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Clothing at your own prices
till January iotn, at tne via KeliaDie store oi ivi. Donelan, on the Corner. Look in and see. 'g
n t .1 i i -vit t i i i ri.T -vsv - i . - tw m -z m
THE THAW 0 ' PAI1NTY P IT anc Pumk"is arc -n good-demand ts
Illfi illUjliiJ lUUlMI VAl.winter for barns and h0uses VoA
During the last eight years, ending
.rune 30, the United States has sent
abroad 1.1 00,000,000 bushels of wheat J
j The greatest amount ever exported in
ta srnirle season w.is jou.&.si.i-
pods arc used as ferry boats on the
Arkansas river, and onion seed aie
much sought after for walling wells
and. terrace work. Rye straw, prop
erly connected, makes superior pipe
for drainage, and the husk of the berry
when provided with rockers, make
unique baby cradles. North of Cooledge
are several lakes of strained honey
and we often have showers of rose .U
Robert Toornlw. th" great Georgia
fire-eater."' who lias been m poor t er and cologne in the early pait of
! health for some years, did at his
home in "Washington. 0. i.. last -week.
: k
H I-
L 1 x.-.
I vil Oi-play -n my shelves
a new atkl.elerant stoelcoP
. Id thing,
nt$7urnisM? Goods, '
Underwear, Etc.; Etc.
Iftave --cl -eted my goods carefully
..meit tin demands of the jieople.
;jd ca?i fiA "Ail I sell at such pt ices
.t no tiie
i i
t i
- v. VJ.
go cold
Of Course
-T st.ii keen on hand the-
Best Jr.ar.ds of FLO UK. Etc
Old Pioneer
v. vN
M. iOi'KLA5i Prop.
1 ji' '-" ;
. 1 ;. j - -'
1 : I - h
, ' ! itel- $
-? :'.lt5 t;
0 -'I s
- - i '-
-o ft s f.
i28ti Ibw'. -"
the year. The settlement of western
Kansas i& restoring Eden to its prim-
He was a prominent politician for ativc irlorv and man to his fii-st estate.
Border Ruffian.
From the Kulloyy, (low n) Entcriiri-c.
From Kansss.
Colby. Kans:is. Dec. 5th, 1SS3.
En. Exteuimmsk: As I r-m frequent
ly receiving letters from your county
asking prices of lands in this part of
Kansas and various other questions re
lative thereto. I take the liberty of an
swering the same through your col
umns. Nine months ago, Thomas
county contained 1G4 inhabitants as
shown by the census of April 2nd.lSS.;
and from where Colby now stands, not
one house was in sight. Today the
county contains between 2.500 and
3.000 people, is an organized count,
and Colby is the county seat, is a
tluiving village of 3.10 to -100 inhabi
tants and has a good prospect for two
railroads. What crops were plant
ed this seasonhave done well. Forty
acies of corn three miles X. V of
Colby, averaged -15 bu. per acre and
from 23 acres of sod corn six miles P.
E. of Colin, were gathered 700 bu. of
corn. Millet yields abundantly and
fall iye and wheat are looking well.
The prairies afford abundant pasture,
even at the present writing and the
oldest settlers say they v. ill continue
to do so all the year round.
The soil is a shade lighter in color
than in Jasuer, but is deeper and seems
fully a-5 strong. The whole-country
seems to be underlaid with a solid
sheet of water at a depth, of fivn' 25
to SO ft., elcava vl cool and con'.v.ning
but little minei'.d substance. T:i.os
(native I mean) are entire stiangero l"
our country. Cultivated forest and
fruit trees have proved a success.
Thomas county contains 1030
square miles in abmt th - follow inr
proportions, viz.: 30 er cintR. R.
land belonging to the K. P. R. l. Co.
?nd will !? in market in thj spring at
about $5.00 per acre. 1 per cent, deed
ed land avcr.igeing in price about $4.00
per acre. s:;y within eight miles of
Colby. 5 per cent, unsettled land,
mostly in ! "V. porCon of the county
and f-ubject to entry either by home
stead or pre-emption, timber claims
being all taken. The balance of the
county is held eillur by homestead,
pre-emption or timber chum and i4? be
ing deeded rapidly. A great many of
these claims are held by parlies who
took them merely for speculation and
can be purchased for from $25 to
$1,000 per quarter section. .,Good:
claims, say five miles from Colbv! can
be had for about $300. The best
time to pui chase will be during the
months of Dec ember and January, as
the immigration will then be lighter
and chances to sell, few. The"best
route from Jasper- Co.. la., to Colbv,
Ka?. will he (ner the B. & 31.. U. iL
via. Ottumwa. Plattsmouth and Ober-.
hn. Any further information dchu-cdj
will be cheerfully gived upon applica
tion to yonrs"3Iost Resp'.
