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Pioneer Paper of Arizona.
Forty-First Year
Returned by the Grand
Jury Yesterday.
Bustamante Charged, With Murder,
Will Plead on Monday Sever
al Plead Guilty.
The grand jury submitted another
partial report to the court on Satur
day' morning reporting indictments as
follows: Andreas Bustamante, mur
der: Manuel Valdez, burglary: Hank
Fields and Charles King, grand lar
ceny; Nelson Wolfe, forgery; Barney
Joyce, grand larceny.
Charges were ignored as follows:
against Barry Baker, Lew Willard,
Tom Brown and Archie Brown and J.
A. Stapp.
J-J. V. Hodges plead guilty to a
charge of burlgary and will be sen
tenced on Monday.
In tho case of Belcher et al vs Mc
Crum, a number of exhibits
Brown Bros vs F. L. Burns et al was
set for trial December Qtb.
In the case of the territory vs Feli
ciana Mendoza, a demurrer was sus
tained and the case referred to the
grand jury again.
Byron Hill entered a plea of not
guilty to a charge of assault with a
deadly weapon and tho case was set for
November 15th.
Territory vs T. C. Archer was set
for trial November 21st.
Andreas Bustamanto was arraigned
on a charge of murder and was given
statutory time to plead.
Same proceedings were had in the
cases of Manuel Valdez , Fields and
Barney Joyce was arraigned and
waited the statutory time to plead and
entered a plea of not guilty.
Nelson Wolfe waived time to plend
and entered plea of guitly and sen
tence was set for Monday, November
The grand jury came into court
Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock and
reported that they had found true
bills against the following, to wit:
Territory vs Feliciana Mendoza, for
resisting an officer.
Territory vs Brick Spence and Henry
Job, for burglary.
Territory vs Pablo Morales, assault
with a deadly weapon.
Territory vs A. B. Kellogg for grand
Territory vs Oscar Roundtree, as
sault with a deadly Weapon.
Territory vs Martin Garcia and
Robert Weyms, charge ignored.
The grand jury stated that twelve
members of that body had concurred
in the finding of said bills, and they
also reported that they had completed
the investigation of criminal cases.
That committees bad been appointed
to examine county offices and an ad
journment was taken until 0:30 a. m.
on Monday, November 21, 1901.
George P. Harrington is the foreman
of the grand jury.
Women Object to Being Classed
With Criminals and Imbeciles in
New Statehood Bill.
The federation of the Woman's
Christian Temperance Union in Los
Angeles, through Mrs. M. T. Boyd
was directed to forward to the com
mittee on statehood at Washington a
protest against the manner in which
women are classed in the bill designed
to give statehood to Oklahoma and
Arizona. They are mentioned among
imbeciles, criminals and others as
persons who may be disfranchised at
the will of tho state. Addresses were
made at the meeting yesterday by Rev.
B. O. Kendall, Rev". Dr. E. A. Healy,
Rev. C. Carey Willett and others.
District Court Notes.
In the district court on Monday
Fields and King charged with stealing
a check entered pleas oE not guilty
and their trials were set for tomorrow,
November 10th.
Andreas Bustamante, the slayer of
Justice Reynolds'at Crown King, also
plead not guilty and his trial was set
for trial Novemoer 16th.
Manuel Valdez, charged with burg
lary entered a plea of guilty and sen
tence was set for Wednesday, Novem
ber 16th.
Feliciano Mendoza, charged with as
saulting an officer while resisting ar
rest, plead not guilty and trial was
set for November 15th.
Pablo Morales plead guilty to as
sault and sentence was set for Novem
ber 15th.
Brick Spence and Honry Job were
arraigned on an indictment charging
them with burgalry, were arraigned
and waived statutory time to plead
and plead not guilty and their bail
was fixed at 5500 each. Their trial
was set for November 16th.
Oscar Roundtree, indicted for as
sault on G. W. Hance, was a raigned
and allowed statutory time to plead
and gave bail in the sum of $500 for
his appearance.
A. B. Kellogg, grand larceny, was
arraigned and allowed statutory time
to plead.
Thomas Stillwell, forgery, sentenced
to fifteen months in the penitentiary.
James Henrdicks, forgery, sentenced
to fifteen month i in the penitentiary
sentence to commence August 22d.
Ed Hodges was sentenced to a term
of two and a half years, dating from
September 17th for burglary.
Nelson Wolf, who plead guilty to
forgery was sentenced to fifteen
months in the penitentiary.
