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Issued y Tbomis Count? IPublshttig Co
Colby, Kansas every Thursday of each w
JOSEPH A. fcILL, Editor.
"We offer the Thomas County Cat
Tind the Philadelphia Weekly Press
one year for 1.75 in advance, to all
subscribers old or new.
The Press is a large, first-class re
publican journal, second to none in
the United States, giving in detail all
the general and political news of the
The Thomas County Cat will give
the news of the town, county and
neighborhood as full a3 possible.
With both these papers no reader need
be ignorant of passing events. They
ought to be in the hands of ever) fam
ily in Thomas count'.
Governor Francis has called a spe
cial election in the district of the late
Congressman Burnes.
The legislators of Kansas now pro
pose to quit monkeying and will here
after get down to solid work.
Senator Allison, of Iowa, has been
offered the treasury portfolio by Pres
ident Harrison and has positively re
fused to accept it.
Congress proposes to repeal the
pre-emption and timber culture laws.
Hereafter public land can only be tak
en under the homestead law.
The Thomas County Cat is the on
I3 paper in the state which refrained
from commenting on ground hog day.
Kansas has no use for such a da)'.
This oflice extends its sincere sym
patlry to W. L. Humes, editor of the
Hoxie Sentinel, who on the Saturday
before last received a telegram an
nouncing the death of his mother at
Keokuk. Iowa.
In the Samoan complication there
has been a general backdown on the
part of Germany. Bismark has di
rected, the German consul to relinquish
control of the administration of the
The fanners of Thomas county
ought to oinanize a farmer's club, get
together once a quarter and talk farm
ing and stock matters over. The ex
perience of all, if known, is far better
than the experience of one or two.
The Colby Democrat of last week
had the honor to publicly acknowledge
its misstatement of the week previous
concerning the county commissioners
in regard to their having allowed two
county superintendents pay for the
same time.
Colby is to be congratulated on her
decided and varied musical talent
The cantata. Queen Esther, was a
highly creditable performance in ev
er)' way, and is so pronounced by the
music loving people of the city, who
filled the armory to its utmost capaci
ty on both nights.
Where a county has voted bonds in
aid of a railroad the school districts
through which the road runs get the
benefit, and those outside, while bear
ing their portion of the debt get none
. hatever. The law as it now stands
ought to be repealed in this regard,
and the more equitable law enacted
that school taxes collected from rail
roads to which count' bonds have
alone been voted, be collected and be
apportioned among all districts in the
county as is the state school fund.
While nothing definite concerning
the building of the extension of the
Colby branch of the U. P, Ry. on to
Denver this spring is known, every
thing points to such event The sur
veying party sent out last fall from
this place is now working its way
.DacK irom uenver, locating wnat is
supposed to be the permanent survey,
and large quantities of railroad mater
ial is located at numerous places said
to be ihilled for Colby. The extension
of this line on to Denver means a re
newal of prosperity in Colby as this
will be the distributing point It
means more than this, for Colby will
undoubtedly become the freight and
Passenger dirision station on the line,
if she does as she ought in regard to
obtaining the vboon. When the time
comes, as it certainly will, to decide
on the division station, there should
not be in our midst a single citizen
who fails to contribute and liberally
toward the desired end..
v " ivansas man claims to have, solv
ed the problem of aerial nauigation.
lie will do it if it can be done.
at Senator Piumb positivel
4-f i11Mxr lita noma f T neon in
' nection with a cabinet position. The
citizens of Kansas have need of his
services in congress, and will general
ly rejoice that he is likely to continue
to represent them there.
Louisiana's crop of sugar last year
was 350,000,000 pounds. That state
alone furnished one-seventh of the
total sugar supply of the United
States. What is the matter with Kan
sas in a few years supplying a large
portion of the other six- sevenths?
