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Weekly Arizona journal-miner. [volume] (Prescott, Ariz.) 1903-1908, September 23, 1908, Image 6

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i'aos h:x
Piliful. Contrast
Meetings In The
I Prom Hilllirit.lV' I ct 1 1 V 1
Two rejHiil., of very diU'etcnl kinds,
tint tmth filled with g... news, were re
etilveil tHtrltiv '' Secretary Young of
tile rcpiiMicnu territorial central coin
mitte,. nl committee lii'iiiiiiiirti'r says
the l(iMitilii'iin. One rcl.it cil In the
Cameron meet ini at Williams nn Tucs
day night. It was stated tout mi iitt
Jielire nt' more than fiOO iisscmliloil nt
tlir hull to nicet Mr. Cameron and thnt
It vn the wannest political meeting
vcr heM in Williams. Addresses worn
delivered liy Mr. ('iiineroii rind .Messrs.
llorrinn ainl ClurK No other thim
Cnmeron sentiment was cvprcsscd on
the streets on the day of the arrival of
the party I runt the we.it.
The other tcnirt came from a man
who n.nl lieen delegated to lie present
nt Mark Smith 'h meeting at Winslow;
to uvertnlii Hie jiujiilicr of persons in
nttenilntii e anil to mrnstire tin accurate'
ly as Nisili1c the enthusiasm displayed.
The tirst tank was nn easy one. There
wete jiit sixty nine people in the hall,
large propottioti of tliem women and
children. There was no way to mcas
tire the enthusiasm for there wan none.
The writer said that It wan tne coldest
political gathering he had ever wit
tiesed. Th irrcspoudciit Itad been
Instructed by the secretary not to send
In a colored report. The committee
minted information rather than hot
nlr; it did not want to lie fooled by
rnlnliow tinted iewn of anything;.
ChtiiriiiMii Hitvnl A. Smith of the
roiniiiittce came in from the soutn von
tenlay morning and spent n busy day
in conference with lending republicans.
Roosevelt Expected To
Get Out and . Take
Stump For
k .Im-gor. chi.t .ng, ihti nf flip
s l. I'. A I'.. II. I., n-diid. Hm nnnin-
taut, nih! n survey puny, left Inst night
tor loni', where t,toy will stnrt a pre
liminary survey of a branch lino of the
ri.otia mill California to the Signal
mines. The route is approximately
twenty miles in length. It passe
Hi mm eli the Hill William Fork muiin-
tains, in which many promising copper
mid gold .mines are I ' i ti n developed.
I he Signal mines were recently taken
over liy the Mirchell interests. It i
prolialile that the line will lie built this
year as I lie .Mitcnclls are reported pre
paring lor large development opera
turns :it the Signal, lishel was cngln
eer in charge nf the construction of the
Arizona and California ltailro.ul to
I'arker. lie will make the survev for
the proposed branch.
llcpuhlicun speakers in the present
campaign have submitted a proposition
to their democratic friends which
seems fair to both parties and on tin
claims of the democratic politicians
extrotnorly advantageous to thrm.
Their claim is that the territory
certalttlv nnd overwhelmingly demo
It is conceded for the Aakc
. III I ilHll. KUII-
lie will be present nt a meeting of tho !sovclt would worry greatly over crit
oxerutive couiuiitlee toilav
.Mr. Smith is engaged in a uiuvemeut
to secure the son ices of Senator lorn
ker at some time in the course of the
eiunpnign. Petition to htm to come
here for a couple of si lies in behalf
of Mr. Cameron are being circulated
in the southern part of the territory
and later these petitions will bo sent
nil over the territory and will then bo
combined in ,-i monster petition wnich
will be addressed to the senator.
It is realized I hat he could not spend
n great deal of time here but It is
thought .thai he might be induced to
make nt IujihI two speeches. He has
Hover visited Arl.onii. The managers
neiicve hum tne senator would favor
ably receive nn invitation to come nt
this time ad receive the thanks of Un
people lor wnal he has done for the
f !...!. u... I. t . .
immimii rtioiiu ih iievoniig ins en
tire time to the light. Since leaving
Phoenix last Friday ho has gone
wiroiign iirauam, Mania Crux and Co-
t.iL. ........if rti . .t
"'' miliums, i no siiiiaiioti was
iiright in those counties at the l...,ri-
liing of the eampuign, but ne savs it
improving daily, lie shares with
Secretary Young a conlldeiice in the
election of Cameron.
Hcclnl to Hie Joiirtiul-Mlnrr
WAHHINCTO.V. Sent. IX. Prcsi
lent Roosevelt, having cot started in
tho matter of eammiigiilni! for .ludco
Tflft. Iriii rvr.blif.fi.tii ! u .....I. t., l
...... .... ,..-... ,-, ,hi.i,. in, ii, ii 1 1 1 1. i
will he heard from t.im ln.tw....i. n,iwl""'"
and November. Mis letter to Conrad nrgument that this is true.
