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From Thursday's Daily.
District court will open next Mon
N. AI. McDonald was in town Wed
George Merwin is in town from Wal
nut Grove.
C. W. Piatt was in town yesterday
from Kirkland.
P. R. Raymond was in town from
Catoctin yesterday.
E. J. F. Borne is expected home to
morrow or Saturday.
Jos. Dougherty has returned from
his visit to California.
Dr. McCandless was feeling a little
better than usual yesterday.
- John Kelly, a mining man, from
McCabe, was in town yester lay.
Mr. and Airs. .Marion James and
child left yesterday for Nebraska.
Ex-Governor Louis J. Wolfley re
turned yesterday from a visit to
Dr. John A. Lentz, a well known
dentist of Phenix, was in the city yes
Mr and Mrs. C. H. Pratt were regis
tered at one of the Prescott hotels yes
P. R. Stewart went out to Poland
and Walker yesterday on forest re
serve business. "
John Duke and his little daughter
will leave today for a visit to the St,
Louis exposition.
W. K. Flora went over to Jerome
yesterday for a brief visit, to get ac
quainted with the voters.
The Crescent society of the high
school will give a literary entertain
ment. tomorrow afternoon.
Mrs. Ed S. Campbell will assist
Mis3 Chilson in the song recital to be
given at K. of P. hall Friday night.
H. E. Armitage came up yesterday
from Cochise county, where he is su
perintendent of the Old Terrible mine
A. B. Mader will play a violin
obligatoat the song recital to be given
Friday night by Miss Chilson at K. of
P. hall.
Frank Wingfield 'and Miss Minnie
Martin, of the Verde valley, were
married on Tuesday evening at the
Prescott hotel by Judge C. P. Hicks.
Fred Ullman and C. II. Reynolds
opened their wholesale liquor house
yesterday on the southwest corner of
the plaza in the Fisher building.
Mr. and Mrs. Will L. Clark returned
yesterday to their home in Jerome af
ter a couple of days' visit in Prescott
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Nor
ris. Mrs. H. A. Belcher, of California, is
visiting her brother-in-law, B. M.
Belcher, and his wife in Prescott.
Airs. Belcher is the widow of B. M.
Belcher's brother, who died about a
month ago.
In Wednesday morning's issue the
heading of the Jerome news, "Will
Examine Equator Mine" was mislead
ing and erroneous, as the mine to be
examined mentioned in the item was
the Copper Chief.
S. S. Ballard, the Jerome jeweler,
returned to his home yesterday after
a few days' visit in Piescott. Mr. Bal
lard is the socailist candidate for treas
urer but claims that he is not making
any canvass for votes as he prefers to
let voters make up their minds them
selves as to how they should vote.
W. B. Rising, who flashed across the
sporting horizon in Prescott like a me
teor during the past three days left
yesterday for Denver. He started in
with a capital of eighty cents on Sun
day and drew out about 51,400 from
the games, succeeded in getting him
self arrested and paid a fine.
Mr. C. V. Brockway and wife, and
at the same time, bride, for they have
been married less than a week, are the
guests of Mr. and Alia. AIoNeely. Air.
Brockway is from Jerome, where ho is
private (secretary to Senator Clark,
and their trip to the Salt River valley
is a part of their honeymoon. Tempe
Correspondence, Phenix Republican.
1 Mr. and Airs. M. Newfleld, the latter
a niece of Airs. Jeannette Levy, stop
ped off in Prescott for a few days visit
with their relatives, as they were re
turning from an extended visit east.
They arrived on the delayed train on
Tuesday evening and vrill remain un
til tomorrow or next day before re
suming their homeward journey.
C. B. Lawrence, formerly of AIc
CaDe, was in town on Wednesday en
route to Kirkland to take a position
assistant to Mr. Chapman, in charge
of T. M. Earnhart's mill and cyanide
plant Air. Lawrence is avery capable
ytmng man, and is also very popular
with all who knew him. He was for
merly employed at Iron King.
