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(101 M QUEEN
f City News I
reat Activity In All
Warren District
, ptcinbcr 15. -All tho
lie Warren district nro
i lie Hit Hint im in tint
hs. The Copper Cjuci'ti
lines to ship an average
cir loads of ore dully to
Douglas, and throe cars
I tho Old Dominion at
the Calumet & Arizona
p between twenty and
i.irt daily to its mueller
Tin- .Superior and 1'ittK-
.. . ,i iniiL' between thirteen uttd
ii! r . ...
T new r' mi nil j i ii equipment, hi
. Sat i i Mi" Hiuui oi mo honour
fl nil .nv is in tinny use, out Ik
n.t Ti II II I II 1 I1H IM 1 1 llllY 11 9 LUU 1
....in Brief
t. '
... . i
lid Hiirlnir tlm next four
k a II Ik working steadily and
r .1 . 11...
. .... . I I III 4iri'l 111 LIlll Clllllllllll V.
- . 7. 1 " -
,U I in turn, of the Superior &
...i, i iiniiiiv. twn drifts worn be.
' . . ... 1 rrmii tin. inilil flint atti.
t I 1 kT 1 1 -A.
..i. . m m.iiiir fin. rvii. i iirm
. . i :i I I In' Hontson mine and No.
a j i ilv direction. No. a will
, Jn hi inertly under the shaft of
:e I ' .' from "1H uiiit the
t. I .iluml It. fill l"MII mil
T (
,, lies in the .Inaction eon
i in increasing richness. No.
i a the l.'IOlJ fot level has
r, i iii mutter, which .ins
i 1 1 n a font in width to two
'I i m s a soft sulphide mid an
i i ti and l.'t per cent copper,
r ' m being driven in order
i ,i' ore in winze No. 1! on
i About .10,000 gallons f
i f raised at the Junction
'I - ' ore body in the Del
n the 1 100 level is prov
i r i best in that mine. Tho
i ' ward the .lunetion at also
i. i ..ii i.i in the Lowell shaft
... r I I ...
; ' i , i r iuccn company, which
i . . i llonisnu.
V hcrine ii Arir.ona work is
t ; "i . I prosecuted in their in-
i...tii i...u ....... ii ...i fi ii.i.trii
I . ... r. ... MM... .........I.... !.. ...
t, ii Vi' matter and clay. The in-
citi n .tic very nivoramo lor soon
...... .1.. 1....I.. ...1.I..I. 1. n 1.Mnn
li ate I liv I lie changing rormation.
Tin- I. tie Star shaft of tho Warren
talr & )eelonmcnt company has
radii'd a ili-pth of 74U feet. Thu form-
tiio . linn'Ktone, with sinall iuanu-
t' iif fiiiin.'iiii.yi fitiil n liMli. irnll in
!'1U)FM. Hent. l'.-Tiie (lazette
. . . . . t
n i "i Mi iirini mo ureal umoau
An. na
I V 1 1 - nK mo lirluK eirciilated in the
-vh 1111 1 V 1 ,111V IVlliMtlf i....
viaM-r in t iinii ii iri7.itiiii iiiiii iitiini
wiux :inii the Malt Klver vauey. as
Huxal wmith is the orliinntor of tin
,.r i .r.. f i. t ki.iiiM
iiilt muni i w -
'lmnt tiny aizo Hturtod u petition
) I r il iitn.. Mmtlny i wii-4 til tr ii
,' t r;iiM ami rnpuuiicuun u
In tin ciNtitrn imporH tiuiro has Imii i
CI n l ,y. i.uu.a.. . .. iinlkliUll II1IIT
u ii' r i-iirti viir utitfiitt rviiiiK:iP4 inr iiit-
"i hiu rvitiij' . - - -
it a . t . i 4 1... i r..
