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VOI.. 6.
Colby, Thomas Co., Kansas, Thursday, Feb. 5th, 1891.
NO. 47.
The Revolution that is now going
on in Chili is reaching quite gigantic
The reports from all oer Kansas
are farfttilile for a large "wheat crop
this coming season.
The Siher Tool investigation goes
merrily on at Washington, but no
important facts seem to do elopo.
Een now that Ingalls is defeated,
ke is still a great man, which is math
than can bo said of several men that
' have been elected.
ft tT,nr ;., Tlnlf rn.iTifv. Mn.. i.as'puhlicsi party, aro now all rijd.t
twontv-si.x liviri'f children, nono of
whom are married, "ind all of them
are at homo. There aro eleven pa'rs
Of twins iii the little home circle.
If tho late John A. Maitin could
have seen tins caricature of Ser.ator
lnTaiIs, which appeared iii the Chani-
tiion on Tuesday morning, ho uouM
avc been vrry much iishamed of
that panur. K. C. Star.
"Dob" Ingersol, in a recent inter
view, when asked who he thought
was the most popular democratic c:ui
Uidate. for president, replied: I thii.k
Mr. arid Mrs. Cleveland will be the
A magnificent banquet was given
at the Palmer llouie, iti Chicago; last
Saturday iliglitin honor of Gen. Mile
on his roturzi from the seat of the In
'diaii 'iar. Ceh. Mils is considered
he i-l Indiau fighter we have.
According to the late census, it it
shown that about thrcc-fourthn of l!:u
illiterate people of the United fc.tat.es
live South of the Afasdn and iJixon
line. This accounts For tli'o b"ig dein
ocratfu vote from that same territory
AnegreS named Caroline Jenkins,
livini: npar Houston, Texas, is n ver
itable Sampson. Four police officer
wont to arrest her, when sl'io looU
them ono by one, threw them out ol
tl9 house and locked the doors upon
The daily papers are all spucuiating
k& u who will be thtt iiew Secretary
of the Treasury Vi fill the vacancy
caused by 'the death of Windom.
There are maiiy candidate's, but whu
it will Ijq is umjVrtaHi.r -I'iiere is no
'doubt but tliat Harrikon will make a.
wise choice.
There rooms to be good grounds
fort 'e belief that the Kans.is Lcgis
i UtUre will soon piss a bill giMn
women over 21 ears of age, tin
right to vote at all st-ite, county am.
city eiettlons. t The committees v.
' 'political rights to women hav e report
od favorably 'on such a bill. W
i hope it will asS-
a .. .
Cliwfimid a:d Hill t.ict at a ban-
, .
' quet at ths .Mauhat.on Chib in jKow
f York last Saturday evening, and after
$. the banquet tho two eminent domo
1 ' "-. l , . .-v . , ..., ....
trals snook yimisi Vievewnu u.i
'dobtedW, tanks that as Dill
tarfe'en .fleeted ti thuvSJjenate, that
"hdfili.U) will not boin tho way for
the Presidency in 'r'. '
i 7 :
v . IlilluJ iu Coia'Blooi!.:
, , At Carbon Hill, Ala'., Fob. IS'Jl.
the white iqijners at that place, con
spired todtiejhe negro miners out
t of town, and away ffom.the mines,
and in carrying out their thr.cat they
jiht down in cold blood at. least 10
negroes. v T.hc. governor has sent
. trw-i j Jthera to qui 11 ho mob. This
,ii auotUr example of,tl!0 persecution
.of AniPjrican.citJzon'',!!! tliqouth,
? "nd another reason why the .govern-J
ijsptno way
, Hi"dVtfcftead,bj.inHrie,Te-
! ' - . , ,,.- k ,, - .J
. oeivcu uy mning-sircm ino sicps oil
, tk? PklJotel, , ,r - : -1 i
r Liter slthe report now comes that
ahwatka ifvnot dead, and that hopes)
l hi recovery. xoui.bl. fall aro now;
wrttrl.isa.uy tne doctors who are-
; . . i
htthding him.
