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(From Thursday's Daily.)
A beautiful park running through I
(From Saturday's Daily.)
"I am more than charmed with Your
the center of Mount Vernon street, is citizenship," said Frank Stoddard
one of the possibilities of the near fu
ture. Plans have been drawn and
Dickson, member of Congress of the
23rd Congressional district of the
tne property owners arc discussing the state of Illinois, to a Journal-Miner
proposed improvements with keen in
man last evening.
'The average person living cast of
topcaiong 01 the grading of Mount the Bocky Mountains," continued
Vernon street," said F.. M. Murphy to
a Journal-Miner representative yester
day, "I made a suggestion to some of
he, "has absolutely no conception of
what Arizona really is. He has been
taught at school that t his country
the resident property owners along f ,, ,. , , ,. ! .. i .
w . x. ,a . cannot blame him for believing it, but
that thoroughfare that it would add
much to the beauty of that vicinity
and the city, in fact, to make a jark
in the center of the street, in each block
a visit to this country will change
his mind as soon as he arrives here and
sees it as it really is. It is certainly
rn . j :jh. i j j hi. - t---" t, j ,
. , ' . . : advancement should not be retarded
shade trees and ornamental shrubs,
with grass as a main feature. A few
any way, but on the other hand should
n nnfrin ri rrnA atTi nnnrdr i n nnnnrtnnifv
7 I In thn rntirBA nf nis rnTurpnanrinn nn
plot to keep out any stray cattle that I he had gome KtUo
Tniirnr. nriTmpTi o inn rr " ho (nntinn(ni I
' . ' time in Phoenix and the Salt River
"until such time as that part or the I 3 . -j -n.
, ,. . I valley, and was much impressed with
city grew in population to an extent
that cattle would not be allowed to run
loose in the vicinity any longer."
In the course of the interview ho said
that he had seen many drives of the
kind suggested in cities visited in his
travels, and thought that if the matter
was brought to the attention of our
citizens in a proper manner that the
suggestion would meet with favor.
Mr. Murphy further explained that
Mount Vernon street was better suited
for a park of this kind than any street
in the residence portion of Prescott on
account of its uniform grade and the
good background afforded the park by
i i : r..i nn I
. . J think that conditions are ideal in
er slue.
Plans for the proposed improvement
can be seen in the offiee of the city
engineer. The blocks along Mount
Vernon street are about COO feet in
length, and the general design contem
plates a park in each block about 500
feet in length and 30 feet in width,
bordered with shade trees and shrubs,
and sown in grass, with narrow gravel
or cement walks along the sides. This
would leave a driveway on each side thejr h and
1 1 l f 7 i r L Z .Til- I
or ine parK oi aoout -o un ,u wmiu, .. , ,
which is ample for all purposes on this munitics wiu spring up in ffianv ,oettli.
The maintenance of three parks of
this character would be of very small
expense to the city, and the construc
tion of them would add another inter-
what he saw there. He visited the Tonto
dam, and thinks that it is one of the
grandest undertakings in the world.
Why," said he, "leaving out the
matter of irrigation entirely, the pow-
er developed from the impounding of
this body of water will in a short time,
if applied in a commercial sense, ceo
nomically, and I am sure that it will.
more than pay for the cost of construe'
tion of the dam. The soil of the val
leys of Arizona is so fertile, said he
that it yields three and sometimes
crops per year when properly and in
telligently irrigated. This is much bet
ter than we do in Illinois, where we
agricultural way. You certainly have
the soil and the intelligent husbandry
to develop it with proper irrigation
facilities, and with your mineral re
sources in the mountain districts, I
can see nothing in your future but an
era of great and continued prosperity.
The building of the great reservoirs
will attract to Arizona some of the
best of American citizenship," he said.
"Men will come here from other states
ties which are now barren wastes. Your
business and professional men appear
to me to be great workers, and very
energetic in their various pursuits,"
he continued, "and I take it for grant
ing feature to the many attractions! a man starting ifo ,iere
S the city.
must get in and work hard to get to
Mr. Murphy's suggestion is an excel- competing with such an
. i i , 1 11 1 .71 I
jent one, and suouiu db tearuij- en
dorsed and acted upon by the proper-
intelligent population."
