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Weekly Arizona journal-miner. (Prescott, Ariz.) 1903-1908, September 16, 1903, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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From Wednesday's Daily.
-Irs. h. J. Beunett caine over from
Iron Springs this morning.
J. K. Montgomery, of the Little
sip mine, was a passenger this morning
for St. Louis on business.
Mrs. R. D. French, who has been
very ill for several days, is reported
to be considerably- improved today
Father Luetu went to Ash Fork this
morning to meet some parties at that
place, and will return this evening
H. V. Dancer, attorney for the
Rapid Transit Mining company, is a
recent arrival in this section from
Dulutb, Minn.
Kev. Ciibboua, of the Methodist
church, went out to the Iron King
mine this afternoon and will hold
services at the camp this evening.
Mrs. C. A. Block and her daughter.
Miss Amelia Block, hare returned
from California where they have been
spending the past four or five weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. (leo. H. Cook returned
from Pheuix this morning. They will
leave for an extended trip to the
coast and from there on east in a few
There are reported to have been
several fistic encounters on the street
last night as a result of several of the
union and non-union men coming to
gether. Mrs. R. E. Sloan and children left
this morning for Mrs. Sloan's old
home in Hamilton, Ohio, where tbey
will visit with friends and relatives
for about three mouths.
Mrs. Harry Houston was taken to
the Mercy hospital yesterday. She
I has tieeu suffering for some time with
a complication 01 diseases, and is re
ported to be very low.
There are quite a number of our
people returning home from their va
cations spent in California, and they
nearly all unite in pronouncing the
weather hotter and more disagreeable
there than in Arizona.
U. M. Calhoun lett this morning
for an extended trip through the east
He will go directly to Baltimore, but
expects to visit several other large
cities in the east before returning to
Arizona. He will always have a good
word to sav for the famous Castle
Creek hot springs, of this county.
which are becoming a very popular
winter resort.
Dr. Thomas J. Turner, Pacific Coast
agent for Foley J: Co., of Chicago,
one of the largest drug manufacturing
concerns in the United States, is in
Prescott today making arrangements
with our local merchants for handling
their goods. They have selected the
Journal-Miner as the medium through
which they will place (heir goods be
fore the people of this section, and in
this selectiou tbey have made no mis
take, for the Journal-Miner leads all
other mediums, hot air claims to Ibe
contrary notwithstanding.
The Journal-Miner was iu error last
night in speaking of the dismissal of
the injunction case against the Groom
Creek miners' union and James
O'Counell. the president of that un
ion. The item made the paper say
"James McCouuelly" instead of
James O'ConDell as it should have
been. There has never been any
trouble with this union nor with Mr.
O'Connell. and it was by mistake that
tbey were included iu the temporary
injunction, and as soon as the Mine
Operators found out the real condition
of things they offered the motion to
dismiss the case agaiust the.n, which
v;is done.
In- the series of tenni games re
ivutly played iu PreK-ott lietween the
Prescott and Iron Springs kteams. the
Prescott players won everything play
ed but one single which was won by
Hall. In the doubles the Prescott
team won three straight sets, a? fol
lows: First set. Prescott 7, Iron
Springs .": second set Prescott iron
Springs 7: third set. Prescott ti, Iron
Springs 'J. In the siugies the results
were as follows: First set. Bailey,
Prescott, : Hall. Iron Springs, 1;
second set Uailey 4, Hall 0: third set
Bailey 0. Hall L It is likely a return
game may lie played some time in
the near future.
Notwithstanding the cry of busluess
Ijeing bad in this city at the present
itinie, there were ten cars of local
i freight received by Prescott mercbauts
yesterday and today. The merchants
' are now receiving their fail and win
ter goods and have bought fine large
1 stocks. The Journal-Miner ventures
the assertion that business will soon
resume its normal condition and our
merchants and people w ill!continue to
' be proserous. The trouble iu the
mini lift camps has practically all been
1 fettled, and the few striking miners
that are left are going to work one at
a time and a number of others from
tfec outside are arriving and going to
work, so from all appearances the
mines will soon all be running aloug
just as usual atxl the temporary lull
in business lie forgotten. So mote it
Hrom Thursday's Daily.
Mrs. J. B. Cowley has gone to Phe
uix for a few days' visit.
Charley Herudou left this morning
for a visit of several day? in Los An
geles. w. M. LMlfl,
(Castle (Vwk
cott todav.
the new manager of the
hot springs, is in Pres-
Mrs. W. A. Davis left this morning
lor a visit with her parents at Sauta
Paula. California.
