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Weekly Arizona journal-miner. (Prescott, Ariz.) 1903-1908, September 23, 1908, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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.... t tn nr.EB.
f Kill'11
V ..nuv fir.TM lrnwnn
tl '"
If i
ii...1nMt;iVM Dflllvt
,K;i"l'1 cuporifiHy 1ner, in plot)-
mountains surrounding ino
,r i ovlilont from tlio fnct
,(-h of throo male door,
,i ivlight ycstordny morn
.ere during tho day nml
,. T. South worth, .Too
,, , Itov. li. V. Whcntloy
id nrrivo with a trophy
Tliry "hot ii largo buck
, , head of (bvorntnont
. miles southonst of the
.ill honip with It at noon,
niitcts mentioned nro fa
rhpy disagree nn to which
, shot timt brought down
,il animal. Hov. Whont
m ssiii bin claims vory
tor Soiithwnrtli and Ar
,,c congratulating them
.tig the first to show thoir
t i,o hunt. It In probablo
, will claim tho "nonor as
hat onn person Is allowed
three main dper during
0 o 'clock when tho board villi probably
givo her and her little ones trnnspor
tntlon to Sacramento.
CORONA MINER TO BB I" A R KntinrMn.l" t.rnn.1 ,1,ln.1 tt,n RKAnR T.TATtR ART. AT I REQIBTER QUITS TO
wnnvrn nw Rtn nnir.r LiU nml .l,o ,.r ,..lin.'l WORK ON BORDER ATTEND PRIVATE BUIN1W
Henderson branch convorted Into
(From Wedneedny's Dolly)
Hanson produced n bill o(
(From Krldny Pnllv) (From irinnyi. uaiiyj
....... .... I t It ir.i l,.tfli.I..I litn.i l.tlU liA AS
With ample.nnanc.es to carry out ilo to show the passing of the, title to IMM that tho so cane,. .Mexican n, ...... - , " "
- ... ' .i.i... r. i.A.i- ri-vn ntiiin.'irv iiuiveineiit reported from reir.stcr for tho Lnited Stales lami oi
on., of the Insert mine development Ililn fr" tlir! Hendersons.
i limn'
Tbf ;i'l- iriilH'P
of the dead deer
..A tL. uittatk 4 tAvrt
4 i i r niiT i mi puh;im" ur uui
fcM Ii '
., t , tliibitlon at the V. k. meai
.v.. P is of the lilac tan lomiiy
f ir bears muto evidence that
,l narrow escape from tho hunt
' nde In fore, as part or tho nuricu
inpenljiRp Is missing. Its right
1 ' . . . it
. j51 shows that U was grar.cu )
Wri r injured In conflict as the
. 1 1 1. ..... 1 1. n
.v on of its horns shows that it
t ,f in accident. The short stump
ith velvpt, with four smnll
,tfni" ..rroundliiR Us base.
I lebl. the strong anchor of
ti Kite Department tug of
entitled to tho honor of
, tvn one of tho finpst bucks
. re on tho opening day of
, i-.m It U a five-pronged
being perfect from the
- Ipnnt. It arrived here
' h exjirpxs from (pil'ir
u.e enrcass of a smaller
i Mireo deer are tin exhibi
O K. meat nirkot.
ir f hunting parties, encnur
i access of those who left
(From ThuraflnyM Dally)
Singing praWe of the patriotic he
roes who achieved Mexican imlopcn"
dence, the Mexican resident of l'res
cott rinsed I he most HiiecpsKfnl Mexi
can independence ccMirntioti ver held
in this cily Inst night in Dougherty
null, luiiiultoiis chenmiL' nstii.if sv.
rnl minutes followed when 1'red Ma
drid held aloft the American ling and
Terred to Presidents Washington and
iincnln of the United States as the
greatest heroes of this countrv. Ills
address was brimful of patriotism and
eioiuently delivered. He was inter
rupted many times by loud applause.
Ho is president of tho Mexican patriot
ic society of this ell yund very popu
lnr with his people.