C. H. Smith, representing the Nat
Reiss Southern Carnival company, has
boon in town two or three days look
ing over the field hero with a view of
arranging for tne appearance or tnat
aggregation of shows. The company
is in Grand Junction this week and is
working Us way south being scheduled
for Phenix during the early part of
In speaking of an amateur dramatic
entertainment given in that city the
Appleton Wisconsin Post says: "The
leading lady was Aliss Luella Chilson,
who is known in this city. She pos
sesses a strong clear mezzo-soprano
voice and has excellent dramatio pow
er, both in singing and in speaking.
She carried her part very well in
deed." Aliss Chilson appears here for
the first time in a eong recital to be
given Friday night at the K. of P.
hall. The music loving people of
Prescott will no doubt largely turn
out to hear this beautiful and talented
young lady.
From Friday,s Daily.
John S. Jones of the'Jessie mines is
in town.
Floyd Gibbons came in last evening
from the Cash mine.
Alrs.C.H.McLane has returned from
her visit to California.
Thomas E. Campbell came over
from Jerome last evening.
Edgar T. Smith, the Seligman sheep
man, returned home yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Pratt, of Pittsburg,
returned to Wickenburg last night.
Father Quetu' went up to Ash Fork
yesterday, returning on last nfght's
Jim O'Connell and Pete Mackin
were in town yesterday from Groom
Aliss Wilson, sister of Mrs. Dr. W.
S. Smith has returned to her home in
Los Angeles.
Dr. G. W. A7ickers and W. C. Bash
ford came from the south on yester
day's train.
Luke Ploming returned yesterday tp
his home in Turkey "creek after a short
visit in Prescott.
Harry La Alontayne, manager of the
Sultan mine, came up on Thursday's
train from the south.
W. K.Flora returned yesterday from
Jerome and went o Congress on yes
terday's freight train.
W. L. Douglas, the shoe man, is the
candidate for governor on the demo
cratic ticket of Massachusetts.
Leu Young yesterday filed a butcher
bond of $1,000 with William Stephens
and J. H. Wingfield as surties.
Dr. AlcCandiess took a turn for the
worse on Wednesday night and at 10
o'clock last night was reported to be
quite ill.
E. Rautman will go out to the Bun
ker Hill mine to remain for a week or
ten days to look after the development
work on that property.
William Horne who keft a road sta
tion west of Camp Verde on the Pres
cott road, died on Alonday last and
was buried on Tuesday.
For telegraphic news which are re
liable, read the Journal-Miner, the
only paper in northern Arizona which
takes the associated press report.
Air. and Airs. Baker Northrop went
to Phenix last night. Mrs. -Northrop
expects to remain there for the winter
but Mr. Northrop will retnrnjn a few
"Tex" Barrett, who jabbed William
Watson in the neck with a pocket
knife at Ash Fork recently over a card
game entered a plea of guilty befoie
Justice Tablot yesterday and was fined
50 which was promptly paid.
Henry John Edwards, a native of
Wales, died yesterday,Thursday after
noon, November 3d, at 237 south Ala
rina street, aged 43years. The funeral
will take place this afternoon at 1
o'clock to which friends and acquain
tances are invited.
The manner in which live stock is
pgrmittcd to wander our streets, break
into yards and destroy lawns at nights
has grown to be a nuisance and out
rage. We have a city ordinar.ee cover
ing this matter and officers who should
see to its enforcement.
While Joe Engle was en route to a
mining camp yesterday with a load of
freight the pole of his wagon broke
and the wagon was skewed off the road
over an embankment and upset. En
gle was caught beneath the wagon and
was injured so that he will be inca
pacitated for work for several days.
A. J. Head has just taken an order
from the Pfau Gold Alining company
for a car load of ruberoid roofing and
two carloads of lumber to be used in
the improvements being made by the
Pfau company at their mine. The
lumber ordered is just a starter of
what will be used in the proposed im
II. J. Murphy, a well known miner
of Poland, was in town yesterday, it
being his first visit here for a year.
