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Nothing has ever equalled it
Nothing can ever surpass it.
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New Discovery
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Mr. S. S. Bell, of Rarensweod. W. Va., says:
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Kodol cured me and we are now usir.g It In milk
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162? Champa 5t., Uener. Colo, ng-w
Clothes Cleaned and
Orders Taken For New
fmW Removed to Rear
of Brick Building former
ly occupied by Mrs. No
bles. Fourth Door From
Solici ed.
mmw in 1 to 1. fl " ,:'
assasv t
AT rot
No. 1 23
At the Old Stand
Silk Waists
Etc, Etc-
The Prescott
Title Co.
Z. O. Beows. Manager
Abstracts of Title
Only set of Abstract Books
and only experienced Abstrac
ters in the County.
Wells Fargo
Ex. Co.
Horseshoeing shop
make a Specialty of Quarter Cracks.
Corns and Diseased Feet
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Interfering r-orjrinz and Stumbling
Money to Loan
For Building; or on Improved City
Property. Low Kates - New Dayton
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Of Lot Antete. Calif.
Suppiger. photographer. Lawler
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mines, above and underground. Copy
ing maps and models ; blue printing,
kodak finishing and enlarging. 2xltf
tw tup. -
From Wednesday's Daily.
H. P. Anewalt went to Pheuix last
SfEd Butt cane iu from
McCabe yesj
F. E. Bilee. superintendent
Dividend mine is in town.
of the
C. W. Sager who keeps the Skull
valley eating house is in town today.
Fred Stephens left this afternoon
for his home at Camp Verde.
The board of supervisors adjourned
last evening after a brief session.
Paul Johns. Bujieriutendent of the
Henrietta mine left on this morning's
train for Los Angeles.
The cash balance in the county
treasury on February 2f was ?2T,
J. Q. Stephens, the well known cat
tle man came iu from Los Angeles
last night.
David Coleman, son of Mr. and
Mrs R. R. Coleman broke his arm on
Mondav bv a fall.
Joe Engle, of Preecott was married
in Pheuix vesterday to Miss Audrine
Mimrow of Phenix.
; Charles Ellery Hall, representing
Frank Leslie's publication, left this
morning for the east.
T. J. Norton, attorney for the S. F.
P. and P. railroad is moving into his
new offices near the depot.
Dr. J. W. Coleman was a passenger
on today's north bound train en route
from Phenix to his home at Jerome.
A Mexican who started to shoot up
the town of Congress was brought up
on this morning's train and lodged in
S. J. Holsinger. special agent of the
interior department was a passenger
on this morning's north bound train
en route to Winslow on ofnical busi
ness. District Attorney E. S. Clark left
this morning for Los Angeles to re
cuperate his health having leen
afflicted with an attack of grippe for
some time.
Two immense oil tanks passed
through Prescott on today's south
bound freight train en route to Hill
side station for the Gold Link Min
ing company.
Four wagon loads of a grading out
fit belonging to Grant Bros, went
through Prescott on today's south
bound train. They are for use on the
Pheuix and Eastern grade.
Sheriff Joe Roberts returned from
Pheuix this morning where he went to
identify a Mexican arrested there,
suspetced of being one of the Goddard
murderers. He proved to be the
wrong man.
Hon. R. E. Morrison came in on
this morning's freieht train from the
north, on his return from a protracted
visit east on professional business. He
expects to leave tomorrow accompan
ied by his wife for Valdez, Alaska,
on business connected with the Cop
per River Mining company iu which
George Mitchell, one of Jhis , clients
recently became interested.
Barrett Post G. A. K. held a very
interesting meeting last night and
there wag a good attendance. The
calls for relief have been so heavy
during the past year that the funds of
the post are about exhausted and it
was decided at last night's meeting to
give an entertainment during the lat
ter part of this mouth in connection
with the Women's Relief Corps to re
plenish the treasury so as to be able
to continue its assistance to worthy
and needy members of the order.
Mrs. Farrell. wife of J. H. Farrell.
the well known mining superintend
ent of McCabe died- yesterday after
noon after a protracted illness. She
has been confined to her bed for the
past five years and has been quite a
sufferer. P. Mohn .v Co. sent a casket
out last night and the body was
brought to their undertaking parlors
iu Prescott this morning. The fun
eral took place from the Catholic
church this afternoon and was largely
attended, a great many friends and
acquaintances of the family coming
in from McCabe to attend it.