No Consistency in the Alliance.
Two years ngo whe. Senator
Plumb was elected by the republican
representatives) most cf the active
union labor men at that time, who
are now working bees in the alliance
ttiado a great howl and raved becau
the republican members held a cau
cus, and then toted solid for Plumb.
The alliance members last week were
coni!,d in caucus until a lato hour
on Monday night and that caucus re
quired the pass word and grip before
being admitted to the- room. How
is it that for independence of action ':
j v'hat AVas hellish schemes in U re
with tho alliance'. "Oh! Consistano
thou ait a jewell."
A copy of the Daily News Ai
manac published by the Chicago
Daily Now s, reached our desk this
week. It contains 37o pages of v)rv
liitereotihir and instructive matter.
It is also tl political register, giving
compluto records of all jiolitica!
events. It give reliable infbrmation
mail departments of our government,
educational, political, financial and
statistical, and will eipjip the reader
with accurate knowledge of ticts in
volved. It is a Valuable book for all
business men and persons who wish
to keep posted in all the different 'de
partments of our govenrment. Tl
jirice is only 25 cents for paper covei
or 50 for cloth a sample can be seen
at this otfico.
In a box of goods that camo last
Monday, from McPherson, Kansa-,
was about hushel of pop corn, and
the following lettn "lam 12 years
j yid have given my heart 'to Jesus 1
send this pop corn t6 some littk
soldiers who are in the same arm ,
tlanfit And write mo if you -get 30,
50 or 100 fold. Yours in Jesus,
y'larik "'Chamhorsf." Nearly 'everj
parson who saw the corn and read
the note wanted "at least one ea'r of it.
jj plant. We earnestly hope that
the corn will yieid a hundred fold, ami
that all of the boys who receive aiid
plant the corii, will learn the samr
ioison that the little boy who sent it,
his learned, viz: That "Jesus Christ,
it their friei.d, and that 'Ho wants
t iem to join in the army 'to battle for
r ght and Christianity.
Irrigatiun. ,
Emmet Fraze, of this place, whq
hns been for the past three months in'
extensive correspondence with capi-
talista from his old home ;n Ohio,"hi
just returned from & consulution
with them at El Dorado, Kansas, and
i. i.' .,. ... l :r fV,A. :.. o
- '
few dajs that they have their organ -
i..ttion completed and
granted for an iingation
con pan
Aiming those interested in the project
are, the Hon. (J. '''. Turner, a capital
ist of bl JJon'do, Irion. ,. Oi. bmi ,
nm or of the city of ElDoradn, C. N.
Lovewell, jh energetic and prosper
ous land and loin agnt there, .G'.
1. Short and Att'y. Bavs, capitalist-,
if Columbus, O. These men ail hav0
unlimited means and aro now exit n
Mveiy interested in -Mo. lead mines
and irrigation canals in N. M. and
O'dIo. If this organization is ro:n
p'eU'd and Thomas Jo. is favoied
with a part of the ditch, it will reg.-in
vmie of its o':d time B jom, and ag,'n
iie a land ilowintj with milk audhon-
feecrctarr "indoin Dead.
lion. William Widnom, Secretary
the Treasury, died of heart disease
at Now York, on the nicht of Jan
5i9, whije attending a banquet given j
i in hisjiouor, by the New York board
pt .trade. Tne accretary nati usx
finished-a speech in response to a
tnasK T-Tp Tikilf liicnAnf nftpr tJi cOl-
clufion of his speech and within MtV
- . - ,. hi. .- A
was aapouncad at vfen minutee ift
a(.o?;lcck P. AJ. The Secretary, has
beeajubject to spells of heart faurje
for Sipme .tim?.j Mr. Windom , ww
borfl;in.Qhio in,lS27. At the age,qf
23.AI-.wa?.aImited,.-io tho barajiil
from that time until the time of Lis
death, he has been almost continually J
in public life. He was considered
one of our best financiers. His re
mains were taken to Washington,
Jan. 30, and on Feb. -2, were laid to
rest. Thus another eminent man
has passed from the field of action.