-'"ii urn i-ii ii ii u tuiuvii mv
- in IM'lim I'll ill I' I U V " "
'ili'v that lio will coiro on to Arl-
rornr comitiir to Ariromi iiu'ans
im eu'M II lAlllltllla "I-"
ii'i inn iiieu stateiiooa m a i-crmm-
Homo from Hunt.
Walter I'ield arrived home hint nlht
fr.iin a limiting trip -in the Hells Can
yuii country.
Loft for Wickenburg.
l-esti-r .lai-kfiia left lait iiiylil for
tl WiHu'iilniru diMtrlcl mi a mine in
sped inn trip.
Homo from riaijstnir.
("From Saturday's Dally)
Here on BunlnoM.
.laineM Keen, the KooN (Julch caterer,
is here on business.
Mayor Visitor!..
Mr. ami Mrs. Ijr, ('. .lonci of .Mayer
are initinn in the eit v.
Jerome Attorney VJnltH.
(I'riim TtniiKiliiv , h,i))
House. Visitor.
Mr :. I,. s,ri f n,,,, , .
in tl .
Monica Visitor.
"7K; ' Martin i, in tho city from
mi- .uiiinni mine on imninew.
Loft for Oak Creek.
K. II. Meek left yimtenhy for a vis
it wini relatives in Oak I'refk.
Back from Parker.
Hrwm liner anived hniin vMinnlin-
afteriiiuiii trmn a liiiHiiiens mt t
Left for FlaKBtair.
Attorneys I'. W. f Si.Ilix mi mh.I
Ueese M. Idtij,' were outi)iii( paseii(,
ers yesterday fur I'lai-slair on pro
fissloiial business.
Wool Grower Vlsita.
John Nelson, who arrived here Tucs
lay from a trip throueh the Tuntn Na-
tional iForcst, joined .Mrs. Nelson here
und left on the afterniion train for
llolbrook, where he nas extensive
sheep and wool intercuts. Mrs, Nelson
haw been the Kiicst of her s'nter, Mrs.
r o. rerkins, lii-re a muritli.
Left for Home.
H. M. Lie left yesterday afternoon
for his Inline in (!nrtha(i', Missouri,
after a two weeks' visit here with his
brother, .1. II. Lee, of the American
A FlyiiiR Visit.
. W. I.cssard, tne Anna l'ria stock
man, miner and fruit raiser, paid a
llyinj business visit to the city yes
tcrdny, returning to .MeCnbe in the nf
Jerome Junction School Opened.
Mien .Mnnd I'erry opened a term of
the Jerome Junction School Monday.
Die attendance is only -1. due to the
prevalence of whooping coughl in that
village. The school will more than
double in attendance as son as the ep
idemic disappears.
Enjoying a Hunt.
Mr. and Mrs. (Jeorne t Kulfner are
uioyiiii; a hunt in the Megollon moiin
tahif. They are accompanied by James
.Merritt and M. McDonald.
Will luspcct UoadB.
Supervisors Hmitu and Harrington
will leave this mornlg for tlo Agua
l'ria district on a mud inspection trip.
Quo Day Only.
Dr. H. A. Aiton, medical director of
the Hi Irfi-Zonu Medical Company, will
lie at the Hotel Congress on Friday.
Back from Jerome.
J. .1. Fisher, general manager of tho
Fnitcd Verde Kxtension Mining Com
pany, arrived home last night from a
visit to the Little Daisy mine in .icr
tune, the development of which he re
ports progressing satisfactorily.
Back from Ban Diego.
ltev. and Mrs. Herbert Lathe of the
rirai r,iiriintlonal Church of this
a b -v-",- rs----
city arrived home last night from an
extended visit in Han Diego, minor
u in.
A Minn Iiurocction Trip.
John S. Uellly left last night for tne
Mnrtine. and Weaver district on
mine inspection trip.
Minn Manaircr VisiU.
Herbert Meany, gernval manager of
the Tiger Mine, arrived here last night
from his mining camp in the Uradshaw
Mountains on mining liusincus,
ntniiim- Officer Vloits.
