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Oldest Paper In Arisnna Established iv.4.
Published by Journal-Miner Company.
J. C. Martin, Editor and Manager.
Official Paper City of Preecott.
Entered In the Poetoffice at Preacott, Arizona,
ai Second-Cbua Matter.
"THE DAILY JOl'RN AL-M1NER U published
' every day in the year except Sunday! and
egal Holidays.
every Wednesday, at PRESCOTT, th
County Seat of Yavapai County.
THE EASTERN OFFICES o! this paper an- at
2j4 Temple Court, New York City, and I .
. Expieaa Building, Washington Street, CM
cuffo. E. KATZ Advertising Agency In charge,
where the paper it kept on hie.
THE JOURNAL-MINER will Be continued un
til ordered slopped. Bllla are snl nut
a uluriy, and subscribers are requested la) pa)
t tie same aa promptly as possible. Subtcnuert
srsaa u re IJM paper stopped at any time art
urgently requested to send notice to this office
and pay up the amount due.
Dally, per year in advance $8 00
per month 75
Weekly, per year $ 2 M
six months I St
three mouths 1 JO
81 . Louis tilobe- Democrat Sj 0t
San Francisco Call i (Ml
San Frsui-isro rhrouicle J 40
Philadelphia Proas 2 7?
The Los Angeles Herald of recent
date contains the following very able
article on the situation in Turkey and
the sentiment expressed will be en
dorsed by every one possessed of a
spark of sympathy for humanity:
"Five hundred years ago the scim
etar of the Turk bathed the Balkiu
peninsula in blood. Today the same
barbarian, with a thin veneer of civ
ilization, is repeating the atrocities
that marked his advent in Europe.
Contact with Turkish character ha.
made people of other nationalities
dwelling in a part of Turkey but lit
tie better than the Turk himself. So
called Christians have shown in the
insurrection now pending a degree of
savagery nearly, if not fully, equal
ing that of the Turk. Men, women
and children have been indiscrimin
ately massacred by Christians and
Mahometans alike, and appalling
scenes are now witnessed in the la'id
of ancient Macedonia.
"The spectacle thus presented in
Turkey mocks the boasted enlighten
ment of the twentieth century. It is
a barbaric answer to the exultant e.v
claznation of the Christian svoria :
'What hath Christianity wroivut. '
The Christian nations of Europe, wilii
church spires pointing Heave l var i
in every community, are quiet spec
tacles of the awful atrocities pi rp -t
rated almost at their doors. TT.v
mighty Christian powers, abio to
stamp out the savagery with the eat
of turning out a gaslight, look on in
differently. And so the scenes of bo: -ror
in medieval times the dark ag -a
are re-enacted in Turkey. So cillt 1
Christians and Mahometans ;are vying
with uach other iu barbaric excesses
with the Christian world as specta
tors, seemingly as unconcerned as if
witnessing a circus.
"The world moves in enlighten
ment, but it seems to move more slow
ly in the direction of peace between
men than in any other. The same
spirit that auimated the crusaders
and Mahometans nearly a thousand
years controls the Christians and
Turks who are now butchering each
other in Turkey. And all this not
withstanding the fact that there are
more than four hundred million
Christians in the world, and that all
the nations and governments of Eu
roe and America are professedly
Christian, with the exception of Tur
key." In addition to giving the local and
mining news of this section in detail,
the Journal Miner receives the regular-afternoon
rejxirt of the associated
press. Iu claiming superiority for it
over any other paper published iu
Prescott. the Journal -Miner does not
ask any one to take its word for it but
invites comparison with other papers.
If it does not come up to the stand
ard, it does not seek patronage for
the sake of charity, but upon its merits.
The Bisbee Review recently publish
ed the following article concerning
the unhappy state of Kansas, which
is worthy repeating:
"Of all the states in the union
Kansas bleeding Kansas in sym
pathy aud pity, is the one spot among
the portions of the uuiou designated
as the states, deserviug less thau any
other. Swept by a storm of populism
a few years ago. she became the butt
and ridicule of every other part of
the couutry. Recovering from this
she assumed an era of proserity uu
paralleled. Uut iu the year of Our
Lord l!.:i. after weathering cyclones
and grasshopper.-, she was storm swept
ami deluged with rain until thous
ands of acres were devastated, and
hundreds of thousands of dollars of
damage resulted therefrom.
"Th?u came the wail from her tam
ers, that their prolific crops were to
go to waste from lack of harvest
hands. These materialized, however,
in plenty. aud now comes the state au
thorities aud aunounces that they will
take steps to prevent marriage among
their 7000 'young lady teachers.'
"Wl'at possible outcome can there
lie for a state with ideas like that?