Barney Joyce, charged with robbery
was tried before a jury, the case being
given to the jury about 5 o'clock.
The Japanese as Usual As
same the Offensive and
Hove to the Front.
Russians Commend the Japanese
Methods in Preserving Sacred
Property on the Battlefield A
Stray Torpedo Boat at Chefoo.
Mukden, Nov. 15 The Mancburian
army paper Vestnik, published under
the sanction of the Russian officials,
and the only newspaper printed at
the theatre of war, gives the details of
the scrupulous care that is shown by
the Japanese for relics and other effects
of tho Russian dead found on battle
field, and tells how the Japanese have
forwarded such effects to St. Peters
burg. Tho paper highly commends
his action. The paper annoucnes that
General Kuropatkin recommends that
all of his commanders shall observe a
similar practice regarding the Japanese
dead. This humane practice, which
was initiated by the Japanese, and
which is calculated to secure consider
ation for their dead, has met with ap
plause from the Russian army and
will undoubtedly be imitated whenever
the Russian is in possession of the
field over which tho battle has been
fought. 'Owing to the fact that the
Japanese have been left in possession
of nearly all battlefields, these humane
and benevolent offices have entirely
devolved upon them.
The Russian Left Flank Believed
to be the Opening Move
for a General Battle.
Manchuria, Knropaktin'3 headquar
ters, Nov. 15 The Japanese advance
is daily expected. Largo masses of
their troops aro moring northward,
the Russians expecting them to strike
at their left flank. At the fortified
village of Endowunilu, fronting on
tho right flank, of the seventeenth
corps, was tarried brilliantly during
the night of November 10th by second
brigade of the 35th infantry division.
Tho village had been capttfred tho
same morning by the Japanese.
Phone your wants, for sale, or for
rent advertising to the Journal-Miner,
Phone number 11, and you will get results.
President Roosevelt in Syim
pathy With the Great
He Addresses Two Letters to the
Congress. President Diaz of our
Sister Republic Also an Ardent
Supporter of its Principles.
El Paso, Nov. 15 During this af ter-
oon s session of the twelfth annual
irrigation congress a letter was read
from President Roosevelt and Presi
dent Diaz and Vice President Corral,
of Mexico, alio letters from all mem
bers of Roosevelt's cabinet.
There were two letters from Roose
velt and one said in part "The best
use of the public land is that made by
the man who has come to stay. You
should make yourselves guardians of
the future and prevent the waste of
the great natural resources of the
country." He said that irrigation and
all other interests of the country, in
terlaid as irrigation made the west
prosper, and if "the west prospered,
such cause other sections to pros
per as a result. The other letter said :
"I wish it were possible for me to ac
cept your kind iuvitation to attend
the national irrigation congress to be
held in El Paso. I need not state to
you the deep interest I have in tho
cause of national irrigation. Irriga
tion is in fact one means for national
expansion, which is most important.
Wishing you a successful meeting, I
am yours truly, Theodore Roosevelt. M
In the Face of Strong
A Number of Other Criminal Cases
Before the Court Byron
Hill Tried.
In the district court yesterday A.
B. Kellogg entered a plea of not guilty
to a charge of grand larceny and the
case was set for trial on November 21st.
Oscar Roundtree entered a plea of
not guilty to a charge of assault with
a deadly weapon.
The jury in the case of Barney Joyce
charged with robbery came into court
about 11:40 and announced that they
were unable to agree andthe jury was
The case of UUman vs Lopez gar
nishment, was placed on the calendar.
The case of Troy vs Picacho Mining
company was continued.
The following jury was impaneled
i to try the case of Byron Hill charged
with a deadly assault on John Speario,
Charles Battye, J. D. Glenn, Charles
M. Raible, Fred C. Moore, A. E.
Blackburn, George Wbittaker, A. F.
Kinsman, Carl Reese, George H.
Avery, J. W. Jackson, J. R. Colwell
and J. L. Simmons.
The case was tried and given to the
jury shortly after 5 o'clock and at 8:30
a verdict of guilty, as charged, was
returned, and the jury was discharged.
Resolutions of Respect.
The following resolutions wero
adopted by the Bar association of
northern Arizona, at a meeting held at
Prescott, Arizona, November 15, 1904,
in reference to the death uf Judge W.