Demit v Sheriff J. J. Cavannugh of
Humboldt arrived here last evening on
olllcinl business.
Revenue Officer Here.
v It. Crandall. deputy internal rev
tMiue collector, is here on ollicial bus
xtarV from Kirklaiul.
i u o'llnrn returned yesterday
41 1 lit I- " "
from tne Klrklnnd district, where he
has mining interests.
Home from Poland.
1). T. Hunker returned Inst niglil
fr.iin a short visit In Poland.
Left for Stmmonn.
n.mr..,. A. Carter left yesterday nf-
Kirnooi. for his stock ranch and ranges
.i . mill!.. ..mini viiiiev near mm-
III im iui"
It has been the rule of the federal
government for many years to make
appropriations for public buildings'
where it can be shown that the total'
amount of rentals paid for buildings'
neeessnrv for the iinblie cervire will
Attorney ( . II. Ilutherforil of Jerome total
Im linti! tin iirtifitfaiiii.ittit iuiul.i..Uii i r ti . ... i . . . a
it. itii.it- iv n.u.,11! ' ' -". oi i ue iiiiioiiiii ii ssiiry m ereii aim
' " niinivmi nrriveiii ncro iroill lIUniDOIUl.
nmiie last night from
a professional
visit iii i iagtiiM.
In from His Mines.
' '. McNnlty is in the city from his
mines in the Copper Creek 'neclion of
hi- llas'iivampa district.
Uroom Creek Visitor.
M. .1. Ilalloraii is in i.m i'itv fr.nn
I iniiiiiliiiii mti-li ii IniiliHiiK 'IMiIk in l.ii
Mr. and Mr-. Ilermaii Srhwiiiibeck simple reason whv Arizi has reciveil
oi lliimlioldt are visiting in the eity. a verv handsome nppropriation for a
Homo from San Diego. 1 p,j,: iildliig in I'lioeni.x.
' r,!v!.rri. ,M rr""m"K ,,.1,'V, " l"".wl,,lge of .his f,-t that
. l ri, ,,,:,."i.r"".' " """'r "",i,l,.a..s.,l the inner .Militical circle of
win f.:.. IMmeiil to secure the location ,.f as
tiki jiuiivu IU1 TT IW1W1I U II I J,
Cat Itnoiiev
his mines in (lie (iroom Creek section' has mining interests
mi a short business visit. J Hack from tho South.
Home from tho Drairoons. ' Doran arrived home yesterday
II. O. Kennedy arrived home jester M""" " i-I-tii trip in the
day afternoon from a mine in ction I ZZ oil ' Tr to. "
irip in i ue nragiinu Mountains
rurclinning Supplied.
Al Vroom is in the eilv
..ni....- ..- r...l.....i 1
,, , .... tl, I t. . . i . inilil. 1.III..--I . l-.ll-l II I iriilililllll-l n ii--
i, W Z, , Vp ,H,;ml7 "'K " possilde in IM nix. It was this which i
- ' r,f ''"''K 'llHl XV,",r,' '"'.cuiised them to secure the consollilati.... .
Tlie r!f nncstllnhtcit
and most tomiortaDic
Atllic mc Wmc.
thcitpcst In the
end jecmisc 11
Vit'nrs loiujcat A
39 Evcrjwhcrcf ,
Every garment
wntcrproof Cotolog ticc
from his
Homo from Trip.
Lester Jackson arrived noimi yester
day afternoii from a mine Inspection
trip in the WickciiburL' district.
mines at Cold Springs in tho Thumb I Homo from McCabo.
Matte district purchasing supplies. K. d- Wager arrived home last night
Homo from tho Springs. , " tw" weeks' visit in .McCahe,
Charle.s Sanders arrived home yester-1 lY"'"' i"' niiniiig it.ierestH.
iv ..ft........ r f..i.. ir... ui..: 1Io' from 8n Diogo.
Mrs. t. 1. rayne and son, Miikoii
I'ayne, have returned from n ten
weeks' outing in San Diego, Califor
nia. Left for School.