Frank Stoddard Dickson is member
ty owners on Mount Vernon street. Such to from tfic 23rd a;str;ct o
i l 1 u n i i i 1. I o
a park would add 50 per cent to the va-
the state of Minois, which is the
lue of the property, and it would be to ,argcst of thc state cmbracing
Prescott what the beautiful panhandle C0imtic3j and the sixth in thc way
is to San Francisco.
of population. He is the youngest
member of the present United States
Congress, and is rated as one of the
leading orators of his state. The
v 1 000. and the district extends almost
HUMBOLiD J, Uct. o ine i"ioneer '
restaurant, recently conducted by
across the entire southern portion of
the state. He is more than entertain
Chas. Fong, late of the Iron King, ;ng to converse with, being a very bril
has changed ownership. C. E. Murray, liant conversationalist, and although
an experienced hotel and restaurant smaller in stature than the average Con
.... , , gressman, especially Arizona Congress
man, who comes highly recommended b ' 1 , . .,
' men, impresses one as being more than
rom bcattie, being nis successor, ine equal to th(J soution of any problem,
change of menu is more than appreciat- however gigantic, that might present
ed by all of his patrons. itself to him.
Prescott by Electric Light. jje was elected by a handsome ma-
U. E. Johnson, C. E. Murray, Her- j0rity in a district in Illinois which is
man Schwanbeck were visitors to the rated as being one of the strongest
county seat today, through the solicit- Democratic districts in the state, al-
ation of Johnnie Merritt, the deputy though he is and always has been a
sheriff. They were soon excused from staunch Republican. He leaves today
the courtroom, and now you may guess for Jerome to view the great copper
at the rest. camn. He is accompanied by his wife.
May Increase Force. Qnc of his objects in making a thor-
Judge Sloan came out this morning 01,gh visit through the territory is to
to Ycager canyon to look over his inform himself as to the joint state
mining interests. He expects to en- nood measure, and he has already stat
large the force of men just as soon as ed that 'his views have changed con
the new smelter gets in operation, so gidcrably since viewing the country,
and noting its resources, development,
and high standard of citizenship.
Full of Tragic aleaning
that he can get his ore treated.
Inquiry for Realty.
The firm of R. E. Johnson and E.
H. Carpenter are receiving many let
ters of inquiry and are negotiating for
many valuable lots situated in the are tbfse lines from J. H. Simmons, of
new city of Humboldt. As the city Casey, Ta. Think what might have
builds real estate advances, so Hum- resulted from his terrible cough if he
boldt has a bright looking future. had not taken the medicine about
New Depot Almost Eeady. which he writes: "I had a fcartul
The new depot for the smelter is cough, that disturbed my night's rest. I
rearing its completion, which will add tried everything, but nothing would re-
greatly to the accommodation to the i;cvc it until I took Dr. King's New
f-cneral public of this vicinity. Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
Opens Lunch Counter. and Colds, which completely cured me.
Mien Thctford has opened a now Instantly relieves and permanently
Irt -h counter in the Redhght saloon, cures all throat and lung diseases;
Vo is a first class cook, and no doubt prevents grip and pneumonia. At all
v5Il make a success of the business.
Plans to Get Rich.
I druggists; guaranteed; 50c and
Trial bottle free.
ar- often frustrated by sudden break-!-wn,
due to dyspepsia or constipation.
Urace up and take Dr. King's New Life
Pills. They take out the materials
The Elks minstrels are practicing
faithfully for thc concert to be given
in the near future.
Sick headache is caused by a disot-
tvhich are clogging your energies, and dcrcd condition of the stomach and
give you a new start. Cure headache is quickly cured by Chamberlain's
and dizziness too. At all druggists, Stomach and Liver Tablets. For sale
25c, guaranteed. Ibv all dealers.
(Tom Friday's Daily)
Word reached here yesterday from
Goldfield, Nevada, of the death at that
place of Virgil Earp on October 19,
of pneumonia, and the shipment of his
remains from there to Portland,Oregon,
for burial. He was born in the state
of Indiana, and was 63 years of age
at the time of his death. He was one
of the best known men on the Pacific
coast, as well as one of the bravest.
His decease recalls to mind many ex
citing incidents of the early history of
this section and southern Arizona, where
he lived for a number of years, and as
sisted in ridding the country of many
a border desperado.