One can readily see those handsome
corn fed young ladies, even though
they be freckled and bear the reflec
tion of the sun flower iu their radiant
Experience of Rev. Taft.
During the recent vacation of Kev.
Taft and Mr. Brock way on Oak creek,
they had a number of interesting, ag
gravating and pleasant experiences
all bunched up iu such a mess that
they could hardly tell which was
which. One experience they had
they will not forget soon. One after
noon they fastened their rations and
all the camp equipments in the teut
aud went over to a neighboring house
: for a little visit and were gone several
hours. When they returned tbey were
surprised to find the tent lying flat on
the ground and the camp in a general
, state of chaos. Upon examination
into the cause ot the trouble it was
lii.-i'overed that au old cow with an
appetite for camp grub equal to a
democrat's longing for oflice. bad vis-
1 ited the place, broken down the teut
poles and proceeded with the con
sumption of everything in the teut
that was intended for the food of man
j or beast and some thiugs that were
: good for neither. She ate up the ba
con, beans, salt, sugar, force, oat
meal, flour, potatoes, four cautelopes,
j and did not stop when she came to
.inui Krourl 1 liut Mr llvivitu-ur lio.l
complexions, having just accepted the . , , . , , , , , . .. ,
.. .. . . baked four days ttefore.a loaf of which
. was being saved to send to the war de
! partment at Washington as a sample
, of armour plate. Having cleaned up
'all the rations she looked around for
other worlds to conquor and discover
ed a camera near by. Thinking she
would make a "great picture" she
! evidently attempted to "look pleas
ant" and press the button. At any
rate the camera was found all open
; and the plates exposed to the light.
proposals of good stout farm hand
aud the mighty arm of the state,
wedging in to preveut what Roosevelt
has so ardently advocated.
"What pity is there to be extended
to a state like that? Far better that
Kansas be swept off the face of the map
than that she now come iu and inter
fere with affairs of the heart of fair
young damsels. Withdraw all sym
pathy for Kansas. She deserves
none. "
Now this was almost
Japanese expert cabinet makers
have turned out a complete model of
an American warship, complete, in
that it is separable aud that it faith
fully portrays every detail of the in
terior, a task which American arti
sans have never been able to accom
plish, aud the charge for the model
was but ?110.
What is the United States coming
to? A newpsaper iu Rutland, Ver
mont, recites the fact that within five
weeks there have lieen Ave cases of
felonious assault on little girls and
adds. "A lynching or two in this state
would not only be no Jdisgrace but
would be the removal of disgrace."
Bishop Potter said recently, "You
cannot serve your fellow men unless
you are willing to touch them." The
bishop evidently has no faith iu char
ity administered with a pair of tongs.
He does not regard it as "the great
est of these. "
"make a preacher swear" as several
days previous Rev. Taft had taken a
picture of a very beautiful scene in
the mountains some three miles from
camp. After he got to camp he dis
covered that he had taken the expos
ure on the back of the plate and be
ing so anxious to have that view he
walked back three miles to get
another picture of the place, and here
this old cow had spoiled that plate
M well as all the others aud it would
j bo impossible to get another plate in
that whole legion. Some hours after
: this occurrence both of these gentle
men pledged each other not to reveal
what had been said on this discovery
but the truth will out.
Seeing Its Last Days.
:oKiN(; VERsrs poodles.
By Dr. S. M. Wright.
A t... I road compartment, palatial and
i". . , :ented by all the good folks in
the laud.
pardon dear
orj permit
I llow to smoke just a
No ajswer that
nQce more.
Bruiting in silence the same
madam, but will
little bit?"
time, so he tried it
as be-
' The ladv
She may not object,
is deaf, or perhaps very
I'll see if she
So crash went a match and the smoke
circled high.
For bow could he know it unless he
should try?
"Do that if you
Pot on did cry,
While daggers unearthly
in her eye.
dare!" Madame
did gleam
"Just to ,-ee what will happen.
goes said the man,
So-t : :. by the woman. "I'll smoke
if 1 can."
The match be applied, but the rarj
Hrst puff.
He quickly discovered was more thau
The lady bounced
ed the cigar
Away from his lips
the car.
C. C. Hall of Albuquerque. X. ML,
who has been in the city in the inter
est of the territorial fair to be held
there says that It (s proposed to make
the steer tying event the greatest
that nas ever been held in a cattle
country. It will be, he says, perhaps
' the last cattle tying exhibition that
will ever be witnessed iu New Mexico.
Most of the cattle men of the territory
are opposed to these shows, and they
nearly succeeded iu the last legisla
ture in passing a law against them.
The sentiment iu opposition to them
has grown so since that it is almost
certain that a law will be passed at
the next session.