Henry F. Adams left yesterday for
the Itolla, Mo., school of mines, where
he will continue his studies the coming
Visited Ash Fork;
W. A. Drake, vice president and gen
eral manager of the S. F., I'. & I'., vis
ited Ash Fork yesterday on railroad
Registration Deputy Appointed.
II. Sc.hiierman of Oak Creek has been
appointed a deputy recorder by Conn
ty Mecorder Mradbury for registration
Bridgo Builder Returns.
Archie (Irani returned last night
from Dewey, where he recently finished
the new wagon bridge over the Agua
I-rin river,
day afternoon from Cnstle Hot Springs,
where he filled n summer engagement.
Homo from Hunt.
Deputy SherilV John Merritt nrrived
home yesterday from a hunt in Lie
Verde valley and Mogollnn mountains.
Stopped Ovor Hero.
I'. C. Paddock of Phoenix stopped
over here last night on his way home
to Phoenix from a business visit to
Mine Manager Hero.
Jack I'arrell, general manager of
the New F.nglnud Arizona Mining Com.
pany, arrived here last night on a
short business visit.
Visiting His Family.
l)x Sheriir John L, Muuils arrived
lioine last night from his stock ranch
in the (iranil Canyon country, on a
visit with ills family.
On Railroad Buslncwi.
jtuiil loputioii of the land olllces at,
i I'noeiii.x. It was HiIk whi.di moved
them to secure the removal of the sur 1
ve.vor general's oflice at IMioemx as(
uell as otheis, liccaiiH1 they well knew I
that as soon as the rentals paid by the J
government would exceed a certain
amount, mi appropriation would be
made for a public building.
If the public would like to know
what iulltieiice secured the appropria
tioii for the erection of a federal build
ing at Phoenix, inipiire who sccurtsl
the concentration of the federal offices
there. If it was Mark Sinltn, then
what has Presrott and T'icson to say
on this subject Misbee Miner.
1 j I'VIP'O Pi
'., tl - AIM AN
txN 1 PA" Wn-J
1. .-ri-lfVi XiilJ
ah irisv
i I n,n
f Tl
Til 1. ?. A
irt eioHotA
(From WednetWIft'i Dally.)
Vranli Hluidier made a small ship-
i iiiiii riiuu iiiu iiimii
"n mine yesterday. Ho lias a iarg"
onniig, of ore of milling grade oxpos-
"i- iiiiiin nun on mo hmihj
T lllli . i .1 .11.. ..I l..Anlli..lll III
1 ' one oi i no oiuenv mummi"
inn iliitn.. ii..i.ii ii id iiiciiieii
V i
m II,.. i, ti ..r ii... ......,. iiiiiueen
",0 lliissavaiiniii River and Slate
A . . . .
'.reik ii t .1. l... iin lmtiiireil
,fet 'f tuuiielH and several snallow
'"ifb, 1. ,,,. will retiiril to the
""" today whero he will continue jhh
'i,t:il!,,,,L. tl.. !u wnrlrlnir It UIIlltT
. ...!.., I 1 U .......f,
A'l announcements. Klylna tho date
""1 hour of funerali, will be charged
f' it tho rate of $1.00 for tho first
'"crtlon and 60 cenf additional for
Left for Home.
m. ,.n.i Mrs. William N'dlls
yesterday afternoon for their i.o.ne in
Home from Hunt.
Karl Sanford and Ollie Jordan have
returned from a three days' hunt in
the Verde vauey.
Entertained Friends.
Mrs. .1. A. I
'"V" " . ... .., ,...,1, friends at
allien a iiium-i . ,
l..v at their home in West
iiiiim-i ,,.n....-v - ... .......
Present! in honor 01 .1......
... -r, im Iii for a VISIV
left on me iu-i" .
... ....... t....u nf Lis old home in Pitts
Willi rriiiii"-"
Iiurg, Pennsylvania.