In company with his two brothers,
Wyatt and Morgan, and Doc. Holliday,
he came to Prescott about the year
1877. Shortly after his arrival here,
and while Ed Bowers was sheriff of
Yavapai county, the town was visited
by two cowboys from the Bradshaw
basin section, who enlivened matters
by shooting up saloons and other re
sorts, finally riding out of the place,
shooting right and left as they went
in the direction of the Brooks ranch,
just outside of the city limits.
Arriving at the Brooks ranch, the
cowboys sent word to the officers that
they were camped there, and if any of
the officers wanted them to come out
and get them. These men were consid
ered bad ones, and were known to bo
dead shots. Sheriff Bowers organized
aposse of citizens, of which Virgil
Earp happened to be one, and the posse
started for the Brooks ranch on horse
back preceded by Deputy United
States Marshal Stanford and another
deputy in a hack. The party in the
hack passed the bad men unmolested,
but the cowboys opened fire on the
sheriff's posse, which was on horse
back. Sheriff Bowers' horse was
shot in several places, but he returned
the fire, and did not get hit.
On arriving at the scene Virgil
Earp, who was armed with a Henry
rifle, proceeded up thc creek in thc di
rection of the shooting, and noticing
one of the cowbovs crouching binder
oak tree reloading his gun, shot
and killed him instantly The first shot
it him in the heart, and the second
shot struck about two inches from
the first. The other cowboy was shot
with a charge of buckshot and lived
for two days, finally dying in the hos
A peculiar feature connected with
the shooting was that the man struck
by the shot fired by Earp was found
lying against the tree with a cigarette
in his mouth, which was held there un
til after the body was removed to town.
After this incident Earp came into
prominence as a determined man and
good shot.
In 1S79 Virgil Earp and Doc Hoi
liday left Prescott for Tombstone,
which was the scene of the greatest
mining excitement of the time. On
arriving at Tombstone, Virgil Earp, his
two brothers and Doc. Holliday- were
appointed Deputy United States Mar
shals, and rendered very effective ser
vice against thc rustlers and border
ruffians that infested that section, co
operating for a time with the city and
county peace officers.
Later in 1SS2, the lawless clement
were not quite subdued, and so notor
ious did they become that President
Arthur of the United States issued a
proclamation calling upon the bandits
to disperse and threatening them with
extermination at the hands of the
military authorities and the United
States marshals if they did not dis.
band. Up to the time of issuing this
proclamation stage coaches were be
ing held up with almost the regularity
of clockwork whenever any treasure
was in transit, merchants in outlying
districts were being held up and their
goods taken, and the people generally
made to pay tribute to the bandits.
While the .harps and Holliday were
endeavoring to enforce the law they
were naturally picked out for the ven
geance of the outlaw gangs, and sev
eral fights and skirmishes took place,
in which many lives were lost; notably
one fight on the streets of Tombstone
between the Clantons and McLowers
on one side and thc Earps and Doc
Holliday representing the strong arm
of the law, in which the two McLowerys
and Billy Clanton were killed and Vir
gil Earp shot in the left arm, thc use
of which he never fully recovered.
After the termination of the trou
bles with the outlaw gangs, and when
thc country was pretty well rid of the
lawless element, the Earps and Doc
Holliday resigned their positions with
thc U. S. marshal's office, and shortly
after Morgan Earp, one of Virgil's
brothers, was shot through a window
and killed while playing a game of
billiards in a saloon in Tombstone, the
supposition of the remaining Earps and
Holliday being that a man named Still
well did the killing. In this connec
tion it was known that Stillwell had it
"in" for thc Earps and Holliday for
ladies objected to the locking of the
door, in which Marie Power got bump
ed on thc forehead so hard that a swell
ing as large as a hen 's egg was tho re
sult. Esther Powers claims that on
this occasion A. J. Daggs clinched
jail and dead by reason of the vigilance dence here. Although he never held any
and energy of these men while acting political office he always took a strong
in uu Uiuc,ai capacny. interest in public affairs. In nolitics
Stillwell did not bear a good reputa- ne was a prominent but liberal Repub-
tion by reason of thc fact that he was ''can. His remains are resting at the
known to be in sympathy with and had undertaking parlors of Frank F. Nevin,
many friends among the bad men of awaiting the arrival of his daughter, with her and threatened her with
thn Q OP 1 n ti .nil -nrnn 1- x 1 I A TVl A .TYi nti ! c . . 11 rt . I i 1 1 i . ........
