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Pioneer Paper of Arizona.
Fortieth Year.
, . t ,
Mining1 Interests Active
and Prosperous.
Gold Link Ready to Start Dp Soon.
Other Properties Coming
to the Front.
Eureka District. May 21. Eureka
District is coming to the front. Ihe
uoia liuk company s mill, wnich is
neariug Dompleiiou. will, in thirty
days, be dropping its stamps on "Sul- conaenser win ue bu.oou pounds per j to particulate. The invitation was ac
tan" ore. of which at the preseut day or nearly three times the amount caaAai by Itetwecu 700 and 800 people
time, t here are between twenty aud , now produced. With the present sup - aud the picnic grounds looked as if
thirty thousand tons blocked out.
which mean- t in- aiding of another
big producer to Yavapai'.- long list.
This company has one of the finest
and most substantial, if not the Quest,
plant iu the territory, the owners be
lieving in the old
you do. do right.
adage. 'What ever
Hugo Johnston, of
Chicago, presideut of the company,
in company with t ha mayor of Pres
cott. Hon. Dennis A. Burke. A. Falco
and E. M. Clark, the (iioom Creek
operator, this week visited this prop
erty under the management of H. La
Montague. Success is inevitable, as
Harry is a thorough mining luau aud
the Sultau has the goods iu it. Be
sides the Sultan this co upauy owns
the Allerton. Wyandotte tiirl. Christ
mas and others, all carrying good
values. The electric plant, pump.
pipe, in fact everything is now ou the able buildings for the machiuery will
ground so there will be no hitch when , be commenced at once and will be
the stamps are ready to drop, only i pushed to the earliest possible com
fifty meu are uow employed, but the pletion. Tenipe News,
force will be increased as soon as
there is room iu the miue. A Narrow Fire Escape.
Two more sales are under headway ,
ou Santa Maria, one being the Pur- what w't-'ht have been a serious
pie Rose group, owned by Jos. Howells : fire was avert ed by quirk action aud
and situated near the Waters miue. I steady nerves last night. I About seveu
lne other is the Mammoth group,
owued by Alex Lucy, situated three
quarters of a mile west from the Sul
tau. Both tbe-e properties hare lots
of ore in sight carrying good values.
The smiking face of J. T. Dougiue.
of New York, is back on Santa Maria.
He knows where to find good miues .
when he wants them, having made oue
fortune out of Santa Maria mines.
D. H. Smith is pushing work ou the
Prize claim owned by him aud Mr.
John Roberts.
Win. Marshall is building au aiaslra
to crash the high grudi ore out of his;
Red Rock mine. He h - ajaitt a large
pile of it on the dun:; .
Jack McNeff has struck a rich body i
of ore ou a new discovery, the River!
Bend. This claim is near the Gold
Standard mine which Dan Thome I
aitu outers sum a .e ,.sao !
thirty thousaud dollars. )
Bill Noakes is driving a tunnel to
Up a ledge at which , dace he expects ;
to make his fortune. This ledge shows
more free gold on the surface than any
1 .1 1 Jl . C
ledge on the river. Bill, having good
judgmeut and staving qualities, is
bound to succeed.
The Ed Habnel and Dan Webster
properties close to ihe Sultan, hold
their values as work progresses, and
great will be their rev. aril when the
man comes a.oug. tuai k.ios uai ue
is looking for. a good thing.
Boot. Iiunlap is piling up some
Hiia. liii.L-Miir iiro iiii I I..- Huntri .if lha
Webster, owned by bim aud Kobt. .
onu"z- I
Deputy Kecorder Col well is work
tuK tu uts numru xwos. claim. tin
gratifying results. ,
l : V, 1 T . I :
Pete Sorensou is doing very well
with his horse power dry washer.
Pete has his plaut so thoroughly
equipped that he can save the finest of
(iodsmark and Ferris of Los An
geles. Cal.. are pushing work on the!
Newman group, with tiatteriug re-;
suits. These gentlemen have the
property uuder liond and lease.
Henry MctJrew will soon start to
work on the Tootsie aud Buster
claims, the uew strikes made near,
Thompson valley, by him aud Mar
shall. Should the values continue as
depth is attained these gentlemen will
ship five car loads of ore at ouce to
the Sharpneek mill at Kirkland. for!
treatment, these claims Iteiug close to
the railroad.
E. Lesmau. the Mipular statiou '
keeper of Santa Maria, is keeping up ;
with the times building pinches, i
shades, etc.
Mr. aul Mrs. C. S. Black are hold-!
ing down tbe Water Mill.
TomJwomey is laid up
of la grippe.
Pard Pierce is tanning
Shultz place.
with a dose
the 'rviti :
Mrs. C. A. Feast has a tine gardeu. ,
all the early st u H" gone, melons, etc..
coming ou.
J. R. Paddock has setlled down aud
gone to farming.
A brand uew pot-!offlce has Iteeu es
tablished. kuo.Mi M Sultan. II. La
Montague pwataaaator.
Mrs. J. D. Shipp contemplates a
trip to Sau Jose. California, in tbe
near future to vi-it her sons who are
attending school here.
J. D. Shipp aud l.obt. .Miller have
just made their lasi shipment ot cat
tie for this year.
Robt. Shultz intends gathering
horses in the near ttitiire for eastern
T. J. Nataaaa is
T. R. Darn -II .V
enlarging their place of haaBBaaaa,
rrade increasing right along Hillside
i quite a little town now owned
mostly by these gentlemen, their
motto being good goods, meals. Iteds.
and courteous treatment.
Henry Hitter i- putting up a new
six room house ou his ranch north
of Haaaapaoat vai lay.
McOrew. Phipi'tiey an I Scott all
have good hay crops, which they are
Homer 'lixon, who b is beeu con
fined to bis bd for the
mouths, is on the improve.
past nine
Cattle aud horses are fat, aul a
prosperous year is the outlook for Eu
reka District. 7 or 11.