From thf New VorU I'reis.
Yes, thev do work women, bare
footed women, with little children
tugging at their aprons, makingnails
in Europe. Somehow under protec
tion we make nails and make them
cheaply without thus debasing labo-.
The mainuactiirer ol stefll rut aim
wire nails has increased from 3,008,
'JS'J kejjs in 18SK to 0,235,070 keg
in 18-S9, or 75 per cent nearly.
People who imagine that "tho do
feat of tho eitictioH bill" in Congress
settles the question read hisror3' :o a
poor purpoaU: No wroisg-doitigevcr
atajs settled.
"The right will ever come upper
most And ever is justice done."
If not to-day some other day. The
American people will never fold their
hands and close their mouths while
the leial and constitutional rght-
of men in any locality are violated
and their persons maltreated and
I'orATtiffcinl Water Supply.
The Capital of Jan. 31, 1891, says:
"The Northwestern Kitoshs Irrigation
ICompaYiy wasgra'n'te'd'a "charter Ves
terdav. Its purposes are staled tolie:
To construct and mantain canals,
dams and reservoirs in the northwest-'!
ern part of Kansas from tho Sappa,)
Republican, Beaver and Smoky Hill;
rivers and tributaries, and into and ,
through such counties and townships
in said northwestern part of Kansas
as the cdmpanyshall deem most prac
ticable. Tho construction of the
canals, dims and resrvo-rs is dosiged
arid intended to sujply the distrl-t
thrdugh which the improvment may
be exlilded "with water for water
works, irrigation drid manufacturing
The placo.s'of bu&lhess aro at El
' Dorado and Colby, ahbVthe corpora
tion is chartered forflO ye"ars. Cap
ital stock of the coihphhy is 5'.),000.
I'he dire:tors are C. C. Turner, E.
N. Smith, C. H. Lovew'ell, J. H.
Bayes of El Dorado aliU
Fraze of Colby.
The SocLlcss Monle'bank at frlchira.
Wichita. Kan,, January 30. 1890.
stuck, he said, on the precious metals
a c rculat nc mediums. Uia ideal'
was u bit of paper, and he-woulrtpre
fer to see all cold and silvsr -left
r . v & ? t.KK i i.in?iM5 rr
UIB moUHUinis, vrnt-rc iiuciuiijjii. "o
would have au estimate made of 'the
amount under the ground, and would
issie silver certificates equivalent in
value to sufcli. estimate. Coin in '(he
rlreasnrv w.'i
"Ires&irv wiis" liable to bo stolen by -a
.foreign treasury, but no amount of
if;t'jtj - SVflrc - .(trii - rcmov0 the mountains
an71 their nrecious freight. As to
-at!roails,1ie lhit;rht the peuplo oh
wanted ?5ue,"tlierUiiioii Pacific on
vhich tho irAum had a mortgiga.
Whet ho' re'icl e'd Washington ii'.
nrui'ssd to ititiTview tho Union Pa
cific pi'ople", and if thy failed to pav
up tn -interest diio the road h mid i
bee mi o the i Property 'f the jieoplc.
Tho other feliow itlrlas toj'c tin-
course in regard to lanns. Jor.-y
siid he was opptisCil to'.ill usury laws
and in favor of nationalization o: laud
and free trade.
If Jerry will please 'tell us how he
proposes to estimate Hip gold and sil
ver in our mountains, and of what
value as a security it "would be in its
native resting placs'ho might make
some convert.. Uis ideas area little
queer, but are about'what would be
expected from a s-ckless ctatesnian.
.. .i
If A tax.
If the democratic theorythat the
tariff is a tax, is correct, vny is not
the price of goods upon which duties
are levied uicreased in value to tho
'full extent.of. the 'tariff?