.., ....o iuunu iu uavui "6""- oi oieiia, iai I pisioi wnicn ne exhibited in a verr
kept them posted on the movements of who has been notified of his death by threatening manner, and also kicked
tno tarps and Holliday. Stillwell was w,re- He was always a strong, healthy and otherwise abused her.
never openly accused of the murder of man, and never had occasion to sum- Both of the Daggs brothers claim
.Morgan ,arp and was not arrested. mon tne services of a physician until that the case is one of blackmail pura
A few weeks later, however, he about three weeks ago, when he was and simple. They exhibit the follow.
quietly left Tombstone, and in getting taken down with an attack of heart ing agreement signed by Esther Pow-
on; the train at the depot at Tucson in trub'e, which was the immediate cause crs, in support of their side of the case
the night time he was assassinated. By Pf nl3 death. Funeral arrangements October 18 1905
way of a coincidence Virgil and Wyatt V7M be announced later. Received of R. E. Daggs the sum of
i-arp and Doc Holliday arrived in Tuc- $25, part payment on an agreement of
son on the lollowing morning. Neither "-s XO CLAIM HEE UNCLE'S settlement of $60, of which I am to
receive the balance Saturday evening,
and I hereby agree that said settle
ment is in full for hugging and kiss
(From Friday's Daily)
of the Earps nor Doc Holliday were
ever arrested for the killing of Still
well, although it was quietly hinted
that they had some hand in the mat- Miss Nydia L. Boggs with her mo- ing mc on the evenine of October 17,
ter. Alter the btillwell episode the ther h.-. onm. t.o.. 1905, at the office of said Daggs. ia
T -i tt M., . - I v i-ocvv. HV1U 1UC9UU M 00 '
x.arpS ana uomaay disbanded, Wyatt to make further proof of her M,; tn 1oom 7 onihan building, and I
tarp going to Colton, Cal., where ho the estate of the lt w eby state that said Daggs took no
was elected chief of police, this town Bot further liberty with me. that I will
at that time being in a disturbed condi- As the remit r make n further claim on said Dares
Tl fin . A hour ton tronM Ml . . " I fn nniM "nomrrrm -r-n- n.
j vuij oSu I tea tii rfs much intn0f , , atwuu. Xioxxijtv iruwivic.
.arp urneu to tnis county and en- in the Boggs estate. When the will
gaged in mining in the Hassayampa Was first filed for nrnW tWnt. T
district, subsequently moving to Undo U r,lmi.M nf t . -.v.- true.
Kirkland valley distict. In the year Uhnn An., x-:- t. t, ' x A. J.
un-u lor snerin oy tempt to break the will.
luu xiepuoucan party, but shortly af. T annortionW ,!. r,n,w u ,
terwards withdrew from the race. L,,t rr n .i-t: vf ,r.- -r,b
wuv wi uu xiia icidiivca i in i. it inv nfHTtro
During his stormy career as an offi- with l each. Th U,t nf f. J room where they were, and ordered
cer in Tombstone he always had the were numbered in th? , i. them to lea, telling them that he aid
Rllnnftrt nf tlin law nV!j:n 1 J. I ... & I Tint wott a T -i
u.u.UB cicmcui oi one, and for a time it looked as if they auymmg to ao wim
the community, and from first to last would organize to contest th wilt !r, thcm- They both refused to leave,
was recognized as being the brains the courts
of the official combination which in- An attorney did arrive in Prescott ar aml 5nto the ha"' and that thia
eluded himself and brothers and Doc. from San Fr...;. nr,n m,.j w was the only time that either he or his
ttii:j uv i -i, , I t,4i. ..,. . .. . . ,
""S say wno were fore Probate Judge Hicks, entering a
acquainted with all of them that a protest to the probation of , tc!H
more fearless man never lived than He was riven ten d.-v in Jwere tT?ij5 to blackmail him. Ho ad
Holliday, who died in Colorado two file a cost bond for wn 'w f;i0 mits that he dia huK and kiss Miss
years ago from the same malady, pneu- and the protest dropped to the ground I Marie Powers a?d that she seemed to
...uu.a, u.tu uu me ivm oi mis montn Theodoro W. Boggs was one of the
proved fatal to Virgil Earp. Holli- pioneers of tho territory, owning a
day was considered a handsome man jargc amount of valnaHo nrnnert !n
and was a dentist by profession. the Big Bug district of Tavapai coun-
A T T A 1 ? 1 I
h.c-ul many nursn imngs nave been ty. including the Butternut mine.