Kohrs, declare those who nrofess to turn are asked to concede what every
know, is only a beginning. There will reasonable man must believe, nnd that
lie ilthcr letters and a number of is that if a republican delegate wen
speecnes one great speech, at least. elected next November, our prospects
If tliitrn u utl.. ii it .1. I... W l .
if.' ..... i i .. , ' f statehood would Immensely bright
,,. uiKiiiiiiiii'iiiy win i' mane i i... r. . i. .......
in crooner Ilnin.i V.,vV v..,t, .1 r" " M"'1 ' w'"'" '"ainiy gei
of many historical politirnl 'ifiitlifriiiuii ,,l,,ml
in the past. Mr. Roosevelt is i?oiin to Then why do not the democrats come
le criticized, of cottro, for making in and apply the clincher to the stati
spccciies ni an, nui n speech to the I tllld btisinessf If after admission
penpie 01 nis own state, it is figured, Arizona is reallv .leu rat.c. what
" " "'"'jeci io criticism man : i, ,, f ., ,
democratic governor wit a his long
speeches elsewhere. Not that Mr. Uoo-
eism. If he decides tnal he can with ,ri,i "r ntnte olllcinls and meinbers o
propriety enter the campaign in behalf I apjuiinti vi boards and commission; two
'I., e , . ..e ..I . . I .1 . t . I T..1 . . , ....... .... i
hi i ,ii i , n-.ii iii uovcrsc comment win i ueiiiocniiic uiiiicu niaies .ciiiuiiri, aii'i
not deter him. lie has been criticized I n representative atid a democratic Jit
... ii.ie ior iiisregariiiiii,. privedcnts, Imt diciai.
I IHI1 lie (111 ICIHl In Sllli.li. mil ..mil I .... ..n ... . .. .
act of his I... I .. . ..?; ... " . . . ",n u"!, w" "' ",,,,r" '
.., .. .t . i. i ..,. :. Vw. '""I"" a Military democratic candidate for
to be extiecte 1 that TI,eo,l it.w........t. Il'"Kno t fongressf And it would be
will ,o unusual things, and, if tho use of a "'"'n1'' it might seem
of slang will bo pardoned, he "got 'v''" lo poUticnns ami the more in-
away with them wtiero other nieiiM"inite frmnils of Mr. Smith, for he
woui.i sulfer loss of esteem. will be lost nnvway
i lie managers for .ludifo Tnft. of Tim mnb ni.. ..( .1... .t .,i.
Z m' '' i'V'' at ,Ul:: of whatever they may think of Mr. Smith
cii: with itoiisn volt. Tnit ni!!i ::: "r ".'
an on th.. .t..m... ),.. , i.it i..' 'Iisnospij day by day to obstruct tho
docidedly the best of it. There r n l'rilKw ' tni territory toward admis
other men in either nartv hn ..nn ., I '' The nmbltinns of Mr. Smith anil
thu public ear as these three men can I'"' wishes of his friends are as nothin
got it, and if it bo true tnal Tnft is compared with statehood. - Phoenix
not so strong on the hustings as is Republican.
iMionuvtTii mom man imianccs
mo seme in Tnvor of the republican
J tiere linn been u lot of conintnini of
apathy in Ihe campaign, but things pro- A complete history of Arizona should
next six weeks K K ,r,,l,,,rIy "l'"ling( begin with the first
It. tl.e early 'part of anv nH "''""" of M,,rk 'Smil1'- !'""'
campaign thero always are .sanguine 1'''' every step of progress frtnn the
politicians who believe their 'fnvorlto time tnis man first appeared on the
'. .n, ZiMU'y M,I,B ,".,,,,v" " I politienl horizon. Ite.ncmber, demo
walkover. Tne present campaign was
erats that you are not permitted to
It.. .
in iTArriiiiiiii. wi iiiiiiitiitf fur
thusiiiMtii; Ilryan turn would toll you Mollow nny tlir llntn lHMtiti
I. i I I.. if. i t ... I .....
mm mo eiecuou oi tne .NoiirnHkaii was worsntp ot mis sage or Arizona; vou
b,rii:!,',ir,!.,iml t 11 M"H,ft!1 vnr ",,,Ht ,,,nt,nt p m im-
lint tho shotillng. Tho same hod true .1 . .. .
to nmiiy followers of Taft. They know "mm rn i"", '" preiiistoric
better now, at least tho iiitolllL'ont r,!"''' """w eomparisons to en-
ones among them do. ter your minds. Thero Is but 0110 man
.l,1"il''!,f!.!i.,."li,:"ti,0"M.."r,: n" t fniilt. in all this great territory who holds
and n,.:;il, "- I-P- 1" hands
paign since 1HHL'. Whoever wins Is 10 11 "r'' ilt'tnocnit and have
nig know ho has been In the light, xorvod your party faithfully in too va
1, ., , ""T my victory rious channels of public service, vou
llmut tho mitlfitiii ii!iiliin.,i..ru ..rl . 1 ......
either nartv. It..!). Clu.lr.. 11...1. ,llu" ""l "''" With covetous eyes
. . f" - I " t ""II "(lllllll 1 1 I LI' II ' I .
