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Thomas County cat. [volume] (Colby, Kan.) 1885-1891, February 24, 1887, Image 5

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Farm Loans at 7 Per Cent
KJ&k, k
V5iVi v
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"" : "
Chattel Loans at Lowest Hates.
C. II. Timiex, Prest.
J. J. Foltz, Vice-President.
CAPITAL $100,000.
and BANKING CO., of
Oberlin, Kansas, for the accommodation of patrons in
Thomas and Sherman Counties,
Has established a BRANCH OFFICE at COLBY, KAN.
Farm - Loans - at - as - Low - Rates
As any reliable company can make. Loans closed and money paid here.
Principal and interest payable here. A HOME COMPANY cannot afford
sharp practice, which, insures fair honest treatment. Money furnished to
make proof.
Itefer to the 1st National Bank,
Oflice with Frank Piugree.
W. G. PORTER & CO., Publishers.
Coal oil at the Central.
Lots in Colby never sold faster.
Flying Dutchman at I. II. Bullers.
Finnerty loans money at 7 per cent.
Gasoline at the Central Drug Store.
Residences are going up like magic.
Prices are cut seriously at Donclan's.
Cricket breakers at Bullers hardware.
Subscribe now, and you get a history.
100 barrels of apples cheap at Brady's.
For the best boardgo to the "Windsor
Only one mortgage taken by Finnerty.
CLoice seeds and low prices at Bullers.
Deeded land in demand and selling
The foot of snow is as good as a day's
Oakley mail was four houis late Mon
day. Mcglemre has just received a car load
of star windmills..
Colby has men, money and markets for
a multitude.
"When you go to Oberlin, go by Colby
and Oberlin stage line.
Colby has four banks, and all are doing
a rushing busir cs.
Patent medicines of every description
at "Walker fc Yousse's.
This week has been one of continual
Colby and Oberlin stage line is the best
conveyance to Oberlin.
Don't forget the fine line of druggists'
sundries at the Palace Drug Store.
Fancy articles of all kinds at the City
Drue Store
The Chicago Comedy Company is said
to be first-class.
Attend the public school entertainment
Friday eve.
All prescriptions carefullv and prompt
ly compounded at the City Drug Store.
Oberlin claims now to be sure of the
Rock Island road.
-aioisSnap s.ossnojt ap WWIAI oS na1X
no.C i.upip "paioo! oq
Coal is said to have been found near
Russell Springs, Kans.
Clocks, watches and jewelry neatly re
paired at Sun Beam photograph gallery.
Prepare for the boom that will be great
er than ever this spring.
31. Donelan is giving best terms on
hats, caps, boots and shoes.
31. A. Duff was attending contest cases
in Sherman county last week.
3Ionev loaned on chattels at Thomas
county "Bank, north of brick store.
Farm loans at 7per cent interest, only
one mortgage, at State Bank of Colbj-.
Farm loans at 7 per cent interest, only
one mortgage, at State Bank of Colby.
Farm loans at 7 per cent interest, only
one mortgage, at State Bank of Colby.
Good smooth homestead for
sale" cheap. W. G. Porter.
For vacant land call on Duff Porter.
They have some choice direct from gov
ernment. .
Everton Doom. Manager.
OTih L. Bextox, Sec'y.
Coll)", Kansas.
As spring
advances land buyers
barrels for sale at Palace
Mr. Swigait, of Sherman Center, was
in Colby Sunday.
31. Donelan is selling out legardless of
Ed. Teal is now clerking for J. "W. Al
len & Sons.
Go to 31. Donelan's for the best over
coats. The great Northwest has no peer, and
Colby is its largest city.
C. H. 3Iartin & Bros, favorite cigar The
Lou Can" has returned and will work
in J. "W. Allen & Sons' store.
Three cans of corn at 31. Donelan's for
23 cents.
The safe for Thomas County Cat has
The lowtst latis on farm loans at Fin
nerty's. Colby Hardware Co. received its safe
The Belle of Colby is the boss cigar, at
E. P. Hovey's..
J. B. 3IcGonigal has a large, fine safe
for his abstract books.
All the swells smoke the Colby Belle.
For sale at E. P. Hovey's.
Lessenger & 3Iitchell make cheap chat
tel and real estate loans.
Colby has several new land firms start
ed on the streets.
Overcoats regardless of cost at M. Don
elan's. See French & Riddle's new ad. They
are doing a flourishing business.
The city schools close this winter's
term Friday of this week.
