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Weekly Arizona journal-miner. (Prescott, Ariz.) 1903-1908, November 09, 1904, Image 1

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Pioneer Paper of Arizona.
Forty-First Year
New York, Nov. 8. The Brooklyn Eagle, a democratic
Higgins has been elected governor of New York. The Evening World at 7 o'clock tonight conceded the election of Higgins as governor of New York.
The Evening World concedes the election of .Roosevelt. The Brooklyn Eagle (democratic) announced at 7 o'clock that Roosevelt has been elected pres
ident and Higgins elected governor of New York. The returns from Ulster count', Esopus township, which is Parker's home district, show that Roose
velt received 173 votes and Parker 159, or a majority of 14 for
ever'- doubtful state.
Esopus, Nor. 8, 8:30 p. m. Parker
sent this telegram to President Roose
velt "Rosemont, N. 5.
The President, Washington :
The people by their votes have em
ihatically approved your administra
tion and 1 congratulate you.
(Signed) Alton B. Parker."
President Roosevelt's reply to Judge
Parker's telegram was as follows:
Alton B. Parker, .
"Rosemont, N. Y.
I thank you for your congratula
tions. Theodore Roosevelt."
Washington, Nov. 8. President
Roosevelt and party who went to Oy
ster Bay to vote returned to Washing
ton shortly after six this evening ac
companied by Captain Cowles, the
president immediately entered his
carriage and was driven to the white
President cordially acknowledged
the greetings of the crowd of people
gathered at the station.' An unusually
large detail of policemen and detec
tives were at the station to see that
no harm befell the president. The
return trip from Oyster Bay was un
eventful. Washington, Nov. 8. President
Roosevelt tonight after the election
returns thoroughly indicated the result
issued the following statement:
"I am deeply sensible of the honor
done me by the American people in
thus expressing their confidence in
what I have done and tried to do, 1
appreciate to the full the solemn re
sponsibility of this confidence imposed
upon me, and I shall do all in my
power not to forfeit it On the fourth
of March next I shall have served
three and one half years and this three
and one half years constitutes my first
term. The wise custom which limits
the presidentto two terms regards the
substance and not the form, and under
no circumstances will I be candidate
for or accept another nomination."
Washington, Nov. 8. Roosevelt re
ceived telegram from republican na
tional headquarters in New York say
ing he has carried New York state by
about two hundred and fifty thousand.
Kansas City, Nov. 8. The Journal,
republican, claims the defeat of Con
gressman Cowherd, chairman of the
national democratic congressional
committee by fifteen hundred.
Trenton, N. J., &ov. 8. Early re
turns from all points in New Jersey
indicate chat Roosevelt has carried the
"state by a much larger majority than
McKinley in 1900 which was 50,839.
Brockton, Mass., Nov. 8. W L.
Douglas, the democratic candidate for
governor, Into tonight claimed his
election and issued a statement as fol
lows: "That I am profoundly grati
fied at the balloting does not fully ex
press my feelings. To be honored with
the election as governor of Massachu
setts on the democratic ticket in a
presidential year is surely an earnest
' evidence of the good will of my fellow
'citizens of all parties. As governor I
I shall endeavor to serve tho interests
of the whole people, and shall devote
i my onergies to securing relief for our
overburdened industries from the law
makers at Washington. I shall do
i what I can to bring about a reduction
in the cost of living for our people."
New York, Nov. 8. Wm. Barnes, jr.,
chairman of the republican state com
mittee at 8 o'clock wired Roosevelt at
Washington as follows: "Your plural
ity in New York state will exceed two
hundred thousand. Higgens is elected
governor by over one hundred thou
sand. Third district of the ninth
ward, in which Judge Parker votes,
gave him 77 majority. In 1900 the
same district gave Bryan 71 majority.
New York, Nov. 8. If Maryland has
gone republican hb unofficial returns
at this hour indicate the republican
vote in the electorial college will be
unprecedented, a total of 325 for
Roosevelt and Fairbanks to 151 for
Parker. Not only is this far in excess
of McKinley's vote of 292 in 1900, but
Parker's vote is four less than given
Bryan four years ago. It is practically
certain that the republican national
ticket carried every 3tate in the union
outside of the so called solid south.
It may take the official count to de
cide Maryand. The republican ma
jority to the next house of repre
sentatives will not be less than fifty.