H. Barnes:
Whereas, Tho Bar of Arizona, in the
death of Hon. William II. Barnes of
Tucson, has lost one of its oldest, ab
lest, and most respected members,
whoso acute and penterating mind, and
ready and effective use of an extensive
knowledge, gleaned from a study of
the law and of almost every branch of
literature and of human learning, es-
pecially fitted him for the notable
work he did as a amember of tlm su
preme bench of the territory, to which
he was called in the prime of bis man
hood; and whose intensity and force
of utterance, added to his other qual
ities, gave him a professional distinc
tion altogether unique, and
Whereas, the older members of this
association can vividly recall his strik
ing face, bis grace and charm of con
versation, and the varions elements of
personality which, though felt, can
not be desoribed, but which made him
at'all times and places and in ereiy
assemblage a commanding figure
among men.
Now, thereofre, be it resolved:
1. That the members of the Bar As
sociation of northern Arizona do hare
by attest our sense of profound regret
ana sorrow tnac tne ranks or our
profession, through the termination of
the earthly career of William H.
iiarnes, have been depleted of one of
its honored and most distinguished
2. That we tender our sympathy to
the widow and family of the deceased,
and that the secretary be requested to
send to them a copy of these resolu-
Riohard E. Sloan,
J. C. Herndon,
Reese M. Ling,
Mining News.
D. J. Sulilran had 200 tons of ore
from the Alaska group of mines, run
through the Congress company's mill
'recently. The entire lot averaged
about 830 per ton. The above proper
ty is a very promising one as can be
seen from the returns on this ore.
'Aalvalancheof Resolulioos
Faces the American
The Rights of the Japanese to Seek
Employment, the Question of
Woman Suffrage and Other Mat
ters that are to be Considered.
San Francicso, Cilir , Nov. 15 Tea
second days' session of the American
Federation of Labor was abruptly con
cluded shortly after the afternoon
session was called to order today. A
change in the program was necessitat
ed by a flood of resolutions which
poured in when Gompers j called for
the documents. In the space of half
an hour, sixty one were handed to Se
cretary Morrison. They are almost cf
every character that would affect trada
organizations, ranging from such top
ics as petty discussion on union juris
diction to such questions as woman
suffrage and the exclusion of Japaness
from the shores of America. An ad
journment was taken that the proper
committees might have tho afternoon
and evening considering the resolut
French Goes Well at Home But
in This Country the Straight
American Goods is Wanted
Even in Baloon Juice.
St. Louis, Nov. 15 A lack of com
mon language caused a misunderstand
ing in orders given by tho French
navigators of the Francois air ship,
resulting in an accident which is re
sponsible for two largo rents in the top
of the immense balloon. When as
cending late this afternoon, M. Fran- i
cois shouted in French to cut loose '
the guyropes. Tho English speaking j
attaches of tho aerodrome misunder-;
stood him and hauled in tho guide '
ropes. Tho result was the ship lower- j
ed, crashed into tho north fence of
the aerodrome course, breaking the
prow of tho machine.
for any !
be responsible
I will not
debts contracted by Mrs. Kato Cook of
McCabe, Arizona. A. S. Cook.
November 15th, 1901. j
Two Huntington Mills Are
Here for the It. Union
Mining Enterprises.
Other Machinery En Route Opinion
of a Gentleman of Authority on
the Property Practical Mining
and What it Demonstrates Again.
A noteworthy movement in mining
in this section is that signalized in
the arrival of two up to date mills of
the Huntington type for the Mt. Un
ion Consolidated Mining company,
operating near Prescott. These mills
reached this city Saturday and will
be transported to the properties at
Each mill has a capacity of forty
five tons, and in addition to this '
shipment received two more car loads
uf maohinery are also en route and
will reach their destination in a few
days hence. It is expected that by
the middle of December the reduction
of ores from this company's interests
will be inaugurated, and to that end
Superintendent Greenwood will rush
the plant to completion as fast as
Attending the introduction of this
machinery the mine work that war
rants this heavy outlay in mechanical
utilities, has terminated in a hand
some showing oh the' properties, and
to support the heavy consumntion of
ore the capacity of these plants show,
there are several thousands of tons of
ore ready for reduction on the ground,
a guarantee that tho enterprise can be
stated to be a success before it is
practically demonstrated in this con
nection. In addition to this feature
of the past operations of this enter
prise, the earnest and practical man
ner in which this property has been
handled, the rating of the ground of
this company is ranked as among the
best in this county. In less than nine
months of operations Mr. Greenwood
has sunk the main shatf to a depth of
500 feet, along with other development,
all of which reflects on not only his
capability as a miner, but alos does it
demonstrates that where good judg
ment is linked with economical meth
ods mining would prosper more mater
ially if conducted on this principle
generally speaking.