Air. Murphy was formerly a railroad
engineer employed on the S. F. P. &
P. road, but quit the business several
years ago. He said he took a stroll i
down to the yards and through the
shops just to see what improvements
bad boon made in locomotives and to
shake hands with any old acquaint
ances he might chance to see. He
found the locomotives looking as nat
ural and familiar but failed to find a
familiar face among the employees,
the old timers of the road, who were
in its eniploygcontemporaneously with
him having nearly all left and the fow
remaining in its employ of his ac
quaintances not being there at the
time of his visit. Mr. Alurphy will
return to Poland again today.
WANTED Four good heavy mules.
State age, weight and price. Ad
dress PfauG. M. &R. Co.,
10x26x2w Cherry, Ariz.
After the close of the regular busi
ness session of the Eagles Aerie last
night a smoker was given oy the
lodge, which was a very enjoyable
affair to all present. About one hun
dred members and their friends were
in attendance and the evoning was de
voted to music, speech making and
refreshments. Particular interest cen
tered in the latter as they were fur
nished by a number of the members.
The Eagle's band was present and
played a number of airs. It' was an
evening of genuine good fellowship
and fraternal greetings.
WANTED Quickly, few persons
to represent long established wholesale
house among retail merchants and
agents. Local territory of few coun
ties. 518 salary and expenses paid
weekly. Expense money avdanced.
Commission extra. Permanent engage
ment. Business successful. Previous
experience not essential. Enclose self
addressed envelope. Address, Super
intendent Travelers, 325 Dearborn
St., Chicago.
From Saturday's Daily.
Douglas Brown has returned from
his hunting trip.
, J. S..-Jones left yesterday for New
York for a month's visit.
J. H. Farrell returned on Thursday,
from a visit to Los Angeles.
The Brotherhood of Fireman will
give a big ball on November 22d.
C. . AI. Beall returned a few days
since from a visit to Los Angeles.
Charles T. Joslin, manager of the
AlcCabo mine was in Prescott yester
day. Kalph L. Clark came in Thursday
evening from Aliddelton to renew his
acquaintance with his family.
C. E. Arnold, of Phenix, spent yes
terday in Prescott on business, return
ing homo on last evening's train.
Fred Caporette has purchased the
one half interest of the lato Adolpb
Spadino in the Germania saloon.
Air. and Airs. AI. Newfleld, who have
been visiting the Levy family left yes
terday for their home fn San Francisco.
The case of the Phoenix and Easter
against the Arizona-Eastern relative
to the disputed right of v.ay of the two
Children especially
and the housekeeper
to their food.
As good cake
good eggs, so also
ful as well as dainty
Good Health
a pure and perfect baking powder.
Royal Baking Powder is indispensable
in the preparation of the highest quality
of food. It imparts that peculiar light
ness, sweetness and flavor noticed in the
finest cake, biscuit, doughnuts, crusts, etc.,
and what is more important, renders, the
food wholesome and agreeable to young
and old.
The $ 1 .00 bottls contalrj 2K times the trial size, which sells for 50 cents.
roads from Kelvin to Dudleyvillo was
on trial at Florence yesterday.
Dr.G.W. Vickers returned to Phenix
on last night's train.
The city council has ordered a regis
tration of voters for the forthcoming
city election.
Coles A. Bashford is in town again
on his periodical visit h6re looking
after his business interests in the
Robert K. Porter with the Presoott
Electric company, will leave todsy
for a visit with relatives at Cham
paign, Illinois.
C. N. Smith, of Milwaukee, and
George C. Duffin, of Wisconsin, arriv
ed on last night's train on a business
visit to this section.
The funeral of the late Henry John
Edwards took place yesterday after
noon from the undertaking parlors of
H. M. Alaus & Co.
S. C. Lamb, assayer at the Glad
stone mine returned last night from a
visit east, among other places visited
being the St. Louis exposition.
Rev. R. W. Rogers superintendent of
missions in Arizona, of the Methodist
church arrived on yesterday's train
from the south and held the quarterly
conference of the local church laet
J. P. Hemonway, assistant treasurer
of the Bradshaw Alountain Copper
Mining and Smelting company hus
been spending a fow days in Prescott
looking after the business affairs of
the company.
H. H. Cloud, connected with the
barwell Wining company wnicn 3s
operating at Kirkland, passed through
Prescott on last evening's train en
route from California to the mines of
the company.