Mrs. S. S. Walstrtiui will leave for
an eastern trip Saturday and will he
gone one mouth.
Mrs. Mable Asche arrived yesterday
from Bisbee for a visit with her pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. JaMfA Kngle.
Among the exhibits irom Arizona at
the St. Louis exposition will lie a
large exhibit of oslriclie-.
Geo. H. Cook and wife started this
morning for their extended trip to
the coast and from there east.
Dr. E. & Perrin, one of the prom
ineut citizens of Coconino county,
catne down from William- last night.
Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Rildersnn
were passengers this morning for Cal
ifornia where they will -pend a vaca
tion of several weeks.
Ed Block is receiving the largest
stock of men's suits, overcosts, hats.
boes, underwear ami f 111 uifbiug
goods ever (nought to Prescott.
Mr. ami Mrs.
,f Skull Valley.
J. ( i. West, foruiel ly
left t Ma morning for
Absolutely Pure
Bakersfleld, California, where
expect to make their future home.
A carload of Mexican laborers.about
fifty fire in all, came up from the Salt
:iver valley this morning to go to
work on the P. & E. railroad in the
Hradsbaw mountains.
Joseph Acberigi, a prominent sheep
man of this county, left this morn
ing for St. Johns. He recently pur
chased quite a band of sheep iu
Apache county and goes there to make !
preparations to bring them to this
The following names comprise the
roll of honor at the Sunday school of
the Advent Mission, Episcopal, for
the month of August: Fdith (Jar-
Held, Lily Moser. Belle Hill, Louise !
Draper. Mabel Brisley. 'Punctual
every time.
Deputy Sheriff Geo. Heisler was
taken sick yesterday evening at the
court bouse and gradually grew worse
until he bad to be taken home iu a
back. He was very ill during the
night and is still confined to bis bed,
but is thought to be better today.
The following persons took the ex
amination for teachers certificate be
fore Supt. J. B. Jolly yesterday and
the papers were forwarded to the ter
ritorial board of examiners for grad
ing: R E. Dyer, Misses Florence
Baird, Lillian Glasby, and Blanche
The enrollment of the city schools
for the first month last year was 432,
while the enrollment the first day of
school this year showed 153 pupils
present. This indicates that the num
ber will be considerably larger this
year than last, and is an index to the
growth of the city.
Miss Fulcber, wbo has been visiting
for several days with her brother, A.
P. Fulcber, ' in this city, left this
morning for the Grand Canyon. After
a few days spent there she will go to
Los Angeles, where she will spend the
winter. She may return to Prescott
next spring to spend the summer.
The work of taking testimony in
the injunction case has been in prog
ress all day in the district court and
the witnesses for the plaintiff had not
all been examined at the time of go
ing to press. The case has attracted
considerable interest from its import
ance, and the court room ;bas been
well filled both yesterday and today.
As an indication of the value of the
Journal-Miner as an advertising me
dium, a gentleman in this city placed
an advertisement in these columns
Tuesday evening offering a range for
sale aud early Wednesday morning
there were three persons called on
him to buy the stove. He sold it be
fore noon that day.
The United States civil service com
mission announces an examination ou
September 25, 1903, to secure el igibles
from which to make certification to
fill fourteen vacancies in the position
of civil engineer in the Philippine
service, at salaries ranging from 91400
to 1800 (er annum, and other similar
vacancies as tbey mBy occur in the
Philippine service.
Mrs. Kuiz. wife of Deputy Sheriff
Frank Kuiz, and little baby, left this
morning for St. Johns, Apache coun
ty, where she will spend several
months with her mother, Mrs. Col.
Hunt. Mrs. Kuiz' health has been
quite poor for some time and she
hopes to be improved by the change j
of climate to a lower altitude.
Kev. S. F. Heilman, pastor of the
Free Methodist church of Pbenix. is
at the Prescott Mission, and will
preach Friday evening, Sunday after
DOOM and eveniug, aud every evening
next week except Monday. Kev. Heil- i
man 1e a spiritual man aud an able
preacher, aud all will do well to hear
The Prescott lodge of Eagles are!
making preparation to give another
grand entertaiunieut iu the near fu
ture. The exact date has not yet been ;
settled, but our people will anxiously !
watch for the announcement of the
date as the Eagles bare come to be !
looked upon as among the liest enter
tainers of the city.
