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Weekly Arizona journal-miner. (Prescott, Ariz.) 1903-1908, August 26, 1903, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Electric Phone 350, Prescott Ariz,
Are due to Indigestion. Nir.ety-nlne of every
one hundred people who have heart trouble
can remember when it wax simple Indiges
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heart. This interferes with the action of
the heart, and in the course of time that
delicate but vital organ becomes diseased.
Mr. D. Kajble. of Nevada. O-.says: I had stomach
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From Wednesday's Daily.
Lieut. Oury Mi a MMtf for
llolhrook today.
Mrs. K. J. Arey came down from
Williams last night.
Lieuts. C'orliusier anil Pillow left
this morning for Alhiupieriiie.
Nearly all the competitors in the
recent target shooting have left.
Kev. A. M. Gibbon, went out to I he
Iron King mine this afternoou.
.lerry Sullirau, the well known
stock man of Seligmau, is in Prescott.
C. C. Thomas was an arrival at Ho
tel Congress last night from Seligmau.
Lieut. Camp left, this morning to
enter the national competitive shoot
at Chicago.
A. L. Stephens, wife and daughter.
Mi-- lielle, came up from Plieni this
Dr. A. K. Hall, surgeon U. S. A.,
stationed at Fort. Logan. Colorado.
is in town.
John Lawler returned last evening
from a protracted visit in the east on
Mrs. L. L. Pti.uk and Mrs. T. M.
Sloan, of Phenix, are visiting for a
few davs in Prescott.
about the goodly number of people
; whose principal occupation is to watch
the train come in made the platform
almost impassable. One of the things
badly needed in Prescott is a large
new passenger depot, and it has lieen
whispered thai this improvement is
uot altogether beyond the hope of
realization in the near future.
Prom Thursday's Daily.
EL P. Anewalt went to Phenix last
evening on his regular official trip.
Nathan Levy left this morning for
a brief business trip to San Krau-cisco.
Complete Collection of Views of
Mines in Yavapai County,.'..,
Views of Prescott and Vicinity.
Lawler Block. Prescott. Arizona
Opposite Posioffice.
Stan lard remedy for Git t.
bo: orroopa ana nunmns f Mny
IN 4it HOURS. Cures K- mlJi
ne and Bladder Trouble?.
Eagle Chop House
Fong Murphy, Cook
Li Hong Chong Noodles and
Chop Suey every night after
eight o'clock. Short orders
all hours diy or night
w ls n j er pu
tt ui muj man ouarutv
Eagle Band
I. O. O. F. HALL
Thursday Evening
August 27, 1903
Good Music and a Good
Time Assured
Admittinji Gentleman and Ladies.
Can ani iheir CLOTHING CLEAN
a 1 work wil! he done io satisfy the rus
tomer.x. both in price and workmanship.
Works at No. 15 S. Monte :uma Street,
Crapo Fiats. Phone 4 J 7.
aKT aaaat u- aatrfa
in i i- x , po'Siinnnt
nift.i i'.r (ntirrli(ta,
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tim "f mui oil tu in
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ft.O". r . l"1ll-t. fl'
i.t Mil r, jut'St
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. King's
New Discovery
There will be a reception tonight to
visiting members of the (Jrand Lodge
L O. G. T., in the M. E. church.
J. A. King was able to be on the
streets again this afternoou after a Hre
weeks' struggle with typhoid fever.
Mrs. A. Sutton, of San Diego, who
has beeu paying Prescott a business
visit for several days, left this morn
ing for California.
Fireman James Thorpe, jr., was a
passenger this morning for Field's
Lauding. California, where be will
visit with his father.
Lieuts. W. P. Piatt and J. M. Rus
sell were among the departing army
men this morning. Lieut. Piatt goes
to Los Angeles and Lieut. Kussell to
General and Mr.-. ISaldwiu left by
speical train this morning, accom
panied by F. M. Murphy, in the lat
ler's private car forthetiraud Canyon
whence I he former will proceed to
H. A. Batata of the llurlingtou and
lllizona Mining compauies, left this
morning for Peoria, llliuois. He has
beeu here for several weeks but was
called home by the illness of bis lit
tle daughter.