Tempo's New Industry.
President K. - A. Hough of the
Tempe-Mesa Produce conipauy yester
day closed a contract with CL T. Rog-
ers A: Sons nf Detroit. Michigan, for au
tou nuk "Me am
I ... .11. 5 k.. .. t ...... J .- --
plant of the conipauy.
The installation of this new iudus- j
try will mark the most important step
yet taken by this section. Without
increasing the cost of pro.iu.-tinn oue
cent, it will immediately increase the
price of the milk of the south side i" .
per cent, aud every rancher as well as
every other business man will become
a direct beneficiary, for it will lie the I
meaUB of annually bringing to Tempe
thousands of dollars of outside mouev.
Ihe present output of milk on this
side of the river is estimated at 30.000
: pounds daily. The capacity of the
ply of milk a carload can lie turned
out every two day.-. In addition to
the condenser there will he a depart
meut tor the manufacture ot all the
cans used iu handling the product.
When the plant shall hare reached its
i full capacity, thirty persons will be
; required to operate it. There w ill
: )e no trouble in finding a ready sale
for the product, as we are reliably in
formed that the preseut supply is
barely sufficient for the home con
sumption, aud China. Japan, as well
as other foreign countries are in the
market for immense quantities which
the importers have been unable to
supply. The people of this section
are to be congratulated, and it is
hoped that the most sanguine expecta
tious of the promoters will lie fully
realized. The work of preparing suit-
w m
o'clock L. Wiukless. one of the deliv-
erymeu for R. H. Burmister A Sous
Co.. was returuiug from the barn
where be keeps the team he uses wheu
he was startled to see a cloud of
black smoke issuing from the window
of his room iu Mrs. Julia Murphy's
house ou north Mt. Yeruou street.
He called for Prof. Jolly, who was
sitting ou the torch of J. H. I; Vin
son's residence, aud together they
rushed into the room but the place
war so tilled with smoke that they
could not remain there, so they closed
up the door to keen auy draft from
the tire and hurriedly found the
gardeu hose and attaching it soon had
a stream of water playiug on the lire
which was coming from the bedding.
They were finally able to get hold of j
the bedding aud drag it out into the
Tard where it could do uo damage and
then tfce ()f nrp
iu the room was easv Tnp aul(.s
dtroved the ,.m.laius alld ,,ijud on
the window aud wvre patiln, tueil. wav
:.,, (. , fh
aud a few minute- more would have
had such a start that tbocmtin bttiid
j ing might have beeu dest roved.
No alarm of fire was rounded, tin-
two above cent lemen coolly nuttiUL'
out the fire without assistance. Heat
of the neonle in the m-nroi i li. I
were eitber a, ,h(. - af (.nm.b
or at church
aud he,p wonU h.m.
Iteeu pretty I
jf. f, . . n, , ,.:,,;,
the manner
iu which the file got
8tartpd jg pujaUf ,
Mr. Winkle at
he had been iu the room
only a few
minutes before and there was no tin
ju tfae aU(,
uo one
else in the I
Memorial Services.
The memorial services at the M. E.
church last evening were attended by
an unusually large number of people,
most of the churches iu the city hav
ing given up their regular church ser
vices and joined in these services.
The interior of the church was beauti
fully decorated for the occasion with
flags, flowers aud evergreeus. while
the seats which had lteen reserved for
the members of the G. A. K. and W.
R. C. were draped with flags and
bunting, making a very pretty ellect.
The members of the above orders
attended iu a body and occupied the
front center sectiou of seats.
The music rendered by the choir as
well as the congregational singing was
appropriate to the occasion,
Rev. Bennett, of the Episco(tal
church, of Prescott. aud Rev. Miller
of the Episcopal church at Jerome.
and Rev. Taft, of tbe Baptist church,
of Prescott, occupied places on the
pulpit aud assisted in the services,
Rev. A. M. Gibbous preached the
memorial sermon, taking for his sab-
ject, "The Child of Provideuce." The
sermon was oue of tbe strongest iu
point of Christian patriotism that has
ever Iteeu heard in Prescott. ami
abounded iu the purest thoughts ami
sentiments, aud was listened to with
the utmost attention by the large au
dience. lie showed that beyond a
doubt this nation had lieen. from the
time of its discovery by Columbus to
the present time, guided by the hand
of Cod. until at the present time it
was thi greatest uatiou on earth iu
nearly every respect, with one of the
ureatest purposes in view, that has
ever Iteeu recorded in human history,
that of reuniting all the tuitions of
present time it :
the earth into one grand brotherhood.
branding up bur- This he declared would Ik- consum
mated at -ome time in the future.
Sin. Morse keep when all the ieople on the globe
would use the English language and
practically lie as one uatiou. This had
lieen (iod's great purpose in establish
iug tbis nation and during the him
; dreds of years He bad been fitting it
i for this great work.
Termiuated with an uglv cut ou the
leg of J. B. Orner. Franklin Grove.
III. It develop! a stubborn ulcer
unyielding to doctors and naaadiaa
for four years. Theu Bucklen's Ar
uica Salve cured. It's just as good
for burns, scalds, skin eruptions and
j piles. 25c. at all druggists.
Bate does general viewing work, tf
Nearly Eight Hundred
People Attend.