The objection of the cattlemen is
that intending contestants spend too
much time practicing for these eveuts
on Ibe range, not only wasting the
time they should be devoting to their
busiuess but to the great detriment of
the burns and lives of the cattle. It
is not only the intending contestants
who get the craze just before a steer
tying match is coming on, but many
other cowboys who have no intention
of entering the contest.
There has been some complaiut of
the same kind among the cowmen of
this territory.
The purse to be put up at the Albu
querque fair is generous enough to at
tract the attention of expert cowboys
through out all the cattle region.
The first prize will be ?uOO and the
second P250. There w ill be two smallei
ones. Mr. Hall is anxious to induce
Ranchers Transformed
to Military Men.
Chapter of Early History Giving
Correct Incident in Life of
Bncky O'Neill.
steer tying will be SoOO, and the same
for broncho riding.
The Southern .Carnival company
will also be on hand and all the usual
features of a big state fair will be pre
sented. The Santa Fe Railroad company iu
addition to grauting a low rate of
fare, for the purpose of 'advertising,
has placed a special advertising car at
the disposal of thefair association.
This car is under the Fmanagemeut of
Scott Knight of Albuquerque and
will visit Arizona this month on a pa
per banging expedition.
Two Views on Fights.
up and she snatch- Deputy Sheriff Oscar Roberts to take
aud right out of
"There is a compartment for smok
ers !"' she hissed.
While he was bemoaning the smoke he
had missed.
Five minutes of silence seemed almost
a year.
With such a stem woman triumphant
ly near;
Mr. Roberts in which he tied a steer
in 30 1-2 seconds had been heard of
by him, and he believes that if he can
do as well at the fair he will carry
away the first prize. The best time for
that territory in 57 1-2 seconds. Republican.
When all of a
the strife.
Began a strange
to life.
sudden, her muff, in
moving and coming
Emanuel Celebrates.
It turns out that the alleged at
tempt to murder Vice Consul Magels
Ben at Bierut was merely a wedding !
party indulging in a fen de joie and
that the shots were not directed with
design against the United States Vice
Iu less thau a minute
thing there
The nose of a poodle a sniffing the air.
The gentleman 'rose with
Accepting the chance of
Au American naval officer reports
from Hong Kong that the only naval
vessels in Asiatic waters which are
not fitted with wireless telegraphy ap
paratus are the American and tshe
Chinese ships.
He seized the poor
his tail
And quietly looked
now pale,
And then from the
derly dropid
The poodle and this
he popiied.
A. Emanuel, Prescott's pioneer
painter, today is celebrating his 2!th
he saw some- anniversary in the city of Prescott.
During these years Mr. Emanuel has
reared an honorable family in Pres-
au affable cott aud today is hale aud hearty and
is still the same old "knight of the
the floor for brush. " In the presence of several
he called attention to a crop of the
the tip of ! right ear auu stated, "Do you kuow
! bow I got that? It was made by a bul-
let in one of Napoleon's wars. " He
i was consoled by the remark that it
dog by
at the woman,
wuidow, he ten
is the question
The twenty six year old man who
sought entrance at Annapolis by giv
ing bis age as eighteen, should have
tried a young ladies' seminary instead
of a naval academy.
injunction Granted.
twentieth century Indian chief
has discarded the tomahawk for an
automobile. He wants to murder
and still le within the pale of the
The president's earnest insistence
for fair play throughout the govern
ment service will insure the support
of the American jieople.
There were two h lints, nu which
(Gladstone and Salisbury always
agr-ed. Both were High Churchmen
and 'nth hated toba
might have been worse. "That's so,"
stated the veteran. "I don't consider
it as serious as when I got my neck
. , , I broke in Prescott a few years ago.
Some men may be smokers aud some i .. . . . ..TV.
may lie hogs. Ibis assertion somewhat startled his
Hut Madame, there is a conqiartment ; hearers, and it was quite a relief to
for dogs!" j them when he explained that it was a
i barn which fell on him aud crooked
his neck to one side, instead of hav
! iug lieen rather elongated in getting
tangled up with a coil of hemp. In
honor of the occasion Mr. Emanuel
vfill tonight "set 'em up" to the
Kagles, of which organization he is a
worthy member. The Journal Miner
extends its compliments ami hopes
the geutleman will survive to read the
chronicling of his 30th anniversary
s a resident of Prescott.
The Corona Consolidated (Mi and
Copper company yesterday secured au
injunction through the district court
preventing a Southern California con
cern from appropriating its title. The
Coroua Consolidated QaM ami Copper
company, so the Journal-Miner is in
formed, is receiving flattering inquir
ies relative to its stock, from all over
the country aud it docs seem as
bough the Los Angeles people could
tiud a name, under which to do busi
ness without infringing ou the rights
of others.