Mr. Williams, representative of a
tea and coffee house, who covers the
trade in Arizona and New Mexico,
has decided to make Prescott his place
of residence, and with his wife has
taken rooms in the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. K. S Clark on Union street.
W. T. Hall is installing the ma
chinery in Ins new machine shop near
the depot .
Mrs. N. Levy and children returned
a few days since from their visit to
Mrs. Nellie Akers left this morning
for the east to purchase a new stock
of fall milliueryfor her store.
Superintendent Paul A. Johns of
the Bragauza Mining company left
this morning for the east on a busi
ness trip.
Mrs. (onizales of Crawfordsville, In
diana, who with her little daughter
has been visiting with Major and Mrs.
J. M. Watts, left this morning for her
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Mulrein left on
this morning's train for their sum
mer's vacation, which they will spend
visiting the former's relatives in Los
.Geo. Walker the house mover, who
moved the Head house from Cortez
street to its new location on Monte
zuma street, left this morning for his
home iu Los Angeles.
Coy Carey has beeu awarded the
contract for carrying the mail be
tween Prescott and Crowned King,
the former contractor having default
ed iu his contract. He will put on
a daily line of stages on September,
first between the two places.
Hank Pitts and J. M. Connolly who
are charged with making a gun play a
lew .lays ago on Lynx creek, are hav
ing their examination this afternoon.
It commenced at three o'clock and is
still in progress at the time of going
to press. The defendants demanded a
jury triad.
Misses Helen and Alice Adams en
tertained a number of their friends
! last evening at cards at the residence
I of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. 1).
i Adams on Ml. Vernon street. The
(prizewinners for the evening were
Mis.- Maliel Noi ris and II. Koss. There
were about twenty live guests present.
Troop K. oth cavalry. Cap!. Willard
iu command, left Whipple (his morn
ing. The troop will lie divided, a
part of it going to Wingate, N. M.,
and the remainder to Fort Logan,
Colorado. Two extra cars were at
tached to this morning's train to
carry the troops and their baggage to
Ash Fork.
SCOTT'S EMULSION serve, at a
bridge to carry the weakened and
starved system along until it can find
firm support in ordinary food.
Send for Irrc sample.
SCOTT ft ItOWNK, Chemists.
o4" Street, New York.
5c ami ,-i.no; all drugt&ts.
Miss Mona Kheius,
nurse, took a atieut
a short time since.
the well known
iu to Sau Diego
and has been
As all evidence t tiat the complaint
about business being a "little bit
dull" is nut well founded the Jour
iial-Miner learns that one of "our"
contemporaries has ordered a "bat
tery" of liiiotyes, two perfecting
live and one half typewriters
air com!
Thomas K. King, the well known
Chino valley stock man and his
nephew, Thomas K. King, jr., are m
Prescott today.
Henry Hriukmeyer is enlarging a
West Prescott cottage, which he
recently purchased. It is located just
south of his residence.
N. Porter, the Phenix harness and
saddle manufacturer and dealer, who
has been spending a few weeks iu
Prescott, left for Phenix today.
W. BL Defty anti Thos. K. Parish
returned last evening from a trip to
the Bradshaw mountains where thev
went to examine some mining proper
ties. Mrs. Palmer, wife of J. C. Palmer,
one of the corps of engineers at work
ou the Fossil Creek power plant, came
in from Fossil Creek yesterday even
ing. Miss Sarah Edwards, niece of A. W.
Edwards, who has siient her vacation
with relatives iu Prescott, has return
ed to Sau Jose to resume her studies
iu school.
Shirley Christy, general manager
for Arizona for the New York Mutual
Life Insurance company, came up
from Phenix this morning on a short
boataaai visit.
Wm. W. Halliday and Nellie Kussell
and Walter T. Goodwin and Nellie
Holmes, formed a quartette yesterday
who were the principals in a double
wedding, the ceremony being perform
ed by Kev. Bennett. They hail from
The board of supervisors, which has
beeu sitting as board of equaliza
tion, finished its labors last evening
and adjourned for this year. Mr. Sin
clair left last night for his home in
Kirkaud and Fred Stepheus left for
the Verde valley today.