Hiniiii at 1110 luiHcliall park Sunday tmck and (Jhnirinnii Mack aro propnr- "I"1" t"" .l'' f Mar!- Smith -vou
night, saw vy7ii.I will In all probability Ing to contest ovory inch of ground, will be Immediately branded as an in-
;.. 'V: . : V .. .V ' in ln " icmoc.rn s Ur KoinK to 1m com- grate ami n mdllsh brute.
" viciony. lioiieii to mnko it ilefens v.i .......,. . ... i -- ---
Hutlnr, n negro who has married in-1 in Homo ..f th l...rnnr..r u,.r..i., .1.... " y,m 11 r" 11 republican and daro
to the tribo. nnd tinted as a sort of emtio stntes. sml there un. f... uti..u think of reiiresentlnir this tcrritnn- in
M! rtL n ii VV" f".ir in which tho ropubllcau mautigemont ongnss, yon will bo at onco designat.
Indian Devils" as "coming from tho will allow mutters to tnko earn of thotn" ed as an idiot a know 1 ,
Mipreine con. , and lm, , lance was on. Rlvs. Northern nnd ..Htorn slotno. 1 ,' tlce K
Ihe 'Mevlls" Were eoolv attired In erats aro unite,! f,,r 1.1.. tt,..i . .1 wit run c.
n cont of paint 111 fantastic desiiniH nv I hiivn not l..in fur ...i.ti,. .1 i .l No thinkiiiir man in this i..r.it..r..
i-r heir chests and baclcH, beaded tunc- republican disaffection In tho same can huvo fniled to wonder abn.it ti.lu
atiHwors that tlio
hnvo regarding
tProm Hiitiintuy s Dally)
Tho (llolie Silver Hell li.llk tlf liilli
Orcdh of Hii)h crowding tho nunl
tasIi.H 01. their font am a strip of cot Mates. In some of tho sotitlinrii states great "Mark." Tho a
ton cloth about their loins, but their demoi-ntts aro so dissatisfied with tho .t.t .1 1
maskM nnd headdress. feature I., tlnkot that H,..tr 1 it.,.. . ... i" ulliz,,"H ,,f '''"'"try
Uienisclves, wem of n hideosutiess that aro openly bntling It and uncnurngo- iM m,,n'K l"l'lrity aro various, but
bairie.l .Iem:riitlon. tnent is held out to ropiiblieans to hope they all have one answer in common.
11 watt over nt 1 11 triii imt ,.rt... n... r.ip vi,.i
vrowd had gono tho lire was piled high n this doosn 't niako for easy victory,
with fresh fuel nnd Ino Indiatm began Tho nsHortion thnt democratic dlsaf.
iignin, ilnniring Ihioui'h the niiht to foc.tiou in the snntl, u
Hhow tho (Iroat Spirit how thankful tho republicans may carry some of tho llo to throw off this phenomenon
II'.T thorn this year.' '"" 1 " SS Z,t '.'"r'lL:'., bK uf."nl IhU barnac.o l oHlco, In
'l I" '"'y bo.ll.tve, that this rnmalim trim that Chninnat. Mack and T W K KTnl 11,0 ,,"!,n1'
will be tun last Indian dance, as tho his lieutenant aro planning mi aggros- ,ll",nN f"!Hng within our sight. Wo
I!''!' ,rn b'rowing steadily more ro. five campaign In mure than ono stnto ,,' to Jemuud but ono faith and ac-
tir.ng and averse to porformlng their m'uth of tho Potomac. It would bo in- copt witnout ouestionln., when .rlvm,
religious riles befote tho whlto spec- terostlng to know Just what sort of In- ..t.i , K . K
fntorn. ' c. t.... .1 iw..r. A. .1 with cortuin author tv. n mol.it., i,...,.t
" ""y nuvi! uiai would lustily 1 . . . -
hucIi a purpose. Thoy cortalnly nro not y 10 " Im,n w,,nH" ,,fo '" iti.l aro
iniiiiiiiug suf.,1 a campaign without run. "H 1 I'ttntrolled by tho very in.