That Oklahoma will he opened up
there now remains no doubt, as the
Creek nation of Indians have ceded it
to the United States, thus .removing
the last objection to its organization
as a territory. The consideration was
$2,280,S57.10, and includes 2,069,765
Quite a number of pre-emption
claims in this county on which proofs
have been made, final receipts issued
and mortgages given, have been can
celled. The strangest part of the per
formance is that democrats hear of
the cancellation first, and in some cas
es have taken advantage by filing
the cancelled claim.
The pension list contains the names
of U:7,200 persons, and the disburse
nfents for pensions in 1888, aggregate
79.641,156. From 1861 to the close
of 1888, the disbursements of the gov
ernment for pensions have aggregated
901,086,444. Of the pensioners on
the roll at the close of the year, 149,
S00 are pensioners of the civil war,
11,39:5 are of the war of 1812, and
21,164 are those of the Mexican war.
Special to the Capital-Commonwealth.
Wasihnhton, D. C February 7.
The public laud bill passed some time
ago by the senate was passed by the
house to-day with sundry amendments.
The bill repeals the pre-emption and
timber culture acts, providing that
public land shall hereafter be disposed
of under the provisions of the home
stead laws only. It also repeals what
is known as the "commutation" act of
the homestead laws, so that five yerrs'
actual residence will hereafter be re
quired before patent is granted.
The bill provides that the register
or receiver of the land office may
ma' grant any settler one year's leave
of absence upon proper showing, but
such time of absence shall not be de
ducted from the five years' residence
required. Title to claims already in
itiated can of course be perfected.
The bill goes to the conference
committee and will doubtless become
a law in practically its present form.
It is the most important and far-reaching
public land bill that has been be
fore congress since the passage of the
original homestead law.
Enacted by the Kansas Legislature-
SErnox 1. That any township or
any incorporated city of the second or
third class in this state, for the pur
pose of encouraging the manufacture
of sugar and syrup out of sojghum
cane in their respective localities, may
in the manner herein provided, sub
scribe to the capital stock of incorpo
rated companies organized for the
purpose of manufacturing sugar and
syrup from sorghum cane, and issue
the bonds of such township or city so
subscribing, in payment therefor; pro
vided, the subscription of stock shall
not exceed the sum of twenty thous
and dollars for any city of the second
class, nor the sum of ten thousand
dollars for any city of the third class,
nor the sum of ten thousand dollars
for any township or village: and pro
vided further, that the subscription of
stock in the issuance of bonds shall
not be made until the electors of any
such township or city of the second or
third class, by a majority vote cast at
some general or special election called
therefor, shall authorize the same,and
the said election in townships shall be
ordered by the township trustee, clerk,
and treasurer: and in any city of the
second or third class by the mayor and
council thereof, in such manner as
may be provided by ordinance: and
provided further that before any such
election shall be called or had, a ma
jority of the legal electors of such
township who may own real estate
therein, or a majority of the electors
of any city of the second or third
class, 6hall sign and have presented to
the body hereby authorized to call or
order such election, a petition setting
forth the purpose and object of such
election, and when any such petition
is so presented to the trustee of a
township, he shall convene a meeting
of the clerk and treasurer of his town
ship to examine the said petition, and
if in accordance with conditions herein
prescribed, they shall call the election
as herein provided: and when such
petition is presented to the mayor and
council of any city of the second or
third class, they may call or order an
election as hereinbefore provided: and
the elections herein provided for shall
be held according to the laws govern-
in?: special elections. The ballots of J
those favoring the subscription of
stock and the issuing of bonds shall
have written or printed thereon the
words: "For the bonds," and those
opposed thewordsuAgainstthe bonds"
and if, in such election, a majority of
the ballots is against the bonds, no
subscriptions of stock shall be made,
and no bonds shall be issued. Notice
of such election shall be given, if in a
township, at least twenty days prior
to the day fixed for such election, by
posting up in conspicuous places in
such township, and on the doors of
school houses in such township, print
ed notices setting forth fully the pur
pose and object of such election, and
the day on wnicn rne same is to oe
held; and cities of the second or third
class may publish notice of said elec
tion in a newspaper printed and pub
lished in said city, and said notice
shall set forth the purpose and object
of such election.