H. J. Connely, who was examined
yesterday afternoon lefore Justice
Talbot and a jury ou a charge of dis
turbing the peace, and which jury
failed to agree on a verdict, was dis
charged from custody this morning
and the case was dropped.
Lieut. i. J. Odeu returned this
morning from his trip to Phenix. He
says that the heat in the capital citv
was up to the limit yesterday but
withal he enjoyed his visit. He will
leave tomorrow for his .-tat ion in
Wyoming going via Denver.
On account of the failure of those
interested in the entertainment for
the free reading room, to dispose of
sufficient tickets to warrant them in
going ahead with the affair, it ha
been decided to postpone it until
some other date which has not been
decided upon as yet.
Henry Pitts was tried today iu Jus
tice Talbot's court, on the charge of
carrying concealed weapons, the case
growing out of the trouble at Walker
a few days ago. The defendant de
manded a jury and the case occupied
most of the day aud was attended by
quite a number of spectators.
'Mr. and Mrs. VV. S. Goldsworthy
invited a number of their relatives
to be present last evening at the chris
tening of their son George Wilson
tioldsworthy at their residence. Kev.
A. M. (iihbons officiated at the Chris
tening aud after the ceremony the
guests were favored with a number
of musical select ions and refreshments
were served.
Pai i apa p- r r a i
I .1 II II . 1 II VI V
ifiurumi iampi,! KKM
n I l U 11 11 I IA aaaaaaaKSaaaaaaaaaaaauSK -4!
mnumm. vviilui x r
Injured Brakeman Tak
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year's menibershlD or twciiiyllve ctnls for three
month, to
.Vo. I.'.i. N......U Si.. . Y. ctly.
She is now iu Los Angeles where
will remain for a few davs when
will again return to Prescott.
The culinary department of The l)e
liueator for September includes a
choice assortment of topics of a sea
sonable character. Summer salads are
illustrated, daint ilv arranged for serv
ing, and the recies of the same are
given. Various delicious ways of pre
paring peaches are explained, as well
as the making of milk sherbets. Use
ful Suggestions With Tested Kecipes
should prove of value to the adept as
well as the novice iu housekeeping.
.Mr.-. Walcutl. wife of Major C. C.
Walcutt. reeieved a telegram last
night conveying the sad news that her
sister. Miss Maud Croft on, had died
at her home iu Washington. I). C,
and she left this morning for that,
place. She was accompanied as far as
Ash Fork by Major Walcutt. The
particulars of the death of Miss Crof
ton could uot lie learned as the tele
gram simply brought the news of her
Lieutenant George J. Oden of the
tenth cavalry stationed in Wyoming,
will leave on tonight's train for Phe
nix for a visit of a day or two prior to
returning to his regiment. Lieut.
Oden is a niemlier of the order of
Klks, and formed many very pleasant
acquaintances while here aud express
ed the hope that he might lie favored
with a detail to return here next year
on a similar mission.
There was an enormous crowd at t he
tlepot this morning when the north
bound train pulled iu aud the place
had the appearance of a union
in a city. The departure of a large
number of the soldiers who had been
here atteuding the competitive shoot,
the arrival of a nunilier of delegates
from the south to attend the grand
lodge of the L O. G. T., which con
vened in this city today. together with
I he friends of those who went away
ami came in--not saying anything
plying the editor with hot air.