Since the death, on the San Juan
battlefield, in Cuba, of the late Cap
tain W. O. O'N'eil, the newspaers of
the country have teemed with stories
concerning his life. Some have been
weird, and fantastic with little sem
blance of truth while others, emliel
lished from the imagination of the
writers, have been based upon facts.
Several accounts have lieen written in
reference to the manner iu which he
obtained the title, by which he was so
familiarly known, "Bucky, " but all
of them have been purely imaginative,
and in conversation recently with
Charles Mosher, an old time newspa
per writer of Phenix, and a warm and
intimate friend of Mr. O'Neill, the
editor of this paper requested him to
write a true story of the conferring
upoa him of the title of "Bucky."
Mr. Mosher was a member of a sort of
uuorganized Bohemian club of that
day, to which 'ONeill also belonged,
other members being P. T. Bicknell,
Frank Cox, D. S. White aud others,
and all are familiar with the early
history of the brilliant Bucky O'Neill
in this territory. Mr. Mosher has
kindly complied with the Journal
Miner's request, and the story is here
with given :
When the lamented Capt. W. O.
O'Neill was engaged in edtorial work
in the early days of Phenix he was
bountiful in bestowing military hon
ors upon the sturdy ranchmen then
engaged iu developing the agricul
tural resources of the Salt River val
ley. Men who had managed to pass
the meridian of life in a creditable
manner with no greater distinction
than their names of Bill, Ike or Jack
gradually became to their friends
Captain, Major or Colonel. That
there was some peculiar fitness in the
application of these titles is justified
by the fact that many of the benefi
ciaries have gone to their graves bear
iug the same, while it is not improb
able that arorng the survivors who
have so long been thus distinguished
there are some in whose minds must
uow lurk, in a vague and hazy man
ner, the idea that somewhere in the
mildewed past they performed service
other thau turning in water on the
succulent alfalfa to earn their spnrs.
After O'Neill had succeeded in
gratifying his quiet sense of humor iu
properly grading the staider portion
of the community, he turned his at
tention to the younger class his as
sociates. Thus Joe Campbell, the well
known lawyer, young in years and
younger in practice, became "Judge"
iu about two months after his arrival
iu the territory. Frank Cox was
"Senator" and D. J.White, a printer.
journal cleik of Ibe bouse in the e
sion of the legislature iu lrlftTi found
himself suddenly promoted from
corporal iu the old Phenix (iuards to
a Colonelcy. White is now in San
Francisco, an employe of the Exam
iner and is better known by bis mil
fary title tnan ny nis true name or
initials. The writer for a while bore
the somewhat suggestive title of
"Count," but the community did not
take to this innovation from foreign
lauds and it never became a mi mill
eut bmdeu to him. Another Whit
lived in Phenix at the time and he
and Captain O'Neill were great
friends, but the latter's ingenuity at
rechristening seemed sorely trieu at
this point. White had charge of the
old military telegraph station there.
was under the average size aud
O'Neill's opposite in almost every
way, loquacious and nervous, aud un
able to appreciate a joke when he was
the victim. The two were iu conver
satiou one day when O'Neill suddenly
said: "It has taken me a long time
to think what to call you, but I know
now. You are too small for a "Ma
jor ana ibck tne serenity ot a
"Judge." We'll call yon "Doc.'
White flared up at this suggestion, re
senting especially the reference to his
size, and replied: "Well 1 know what
to call you. Before 1 left home a
young man who hail lieen reared there
returned from five years' service in
the regular army. He was big. talked
loud and made fun of his old school
mates because they had not seen as
much of the world as he bad. They
called him "Bucky;' you'll be
'Bucky' after this. " There was no
analogy iu the characters of the ex
soldier and bis new namesake, but the
retort was heartily appreciated by
those who heard it. White was known
as "Doc" till his departure for
home in the east, while "Bucky" is
the favorite term by which Captain
O'Neill's closer friends love to recall
his memory at the present day.
Here is au opinion and a judgment :
"If 1 had my way I'd surround the
ring with cowboys and order them to
shoot the tir.-t man that didn't come
square up to the scratch and fight his
hardest. The gullibles have paid dear
for the game since John L. quit, and
haven't seen a decent mill. Every
effort is made to bold the men back,
so as to save their precious mugs for
the stage. Exhibition fights are like
lemonade without a stick in it. When
I lower myself to go to a fist fight I
want to see blood, because I am then
no better thau a beast of the field.
Make 'em fight ! Drive 'em in. If they
fake, shoot 'em as you would a dog.