Following the nddress the Mexican
national anthem was rendered by tho
Hesse orchestra. (I. flarc.ia then de
llvored a lecture on the act of inde
pendrnce. Hocltntions by .loven Angel
Tlores and Amelia Rynearson, a talent
ed young womnn, preceded n national
cantata bv six young women wltn
chorus of Ave voices. The soloists of
the cantata wore Vcllcltas Contrerns
Matilda Cucn, Teresa .Seidell, (lauda
lupo Kslrclla, Hdelmlra Martinet, and
Antrelltn Martinez. The chorus was
Christn Kspinola, Luz Monrral, K. bu
rlgnl, Florcncia Ohaver. and Antonio
fc4 ll
w ill .pa .V "I'" 1'iircl.nsed tho mare from Hanson, '' i" l " " ''P" "R1' , ,,n" -
U.llmms ork range, Ham A. llutlcr, uhrM BPCwr(IlnB. ,0 hc'r .lohn C Wallis, special agent of tho do- President toosovelt to take elTect
superintendent ,.f the Corona Copper ,,,, ,,,,, , )r(lM(,t.,, IoVn partment of justice, left here yesterday soon m his succesor is se ected and
Company, arrived here yesterday on ftjr,.,.tinn. SI(I )l(, B0, ltl0 norH)? aft.rno.... for Wnshington. eon lake charge, says the I hoen.x (Ik-
way to nls company's properties i a..... f.,r ......Hi.lernii,... nml "Many serious revolutionary report Untie.
m Pittsburg, Vennsylvanla. During gave Ames, a bill of sale. Ames pro- nrr publishpd from the Mexican border Mr. Wakefield was appoints to .o
i visit to Pittsburg he purchased a dnced the bill of sale in court to prove which have been proven without fouir- olllce by President ' v.'lt u
ge hoisting plant which' .ill bo in- his title but the c. of .,. being Z1 KSTL 5 "TZZ? ! b" "signO
,ned as soon as delivered. The h.dst on a N. , fi , k 0 t , u , too
his U'i.v n nl r-rimi.iti v ' nr.im.rt lai I i .. i i.i .! I I "Mntiv ni'riliim re Vol lit lllll.'l r V reports.! 7.11 1 IP.
J " J -"! in a.ih' n.r a r.iBH i-m.nii.uiiuiii.i nun i . " . I . i n i !.... I i.
from Plilslmrif. lvnivlvnnlfi. Durl.ii. ........ a i.ill ..r ,,.! A.. ,.r... are iiublislieil from the .MPXlcan noruer .nr. miikim T- v.. ... . ...
will replace a whim now used at his "! ,r , . . ' il ,. ,.f .,. ...... In Arizona, heavy for one man. He is not ..Mowed
leepcst working shaft, now down 10f) . ,.' ,, , .. . 'ii.r..nli ., M,.vi,..I,i .-nnxnl It wns re a sullicient number of clerks and sten-
i mm 1 1 iiir'iiiiHi 1 1 ri imiiii wir i iiii i'liiii'i'Liiin . -. . .... . - -. ,
feet on the vein. Three shifts of min- ', ,,...., , ,, ,,.,. A t norted to me that twenty-four armed ographers to discharge his duties l
men loft Morpncl,n! a enrtnin datr for proper mannpr and ratner than have it
ntorprises ever attempted in tho Hill
1''. . .. ..... .i
On the witness stand Nellie said that thr bor.W counties of southern Arlzo- fire in tn.s .1 y a nmo moro man
iif the vnlne of the animal. Ames' at
ors will be employed in sinking the Umu,y KV( tice of nn appeal.
shaft as soon as ho arrives and n tun
ncl now in a distance of 300 feet on I ma PLACER PLANS
(From Thursday's Dnlly)
YUMA, .Sept. HI.-Dr. H. V. Clymer
the Mexican border with the intention charted that he is lax in his duty hn
of starting a revolution. The report has ,cidel to givp up tl.n olllcn. A
wns as complete as could be desired, soon us iris succ.esor is appoinu-u HUH
tne names of the i being given. I the nilnirs of tho office have been turn-
mmle a thor.mch investicntion of tin ed over to him, Wakefield will return
ense In Mnrenrl nml found the report to Tucson to take charge of his bus-
ti.e vein will also be pushed ahead
with three shifts. The face of tho tun
nel, which follows the hanging wall,
seven feet by four feet in tho clear, Is
all ore. Not a piece of ore can be
fn.in.l in Its. nrcnrilln-F tn Holler's 'nccr .n.i..nK v.".inj ... , .
statement, nssnvinir less than 20 nr ,:,"mcnc0 Iro-i"ct work next week on ' , 'hjVe )Ct,n b(jfor( thcir (1l.mr. t, old Pusblov
cent In copppr. The size or extent ofl"cir iluc,'r grounu. turo nrnr was surprise to nnd an oi yi,1Co Kegisler waKei.uiu iook over
ceniiy locnieu loriysix inu:cr c.auun, I them nl worK in tne smeurrs ami iniiirji i tue innu o.nc u.e iiuinp h .nci.