Palace cigar is the best 5 cent cigar in
Best terms on farm loans at Lessenger
& Mitchell's.
Go to the Windsor, the best hotel in
Speaker Smith scored S. 31. "Woods se
verely the other day in the house.
Stockton. Kansas, has voted $20,000
bonds for water works.
50 different styles of blank books and
pocket books at 3Iartin Bros'.
A fine line of box paper received at
the Palace drug store since the noiidays
Farm loans at 7 per cent interest, only )
one mortgage, at State Bank of Colbv
Yousse's stage line goes to Oberlin
ever' day.
3Ieglemre sells more windmills than
anybody else.
If you want insurance, see Frank Pin
gree." Frank Pingree will insure you cheaper
than anyone.
3Ien's shirts, over seventy-five differ
ent styles, at the Brick Store.
Best California Evergreen Broom Corn
Seed for sale at the Brick Store.
For the best and freshest meat go to
Gillispie's meat market.
One foot of snow fell Sunday, and
many a sleigh ride was taken Monday.
W. S. Willcoxon. county attorney, re
turned from his tripto Topeka aad Kan
sas City Monday. He says our represen
tative, Geo W. Goodsoe. is sick with
fever, bnt will be around soob. It is
hoped his illness will aot coatinue.
F. C.
Do not do what ? Do not mortgage your farm, but if you
do, it will pay you to call and see us before doing so. We
have been in the loan business in Colby ever since the town
was started and we propose to remain here permanently.
Our mortgages are just and equitable. You get all the mon
ey for which you mortgage and get it the very day you want
it. You can pay both interest and principal at our office in
Colby. We guarantee you a fair square deal in every parti
We are constantly sending lists of our lands to eastern parties who are
contemplating coming west to purchase. Have you a deeded farm, school
land or relinquishment, for town lots or any kind of real estate for sale or
trade, let us know all about it and we will place it on our list and secure you
a purchaser. We now have inquiries for a number of farms which we are
unable to fill. Have 3011 a farm to trade for stock? Have you stock to trade
for a farm? Have you a farm for sale? Do you wish to buy a farm? Do
3"0ti wish a farm or chattel loan? If so call and see us or address,
WELD BROS., Colby, Kansas.
Ilif torn Is tm 1
Chattel 1 Real Estate Loans,
At the Lowest Rates.
We have listed on our books the best farms in Thomas county, cheap
for cash or on terms to suit purchaser. We have some choice relinquish
ments for sale cheap. We do a general law, loan and land business. Town
lots in airy part of the city. Call and examine the list and have a talk with
Villar T. Villar cigars are the best 10
cent goods in western Kansas. At Mar
tin Bros,
10 cent Twisters. Try them. Every
one knows that vou are smoking a 10
center. At the Palace.
We have just received a large stock of
solid silver ami silver-plated table ware
at low figures.
C. H. Martin & Bro.
I have some of the cheapest relinquish
ments for sale in the county.
Frank Pinokee.
Farm loans at 7 per cent interest, only
one mortgage, at State Bank of Colby.
Remember, we have more different
patent medicines than any house west of
Topeka. C. H. Martin & Bro.
Don't forget the large show case fulljof
jewelry both solid and plated, at the Pal
ace Drug Store.
The "Thomas Cat." flour, handled by
Kaub & Smith, has a good sale at $1.15
per sack, made from first grade winter
For Sale At a bargain, one of the
bfcst stock farms in Thomas county. In
quire of 3Iart Witham.
You will shoot wide of the mark and
lose money if you buy an overcoat with
out first getting prices at J. W. Allen &
We have put on sale nearly 2,000
pounds coffee, green, roasted and ground.
' flu TSivlrAt MTan le Yr11nt ATifl ia ork.
. . '
To loan on chattels at lowest rates by F.
C. Finnerty, near new Brick Hotel. "
We call the attention of the ladies to
our new stock of ladies' furnishing goods.
We take pleasure in showing goods and
will make low prices.
Woodruff & Tate.
It will nav vou to see Frank Pi-in-ee if 1
you want reliable insurance on your farm
Have you seen the new spring styles in
prints. " Woodruff & Tate have just re
ceived a new supply.
For best winter .overcoats go to M.
Donelan's. They are the cheapest and
Champaigne, wines and liquors of ev
ery sort at the Central, for medical pur
poses. Prescriptions carefully and promptly
compounded day or night at the Ceatral
Drug Store.
Great floods and washouts in the East.
Cleveland has signed the inter-state
commerce bill.