According to the Tombstone Epi
taph, the people of that section meet
death with a glad hand. A Mexican,
who had been in Agua Prieta on a
protracted spree, filling up ou mescal,
had his final "cash in." Knowing
that he had not long to live, he ex
pressed a desire to die while listening
to music. Iu accordance with bis de- i
sire a mail who could play the guitar
was found and he played for half au I
hour. The Mexican two stepped into ,
tbe other world.
O. A. He-la. wbo recently returned
to Prescott after a visit of several
weeks in Iowa. Illinois and Michigan.
states that the people in those states;
' - . ... ... yr j , 1 T 1 ,1 1 - ami i uii
I tented and tbe country looks splen
did, but he was glad to get back to
old Yavapai county aud see her pine
trees and mountains aud breathe the
cool, fresh, bracing air. and even the
big granite boulders looked good to
him. When a fellow once gets to lie
a Hassayamper its mighty hard to
MM him of it.
Governor Itrodie's report for the
territory of Arizona is now on its way
to Washington It coutains 7m tyie
written panes and j-everal illustiatimis
showing the industries of the terri
tory, mining camps, cities, etc. Ap
plication for completed reports will
be received either at the office of the
governor or at the office ol the secre
tary of the interior. About fifty
MJM will ( devntrd to the jnterestr-
of irrigation and as much to mining.
The books will be ready for circula
i tiou iu two months.
There was a free for all fight at .le
rome J i met ion last uitht between a
lot of boiler makers who bad come
over from Jerome, mid a lnninh of ho
bos. The fight stal led n,-i MM ar
gument and one of the hobos proceed
ed to stab one of the boiler makers six
times iu the side with a small ;ockct
knife. Another boiler maker attempt
ed to take the knife away from the
bobo when he got pretty badly cut on
the arm. The hobos got away and
started for Asb Fork and the injured
men were brought to Prescott and
their wounds were dressed by a physi
The sale of the Arizona Democrat.
1 which has been pending tor some
time, has been effected, the purchaser
I being the Pheuix Enterprise. The
price has not yet been given out. nor
do the new owners say just
what the
future of the patter will be. It is
probable, though, that the weekly
edition will be continued until the
legal advertising contracts have been
fulfilled. The only part of the affa'rs
of the paper which has not been ad
i justed is the claim of Sam F.Webb for
! about ?i500. That, however, has been
! secured by a bond. Republican.
From Friday's Daily.
A typographical uuiou has been or
ganized ill Douglas.
John Lawler came up from bis Hill
side mine this morning.
Supervisor Geo.Scbuerman has been
confined to his bed for several days.
Mrs. C. M. Deal! and children were
passengers this morning for Los An
geles. E. Gauze and wife returned to their
home iu Pbenix last evening after a
short visit iu Prescott.
Lawrence P. liutler. first lieuteuaut
ti t ) .. ii.l infuiitt-T- urriruil it.
Pree.m frm the U((rth tall uU,,,t.
The citizens of Flagstaff have de
cided to hold a fall carnival on Fri
day and Saturday. September J.'ith
and Mtfc.
Mrs. K. K. Pel low, wife of the man
ager of the .Harvey BOOM a! -h Fnik.
came down to Prescott laM evening to
do some shopping.
Jack Farrell has resigned as super
intendent of the McCabe mine. It is
not known yet who will succeed Mr.
Farrell iu that position.
Omer Cox, representing tbe Sim
mons Hardware company, of St.
Louis, the largest hardware firm iu
be world, is iu Prescott in the inter
est of his house.
Dr. McCaudless received a wile this
morning to proceed at once to Je
rome Junction as Mrs. John Se-i .
was very ill. He went up on the
north bouud DMMager train.
Dixon Fageiberg. the popular com
missiou broker, returned la.t evening
from speuding several weeks at the
various coast resorts of California.
He reports a most enjoyable trip.
W. H. Hurt 1. 1 1 went to Ah Fork
this morning to meet Mrs. Boctotl
aud tbe children who are expected to
arrive home tonight after spending
the summer iu California with rela
tives. Ye Lee, a Chinaman who is said to
be au old re.-ident of this country,
having been employed as a cook in the
different camps iu this vicinity for
ten or twelve years, was arre.-ted ami
brought In from tbe Crown King sec
I ion yesttrday.