covering n strip of country from one- there. The books showed that tb men L.J enormously and out of all propor-
half to one mile wide and extending were nt work on tne day tney were re- tion to the appropriation mnne in
, ' ".-' " fHe in evrrr particular. I examined iuess affairs there. Mrs. Wakefield .n4
, and his associates In tho Imperial m 'company's time b(Kks In children left Phoenix some time f
. Placer Mining Company expect to . (f wh,ph h) mn wor( r,,. a,ld nre ow nt tMr ftirmr horn, ia
the oro body has not yet been deter
mined by crosscuts.
There Is nlso another shnft down to . .... ... ......i.- -i... l.w.ri-1 tn i.nv left for the border, the ,.irlenl nsristnce. In addition U
...... .., . .L. ... J"'m 401 J,u,c: ' i - ' , , i4 i. ... . . . ..t.
of twenty and one-quarter miles.
a depth of 104 feet In which the show
ing is almost as promising as in the
tunnel. Tho product of tho mine Is , .... r ,l .i....i
ideal from a smeltlna standpoint. Hi .... ... ... ...,
! ..... !- I " '
not on.y rr.,u.r o ,n . ,t mw MM ln p,ac
neavy in iron a. in i.oiu iinii urj nun
can be smelted with it. This was
proven by practical test at tho Hum-
A grand ball lasting until midnight
followed the literary exercises.
The program of the celebration as ,nnil of jt waH olll to th, Arizona
liay after nnd every day since. It Is t),,f lu desires to devote his entire
nosense to believe that twenty four time hrrenfter to private huslnes.
men can work In Mnrenei and be In While acting as register, Mr. WnkeftaM
Mexico at the same lime, engaged in has made a splendid record as n cow
revolutionary warfare. sclentlons, painstaking "d ef!klnt
n Winr thiirnnirh In vrstientlon I am public i.fTieinl.
gold. This suppohed old channel 'una PBVIng for Washington with two ,, vet no candidates have appeared
between a slate porphyry formation npnn. One Is that the Mexican fr the place. After the death of Mil
and a granite dyke, ror years nnu I Government should protect us own nor- ton If. .Moore, n.s preui-vessor in umw,
Their theory is that this ground was
irmerly the bed of tho Colorado river,
and that consequently th dirt with
announced in yesterday's .Toiirnnl-Mln.l HllpUn (.om,mnj.
! ... . . . , 1l.lt i..
el.lent mnrrins the celebration. The nupcrinienueni nuj.er eAprc-
committee on decoration are entitled to have his new hoisting plant in opern
. . .. i. . ...... .i .. I r -J i K""' ' i - '
..OKU smeners nisi jcar WI.cn ,,.,.- m,n,. ,inv foul,d much ,rr and that a revolution there Is of crowd of candidates sprang uF,
f Ia ... .w.1.1 l A rtnn 1 " . I . .. rtlt... I... . . . ... .
wealth in the sands both at Pot Holes no concern tn our government wakeiuia ueing me sncccssiu.. in--.
and at Plcncho 't,,,,r 1m t,mt cnp U"' R0Vflrr"ncnl Most of the me), who were candidates
t. ...nv h . .ink a HOO- "f tne l.'nltpd Htntes considprs a rrvo- ;it that time nro still in the territory
",u v "-
Itition ihcrv of concern to it, that tho an,i will tioubtli'n nnUi nunout
m It S f . t f 1 I
foot shall a lew miles irom roi uoies . . ... ..,i....i,v. .. .....
""j". t .H ,lrn. tl,. l.v- the ...iddln of October and his t..... ,u war departmeni .s u.e ,..,..-. ,
I 11 ., ,, V '""'- - - 10 ut!ii-rimu.: - j t(( )mn,n,, t and not the departmeni oi
mg oi imugncrxy nnu um juhuukui. rump in ni.np.! mr tn.i ..r. wiiiinini..u.. ,. nn old river lied, i uai ocicr ,.,..