(From Friday's iwlly)
lr.v.ln Vlirftof.
Uiu, , .... , ,..., Verde
(CV. I- ie".l".
is visiting i the city.
. tTl..UAra
Del Kio visit""" . .
Mr. and Mrs, Jlenry SUelton of Del
Hio are visiting in the city.
Minlnir Mu Visits.
mt Itafcor, the Cherry Creek nun
JlIK man, is here on mining buslnes,.
Ticft. for Fhoonlx. ,
. .....Lr was an outgoing pas
J er tali -St for Phoenix on bus
o.v from the Bradshawa.
loi.n Hartin has re
. ,vx' " ended tour of the
turneii imm . j.nl
. . i.i.,a wiiere lie
Hrndsunw mouiium'".
u.iuluK interests.
Homo from Tour,
Under Sherllf W. M. Nengle arrived i
linine yesterdav eening from a tour
of the eastern part of the country, in
haling tho Verde valley and Jerome.
Injunction Modified.
Judge Sloan modified the temporary
Injunction granted on the petition of
I. W. Sullivan by Court Commissioner
I. M. W. Moore Tuesday, restraining j
Albert Jones from finishing the re
construction of ti dam in Table Mouu
tain wash, in Flagstaff yesterday.
Jones will finish the dam as soon as
Hero from Michigan.
Mrs. W. II. Sargeant arrived here
last night from Michigan on her way
to Mayer, waere she will join her hus
band, Dr. Sargent, who located there
in August.
Pawed Through.
T. W. Waumler, who has mining In
terests in the Weaver district, passed
through here yesterday on bis way
home to Los Angeles from a visit to
his properties.
Loft for Holbrook.
Attorney (lenenil K. S. Clark was an
outgoing passenger yesterday after
noon for Holbrook, where ho will dis
cuss the politieal Issues at tho republi
can rally tonight.
Back from Fhociiix.
John Lewis, a pioneer teamster and
bridge builder, known all over the ter
ritory as " Forepaiigh," has returned
here from a short business visit in
Phoenix and tho Salt lliver valley.
Frobato Business.
The inventory and appraisement of
the estate of J. M. tfapeda was return
cd, filed and recorded in the probate
court yesterdav. The estate consists of
cash and personal property appraised
at SIM.
Bounty Hido Contribution.
II. J. Perry, tne Agnn Frla stock
, i ...... .....!.....
man. who ari.veu uero mie .-um-n
lav evening, contributed the scalps
and hides of seven wild, rnts to the
hoard of supervisors bounty hide col
lection yesterday.
Left for Homo.
Mrs. Olga Thompson left yesterday
afternoon for her home in llagstatl
after a pleasant visit here with her
friend. Mrs. Men Powers. Mrs. rowers
Accompanied her to Ash Fork, return
itig homo last night.
Hero from Hillside
John Roberts, of Hillside, who nr
rived here yesterday afternoon, says
that the Copper Creek Development
Company Is hauling lumber to its camp
in tho I'.ureka district to lie ..fen in m
building the company's compressor
t.iiil.iln., recentlv destroyed by lire.
Tne lire Is believed to have been caused
by lightning.
Fttidiionahlo Tailor Here.
Hob Irlne. the fashionable tailor,
who has eiijoved a wide patronage here
the last twenty years, Is again In the
,,iiu ni nun of bis periodical visits.
His line of samples, Including under
handkerchiefs ami wearing up
paid of all kinds, includes the latest
In evnrv no. lie will remain nnn
three days.
aun Fluhtor Jnllod.
Il-Vllclo Morello. who assaulted two
fellow countryme.it yesterday morning
at tho Puntenney lime kilns, was long
...I in the county Jail nere yesterday
His trial will take place before Justice
of the Peace McLa.ie here this after
.mm at ii o'clock. Under the Inlli.enro
of liquor, Morello bent tho two Mexi
cans over the head with a pistol, in
Meting painful nod ugly wound.