1 The Numerous Events Greatly En-
. ,
List of Prize
The rir.
anniversary celebration of
the local aca'io of Eagles took place
yesterday at Granite Dells aud was iu
ti.o stint, of rrrnii.t nienin ha thieb
the general public had been invited
i they had suddenly been transformed
juto a busy city street for there were
j people. iteople everywhere, all having
a good, social time and thoroughly
enjoying the sports of the day, which 8maU ,.apjtal and by slow methods, . mines aud made a careful inspection c,eved tne uollee and fire department
were conducted iu an orderly manner, j onJy a whim llsed hoigt with. o the Siuce Mr. Monroe has I and ,ater the rural guards and the ar-
, au.l no rowdyism or disorderly con- j However nearly 1000 feet of under- been in New York some marvelous tillery.
du.-t was allowed. ground work has been done, the shaft i developments have lteen made at this New York, May 20. Clara Barton,
The weather was splendid at the : being about 200 feet deep while the j mine, and the body of rich ore now j bead of the Red Cross society today
Dells, the (dace being protected from I greater amount of work has lteen done ! in sight fairly dazzled the two gentle- issued a statement in the defense of
I what wiml was blowing by the rocks J in drifting. The values are all in free meu from the eat. It is said that her conduct of the society's business
' aud trees and the day was one of su- nulling gold to thejpresent (depth aud Col. Small has purchased quite heav- j and presenting a plan to widen the
i preme enjoyment from every stand- j average about 310 per ton. bat it is j ily of the stock. A Journal-Miner re- scope of the society's work. She re
I point N'o expense or lalor had been j thought when the permanent water porter saw Mr. Small this morning j futes the allegiitionns concerning the
spared to make the occasion one long
to be remembered by those in attend-
auce. and not a word has been heard
couceruiug the picnic but what was iu
the loudest praise of the Eagles for
the splendid maaugement of every per day. The mine produces some wa- j are simply marvelous properties, and ; tire Rock Islaud system. He will suc
detaii. ter at the present depth but hardly if 1 am not mistaken will soon be ceed W. B. Leeds aud will have the
Oue of the chief attractions of the ; enough for the needs of the new mill : ranked among the greatest producers j entire control of the operations of the
. I , , i , r .i , I -ix , . I - . . . . . , . I . ..
picnic, and one in which as many
were interested as any other feature,
ma the baby show. There were quite
a unrulier of babies ou exhibition for
the prizes, and they were as sweet and
pretty I gathering of little people as
oue would find iu auy country, and it
was no easy matter for the judges to
make their choice. There were four
prizes to be competed for and one, a
bucket of can Iv. which Burmister A
Sous Co. gave. -as for all the babies.
The Judges for the show consisted of
three geutlemeu and two ladies, aud
the babies were exhibited iu such a
manner that no oue kuew whose chil
dren they were, so the prizes were
awarded iu an absolutely impartial
maimer. The babies winning the
prizes were: Mrs. W. J. Wilsev'sJ
baby, first prize, a baby carriage:
Ifm Tom Smith'.- baby, second prize,
a ehtld'a looker; Mrs. Crose's baby,
third prize, toy machine: Mrs. Fire
btMgfc'a Kiliy. fourth prize, picture
Harry Van Aleu. iu behalf of the
Ash Fork members of the aerie, bad
purchased a line gold headed caue
which wa to be given to he ugliest
liable present, the matter to lie decid
ed by vote at ten cents per vote. The
contest was quite lively and resulted
the cane Iteiug voted Rack to Mr. :
Van Aleu. it being the opinion of j
the majority present that he was the i
gllaal as wail as the best hearted
Eagle on ill ifrotUMta,
The ba.se ball game was oue of the
bes1 that has been played in this sec- I
tion this season and arou.-ed great en-
thusiasin among the admirers of the
two nines. The soldier bovs succeed
e.l in wiuuing the game by a scori"
jn willujn 1(. ,,.,. , v of
eight to ten. ami tin y were entitled
to the honor for thev certainly did
h ive to work for it. This uow leavt
the teams ou aoaad footing as far as
hou iis go. being two games each for
the season. The deciding game will
likely lie played soon.
There were no dull moments during i
the d:iy. as tbare were a large number
of events iu which good prizes were
ottered ami they were warmly con-!
tested lor.
The results of tbe races were as fol
lows :
B 's" foot race. B0 yards Won by I
Charlie Smith. Prize, pearl handled
Girls' foot rat e. .VI yards Won by
Sadie Munds. Prize, bottle of per
fume. Ladies' loot race, ."i0 yards Won by
Mr.-. F. G. McCoy. Irize, Silver
Girls' egg race. BO yards Won by
Manilla II II Sullivan. Prize, Ham
mock. i'ree for all ladies' race. oO yards
Won by Minnie Davis. Prize, llaud
kerhief case.
Fat men's race. BM yard; Won by
L W. Felt. Prize, three baths at
Marrietl men's race, .70 yards Won
by Luther liarball. Prize, Four
shaves at Carrett's barber shop.
Three legged race. 25 yards Won
by Harold Munds and Charlie Smith.
Prize. Pound cake.
Fre for all foot race. .70 yards
Won by Frank Mansfield. Prize,
pair of "Walkover" shoes.
The second free for all foot race. '
first prize ten meals, was won by Ed j
Mention ; second, neck tie, was won j
by Mike Destin.
The boat race was won by Jim Mor
rell. Prize, terra cotta bust.
The tug of war between the Eagle
ami the Whipple barracks teams was
. ( ,, . ....
barrel of Kaiuier beer, ten boxes of
cigars, and one bottle of prize goods.
A Tin- on telegram say.-: The Silver
Bid I copper mines were sold to the
Impel ial Conner company for a frac
tion over Bl,jOQ,O0Ql The sale em
braces sixty milling claims aud two
sixty ton furnace plants. The prin
cipal imp basi ls are ES. B. I iage anil
F. M. Murphy of Arizona: George i
Beaton Vendors and Louis Zeckendorf
of New fork; A. Steinfield and J. N. j
jjl'urtis of Tue-oii. liver a million
j dollars' wnr'h of copper products J
! have been taken out of the Old Boot j
mine one of the group. The miues i
are h tited forty miles west of Tucson
and twenty miles south of Bedrock
on the Southern Pacific railway.