Prescoit ami vicinity was visited
with a half hour or so of storm yester
day evening which amounted to al
most a cloud burst. The streets were
Hooded, while a volume of water
poured tlowu the little arroya between
Prescoit and Otis addition sufficient
to almost float a steamlaiat. The to
tal rainfall was L13 inches making
J. li inches wit hill forty eight hours
and &60 inches during the month of
lirown l!i os. are doing a sort of
wholesale business iu t he manufacture
of galvanized iron tanks. A ."ii..i gal
lon tank was shipped t inlay to the
Yaeger Canyon Copper company's
mine and a JH.lKHt-gallon one and a
12.1HHI gallon one were shipMd to the
Tiger Gold coniaiiy's property iu
the liradshaw mountains. A iiUKI gal
lon one and two of 12,000 and two of
0000 gallons caacity are being manu
factured for the American Coptier
company anil one of :1ihio gallons ca
pacity for the Kapid Trausit com
pany. Miss Kdith Armitage, daughter of
Mr. ami Mrs. II. K. Armitage. cele
brated her tifteeuth birthday, by en
tertaining a large number of her
young friend- last night at K. of P.
hall. Mrs. W. A. ('line and Finest
I'.iiiaiiuel furnished music, while the
young folks danced with as much
dignity and decorum as is witnessed
iu any ball room. Miss Kdith made
a most charming little hostess and
depot her jolly young guests thoroughly en
joyed the evening. Mr. anil Mrs.
Armitage and their m and daughter
in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Armitage,
were present to assist iu case of their
services being needed, but the young
hostess was equal to the occasion of
successfully directing the evening's
entertainment. Delicious refresh
ments were served.
Lieut. Hay aud Contract Surgeon
Hall, who have been attending the
competition al the target range, left
for Denver this morning. Like all
those who took art iu Ihis event,
they were greatly pleased with the
target range am) with their visit to
this city.
D. J. Sullivan will leave this even
ing for Congress iu response to a tele
phone from the L'nited Gold Mines
property, saying they had something
good to taw him. Upon his return
from Congress he expects to leave for
Chicago iu the interests of the company.
Mrs. Klleu Terry, a lady who has
valuable proiierty interests in Pres
cott. and who has lieen stopping at
the Johnson House for a few days,
left for California this morning after
an agreeable visit among friends.
She has traveled extensively over the
nation and says that of all sections
visited by her that this little city is
the ino.-t ideal of any she has seen and
is blessed with the best climate she
has ever experienced.
From Friday's Daily.
A. W. Fdwards came iu this morn
ing from the south.
Dr. (. W. Vickers came up this
morning from Phenix.
Sol Jackson came up on this morn
ing's train from Kirkland.
Genii Kautmaii has returned from a
visit to Los Angeles.
llenj. Kisbop was an arrival iu Pres
cott last night from Leavenworth.
Mr. and Mr.'. Tom liate went north
on this morning's train on a vieu
taking trip.
Jack McQuaid, a member of the Po
land Miners' union died at a Phenix
hospital of dropsy a few days since.
Tom Kutler, who has beeu enjoying
a vacation of several weeks iu Cali
fornia returned home a Jay or two
C. M. Col boon came up from Hot
Springs this morning accompanied
by Dr. Kolph. resident physiciau at
the resort at the above place.
Cecil G. Fenuell, of the Yal Yerde
smelter, returned last night from
New York where he has been for sev
eral weeks on business connected with
the smelter.
Superintend, ni YV.A. Drake's ottice
of the S. F. P.iV P. railroad was yes
terday notified by the section foreman
at Peoria that the dead body of a man
had beeu fuoud by his meu in the
wagon road about oue huudred feet
from the railroad track and about oue
mile north of the above town. The
man had the appearance of being a
prospector and the section toreman
had seen him the day previous bunt
ing for his burros, when be complain
ed of being sick. Death resulted from
natural causes.
K. H. Klsey has accepted a ositioii
with H. K. Armitage as one of his
leading machinists at the Old Terrible
mine in Cochise county, and will
leave for that place the first of next
week. Mr. Klsey is one of the liest all
round machinists in this section, hav
ing held responsible positions with
some of the largest concerns ou the
coast, who speak of him in highest
Engineer Who Was Killed Was in
Collision ot Limiteds at
Mining deeds were placed ou re old
today in the county recorder's ottice
conveying the mining claims, sixty
eight iu utimlwr. from the Copper
Cobre Mining company to John K.
Allen, the president of the company,
who in turn deeded the entire proper
ty to the liradshaw Mountain Copper
Mining aud Smelting company. This
is the property now lieing extensively
developed by Geo. W. Middietoli, in
the Crazy llasin country.