Whnt has been afcomplisned by n
democratic congressman from Arizona
In twenty jearsl
Contrast it, when you find out, with
the last four years of republican rep
resentation in congress for our sister
territory of New Mexiro, which in
eludes nit appropriation by congress
for $1011,11011 for a federal building lit
Albuquerque, nlnce increased by $.10,
000; ll'jri.OOO for a federal building nt
lloswell, .t:iO,000 for the irrigation
congress soon to lie held nt AlbuqiHT
besides many important bills rcn-
the territory
P. P. Hastings, general freight and cft for Jerome 'j'"'' " m ,,."M,"M
assenger agent of the S. F.. P. k P.,' ,i .. '''""I'1'"11' K"nl "'"IT "f T""
, , , ,. , . . ... , I the llnynes topper (ompinv, left yes-1 and to individual citizens.
;l,:;;,rl ,;:;:!:i"X...:":", "' - " ; H a
: School Teacher Visits.
Mtcured mi-
I nor appropriations, but they have been
Miss Maud I'errv. teacher nf the obtaineil liy memorial anil petitions
Jerome Junction schools, arrived here; mid lobbies of boards of trade and lo-
last night to spend Saturday and Sun i ,.., mitliorities.
.I.... .. I I. A...I h I ...... I
Rmintv Illiln Contritiiittnn. '" " ' '''
C. J. MeNuItv contributed the aide "'ay lie sure to vote right November X
and -calii of a llassayampa wild cat to i Let the record of republicanism rcprc
the lioanf of Miiervisors' collection of M,ting nciiievements and progress be
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for the oflice of Supervisor of
Yavapai county, subject to the ffpprov
al and action of tne County Democratic
Nominating Convention.
I hereby imnon.ire myself a candl-
late for the oflice of supervisor of Ya
vapai county, subject to the approval
and action of the County Democratle
Nominating Convention.
for surrr.vi80R.
1 hereby mnonnre myself as candi
date for the oflice of supervisor of Ya
vapai conntv, subject to tho approval
and action of the County Democratla
Nominating Convention.
For Supervisor.
1 hereby announce myself ns candi
date for tne oflice of supervisor of Ya
vapai county, subject to the approval
mid action of the County Democratic
Nominating Convention.
I hereby announce myself as a candl
late for the nomination of sheriff, sub
ject to the action of the county dc.no-
ratic convention to be neld till fall.
bounty wild animal hides yesterday
Will Visit Ilclatlvcs.
Mrs. Joseph (lordon and Mrs. (ienrge
Cross were outgoing passengers last
night for Skull valley, where tiiey will
visit u few days with relatives and
Back from 'Ranch.
(leorge A. Carter returned here last
night from his stock rai.cn und ranges
in the Williamson valley section, where
he reports, feed good and cattle in
iprime cnnilitlo.i.
W. S. Adams, editor of the Jerome
Mining News, arrived here last eve
ning on a stiort visit. He will leave
Sunday for .. hunting trip in the Ma
zatzal mountains.
District Attorney It. '.. Morrison ar
rived home last night from Williams,
IFlagstafT and "Winslow, where he de
livered speeciies nt the Cameron rallies
held in these (daces in the last three
clearly before you on that day and re
gister your approval of its disclosures
(Ilobe Record.
Under the provisions of the new pi
tnl law, effective January 1, 1008, no
newspaper will bo permitted to pass
through the mails unless paid for in
advnucc. In conformity therewith
the Journal-Miner will be obliged to
shut off all subscriptions that are iu
arrears, and in order thnt subscriber
may know tho ctntus of their account!
and not bo discontinued, statement?
will bo mailed to all subscribers wno
are either now delinquent or who arc
likely to become, during the noxt week
lor so. In onlcr to comply wiwi inc
FROMINENT JEROMEITES HERE. ' law subscribers to tho daily should pay
Tom Taylor, superintendent ;of the
United Verde smelters, and J. J. Shnw,
Hiiperinrendent of the United Verde
. -a I ..i -1 ......11.. t .. t. . I . i n n n nti.l
al luani lurt-u mumim in uu uuii., Mu.
weekly mbscrlbvrs for the same period
mine, arrived here last evenig from the
Mig Mug district, where ' they have
mining interests, on their way homo to
the Copper City. They will leave for
home this morning.