Sec. 2. The bonds herein provided
for shall be issued in sums of one
hundred dollars each, payable in not
less than ten nor more than twenty
years from date thereof, or may be
made payable in equal annual install
ments, said bonds to bear interest at
the rate of not to exceed 5 per cent
per annum, with interest coupons at
tached, payable serai-anuually, on the
first days of January and July of each
year, and sigued if township bonds
by the trustee and clerk, and if by a
city, by the mayor, and attested by
the clerk thereof, under the corporate
seal of such city. The coupons, if of
bonds issued by a township, shall be
signed by the trustee and clerk there
of, and if of city bonds by the mayor
and clerk. A record book shall be
provided and a complete and detailed
account of all proceedings relating to
said bonds shall be kept, and when any
bond is paid or canceled, the same
shall be noted on such record, and
then such bonds shall lie burned up.
Sec. 4. That to make those who
receive the most direct benefit from
the establishment of any mill for the
manufacture of sorghum sugar, it
shall be the duty of any company or
association receiving the benefit of
any bonds issued under the provisions
of this act to retain ten cents from
the purchase price of every ton of sor
ghum cane purchased for use in said
mill, and to pay the same over to the
treasurer of the proper township or
city, and take duplicate receipts there
for, one of which receipts shall be de
livered to the clerk of the township or
city, as the case may be, and such
clerk shall shall file and preserve such
receipts in his office, and charge the
amount to the treasurer receiving such'
money: provided, that the company
or association collecting the said ten
cents per ton as herein provided for,
may, whenever the sum so retained or
collected amounts to the sum of one
hundred dollars, deliver to such treas
urer a bond of one hundred dollars,
with all undue coupons attached, or
interest coupons in any amount that
may be due, in lieu of the said money
so retained, if it so elects to do; and
in all cases, if the money is paid over
to the treasurer, as herein provided,
the same may be used to pay off any
bond that may be due, or purchase
any bonds at par that may be out
standing, buying always the bond hav
ing the smaller number; and when
any township or city has the sum of
one hundred dollars or more in its
treasury,available to pay off any bonds
with accrued interest, it may do so,
on giving notice to the holder thereof,
or to the person presenting the coup
on of any such bond for payment and
interest shall cease on such bond from
the date of such notice.
Sec. 5. Any township or city of
the second or third class may, if the
electors so decide, donate the stock
secured from any company, as herein
provided for, to said company, by
making the ballots read "For the
bonds and donation," and if the ma
jority of the ballots cast have the
words -'For the bonds and donation"
on them, then the said stock may be
donated to said company: provided,
if the stock is not donated to the com
pany to which the subscription was
made, that the same may be sold at
par, and the proceeds used to liqui
date the bonds, if any are outstand
ing, otherwise the proceeds shall go
into the treasury of the township or
city entitled to the same, as a part of
its general fund.
Sec. 6. That no proposition to vote
bonds under the provisions of this act
shall be submitted to the people until
the company proposing to build said
factory shall have been duly incorpo
rated under the laws of the state of
Kansas, and shall have deposited with
the mayor of the city or the township
board a sum of money sufficient to
defray the cost of said election and
shall file with the mayor of said city,
or with the trustee of the township, as
the case may be, a good and sufficient
bond to insure the building of said
works provided the bonds are voted
and the subscription made.
$10,000 on hand
for chattel loans.
F. C. Finnerty.
Having bought the entire stock of General
And being desirous of
Offer to the people of Thomas and surrounding counties
In Every Department
And you have an opportunity which seldom presents
itself, of buying
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
At Your Own
This offer is made
improve the opportunity must do so soon.
converting the same
we will for
is no old, bankrupt and
the goods are. all
for a limited time only,
Successors to KAUB &
5 A -'
Merchandise owned by
into cash without deky,
shelf-worn stock, but!
and those wishing tOi
, .
.nr'1 - ". K
miM&l,i.kS Tfc&Ss-. .: wy fL:l

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