Wm. Engle has his trunk packed
ready to take his departure for Cali
fornia but has not yet fixed the date
of his going. Ho may leave today or
he may not go for several days, he re
marked yesterday.
Fred C. Kingsbury, assistant manR
ger of the Crown King mines company
was in town yesterday. He says thct
he has received very favorable reports
from the east in regard to the business
of the company.
The Black Rock Alining company
has mortgaged its property to tho
Fidelity Security company for the
purrose of issuing 530,000 in bonds to
be placed on the market for sale to
develop tha property.
The Mark Smith banner was taken
in on Thursday evening to have tha
kinks taken out of it and to give it p.
rest. It was returned to its placo
again on Friday morning and behaved
fairly well during the day. j
Dr. McCandless' condition last night
was slightly worse than the night pre- j
viously. He seems to be slowly sink
ing day by day and is slightly deliri
ous at times. He is unable to be oui
of bed any of the time now.
are fond of dainties,
must look carefully
be made
only witn
cake that
is neaitn-
must be raised with
Material is being landed at Wicken
burg for track laying on the Arizona
and California railroad. Five miles
of tho grade have been completed and
this amount of track will be laid at
once, the force formerly on the Phenix
and Eastern being brought up for that
The frllowing list of bets were post
ed on Thursday at a Phenix resort for
anyone who wanted easy money : S200
to $100 that Roosevelt is elected; $200
to $400 tjhat Roosevelt beats Parker by
more electoral votes that McKinley
secured over Bryan in 1900; that Fowl
er carries Maricopa county; $200 that
Smith carries the territory.
Major H. Connett and Major J.
Fynn, the musical majors of the Sal
vation army will visit Prescott next
week and special meetings will bo held
on Monday and Tuesday evening, at
which vocal, instrumental solos and
duets will be rendered. On Tuesday
evening Major H. Connet will lecture
in the Alethodist church on Marina
A new heating plant is being placed
in the high school building. The heat
will be furnished from the plant in
the new school building being con
ducted by a two inch pipe to the other
building and then from the basement
will be forced by means of a blower
into the upper rooms in the same man-
! ner that the new building is heated.
It.' is a heating and ventilating plant
John Kinney returned last night
from a visit east on mining business
and he reports a successful trip. He
brought a Chicago ballot back with
him ju-at as a sample of such a docu
ment in a large city. There are sevn
tickets on the ballot and a full ticket
comprises sixty candidates to be voted
for. The entire seven are not full,
but the ballot contains an aggregation
of about 400 candidates. Mr. Kinney
says that business is rather quiet
throughout the east and that he heard
very little talk about politics.
An El Paso telegram says that the
Rio Grande Sierra Madre and Pacific
railroad, the El Paso southern Termi
nal and Bridge company and the Sier
ra Madre Construction company were
sold November 3d by Tilgham, Row
land & Co., of New York, to WT. C.
Greene, president of the Green Con
solidated Copper company, of Cana
noa, Mexico, for $2,000,000. The ne
gotiations have been pending for the
past month. It is a ilne running from
El Paso 156 miles in a southwesterly
direction in the state of Chihuhua,
Mex., and terminating at Terraza?,
the Mormon colony in that country.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
the Prescott & Eastern railroad com
pany will be held at the office of the
company, in the city of Prescott, ter
ritory of Arizona, on Wednesday, the
16th day of November, -1904, at 12
o'clock noon of said day, for the pnr
poso of electing a board of directors
for the ensuing year, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may properly be brought before tho
meeting. Books for transfer of stock
will be closed November 1st, remain
ing closed until December 1st, 1904.
Dated at Prescott, Arizona, this
10th day of October, 1904.
(Signed) P. AI. Murphy,
Wallace Fairbank, President.
Secretary. 10xl2xtd
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of tho stockholders of
the Bradshaw Alountain railroad com
pany will be held at the office of the
company, in the city of Prescott, ter
ritory of Arizona, on Wednesday, the
ilGth day of November, 1904, at 12
! o'clock noon of said day, for the pur-
pose of electing a board of directors
for tho ensuing
and for the
j transaction of such other business as
j may properly be brought before the
! meeting. Books for transfer of stock
i will be closed November 1st, remain-
ing closed until December 1st, 1904.
j Dated at Prescott, Arizona, this
! 10th day of October, 1904.