Coy Carey reports Ml stage line do
ing a big busiuess. So big iu fact,
that it has already outgrown his fond
est anticipations aud arrangements,
and he will have to put on a large
four horse team to enable him to
handle tbe busiuess.
"The Hacbelors" are making prepa
rations for one of the most pleasant
socials of the season. BoponaM have
lieen received from most of tbe tkrw
hundred invitations sent out which
would indicate that Old Bachelors are
quite a drawing card after all.
Mrs. T. B. Carter, who was brought
Like tlie running brook
red blood that
the veins has to
come from
The springs of red blood are
found in the soft core of the
bones called the marrow and
some say red blood also comes
florn the spleen. Healthy bone
marrow and healthy
are lull of fat.
Scott's Emulsion makes new
blood by feeding the bone
marrow and the spleen with
the richest of all fats, the pure
cod liver oil.
For pale school girls and
invalids and for all whose
blood is thin and pale, Scott's
Emulsion is a pleasant and rich
blood food. It not only feeds
the blood-making organs but
gives them strength to do
their proper work.
Send for frrc sample.
SCOTT 4. noWNK. L lirmist.
409-413 Kail Sto-ft.
Sue and I
New Yi.rfc.
to Prescott several days ago for sur
gical treatment on account of having
met with a painful accident, is mak
ing a splendid recovery and the doc
tors say she will soon lie able to re
turo to her borne at Walnut (irove.
Harry Cooper, the man who was ar
rested near Congress Junction a few
day "K" OH a charge of insanity, will
have his hearing before the probate
judge tomorrow.
According to reports, liobert De
Large, oue of the best known mill
men nl this territory, and who is at
present iu Tucson doing some work on
the mill at the university of Arisoaa
got frisky on Labor Day and joined
Hie fat man's race aud won the prize.
This has been one of the worst days
experienced iu Prescott for a long
time. The wind has blown a gale aud
the .Inst is fierce. If those young
Baoaalon are going to raite this kind
of a blow every time they start into
..'ive an entertainment, we hope this
will be the last.
There are quite a number ot medals
aud additional prizes 011 exhibition
in tbe show window of K. H. Bur
mister Jk Sous Co., which will be con
tested for iu the coming territorial
shoot. The list of prizes is mount mg
up and will certainly cause a very
lively contest.
ML Salzinaii, who has been one of
the Boat influential citizens and busi-
neaa meu of northern Arizona for
many years, has moved with his fam
ily to Los Angeles where they will re
side in the future. He will still re
tain large business interests in Ari
zona and will make occasional trips
to the territory to look after them.
ML C. Parmley, tbe well known
mining man, who has large mining
interests in this county, arrived in
Pi eaootl a day or two ago in company
with a number of California people
and took them out to the McCabe dis
trict to show them the properties in
which he is interested, among them
oeiug the Uividend and other mines
iu that neighborhood.
Ben Blauchard, general manager for
the American Copper 'company at the
Iron King mine, was in town today
and reports things in fine shape at tbe
mine and going right ahead in all
depart meuts He says the school at
tbe camp will open Monday with Miss
Blanche Lowry as teacher. There are
23 pupils already enrolled and tbe
probabilities are that ' there will be
ereaal additional ones when the
school opens.
Floyd McCoy, Geo. Atterberry, J.
P. Kiggan and lkie Keigle formed a
bunting party which started out this
morning to kill some big game iu tbe
MogollM mountains. Tbey will go to
Winalow by rail and from there take
a team aud plunge far into "the heart
of the mountains. Should any deer
attempt to run over them they will do
their best to climb a tree first aud if
they cau't Hud a tree of course the
only thing that will be left for them
to do will be to kill tbe deer.
Mi L uij-e Kiemau died in West
Pr eaootl last evening about seven
o'clock after a lingering illness of
OODamaption. Miss Kiemau was a
teacher in the Prescott schools some
four or five years ago and came here
with her sister from Port land, Oregon,
about two months ago in hope that
-he might lie benefitted by the cli
mate, but to uo avail. The body was
prepared for shipment by P. Mohn A
Ool, aud the sorrowing sister will
start for borne with the remains to
morrow. Tbe deceased was 28 years
of age.
Out West Fxhibition.
The steer tying contest and out west
exhibition which will take place at
the old race track next Sunday after
uoou at 2 o'clock, promises to be one
of the most exciting contests of that
character that has been given in this
part of the territory for a long time.