II. E. Weld.
many years before the war. and was
in the'sem ewh-nth? rebellion broke
out. He was a bitterand unrepentant
rebel to the da;, of his death.
The estimates of the statistican of
the departucntof agiiculturc for the
principal cewa! crops of the year are
completed, and the aggregate bushels
are as lollov.s :n round millions: Corn, i
1,930,000.000: v.heat.357.000,000, oats
029,000,001). The area of corn is
73,000,000 a-iv. : of wheat, 3 1,000,000;
of oats, 23.00d.OU.). The value of
corn averages 33 cents per bushel, and
makes an airgiegate of $035,000,000.
$5,000,000 less than the value of the
last crop. The decrease in the pro
duct of win?: t is 30 per cent, an only
17 per cent in"valuution. or $275, 0U0
000. The valuation of oats is $180
000.000. The reduction in wheat U
mostly in the valleys of the Ohio and
California. The states of Ohio, In
diana.lllinois.Tdissouri and Kansas last
ear produced 270.000.000; this year
180,000,000. a reduction of OoToOO.000
bushels. The production of all cer
eals is 53 bushels to each inhabitant,
and the aggregate vol '.me is larger
than an' former year.
"Washington. Dc. 29. Tn view
of the large number cf defective, ineg
ular and" insufficient proofs presented
in public land cases, Commissioner
So.uks, of the rener.il land office, has
issued a chcular to reg'st 'is and re
ceivcrs of land offices in which he di
lects that proofs musrfn all cases be
to the satisfaction of registers and re
ceivers, and that cross-examinations
c' o ild be directed to a verifu a ion of
the material facts in the cae. and es
pecially to the actual facts of res
idence, and whether the entry is made
or sought to be perfected for the
claimant's own use and occupation oi
for the use and benefit of others.
Ready-made proofs presented merely
for pio foima ackuowledgemei.t with
out eriiication. cioss-examination or
evidence of identity, will not. it is stag
ed, be considered such proofs as are
required by law. Officers tak'ng affi
davits and testimony are required to
call the yltention of the parties and
witnesses to the laws respecting fr-lse
swearing and the penalties theicfor.
and inform them of the purpose of the
government to hold all persons to a
stiict accountability to all statements
made by them.
Eden Restored.
It has been discovered that-Western
Kansas is the Eden from which
Grandfather Adam and Grandmother
Eve were driven for fooling with the
eommandmepts and the Good Man's
winter v ine "nips. The stump of the iden
tical tree under which .Mrs. .dam was
beguiled by the serpent, is just south
Of the river in Hamilton county. The
il.-vtiing sword that guarded-the Tree
of Life has Ixien stolen, perhaps by
the Indians orcowbo3s. but the fig tree
is here from which Mrs. Adam manu
factured her fashionable but somewhat
scant' wearing apparel. It is dead
now probably winter killed but,
like our flag., it is still here. . and fur
nishes .evidence-which the oldest in-
luibitauts dare not dispute. The soil
is just as fruitful as in ye olden time
and produces prodigiously. Sunflow
er's can be seen that will make a doz
qS. rails and a whole lot of Irani work.
Potatoes grow so, big thac they can
only be roasted-!; building a fire on
the windward side and when one sec
tion is donc.Vwaiting for the wind to
changc.v Cabbage leaves arc used for
circus tents, and hoop-poles arc made.
out of timothy -stalks. Jack rabbits
grow aslarge ns-a, horsevand the 'a'l
feathers bt a wild goose make excel
lent fence pots. -Wheat is larger than
corn in most states. antliC is danger
ous to plant neis tire roots have to-
be mubbed out before the srorrnd can,
D-pioweu ajrarii. , A man nianteu a
turnip one milirom thcfailroad hist
slimmer and .-the railroad company
sued him for obstructing their right of
way before the middle of Julv. l're
planr makes excellent bridge timber,
A Vliiii Knom in Y.uL-h tho AHUtrs or tht
Country i l):s-iwsel.
