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Tliomas Co. Cat Publishing Co.
JOSEPH A. C1LL, Editor.
Republican County Convention-
A ltepiiblicsin County Convention will be
held tit the com i house in the city of Colby,
Kansas, on Saturday, the 8th day of October,
A..D., lbbT. at the heur of 2 o'clock p in., for
the purpose of nominating candidates for the
several offices to be filled by election this fall,
One Register of feeds.
One County Treasurer.
One Sheriff.
One County Clerk.
One Surveyor.
One Commissioner of 1st District.
Central Committee.
The basis of the representation as adjusted
by the County Central Committee is as fol
lows: One(l) delegate to every 200 inhabitants and
major fraction thereof in each township.which
entitles each township to the following repre
sentation: Wendell, 4
itovohl. :t
Barrett, :t
Hale, 0
Morgan, "
Randal!, G
Summers, -
It is lecoiiinicnded that the primaries be
held on Saturday. Oe'obur 1, 18S7, at the hour
of 2 o'clock j). ill., at the following places:
In Wendell township, at the residence of
James Summers: In Kovonl township, at the
residence ol' Georjrc Lindeaur: In Harrett
towuhti, at the town of Quickville: In Hale
township, at the Kiiurery school house; In
Jloraan township, in the city or Colby; In
Jtai.tlall township, r.t the residence of Tril Jen
Hii j s; In Summers township, at the 1'nttOn
school house. I). Mhaohckv. 3hainnan.
J. A. Love. Secretary.
1 heieby announce inyselt as a candidate
for the olKceol County Clerk, subject to the
division ol the Republican Convention.
James M. Summeus.
I heieby announce myself as a candidate
lor the oilicc ol Sheriff, subject to the decision
ol the Republican Convention.
An entertainment will-be sriven by tbe
Colly Dramatic Cltib, at the Armory, on
Wednesday" evening. October 12, 1887.
The' will present tbe beautiful and stir
ring drama, "Under Tin-: L.rRELs." All
who bave seen tbis play produced, never
lose sight of a cbance to see it again. No
pains will be spared in tbe entertainment
of tbe audience. Excellent music will
be in attendance, and tbe members of
tbe compare are striving bard to attain
perfection in tbeir respective parts. Come
out and see tbem. They promise yon
fifty cents worth of fun for twenty -five
cents, besides jou get to use your money
twice if you like to read, as tbe proceeds
will be used in helping to start a public
library. Reserved seats can be had at
the Post Office for 30 cents. Only 23 cents
at tbe door. Doors open at 7, entertain
ment will commence at 8 p. m.
Colby Board of Trade.
I heieby announce myself as a candidate
lor the ollice of County Treasurer, subject to
the action of the Republican County Conven
tion. Ciias. M. Hovev.
I heieby announce myself a a candidate
for the ollice of Rejri-U'r of Deeds, subject to
the decision of the Republican Convention.
1 heitby announce inyselt as a candidate
lor the ollice ol l.'cfrisler ol Deeds, subject to
the dtcision ol the Republican Convention.
EmriN S. Teal.
I heieby announce myself as a candidate
lor the ollice of Sheiitl of Ihonias County,
Kan., subject to the action of the Republieai
Count v Convention. Wm. YociTM.
1 heieby announce myself as a candidate
lor the ollice of Register of Deeds of Thomas
co'inty, Kansas, subject to the decision of the
Republican County Convention.
11. (iCUWKLL.
I heieby announce myself as a candidate
for the ollice ol Refrister of Deeds of Thomas
county, Kansas, subject to the decision of the
Republican County Convention.
Simon Mh.i.kh.
Richard It. Elliot, of Hale Township, desires
to announce himself as a candidate before the
Republican Convention, for the nomination
of Register of Deeds.
A meet jng of tbe executive committee
of tbe Colly Board of Trade was held at
.the ollice of Dr. C. II. Jlnrtin Tnesdav
e veiling. Present: J. B. Moirison, Pres.;
J. E. Feely, F. C. Finnerty, Dr. C. II.
Martin, Geo. Kaub and the secretary.
On motion, James JI. Si.uimcis was
elected to fill the vacancy caused by tbe
absence of J. E. Doom, Esq.
On motion, President Morrison ap
pointed the following reception commit
tee: Chairman, W. H. Copelandj M. Don-,
clan. (jeo. W- ?QoIsoc,M. D.Lessengcr,
W. G. Porter and L. L. French.
Tbe secretary was instructed to cor
lespoml with Commissioner Coleman
with refeience to the manufacture of
sorghum sugar.