Quite a number of the patrons of
Dan Campbell, the milk man. were
without their usual supply of lacteal
fluid last night The cause of this
niinieture milk famine was the fact
that Mr. Campbell's team became
frightened while he was iu the Pres
cott Hotel delivering a can of milk,
and ran pell mell down the street. mak
ing a short turn at the corner and up
setting the wagon. utterly demolishing
it and spilling about -7J gallons of
milk. The team was caught several
blocks from the scene, having run up
an alley way and got cornered by a
liarbed wire fence.
In spite of the storm, more than
forty people attended the social last
evening given by the Baptist Young
People's Union atjthe home of Mr.
and Mrs. Ayer. Such unique invita
tions had lieen prered that people
came expecting a good time, and the
affair proved to be very far from a
"solemn occasion." In fact, some
said as they went away, that their
throats were almost sore from .laugh
ing so much. Pat's definition of a
sociable as a "so-shy -able" did not
apply last uight. All entered heart
ily into the spirit of the games, so
that wall flowers were an unknown
quantity. Each one had been re
quested to bring a.- many cent.- as they
were years old, and the more ancient
people were allowed to put iu extra
. i nts to disguise their ages. As a re
sult, the society cleared?10 after all
expenses were paid.
Prom Thursday's Daily.
Tim Fell and Larrv Dugau of the
Agua Fria section are in town.
C. B. Genuug came up this morning
from the south.
The Elks put antlers on another
new member last evening.
Fred W. Morrison, the well known
Kingman attorney is iu town.
Fred W. Morrison of Kingman, is
(raying Prescott a visit today.
H. Wm. Stephens was an arrival in
Prescott on this morning's train.
F. K. Nellis came down from Will
iams last night for a brief business
Dr. and Mrs. Sawyer and the form
er's father aud mother left for Phenix
on today's freight train.
A final accouuting has. been tiled iu
1 the probate court bv the executor of
the estate of the late Mrs. E. B. Gage.
Ed Shumate has been unable to be
at bis place of business for the past
two days on account of an attack of
Weather Observer Dr. W. E. Day
reports the rain fall during the recent
storm at fifteen hundredths of an
S. W. Higley came up from Phenix
today. He reports good progress be
ing made on the Phenix and Eastern
Richard B. Poisor and Mrs. Bettie
Adams, both of Jerome, were married
in that city yesterday by kRev. S. M.
Albert Smith has accepted a posi
tion with the firm of R H. Burmister
it Sons Co., and will have charge of
the shoe andjdry goods departments.
Major James A. Iron, general in
spector of this department, arrived at
Whipple this morning on his periodi
cal inspection of the posts in the de
partment. George H. Ball and Miss Bertha E.
Cliff, both residents of Beaver creek,
were married Monday, March 2, at the
home of the bride, Elder C. E. Gil
bert officiating.
The Ladies Guild of the Advent
Mission and Mrs. Kautz wish to thank
everyone who participated in the Doll
Shop entertainment or in any way
contributed to its snccess.
Dr. Day secured a ticket today for
C. V. Logan to Santa Monica, Cali
fornia, and a card which will admit
him to the Soldiers' home at that
place. Mr. Logan is a veteran of the
civil war and is seventy years of age.
E. W. French returned a few days
since from a visit east bringing in
forty six men to work on the Crowned
King railroad grade. He went to Ash
Fork today to meet another car load
of fifty nine men and escort them to
It is understood that the company
now stationed at Whipple will leave
for San Francisco about the 18th of
this month and that a company from
the 12th regiment which has been sta
tioned at Fort Apache, will arrive at
Whipple about the 10th of this month.
Richard Leahy arrived in Prescott
last evening from Washington to take
the position of chief clerk of the
Prescott postofflce recently vacated by
Matt Loring and with whom he ex
changed positions. Mr. Leahy is
said to be well posted in all things
pertaining to the postal service.
F. W. Howard the well known min
ing man, who has been in Prescott for
several weeks representing the Bisbee
Arizona Copper Mining company, of
Bisbee, Arizona, is the proud father
of a nine pound daughter which his
wife presented him with at an early
hour this morning. Mr. Howard de
clares that receiving dividends are
not in it with the joy of being the
possessor of such a little prize. The
mother and baby are doing splendidly.
The new departure recently adopted
by the firm of R. H. Burmister &
Sons Co. in putting solicitors out in
the city has proved a great success
and highly satisfactory to the firm.