Mrs. C. de Court, mother ot Mrs. H.
EL Smith, returned last evening trom
a visit of several weeks on Oak creek
with the family of Henry S-hiietmin.
She say.- that heavy rain storms visit
ed that section recently and t hat roeds
and irrigation ditches were badly
damaged. Mrs. de Court was accom
panied home by Mrs. Ilcleuo Scbuer
man. daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. Henry
Schiiermaii, who will remain here for
a few weeks, the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. It. H. Smith. It is the young
lady's first visit to Prescott.
J. H. Tomlinson returned this morn
ing from a trip to the southern part
of the territory. He -pent Thursday
in Phenix ami says he never suffer
ed from heat iu his life as he did
there. Phenix papers report the day
as being the warmest of the season,
the wealber bureau's thermometer in
dicating a temperature of 111. Oue
death occurred from heat being that
of Miss Klleu Christian a young wo
man tweuty two years old. She was
apparently a perfectly healthy woman,
and was a stranger in Phenix having
beeu there only about two weeks.
Her death occurred about t ::i0
A remarkable railroad race euded
at La Grande station just at 1 :.V
o'clock this morning. It was a race
betweeu a special train atd Death.
The stake was the life of J. H. Bland,
a young fire-nan. It is thought that
the train won, and that Bland will
Bland was terribly injured by the
explosion of bis engine near Kingman,
Ariz., early yesterday morning. One
of his legs was brokeu iu two places,
be was badly scalded, and be sustain
ed other hurts. The accident occur
red out ou the torrid desert, aud the
iirst physicians on the scene despaired
of the poor fellow living long iu the
awful heat. This pathetic fact was
wired to the Santa Fe officials iu this
city, along with the details of the
blow up.
The local officials resolved to do
all in their power to preserve the
youug fellow's life. Instantly a tele
gram was sent to Needles, the nearest
ceutral point, ordering a special train
to bring the sufferer out of the heat
as quickly as all the railroad forces
there could bring him. It was ordered
to run the train to Los Angeles as
fast as safety aud existing schedules
would permit. The physiciau on the
OHM was asked to accompany the
sufferer, and the company surgeons ;
here were ordered to meet the train
and have him conveyed to a hospital
where he could have the best chance;
for life. A light locomotive coach
and Pullmaui made up the railroad
ambulance which hastened from Need
les, to the sceue of the accident and
took the injured fireman aboard. The,
start was made for the race to Los 1
Angeles about '2:'M o'clock yesterday
afternoou, and the seci&! pulled into
tbis city covered with desert dust at
1 :.V t his morning. Tbe distance is
over .'100 miles, and considering the
lack of preparation, aud otber condi
tions, tbe run is considered quite a
remarkable one.
Kngineer R. L Fitch, also of Need
les, was killed iu tbe explosion which
injured Bland. He was blown 150'
feet from th? track by the explosion,
and picked up dead. He was engineer
of the Santa Fe train No. t, iu the
collision which occurred lietween two
limited trains out there a few weeks
The explosion was a fearful ami pe
culiar accident. It happened lo en- I
nine No. 10!!!). pulling the Su:ta Fe
Limited, which left Los Angeles at
t :"J5 o'clock Tuesday evening. It is
presumed water was turned into tbe
hot boilers when they were almost
empty, and tbe quick generation of
steam caused the blow up. the great
boiler tieiug scattered in pieces over a
large space. L. A. Times.
rtnudv for toning up the nerves and bringing refreshing, restful sleep when
in a low .state of health, or sick and worn out with work or worrv
1 nave no Hesitancy in recommending; yoar 8. 8. S.
as the best Sprimr tonic on the market. I have ueett
many other rnedicinea, but find 3. 8. 8. to be undoubt
edly trie only tonic that will build up the system I
shall tak - pt-aaure in telling; all whom I think m
need of n good blood tonic of your medicine
Yours truly, LEWIS 8 FIEBEH,
Care Stol!. Hamilton Co. Lexington, kr.