said and written about tho "Earp T.nst .T,.nn T? -vr; -v-.i:
M. E. Power.
I agree that the above statement i
Daggs also claims that when
the two women entered the office on
Wednesday afternoon that he was in
another room, that he came into the
the reason that Stillwell had many
friends among the bandits who were in
like it, and that this is as far as the
matter went He also claims that the
sisters called on him the morning after
this happened, and asked him for
money to keep the matter quiet,
which after a whole lot of parley, he
gang," but nevertheless, it is a fact L. Boggs left the former's home tn aSrecA to give them $60 to keep the
that' a more charitable man never dri to Maver. but when ther tpm. maUer to themselves, ne says that he
lived than Virgil Earp, especially Cl Arizona Citv the hnrse - Paid ttem $25 of this amount, and
when he had tho means to render assist- throwing Boggs out of the buggy and aRrcd to pay them the balance on Sat-
.iii ire. .every desperate act ever Known breaking his neck. ne died within Jaal
to have been committed by him was ten minutes after receiving the injur-.
cjoined with the authority of law, and One of the stranire feature nf thi
he was ever known to avoid personal case is that Bos mndn the ivill lo-.tr- time' antl thc? agreed to call again on
encounters except when invested with ing all tho property of Nvdia L. Bopits I Wednesday. When they called on
legal authority and in the discharge of but a few davs before hi n(1,, Wednesday the quarrel followed. Both
his duty. death. 01 h0 yunB ladies deny the statement
It was certainly due to his efforts and Tn thc will Boitm started out l.v .-. made h? Mr- DaPgs, and say that the
the courageous methods of his associates ing that he annrceiatcd the nncertain- onl PaPer s,Kneu by -them was a re-
that Tombstone was relieved of tho ty of human life, and believed it best ceipt f or 8ervices rendered. They also
greatest band or evil doers that ever then and there to make his last will
infested any community in the south- and testament. It has often been won-
west, although it cost many lives to dcred if Boggs had a premonition of
accomplish it. his approaching end. and wrote the will
"When they called on Saturday for a
full settlement he asked for further
claim the paper is untrue, and did not
read its contents thinking it was a re
ceipt for tho $2 due them.
Both of the Daggs brothers are out
Virgil Earp was married twice, ,and because he feared the end mirht come on $1S0 bai1' anu 'tvhen the case is
he leaves a wife and family surviving shortly. called in court in Phoenix it gives pro-
him. He saw service in the civil war it is not certain yet that relatives of mlso o beinS on f the SP'6"' heard
in an Indiana
regiment oi volunteers. Boggs will not make an attempt to
break the will on the grounds that he
was not in his right mind, and that
Miss Nydia L. Boggs unduly influ.
in tho temple of justice of tho capital
city for some time.
A Judicious Inrciry.
A well known traveling man who cncej him in the making of it
visits the drug trade p-ivs he has often when the first protest was filed it
. - .... I
heard druggists inquire or custnmers was charged in thc petition that Miss
who asKed tor a cough medicine, whe
ther it was wanted tor a child or tor
an adult, and if for a child they invari
ably recommend Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. The reason for this is that
... .. . . . ..i
' , . , . .vu uut v-. al, nigjit j0ng. whenever the conga
and that it always cures. 1 here is not The Boggs estate consists almost troubles her, two or three doses stops
U""SC1 " " " '"' entirely or mining property and mm-
coughs, colds and oroup it is unsurpass
ed. For sale by all dealers.