-t , -.. l. :t. V.f
-i-- !.. ".l. Xk'.'l..ii J K-.,f "
T.j.riH ultiii. in a 11.1.. ,iiv i! i. luiti
I per centcap be bought for-ncacly
piaio i0t' M . w JUWMi'M
ODeUHIUlC.uur tujui iu iwui;,j;
ev cost from SI49.to
Jon before the duy"'Sw3
I? ;. -' il
u una is a. rax. wnv: is it uai
- :; r t ?. '.i
Jttery can be boughVor$2.Dl) j
luiy ,oi uo per .cent, ian-
ierrv be bought for f4r
lm - ' ' l ' - -'
-Iflbeltviiwa'tau, whyiait'tbat
naiis ana pig iron are nearly one-haif
Jerry Simpson delivered himself of jer ago ' nearly everything ex-'
a few of his iderf here to-night 'on -ceptttig dressed beef, the ghirls m'
thosubicct of raonev. "He was 'not hidhs and wool being especially- hoary
cheaper now than beforo a tariff was
levied upon themr
If the tariff is a tax, whv is it that
saws, which were not mado in this
country before a duty was imposed, i
are now cnuupur uum ims o m
Europe? A million dollars worth
are exported to Europo annually.
Jf the tariff is a tax, why has spool
cotton thread been reduced in price
from 83 cents a dozen before the duty
was added, to 05 cents under a dun
of 15 cents?
If the tariff is A tax, why are cottoi
prints of American manufacture sell
mg at 5 cents a-rard, when the tarii
on those of Engfish is 3 cents? I
tho tariff is a tax, should not 20 cent
a yard be charged for American cab j
coes instead or or, I nor to the war,
in the good old democatic days and
in the period of low tariff or no tiiriff
this samo calico retailed at 10 aijd
12 cents. Marion (lovv.i) Register.
Chicago's Trade and the Taritt.
Thero are tome interesting iU'ins
it Dun's review of the week's trails.
For example: "The dry gwuds trade
is on tho whole very satisfactory for
the season. The iin.reaing demand
for wool, though still confined to
actual needs for consumption, proves
that the current price low a a the
are, do not arrest production."
It seems cruel to say "I told you
so" to the free traders, but. really
everybody has it in mind that during
the last campaign' tho Chicago Her
ald, straight Democratic; the Chicago I
rsews, critical ot evnrytiiing tnai is
and knowing more than anybody
else ever did know, ever will know,
or ever can know, nnd the Chicago
' Tribune, organ of the London Cob-
tlen Club, one and all, told their
readers that a first "effect of tho new
tariff bill would be 'to increase tne
prico of woolen j(Wds. Tho Inter
Ocean, alouo of the Chisrairo ttress.
insnted that it would do nothing of
the kind, and it published the opinions
of all the chief dealers in clothing in
support of its own 'opinion. Time
has Vindicated tho i'ntor Ocean-. Hlhe
cuuntry is entering upon the fiftl
month of tho operation of tho new
tariu law, and Duns report is tiiat
"prices, low as they are, do not arrest
production." Which is to say, in
creased tariff has so stimulated coin-
petition as to make priees of woolens
so low a to leave a'cautious observer
to anticipate curt:iriineh't of produc
tion until price stiffen, 'but 'despite
' of these wonderfully "low .prldes pro
duction and competition continue
I The.-e reilectit-ns are 'ce'noral to
the whole country, but as to the trade
of our own city Dun report is thus:
"Chicago notes Iargor trade than a
'"1 1-J gUs and clothing the
'. irc-.-it miuuBiiacu.iK
tions. 1 kroughout the Nortliwtfst it
is noteworthy that comiUy bunks are
well supplied with money, and, while
the demand is brisk at Chicago, the
market is easier.
'Hie clotkhir dealers of Chicago
rifo'dicted low prces and brisk trade
through 'iho columos of The Inter
Ocean nearly' sir w-ks ago -The
frc traiTe' press ani.erallv laughed
them to enr. ; ho was right?
Pmcps are Vow and trade is brisk in
'lnigo. That is t!in wholn'.trnth of
tliu matter. It is as Tiio Inter Ocean
said it "wiVuld be, aTrtl as ever' other
morning pa per in th. city said it would
not be. Circago 'flr.uri-ihfls and will
fiouiis"i:nmier:rird tiec.iuse of irotec-
tum to hofno iudu-.tries. Inter
'ilajipy Uoosier.