New York, Nov. 8. Chairman Cor
telyou of the republican national com
mittee, sent the following telegram lo
the president tonight:
"The country has given an over
whelming vote of confidence to you
and your administration. My associ
ates on the republican national com
mittee join me in the heartiest of con
gratulations." The second dispatch read: "Keenly
appreciate your message of congratu
lation and acknowledge as well in my
behalf, my loyal and devoted associ
ates of the republican national com
mittee. Am personally most deeply
gratified by the splendid endorsement
you have received from your country
men. George B. Cortelyou."
New Burg, N.Y., Nov. 8. Governor
O'Dell received election returns at his
home by special wires tonight Many
persons called and congratulated the
governor. He later gave out the fol
lowing: "The victory of course, greatly
pleases me. It is a magnificent en
dorsement of the republican adminis
tration, both state and national. I
have thought all along our people in
weighing up the qualifications of the
opposing candidates, would reach the
conclusion they have reached. Per
sonally I am gratified beyond measure,
because this victory demonstrates the
American people will always resent
reflections on the intercity of public
officials. This victory is important
because it will be an incentive to
young men to participate in the affairs
of state, undeterred by fear of unjust
criticism. The victory gives assurances
of a continuauce of wise and conser
vative policies of the republican party
both state and national."
New York, Nov. 8. Broadway to
night is packed with a shouting mul
titude who were celebrating the elec
tion. Horns, bells, rattles, whistles
and other contrivances, which would
create a din were UEed with vigor and
effect Around the vigorous point
where bulletins are displayed the
crowd jammed the streets until they
were completely blocked. It was a
newspaper, announced at 7:07
Roosevelt. It is conceded at
good natured crowd and all seemed to
be republicans for the time as the
names of Roosevelt and Higgins were
often and heartily cheered. The re
sult was known so quickly that mucjj
interest was taken away from the bul
letins and the crowd marched up and
down the streets creating a deafening
din that developed in a roar for more
than a dozen blocks.
Nashville, Nov. 8. At 11 o'clock
both democrats and republicans claim
the state. The returns indicate a ma
jority of fifteen thousand for the demo
cratic national ticket, perhaps five
thousand less for Fraser, democrat
candidate for governor.
Salt Lake, Nov. 8. At midnight
scattered returns indicate Rooserelt
will have a plurality exceeding seven
thousand. His vote showed' a heavy
increase in every precinct indicated.
The indications point to the election
of John Cutler, republican, for gover
nor; by a smaller plurality. In some
districts, especially Salt Lake county,
two thirds of the ticket was scratched.
The result may not be known until
tomorrow afternoon. The American
(anti-church domination) party vote
in this county may reach eight thou
Indianapoils, Nov. 8. Republican
Chairman Goodrich issued statement
saying Indiana gone republican forty
Chicago, Nov. 8. Vice Chairman
Harry S. New, of the national repub
lican committee, spent the evening at
the national heaqduarters and was in
a jubilant frame of mind. "The an
ticipated landslide has arrived. The
people of the country have endorsed
Roosevelt's administration in terms
that admit of no mistake. He has car
red every doubtful state by the great
est majorities ever given a presidential
Chicago, Nov. 8. Dispatches to as
sociated press Jto 12:10 p. m. show the
republicans elected 1G9 congressmen
and the democrats 137. In the other
eighty district! 49 are now represented
by republicans and 31 by democrats.
Chicago, Nor. 8.--Secretary Dover,
of the national republican committee,
says that Roosevelt will have 317
votes, which is six more than pre
election estimates. He said :
"Owing to the difference in time
and great distances in western states
arc meagre and incomplete. We have
carried every, doubtful state. In addi
tion to the party endorsement, the
victory is a great personal triumph
for Roosovelt "
Butte, Nov. 8. Roosevelt carries the
state, O'Toole, democrat, is reelected
governor. All but two democrats are
elected to state offices.
Washington, Nov. 8. Chairman
Cowherd of the democratic congres
sional committee, late tonight said:
"Wo concede that the republican
landslide for Roosreelt has carried the
house of representatives by a majority
as large as that now had.
p. in. that Roosevelt has been elected president, and that
democratic national headquarters that Roosevelt has carried
Phenix, Nov. 8, (Special to Journal
Miner) Fowler leads in Phenix by
300 and is gaining in the county.
Santa Cruz county gives 75 majority
for Fowler. Pima it is estimated at
10 o'clock will give Fowler 200 major
ity. Pinal gives Smith 150.