: (Signed) b. AI. Murphy,
i Wallace Fairbank, President.
' Secretary. 10xl2xtd
j Prescott, Arizona, Oct. 26, 1904.
Notice is hereby given that plat of
i survey ot township 16 N. R. 5, west
j has been received at this office and
S will be officially filed November 25,
5 1904, at which time we will be prepar
ed to receive and act on applications
to make entries in said township. v
Fen S. Hildreth,
J. M. W. Aloore, Register.
Receiver. tf
Bring your job work to the Journal
Miner office. It will be promptly and
neatly done at reasonable prices
Fine Wines, Liquors, B: ess, Cigars
and Good Things to Eat.
Everything the Market Affords,
and Served in First-Class Shape.
& Only White Help Employed
Stuthman & Eckert, Props.
PHONE 383.
nieTDini iriut. nrrwrc cr a
H Rainier Beer.
Forfeiture Notice.
Prescott, Ariz.. Nov. 3, 1004.
To Thomas O. Williams, His Heirs and As
signs :
You are hereby notified that we, the un
dersicned, have during each of the years
1890, 1900, 1901, 1903 and 1903, expended the
sum of $1G0, or tho total sum ot $500, in
Iabor'and improvements upon the Remem
ber Me mining claim, located in Pino
Grove mining district, Yavapai county, Ari
zona, the notice of location whereof is re
corded in the office of the county recorder
in book 49 of mines at page 253, mininz rec
ords of Yavapai county, Arizona, in order to
hold said claim under tho provisions of sec
tion 2324. Revised Statutes of the United
States and amendments thereto, concerning
annual labor upon mining claims, it being
the amount required to hold said claim for
the periods ending December 3lst of each of
the above named years.
And if after ninety days from the Iastpub
licatiOn of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your portion of said expenditure
as co-owner, your interest in said Remem
ber Me mining claim will be forfeited and
become the property of the undersigned,
your 'co-owners, who have made the required
expenditures, by the terms of said sectioa
2324. Sarah McKenzie,
M. Roland.
First publication Nov. 4 D.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Prescott, Ariz.. Nov. 3, 1904.
To Smiley S. Jones, His Heirs and Assigns r
You aro hereby notified that the under
signed has expended during the year 19JKi
the sum of one hundred ($100) dollars in
labor and improvements upon the McKay
mining claim, adjoining the Buster claim,
situate in Fine Grove mining district, coun
ty of Yavapai and Territory of Arizona, the
notice of location when of is of record in
the office of tho county r- oorder in book 43
of mining records of Ytvjpai county, Ari
zona, at page G2i. i rder to hold said
claim under the prov.- -is of section 2324'
of the Revised Statuli - ' ihe United States
and the amendments i 'eto concerning
annual labor on ininiii- ' -a, it being the
amount required to hold - 1 lims for the
period ending December . :'J3.
And if, within ninety " lays from the
personal service of th'- '.tice or within
ninety (90) days after ' -.'jlication hereof
you fail or refuse to c- . ribute your pro
portion of said expen - tares as co-owner,
your interest in the said mining claim will
become the nronerty of the subscriber, your
co-owner, who has made the required expen
diture by the terms of said section 2324.
Jo tin McKenzie.
First publication Nov. 4 D.
of the latest patterns and
shades for Suits and Trous
ers just received
New Wilson Building, opposite
Hotel Burke.
Buy a
Home in
$i.oo Down; $i.oo Per Week
for any lot we own either at
Watts Junction, Abila or Lat
in Station, on the best electric
system in the world, the main
line of the Long Beach divi
sion of the Pacific Electric R
Send for Maps, Prices, Etc.
Golden State Realty Co.
421 So. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Brightens the Eye!
Gladdens the Heart!
Old Government Whiskey
Recommended by the TJ. S.
Medical Dispensary.
For sale by ... .
The VOGE Wholesale Liquor Co.
For sale 1,030 pounds of good
babbitt metal. For price apply at
this office. tf

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