S. S S improves the
appetite, aids the diges
tion ami reinforces the
system, and its good ef
fects areseen almost from
the first dose. It acts
pr mptly int ast s f chronic dvspensia. indigestion and all stomach trouble
and dots away with the uncomfortable fullness, nausea, shortness of breath,
drowsiness and dizziness that so often come after eating.
S S S. is not only the best tonic but possesses alterative or pnrifving
pn inert cs, and if there is any taint, humor or poison in the blood it
searches it out. anil removes it Many times a low state of health is due
to a bad condition of the b'.ood and can only be remedied by a blood purifier
and tonic cnmlriaed. or such a remedy as S. S. S
If y..u safer from debility, insomnia, nervousness. loss of appetite,
bail digest en. M tan of the symptoms of a disordered blood, nothing will
so soon pet vo-ir Mood ir. good condition invigorate and tone up the
svstem as S S S
mm U CATAIXMi ci
LLL v a lk.u I Hucsa im rum wl v.
319 S
aucsi IM THt
l.os Angeles. Cal.
autifal home-like surround-
Q5.t-055.057 West Seventh street
1'lcasaiit .-tudv in the midfll of The most
Dn and eveinug sexier-.
Shorthand made easj by f.acous Chalk Talks'' by the Principal.
lawsMaW at heme fre-e of charge. Spanieli at lowest rnte.
Classical College preparatory Dept. fits for State I'niversitv.
Every graduate in a position. T 11 ! acheis. Largest capacity ii the
The Bookkeeping is the famous Budget System.
Send for itinerated catalogue.
A Booming Business.
Mrs. K. J. Arey and .Mr.-. Win. Gib
son, of Williams, who have beeu at
tending the Grand Lodge of Good
Templars returned today to their
Fifty Years the Standard
The Best
In Prescott for aH kind- o! MCHINF.
WORK . Let me know your wants.
Mine and Mill Michincry a specialty.
Special repair agent (or National Cash
Registers and Burroughs Adding Ma
chine? jt jt jt j
Machine Works
2'7 W. (iurlcj Street.
Courier Building,
"Old Crow" Whiskey
Always on Tap.
J. S. Acker & Co.,
Real Estate, Insurance,
Investments, Loans
Suite 4. I moil Itlotf . !' .-.o.ti , Ariz.
Telephone .125
Bate doe" Kueral viewiug Nvrik. tf
Highest Honors World's Fair.
Highest Tests U. S. Gov't Chemists
Mrs. p. P. t'ruiee accompanied her
mother. Mrs. Ilolloway. and her sis
ter Mrs. Richardson to California for
a visit of a week or two. Mr. t'ruiee
accompanied them as far as Ash Fork.
Mrs. Marl hu Arey. who has been
attending the grand lodge of Good
Templars in this eity, and who was
elected grand vice templar yesterday,
returned to her home 111 Williams this
Pour ear loads of structural iron
passed through Prescott yesterday for
IheGlendale beet sugar factory. Work
is progressing righ! along on that
structure an I it will be ready for
operation next year.
I. J. Connelly, who was charged
with disturbing the peace and iuiel
ness of Lynx creek had his trial yes
terday afternoon before Justice Talbot
and a jury, and the latter being 1111
able to agree was discharged.
The recent orders issued for the im
mediate transfer of the Mill cavalry
lo the Philippines resulted iu robbing
a number of the olticers out of a pro
posed trip to the Grand Canyon.
They had planned to visit that great
wonder of all woli ler.-, oil Iheir return
I rip home.
in II B. Armitage entertained a
number of ladies informally at her
leisilence ye d 01 day a 1 1 el 11. ion Heart
were played, the prize winner being
Mrs. T. C. Job. and the winner of the
consolation prize being Miss Criley.
Dainty refreshments were) served dm
lag I he afternoon.
Gen. John C. Illack was yesterday
elected commander 111 chief of the
Grand Army of the Republic. Gen.
Mark hails from Illinois. The grand
encampment honored Arizona a well
as itself by t he elect ion of Wililleld
Scott, as chaplain in chief of the
UnMJat Arnijr of tha ItapnLlic.