Flagstaff, Nov. 8, (Special) Re
ports on delegates have been received
from following precincts: Canoe Di
ablo, Fowler 5, Smith 5; Grand Can
yon, Fowler 19, Smith 17; Bellemont,
Fowler 9, Smith 4 ; Maine, Fowler 17,
Smith 13.
By Associated Press.
Mukden, Nov. -8. LieutGen. Line
vitch recently appointed to command
the first army arrived todayjby special
train and was met by General Sakha
roff. He was enthusiastically received
by all troops. Linevitch will assnme
command immediately. The Russian
front extends sixty six miles. Qaiet
was broken this morning, November
7th, by a Russian cannonade of inten
sity that has had parallel in
weeks. There is no sign of a Japa
nese advance.
St. Petersburg, Nor. 8. General
Sakharoff reports the Japanese van
guard assumed the offensive Novem
ber 7th, along the line from Changtan
to Khenan and occupied the villages
orOtiatse, Kitaitse, whence however
Russians expelled them, reoccupying
the original line. No fighting today.
My father, who has now passed
away, was a physician, practicing for
over fifty years, and cured many cases
of lockjaw. Even after the jaws were
set they became relaxed and the pa
tients recovered. u
He often told me that it was a great
outrage to let patients die of lockjaw
as they have done time after time in
the hospitals of this city. Thee he
told me what to do and which I have
always done whenever I have accident
ally cut my hand or foot with rusty
iron, and have never had any serious
results. He told me that this know
ledge he received from an old French
physician, years ago. He said to have
a raw red beet, cut in half, sorape or
mash it into a pulp and apply it to
the wound and also to the palms of
the hands, binding it on like a poul
tice. The juice of tho red beet will
cure lockjaw. It draws the poison
out and prevents it from spreading.
Dr. Ricketts, in Philadelphia Record.
Walker, Nov. 8, (Special Corres
pondence) G. V. Middelton and wife
are in Walker today and Mr. Middel
ton is voting with" us and is making
arrangements to start work on his
Shelton group of claims.
There was a party trying to bet $300
on one of the county candidates this
morning and he soon found his man,
but he backed down when he saw the
money in sight. Guess he will keep
quiet after this.
The December Delineator, with its
message of good cheer and helpfulness
will be welcomed in every home. The
fashion pages are unusually attrac
tive, illustrating and describing the
very latest modes in a way to make
their construction during the busy
festive season a pleasure Instead of a
task, and tbd literary and pictorial
features are of rare excellence. A se
lection of Love Songs from the Wag
ner oporas, rendered into English by
Riohard le Gallienne and beautifully
illustrated in colors by J. C. Leyen-
decker, occupies a prominent place,
and a chapter in the composers' series,
relating the Romance of Wagner and
Cosima, is an interesting supplement
to the lyrics. A very clever paper
entitled "The Court Circles of the
Republic," describes some unique
phases of Washington social life is
from an unnamed contributor, who is
said to write from the inner circles of
society. There are short stories from
the pens of F. Hopkinson Smith, Rob
ert Grant, Alice Brown, Mary Stewart
Cutting and Elmore Elilott Peake,
and such interesting writers as Julia
Magruder, L. Frank ttaam, and brace
MacCowan Cooke hold the attention
of the children. Many Chrismas sug
gestions are given in needle work and
the cookery pages are redolent of tho
Christmas feast. In addition, there
are the regular departments of the
magazine, with many special articles
on topics relating to woman's interests
within and without the home.
Arizona Mutual Savings Bank.
Notice is hereby given that subscrip
tions to the capital stock of a banking
corporation to be known as Arizona
Mutual Savings Bank, will be received
at Room 24, Bank of Arizona Build
ing, Prescott, Arizona, between the
hoars of 10 o'clock a. m. and 12 m.,
of each day from October 10th, 1904,
until November 15th, 1904. Subscrip
tions will be taken at par value of
stock of proposed corporation, to wit:
$10.00 per share, and must be paid in
on or before December 1st, 1904. A
large amount has already been sub
scribed. If a sufficient amount of
local subscriptions are received the
proposed bank will begin business in
Prescott, Arizona, in the near future.
Address lette.-s to Lock Box No. 453,
Prescott, Arizona. n
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
the Arizona & California railway com
pany will be held at the office of the
company, in the city of Prescott, ter
ritory of Arizona, on Wednesday, the
ICth day of November, 1904, at 12
o'clock ntion of said day, for the pur
pose of electing a board of directors
for the ensuing year, and for the tran
sation of such other business as may
properly bo brougth before tho meet
ing. "Books for transfer of stocks will
be closed November 1st, remaining
closed until December 1st, 1901.