The line alluded to is probably the
Colb" Branch.
The Oberlin hack has had a load of ten
each day for the past week. Business is
surely rushing again.
Call on W. G, Porter before before you
make out your notice to prove up. It
will be an object to you.
31. Donelan hereby gives notice that
all parties must come in and settle with
in 10 days or be sued.
The Palace diug store carries all the
celebrated brands of whisky, wines, gin,
brandies, beer, etc., exclusive!' for med
ical purposes.
3Ir. Smith, of the firm of Kaub &
Smith, returned from Kansas City Mon
day, where he has been to buy goods.
Cleveland goes back on the old soldiers
again and vetoes the dependent pension
The B. & 31. railroad surveyors smoke
the Belle of Colby cigar, and pronounce
it the best 3-cent cigar extant. For sale
at E. P. Hovey's.
Reagan has been elected as senator
from Texas. He was one of the first to
fight for inter-state commerce.
C. C. Siggins & Co. loan money on real
estate and take but one mortgage. No
second mortgage for interest or cut
throat clauses.
Call on Lessenger & 3Iitchell for city
lots and relinquishments at any price
you wish.
3Iuch talk of war with old John Bull ia
now heard and read through the dailies.
It is all on account of a "cod" you know.
Mr. Price, of Clark county, has intro
duced a bill to legalize the organization
of Wallace county.
I Meglemre & Marble have the very best
coaiior saie cneap. iu per ion ai voioy
implement firm office.
You can get more good nourishment
out of a ten cent can of corn at Donelan's
than anywhere else for the money.
All those indebted to me will please
call in and settle at once.
M. Donelan.
Colby seems to get monied men, and
those who push business and don't. let
business push them. Men who keep
abreast of the times. Money is plenty
here now, and there are so many banks
and loan agencies that it is cheap enough.
People begin to realize that Colby is the
poiat to come, to to trade or invest ia
aaythiaf .
Next to
I 1 in
To the Farmers of Thomas County :
I would respectfully call your attention to the FACT that I have just
received a large and complete stock of Farm Implements for spring trade of
1887, including the celebrated Rock Island plows, cultivators, listers, harrows,
the genuine Nebraska Pon" Rod Breaker, also the genuine Stoddord Disc
Harrows, the oldest and best on earth, the light running OLls' farm wagon
Climax and Eclipse spring wagons and buggies, the Little Daisy, lied, White
and Blue mower, the celebrated Deering mowers and all steel binders, the
Star one and two horse rake, the quiet, easp running Star wind mills and
pumps, also the Red Jacket pump, Baker barb wire b)" the roll or car load,
and man- other goods too numerous to mention. My goods arc all freah
and bright and of the very latest improved patterns. Come and see them
before you buy and be convinced that I can and will give you better goods
for the money than you can possibly get elsewhere. I also keep uice stock
of coal constantly on hand. Respectfully,
The ladies of Colby can vote at city
election in April next. Pick out your
men, ladies.
R. G. Ball came back to his claim 3Ion
day. His claim is three miles west of
3Iorc new bricks going up in Colby
this year than in any city west of Abilene
Preparations are being made to do
more breaking than last year by all the
3Ir. Stewart, brother-in-law of W. II.
Copeland, is J. B. 3IcGonigal's type writ
er at present.
Jas. Armstrong, J. E. Stalons, and J.
Hilts, of Oakley, were in Colby last week
on business.
The Cat office has best printers and
outfit, and hence does the best job work,
all concede.
Take the Cat and after reading it send
it to a friend east, whom you think would
come west.
Send a history of Colby and Thomas
county to a friend east. It may bring
him here.
French & Riddle have decided to build
a brick opposite Newell House, early this
The brick .National Bank will be .kx88
feet, instead of 50x88 feet, as stated in
last Cat.
W. H. Lent, proprietor of the Windsor
house, has been on the sick list for the
past week.
Colby is booming now. Buildings arc
going up fast. Plenty of work for car
penters and brick masons.
The Cat clubs with the Inter Ocean,
St. Louis Globe-Democrat, and all lead
ing weeklies and dailies.
3Iessrs. J. H. Fort and J. H. Dunapan,
of Otterbourne, made proof on their
school land Saturday.
Twenty-five women must sign drug
gist's petition to probate judge by new
law before they can be granted a permit.
It will pay all who intend to raise on
ions this season to call at the Brick Store
where may be found a big lot of choice
new seed at very low figures.