The following committee was appoint
ed to attend, as representatives of the
board, at the mass meeting of citizens,
to be held Saturday, Oct. 8th, with ref
erence to the advisability of startingsug
ar works in Colby: W. W. Walker, Dr.
C. II. Martin, S. S. Burling, W. II. Mar
ble ami J. N. Fike.
Meteorological Report.
James C. Tn-sell. E)., of Itovohl township,
desires to announce to the Republicans of
Thomas- county that he is a candidate for the
nomination for Register of Deeds, befoie the
County Republican Convention.
A!e., Showalter, of Hale township, an
noui' .- himself as n candidate for the nom
ination ol Sheritr, subject to the decision of
the County Republican Convention.
H. M. Hartlctt, ol Hide township, announces
himself as a candidate Tor the nomination for
the office of RejsNter of DcmIn subject to the
decision of the Republican County Convention.
J. n. Mej-'lemie, by request of iiitiny voters,
announces himself as a candidate before the
Caunty Republican Convention, for the nom
ination of County Treasurer.
I herebj announce, as a Union Labor can
didate, lor ie-election to theollicc of Register
f Dc-ds of Thomas county, Kansas, subject
to the 1ck:U voters at the November election.
J. W. Inwix.
1 heieby announce m self as a candidate for
nciuination of County Treasurer, subject to
the decision of tfcc Republican County Con
vention. R.T. McEi.uinkv.
I heieby announce myself as a candi
date for Cheap Farm Loans, subject to
the decision of all tbe people we have
dealt with' Lkssenokk & Mitchell.
County Republican Convention.
The Thomas County Republican Con
vention meets at the court house in Col
by at 2 o'clock p. rn., Oct. 8th.
1 he delegates chosen by the various
precincts to compose the county republi
can convention are as follows:
AVendcll township Messrs. G. Craw
ford, John Barber, Win. Yarger and
David White.
Morgan township Messrs. Robt. Mc
Gonigal, Frank Pingree. Robt. Colter,
S. Kams and S. C. Mills.
Hale township Win. Baldwin, Ed.
Temple, C. R. Hockett. R. Waters,
Messrs. O'Leary and Xewton.
Barrett town.. p
and Gillespie.
Rovohl township Messrs.
Cunningham and C. K. Smith.
Randall township Messrs. Tom Reed,
Dr. Patterson. John Love, Geo. Bondur
aiji. Join- Potter, and John Vawter.
iJini(i..-r.- township John McFarland.
and Mr. Reynolds.
The Harden Fii e Extinguisher can be
easily handled, and is an assured success
in putting out fire. For sale at Palace
Drug Store.
For the month ending- ending Sept. :50, 1887.
Observed at section M. Town 8, Range 38, in
Sherman county, Kansas,
Mean temperature at 7 a m, 57.7
Mean temperature at 2 p m.
Mean temperature at 1) p m,
Mean temperature for the month,
Highest point reached 2 p m, 0th,
Lowest point reached 7 a m, 28th.
Extreme range,
Warmest day, 8th, cean,
Coolest day. 28th, mean,
The mercury reached !K) six times.
Rain in measurable quantities fell on
2 days, total 0.8. inches, which is 0.90
inches less than that recorded during the
month of September, 1886.
Rain in quantities too small for meas
urement fell on 4 days.
Thunder occurred on 3 days.
Fog occurred on 4 days, and mist on 1
The first frost of Autumn occurred on
the morning of the 2Sth, making an in
terval of 147 days without frost, which is
12 days longer than that of 1880.
Direction of the wind tri-daily: N 14.
S 35, E r, W 3, NW 6, NE 10, SW 1, SE
Force of the wind tri-daily: calm or
light, 49 times; moderate, 32 times; brisk
9 times.
Mean cloudiness tri-naiy: clear, 44
times; fair, 10 times; cloudy, 30 times.
Charles E. Bennett,
Vol. Obs. S. S. U. S. A.
What a Time
People formerly bad, trying to swallow
tbe old-fashioned pill with its film of
magnesia vainly disguising its bitter
ness ; and what a contrast to Ayer's
Pills, that have been well called "med
icated augar-plums" the only fear be
ing that patients may be tempted into
taking too many at a dose. But tbe
directions arc plain and should be
strictly followed.
J. T. Teller, M. D., of Chittenango,
N. Y., expresses exactly what hundreds
have written at greater length. Ho
says: " Ayer's Cathartic Pills are highly
appreciated. They are perfect in form
and coating, and their effects are all
that tbo most careful physician could
desire. They have supplanted all the
Pills formerly popular here, and I "think
it must be long before any other can
be made that will at all compare with
them. Those who buy your pills get
full value for their money."