and Mexican nationnl colors, tho Amcr- 0f tll0 MVf, development force. mined, they are Confident that it enn- hi ' ,,i,.a,nl with mv visit to Ari
lean flag being in evidence, everywhere .nvcrcd the promising vein I)((t ol1(.rwiM, thmi that they havoLmm n, lin,P, Imprpssed with the
entwined Willi the colors of the sister ... . . confident of developing Kniiiilil I (Uin...... unit pii.irlesv of Its peace of
r,,I,",,,i,' into ono of tho great copper mines of ,',.,, ..... .i.,,, it U not tho for- (leers. 1 mn a great admirer of the
the territory St. October, 1871. Ho was cr riv,.r u,nllIu.( their work is done Arizona rangers
(From Friday's Dally)
Yavapai county's mineral exhllbt,
I met them in south-1 conceded the best of any county in the
em Arir.ona and bclievp that they cnu territory, will hp on exiiiumou ni m-
I ... i. r .,v n.vnliitinnnrv move Albiuiueroue exposition, wnien ojwns
l'hose interested in the proposition, . . : ... . u.1...lnli..r . (lovemor Kibbov has
bled the copper glauces of California )PM(,.H ). Clymer, are .1. b. Horton, of l"1'". ,', granted permission to take the exhibit
to New Mexico. The collection or.
minerals is now ready for shipment in
SUNDAY SCHOOL WORK tlun Faceting for silver and gold. I tl,,,r ,,rraIII of Kf),,i is no
The copper glance ores found resem- 'n,0se interested in the pn
The Sunday Hchonf Teacher Training ''"'H which ho had been previously ,.hoPnix experienced mining man,
. .. t..i ... i,., i.iiiolnved nnd which were very ricn in .,.,,nn .i n. Fminl erov. Itol.crt I . .mr vD nr.T
Vrt llanf.st church on Monday eve silver. As a silver mine It wan a d.s- Weatherstone and Jack Wl.ltney, nil ENTIRE 130,000 BOND ISSUE the territorial fa r grounds In 1 ho
nine with the Rev. (Francis T. Walker ;ipM.intment to htm, and Its gold valuo of jinMna dam, and Dr. Wm. Dunficld,
" . . . . ... I .... . . i. ., I
L , t:., will leave this morning Ls tcnei,cr 0f tw rnss, .1. N. Piper sec Wns not high enough to justify devel nf ,j0n Angeles.
cm iintnins.
rotary and Mrs. Morris, organist. opment In that region, then among the
nix. it will be shipped to Albuiiucrau
Heptombcr 523, in a forty foot baggaf
tho car with the mineral exhibits of Wick-
(From Friday's Dally.)
..... ..r i.ttv irn.
..nan r , w ,.,, ..untrv trlbi.-
The following persons enrolled as nl0Sl forbidding nnd inaccessible In the L0SX qUIXJII GOLD "'"Z. " ! Z ,1,1, nn-har.ed by tary to the Arlr.ona and California
a I.MMI1 t .1 .II..i..in.iiiUI artl snn mrTVn A X17I kl Ikl K' Ml SK. 111. 11. Ill 111 - Mi'ui - - - I - all
students: .Mrs. t iiauu.-in, west, no nummoneu .uncut.-... - avint. r"'u " I ' , , ...., ... .i. t.,ee. railroad and the copper and ore oxn.u
BRIDE Of B. H. RAY fiUis, Mr. K.le, Oeorge P. Hnrrington, i j )pft for olur rart!li
Mrs. Pnilip Hoover, P. A. Hathaway, ho relurnci, Bnd
Mrs. M. K. Morris .1. N. Plprr, h. C. , eonflnin, h, .
... . ... l.-...ln.a.lnt-'. ItullV
. . . ...... n II M.. r...ln PnW.
Mnsx was reached in a romanco rsyne, i.iiko
V.v v... ..u tnfl.ntln In .lernme so. Dr. Harry 1. nouuiwuni.,
Mr at." n the mnrriago nerc yei,. - - - -r ... . .... t...ir
. f M. s Alma Thorbecke and n. ,,,cp ' r . ' ,
I!av The fateful words making
o nand e ulpment of 'a school build- it. of the PnltPd Verde Copper Com
1 i.rwestl Prescott. Of the five bid. pany f,om;tho Umfod erfle rnlnes .t
' fFrnm Thursdnv's Dslly)
.... . ..!!..
.1.- I on.,fl..ln,r his noernt ons to What appears ui .in w.
l"u " " 1 " . . . - -.. J..ln nrnfit (.pPnP.I yPSierililJ J " " . ' , , , ....... ...
i. .i i. ........ ....r i nn The rlcli- succesnui uiiuiui'i. . ...... . i.i i iun i.. nn.l tlio at Jerome .iiii.cui.n. ....,
" m'"'" . . ,. ..... ...t-.. ...1- ..!..!-. !m l,n., his was conn........ .... - , .....,.., m I . f !,.
ss of its copper ores attracted the ai.ie go.u .......... bonds were sold to him nl a premium i-.. ...n,. . ... ......