The contestants iu the steer tying con
test. Maam J. E. Rhudyand B. Jack-
sjiri titriiiiitit to..rri lleiirp tiifl.i utiil
an I'icKson. an ixirKiaun valley cow
boys, and are well kuowu to all our
people and are known to be experts
with the riata. Each team is to tie
six steers aud there is no doubt but
what there will be plenty of excite
ment. Besides the steer tying there
will ba several horse races, there he
in at least four on tbe program so
far. The prizes for broncho riding
w ill run from 650 to 25, while tbe
pun-e for tbe steer tying contest is
for S.VKJ a side.
Special trains wrll be run from the
depot to the race track at 1:15 aud 2
o'clock p. m., returuiug to town at
5:30. A round trip fare of 25 cents
w ill be charged, aud an admission of
.Vi cents will be charged at the gate.
Engineers Change Runs.
Gils Barth, one of the popular and
old time engiueers on the S. F. P. &
P. running between Pbenix and Ash
Fork, left this morning for Newton,
Kansas, where he will have a run be
tween Newtou and Fort Dodge, that
state. W. T. Delano, who has had
that run for several years, will tako
the place of Mr. Barth here. Mr. De
lano's family has been in Pheuix for
several mouths, be having taken them
(here for the beuefit of his wife's
linalth. and the cbauge of runs be
tween Mr. Barth aud Mr. Delano was
made in order that the latter might
be with his family. Mr. Barth has a
hut of warm friends in this section
who regret very much to have him go,
but they admire the kindly impulse
that prompted him to make the change
lot the good of a brother engineer and
his family, and wish him friends and
fortune iu his new home.
Bryan Man Taken in.
When Constable Pete Bousche re
turned to Congress la.-t night he
found a MM waiting his immediate
attention, in the shape of a crazy
man. and he was compelled to come
back (o Prescott thifl morning without
the neosaaarj formality ol vlaapiasj
over the matter. Tba fellow was ar
mated at Uongraas Junction, and i
known as Harry Cooper. He has been
coiiti I in Ihe asylum at Pheuix for
the past four year?- but was discharged
from I tiit i ii.-i it lit ion about a month
. baring apparent ly n covered. He
l :' '
rock iii bis poaaaaaioo this
inoruiug and when Mr. Booscbe asked
bim aba) ba aaa dotag with it and
srhere he got it be raid it sraa silver
and lh.it ba bad broken it olf from ii
500 pound chunk ol -olid silver which
In- bad found along Ibe railroad track
in bare it
ith ire drapped out of a
wili not ba axaaViaad for
ear. He wili not
i In f four dy
the Many Inquiries
From Miners.
Situation Is Described
Abundance of Help Will
Be Available.
The Miue Operator' Asociatiou
held an important nie-titig at their
rooms iii the Prescott National Bank
building last evening, at which time
the situation iu this county was gone
over pretty carefully and the huu
dreds of letters that have been re
ceived the past few days from miners
from all over the west, were discussed.
From tbe tone of the li tters that have
beeu received it is only a matter of a
very short time antil there will be
hundreds of good miners available for
aeveiopiug the mines of thi- county.
Many of the letters contain numerous
questions as to the conditions here,
and the work of answering all these
questions for each man would require
an army of clerks, so the association
decided to prepare a letter that would
cover the important QJMetiaan asked
in these letters, aud the following is a
copy of the letter so prepared and sent
out :
"Dear Sir:
In reply to your letter permit me
to say that the Mine Operator! Asso
ciatlon of apvapat county, Arizona,
is comprised or representative men
owning and operating mines: that
there are not sufficient meu in the
county at this time to meet require
ments not that there is a strike on,
inougn sngnt troutiie is til ing exper
ienced in some localities through tbe
efforts of "walking delegates." It is
a fact, however, that seventy five per
cent of the members of the different
unions are employed 1 and in many-
cases working harmoniously with non
union men), tbe other twenty five per
cent might tie considered among the
class that claim tbe right to manage
the companies properties, and are dis
posed to create what little disturbance
they can, thus far they have made
but little headway.
"The mine owners and operators are
determined that under no cnvum
stances will they permit a condition
of things to exist iu this territory 1 if
it is possible for them to prevent it
whereby a member of a uuiou shall
enjoy any privilege over a non-union
American citizen of equal merit.