Order- were issued today for the erec
tion of a 500 ton plaut. Five huu
dred miners will le put to work as
fast as they can be had. A large force
of miners and quantities of supplies
were sent out to the camp today. This
is the largest single sale on record in
A rich body of high grade ore is re
ported to have been struck in the
Gold Dust mine of the Hudsou group
on Lynx creek. Some of the ore will
run several hundred dollars per ton
while the majority of it will run over
?60 in gold and copper. The vein is
a large one but the ore body varies
from one to three feet iu thickness.
The new 10-stamp mill for the
Brooklyn mine is neariug completion
and when it has leen put in readiness
the property will resume operations
land it is the intention of the gentle
j men who have taken hold of it to push
the development, as fast as it can be
done. Messrs. ,). M. Dale aud W. T.
Coad, the former of Bellefoute, Pa..
iand the latter of Rapid City, S. D.,
have takeu au optiou ou the mine and
are making nrenarations to work it in
a business like aud subsautial man-
uer. aud it is honed thev mav make a
grand success. The Brooklyn has travel and pleasure, and they seem to Pnded, and the streets are thronged
been worked in a rather spasmodic ! be getting much of both. Yesterday. wlth P?1- P Palm. c
mauner for the st six or seven iu comany with Mr. Monroe, they j companied by his cabinet officers, and
years, but the work has been done ou drove over to the Monroe group of the CI'y and Provincial officials, re-
I level is reached the ore will be of a
concentrating character and will lie of
! higher grade. A steam hoist will also
, be installed at once aud it is expected
to handle about thirty tous of ore
1 aua ,U1(1 'unn w sinKinp : iau io ie-
velop enough water a pite line will
be run to the Agua r ria river which hospitable. 1 have seen uo rowdyism
is less thau a mile distant. Robert here, aud the place is clean, wbole
DeLarge. the well knowu mill aud some aud iuvitiug. Your buildings
mining maa, has had charge of the are elegant and are kept up far better
work of tutting iu the new mill aud than the average city. Iu fact, I can
will have full charge of the work of see uo reason why you should not all
developing the property. lie pleased with your home. If you
print any thing that 1 say don't fail
PUBLIC RECORDS. ,( ipaak a good word for Mr. Monroe.
Me is one of the best fellows I ever
The following is the daily report of
instruments filed iu the county re
corder's otlice, as reported by the
Prescott Title Ooaapac?:
May !!. Mid Jones files a of a w
on OU Virginia et al mines. Cherry
Creek dist.
J H Wiugtield to R M Hoppeu, deed
to bouses and lot of land at Fort
Verde, 100.
R M Clark to A S Collins. W II Ful
ton et al, deed Morning Star ami Sun
dance miues. Weaver dist.
Julia Fariiswttrth to .1 F Hidden,
deed fire eights (.olden Wave mine,
Martinez dist. ?HO0. .
State Mut B aud L Assn to J W
Hoblis and wife, release intg.
M Lee et al, loc Iron Dollar
mine. Bighug dist.
Brown Bros vs Val Meuta Miues Co.
attachment land in sees 10-14, 15. ty
1.7 u. Mw and water.
Seveu mining locations.
May 20. Cert copy arts iuc Hough
ton autl Prescott Devemt Co, from
Michigan, cap stk 160,000. :
H Brooks to Mrs Lidia Smith, deed
oue acre iu sec 4 13 u 2 w, 8200.
Abe Rowe files a of a w on Dark
Horse et al mines. Black Rock dist.
L White to White Godl Mg Co.
! deed Cameron, Kt Kower. Oro Rico et
jal. Black Rock dist,- $1.
White Gold Mg Co files a of t
I ou Rt. Rower et al. Black Rock dist.
J L Cummiugs. H J O'Brien, et al
to Hassayampa Mg aud Dev Co. deed
! Todd. Boaw B, Leo et al. White Pi-
oaofco dist. l.
Jos McAvin. J C Herndon and T G
Xorris to Hassayampa Mg and
Co, d 1 Greenwood. Blackwood ,,,
Twelve mtuiug locations.
May 21. -C S Chick to E S Gosney j
! mtg land iu sees 1 and 9, 15 u e aud
water, consideration 1800. ,1)e H-riormea in tne
Cbas F. Robuison to Geo Wisiiewell hotel because two of Mr. Harriman's
deed to lot 10, block :Ct Prescott, con children are suffering from scarlet
gjOll fever aiid the home is quarantined.
Dora Fagau to W .1 Mulveuou deed i Manila. May 20. Two thousand ua
to lots Ifi 20 block 3:!. Prescott, con $1. -five houses 4iave lteen destroyed by
T J Morrison and C M Marsh et al fire, iu Tondo district, Manila,
incorporate Development aud lmpt Fight thousand persons are home
Co of Arizona, cap stk $30,000,000. less, aud are being fed by the muuic
Jas Mahouey to L L White et al Mwhty. The damage is estimated at
agreement couceruiug conflict of Dary'two million pesos.
Horse, Yellow Jacket, et al. Black Wynne, Ark., May 20. S. J. Kug
Rock dist. I lisb of tbis city shot and killed Will
Two mining locatious. Wise of St. Farueis county, on the
May 22. Oro Mining Co to A and streets here. Au old quarrel was tbe
B Hellar et al deed to Little Annie, j primary cause. Bad blood existed lie
Beatrice et al. Tiger dist. cousidera- (ween them for several years. Wise
tion OL was a prominent planter and well cou-
A aud B Hellar et al to Oro Mining; nected. English is proprietor of the
Co deed to Little Auuie, Beatrice et ! English Gin comitany.
at, Tiger dist. consideration 91. st Hyaeiuthe, Quebec, May 20.-
R A Thomas files a of a work ou , Kir ,,roke out t(M,av in HDoe fa(.torv
miues iu Black Hills dist. ,, mmg diy that within an
Ed ""He to W P Sims deed to ,,,,. tnt name!i wen beyond control
Bulbing and Omaha miues, Martinez
dist con MOOO.