A.m. vol wit 1. nt-.. 11 ..1 1 I......... .. ... '
icresis Hint the peoi!e aro striving to
It has been said that history nroner
.. . . . 1 1
is ustitiny regarded us having to do
Holely with the deeds of men, but In
ward amid new surroundings take up
the banner nf progress here in thi new
territory, 111 wlme h'nr wc hse pii"
ed l.nt little !.e.iid tin threshobl "t
t,i.. pi.sil,li . Mistier Miii-r
fomi of ..or lni.K'rHt i. cxclmiigcs
r worried wr the fact thnt Rfllp.i
f'miH'ron i not bptter known in h
ranks of the "iinwr t.ndom." Mr.
( niniron is a idnln, honest, enterpris
in j Murker 11 mflh w:io tins tlillde II
success of hi own hifines n(Tnir in
IcKitimiitf ways. He h'i nt bceti
chronic nllicr ffckft, pobticnl paj
sucker, n stock gnmbb r. .r n volnry of
the idle life. Ills Pttern.v will be di
iccted in congrosn to doing whnt he
, cm for the welfare of the people of
it'Mii:i mil to playing poker, drink
ing I'liampngne and weiring n sw.illow
laili i oat. Mesa I'ree Press.
Ills Ncwott Hpochcs Rrsrordcd on the
The grnrr.illv expressed .-uriisity
to know nil the subjects the republican
candidate discussed in his speeches re
corded into the phonograph recently,
has just been gratified.
Fifteen subjects were discussed. Se
lections were recorded from the most
striking portions of his llrst address of
the campaign made at Virginia Mot
Springs, August 21st. The subjects re
corded are as follows:
The Itoosevelt policies
riiiictintis of tne next Vdministra
tion. Postnl Savings Hank .mil Their A1
Republican llespoiisibihty and
forma uce.
Democratic Responsibility and
The People Do Kule ami Will
Through the Republican Party.
iireaK rp the .son, 1 South.
Approval by Southern Dcinormts of
Itepoblicnu Doctrine.
Ihe I hit v of Southern Itenublicans
lowarn tiiiiepeuilenl 1 lemur nit.
I' .. reign .Missions.
Irish Humor.
Kepubliciiu nnd Dcai.M'ratif Trent
tnent of Trusts.
ihe I tumor and the Itcmiblicnn
I .1 1 I V,
Rights and Progress f th,. X,.gro
.lury Trinl in Con tempt Cases.
The Rights of Labor
tllilge I aft evident l .iiinr.i.iit..M it...
value of publicity and now bv tne
means ot the phonograph, his voice etui
be hciird everywhere in the laud by
millions of people who will never see
tits tace. Ihe more nerson.il the l nnti'l.
edge of William II. Taft ih.ss..p,I l.v
the Americiin iinnnln v...Ii .. .. 1
: 1 1 ".-.iiin-r ..rn,
ine more tint tne remi 1 icnn Met,. u- 11
tie to score victory at that Mm..
Htitidvertlscd things arc sold Home
times. Journal Miner want ads will
fell it quickly.
Instruments FUort .in Reported By The
ProtcoM, Titlo Co.
Ins. Ci. of North Vnierlc. A-
A"sn of Philadelphia appoint Martin
lei, Homo Cn. us n 1. 1
oe l.arsou ocateu .1 Mi
Albert llctitielt lo Mooi it
lames lllancharil. M. I ),.,.,!
lolcond.i Mine, Peck Disl.
.lames lllaiichun i A. It 1.,.., i,.
Vi.nltee (llrl Mill Site Water Right.
Peck Dlst.
bie Dr.iL'isn Nick Kti.tl,.,.,. . vt .i.
Ita.lnkovich. Hill f sale. Sal,,,.;, i
CIjiih II Hooker, R. M. Mu & uvs.
aM- Scoll W. ),,. mMt j()t
, ion. 11, Monitors Add. .lerome.
.Northern Assurance Co ,.f 1 1....
I .en k
iippolntH P. (I. Hrown ns Statutory Ag
hits. . M,mr,.( A(lmr , norl1,
Forrest .v ,,gh Chambers, M. Deed.
Dixie Placer, Wnlkor Disl.
Ar";,.r,,7 ,l.,'rrPH!
Anton Petor to .lohii Mnriner. M
r...l. I.i.tlo Tony Mine, WalC 'l
c ti, V"",,,,;p,.,ni: v w-(?- Mnr""H.
. Dee. . fir. nt. 11 vut.ti
Kingston, Damon. Volt,.... 1..-1.... V!
Souvorn A Tiue 'Fissure, ?( v
( reek Dist. ' v'".