"Safe, pleasant, and certain in
their action," is the concise testimony
of Dr. George E. Walker, of Martins
a ille, Virginia.
" Ayer's Pills outsell all similar prep
arations. Tho public having onco used
them, will have no others." Berry,
Veuable & Collier, Atlanta, Ga.
Ayer's Pills,
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Aycr&Co., Lowell, Maw.
ffoltl by all Dealers in Medicine.
No Snide Affair in ours, if you Please.
South View. Nov. 10, 1887.
If you have anything to sell or ex
change, list it with McGoniga1 & Son.
Bucklen's Arnica Salvo.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pa required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price, 2." cents per
box. For sale bv C. H. Martin & Bros.
Dr. P. Fenity. with his wife and
daughter. Clara, started on their return
to their Illinois home on Tuesday after
noon. The' had been spending a pleas
ant ten days with their sons and broth
ers, Frank and Fred Fenity, of this city.
Dr. Fenity, during his stay, formed the
acquaintance of many of our leading cit
izens, and the- would have been much
pleased, could he. with his genial words
and ways, remained longer among them.
The Doctor is much impressed with the
probable future of our county, and says
he will come again and see us.
Mrs. McKillip, formerly of Holdredgc,
Mebr., has removed to Colby, where she
will open up a fine stock of millinery and
ladies' notions about Oct 1.1th.
Cash down and panic prices. Square dealing and just treatment. Farm loans. Chattel loans. Choice
City property. All kinds of legal business. Low and safe insurance. The best and neatest abstracts in.
Guaranteed investments made. Taxes paid for non-residents. Everything down to bed rock. Yours
The Colby Land and Mortgage Co
(Successors to WELD BROS.)
Ernest Boerner and George Kaub were
appointed to look after the matter of or
ganizing a fire brigade in the city. Mr.
Boerner has had considerable experience
as a member of a lire organization, and
it is hoped that he and Mr. Kaub will
meet with hearty co-operation of our cit
izens. Merchants and citizens are re
quested to keep barrels tilled with water
u convenient places about their premis
es for use in case of fire, and it is recom
mended that our citizens generally pro
vide themselves with the Harden Fire
1 "Vossrs ATillnr Snv.
Some reckless boys turned over the
water barrel: on "Wednesday night, which
had been placed by many of our mer
chants in front of their stores for use in
case of fire. The act is that of either a
foolish, inconsiderate boy or man, or a
miscreant. If the former, we trust that
a word of warning will cause them never
to repeat the act; if the latter, sooner or
later the officers will get on their track,
and justice be meted out to them. In
case of tire, an immediate supply of wat
er ought to be on hand, and the best
method of keeping such supply is by
means of these barrels. For bovs. or
worse yet, men, to deliberately go along
turning this supply of water out into the
street, with no purpose in view except
mischief, is both iuconsiderate,nnd,view
ed in its proper light, despicable. If there
was any fun in it, some excuse might be
made; but such an act is not funny in
any way. Colby people all work togeth
er for the public interest, and surely none
of our older citizens would do the act
complained of. If we are so unfortunate
as to have some persons in our midst,
who are mean euough to do acts of this
kind, the sooner they arc known and
watched the safer will our interests be.
Fire, lightning and
tornado insurance. The
surest and fullest in
demnity. Before plac-!
mg your risk, see Mc
Gonigal & son.
R. T. McElhiney, of "Wendell town
ship, announces himself in this week's
itMie of the Cat, as a candidate for coun
ty treasurer, subject to the decision of
the County Republican Convention.
Commissioners' Meeting. The com
missioners met in regular session on last
Monda the scsmoii lasting two days,
special meeting of the board will be held
on Saturday next, to consider the matter
of better providing for the safety of the
County records. This has become an
important matter, and our commissioners
are alive to the immediate necessity of
guarding the various records of the comi
ty against tire and other dangers. Full
report of the proceedings of the commis
sioners' proceedines will appear in our
next issue.
The Cheyenne County Democrat of
Oct. 1st says: "The rails have not yet
been laid into Colby, and the chances
are that Bird City will have a line first."
On Saturday, Oct. 1st, the rails were laid
into Colby and the locomotive and con
struction train had passed overthe track.
Did you beat us. brother Hydon?