" i... thn .rhool trustees Jerome, which will lie taken on Poarn
a profit r.,,J'. i-,.. and the at Jerome
' Ul'""' ' . . i,i ..,!.. In this district, is belne
..a ..a inr....... . - McKr( Wnl. ess of its P"r ores auraceu " H v?" t.ii. a m-ai..i'
n the marriage here yener- . - ; p F..ir. attention of Pittsburg capitalists r- innue ..y u,a,-, f 000
mineral and agricultural exhibits of
bank, nnd Miss Opal Creekmur
There are more than a million Hun California railroad to Parker.
i . . i . .. i ..
..i:,,,, nf ti,n Arizona and nnd .lack Kaiston on me.r propiny ...
l f III! I , . . i ..I - ...ttr. w.ty nf
Ho sold his holdings, comprising six- Globe, says the Hllver Hclt.
mmn and wife wero pronounce-. i the 1'nlted
ic (n'.nl.c parsonage by ,, mnn.la. In the wide nut-
mtt Imnpont at 8:30 o'clock in the ' . . .. . t,,flence 1 if Hlblo study, nlo ,n Crona Copper Company, or
I . . J MM"-" . . . . . nAn flnn I .
hwiC number of tho relatives oi .. , j,, contact with Ki,uiiu,uim
I . I.I ' . .. ..... .... I- .1" tl.n
The hichest bid submitted was that this county, including ti.o minoral cob
of A H. beach and Company of Chb lection from the new copper country.
cLo In the amount of WJ, with He will leave Phoenl, In charge of the
m IWRO in i.p .... I,, ,, w. .,,.;, cllItr0 unlH
...;:..'....- i ti ...tltl.. n, nassed The property comprises live lull thP proviso tnaiine ,..u-.. .
'y,uu. """"" v ' -,-i...- .. r.ln. ,.n,l ndlolns Ueml nnnunl V instead oi annua.. ..-.u
into tne Corona Copper Company, or- claims am. to ' - '"" r vi . bv law. The bid was passed Commissioner Johns is confident that
..,.,.!.,1 l,v tho i.urchasers. He is nltho old Knssor mine owned by John M ' .,rovlso could not I the Yavapai county exhibit will be
, in I, ,.n.i innlr Intimate friendsL.,,. nt the Huuday schools of the nml ha. thu mnnnce- Olbbons, of Now Wk, which is sa d i T,1() 0tl,er nwarded the S00 prlr.e offered for tho
w .n-ent Miss Hesslo Hnumanr. International field. More and moro tl.p eoncern. In subscribing to havo produced a quarter of n mil- Woodln, MeKoar and Moore t)(.,,t collection of minerals at tho ex-
H. v acted as bridesmaid, with church loners recognie tnat teacher fuM(1 m Mock 0M of RoW, but failed through rp ( y. A. Kean, Chi- position by Senator lVnrose of 1
knh TI. ibecke brother of tho training is the Sunday school's grea l , mismanagement. .t;UI,,W( provided the bonds draw Hylvaui. lb, left on last night s train
vpn ii. in. cue, iiroini.r v..v.r were thev so unit- bpen sold lo nny mu . ai.. M..i.... nn.l Ita .. s ..... . ir ..... IninreHt nstend rr tl... new Conner country, whom ne
Tl.n mines nro so promising .M.r-.n. ., - live nnu in... ( - .. . ' ..in- .
... ...ni.ii.ni. Never were tney
K!"- I . . n...i Ita ...ill
ed In the determiiuinn i -
Me he man. Tho brldo was gown-
m . uumpagne colored drpamy crea- nU f ,,,. i,0rs that the owners desire lo retain posses-
Sho carriPl '.i,..i .inn.M.ds Hip largest Htnl. 0f all tho company's "tnck, con-
in in'" , . .. ..... !.....
In f mi. mntlistP's art.
. "Wit bououpt. Tho
u 'ic- i in French voile, with plc-
rf l
siderlng it among their best invpst-
The camp is located '2t miles north
west of Wenden and 12 miles south
ston havo been steadily developing Lf flV), pPr rent interest; and the Prov-
H.plr property for several months and Hence Savings lla.iK ami
have sunk a' shaft on thn vein nt an pany of Clneinnnti, Ohio, 3(,
.. . . . . i..m. 'I t.nni hsue is divided into tuirtj
incline oi nnoiu i- urgr. " i . , payable as
..r irr. fn.,. The snaft Is in ore three coupons of 1,000 enih, p.aiue
feet widn nil the way down, nnd twoil-
m It t1 t.... aMIivnt
success nt nil nuinmt n. ....... ........