Supervisor Imrnoy Smith arrived
homo last night, fioiu the Agtta ll-'rlti
valley, wnor
l'reel, n votoran
Slxly-ono yours ago vesterdav. Proel
niarcho.1 Into Mexico Oily, a member
nl llenernl Scott's coiiimiiiidt Prcl
n, yot wo have I ho word of nroinl
itent, Houthern ilomocrats Unit nil r.iiiun.i
So fur us Iiiih been renorted. I her U
ro ho conversed will, .lames 0I'm'l,,li"" '"' purl of tho dem
tnran of tho Met.n war. VT, ,r .''''I'turlt.g Pon...
land thoy do not take I
fought at lltiouii Visln mid In other 1-xpiU'it statemonts of belief
sanguinary engagement of iho MoxL 'v v 1 '"IV I 1 mt 1 ryM" wl" (!lirr'
mvIiviiiIm ' 1 111 1 II... 1 t. ..1 . ... ,1 J
.r, ;;.. ...v r,:" .. , ,,n,u . "' y the ens,, of Mark smith. i.ui.
............. mint.. oiiiKino 01 now l.tig-l t,,
,; mo i-llllroSN Or lllO
IMiited States, falls far snort of tho
ea war. Hewitt' oighlono years of mm 1 . . "'" . Duliana, and a
Insl June, lie Is Mil 1 1 as halo ami hoar- , " ' . ", r ,K r",l",,l rupubllcnii
ty oh many tiinu n ttiartorof a century H,a,''H 1,ll'!v" '"'i''1, l'l,.u'", l" ,,,,"-
.. .. ... .. . J eralic. " liiiiinrol " khI.......
youngei. Creel Ih eonlldent of living
10 mo country intirK. Ho is said to be
oii( of only tli rim veterans of tint Mux
Iddii wnr Hying in Yavapai county.
comproiionsion of the ordinary mind.
Iiuleoil, as has been said, true history
cannot begin tiulil imliyidual deeds bo
unfolded before nur vision,
It HCtilUH IIS If 11 iieoi.l.. Iii.1ii.i.l....ll.
Mining location notices for salu tit ml as tiro the ,,!!-... i.t.
tito JournabMlnor' ollicc. chnn.ro tl... envlr, ,' ' ,
n- . ...in I'll tor
initio "hopeful" column.
Robt. .1. Kaufmanii, .1. . wilen et
nl. It.corporate Newport Arizona Mi,.-
I ribby I,. Newport-Arizona Mg. Co
Ml I Ill-Dp
Sopt. 15.
.lorotno II, Hoover ,t wf. to .1. ,
Shaw, W. Deed.' Lots 'J, a k I, J''. V
M. O. Webb A D, I j. Dorlot incorpor
nto Loyvnnglin Hold. Mines Cmtiany
Capital Stock tir.0,000.
II M. Meek amends notice of loco
Hon of Vordo Rivor Water Right.
K. .1, P. Ilonio to Amelia flreenwald
W. Deed. I A. in N.K. t,r. of S.W. r'
. I, Twp. l.'IN, u. ov, '
Hen Hartwick et l. Iniorporatc Del
Monto (Jon.pnny. f'apltal Slock 10
000. '
Sopt. 10.
Tom Dougnerty o( nl. 11 Ic A IV, A
Work on Hillside Mine, Wenvor Dist'
Dr. Sims ot al. ill,, AIV. A. Work
.'I Minos, Martinez Dist.
.Juntos Reos et al. Ille AIT. A. WnrV
mi I Mines, We.ivnr Disl.
Win. P. Roberts dies Air. A. Work
on T. Mines, Hlnck Rock Dist. .
Southweslern Development Co lo.
entcs 2 Minos, Weaver Dist.
To the Repnl.lo in T inioiial Conenlioii of Arizona, assemble 1.1
AiiKiisl PIUS: " 1 U''
Vottr riimniitlw on Resolution presents the following report 1 . ,
The Republicans .r Arizona represented in convention nt Ph',,lxi
dny of August. I?'" pledge their hearty support to tin; nonm .. ,r
vrntiolt for Delegnie to Congress.
We ieiew with i itisract ion Ihe history of the ncompi:.!,,,
((tent party nf Wa'liingtoii, or Adams, ol Lincoln, McKinley am) It "!
otner ilisttiiLiii-lo d sluleMtien nnd parliot.i. The history of our .... ' "f.
prist lmlf centnn. teplele with glorious ncliieveiiieiits, cliaructerii'c.i 1,. . ,"
ll IIIHII-I III., lilt. ...... ""h .................. ,,v j,y II',.,.,, -
a recital ol tu ts ..I Repiildtian stntesmanship.