Gov 3Iartin has signed the woman's
suffrage bill. It was not wholly in uni
son with his views, but he regarded it as
an experiment, and to give it a trial sign
ed it.
Archie Williams, attorney for the U.
P., it is said, will be in Atwood on the
2otb, to submit a bond proposition to ex
tend his line to this place. Atwood
Jas. S. Warden, of First National Bank,
is alive, and doing all he can to boom
this city and help it in every way possi
ble. The votingbonds for a new brick school
house this summer seems to meet with
not one dissenting voice. It is right.
Better schools, better people.
It is said A. R. Riddle, of State Bank
of Colby, will return with a better half
in a month or so. from the Keystone
There are fifty-six representatives, three
delegates, and a large proportion of the
officers of the house that were soldiers in
the late rebellion.
Mr. Browa has now the contract to
construct a large G. A. R. building. It
will be octagon in shape, and probably
used for city hall.
The case of E C. Achea vs. J.B. Hoff
man, for debt, before Judge Adams, was
continued Friday for 80 days for defead
aat to get more evideace.
Brick Hotel.
3Ir. Lyman is here in the interest of
the Rock Island road. He says that road
will come to Colby sure. This is a road
we are not relying on, but of course wel
come it.
3Iarried, Sunday, Feb. 20, 1887. at the
residence f Geo. Sebaugh, 3Ir. Williard
Henry Stroud, and Frances. D. Stark,
both of Thomas county, Kansas, Judge
N. J. Adams performing the ceremony.
Hurlbnt fc Bancroft have made ar
rangements to establish a nursery three
miles north of Colby. They have leased
X. H. Porter's land for five years.
F. C. Finnerty wrote up the abstract of
lots the Newell'ilouse stands on. It is
very elaborate, and well illustrates the
good work he docs, both in point of ac
curacy anu nearness.
John Slinning keeps the Farmers
Home, and sets up good meals. Give him
a call. He is located in the eastern part
of town, on 4th street.
County Treasurer Shoemaker, of Smith
county. "Kansas, died on 3Ionday, Feb.
14th. His son, who has been his deputy,
has been appointed to fill vacancy.
F. C. Finnerty has repainted and re
moddlcd his oflice next to the brick hotel,
until he has now one of the neatest offices
in Colby. 3Ir. Finnerty's business ci.recr
among us is only another instance of
what push and honest dealing will ac
complish for a man in a short time in the
west. He came to Colby last summer a
stranger, but by close attention to busi
ness and faithful and upright treatment
of all customers he has built up one
among the largest loan bus-incases in the
county. We have never heard a word of
complaint from anyone who had done
business with him.
J. B. 3Iorrison and wife and two sons
arrived Friday last from Unionville.Iowa.
3Ir. 3Iorrison will open up his new stock
of goods as soon as they come, which will
not be long. We arc told by parties re
cently living at Unionville, Iowa, that
3Ir. 3Iorrison stands high there. We are
glad to welcome such business men to
our midst
W. Fleming, of Cooks 3Iill, Ills., and
brother-in-law of J. C. Ellis, is visiting
here now. He bought H. Wilson's deed
ed quarter west of town for 91200, and
expects to move out here before long.
He is a verv pleasant gentleman, and we
hope he will come to stay with us. The
Cat will follow him to his home in Illi
nois. Mr. J. E. Doom, one of the oldest set
tiers of this county, and well known to
most of our citizens, has recently taken
the position of manager of the Colby
branch of the Oberlin Loan and Trust
Co. Mr. Doom will be greatly missed
from the business circles of Decatur
county. Norcatur Register.
A carload of mules and four carloads
of stock for railroad work passed through
to Stockton this week. Twelve carloads
of ties also came up. This looks a
though the south branch is to be extend
ed forthwith. Downs Times.
Boston Corbett, doorkeeper of the
House, went crazy last week. He kept
the whole house at bay till soon, and.
threatened to shoot several. He was ar
rested and put in county jail to await
trial for insanitv. He is discharged from
his position. Ever since he killed J.
Wilkes Booth he has been erratic.
The taxpayers wf Thomas county are
hereby notified that there has been tajt
warrants placed in my hands for the per
sonal property tax for the year 188S. Par
ties who are owing their tax are urgently
requested to call at my office and settle
the same, aad save costs. Yours truly,.
Mast Wrrauc Sheriff.
- J
- kr
V Tf .
r fi 31-
f &
& -"zi&r -
;"""" &,
b...ii "v. .., f4:-m.5-zs.
.- J-c-' :
ifc T-WIS PUf ' ,i

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