Vni."fiB"jioiij, lrsl!iu'iroriilAwIlf, Ind ,
wri': "K!u.'r:r ISil(ir Ins uoif muic for
m-linn all' o'lirr nndiiitn lumlniad, for
111 U lid tir'irn: .m.'itij:friim KMncv' nnd IjUcr
truii'iltf .luliii l.ftl.c, i.tiimr ii.ils'x.vm tu,
if -mi' iiTut. ss: ' rinilClrclric Bitters io
tr lli" lt fvH'r-e) n:id l.ivrr molleiin-, niHilc
me rtl n- a new rcAii " y. w . (janlu.-r
li rd'v-ite e iH'tint. .uue tnTn, savs: "Elw.-t:u-
Diil-ri isjitsl lite thing' fur :i lutn Ik i
n-1 run ilowi .iiid dt.n't cure wlicilier lir lies
or off. In; ft u tid nt-w slrrrnrtli .-o(pdiiprli!p
aiiil a-ii jusi file ho li.id a ni-r leisc on life.
OniT Sio -i 1'oit'c, at M.iriin i IIurij.ioq'j
Dm 'More.
Itj4rac P. Boyd. A. M. A fall arconnt ef U
Indian -rs 1 jr Oic par :o rrtti. itilnjinc The Mlu-njniu-sctcandlntrri
:Tlir Sf.ur War. nn
Ujf xilwucrl i:ivrrncl !n W rtnn'as; TJie Wri bX 3M
rnl6fnaiuaC&rruae.ud Anpamw; Caderi
inaorwwmu.j; iWHnitt!ncBdB4 olw
vt&r viic -uiq iMriiEHcur una coijesul
r i.iuuniEi said iesi: inc i.mur ti n Th.
S?.?'.!-Pto'tb" "f lauUnreB&TM
couipicic ristvrj vi
,.. -r?
OrtrDO pz&a.r Cteth. IJ9;;rifr
jfcrrnii bi-wi !... ...wrj
H. ... ... 9 ill . y - ."H . i
yewie taw bw-emnt:ir7Wfciilfe
OiMttwrT.fof CcacupiroB,- Dr. Kir's)(e
Lifp PiU. Hacklea.' J ir "ilrt iTBwfift
Bitten., aqd tare mrex banJM nmtHim iSSt
rllos veil, or that tave uirea sucbwltiw.!
C3itifixtioat We do sot brsiwie to (unatM
tbea ertrj time ami trcsUnd ready to rrfmfc
BPWWf their o. Thcw renc
Berii,. umn tttopt6B, Drtfreu
ww purctijae jmcc, if (.ituCKtorr malfe to
on Ibcir
G. W. Goodsoe,
Attorney at Laic,
Office in Weld-Scnter Building.
Attornev at Law.
Collections a Specialty.
Colby Gallery open Scccd Tuesday in
tiuch montnfu, for one frcck.
Itaal Estate Broker
Office in State Bank Bo-tiding
COLBY, - - - KAS.
V. C. Eddy, M. 1.
Onlcc in the Palace Drug Store. Night
calls answered from residence 'rih Missiou
llitlse Avenue between i ourth hnaFutn
Dr. Wm. W. Beaver,
And Obstetrician,
lftlcc in 6cby ilrns store. Residence 4
in lies uuaut-nsi oi i.iuy. unns icii.-n.ii v
n IIohtIi ivTIIVf.fifiv.. nrMtnlir. mftptrtiau At
all hoiu-s. diseases of vroiacnmudchiUlrBU
a specialty. -
II. D. r.ESKXOKi:, J. L. LOAfi,
Attorney-at-ww. County Att'y
Attorneys at Law.
Practice before all courts.
Practice bifure the Load -ml "General
r.hll Oilice, Cbhtests cirfieil tlirbughnU
4pecial ilefencca male tu conlestR.