The Repnbli. .hi piuly is a ptogte.s.sivo party with its vision to the fr
initiciputo nml. as they present themselves, to mtccessfully sohc 11,,, ,1.')',
letns that will no itahly cmiioiit tis at every stage of tlio , ,.
iiu.iii... j..,... -.-.
II.. .1 .... f lia. nllil...!.. i.r III.. I l.l.llrwirn I t,. i.opI.. .
I Ml (III- .-...III... .ii.i I'.tllY mis net II ,
stritction mid opposition.
We eoiigrtilnlalc the people of this tuition upon tho assured ccrti,ntv t
election of William II. Tnft, and .lames S. Sherman, an nssnrancc lint ..
l.-.-"l.-. .., .IH" 1. IM... - ...V !IW'I11I SlgllS Of th. I
lion of our industrial ami commercial activities.
...! 1 1...I t .. . I I
in iji'.iz nis ess coiiuieui-e was nuiiKO 1 iiv 110 election nf - t.
.. ... ... ... ... . ... . . .....
i rcsiiieui upon .1 u.iih.iiii iiik'.iii iiiii i.iuii 111 nun nesiriicitvp ChnnffM in
connmie policies of die government, and that period of iloiireKsinn
. .. . . t .1. I. -..,! .. .1 I a , vwuiib
tlirougliotit I ik" wiinie 01 inai weiuticrniic iiiimiiusirniion.
In 1007 business conlldeiice wan ngnin shnkon, thin timo by tho imn,.ii
unco 01 iiiom! gin rinio-iiiiii iinn;ii r. uii.v nun iniiiiu mo lrpt)cnn nrt
party of progress ami prosperity, ha almost Instantly restored tonfiilcnr
nlready irisperit prevails tnrottghout tho Jnnd. '
With Diitsirtunttv to redeem their tdedtros to tho noonln nf At!,. ....
in every camtmiLMt for twenty-five years, hrtvlnir control of tho limi.t 1.
" , r. . - . " P.. "'.. C D
nt tun i crrnori.il LOivernmeni. ine iemocniiic nariv nnn stirnniiv fn-i
OUl HP promises 10 ine people.
We call nttenlion to tho nccomtdislimptits of tlm rtresnnt Tn.rit.t.i ..
.... .... . -, ........ . '.".I M
i.iimuun 111 iiriiiLTiiiiz iiiiour icioiio in iiuifciuin i.uiil iiitve inr vi.nrw 1,... .
......... 1 .. w " v"
cause or conipKiini ny mo pcopic.
Instead of a record or lirnkon promises whlcn marks the histnrv nf
nittc legislation in tins territory, too icopiiniicnn administration h.ui u
extent ami in t-pne 01 opposition eiiccten some ot tno reforms dcm.tml
. . . . . t , .. . ..1, . ..
lis conutici 01 putiiic nunirn uas neon ho occepiaoio 10 tlio pconlc tfcit
11... ..1.1:. t 1. ........ 11.,,.. ....... i..r t..i.i.
ji. -i.iii. .11 .in 1.1111 in iinnnln 1-. .-.111...K11 tun.. i;iti ifiutuu. r isriii ntrtfr.
l.i.m. l. ...n..K..l lli.il lln, linlilw .Inl.f linn linnn rnnnpi.il Ih. l...kl... .
liivi. lii'i-n li..h..ne.l. mill the creilit 1111. 1 renotntlnn nf In. Tn,.n... 1. 1.
.. . . .... .. ........ .. r.... 11.. .. . . .
iii.'in i' 1 it iiimoii. 1 111 iiiiv-i ihii lii'i-n iiiniiv i-ii 1 orci'ii. nn innr run .......
resources of the lerrtlory commauil the full ('onllilcnco of investors froj
parts 01 ine worm.
In HMl.i Ihe tax roll of the Territory was $1.1,000,000.
In inns it is .fso.t 100.000.
In 1.10,1 the Territorial tax rate was 0." cents.
In I'.Hii;. 1007, and HKIS it was 7. cents.
This result is due to the policies which navo distinguished fiovfrnnf
II. Kiiiliev s iiilmimstratioii.
Vi fi.t.l tlott Arix.iii.'i is tn In. iwintr ml nit. t ml ..tin.. It... ..-I.... Ht.t. ...
fion.ril fi.liinriist ml inn ..r II. i. nO'iir ..r tli., 'ri.rrllr.rt. ..I l... 1...m.i . i t
Itifeph II. Utbbey. He is uuilemiibly the ablest governor Arizona ever hJ.