J. C. Remington and George Morris,
the gentlemen who make these per
sonal calls on the patrons of the firm,
are both so popular with Prescott
people, that they have no trouble tak-
ing nice orders when tbey call, as it
is impossible lor any one lo resist
their winning waya
The News-Herald is informed that
the large hoist for the Oro Grande
has been shipped and may be expected
here within a week or ten days. Gen
eral Manager Upton, in a letter from
New York, states that he will return
soon and start active operations at the
big mine. This will be good news,
not only to the miners and mining
men in tnis section, nut to Dusiuess
men here in town, for the working of
the Oro Grande adds no small amount
to the local trade.
Mr. and'Mrs. R. E. Morrison left
on the north bound train this morn
ing for California. Mr. Morrison will
probably accompany Mr. George
Mitchell to Valdez, Alaska, before
his return, where Mr. Mitchell goes to
examine valuable cepper properties,
near Valdez. which he controls.
George Mitchell has no connection
whatever with the Copper River Min
ing company, but is the president of
the Mitchell Mining company owning
great properties iu the state of Guer
rero. Mexico, as well as in Alaska.
Joseph Kompascher, the well known
mining man of this section, will
leave tomorrow for his old home in
Austria. He expects to be absent
for at least a year and may decide to
remain there permanently. This Jwill
be his third trip to that country with
in the past five years the last trip be
inc made a vear ago just after his re
turn from a year's residence in Peru.
Including his trip to the latter coun
try, he made a trip of 20,000 miles or
a few thousand miles greater than
around the earth in a year.
Ros Tanaka, one of the best known
restaurant men in Prescott, who has
been the proprietor of the Home Bak
ery Restaurant on South Montezuma
street for the past three years, has
sold out his old restaurant and opened
up what he calls the Asahi Restaurant
under the new Scopel saloon on the
corner of Goodwin and Montezuma
streets. Every thing in place is new
and first class, and Ros personally
presides at the range. He is known
to be one of the best cooks in this sec
tion, and promisee to give the best of
satisfaction to his Jpatrons and invites
all his old customers and all those
who want a first class meal to call on
him under the Scopel saloon.
For two or three days past an old
blind mau has been begging on the
streets ct Prescott and evidently had
good luck, for today he proceeded to
fill up on" Iwd whiskey and after rais
ing considerable disturlance the offi
cers started to take him to the lockup
where he would not disturb people go
ing along the streets. He put up a
fight that would have done credit to a
wild cat.and for a while had the offi
cers scattered along the streets in un
even bunches, but he was finally laud
ed and will now take up his abode
with Sheriff Roberts for a few days
until thejeffects of the bail whiskey
wears off. when he will lie allowed to
go on to the next town where he cau
again impose upon the charity of good
hearted people.
.1. .1. Wragovieh ha- tendered his
resignation as auditor of the S. F. P.
aul P. railroad, to take effect April
1. and has accepted a position with
Mask ins A Sells, certified public ac
I'oiintants, of :Kl Broad street. New
Vork. Mr. Wragovieh has a host of
warm friend in Prescott who will
read thin announcement with feelings
of mingled regret and pleasure.
There is not a person iu Prescott ac
quainted with him who is not his
friend and who will regret his leaving
here, but at the same time will re
joice and congratulate him on lietter
ing his condition. There are few
men of his age who are as experien 1
and competent in his line as .Mr.
Wragovieh and the firm with which he
has associated himself is 0U6 of the
largest and most prominent iu the
Uuited States. Mr. Wragovieh li:.
occupied a position with the S. F. P,
and P. railroad for nearly ten years
now. and his excellent wife will be as
much missed as himself, as both have
endeared themselves to our people.
From Friday's Daily.
J. H. Hise went to Placerita today
on mining business.
Barry Goldwater came up from
Phenix this morning.
Mr. Edens. a mining man of Walk
er, is trading in Prescott today.
Ed Lift returned last night from a
business visit to a number of mining
Waiter Reese was able to be on tin
streets again today after several days'
J. E. Devan. A. F. Bernett and A.
E. Harris, left for Pheuix on today's
The Murphy and Mack company had
a good audience at the opera house
last night.
Fred W. Morrison, the well known
Kingman attorney, left for his home
this morning.
Geo. H. Ball and Miss Bertha Cliff
of Beaver creek were married recently
by C. E. Gilbert.
Pete Bosche came up from Congress
this morning with a :0-day m i .- 1 -meanor
"Joe." the well known Chinese
caterer, will re-open the Clearing
House restaurant tomorrow.
Dr. G. W. Vickers came up from
Phenix on this morning's train on his
periodical visit to Prescott.
Mrs. F. P. Ward moved out to
Mayer today, where her husband is
engaged in the contracting business.