"The writer made an overland trip to
tbe city of Colby last week, and noted
the changes a year has wrought in that
enterprising city. The growth of the
place has been wonderful. Fine brick
business blocks and handsome residenc
es have gone up on al sides. Colby will
be one of the best cities in this part of
the state. Cheyenne County Democrat.
A Gift for All.
In order to give all a chance to test it.
and thus be convinced of its wonderful
curative powers. Dr. King's New Discover-
for consumption, coughs and colds,
will be. for a limited time, given awav.
This offer is not only liberal, but shows
unbounded faith in the merit of this
great remedy. All who suffer from coutrhs
colds, consumption. Asthma, bronchitis.
or any affection of throat, chest or limes,
are especially requested to call at C. H.
Martin & Bro's. drug store, and get a
trial bottle free. Large bottles. $1. 4
Aoral, Claud Hollingshead, Wm
Brown, Mrs K A Hudt. Mrs Addie A
Bailey, George G Lythe, JIrs Jack
Baulch. David G Lutze, 3Irs Dora
Blaklev. JIrs Alice Mvers. Wm H
Bell. T J Miller, IW
Bell, Charlie Murrav, Sterling
Brown, .1 T Patterson, J F
Claypoole.MarcusD Parrot, John
Cospey, Mr B Stricklin. 3Iary
Coon, Mrs Silas D Smith. Wm U G
Enslow, J H Saur, JIrs Maegie
Francisco John Stricklin. Edward
Gilispie. Mrstlhe Smith, Miss Sarah
Gillisniiv Hiiitii xxr;i, itt -r
Goin, Jasper Willis, W H
Gemger, H Wood, J W
Parties celling for these letters, please
say "advertised."
Burlington and Missouri River Rail
road-Passenger Department.
Arrangements have been perfected between
the railroads in Nebraska ami Kansas, and
those In a very large territory east of the Mis
souri River, for the sale of harvest excursion
tickets to points in Nebraska and Kansas, we
respectfully submit the following outline of
conditions, for the business in question:
1. Dates of sale have been fixed as August
aoth, September 30th, and October 11th.
2. The rate tor the round trip to be the low
est regular first class onc-fure-wa3.
3. Tickets to be of the usual non-transfcra-tle
iron-clad form, containing the requirement
that Westbound coupons on this line wir.r.
with an outside limit for return passage of
forty days from date of sale, and the require
ment that they shall ohly be goo-1 for return
passago for five days after date upon which
they are stamped and witnessed at the west
bound destination.
4. Wc shall be glad to have these tiekets
sold to Lincoln and all points on our line in
Nebraska west of there, and to all points on
our Kansas extensions west of Wyinorc.
.". Extension tickets will be sold by this
Company at one fare for the round trip from
Lincoln, Hed Cloua. Hastings, Grand Island,
and McCook, to all stations on our line in Ne
braska and Kansas west of those points. The
sale of these tickets will be confined absolute
ly to the holders of through excursion tickets
from the east which read over our road from
Missouri Klver. and the dates and limits will
be made to conform to those fixed In the orig
inal excursion tickets. This is Intended to
cover the case of passengers who fall, for any
reason, to obtain tickets to any desired desti
nation, and will enable railroad to confine
the sale of these tickets to one or two Impor
tant points on our road, if they desire.
6. Divisions of the through nite will be ac
cepted on the same basis as at present ap
plies to the one-way rates, as now made to all
points on our line; pkovided, the require
ahove. Attention Is called to the fact that
the regular rates from Omaha, Pacific Junc
tion, East Nebraska City, Atchison, nnd Kan
sas Cit3 to all points, are to be found in cur
rent numbers of our monthly blue rate sheet
7. Stop-overs will be allowed on the regular
excursion tickets, and on our extension tick
ets, at all stations west of the Missouri Itlver,
the number of stop-overs on each ticket not
being restricted. This practice will obtain re
gardless of any limit which may be fixed in
the ticket its use to destination westbound.
The necessity of insisting upon the uso of
iron-clad tickets, with proper limit as outlined
above, is obvious, and as many lines in previ
ous years Issued non-signature tickets in
some cases and In others placed no limit what
ever upon the ticket, except the extremo limit
for return, with the consequent result that
scalping oltieos at Missouri River nnd points
we-t used the tickets and occasioned us a
great los In local business, we are forced to
give notice hero that wo will not accept divi
sions on harvest excursion tickets at tho ag
reed low rates, unless these tickets conform
to the above requirements as to form and
As the indications arc that there will lie a
very larsre business moving on the three dates
in question, we respectfully request reasona
ble ticket representation to our noints lit Hit
your coupon stations.
very Truly.