As matters stand today, a large
percentage of tbe meu working iu the
mines are nou-uuiou meu and men
who have absolutely refused to sur
render their independence at the dic
tation of any organization, and the un
ion meu that are working are not, as
rule, inuflenced by tbe "walking
delegate." Miner.-, iu Arizona al leaat,
are getting tired of losing from a
quarter to two thirds of their time.
when good wages are to lie had, just
to keep the agitator ami walking dele
gate employed. The effects of taeec
mischief makers are two fold: not
only do they deprive tbe 111 lu.-triou-
aud desrviug miner of the opportun
ity to procure remunerative employ
ment for the time being, but they re
tard development and iu many cases
ruin enterprises entirely, putting a
blight ou the immediate section iu
which such enterprise are located.
and removing forever from the reach
of the employees opportunities that
otherwise would be theirs.
The mine operators aud mine own
ers, as such. are not interested iu rail
roads and consequently are not iu a
poistiou to offer inducements in tbe
shape of reduced rates, for men to
come to the territory for the purposf
of taking advantage of the exceptional
high wages and desirable opportuni
ties to be fouud here for satisfactory
employment. Besides. I hey have felt
that any deserviug man, desirous of
coming to the territory for employ
ment should either be willing aud
able to pay for getting here, or if not
iu possession of ready funds, his
standiug should be such as to permit
of his securing the same from friends,
or acquaintances formed provided
be has proven himself a worthy and
competent employee aud good citizen
in the community iu which he live.-.
The requirements are not such a.-, to
make it at all necessary for the opera
tors to incur any expense inducing
meu to come to the territory, beyond
making tbem acquainted with the tact
that favorable opportunHies axM
"The mines in Yavapai county, a
previously stated, are being oerated,
though not as extensively as tba
would be if more desirable men were
available. Good miners are what are
ueeded. A certain number of machini
meu, engineers, pumpmen. Maekara,
etc., could undoubtedly lind eftiploy
meut, but it would probably be well
for other than miners to make definite
arrangements before coming, although
unquestionably many men aside from
miners could find -atislactory employ
ment once their reputation is estab
lisbed. It is true, of course, that if
the mines were being operated more
extensively (as they would be if
more good aiaari were available .
there would naturally be greater op
portunities offered for general em
ployment. "Very respectfully.
"Yavapai County Miue
Operators Association. "
A Journal-Miner reporter called 00
Mr. Murphy, president of the asso
ciation, this morning and asked him
what the conditions really were at
this lime, aud if he thought there
was a likelihood of the troubles hoing
adjusted iu tbe near future.
"You may say," be ic lied, "that
the trouble is practically over now.
and it is only a Matter Of a bra days
until there will be an abi.nd.na-. ot
miner.-, as the assooial inn has already
received hiindicds of leUen from
good men from all over tbeWI t uder-
ing to come bare. Qnite a aaaabei oi
local men have gone Iu '.vu'k and BH re
are being added to the paj rolls ot
the County every day. With tbe ad
dition of tbe ue a eu to t be
forces of the count it i- not bard to
see what Ihe result.- will be to ti
tire section and to Preaeotl in p. 11 Oc
ular. Tba BMsrebanta of Ibis cit; an
beginning to realize that tie etru
is practically over, ai d are ordei 1
large stock .1 good. 1, . Ibe 1! and
winter tiade. and PreeOOtl will soon
resume her usual business activity."
"You might al-o ray,'1 In- eu
titlOed, that there ,10- to I,- a
wrong impression in tbe minds of
some people as to the objects of tbe
association. The objects ot the asso
ciation have been printed iu full in
your paper, but some still seem to
have a wrong idea of the matter. In
the first place the association was not
organized for the purpose of quarrel
ing with anyone, but for tbe puriiose
of advancing the interests of legiti
mate mining in this county. There
are no iron clad, hard, fixed rules in
the association, which are intended to
abridge the free aud independent ac
tion of the members. All transactiou.
of the association are open and above
board am) the meetings are open for
anyone who cares to attend, in the
absence of a mining exchange or any
other organization by which the mm
iug meu of tbe county might be
brought together to discss their in
terests, this organization was perfect
ed, and when tbey got together and
began to compare notes and to size up
tbe situation, they found it was nec
essary for them to adopt certain rules
of procedure, but no rule bas been
made or ever will be made that will
take away the individual rights of its
members. The association will soon
be located iu its elegant new room in
the new library 1 ulidiug. and the in
dications are that the association will
prove to be of very great benefit to
tbe great Jiiuiug industry of this
county aud city aud its influence is
goiug to be felt all over the terri
tory." Cherry Creek.