At the recent convention of the In
ternationn) Sunday School Association,
A Ke..iiR lunch followed tuo core- jg associations rn'0"''," ' , i
Imrv a the home of Mr. nnd .mm. or training i-...
. .. .. . .! i. ..t.... i in nin t.rniiiintp', u..n
P' .... uiai.n, inn .ipcorni..... f Prescott. a nrai.cn rawr...... -h- . . . ...... t0
l . , nd whltP carnations. Tho graduates f ,, lim, nt House, passes n.... - - r -
inn iiii'ni'iii n"" i
A route for ty tons of ore, taken out in sinking,
Prescott. n branch railroad to the Signal mines,
has been sacked for shipping. The ore
. . L, 1....
vin.-.iii . .. .... .....I..
I nave either especially appo.n.e-. grouj
associations within eight miles
of tho
rnmna five ounces in gold nnd four to five
ounces in silver tn the ton, nnd these
1h a values havo been fairly well maintain.
MNv one eft on the auernnoi.
put mi a oonovmon trip to tho (Unnd
i . i n&vn ri.n.j. . . . .." ..... i
linvn and the coast. irnlnlnc superlntendenis or "' Huperinten i. nnu.-., .; - . . of
U-i i...n " " ........ . u....i.rvl l i s , , ...... ,, t. rnt ins nstlO eu i rum u.
me i.n.ie is u.o aaugnier o. ."-I- training co.nm.uc.- p.oneer ... i.. -f. ... I ,1inf, .iiihomih the best oro wns
IWWko, of Jerome. Until a few opnrtinent of work;. oVOr thn mineral possu.i.iu.s ... . nt
r, ag, she was resident ot a s ney. ; . teacher ' Wi.l.ams .ro k . " ,uI,fn . (lrifl ,, been startpd,
Itr almost from ehlldhood. She is tho First ""I1"" ..t. fldont thnt Jt will uovciop - . ,n,i
n. ...... .. .1.1. ..i..i nf. friends training supcrime......... . - - rn.,nst copper and gold producing ro- t- ... .... . . i.
" " " v k,i he would be vory gi " V. 7 i. inf. for his canm a carload of thirty tons, w,
. nn ,,, Jerome. Mnn of rl?sspH anywhPro . n
iur K.nom camn nere i.i.i , , . .... uIk own Class ni.-vtn inn. ...,,.
vers ago, settling lu Jprome. Ho pVpn,nK , th First Mnj.tlrt
rharge of tho agency of the Pros- ,t 8 oVlock. A cordial iml
It steam bnimdrv in tho Copp-r lnlJon ,H xtendcd to all over m rs
'ty and is very popular thore. Hfl 0f n0 o join his nass.
L'sn.Mi.1 v. ii... rn.niuilnt.btcn of a largol
Lmhcr of friends who cheerfully join I oOLD rOUIN5A
1 Winning him ami his chnrmlng bride
p voyage on tho matrinionin' sp".
Ptv will reside in Jorome.
No. I In Hi:i.
No. " in Hir.
N'o. 3 in HMO.
No. 1 In H17.
No. .- in U1S.
No. II in Hill.
No. 7 In 1020.
Nos. H, 0 and 10 In WlM.
Nos. 11, 11! and 12 in W'X-
Nos. 11, b'i and Hi in 1023.
Nos. 17, 18 and 1 b 1024.
Nos. 20, 21 and 22 In 102."..
Nos. 23, 21 and 2.". In 1020.
Nos. 2(1, 27 and 28 In 1027.
Nos. 20 and 30 in 1U2H.
will collect ores from the different
mines of Unit land of mineral wonders
which promises with development to
rival nnv part of the west in copper
nml gnld production. This collection
will bo taken to Wickenlturg and snip
ped with the Yavapai county ohlbit.
Wickenbnrg muting men nre making
it special collection of the ores of the
districts tributary to their town. Com
mlssloi.er Johns will hnve ennrgo of
this also.
The Pulled Verde Copper Company
111 have n number of copper bart
nnd mlnornl curiosities from the Unit
ed Verde mine, one of nature's richest
treusure vaults of the southwest.