But, Lord, I'd give $20 to see another
good old time Hght. with the arena as
gory as an abattoir."
Another opinion : "Yes the fight's
the thing, but we don't have 'em any
more. All the infants in the coun
try know that Jeff could have put the
solar plexus quietus on Gentleman
Jim in the first round. Why didn't
be? Because the management said
'Give the suckers a run for their
money.' So Jeff obligingly made it
ton rounds. Know what I'd like to
do? (Jet 'em all in training and have
a general tournament, sifting down
and sifting down, down, down, until
one man stood out the great, grand,
universal champion, with none on
earth daring to go up against him."
"What would you do with him?"
"The only pug left? Kill him, of
course, and be rid of the whole
breed." New York Press.
Will Leave For Mexico.
Sheriff Joe Roberts had scarcely
time to shake bauds with bis deputies
after a three weeks trip to California
and Utah until be is compelled to
leave for the Republic of Mexico on
official business. A man has been in
confinement there in jail for some
time charged with murder in tbi
country. Sheriff Roberts, armed with
the necessary papers (or lradi
tiou will leave on tonight's train for
the City of Mexico.
Speaking of his trip to Salt Lake,
he said he was very cordially treated
by the people there. He found A. A.
Pratt, the man he was after, sojourn
ing at a summer resort with his
brother. He regretted very much the
necessity which caused bis return to
Arizona but was unable to offer any
valid excuse or legal reason why be
should not do so, and iu consequence
accepted Mr. Roberts' hospitality.
Went Into the Ditch.
at nmmu
m n 1 uun l x
Brakeman George Mc
Grath the Victim.
I To the Dressy Dressers I
Which Do You Need
Broken Flange Was the Cause of
the Accident No Others
Prescott's New Church.
Too ld Mr. Bryan cannot he.ve fin
sail area measured. It would doubt
less reduce bis time allowance.
The post office investigation
ises to reach a conclusion and
with a blaze of indictments.
go out
News from Rome is
that Pope Pius X will
American cardinals.
to Ibe i-hVct
appoint two
At the meeting of the Congregation
al society held jast night, it was de
cided to proceed with the building of
j new church ou the lines outlined iu
r , r ...., T .... me .louruai .Miner a lew riays since.
If you ever took I )e itt's Little ,. - . . ...
Karly Bisers for billiousuessorcousti- Tbe ,,rl,'e of the stru-'l"rp "s to lie not
patioii you know what a purgative 'e38 thau 810.000, and the preliminary
pleasure is. These famous little pills I arrangements towards its construction
cleanse II... liv. r and rid the system , wiU t.mmenced at once. It is
ot all I Jilt' without prolu.-iug uupieas- . , . . , .
nu; MteebL They do not gripe sicken ' ,'ope, to n,ake ! Progress to
ol weaken 1 nt give tone and .-trength 'ards securing the pledging of the
the tis.-ues and organs involved. ' necessary funds anil the nlmiu umi
siecificatious for the building that
i active work on its construction mav
commence this fall. The building
will lie of brick.
w. 11. imweii 01 iiou.-ton, rex., says:
"No better pill can be used than Lit
tle Early Risers for constipation sick
headache etc. " Sold by Itrisley Drue
Co., Coil ii n A Bork.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Cures Crip
in Two Days.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. JCf v on every
Seven Million boxes sold in post 1 2 months. ThaS Signature, WLa DOX. 25c
Booming the Fair.
During his recent visit iu Prescott
C. C. Hall did some good missionary
work for the New Mexico fair which
will be held iu Albuquerque October
VI to 17 inclusive.
Mr. Hall never becomes so engross
ed iu selling big bills of goods to his
customers as to lose an opportunity
to talk fair. He was president of the
fair association for two or three years,
and has always taken an active inter
est iu its atfairs. The mauagemeut is
I -lifting forth extra efforts this year
to make it surpass all previous efforts.
The railroad company has come to
their assistance to get a good attend
ance by granting a rate of one and
one half cents per mile fare.
Mr. Hall has been placed iu charge
of the cow boy touruameut. aud has
had about JU0 appropriated for this
feature of the eutertainmeut, for steer
tying aud broncho riding. They have
set aside also M"00 for horse racing,
800 for base ball prizes and ?10O0 for
prizes ou exhibits.
During his visit to Phenix Mr. Hall
conierreci witti .lack liilison ami other
managers of cowboy sports in order
in arou-e iuterest then- iu th bo f
Arizoua sending her champions after
MM "f the good New .Mevico money.
The Siuta I'e, said Mr. HalLaTil lake
any cow ponies desired at one fare for
the round trip. The highest prize for
A wreck occurred today to tbe south
bound freight train near Ramsgate,
boat -2::tn o'clock, lint little pur-
It icn tars are obtainable, as the loca
tion of it is some distance from a tele
graph office and no details have been
received at the railroad offices.