App?ale. eates looked jfier. Exteiuitm
iccured. ltijlrts restored.
COLBV -. . Kaimna
f.B. I.KGLE,
General Meat Market.
Highest prices pard'tbr-IIngsCattle and
nfdes. GonI stock -of meat to select fraa
Eait end of Wilc-Shtm Illuck. Colby, K.
Shop Hrt door south the Warden block,
Bt - - - - - Kansas
iEti. F. t-Zaumseil,'
Io:tl'.r an'd Hepairerot Cloclis,
batches and Jewelry.
VT Tilt: CbLUY DitVc TOUE.
0. K.
ncnf?tTn red rarrl.c t vkk r
: wltlioat (trlrttt.
FeBtl attd Sate Stable.
sJ8iffifcLY,6tT$SE, PwP.
Lnose mcrc8tcd ixr pure
treei, should seekn ""
Buying elffiireere. xe
I v4& 'fflii'ii fM
bv-'r THIflBH
beC"? JMeph.AteE
Ptisi 0
Is tiw place to find a Complete Stock of
Miscellaneous Books, Blank Books,
School Books, Latest Magazines,
daily- newspapers and Legal
Blanks olall kinds.
Constantly oa hand.n Full Line of Confectionaiic Fine
Fruits in their season, Cigars, Tobacco, Toys and Notions.
All Grades Of Lumber and Coal Kept in Stock
and Sold as Low as The Lowest. '
Give us a call when in need of coal.
A Liberal Offer,
The CATraeTear
The Cosropolitanone year
The CAT asi Cosmopolitan,
The " anfl Tepeka capital,
The u " anil American Farmer
The' ! 'Farmer, anrl capital,
the "'"anH:CHiBBgp'inter-0eean,
- We also hf.vc many otbjM: clubbing offers, let Jtakrjow
wnat you wane. - -
We have made arrangements .to fur
nish anew subscribers, or all old ones,
who will pay up arrears, and one year
in advance, the (greatest of Humorous,
Magazines "JUDGE", loronly 25c, in
addition to the price of our paper thus
you get two papers One year for Only
1A Ml JX;
lnchicUng'''z2ain linee, braacbea and xtoneions Rait sad. Wet of tiO
laleaourt'Bl7er. The Direct Bouto to asd from Chicago, Joliet, Ottr
eoria, 1 Salle.'MoUno, Bock Island, in ILLINOIS-Davenport, Kuecstlr ,
Ottua wb, Oekaloosa, DeoMotnos, Wlnterset, Audnboa, HnrHn and Counael
Blufid, la IOWA Uuintepous and Sc Paul, In MINNESOTA Watortown
. and. Sioux Fall, in DAKOTA Cameron, Bt Joseph, -and Kansas City, la
- M8SOITBI Onmhft, Falrtury, and Holeon, In NBBBA8BLA Atchison, Leav-
ejrorth.EdrtonTopcka, Hutchinson, Wichita, Belleville, AbUone,-3cdft3
, CityCaldaw;p& K ANSAS-gingflsher. IQ-Beno.ln the INDIAN TZBSS
TOBT DoifBr,v Colorado Springs and Pneb'loln COLOBADO. Traversa
jMarcaaWieb turmiag and erasinflrtada; aflbrdlnrthe beafiftKiliasar
.nfineptxxtmmmpvaon to au towns ana
, and to uaaaana tranaocaanic seaporta.
gr-". Tfngf
' :?&&
time Miss e,
ctuec eaet-ana tyeet, cortuwess asa
in anBdraaatrioment. between CHIOAOOanA
'and. OMAHA, "and ttwat CKCAOO
WT FOshs7B saTOflsCB OOSMMflBKHs)00"sV0EfJMWs mW& I
?hJ?5ZZ22221M i
r-Tmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmr r.'.. -r-i
BaortaaiidHantljndaS3 fa
ia?i auZ'-ir.rrj'
5ygtCTnr ajcflttt
1.5 !
' i
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