting. Go in
and see him when you go to Oberlin.
Brooks stated before Judge Pratt
that he was innocent of any attempt
ed fraud, etc. This playing of the
-innocent" on the part of the old sin
ner is extremely ridiculous. Brooks
is a grand old fraud and at the bot
tom of the whole deal. Draw a pic
ture of Fagan. the Jew. from reading
Dickens' "Oliver Twist," and you
have the self-righteous old fraud
sized up to a nicety.
The public well in the center of the
street is a nuisance and a disgrace to
the town. The windmill should be
moved away entirely, a good pump
put down, with a fence around the
well, and no stock allowed to be wat
ered at the place. The stock well can
be placed in Carp Lake, which would
accommodate all. The scene around
the town well resembles a barn yard
Carson, Iowa. Dec. 9, 'So.
Mr. Editor. Some kind friend is
sending me the " Cat, but I don't
know how long it will last You will
oblige me by continuing it until 'ou
see me, as I will be out there in about
two or three weeks. It is a big ad
vertisement for the country.
E.P. Hogue.
Better known in Colbv as cDad."
The Wa-Keeney World is acting the
critic for the western part of Kansas,
and the role of fault-finder seems to
be his calibre. The smallest techni
cality does not fail to meet the eye of
Tilton. and calls forth some sarcastic
remarks. Since Tilton was presiden
tial elector he is conceited enough to
imagine he is the western half of Kan
sas. When the returns are counted
for Auditor next fall, the "lugger"
will fel highly gratified at his unani
mous support
The High Waves Knocked
Kenneth, Atwood, Oberlin or 'Oakley
Special Drives in Everything for
One Week.
Clothing, hats and caps, boots and shoes, notions, groceries,
and queensware, hanging lamps, toys for the
for older people, in fact anything you want.
Hammer" prices until we invoice.
For Sale, Rent or Trade.
One feed mill, capacity ten bushels
per hour. Two rooms, one 20x20 and
one lGxlG. Lots will be sold with
mill. Enquire at J. W. Allen & Sons'
Wo have our coal house well filled
with the well known Cherokee Nut
and Lump coal, which we will sell at
bottom prices. Call and sec us just
north of the Cat office.
Smith & Co.
If there is any of the various vices
of man damnable it is gambling. The
citizens of any and every community
should unite their force to suppress it
and the people of Oakley should nip
it in the bud. We have it from good
authority that several men from Col
by euchred others at this place out of
their cash at a game of poker rccent
lv. Oakley Opinion.
Programme for the literary socie
I ty Tuesday evening, Dec. 29.
Recitation, Miss Annie .Mans.
s Miss Annie Colby.
Miss Jessie Walker.
Declamation, Ella Hutchinson.
May Donelan.
Select Reading, Miss Laura Well.
J. D. Bean.
c. E. A. Hall.
Oration. Will Kenly.
.: . Ed. Teal.
E. A. Croase
C. W. Koe.
J. B. Yancleave.
Jennie Walker.
. Miss Hutchinson.
Debate: Resolved that the (J. S.
Republic will be changed to some
other form of government before the
end of 20th century. Aflirdictive:
W. F. Sager, J. B Vancleave. I. H.
Bullers. Negative: W- S. uleozon,
Geo. Achen, B. A. Crouse.
Sash, - Doors, - Blinds,
All Kinds of Coal.
Best Grades at Lowest Prices.
G. H. HYATT, Manager.
Yards at Colby and Cleveland.
Is on deck with the
Latest Novelties in
For his adv. next week.
V"', 53
children, better presents
Remember -'Under the
sfc . .
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