C. S. Davis, who has been in Pres
cott for a few days doctoring an in
jured band left today for the Mohawk
R, A. Greeuhill. the candy manu
facturer, has rented a room in the
Lawler block where he will open a
retail candy shop.
Judge J. M. Murphy, of Kingman.
who came in Wednesday evening left
for home this morning. He came on
professional business.
Howel Jones, a director of the San
ta Fe railroad company and in charge
of the land department of j that com
pany, is in town today.
Henry Lovin. a capitalist of King
man and sheriff of Mohave county left
for home this morning after a brief
business visit in Prescott.
Judge J. J. Hawkins returned on
last night's delayed train from Cali
fornia where he has been visiting for
several days with his family.
The United States civil service com
mission annouuees that on April 21,
1903. au examination will lie held at
the usual places for the position of
Mrs. David Conuor was brought in
to the Mercy hospital a few days since
for treatment. Her husband accom
panied her and will remain until she
shows signs of improvement.
Mrs. Geo. A. Beach fell from the
steps of her home yesterday aud broke
the bone of the cap of her knee. The
accident will confine her to her home
for six weeks or two mout hs.
Ed Kastuer, Ed Litt and a travel
ing salesman for a large cigar and to
bacco firm, have returned from a few
days business and pleasure trip
through the Mayer and Turkey creek
Professor William J. Shaw, formerly
of the University of Canada, at On
tario, is visiting iu the city and is a
guest of the Prescott hotel. Prof.
Shaw exiects to remain hero for low
Mrs. G. P. Campbell, wife of the
foreman of the Jouural-Miner office,
will arrive on tonight's train from
California. Mr. Campbell has rented
and furnished a house in West Pres
cott where they will reside.
The lecture to be delivered in Pres
cott by Lieut. Hobson. on March 20.
under the auspiecs of the A. O. U.
W.. will lie given at the opera house,
instead of at 1. O. O. F. hall as erro
neously stated by another paper.
Judge Reese M. Ling, with the cus
tomary enterprise for which he has al
ways been noted has built a uew side
walk iu front of his residence. It his
next door neighbor will ouly imitate
his example he will receive from num
erous residents of the hill section
"well done."
J. W. Davis, a mining man of Mo
have couuty. was arrested and brought
to Prescott last Tuesday on a charge
of obtaining money under falsi' pre
tenses. A writ of habeas corpus was
heard before Judge Sloau yesterday
and Mr. Davis was promptly Uaekmtg
ed. Judge E. M. Sanford aud Judge
J. M. Murphy appeared for Mr. Davis.
Mrs. W. S. Parker presented her
husband with a fine 9-pound son at an
early hour yesterday morning, there
by increasing his joys several thou
sand per cent. Mr. aud Mrs. Parker
now have a pair of bright eyed little
people, a sou and daughter, aud are
supremely happy, as they should be.
Mrs. Parker and the boy are doing
There are between twenty five and
thirty prisoners in the county jail at
ten of whom are grand jury
It is expected the special
In every town
and village
may be had
that makes your
horses triad.
m mm?
Stun. tar. 1 I
II la. I
grand jury which meets the 23rd will
clean up this bunch and greatly re
duce the expense to the county in
feeding and clothing so many prison
ers. Besides the ten in jail there are
about a dozen out on bond, so the
grand jury will have quite a lot of
work to do when it convenes.
From Saturday's Daily.
T. C. Job came up from Pheuix this
Fred H. Potter left this morning for
The Jerome tire department will
give a St. Patrick s ball.
Col. J. F. Wilson returned on this
morning's train from Phenix.
Wm. Nelson returned today to his
wood camp at Cedar Glade.
H. P. Anewalt returned today from
his regular weekly visit to Phenix.
There was a very perceptible drop in
the mercury last night just as pre
dieted by the weather bureau.
Mrs. J. F. Hesse has been ill for
the past few days but is improving
rapidlv and will soon lie fully restor
ed to health.
Statesman Barrows came up from
Pheuix nu today's train to take a two
da ' rest from the arduous and trying
duties of maklug laws.
Mrs. K. K. Lake, who holds a po
ltiou in the legislature came up on
this morning's train for a visit of
couple of days with her mother.
Harry E. C. Webb, representing
Blake. Mohitt A Towne, wholesale pa
per dealers of Los Angeles is iu town
taking orders for the above firm.
At the meeting of Ivanhoe Com
manderv No. 2 last evening it was
decided to attend divine services in
body iu Prescott, on Sunday, May 24,
that lieiug the first Sunday after As
cension day, which is Thursday, May
21. being 40 days after Easter.