Rebecca Smith to (1 W Hull deed
to lol ;l0 blk I Jerome con R,
Alice Mueller to Mrs. Emma Oar
rett deed to lot 18 blk 13 Mueller
j add. con MOOL
W E Hazel tiue and wife to J S
! Acker deed to lot 20 blk 5 East Pres
cott. con $.700.
W E HaSaittM and wife to J S
Acker deed to lot 18 20 b!k B Fast
Present!, con 2um.
Ten mining locations.
May 23. A D Shultz. to I) N Jen-
kyns forfeiture. Cinderella et al
mines, Turkey ereek dist.
J. E Summers to A Peterson, deed, j
one. half Mammoth mine, llassay-
aaapa dist. ftSO.
J P Score and
loc of Mammotli
mine. Walker dist.
Fight mining locations.
"I was taken severely sick with
kidney trouble. I tried all -oils of:
medicines, none of w hich relieved me.
One day I saw an ad of your Elec-
trie Bitters and determined to try
that. After taking a few doses I felt
relieved, alld soon tlicreattcr was ui
lireiy cured, and have not m en a siek
day siuce. Neighbors of mine have
been cured of rheumatism, neuralgia.
liver ami Kidney croaoiea and general ,
debility." Tin- 1- whal B. F. Has;
of Fremont, N,.
at all druggists.
('..writes. Only 50c,
Have Become Interest
ed in Our Mines.
Col. Small and Prof. Bateman Visit
the Monroe Mines and Are
Donald C. Monroe, of the Mon-
roe Consolidated Mines company, has
had during the past few days two east
1 eru gentlemen as guests at bis home
iu this city. These are Col. J. T.
Small of Lcwiston. Maine, aud Prof.
j L. C Batemau, of Auburn, a nearby
' city. Thev are out in this section for
aud had a brief but pleasant interview.
' He said: "1 have visited every sec-
tion of our country, but it seems to
! me that this is by far the richest in
mineral resources. The Monroe mines
in me territory, i aiso line your peo-
pie. Tney seem to he friendly aud
met. ami cue of the brightest with all.
He has got a big proposition in his
mine aud is bound to make bis pile."
Mr. Batemau is fully as enthus
iastic as Col. Small. It has been more
difficult for us to catch him in an in
terview, for since striking town he has
been going like a streak of lightning.
He is a hustler trom the word go, and
must be a mine of wealth to his paper.
The last that we saw of him he was
hunting after a rattlesnake, and said
that lit wauted to write a suake story
for the readers of his paper at home.
Mr. Bateman also intends to invest
-.mm. -thing in the Monroe mines, and
we are confident that he will never re
gret the same. Prescott gives these
gentlemen a cordial welcome to our
city aud hopes they will visit this
sectiou often.
Messrs. Bateman and Small left this
aaonaiag for Los Angeles where
they will spend a few days and
from there they will visit several of
the coast resorts. Mr. Small will also
examine some mining properties in
California before starting on their re
turn trip to the New England states.
Telegraphic Sparks.
New York, May 20. E. H. Harriman
was operated opoai today for appeudi
citus. At t he conclusion of the opera
' tiou the physicians announced that it
had Iteeu perfectly successful. The
operation took place at Hotel Nether
lands. The patient was laid on a spe-
cially constructed platform and ether
"s m.m.ii.ste.eo "J
the other physicians iu attendance
NV"": Wa,kw' Jaueway.
L",e iiud Mo,ris' the lllt,er uitf fami,-v
i . . : . : . .. I I .. I 1. . 1 I . 1. , 1
i and the whole lower town is burning.
Thirty buildings have beeu already de
stroyed. Aid is on tbe way from
, Montreal.
Lincoln, Nob., May 20. Several
casualties have been reported and
three persons are missing as a result
I of a fire here at 11 o'clock today in a
large otlice building block. It is im
possible to say at tbis time how many
persons are injured as Ihe tire is still
At this writing the tire is spreading
north and south from tbe block where
it originated. The loss will be heavy.
The origin of the tire is unknown but
it is supposed to have resulted from
an explosion iu the Brownell block
early this morning.
Chicago. 111.. May 20. The New
York and Chicago police, after much
study and hard thinking, are begin
ning to ee a vast light in the Umbria
dynamite atlair. It is now the opin
ion of the sleuths that the infernal
machine winch was discovered a few
li. -ago. with au accompanying plot
biting large, thick tools, ill Chicago.
1 "'' m"c o1 sotneliody connected
: wil k yellow papers t hai was spoiling
bar a seii-ation. It is uow the idea of
the police ami all the recent devel
opments Itack them up in the theory
- that the inferiiHl niac hi ne m. built
solely and simply to create au uproar counsel for the reciever for Porter duction, by Rev. rredenck Stanley,
and that the New York police com- Brothers company, the magnitude of : of Atlantic City, of a resolution or
missiouers. Gen. (ireeue, was given 1 the concerns embarrassment has been j dering a message to President Roose-
warning of the alleged dynamite plot greatly overestimated in the reports
to make the sensation larger. 'of the failure.
Tampa, Florida, Mav If ftiartl "1 know already that the liabilities
Randall, white, Dan Kelly, and Harry
Golden, colored, were Ivuched at Mul-
berry thirty miles from here, early to
day for the murder of Barney Brown,
a white man.
Brown was a prominent advocate of
prohibition. On Monday night, while
en route to his home he was shot from
ambush and bis throat cut. Evidence
was secured to show that Randall, who
was suspected of being the keeper of a
"blind tiger." hired the negroes to
do the killing. After the capture one
of the negroes confessed. The lynch
ing was done by unmasked men. many
of them prominent in the county.