Sheriff P. K. Murphy, of Pima
county, came up from the south this
morning 011 official business, lie will
return to Tucson tonight. He says
Tiie'son. like most other towns in the
territory is almost depopulated at
present on account of everybody that
can scrape a few dollars together are
trotting olf to California to spend
them. He is delighted with the
weather here and says he can't see
why anyone here would want to go to
Los Angeles for climate, when it is
much more pleasant iu Prescott than
in that city. This fact is attested to
by several parties who have recently
returned from there and report very
hot weather.
A telegram from Flagstaff dated
August y says: A cloudburst on the
Sau Francisco mountains poured the
largest tlood into Flagstaff iu years.
One hundred" fainil ie. were driven
from their homes but no lives were
lost. Little damage was done 011 ac
loiiut of the railroad emliaukmeiit
checking the current. The Weather
ford hotel basement was tilled with
water. The hotel bar iu tbe base
ment and the goods of the Coconino
Grocery ipaiiy were ruiued.
flood showers fell iu the town at 1:30
and there was a low tenierature, but
tbe Hood was unexpected. There was
110 electrical demolish at ion. but a
heavy but not sigiiitlcent stie-m was
noticed in the mountains. The flood
reached the town at eight p. m. and
stilisidcd at ten. It was a gala night
and all I'lag.-I itl turned out.
Pr cad
m 11 71
mi 1 1 r. -m 4
nickel Silver Cue
Fully Guaranteed
For sale by
Illustrated Booklet
on request, showing
The New England
Watch Co.
Walertary, Use.
New Vara. Lhksfo.
p rraacisco
Wby yes! Talk about subscriptions,
and newspaper business generally,
"we" bave had a burden on "our" j
minds which "we" bave been wanting'
to unload on "our" readers for some
time but did not bave tbe heart
to do so. for fear it might not be be
lieved. It really does seem too good
to be true but it is not. A man who
had been taking four Prescott papers,
two from Phenix and one from Ky
rone, fur eighteen years,tbree mouths,
aud six aud a half days dropped into
the office through the front door, just
is the business manager had closed a
contract with a miniiig company for
IS,000 extra dailies, and announced
that he ivould rather have oue copy
of the Journal-Miner thau any six
other papers in the United States, aud
that he h;.d just sent a discontinue
order to ail of - he above papers, and
ordered six copies of his favorite, left
each evening at his residence, instead
of the oue he bad beeu taking for
thirty four years aud six months. He
explained that tbere was such a
scramble lietweeu tbe old woman and
four children to see who could get the
paper Hrst to read it that be wauted
a copy for each oue.
While the subscriptions are rolling
in at the rate of forty oue a day for
the daily aud 117 for the weekly, with
cash tags attached to each order.such
a wholesale order as this from oue in
dividual was such a stuuuer that the
business manager has uot recovered
yet. It was partly on account of his,
indisposition from this shock, which
tbreateud to result in an attack of
nervous prosperity, that "we" re
trained from mentioning the incident
Hut say, if you don't think we are
it, just watch "us" smoke ami theu
P. S. Since the above has teen run
through "our" Simplex type setting
machine without the break of a single
cog, a man from Ash Fork has just
been ill and purchased Hfteen cents
worth of old papers, all the "left
overs" in the shop, for his wife lo fix
up her pantry shelves with. Vou bet
there is something doing in this shop
all I he t line.
I. Wi l l' IS THE NAMK.
When you go to buy Witch Hazel
Salve look f or t he name DeWitt on
every box. The pure, unadulterated
Witch Hazel is used in makiug ! ' !
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve.which is the
best salve in the world for cuts, burns,
bruises, boil-, eczema and piles. The
popularity of HeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve, due to its many cures, has
caused numerous worthless counter
teils to be placed on the market. The
genuine bears the name of K. C. lie.
win ,v 10., . nicago hom ny
bin ,v Hoik. Brie law Drug Co.