Cherry, Sept. 7. This section has
beeu visited witb quite a little rain
in the last week, which has cooled the
air aud made life somewhat pleasant.
In passing through the Cherry creek
section I noticed some developing work
being done by outside capital. The
Pfau Mining company is still sinking
on their main shaft to tap tbe B. B.
vein. They are now down 175 feet j
with very encouraging results. Tbey
work from fifteen to twenty five men
under tne management of Mr. Tib
betts. Tbe Mono Mining company hasi
contracted for a perpendicular shaft
to be put down 150 feet on the Red
Horse mine. Kicbard DeKubn is
working the South Extension with a
fine showing.
. Dr. Lentz, of Pbenix, is busy
surveying some claims he bas in com
pany witb Miss Smith of Pbenix.
Pbe majority of tbe miners and
prospectors are out iu the hills doing
assessment work with a pencil. This i
is a wonderful district of location !
monuments and notices go for any- ;
thiug. It is a conundrum how a few 1
men can keep up a $100 work on' so .
many claims, for so many years, with
BO income or resource. Some have as 1
many as thirty claims. Now this
tribal me as a difficult problem. The
holes do uot get any longer 'year by
1 understand Robt. Uurmister was
lown looking to find a dozen or so of
his claims he bas bad for eight or ten
1 should think this camp would staud
a colony of new prospectors who will
lo something, and will develop snme-
hing. 1 am told by people iu tbe vi
i ii it v of tbe goat camp that claims
ire IiePl tor twelve years witr. not oue
legal assessment done in th whrle
time. Other cam ns I have visited re
piire ?100 of labor or twenty three
days work to hold a claim, but this
place seems to have a go as you
pb a.-e a .
The next trip I make to this sec
tion I will endeavor to give you tbe
names of the largest land owners or
"real estate brokers" in this neigh
borhood. My next trip will be from
the Jerome country south to tbe old
Monarch or Mocking Bird, thence to
Squaw peak. Prospector.
Our Game Law.
Tbe following game law now in ;
effect will be of interest to devotees !
of the gun throughout the territory:)
Deer, open season, September 15 to
November L
Antelope, closed to January 1, 1906. j
111 k, closed.
QmU, open seasou, October 15 to i
March L
(irouse. open seasou. October 15 to .
March 1.
Wild turkey, open season, Septem 1
ber 15 to November L
Dove, no law.
Snipe, open seasou, October 15 to
Mains L
Duck, open season, October 15 to j
March L
Geese and swan, open season Octo
bar 15 to March L
Kail, open season, October 15 to
March L
Trout, not less tbansix inches leng, j
June 1 to September 1.
Black bass, strawberry bass,crappie,
September 1 to December I.
Limit : Three male deer in oue ;
seasou, twenty five ducks in oue day,
tweuty five quail in one day. Pishing I
with hook aud line only permitted.
Bounties: Mountain lion .fjo. bear
S0, wild cat and coyote 81.
Washington, Sept. 12. All indict
metis by tbe U. S. grand jury are
based ou transactions relating to the
supply of letter boxes and package
boxes aud such devices. Some very
sensational charges are made. The j
indictment agaiust Beavers, Macbeu 1
aud Erwin alleges that the Postal '
Device ami Improvement Company of
San Fraucisco, formerly the Mon
tague Indicator aud Letter Box Com
pany, is cum nosed almost entirely of
western postal employees; that in 18S!'
it set aside thousands of shares of
stock for "forwarding its interests,"
aud that, armed with this authority,
its president Daniel S. Kicbardson
aud lusiector Erwin came to Wash
ington, .-aw Bearers, Macbeu and oth
ers, and got an order for equippiug
20I1S letter boxes with their device.
f 222 IT
lishah s
J Mass
Ricksl SUvsr Case
Fully Guaranteed
For sals br
Illustrated Booklet
oo request . tbowtna
I n J - The New England!
I K 3 Wl,ch Co' I
a FS A. I FscMrtes- j
la f I ,lw,r''c,a- I
aBS rjViy MNew York. Ctks.1
Signs of Polluted Blood.
There is nothing so repulsive looking and disgusting as an old sore.
You worry over it till the brain grows weary and work with it nntil the
pata nee i i xbansted, and the very sight of theold festering, sickly looking
place in t'.. 1 J u i; ; k ll le, iK sjMindent and desperate.