It was learned however that three
cars jumped the track aud went over a
grade into the ditch. A brakeman
named McGratb, brother of Passenger
Conductor Ibomas Mctlrath, was re
ported to be missing aud it was feared
he was caught under the cars and
killed. This rumor could not even
be verified although it was accepted
.1- correct. The cause of tbe accident
was not learned. The train left Pres
cott about 12:50 or an hour late. A
wrecking crew was despatched to tbe
scene of the accideut as soon as the
news was received at railroad head
Lin i'KR LIST.
The following is a list of letters re
maining in the iiostofflce at Prescott,
Arizoua. for the week ending Aug.
The wreck of the southbound
freight train near Ramsgate yesterday
afternoon, of which a brief mention
was made last evening, proved aa was
feared, to be a fatal one, Brakeman
George McGrath having lost bis life
by tbe cars rolling over on him and
horribly crushing his body. Aa soon
as the word was received in Prescott
a wrecking train was sent to tbe
scene of tbe accident, but it was not
nntil after seven o'clock that the body
was taken from under tbe wreck. Tbe
body was immediately brought to
Prescott where it was prepared for
shipment to Phenix by P. Mohn &
Co., and tbe body was taken to that
place this morning on tbe delayed
passenger train, aud will there be
prepared for shipment to bis old
home In St. Albans, Vermont, where
the remains will be interred in the
family cemetery. Tbev will be accom
panied home by Passenger Conductor
Thomas McGrath, a brother of the de
ceased. As near as can be learned tbe cause
of the accident was a broken flange on
one of tbe wheels of one of tbe cars
that went off tbe Jtrack. This theory
is sustained by tbe fact that a piece
of flange was found several yards back
of where tbe wreck took place. Three
cars were thrown from the track, one
an oil tank, which was not badly dam;
aged, one a car of lagging timbers and
the other a refrigerator car with local
freight between Ash Fork and Con
gress Junction.
When it happened Messrs. McGrath
and McArdle, tbe gentlemen who was
near tbe car of powder that blew up
some weeks ago, were sitting on top of
tbe train, and when they first discov
ered that something was wrong they
both started to climb off tbe cars, but
McGrath was ou the wrong side aud
tbe cars fell on top of him before be
-ould get out of tbe way.
The track was uot cleared until
about six o'clock this morning wben
the south hound passenger, which
waited iu Prescott all night, left for
Phenix. The damage to the railroad
company will amount to about $150J
or fr2000.
A Suit, Overcoat or
way your needs run
Trousers ? Which ever
Brisley Drug
II Company.
Will fleet Them
ith ahsoiiiti I) peri, vt c a reasonable figure. My prices W
lire within the reach of vll. fall at my new parlors on Wept liurle oav
Street, opposite Journal-Mirer office, and M my new -tock of Wool W
M for Fall and Winter W ear, just arrived. The latest in Suitings, a'aj
Trouserings and Overcoatings. W
E. W. Richardson, I
Merchant Tailor. Jf
8 "C- "S- "5- '"C- "C-'C'-C- -C- "C- -C- -C- 5
Ready For Business
This is No Bought Out. Old Stock ; everything is new iu detail, containing an
extensive assortment of Staple and Fancy W'orst.-ds. Nobby Scotch Suitings.
Imported and Domestic Serge and I'ntinished Worsteds. A grand display
of the handsomest Bantings and Fancy Vesting. Fim-st assortment d.-sired
in West of England Dress Worsteds, Broadcloth and Doeskin. In addition,
a moet magnificent assortment of all the new goods for overcoats. In fact,
all the latest ideas in gentlemen's Fall and Winter Wear. Orer 500 patterns
of Ladies' Goods, all different designs, the latest novelties in samples, from
which to select. I am here to stay, make clothes and friends. Once a custo
mer always a customer. All work under my personal supervision.
Are Oiving Away
to each purchaser of any article from
their stock, a ticket entitling you to
lalf a dozen Hue cabinet photos on
payment at Bate's Studio, over the
post office, of $1.45 only. Sample
photographs and tickets are shown in
'.he windows of their pharmacy. Tbe
mly condition is that during tbe next
two months your cash purchase of
lrugs, patent medicines, toilet soaps
ir toilet articles, stationery or soda
water shall amouut to fire dollars and
the ticket be presented at bate's
Studio before August 1. By our ar
rangement with Mr. Bate you save a
:lear SI. 55 on every 5 worth ot pur
;b ses to our pharmacy.
Be Sure to Ask Us For a Ticket.