All over the country lutense Interest
Is manifested In the Nntlonal Irrlga
tloii Congress which convenes In Albu
WITH BROOD OF FOUK ' consolidated Min es lorn, ,
',IV at Congress, a small ro U bar rl1I,nP
T. t I''"0. .,.i,.i,rrr and a consignment . M.
inieriiup on tho opening day of tho fair
Plnns and sppclficatlons for tho newWf,,,, t,f nntlonal prominence In every
mnm TV i... 1.1'mi. nrw now ui.uer conB.... .tate am territory oi ton uu.u.. n...
RTJIT CLOSES WITH A MAauk r- nnnn AKnEL i... ..., ir..lees. who expect to havo . , the congress, as well as a i.umbe
- . w i nT I'nm vww- i iiv ...-- , . -- r. ,
HORSE OW iiArtDWis ,.r....v.hb.Lf ln rendlness to ltreaK ,.... f Iun ...mntrles. Already a.
.... ... finiivi .,r,..i...l for the new structure soon. Uaneements have been made to par
MVi.m Wednesday's Dally) ....... , ..rtt...ln for . . . I ir.:i ..rlvnte ears in tne railroad yard-
Itenlevln i.rocrcdings for the l'"" ! ' . . , ,,, western Union. rmii AT THE PEACOCK. Lf Albuciuemue. At the close of th;
. ... II. ... i If I .Ml.lll.ll.'l .11...... -'I I ... .. .. . -
" . .i.i...... r u ..Tiwiatiimi tne rtania r.
ri'ni'.IUl lMW r "-I - mf r r
" . m 1.1 I ' ....
i..o central figures, the board
ed her transp.
little ones,
arrived nere
rROM YAVAPAI DISTRICTS SP,Hion f a black mare Ih whirl, ; J
FROM YAVAI A N) Uio KnrI( , .
Dslly) tho county as - Four KyPd Nell.'
irruin .. A i i . . . nntrii niriirrn. i iti
.1 tsi rniTIIltH y'Hlruny Hairy Al lOH whiu m . ,
V i"es Z ll I l nk5 Included J e,dPd two hours yesterday In the
Ht the 1 ;l,"nJ , 01in(.,.s from oour f Justice of the Ponco McbauP,
" n ,1" SlXa'cd MlhPS Com- lIlllIISn being awarded tho disputed
rill '(Him Misit- o - . - .
rhn assisted here, Including (Prnn, Friday's Dally.) will give an excursion to this terr tor
of supervisors, who furnish- .. . . ,.orJl, of woo,i nnd the hoist over Us lines, with stop-ovor privilege
asportation for herself and ,. f , tho ,.0(lfn(.k mj0 In Cop- at the Orand Canyon. The excurslo
, Mrs. Anna Mikcsell, who "fU. ownn by tl,o McKlnley rate from Albuquerque to Prescot ar.
o from Phoenix Tuesday P ,r , nM,n'n(1 1)l,vl,iJmt.t Company, return will be 18.7B, allowing all vb
II iliiiiuh-
morning win. .. w,irp
in t
. .....I. ...... i ti... i..rs in dpstltute circumstances, ion
II....U.II VL' llfl HinLILlllLII ... . I f I 1 u, - . .
,......., ; , ., ..,,,!... mom nir will, her cniiurnn - . . . Ilnft .ueovered ly
, . " "y!' 'i wilh 'Z rm. suit, was representci ..y a t v , ' Hacmcuto. California. In the flr HtarliHl at 3.15 o'clock.
, :1)flr lR a result of a Issell, and Ames, w no o. o - rnIlhal w, jl her """,, w,,i
"Ji iiLtiif iKiiirf itr nrn in chili tun i i i vmii.k---- . .... l. i . i t.. .vkhiabb an. iinii n lwu w .... i .. i v "
" . . . .i... mill w . cli lias " imai in in. p . - ., , ....,. ,vhn owns a small Jarm in mm ,,,.,1,, ...........h
" Jr CU W vrml lroy Anderson. A comumation - . wn ' e y'dopnl in
nrr.ved hero yesterday tro.n i. ru... nr. rPCPvwl from IpnHl four l.ran.is nunrns , ,.f the board of super 1 , (lf
tnrtl. T ... ".-!. nv nf PlOC- 11 f l.UlllOU n...,....-- - - Mll,lWt..,, that H HIIU Bt.vu.... . .!. . ""'"" "
destroyed by lire nt an early hour Itors at the Irrigation Congress an
lav morning. The loss Is esti- expmlUou from other statps to spo U.I
bind of wonders for a mere trllle.
from the south. " I rORMER YAVAPAI MAN
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
In response to n telegrum from T
until the building
flame, despite tbo
the minors em-
.1... .il...MI,w. nf f. rr......".- .