J. E. Goyer, 101 N. Main st, Otta
wa, Kans., writes: "Every fall it has
Boggs had influenced Boggs before, been my wife's trouble to catch a so-
and at the time he made his will, this vere cojUj and therefore to cough all
influence being for the purpose of -winter long. Last fall I got her a bottle
causing him to leave all his poperty of Ballard's Horehonnd Syrup. She used
to her, and to cut off all thc other re- ;t and has been able to sleeD soundly
the cough, and she is able to be ud and
ing stocK. .estimates or tne estate wcii." 25c, 50c, $1.00.
place it all the way between
to $150,000.
$10,000 For 8aio by Brisley Drug Co.
Don't Borrow Trouble.
(Frora Friday's Daily)
(From Saturday's Daily.)
Suits brought in the state of Wash-
It is a bad habit to borrow any-
Thc remains of John Bauder, who thing, but the worst thing you can
rltif? nt fli linme nf his ilnuirhtpr. Mrs. I nn.sihlv bnrrnw is trouble. IVhpn Rick, i
H. K. Miller, near Santa Maria, on sore, heavy, weary and worn out by the e"-"'.
Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, ar- pains and poisons of dyspepsia, bilious- lands located by forest reserve scrip
rived here on tho northbound yesterday ncss, Bright 's disease and similar inter- obtained from agents of Hyde, Bcn-
accompanicd by his son, J. P. Bauder, nal disorders, don't sit down and son, and California land grafters, are
of this city. The deceased 'was born brood over your symptoms, but Hy lot
in the city of Pittsburg, Pa., on April relief to Electric Bitters. Here you will
7, 1S30, in "which place he resided un- find sure and permanent forgetfulness
til the early '50 's, when he emigrated of all your troubles, and your body will
to California, where he followed min-lnot be burdened by a load of debt dis-
ing for a number of years, and was case. At all druggists.
very successful. In 1S61 he returned Guaranteed.
to Pennsylvania, and engaged in tho I
general mercantile business, and also
got interested in the oil industry while
in its infancy. He remained in his
native state until 1885, when he re
turned to California, where he engaged
in mining again, staying there
creating some alarm in Arizona, where
a large number of owners of valuable
farming lands have obtained it from
the same source. The records of thc
Price 50c. U. S. land office at Phoenix show that
more than fifty parcels of valuable
land in thc territory were taken up in
this way.
Attorney-General Moody is plain
tiff in an action filed in Washington
against Frederick A. Hyde, John A.
(From Friday's Daily)
Indictments charging R. E. Daggs Benson and William F. Eldridge and
until I and A. J. Daggs with aggravated as- wife to recover possession of the land
the year 1900, when he came to this I sault were returned by the Maricopa I said to have ben obtained by the de-
county, where he has resided ever county grand jury in session at Phoe- fendants through fraud. These men
I 1 L TTT..1 1 nil.. . I - 1 . .1 TT-.1. T ?
Since. nix on last iv eum:suuy. iin.- uru inu urc un-uiui-rs ui mu iiyucDensuu ring,
He was married twice, both of his well known attorneys of the city of according to the complaint.
wives preceding him to that "undis- Phoenix. The complaints were sworn It is alleged that Hyde and Benson
covered country from whose borne no to by Marie and Esther Power, two obtained the land and sold it to El-
traveler e'er returns." He leaves sur- sisters, also residents of the capital dridge and his wife, the latter know-
viving him seven children, all of whom city, one of whom, Marie, was employ- ing at the time it 'had been obtained
arc grown up to man's and woman's es. ed as stenographer for some time by fraudulently. The parties to the ae
rate: John P. Bauder. of Prescott; the firm. According to reports the tion live in California. A body of
Mrs. Agnes Flinner of Stella, Cal.; young ladies entered the otnee occu- forest reserve land in Oregon had been
Mrs. J. K. Miller and W. H. Bauder, pied by the Daggs brothers in the Mo- originally located, the law permitting
of Hillside, Ariz.; and Minnie, Claude, nihan building, for thc purpose of col. other lands to be taken in place of
and Florence Bauder, all residents of lecting $2, said to be due one of them land reserved for forest purposes.
Butler county, Pa. for services rendered the firm a short
Deceased was a man of strong and time ago. hen they entered, one of The Journal-Miner has three tinf
"i . . . . i
pleasing personality, and made many the brothers closed aud locked the door the circulation of any paper in XMortli
strong friends during his short resi- and a scuffle ensued after the young ern Arizona.

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