Brisley Drug
j. n. w. MOORE & SON,
Columbia Disc .
Not necessary to learn to play any instrument. Buy the new-up-to-date
(iraphophone. Reproduces perfectly band, or
chestra, violin, piano, cornet and the human voice.
$ 1 5, $20 and $30
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an improved
Lot of m or an im
at a bargain.
Through us. if you haven't the money,
and build or improve yoar purchase
and save yoar rent.
In our bi:r Companies against losing
your property by tire.
Agents for Otis Addition
Opposite Postofiict. Phcuw 75.
With Wells Fargo Express Co.
7,inch records, 50 cents
$5 per iloon.
10-inch recort';, SI each;
$K) per dozen.
Columbia High Spec d Moulded Kccords tit all types of talking machines
aing cjrliadriCBl records and ar- superior to all others.
Hotel Congress
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggist.- refund the money
if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's
signature is on each box. 25c
Disturbances of strikers are not
nearly as grave as au individual dis
order of tbe system. Over work, loss
of sleep, nervous tension will be fol
lowed by utter oollapse, unless a re
liable remedy is immediately employ
ed. There's nothing so efficient to
cure disorders of the liver or kidneys
us rlectnc Hitters. It s a woutlerlul
tonic, and effective nervine and the
greatest all around medicine for ran
down systems. It dispels nervousness,
rheumatism and neuralgia and expels
malaria germs. Only 50c, and satis
faction guaranteed by all druggists.
H. C. VINCENT, Prop.
124 East Gurley Street.
Only a half Block from center of city
Columbia Phononrabh Com ban u Jus American Plan...
"... " J BATK-UMPn DAY.
HiBAM) : e,-.L''- l-mill
e1H Lawrence St., DENVER, (JOU
Having just received a large and
up to date assortment of woolens am
now prepared to tarn out your orders
on short notice in the usual first class
manner. Ed Voigtlander,
The Fashionable Tailor, """
-22-tf Rooms 10-11 Union Block.
Get your property listed with us and we will advertise it free.
If you want to rent your house list it with us. We make a spe
cialty in collenting rents.
Exclusive agency for six of the strongest fire insurance Com
panies in the world.
Tickets For 21 Meals S OOjt
Special R.-ite1; by week or month J
Special Dinner Every Sunday
From 5:30 to 5.-00 o'clock p. m.
:, 1903:
Brenuen, John
Clark, John W
Campbell, Mrs
Eberts, Mrs A
Flemming, J S
Foster, John
Gilbert, Miss M
Harcus, John
Hzstein, Louis M
Jenkins. J W
McGlowe, MF
Martin. Jess
Miller. J
Murray, Fred
Neal k Richards
Kobiusou, J F
Sti'ide. Walter
Ten brook, F
VVilliugbam, E
Arena, Julio Beltran, Jose G
Bustenente, L E Heruuandez, J
Passanise, C Ortego, R
Sierra, G
Parties calling for any of the above
letters will please say advertised.
A. L. Smith, postmaster.
Briggs, L
Can tin, Max
Cook, Mrs C G
Franklin, Will
Ferguson, R 11
Graves, A W
Harlan, Jobu
Hzstein, L M
Herrou, Joseph
McWarrer, B C
Mi-Donald, A
Meader, Ed
Miller, W L
Moody, C A
Myers, W C
Prescott Miu.
Roy, J C
Sidel, Frank
Smith, Ester
Snort, O D
Vedell, F W
Worley, J E
"Just in tbe nick of time our little
boy was saved," writes Mrs. W. Wat
kins of Pleasant City, Ohio. "Pneu
monia had played sad havoc with him
and a terrible cough set in besides.
Doctors treated him, but be grew
worse every day. At length we tried
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, aud our darling was saved.
He's now sound, and well." Every
body ought to know, it's the only
sure cure for coughs, colds and all
lung diseases. Guaranteed by all
druggists. Price 50o and II. Trial
bottles free.
WholesaleLiquor Dealer
Complete Stock of Fine fbtsfcys and Certfish Far ihz Traft
Dealer In PAI'.ST Brewing Co.'s Mil auk e-Re-'.
Embalms s
Funeral Directors
First door i.orth of
Briukuieyer's Hotel.
Electric Phone 350, Prescott
A I - room cottage in best
part of city. All modern
ments. Address or call
Bank of Arizona.
8-27 lo
The genuine is always better than
I'ouuterfeit, but the truth of this
statement is uever more forcibly real
ized or more thoroughly appreciated
than when you compare tbe genuine
DeWitt's Hazel Salve with the many
counterfeits and worthless subsrftute.
tbat are on the market. W. S. Led
better, of Shreveport, La., says:
"After using numerous other remedies
without benefit, one box of DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve cured me." For
blind, bleeding, itching and protrud
ing piles no remedy is equal to De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. Sold by
Brisley Drug Co., Corbin A Bork.