At the city council meeting yester
day afternoon a petition was present
ed asking for the appointment of
Samuel L. Pattee as city attorney.
but Mayor Burke refused to nominate
Mr. Pattee and the matter rests right
where it has been for some time.
Capt. W. F. Weeks, president of the
United Gold and Platinum Mines
company, operating extensive proper
ties in Cataract Canyon, came down
to Prescott last evening to spend a
couple of days w ith his wife and child
who are staving at the Hotel Con
A. J. Underwood, a Salt Lake min
ing man is visiting this section. He
returned last night from a visit to
the Minnehaha section, where he went
with Col. H. A. Owens, on mining
business. He expresses himself well
satisfied with what he has seen so far
in his investigations.
All mining men, whether property
owners or operators, are urged to send
iu their correct post office addresses
and list of their property to R. W.
Millward. at Prescott. Arizona, who
is preparing a mining directory of Ya
vapai eouuty It costs nothing to list
your property and will lie a great fa
vor to Mr. Millward, a benefit to you
and at the same time will add to the
great showing for Yavapai county.
A. J. Head went east today on a
piano purchasing trip and on other
business. He eeets to lie absent for
several weeks anil immediately upon
his return he will move the large
frame building in which he resides
across to Montezuma street, and erect
another brick building on the site of
the present frame building making a
solid brick front of ISO feet.
Barney Smith is one of the happiest
MB in Prescott notwithstanding the
fai t that he passed the half century
mark today. This is not only a spe
cial day in respect to being his BOth
birthday but it is also his tenth wed
ding anniversary and a party of
friends shared with Mr. Smith and
wife a very sumptuous feast this after
noon at 4 o'clock at their beautiful
West Prescott home. Mr. and Mrs.
Smith have a host of friends iu Pres
cott aud the Journal-Miner joins them
in best wishes for many years of hap
piness and prosperity.
Miss Myrtle Keith, sister of Mrs.
A. W. Kobinsou. entertainei? a com
pany of about a dozen of her girl aud
boy friends at the home of her sister
in West Prescott last evening, the
girls all being members of the R. L.
('. Such a jolly time as these young
people had would lie hard for old folk
to even imagine. The evening was
spent iu games and not a minute
parsed that was not crowded full of
Jack Gibson, of Phenix, has arrang
ed for another big cowboy tourna
ment to 1 held March 14 aud IS at
Ea-t Lake park, which will lie some
thing out of the ordinary, and which
everybody is interested iu. Mr. Gib
son has secured some of the best and
most exiert riders in the country,
among them Harry Knight, who has
been touring the northwest with a
cowboy show, and has conquered
every broncho that he has straddled.
Knight was formerly an Arizona boy.
The 810.000 "hurled" had another
explosion of wind last evening in
which it lioasted of stating "exclu
sively" Lieut. Hobson had been book
ed to lecture iu Prescott. The Journal-Miner
contained this announce
ment several days ago. or to be ex
plicit, in its issue of Wednesday, Feb
ruary 25. top of third column, eighth
page. It took our enterprising "$10.
OftV" coiitrumpery just nine days to get
that exclusive item atfer I.,-ing pub
lished in the Journal-Miner.
Dr. S. S. Partello. a former (Tatted
States army surgeon, but at present
connected with a San Francisco bu
reau which furnishes high class enter
tainments is visiting in Prescott. as
the advance agent of the "Kilties"
band. This musical organization is
the MM of
i regiment of
the famous Highlander
the British Army, and
consists of about fifty pieces. In ad
dition to the band itself, there is a
choir of twenty male voices connected
with it which renders a numlier of vo
cal MillHiUlWe, and other interesting
features are also given. This liaud is
creating a regular furore and will ap
peal in Prescott March 24. Dr. Pa
telle is interested in milling iu this
eettoa and says that it is among the
possibilities that he may locate here.
"Two physicians had a long and
i sIuIiIkuii Unlit with the alwcess on my
right luiiu'." writes ). F. Hughes of
Da Pont, ia.. "and gave me up.
Everybody thought my time had
come. As last resort I tried Ir.
I King's New Discovery lor Consump
tion. The benefit I received was
striking and I was on my feet iu a few
days. Now Pre entirely regained my
health." It conquers all loughs,
mJ Tl. 4 1 1 1 T.iimr tt-fiol.l,.
:,;.,',t...,l hm all d.iiLreists. Pri,.:
'aOc. Htid il Trial bottle free.
Interesting Batch of News From
District Which Shows Great
Activity at Present.