The Cabinet room i open to visitors
r.t all fines w Hin the Cabinet is not in
e-siou. It " v. plain room with no
striking fe.j tare about it. Its two large
window-, etenIing from cediiig to
floor, comniainl a loely view of the
swooping, lawns, the monument 'and
tlie shiu.ug Totonrae beyond. The in
terior is ainipllc'tv- itself. Tho Avails
oft? ,.,;t,i ... .. .j.'.i. ..L .i. ...
'"' I'.i'iiitu in u t.i.wi i ,ii. ins CCUJllg 13
tro-eo.'d with flowers smd cherubs, and
a mantel of cinnamon-colored marble
surrounds a capacious fireplace where
hickor. log- are usually bla'ng cheer
ily. A flowered lrii5i'Is carpet, with
a black and red background. t cover
the floor, and pr.iy sUic rej) curtains
hang at the windows. Between 'the
windows, hangs an oil portrait of John
Hampden, a label on which informs us
that it ia reputed to be a Vandyke.
On thq opposite. wall is a portrait of
Washington, by Cadena. the South
Amerieaa-artist which was - presented
iu niu uovcrnnu'iii in ua;c- time. A
large binl's-eye view photograph of
the city is over the door leading to -the
President's room. Maps of thtf United
States and of South America" and
Washington hang on the remainino-wall--.
I,i one corner stands a lar"-e
school globe and in another is a. re
volving book-case of modern inven
tion, ' which is filled with revised
statutes, dictionaries and various pub
lic documents. Near the door to the
l'resident.room stands asmall walnut
secretary, and neiir the windows a
small walnut table to manh Tua
lounge near the doors leading to the
hall and the dozen chairs distrihiitwi
abonMhe room are of walnut'uphol
stered with, flowered' raw-silk to match
tne carpet 5. JJouis: (Hobc-Dcmocrat
Keeps in stock a full line of Bed'
ttoom Sets. Bureaus, wardrobes,
lounges, tables, fancy stands, wash
stands, and everything belonging to
Furniture Trade.
am. o!ti::ts ix
Prompth and caicfullv filled. Also
agent foVall kinds of SCHOOL FI'R
XITT'BE. for Thomas Kane A- Co..
the largest factory in the world.
.cluJol director's of this and adjoin
ing counties will find it profitable to
see or correspond with me befoie pur
chasing. Remember the Red Front.
Keep :i full stock of
W. If. AI1CI1EH.
"A f.-o(xl s.loctiin oT fic-Ii rjucor'v
e.u ty soino elotliiny .unl tli j eo.is.
Coal for
at Reasonable.
rugs, Medicines, Toilet articles, Paints and
"' Oils, Patent Medicines, etc.
n si
- fi
4,000. "WORTH!
.'OCl l:ir;-:ii:i Iri
Sti'H.M cull on
Morris Vanduser,
Accommodating Iron jcueler.
Call earl:
be closed out at cost bv February ist.
v and eel vour choice.
M.D0NELAN, At Pioneer.
For Thirteen Weeks.
Tiiel'OMCE r.AZr.TTi: will lie- iimlleJ. -e-cuiely
w miM'ffl. to urn address in tin Unit'i
Stulc-s fo.-tlute uumtlib bit Kcoiptui i
.Libein ihsuount nil. wed to pogtmrtstyif,
UKfiitMiiid cltils. S:mij)Ic copies inniii-ri fiec.
Address all oidms to
Fka:.ki.in Squakr, X.Y.
',r --q
si, .
X i,Si ''"".
January Prices-
For School and Deed
. ed -Lands are bound
to, raise. I hae some
desirable bargains in
schqol lands ; lands
suitable for farms or
ranches at from $4.50
to $7.90 per acre. Ti
'tle guaranteed. No
lands with questionable
titles handled. .1 sell
my . own lands, and
can save you money.
W. H. C0PELAND.. .
i 5
-- i-. -
"- fk KC"
Land-- Papers
-Of all kinds made out and-
Notary Public
Come andisee me.
For Sale, Rent or Trade.
One feed mill, capacity ten bushels
per hour. Two rooms, one 20x20 and
one lUxlC. Lots will be sold with
mill.' Enmiirc at J. W. AHcu,& Sons'
slore. , .,,.
Pure Drugs and Medicines
Everything ."in our line of the best obtainable:
When;6ii aref in jieed of . paints, oils, per
fumes, stationery -and all "kinds of fancy ftpr
tions.- Don't forget to give our house, a calf.
"M:.T .Rowland, Prop?:"'
A. W. Patchix,
' .1 -aT 1-2 .1 -t.
itriMi'iiii "y
' l "'y 'A.E?m.x-z& rfti-'iiajatwp;

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