I. im..K v "-v - - company at staieu i " ' , ""..t.i,, one of when, at visors yosteroay k - " ployed U.ero unuer i - - . (?ullf ornbi. annouuc tig the v
kwln.,0 tho board of suporviwrs of th s compa.J rni1 eoncentrates ,mges in owenrshlp, one "r,W"i..V; rt ttcb.U to Sacramento. (Inn- ', MM,n,0.. mesl..M.t and tg"al 1 ',u """'...,. ... , ,,.
i. . .... . i unlit n oni r . . .. ... 11..U,. I. ... in..n nnoenreii -biihhj .... ... ,1... . . ... i.im'ui oi lie iieai.i ... inn
uremi;. Miniv fnrnUheil her iranx-i , . .,,,1 nts to ino J.t innsi, mut .. ."t.t.... ...nrtod ellens catiiu .,... Fortunately inn wau; ...-
I ' are maue in i'"'" .. .. i,i,,iii,r from lie uucm..... - . . . .. .... ,! . .... . ...
. t ... O...I Tl.mnn. Cn t WO II. Ill ll.ni pinm, n"
i I'rnsroiL iioir. n"."." " - . i u.iirn him. iir.n"K . i ... . ...nn...
,.W Worth, rir r. mine is opened to rendered. ,at oanded her small amounts In cash. extinguished tho flames I teinber 1 1, J. I(. ( al.iweii oi
...... ... , nn, v..r- , t.rr torv. t is testimony, hiii.. : . ...,. ,,i . nut several . . ... .... ,.i ,nli nerv was vi.ev eft here vestertiay mornn
, four month. ao. He succum..- reater depth than an.t - : , ... xm wllBn tl liven inter '7 V ; i . ,",r" . .... . . . . t.. .. . .. .
, - " ., i ... in. " . ..nn.mniw tonnage m ne o.: . iirih. lelei. hone messages wen- ""i .........end. l ie I ro is oeimt... .u t nenu toe ui...-u...
1 ""mrculosls after a linger nR ,t has..n onomou K I r poU T Ho.lrson loU 'P ' . , f m wll0 '"'"Jf1" HIinrk frm the smoke ,..,,.,. wn, (l,r r r,Htident
leaving her penniless. Hho. i- IdockPd nm ,,,, mill. L of Walker, while gati.or.ng '-r- , ... (lf ,,er sad plight ' "T ... ' .. ros hea
l-r way to Sacramento, California, fnstns It can - , th(. - wlth il(,rd into the r cor a. . ' .r. T.. ' " 'V, ." "n." n.. held
I Tift nn I "I- iat.1. I . t ..... d nl I niinil II V Lim... - ... I lit IIIHI tinvh"" Irf T
Merc her mother resides.
After her arrival horn sho applio.l
. V ........... lnadiiig from '" nm mother w ......" v
creoKft nnu !,"- Many of n.msoti guv
Tho gold
l. Weaver dlstriet
nil who hi"
'Mier hor arrival horn sno M"'"" i.m t.. the Weaver tu' . -ln. the r "W siasu .Mr. - ,..,,,. -
rn.smneo to John Hopkins, pro- etwv and gulches aavj n p X J mneA nIlt on a ihort time a er s e re n v
r ,f tho Proscott Hotel. Ho Mr- vorUo(l ver a number n f Umo Itam nn.l .r ,, , c w, 1 , raish J 0 MAM H .J I b, Hop
hM fnr imrself and chlb ,,,. ro occasionally foi in. u ni , in i r nj, .,, iiendersons. Three ey to pa a I Kr tray. m i, , ,,,g si ami fc
.. . . ' " -o ..... ,.l..er better "" " nP,.r.1hur to her inotners uou.e, ...-..-. .--- ,. ; ... .... . ....,.. -
nnd n nan ynr 11MM i purchasing eioin.ng tor ton operative. . K fjnhbvell or wuiumsoi. v...-j
'"n list night. Tho attention of tho ,in placer miner mm
latt f Hiii.nrvbnrs was called to hor wage.
N plight. Bho will moot Suporvlsors ,Tti,.r for high class job work. I corral, on Hllnd
huti i i.t- mnmlne nt Journal-Miner roru h
jurvlvlng he leaves his wife and .
child, nls mother, four sisters and t
- .in. .ii.rr.i.iu.. ..."

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