Dated at Prescott, Arizona, this
10th day of October, 1904.
(Signed) F. M. Murphy,
Wallaco Fail bank, President
Secretary.- 10xl2xtd
The Vogo Wholesale Liquor com
pany are distributors of tho best
brands of liquors that can be found
on the market. 7-13-tf
Up to the time of going to press at
3 o'clock this morning, returns had
been received from precincts in this
county including thirty of the fifty
nine. In Prescott the total vote polled
was 1189, of which 621 were polled at
the hose house, and 568 in the Head
The total vote polled in the above
number of precincts amonnted to 2,714
of which the socialists polled 284 votes.
The totals for the various candidates
Delegate to congress: Smith, 1158,
Fowler 1263, Gibson 5, Shaw 284,
Leach 4.
Councilman: Looney 1389, Haggott
1014, Senteney 289.
Representative: Meeks 1104, Per
kins 1096, Hull 1050, Anderson 1228,
Bradley 10G6, Biles 1084, Huber 321,
Demaray 322, Moor 335.
Sheriff: Lo wry 1508, Roberts 1132,
Gibbany 201.
Treasurer: Wright 1314, Clinel084,
Baliard 350.
District Attorney: Ellinwood 1422.
Clark 1184.
Recorder: Mosher 1444, Jordan 960,
Cox 297.
Probate Judge: Hicks 1335, Flora
909, Kelly 349.
School Superintendent: Jolly 1537,
Perkins 873, Reitermun 223.
Supervisor: Stephens 1153, Sattea.
1157, Haskell 1105, Smith 1281, Gnash
311, Vickers 270.
For delegate to congress: M. A.
Smith had 143, B. A. Fowler had 133;
O. Gibson had 3, Francis A. Shaw had
92, J. A. Leach had 4.
For Councilman : R. N. Looney
had 151, E. A. Haggott had 128, F. M.
Senteney had 96.
For representative: William F.
Meeks had 136, M. A. Perkins had 146
u. W. Hall had 1TZ, Leroy Anderson
had 129, Mark Bradley had 69, Fred
E. Biles had 103, M. J. Haber had
101, A. B. Demaray had 96, M. W.
Moor had 100.
For sheriff : J. R. Lowry had 156,
Joseph I. Roberts had 162, W. M.
Gibbany had 77. "
For treasurer: Ed S. Wright had
130, W. A. Cilnb had 99, S. S. Bal
lard had 158.
For district attorney: E. E. El
linwood had 221, E. S. Clark had 101.
For recorder: Roland Mosher had
127, F. E. Jordan had 146, C. F. Cox,
had 96.
For probate judge: C. P. Hicks
had 153, W. K. Flora had 118, John E.
Kelly had 93.
For school superintendent: J. B.
Jolly had 174, Eli S. Perkins had 108,
W. IL Rfeterman had 92.
For supervisor: FredJStephens had
140, Fred Sattes had 11, A. S. Haskell
had 224. Barney Smith had 119, S. J.
Gnash had 88, J. F. Vickers had 91.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
the Bradshaw Mountain railroad com
pany will be held at the office of the
company, in the city of Prescott, ter
ritory of Arizona, on Wednesday, the
16th day of November, 1904, at 12
o'clock noon of said day, for the pur
pose of electing a board of directors
for the ensuing year, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may properly be brought before the
meeting. Books for transfer of stock
will be closed November 1st, remain
ing closed until December 1st, 1904.
Dated at Prescott, Arizona, this
10th day of October, 1904.
(Signed) 1". M. Murphy,
Wallace Fairbank, President.
Secretary; 10xl2xtd
Notice is hereby given that the
regular annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Niagara Copper com
pany will be held at the office of the
company in the city of Prescott,
Arizona, on the third Monday in.
November, at 3 o'clock p. m. for the
purpose of electing a board of direct
ors for tho following year .and the
transaction of such other business as
may regularly come before said meet
ing. Prescott, Arizona, October 29, 1904.
J. P. Bauder,
10x30xtd Secretary.
Wo keep the very choicest meats
that can be procured. Our delivery is
propmt and our treatment of our pat
rons you will find good. Mayer and
Jenkins, 320 W. Gurley. Ilx2xtf

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