Full Associated Prcaa dispatcher la
the Journsl-Miner.
For Sheriff.
I hereby announce myself as candl-
late for the office of Sheriff of Ynvapal
County, subject to the approval nnd
action of the County Democratic Nom
inating Convention.
For ShentT.
Humboldt, Ariz., May 27, '09.
1 hereby nnnunnce myself as a ran-
dldnte for EbcrlfT of Yavapai oounty,
on the democratic ticket, subject to ap
proval of the Democratic convention to
bo held in Prescott some time In Sep
tember, 1008.
Have your kodak pictures finished by
tho new process. Metier negatives,
better prints, quicker returns. Wo use
only tho best grndes of paper. Giro
us a trial order, or sond negative for
frco sample print and price list. Ad
dress, Kodak Finishing Co., Flagstaff,
Arizona. w.
The Industrial and
Mining Edition
Is Now Ready For Distribution!
4. .j. 4. 4.
A handsome, 64-paRe, illustrated special edition dealinK
with the Industrial and Mininij conditions of Northern Ari
zona, principally Yavapai County.
Contains G4 pages of valuable information regarding the
Mining Industry of this section of Arizona, illustrated with
photographs of various mining properties in this county.
Special articles, written by eminent mineralogists, deal
ing with the geology of Yavapai County, Statistics concern
ing the annual output of Arizona, as compared with other
states and territories; maps of various mineral districts, etc.
Printed on a superfine quality of hook paper, with hand
some cover of a sepia brown, on a tinted background.. Al
together one of the most exhaustive and instructive Special
Editions ever issued in this Territory.
Krtnbllshcd in Colorado, 1W0. Sample" h
iiihII or eiiire ns'clve prompt and careful
attention. Oold And Silver Bullion
Refined. Melted and Assayed or Purchawsl
Concentration Testa luo lbs, or Cat
lMtd Lot. Write for Terms.
1H.17M LnwreiiMO St. DKNVKH. COLO
mum nmjn
Staa4w rastHy tor SlMt,
fiaaarriMia aaa RmmIdm Mtrtl
"S H)lrtWlMlfIIHW,
Notlco is hereby given that the un
dersigned, owner of the Neiman group
of claims, and located about 30 mile
west of Hillside and adjoining the pat
ented claims of Lawler k Walls, In
the Eureka mining district, Yavapai
county, Ariz., will not be rcsponalbla
for debta of any kind contracted fot
labor and Improvement on said prop
erty, whllo It Is being worked on da
liy H. J. Gnash, attornnylo-faeL
Five cents additional to cover cost of mailing,
coin or stumps.
Journal-Miner Publishing Co-
Notice Is hereby given tlist tha un
dersigned owners nf the mines known
as tho Lute, Compromise, lllnck Mesa,
Aztec, Oold Note, I own, Maine, Olym
pin, Vesuvius, Surprise, Cvnter and
Oregon, nud th Improvement, ma
chinery, nnd tools located thereon, all
at and near Rlchlnbur, Ynpnl County,
Arizona, will not be rrsponilhle for
debts of any kind coutraefrd for labor,
supplies or Improvements on said prop
erty or any of It, while it Is being
workod under a contract and lesse, and
thnt said property Is now being worked
under such contract and Inasir granted
to C. W. Mitchell. Dated (his 1st day
of Mnrch, 1007.
By Hunter M. Meriwether, Pres.
By Hunter M. Meriwether, I'im,
First publication, Martk 20, 1U0T,
lai ...1 . I 1 1. . . r. f
ouoBequeai iDieriib.4 w"u"

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