Favorable Reports From All Properties
Being Worked Extensive Im
provements in Progress.
Eureka District, March .1. Ed
Journal-Miner. Not seeing any news
in your valuable paper from our sec
tion, will give you a few items.
Hillside Sidiug. the distributing
point for Eureka District, is a lively
little place, T. K. Darnell and his sou
Morse bring the merchants, board
ing house keepers, and in fact nearly
everything of the town. They have
lately added a supply of hardware to
their other large stock of goods, they
always have on hand, and cau now
furnish the public with anything
from a needle to a threshing machine.
This point distributes lots of freight
to Eureka District. The Gold Link
Mining comjiauy have had twenty car
loads unloaded there iu the last three
months, Solon Marker having the con
tract for delivering the same to their
mines on Santa Maria. He has seven
teams on the road continuously, be
sides a tri-weckly stage.
The (iold Link Company is working
a big force of men on the Sultan
mine, having some 20,000 tous of ore
blocked out for their new twenty
stamp mill which they are erecting.
iu addition to which they are putting
iu a large cyanide plant. This prop
erty has lain idle for the past few
years. The present general manager.
Harry La Montague, is an up to date
mining man aud is bound to make a
success, as the Sultan has the goods
right in it. Mr. Bunker, late of Cali
fornia, is the mill man, and has a
great reputatiou of having everything
up to date. John Roiley is mine
foreman. Besides working the Sul
tan this company has bonded proper
ties on both sides of it. on one side or
end from J. R. Beatson, the other
from the Ariola boys. The compauv
has also suuk a well close to Santa
Maria aud has drifted under tne river
for water where they have an unlim
ited quantity of it which they will
pump to the mine and mill. The mill
is situated so as to run the ore out of
the mine to the crushers.
Chauucey D. Clark, of Peoria, Il
linois, and Peoria. Arizona, who is
interested iu the Waters aud (iold
Standard mines on the Santa Maria
was there recently looking over the
properties with a view of startiug up
the mill.
Messrs. Way aand Marshall arc tak-
ng out ore to have a test run made
through the Sharpneck mill at Kirk-
Ferris aud lodsiuark, of Los An
geles, are working steadily on the
irena group, close to the Mohave
eountv line. Ihese gentlemen hae
worked steadily for the past fifteen
mouths and are well pleased. The
writer was informed that Mr. herris
s now iu California seeing about a
hoist and pump for the property, the
whim not being able to handle any
deeper than they now are.
The Granite Stake owned by Mr.
Abbott and partner is looking well.
Tliev have seven men at work at the
present time.
Colin Timmons is working right
long on the Copcr King, with E.
Overpeek. a thorough mining man. in
barge. Mr. Timmoiis is proving he
was right in his assertion that if there
was a copper producer iu the District.
the King was one. and the amount of
ore thev have encountered proves he
was right. Pity we did not have a
few more Timmons in Eureka Dis
trict. Pete Soreuseu, the placer genius,
building a large dry washer of
everal horse power size to work the
Placer gulch, out of which so many
thousands of dollars in gold have licen
xtraeted. Besides working the
gulches, Pete and his associates are
going to sink on a large gold liearing
ledge situated at the head of the gulch
where mining meu claim all this gold
came from. The writer understands
that J. T. Peudegast of your city. Mr.
MeCullogh of Pasadena. Cal.. aud J.
A. Newman of Mohave County are
interested with Mr. Soreuseu. If so.
they are among the lucky ones, as L.U-
reka is proving to be one of the big
gest producers in the couuty.
D. II. Smith, lately from Colorado.
is opening up the isuttercup mine
which he recently acquired a half in
terest iu, from Mrs. John Rolierts.
The ledge is from fourteen to eighteen
inches wide and the gold can lie seen
all over some of the rock.
Alex Lucy is happy, having en
countered the ore body iu the Mam
moth again, it lieiug in the foot wall.
John McNeff is working on his
Fairview,'and it is looking fine.
E P. Shultz has bought the Ferrar
ranch. Guess the next break will be
getting married. Eric you are gone.
Ex-Supervisor Beatson is furuishiug
the camps with lieef.
E. Leesmau, the Santa Maria mer
chant, can feed or water you or your
horse when you come along.
C. A. Feast has improved his place
with a new wind mill, and is now
working on his ditch, the Santa Maria
promising to furnish water till May
or June this year, the first time iu
four years.
A. K. Paddock is improving bis
place by fencing it.
John Rolierts has moved his family
to the Galles camp, where Mrs. Rob
erts' health is greatly improved.