During that ailmiuistration more than .f 100,000 hnvo been appropriate,
the const ruct ion of nililit i.nifil lniililinos nt tin. vnrim.u 'l'nrrli....ni .......
and contrary to the history or twenty Ine years, not n dollar of ttioncv n
...:n 1... 1..... . . ..i.:..i. i i ! '
- -' ... !., ...iii.viijiin nil..
t :.. .i.. .. .... , ... . . ..
u i cnlirr.'ir in. .hi ri..rriirmr.i...iw ii'.li. l.... .......I. I...... ,
. .- .. v - ..'.,-, .i,,n.-i I'llllllivs Ul
Democratic party.
Wn ttnlti.t'i. lli.il it iu 11... t.. n r. ...... i.... ..f .......M.....l I .. ...
- 1,1 in. iiin- .iiiiibii.i. ..i ji.t .-i ii iii vii i. to piTiire ii xii
equality of right before the law, ami equality of opportunity for the M
, ... ........... .at. ... . niiuiil in HMJ lliill lillilli fcllll rAlT'IAP JJI mi
countH for uooil iti.oiisliii ritul inlvninc of civllixntloii.
Win I"...,, i. .v.. tl... ...... ..lll...1....l.l..il .!..,. .
ii tmi. ititiu nn i in- iiiii iiii iiii l'liiirr iriziniuiiim nr iKirniniiiiraiinii i
tXPirnrnu hp Ii f tti tin ru nm.. ,i(r..a.tu t I. ..11.1 .... A I. i . .
Tub.! 1 ..... .... ..! t I . ll. . . ...
"'un, imr ii ii uir iiijut niWHi. iiin craniinr? lit n v itiinrosM Tithit ar nn
M-m null .nr uiniMniiiiiiuirv nr k nit i wouiu conicr riLruis or opoortun trj
ail) lllll MJUIM.
To thi'Ko t!iiiKS tlio UfiHililtcnn nariv of Arizona iiIoiIlts Unolf
Wit unit trrn ( nlfif I .nt t. wit t!.,. nf ... c .. .i.i.i.
iii iriii iii-iiiiii'. .iiiii iii' iiit'iit'K i it nunrii' nun unriiurnnr mniinti r r ih.
... . it i - .
rn j'.iriv vi .wi7.iMia io nrrdnipiimi mm onil.
ik ot it republican clnH cMTiitivt' anil a UVnnhllrnn fronini; thai it
.....I.. .'!!. .if. . . - . " . ' l
..-..... Miii ii in iiiii iiiiii" inr ti'iiin. it in rwnrri'iv n ikiiiuiu
!( I... t It ... . .!!! I . It . n 1 .. 1
If 1 ....I it . t.
of a Kfpuhlican ailniinihtratlon. for it Ih, and will for ynr nt Irani in fof(
It... ..nt. ....-.. I1...I .1 ... . . . ..
m.i ...It. In r.. M .1.1 ft.... ... . .
.! ..... 'v.,..: i... .i i.....r! . . " ".
, " ...v...... ...... if..., ... , f 't-llll.l. I .till. vAlvll.n l
ul.ll I.l 1 .. I . e . ,. .. . .... . .
" i" ."'i M wi-nioi-raiic iioiiso nun n uemocrtitic rcti.iie, niw n
i . "i i ... .. mi" ii. i ii iii-iin.iiriio iieiegiiio io v oiigrc" m" ;
is a vote for immediate and certain ami in any ovent remote to prolirmtt!
and in tiny event remote admission of our Territory tis n tttate We nuhautt
to the careful, nonpartisan patriotic consideration 'of trim Ari.oiiaiid.
111 ill l III illlll lllHlML ll Tlf l Tl Tin iilllinitnnhl i f n iiiii' imvl liiTitii
requiring that all coriioratious sellini slock for tlm niirt.oso of the nurclui
. .ii niiim- in in,. Kmss proceeds derived trout the sale or such stnrK, u
treasury of the company, to lie exclusively implied to Hitch purpiiM-i.
We fnvor a law seenri lift to itci'iiti'i ti I y nr irttuiiil liitiilu In Itnd 'lrritnrT
" i ' " " .iiii- ..in. iii. Mui; our ciiiiiiKiiiio i or ui-u'i;.u.' -
.rr.iui. In .iu.. ...... ...r.... ... .. ,. ... . f ..
... r. i-iii.n in xcriire ine immeiiinie pnssage itv udkh
nuch an act.
Wo idedge the Lest effortH of mir ..t.inli.l..i... r. ,t..t,.r.,ii. in r iuifriit
II... l....!ol...: i.i.. . . , ",,
... ..... ,. Ki.ntiim, iiiiMfiuiiiy in M'curo ii proper reduction of railromi irciRniu
ltl Ari7.illfi. so ll.r.l tlulr 1 11 t...i.....r ...... .1. a!
- - '" ...... ....... t.i..t ...' iii. ii iniT ri in l mi I mil iiiriitiiHr inn ii-riiiiu, v. .