A . nic - ei t'ae very bt-st evidence that your blood is in an unhealthy
amir nlition, that your constitution is breaking down under
t: 'is disorder. The taking of strong medicines, like
men y or pot ah, will sometimes so pollute and vitiate the blood and im
pair t'. item that the merest scratch or bruise results in obstinate
Don 1 ding - ires oi the jnost offensive character.
i nt ; an in'.: riled taint breaksoutiufrightful eating sores upon the limbe
or face in old ; ;.re or middle life. Whenever a sore refuses to heal the blood
and, while antiseptic washes, salves, soaps and powders
can 1 ) much to keep down tlie inflammation and cleanse the sore, it will
nererl till the blood itself has been purified and the deadly
:. and with
IM poisoi
S S S. ; batk .. bl 1 purifier and tonic that puts your blood in order
at- p t iie system and builds up the general health.
if you lidve .'. chronic sore write
Ltt sou SLiitia I aouss is ths
316 B. MAIN ST.
953-055-957 West Seventh treet. Los Angeles. Cal.
IfeaMai Btedv a the midst of the most heautiful home-like surround
ings. Day and eveniug sessions.
Shorthand made easy by famous "Chalk Talks" by the Principal.
Machine at home free of charge. Spanish at lowest rates.
ObsaaScal College Preparatory Dept. tits for State University.
in a position. Ten teachers. Largest capacity in the
city, the tuiok keeping is the famous Budget System.
Send for illustrated catalogue.
Paints, Oils and Wall Paper a Specialty
Always the Cheapest and Best.
Cut rates on all Wagon and Carriage Painting for the next
sixty days. Come early and avoid the rush.
402 West Gurley Street, Prescoct, Arizona.
Pioneer Insurance Agents
Have removed to the Wilson Block, Corner Montezuma
and Gurley, Opposite Hotel Burke.
Offer for sale the Sister's school property, on Marina street.
Also 175 feet corner of Pleasant and Willis streets.
Hardware Company
Has on Hand a
Mining Machinery
Mining Supplies
Assayers' Supplies
Which they will be glad
Samuel Hill
Columbia Disc
Not necessary to learn to play any instrument. Buy the new
up-to-date tiraphophone. Rcpnluces perfectly band, or
chestra, violin, piano, cornet and the human voice.
r- $ 1 5? $20 and
7-inch sasams, jO rents eoch;
$5 p I doeo.
H)4c:h r. . Is, SI ed;
G:-3 per tlo-'ei..
.a, r torus iinU
Columbia Phonograph Compcinij
M?-.I P?l PAP1 I'MMK
lf32 Lawrence St, DENVER, COL.
'Courteous we are and well w ill we serve you."
The Bank of Arizona
HSfESOaTV, akizoma
t-upital Pais in
.Surplus and Uaafvatai Profits
Tot:il Assets Jut e j.o. 1003
W lis, V
I 'i 'si Ml :
ee Pi sfcli si ;
A General Banking Business Transacted.
I eKsit Boxes.
The Pr tt National Bank
Tli: O ih National Hank in Northern Arizona.
I Capital PaM is $100,000
SSackhnMerj' Liability $00,00.
! Surplus 1 ied I'm its (net) . $ 55,01 o
I ,;.,.i.j. l'r.-i.l.-iit: K.N Fredericks! Cashier;
ahurfct IwsMwaMr, Tlsi II s aMiia 1 W c. Brandon. Assistant Cashier
I A Gmral Banking Business Transacted. Safe Deposit Department
I I re trie Phone o SunMt ilonr ntetancv' X"
s. s. s. this can be accomplished the
:ed blood ispurihed and invigorated, and when
-e blood is axaincin ulating freely throughout
i dy the flesh around the old sore begins to take
natural color, the discharge of matter ceases
and the place heals over.
No charge for medical advice.
Complete Line of
Hoisting Engines. Boilers
and Steam Pumps, Davis
Whims, Cable, Etc.
Giant Powder and Caps,
Goodwin Candles, Tee Rail,
Ore Buckets, Shovels and
Hoskins Furnaces, Cruci
bles, Chemicals and Labor
atory Apparatus.
to show at any time.
Hardware Co.
ii all types of talking machines
ar. superior to all others.
$ 50,000
. . $ 100,000
ti assjrstjl
m B BsaaskOMij
(' A I'eler. Assistiitit Cashier .

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