Havana, May 20. The celebration
of Cuba's Independence day. the first
anniversary of the establishment of
the Cuban republic began at midnight
with illumination of the fronts of the
principal clubs, sending up of rockets
I and the "oreeebiug of steam whistles
business was completely sns-
expenditures of the Red Cross funds,
j Chicago, May 20. The Post today
says: "B. P. Yokuui. president of
the St. Louis aud San Fraucisco road
is to be the executive head of the en-
whole system
Chillicothe. Ohio. May 20. The
centennial of Ohio's statehood was
celebrated here today. The first pub
lic act of the celebration took place
in the common pleas court room,
where a plaster medal liou of Edward
Tiffin, Ohio's first governor, was pre
sented to the county.
Following came a set program for
the day, tJovernor Nash presiding.
The celebration will continue tomor
row. Redding. May 20. Trinity. Tehama,
Modoc and Shasta counties were rep
resented this mnruiug in a large crowd
which gathered at the depot here, and
listened to a one minute speech by
Presideut Roosevelt.
The president brought down the
crowd twice, once when, iu enumerat
ing the qualities of good citizenship,
he concluded the list with "Common
sense, common sense always."
The other time wheu he remarked
that iu bis mind, if there is auythiug
worse than a hard heart it was a soft
The president looked clear
bright after the night's trip through
the Sacramento valley. At the con
clusion of his remarks the train start
ed north on a trip through the Sacra
mento canyon.
Berlin. May 21. A letter from a
nnpHunniiitant at Orlcsu Lt.tuj that
. , ,. . ,' ... ..
the terror of the Jews at Kishiuetf
Fresh massacres aie expected there
and tbe Jews of Odessa and all large
are living in hourly dread of
The whole province, according to
this letter, seems to be in a state of
fanatical fury against the Jews. The
excitement is intensified by proclama
tions which are distributed through
the streets aud the tone of bitterly
anti-Semitic newspapers.
Salem, Ore.. May 21. Salem pre
sented a gala appearance tbis morn
ing wheu Presideut Roosevelt and
party drew up at the detot promptly
on schedule time.
Wheu the special drew up
to the:
platform the air was tilled with music
from three bauds, aud as the presl
dent appeared ou the rear platform of
his: car, he was greeted with ileafen-
ing cheers from Ihe thousands of peo
pie who had gutte red
come him.
The president was met by Governor
Chamberlain. Oeorge CL Brownell,
president of tne senate: and a num
ber of other state officials.
The party was taken for a drive umu Mark Twain, i Samuel L. Clem
wbich covered lie- principal streets ens, his wife and two daughters.
of the city and ended at the state
house where the president was wel
comed to the state by ( biveruor Chain
berlaiu. to which he responded with
a thirty minute address.
At the conclusion of his address be!
was driven to the train again aud the ;
tarty departed for Portland.
Los Angeles, Cal.. May 21. The
huudrt'd aud fifteen lb general assem
bly of tbe Presbyterian church con
vened this morning iu Emmanuel
In addition to tbe seven hundred 1
accredited commissioners to this as-
. . . . , i
semniv. pronaiuy ihiee inoiisauti
other Preahrterians are in the city
iroui all parts or the Lulled states to
attend the assembly.
The business of the assembly began
)his mnruiug with the annual sermon
by Rev. Dr. Yau Dyke, the retiriug
moderator. The church was crowded
with commissioners and spectators
when the assembly was called to order
at 11 o'clock.
The most important event of today's
program will occur at 3 o'clock this
afternoon being th election of tbe
moderator. f. Sullivan, of 250 LaSalle street.
Of the five candidates mentioned, werp raided ,y the police today. Sul
tbe Kev. Kobt. F. Coyle. of Denver. llTan and Hfty men who were specu
will likely be elected. , atjog there were placed uuder arrest.
Durban, Natal, May 21. The Brit-1 Sullivan was charged with operat
ish steamers Abliey Holme and Auglo ing a bucket shop and swindling pat
Chilian have arrive.l here from Buenos j rous. Thousands of people all over
Ayres with a foot and mouth disease i the country are lielieved to have been
prevailing among the cattb ou board, caught by ihe firm. The police as
The live stork may be slaughtered sert that within two weeks Sullivan
liefore the vessels are allowed to enter j has secured 50.000.
tin- harbor.
New York, May 21
attending i .. II. ibirrimaii. w ho yes
terday underwent an operation for ap
pendicitus, today issued a bulletin
stating thai Uaeoudiliou is entirely
Chicago. May 21. According to a
atatetnent by Attorney Dett-ees. the
now are iu excess of eight
thousand," said Defrees, "
but it is
ridiculous to state that it will reach
three million dollars. As to the events
w hich led to the crash of the com
pany, it may be said that the com
pany has been branching out recently,
and 1 suppose President Watson tried
to realize on securities, and some
were short and he failed."
Cincinnati. Ohio. May 22. Reports
today show that much damage was
done last night in different parts of
the Ohio valley by cloud bursts and
No lives were lost but many people
were shocked by the lightning. Elec
trie car lines, telephone and tele
graph lines were disabled. A car on
the mill creek valley line was struck
by lightning and was set on fire at
Carthage. The passengers narrowly
escaped death, all being unconscious
for a short time.
Hartford. Conn.. May 22. The Rem
ington Typewriter company has an
nounced its decision to give all its
employes who have been with tbe com
pany for ten or more years a bonus of
one hundred dollars per year.
At present there are two hundred
and fifty men qualified for the bonus.
Yokohama. May 22. Tbe steamer
Hay ami Maru was run into and sunk
by the Korean steamer Kanjo Maru
in Tsurujima straits of an inland sea
on May L
The steamer went down so quickly
that ont of seventy two persons on
board only forty one were saved.
Los Angeles. Cal., May 22. The
first business session of the general
session of the Presbyterian church
met at Inimanuel church at ten o'clock
this morning. The morning session
was taken up with reports of special
committees appointed by tbe last as
sembly. Among those reporting were tbe
Sabbath observance. Ministry for
Hungarians, Presbyterian buildings,.
and New York.
At the afternoon session the report
of committee on Evangelistic work
was beard and discussed.