P. S. Eustis.
Gen'l Pass and Ticket Agent.
C. H. Martin, President.
James S. Warden, Viee-Pres.
31. Doxelan, 2d V
A. Hall. Cashier,
Directors :
C. II. Martin, Jas. L. Lombard, K. S. Newell.
C. M. Hovey, W. H. Copeland, W,
Stockholders :
James S. Warden,
S. "Willcoxon.
C. LOMBARD, Jit., President of tbe . CALEB WARREN, Capitalist, Wash
Lombard Investment Co., 5S Lorn- ington, la.
CHAS. M. HOVEY, Treasurer Thom
as county. '
W. S. WILLCOXON, County Attor
ney, Thomas county.
Phila., Pa.
bard str., London, England
Sears Building, Boston, Mass.
First National Bank, Kansas City,
H. K. DAY,
rv. . ux.i. h
FRANK EVEREST, of the firm of
Everest & Waggoner, Gen. Solici- W. II. COPELAND.
wre mo. jrae. n. jt.,anu vice 1'res. w. W. WALKER.
Guarantee Investment Co.. Atchis-' SAMUEL LEE
GEO. F. WALKER, Supt SW. Div. " J. B. McGONIGAL.
of C. It. I. & P. R. R. j r m. McGONIGAL,
"Does a general banking business, buys and sells exchange, tome
and foreign, pays interest on time deposits, deals in county and school bonds,
Days special attention to the payment of taxes for non-residents.
fcSTA complete set of abstracts of title of Thomas county kept in the
Venice uours, y a. m. to 12 in.; 1 p. m. to 4 p. m.
C. H. MARTIN & BRO., Proprietors. ,
In Justice Court, Morgan Township, Thomas
County, Siate of Kansas before J. B, Irwin.
Esq., a Justice of the Peace in and for said
township and county.
C. 11. Dakin 1
vs- V
Job Hathaway. )
To Job Hathaway, the defendant above
You are hereby notified that you nave been
sued In the above entitled court by the above
named plaintiff, and that on the 7th day of
September, 1887, an order or attachment was
made by said Justice of the Peace against de
fendant's property In said county for the sum
of 47--i0; that said suit was begun to recover
judgment against defendant for services
rendered him by plaintiff in and about selling
certain lands: that the time set for the hear
ing of the above entitled cause is OctoberOth,
1S87, at 10 oclock, a. m. New, if defendent
does not appear and answer plaintiff's bill of
particulars In said cause, judgment will be
taken against him as prayed tnercin.
Dated this 30th day of September, 1887.
J. B. Iawix,
Jos. A . G ill. J ustice of the Peace.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Wall Paper, Window Glass.
Toilet Articles,
Druggists Sundries, Etc.,
Wines and Liquors for medical purposes.
All Medicines Guaranteed Pure and Fresh!
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded By Competent Pharmacists.
Opposite Cat Office. - - Colby, Kansas
James X. Fike, P. M.
Buy everything you need in
the dry goods IJne Qr t r
Fall ctvl- ouS. they give a freshness, tone and
x an bCOCK yigor to the whole system, and act in
Morrison & sons.
now in.
Inflammation of the bowels. Diarrhea
Dysentarv, Colic, and all kindred diseas.
es are relieved at onceby the use of
Beoos' DiAnnnoEA Balsam. We guar
antee every bottle to give satisfaction.
Douglas & Walker. Druggists.
For fear of losing a dav's work many
persons put off taking physic until Sat
urday. The better plan is to not delay
but take it as soon as needed. I may save
you a hard spell of sickness. If yon
want the most benefit from the least
amount of physic without causing you
an' inconvenience, loss of appetite, or
rest, take. St. Patrick's pills. Their ac-
uon on tbe liver and bowels are thor
harmony with nature
Sold at Walker
Harness, Saddles, Collars, Whips, Combs, finishes, Harness Oil and.
Sweat Pads, Etc.
Manufacturers of Light and Heavf Harness.
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
First Door ast of Windsor House, Colby Kansas,
Mgiiiraiwaiii s
We are prepared to do all kinds of work, such ns horse shoeim
worK ana repairing or ail Kinciscione Dromntlv WV ,w a u iZ0""
woodwork, and Lave on hand all kinds of wogon woodlow handled i fa
handles neck yones, single trees, elerises, bolts of all kinds. Our Son
new and spacious and turnsout the best work in the city. Our priced a
reasonable. Satisfaction guaranteed. Give us a call "OnPI.Ww a
one north of Newell House. Charles Bradt, Workman
as lousse s.

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