The Buckman boys and their mother
are wintering on Santa Maria. So is
Lou Bennett and family.
Landey Ehle is moving his rabbit
and chicken ranch from Thompson
valley to Santa Maria.
John Philliis has beeu confined to
his bed for some time.
Messrs. Shipp. Miller. Shultz and
Ritter are gathering cattle, feed being
pretty good down here. There are
lots of pretty tlowers aud green feed.
Also advice. COME K. R.
R. V. Millward has lieeu engaged
for several months iu preparing a
mining directory of Yavapai county, a
work which will be of great advantage
to the mining interests as well as of
interest to others. He has received
the following excellent endorsement
of his work :
Prescott. Ariz.. Feb. JT. 1MB,
To whom it may concern:
We, the undersigned officers and
j citizens of
Yavapai county. Arizona
territory, do hereby endorse the Min
ing Directory of Yavapai
otinty. now
' being prernred by K. II. Millward.
Preseott, as a work commendable in
every way.
All the information contained
therein is obtained from the most re
liable aud only authentic sources, and
we commend it to the liberal patron
age of mining men, and the public
generally, who desire an accurate
compend of the mining industry of
the county.
P. J. Farley, county recorder,
.1. EL Robinson, clerk supervisors,
J. P. Storm, county treasurer,
C. P. Hicks, probate judge.
Pea S. Hildreth, register U. S. Land
Frank R. Stewart, forest supervisor,
Frank L. Wright, manager Prescott
Electric company.
J. F. Wilson, delegate to congress,
J. E. Morrison, deputy district attor
W. C. Bashford,
W. T. Brown,
E. S. Clark, district attorney,
Julian Millard,
D. M. F. Weeks,
Corbin A: Bork,
Samuel Hill Hardware company,
Dennis A. Burke,
Brisley Drug company,
Richard E. Sloan,
R. H. Burmister,
Ross At O'Sullivan,
H. P. Anewalt, G. P. and F. A., a
F. P. and P. R. R.,
A. W. Edwards,
Alfred Ouetu.
The following is list of
mainiug in the Prescott,
letters re
Arizona, post office for the week
2. 1903:
ending March
Baldwin, Dan
Blaiu. Mrs H D
Bright, J S Jr
Browu. Dan
Bau man. Geo
Breese, Robt
Brinkhoff, Mrs B
Brown, V E
Collins, Jas
Connett, Staff C
DeWitt, Wirt
Chariton. A
Collins. Mrs J A
Cook, Chas F
Dodsou, R L
Dudley. L S
Dona van. Miss
Fields. Gaul W
Mrs Fleming, C J
R Gallagher, H S
Frauhlin, G
lannoB, Mrs Gias, Miranda
iibsou. George Graham, Bob
Hale. .Mrs B A Hart, W T
Hawkins, Geo J Hitcbens, J W
Holliugsworth,FO Holmes, J T
Johnson. II Jr
Johnson, J E
Johnson. W R
Jones, Mrs W F
Lange. W A
Lewis, John F
MoDuffee, L P
Monahan, Mr
Ray, Wm M
Robbins, J W
Rutledge, C
Ryan, Fred
Shears, Henry
Sinclair, A H
Snow, T A
Walker, Chas
Woodden, MC
Kester. L C
Lelaud. S F
McConaphy, D
McGowan, D H
Morris. H E
Rees, J A
Rodgers. J E
Ryan. Frank
Scaulon. Jerry
Stephaed. B B
Sloau. C D
Sullivan. T
Womrath, K
Kernal, A Domerico, C
Fidurzio Floras, Lawrence,
Gousalez, J Herrera, M deT
Monteno. Mrs C Poco, Du Sanatigo
Salas. Victor Trijello, N
Parties calling for these letters will
please say advertised.
A. L. Smith, Postmaster.
Wants the News.
Robert Finnic a resident of Beaver
creek, near the famous Montezuma
Weils and Soda Springs, and one of
the substantial citizens of old Tavapai
county, has been in Prescott for the
past two days trading. He left for
his home today with a wagon full ef
provisions of all kinds, and among
the other good things he took home
with him was a receipt for the price
of the Weekly Journal-Miner for one
year. Mr. Kiuuie wants to be up with
the times aud realized that the best
way to do this was to have the above
paper come to his home every week.
A ureat many other people in this sec
tion are doing likewise. Mr. Finnic
has one of the prettiest homes in this
part of the territory, being built of
-toil" and is large and commodious,
while it is fitted up inside with every
thing that goes to make a home at -
1 active and inviting, and anyone who
has ever enjoyed the hospitality of
Mr. Finnic and his good wife will
never forget the occasion.