There was a large attendance at totb
morning and afternoon sessions, both
of delegates and of the general public,
the latter filling the gallery of the
New York. May 22. One bunared
striking Italians, with their wives,
today attacked n gang of men at work
i jn trench on Second avenne.
There has been no strike there and
no Italians have been employed.
When the policemen at tbe scene, at
tempted to disperse tbe crowd and
were roughly handled, tbe reserves
were called out.
Four men and two women were ar
rested. Portlnad. Ore.. May 22. President
Roosevelt and party left heie at 8
o'clock this morning over the North-
em facinc lor ruget sound, me
presideut was loudly cheered by tbe
people all along tbe route from the
hotel to tbe station.
Klamotb, Wash., May 22. Presi
dent Roosevelt entered the state of
Washington at Klamotb today and was
..... . Z . ,
met here by Governor McBnde who
welcomed bim to tbe state.
The engine that pushed the presi
dent's car on to the ferry boat, to
cross the Columbia river from Ore
gon, bad a live bear cub, attached to
a pole on tbe tender.
The president was greatly interested
in tbe little fellow on board the engine
and patted its bead. The president
is due at Chebalis at 11:30 where a
fifteen minute stop will be made.
New York. May 22. In return for
tbe boycott by tbe labor unions on
the lumber yards in Brooklyn, tbe
lumber trades association has decided
to close all tbeir yards in Brooklyn
and Queens,
this with those in tnis city already
closed, will practically tie up tbe
lumber market.
Edinburgh, Scotland. May 22. R,
Maxwell the famous young north Ber-
there to wel- i K' player won me nncisn am
ateur golf championship at Muir field
New York. May 23. Two physicians
aud trained nurses have been, for
several weeks, in constant attendance
Clara aud Jean, at tbe humorist's
home at Riverdale.
It is more than six months since
Mrs. Clemens has left the house.
She was stricken with nervous pros-
tratiou last August. The strain of her
illness upon her husband resulted
! in his complete collapse five weeks
i ago, when a slight cold developed
into a severe attack of bronchitis.
The two daughters are suffering
; from measles.
Matinook Point, L. L, May 23.
A large number of yachting entbu-
siasts came down the sound today to I
. , . i I I : .u I
see tne cup ueieutier. rteiiani-e. ui.o. u
its sailing dualities against the Co-i
I -
luinnia auu i.onsiuuiiou. idb course
selected was a triangle of twenty five
The yachts started at 1 :50
with the Reliance in the lead. The
Reliance bail by far tbe best position
aud iu tbe first five minutes gained
oue hundred yards on the other two
boats. At 2:25 the Beliance was a
mile ahead of the other two boats hav
ing -ailed two miles to their oue.
The wind was very light.
Chicago, May 23. The offices of G.
Ios Angeles. May 23. The Presby--The
physicians terian assembly, today, devoted the
moruiug session to the discussion of
the report of t he committee on evan
gelical work and the 'consideration of
the report of the board of relief.
Both reports were ''adopted. Before
the uoou adjournment a stir was
caused ill the assembly by the intro-
velt, conveying the greeting aud bless
ing of the assembly to him.
This resolution caused a motion to
be offered to shelve it in the commit
tee which however was lost and tbe
resolution was passed by an over
whelming vote. The assembly this
afternoon is being entertained at
Long Beach as the guest of that city.
Bremerton, Wash., May 23. Upon
bis arrival here today, President
Roosevelt was greeted by Secretary
Moody who had been inspecting tbe
naval situation, and by commander
Bleeker of the navy yard.
Tbe foreman of tbe navy yard, in
tbe name of tbe workmen, presented
tbe president with a plate made from
tbe steel keel of the Oregon and en
closed in a case made from rosewood
from the captain's cabin of the Ore
gon. ,
Vien na. May 25. About twelve hun
dred and fifty Macedonian insurgents
were killed at the village of Smer
descb, south of Lake Presba, May 21,
according to advices just received
from Salonica. Tbe insurgents were
attacked by tbe Turkish troops, and
tbe fighting lasted for thirty hours,
resulting in all the bouses being
blown up or burned by the Turks.
One hundred aud fifty
bodies have
been found in the ruins.
Concord. Mass., May 25. Concord
today gave itself up to general cele
bration of the one hundredth anniver
sary of the birth of Ralph Waldo Em-
erson. In the afternoon President
Cbas. Eliot of Harvard, Col. Thos.
Went worth Higginson, Prof. Wa
James, Senator Hoar, were among the
speakers to honor Emerson's memory.
Lincoln, Neb.. May 25. A tornado;
that passed near Norman and later I
struck Pauline and the intervening
country early today caused heavy
Many lives are reported to have
been lost. At 11 o'clock it is believed
the dead will number twenty one,
while many others are known to have
been injured. The details are very
meagre, as tbe wires are down in all
A correspondent who returned from
tbe storm district reports that three
persons were killed at Cowles and one
person was killed at Hartell.
Tbis makes a total dead of twenty
Minden, Neb., May 25. A tornado
struck fifteen miles south of Norman,
a small town near here early today
demolishing fifteen buildings, killing
three persons, besides injuring a dozeu
others. From Norman which is a
town of about one hundred inhabit
ants, the path of the storm lay east
ward to Pauline, thence in a south
easterly direction, finally losing its
force southwest ot Fairchild. Tbe
entire town of Fairchild, which has
about thirty five houses, is reported
Three people are reported to have
, been kined ju the town and eight w
killed in the surrounding country.
Des Moines, la., May 25. -A t
been killed iu tbe town and eight were
nado struck the town of Rolfe.seventy
miles west of here late yesterday
evening, killing Wong Foo,a laundry
man, and fatally injuring one child
besides wrecking tbe principal build
ings of tbe town.
Paris, May 25. The trail of death
and disaster which ia following tbe
start of Sunday morning from Ver
sailles of tbe Paris-Madrid automobile
race, has caused a profound sensation.