Five room house, South Prescott,
two BO-foOt lots on corner, good well
of water, windmill and tank, fruit
and shade trees. Price ?1G00. In
quire of K. H. Frederick, nt B.-B.
Store. 8-19-tfdAw
Persons siillering from indigestion
dyspepsia or other stomach trouble
will tindthat lodol Dyspepsia Cure
digests wlmt you eat and makes the
stomach sweet. This remedy is a
never fulling cure for indigestion and
dvspepsjji and all complaints affecting
Jhe glanders or membranes oft he stom
ach or dige-tive tract. When you take
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure everything you
eat tastes good, and every bit of the
nutriment that your food contains is
assimilated and appropriated by the
1 I I aud tissues. Sold by Brisley
Drug Co., Corbin Jr. Bork.
Judge W. T. Holland of Greenburg,
La., wbo is well and favorably known
says: "Two years ago I suffered great
ly from indigestion. After eating
great distress would invariably re
sult lasting for an hour or so and my
nights were restless. I concluded to
try Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and it cured
me entirely. Now my sleep is refresh
ing aud digestion tierfect. " Sold by
Brisley Drug Co. Corbin & Bork.
Of Prescott and vicinity. Any per
son found shooting on tbe Smith
ranches, near Point of Rocks, will be
prosecuted to tbe full extent of tbe
law. John H. Smith.
P. A. Danforth of La Grande, Ga. ,
suffered for six months with a fright
ful running sore on his leg; but
writes that Bucklen's Arnica Salve
wholly cured it in five days. For ul
cers, wounds, piles, it's the best salve
in the world. Cure guaranteed.
Only 35 cents. Sold by all druggist
Pioneer Insurance Agents
Have removed to the Wilson Block, Corner .Montezuma
and (iurley, Opposite Hotel Burke.
Offer for sale the Sister's school property, on Marina street
Also 175 feet corner of Pleasant and Willis streets.
Gasoline and .team Hoists, Air Compressor.-,
and Stittionerv Boilers. Utc.
Cample e Collection of Views of
Mines in Yavapai Coon;yt",i
Virws of Prescott and Vicinity.
Lawler Bl ick. Presen t. Arizona ,
Opposite Postoffice.
f- -
w .
Owing to long continued illness and
a very critical condition I am unwill
ingly obliged to sell all my interests
in my placer claims, and one good
quartz ledge. Will sell water rights,
reservoir sites, horses, harness, two
good wagons, a good road cart aud
harness, saddle, stoves, camping out
fit, furniture, repair and carpenter
tools, mining tools, powder, rope,
fuse, forge timbers and lumber to fin
ish present undertakings, air pipes,
ladders and other things too numerous
to mention; also about twenty dol
lars worth of provisions if taken soon.
Only $325 for every thing I own ex
cept trunk, clothes and books. This
is less than half value of tools, etc.,
offered, and $"2000 less than I ever ex
pected to take.
You can not lose and may strike a
fortune, with an almost certainty of
Huding wages indefinitely. I grew up
iu the California placer mines, and
think I know. Every thiug ready to
go to work, no need to lose a day.
Just the thing for two or three good
workers, or parties desiring to make a
small investment tor great possibili
ties. I may give an option for a half
Remember only Sfi"i for everything
Address Henry Gohrniau, care O
tatore, PreBcott, .rlzoua.
i Stop at the
Best in the City
fronts nn
renovated and
Court House
-j gle rooms,
out baths.
suites, sin-
with or with-
Commerciril Patron
age Solicited
pgr More of th - HiiirtKtnk-. Mm so ,v ( ' ' hoists have been sold in thn
section during- thr jmst pear than all other maken combined- Thev excel :i
POWER, RELIABILITY and ECONOMY and are especially valuable
where wood and vatr is scarco.
p(r-Full particulars and rat-mates furnished upon application hi
Merchandise or Mining Supplies
Remember the O'U Established Mouse
The 0. K. STORE
Staple and Fancy Groceries, k Full SM of flen s Fnrnishiu-; m ,
Always on Hand. All Goods Freh anJ Df :
The Best
In Prescott tor ill kind if M C:IINE
WORK. Lit mi know your wants.
Mine Ml I! Mc i a:ry a specialty.
Special repitr agent for Nations Cash
Registers and Burroughs Adding Ma
chine:. : . J
Machine Works
2i7 W. liurlrv Strrt,
Read the Journal - Miner.
Iry lb- !' 1
itb your Satinela.
I 111 Iry
1 13tf

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