A small pill, easy to buy, easy to take
and easy to act. bnt never failing in
reeolta DeWitt'i Little Early Risers
arouse the secretions and act as a
tonic to the liver, curing perman
ently. brisley Drug Co., Corbin & Bork.
Yes, thinking of our trips on land and
sea :
Aud what good times we had just
you aud me;
A rolling o'er the oceans mighty
l .lse speeding over plains and through
the dell
I never shall forget'our escapade,
When, by some great mishap we were
High in the mountains, where the icy
So chill'd my bones I thought I'd
surely freeze,
Resulting in an aggravated throat,
Because you had my only overcoat.
Hut I forgive you. now that all is past
And what a wondrous heart you have,
old case
You surely have a task to keep its
Fill'd with such goodly stores as men
most need
Ah. your'e a perfect marvel; yes, in
deed. Once you had grown so ill I lost all
Hut you pulled through by help of
a stroug rope.
Yet not without the loss, as I bad
Of full two-thirds of your left ear
I would have claimed some damages;
but shaw.
Investigation show'd three was no
Attaching to a case of this degree.
So. 1 just had them set the culprit
Yes. thinking of our trips o'er land
and main.
And never once such thoughts will I
For you're lieen true, and faithful as
a monk.
Mv U s' of friends, an old and faded
Everything is iu the name when it
0OBMS to Witch Hazle Salve. E. C.
HeWitt ft Co. of Chicago, discovered.
some years ago, how to make a salve
from Witch Hazel that is a specific
; for Piles. For blind, bleeding, itch
ing and protruding piles, eczema.
cuts, burns, bruises and all skin dis-
eases, DeWitts Salve has no equal.
This has given rise to numerous
worthless counterfeits. Ask for De
Witt "a the genuine.
Brisley Drng Co.. Corbin A Bork.
WT the Kind V
that Leads
sold tiy all il.nl p. HL
,afM I 90 I 1 JUU
tfPJJA m "tpai-i tree to ail JJJJJJJ.
. JS JJk applicants. JBk
WholesaleLiquor Dealer
Complete Stock of Fine Whisk ys and Cordials for the Trade
Dealer in PABST Brewing Co.' Milwaukee Beer.
Ashai Restaurant
R05 TANAKA & CO., Proprietors.
Under Scopel Building, corner Montezuma and Goodwin Sts.
Everything New and First
Ladies and Families. rf
ought to have all the
impurities in the tood and beverages as well as in other
things. In beer, purity doesn't injure its flavor rather
improves its goodness as is evidenced by
Better than most beers
it is good for you and ''Is
H. D. STLTHflAN, Distributor, Prescott, Arizona.
COOVER'S Liver Pills
For Sale by Brisley Drug Co., Presott, Ariz.
Prescott, Ariz.,
Merchandise or
Remember the Old
The 0. K. STORE
Staple and Fancy Groceries, A Full Stock of Men's Fnrnishint; floods
Always on Hand. All Goods Fresh and Lp-To-Date.
Gasoline and .Steam Hoists, Air Compressors, Portable
and Stationery Boilers, Etc.
igy-More of the fairbanks, Morse & Co.'s hoists have been sold in this
section during the past pear than ajl other makes combined- They excel :n
POWER, RELIABILITY and ECONOMY and are especially valuable
where wood and water is scarce.
Full parwulars and estimates
The World has ever seen will be held
At ST. LOUIS in 1904, and
Will be indispensable during the coming year.
Twice Every Week and The
FOR S2.85
Roth Paoers one year,
liberal offer will be open only a limited time,
your subscription today to the
Safeguard your investments by insisting that
corporations you are interested in have
their stock registered by the
Fire, Indemnity and Plate Glass Insurance written. Surety
and Court Bonds furnished.
A General Banking and Trust Company Business Trans
acted. Real Estate Bought and Sold. Rents Collected. Entire
Charge taketTof Estates. Tel. 137.
Rooms For
protection possible against
nothing injurious about it
- Class. Private
Becau.se they effect cures without any grip
ing, sick stomach or unpleasant results.
Because thev actually cure all liver. kidn3j
stomach and bowel troubles.
Because all nursing mothers will find these
pills have no equal, neither griping mother
nor baby.
Because they are the only pills that are a
constitutional tonic and blood purifier,
City. Mo..
Albuquerque, N.M
Mining Supplies
Established House
furnished upon application to
. . $2.85
onlv - -

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