Reports from along the route of tbe
first stage to Bordeaux, continue to
give details of tbe various accidents.
The race has been practically aban
doned owing to tbe interdiction of
tbe government to its continuation in
French territory.
Amoug the accidents not reported
i yesterday was. that of George Rich
ards, whose machine was turned over.
He bad several ribs broken.
Madrid. May 25. Tbe Spanish gov
ernment has prohibited tbe continu
tion of the Paris-Madrid automobile
race in Spain.
New York. May 25. A private dis-
patch from Paris announces the death i
of Paul Blouet tMaxO'Rell from a 1
cancerous formation which followed i
an operation for appendicitis.
i.tiru." uuiKi " -aj mr. a,voa
dent Roosevelt's train rolled into El
lensburg ten minutes ahead of time ;
this morning.
Tbe tlay is an ideal one and as tbe ( yew ork, May 26. -Not a possible
president stepped on the platform he cnance f America's cop is conceded
faced a crowd of seven thousand peo- to the shamrock III, by a yacht own-P'e-
ler and member of the New York
When the president arrived he asked , Yacht club, who has wagered $1500 to
that Captain Steinman of the first 81000 that tbe Reliance will win in
Washington regiment be presented to one two and three order.
him at the close of his speech. David Barre. Sir Thomas Lipton's
While speaking he referred to
j Steinman's company having been the
I heaviest sufferers amoug the volun- i
teers in the Philippine campaign.
Wbeu Steinman approached tbe
! president grasped bis band and said
, warmly : "Captain, I know all about
you aud your company, it was a crack-
erjack and 1 am glad, mighty glad to
meet and kuow you. "
: - v
I IsKmim?. N. i. Mav 25. Antoiito
a " ... ..nT....... ,
inula was pui to tieatn in tue eiectn
cal chair at Sing Sing prison today.
Five shocks were necessary to cause
his death.
New York, May 23. Johu McNeil,
grand president of the Brotherhood
of Boiler Makers, in a statement to
day announced that the strike of the
boilermakers on tbe Union Pacific
railroad, inaugurated June 1'.), 1902,
has been settled? The men have been
granted a substantial increase and
other questions have lteen arranged
All men now out are to return to
work immediately.
St. Louis. Mo.. Mav 23. After be
in out for Hfty five m
inutes the jury
in the case of Emil Hartman. a form
er member of tbe house of delegates,
on trial for bribery, returned a ver
dict this afterutton. finding Hartman
guilty and fixing his punishment at
six years iu the penitentiary. The
penalty is tbe heaviest that has been
inflicted so far iu the bribery trials.
Kausas City, May 23. A special
from Manhattan, Kansas, says that a
cyclone passed over the western part
of Kiley county last uigbt.
At Bain, two people were killed,
and twelve injured, several fatally.
Many buildings were wrecked
Deadly Tornadoes Visit
Several Sections.
And Leave a Path of Death and
Desolation in Their
Lincoln, Nebr, May 26. A tornado
struck Hastings, Nebraska, early to
day. Heavy damage is reported in the
surrounding country. Nine persons
were killed at Davey. The reports re
ceived from tbe storm district are
from farmers. The storm seems to
have first struck north of Lincoln and
then branched out in several direc
tions. Des Moines, la.. May 26. Buxton,
a small town fifty miles south of Des
-uolue- was pariiauy wipea oui oy a
i tornado at 9:30 today. Two persons
1 1 .11 1 1 A. I
were killed outright, and one other
fatally injured. Eight others are
more or less seriously hurt.
(iienwood, Iowa, May 26. -A tornado
struck the dtate no8pitaj for feeWe
minded at tbu piace laat night. Two
: ulrSons. Mamrie Barnes, aired 11. and
Hazel Wright, aged 10, were killed.
Eleven others were injured.
Wallace, Idaho, May 26. President
: Roosevelt's rest was disturbed by a
noisy demonstration at Starbuck.
Washington, early tbis morning. His
train pulled into that place at twelve
thirty. Tbe president and all mem
bers of the party bad retired but were
awakened by the discbarge of fire
arms, the blowing of horns and the
shouting of the people. The secret
service man, who was on duty, at
tempted to quell the noise, but was
powerless to do so. The president did
not show himself, however.
New York, May 26. Terry McGov
errt will not be in condition to fight
Abe Attell at Fort Erie on Memorial
day. His manager has asked for a
postponement for two weeks at least.
McGovern broke down yesterday
while training, bis illness being doe,
according to bis physician, to malar
ial fever.
Chicago, May 26. Judge Grosscup
in the federal cout today entered a
final order in tbe so called "beef
trust" case, restraining the packers
from combining to regulate tbe trade.
Tbis orderis regarded as a complete
victory for the government. An ap
peal will be taken.
Paris. May 26. The second stretch
of tbe Paris-Madrid automobile race
was not started tbis morning owing to
tbe interdiction cf tbe French and
Spanish governments. Hope is still
held out for the recovery of Marcel
Renault who had a severe sinking
,p,.n during the night. Tbe others
injured are progressing favorably.
commercial manager in this country
toog. tne
Manila. May 26. Lieut. Javier,
' t-omniAitrliittr a f t,re of enrwtnhiilstrv
... . .....
and volunteers, has defeated two hun-
dred fanatical msnrgents in the is
land of Cebu, killing sixty eight and
capturing teweuty uine. The details
bave not yet been received. The gov
ernment losses are not known either.
You'll Look Well
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Bitters before each meal. It will aid
digestion, prevent tbe bowels from
becoming constipated and the blood
impure, steady tbe nerves and stimu
late the liver and kidneys. These are
the secrets of good health and must
be observed. Hundreds of sickly men
and women have been made strong
aud healthy by tbe Bitters. Be sure
to try it.
Stomach Bitters.
full line of English, Scotch and
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