-' ....... t .M.i iiiii ii l in it ii'tv criniiuiiz ii
mission in the 'territory of Arimm t,. 1,., ,i,...i..i...i i... it,., ..nmr. viik
power to investigate alleged discrimination,,, over chnrges and exorhlt.int f
. , ' mm' iiiu inn npiu y iiTMuun iiiki in iiiiim-"
io me tnierstate conimerce commission of tite United. States for propr
We favor tho grny.lng of cuttle and shepp upon lite government forM
nerve under proper government restrictions.
. . . " "-n " "inn itti it iiuiiiiHif I'll! in'rM .i i' r-
iii 111 l in iiiii rn r i mi itin til inii it. a ii .i . i i... nir9i
nnKlnwrn. J
t. . ..... ....
. , , i J i" ""ipi-urn an in invor or nun concur in, t"
.. . - r. ....,n a., iiiiaiiiiii, nun wti iiiriacr ueuuin' i"1 i.
icatt piiriy as iinaitornaldy oppoHd to tho employment of convict hhorU
ll.tilllim Si V 1.I..1.
..u....... ... iiiwiir OI);iltVil-S,
imiioMtig mat nil men are emml l.nfnm tl... i,.u nn.t il.or.t snnttM
It-, IHU ...t---.....l.nlhn
.-i.r inn i-.--'
Ill.'ice Mll'll I'liil.u .... tu.. lit. ..111...... n.l,n liW 01!
, , . " ' . .ill i-illlllllir Willi Clllf.l'lin i ...
......... ...mi .......in- nny.
AIiLKN T. TJ1H1). Chnlrmnn.
. (1KOIK1K tl. SMAliIiKY. Secretary
llcltnving that nil men are equal heforo tho law, nml there
iliHcrlmination In tho application of administration of the wiino, t
L'"ili y, ?L, ',:i'UmH ""'U im,ohm1 to permitting nny orgm
called "JI1," to dispose of liq,,,,,- Mt10t ,1 license, nml favor
it a law that will place such dulis on nn enimlltv wltli cltlrens vt
Archie r.oeklmrl to .1. V. Tnegor k
0. II. (Ireene, ,M, !)eoi(. Qr. int. In
IttioKtic & ll'ifer, and Third int. in Cop.
ler Holt, Copper MnH, Copper Cliff,
Hlnck Cat, Juniper Spring k Copper
I'nt Mines, Clate Creek Dist.
Sept. M.
I. II. Cross et nl. locate "
Hlate Creek Dist.
to l It U' t' S1'VH'V 'f.
I". 11. Werndkin, .wcr ,lf Altornoy.
Concerning Ho, r Ml,,,.. Wn liter Al.V
l,,,"' II Mines,
Charles Uussell
Chas. . Hhrickleford tn Kmmn Ma.
hurin, w ,,,,. m. H.W "of H
Iv , Sopt. 17.
D. .1. Th.impMon & Krail) .
jnteThu.idor.io.t Mine, ,aek v2yt
Unl.ort I.ee o ,nm ,. (( ,
"" M. Deed. ,t,00
I'ncle Han, Mine, UmhK u'
liondon and Ixiiictishire lfrc
"'"". V . ...... Th
iNick Hcltltiniltergfr to .lowpa
man, V. Deed. Ltd 1 1, !"'
A. 1). llarnhart to .Nf. .1. Mound);
1... . . ... ... ..... w. Alnfll
iii'i.n. i n i .nr iiik .r. ..---
Add.. I'rescntt.
.i. K. JCitssell el nl. meat" 1
Wnlkor Dist.
Unrry Fulton k wf. to FanU ft
It. If. c.n n n n..n.i. H. w. Qh'
HI, T. 20 N. H. (IK., nml N. T1
7, T. 10 N. H. 1 B.
Rnnt. IH.
. .. .. r ..t.r.
.1 I ll,..ll..... Anllll t' riM'UIU.'F
... , IllllltllJ , 111. 11.. i.
points Ilenrv Scliiitirmnii tltr'
.lol.n n.f.,. x. ...r H V S:
f'tinnighiim, v. Deed, tl" lM
111k. 1. II
. D, Arnold & .1. w. "fl "
Dollylmr Mine, Mint Vnlliv I"'1',
U' ii.. .ii.l.... i i I'n.itril
iiiiuniun lociin" .'
l...Al... nr.. .
i.iin-iwi mm, p,
a i .i w..i . i i . Al inc..
in. jrincii nt, at. locnie -
'ir Itasln Dlst. . t
linti in.. i. i victener, '
: i."' " .ii.
cm ion irnt,r,i,.u nikwcr
given L'-I-OH.

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