G ROC E R lis j DD Tr LT
way up 1 rKIAn
WAY DOW" 1 For Cash Buyers
We are malring for a time and until further notice the
following desirable offers. Thev amount to
P DCT compliment to our maiiv piiirons and the public generally.
IdsaJ I fer a -hort tinie. we propo- to give Io every customer making
CASH I TKf'll ASKS to the amount of I m a handsome three-quarter, life-size.
CnjTOQ or Water Color portrait MIKE. To this end we have made a contract with
, .i:e of t!i. I adim portrait houses of Am. rie 1. to furnish us with their celebrated
portr.-et-. Vt , are prcM'iitiug you the port rail as an appreciation of your patronage.
IT IVI " WefcwW ,,-ir-r.,r. f.,r 1 vamin 1 lion and presentation t,.
DINNER SETS, 12 ph ee). together with handsome up-to-date Gbbm Water Set,
and mho In-autiful BELGINNA liLASSWARK DISHES, in new designs aud assort
ed colors.
TLJIDH Also l'riz.e ColTe- . Pri.e Soaps. Hriz.e ('.Teals, with a houseful
I nlnU and a e. llarfu! of WAY I'H n.N at WAY DOWN IVic. to
Cash Buy ere.
riM Al I W We strive t.. aalsethitu- rigSt We are in the RIGHT place
I I llHLL I and are RIGHT at tome, BMede we have these Portrait,
and these l'ri. ( IoikIs t- show you in our RIGHT window, and too. we hart the
RIGHT men to help m end you in keeping us and you in RIGHT relations with
each other. One of tle-s. MIGHT minded men of mine may call ou you iu the iieer
future to explain our methods.
PRT7F GOODS A Otis Comer Store,
IMdM-l vJVJVJL'J fronting Court House.
Wholesale .r.d Retail Dealers in
Yards at Prescott and Phoenix.
Mills at Rhoades. Arizona.
Estimates Furnished.
Prescott Electric 110
Sunset 231
Hardware Company
Has on Hand a Complete Line of
Mining Machinery
Mining Supplies
Hoisting Engines. Boilers
and Steam Pumps, Davis
Whims. Cable, Etc.
Giant Powder and Caps.
Goodwin Candles. Tee Rail,
Ore Buckets. Shovels and
Assayers Supplies
Hoskins Furnaces, Cruci
bles. Chemicals and Labor
atory Apparatus
W hich they will lie glad to show at any time.
Samuel Hill Hardware Co.
Get your property listed with us ann we will advertise it free.
if you want to rent your house list i with us. We make a spe
cialty in collentiny rents
Exclusive iqenry fnr six of the strongest fire insurance Com
panies in the world.
M YSTKKK )l'S CltU 'I MS T. N Kt S.
One was pale ami sallow and the
other fresh and rosy. henee the
I iffereuee' She who is htasMelR with
health ilsel Dr. Kisag'l New Life fills
lo maintain it. liy irently arousine
the lay orirans they compel yood di.
liesflon and head olf constipation,
liy them Duly , t xll twaggMat
1 ir lonl of the celeliraled Schllt
Her wiuon.. spiim: wagons mid Lock
ho, 11 .Is jn il arrived at P. Is. Precht"s.
7 : f
Mr. II. Ibajnriass of .Melhouiue. Ida.,
writes, "My doctor told me I hail
colisiinip ion and nothine could lie
lone lei me. I was iriven up to die. 1
Che otter of a flee trial I . 11 I, of Dr.
King's New Discovery lor coiisiimp
tloli. induced me to try it. Kcsiilts
were start line: I aai now on the road
to recovery and owe all to Dr. Kind's
New Discoveiv It surely saved my
life." This ureat cure is Knamnteed
for all throat and lull.; disease- lv all
driiui"ts. I'ricu tai au.H H, Trixl
buttle- frve.
Pionee?" Insurance Agents
Have removed to the
and (iurlcv
Wilson Itlosk, Corner Montezuma
. Opposite Hotel Barka,
( Mfcr
i fVi-t . 01 ne
the Sister's, school projxrrty, on Manna street.
Pleasant and Willis streets.

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