Recently the mines of this company
were inspected by H. A. Coben, of the
DeLamar company, and although this
gentleman was in no way identified
with them, bo made the statement vol
untarily to the public that in his
duties of visiting properties in this
territory, he was free to form impres
sions, and would accordingly make the
statement that considering develop
ment to date, he rronounoed the in
terests of the ML Union people as
among the most desirable to be seen
in this territory. Such a tribute to
this property and from such an author
ity, is in itself gratifying not only to
the property, but likewise to the
management of Mr. Greenwood.
It is truly remarkable that a mine
should bo developed and placed in a
channel of handling its own product
in the short space of nine months,
with a guarantee of success behind it,
but such is nevertheless, the case, and
it will bo proven to be also one of the
best mining propositions in this coun
ty or in the territory.
Another Russian Torpedo Boat
Gets Caught in a Trap and
Wiil go Out of Business.
By Associated Press.
Chefoo, Nov. 1C, 7:15 a. m. A Rus
sian torpedo boat destroyer has just
j entered the harbor. She has not been
j communicated with yet gowing to the
roughness of the sea. It is reported a
Japanese torpedo boat destroyor was
seen ouc 'do watching the movements
of the Russiun vessel.
The Russian torptdo boat destroyer
Ratstoropony put into the harbor this
morning. Firing was heard half an
hour before she entered the harbor. A
snowstorm and high wind was prevail
ing at the time and it is believed the
Russian vessel under cover of the
storm attempted to escape from Port
Arthur. A correspondent of the asso
ciated press succeeded in reaching the
Destroyer after her arrival here but
was not allowed to board her. Tho
captain of the Chinese cruiser was the
first person to board Ratstoropony.
He held a brief conference with the
commander after which the Ratstoro
pony came further into the stream and
anchored athe same spot the Ryeshi-
telnl did last August before she was
cut out by the Japanese. There is
every evidence that the Ratstoropony
will disarm here, only as a last resort.
It is thought she hopes to elude the
Japanese destroyer, reported outside
the harbor at night. The Ratstoropony
brought a number of copies of the
Novakrai, a Port Arthur newspaper.
In one of its issues it is stated that
while a Japanese destroyer was laying
mines, November 11th, she was sur
prised by the battleship Retvizan and
War Students Taste of the Real
Business and Then Surrender
and Go to the Guardhouse.
Rio de Janero, Nov. 15 All students
of the military school here revolte'd.
yesterday evening and deposed the
commandant, General Costallent. This
was followed by secret meetings. Gen
eral Travessos was appointed to suc
ceed Costallent. The whole school at
8 p. m. under command of Travessos
marched on the town, but were met
by a detachment of soldiers ar.d mili
tary police. A serious encounter fol
lowed and Travessos was wounded and
his adjutant killed. The cadets then
fell back and occupied the hills in the
neighborhood of the school. At 2 a.
m. the soldiers and police supported
by war vessels, attacked the cadeta
position. At 5 a. m. the cadets'being
without a leader, surrendered. All
were placed in prison.
Civil Service to be Applied to An-
other Government Building
Project of Uncle-Sam.
Washington, Nov. 15. President
Roosevelt today signed the order ex
tending the civil service regulations
to all empolyes of the Isthmian Canal
Commission, except those appointed
direct by the president, day laborers
and a f6 w places which in their nature
are personal to members of the com
mission. niLiTARisn
Prominent French Officer is
Roughly Handled and Then
Resigns His Position.
Paris, Nov. 15 General Andre today
resigned the portfolio of minister of
war, and Henry Berteaux, a member
of the chamber deputies and a broker
on the bourse was nominated his suc
cessor today. This change in the min
istry is the culmination of fierce as
saults upon the administration of the
war office. In the course of which the
chamber of deputies was tho scene of
frequent wild disorders, Including the
recent personal assault upon General
Came to my ranch, on tho 2d of
November .one grey horse, wih very
sore neck and shoulders, wearing a
halter with chain attached, also one
sorrel, saddle horse, with roached
foretop, branded, thus Y.
W. H. Clark,
Hxl5xtfw Simmons, Ariz.
Kindly remember that Dr. D. S.
Monheit, the German expert optician,
still remains at the Prescott hotel.
Fail not to call and bring your friends
and children all and his examination
is 'free and you will be delighted with
the best of work done by him. Prices
very reasonable. 10x2Gxtf

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