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Weekly Arizona journal-miner. [volume] (Prescott, Ariz.) 1903-1908, September 23, 1908, Image 8

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taov. nraiit
OF SIX Willi
mwin int
EXHIBIT oily News
in Ml
v. ...
Crock is
ONIjY apathy and oveh CONFI
'I'llMl Itlllpll ( 'lllllI'MM Will Will till'
rliri" f or ,iIik:iIi' In ongicss nil the
liit ix tin- firm belief of Hubert I!. Mor
rl.xiin, wlni Iiih just ri'liirni'il to Prcs
Mitt lifter accompanying till nominee
on ii spceni m ii k i ii tour thioiigh the
principal towns of the lour northern
counties. Only iiiic tiling can prevent
ii great republican triumph November
3, according to Morrison, mul Unit Ik
ovit conlldenee. If the election was to
take place tomorrow, Cameron would
come to the range between Yavapai
unit Maricopa counties with over lSIMI
plurality- over Murk Smith.
"I it in not in -the habit of milking
palitiral liottfllM. In fact, I believe 1
Inive tin reputation of being rather
conservative in nial.iiji; claims before
the vol
litM evening
vineed of n politcal outcome In ml
viimv of Its hnppcniug, 1 ani thorough
ly eoiivinced tnnt llnlpli Cameron i
going to win Ii in tight by an overwhelm
ing majority.
"Cameron lii'M four big meetings
while I was with him at Kinsman,
Williams Flagstalt' anil Whitlow. In
all tin politeal campaigns in whieh I
have taken pail. I never witnessed
such enthusiasm as that which 1 wit
nessed at the ('timet on meetings. We
wen- met at the train at eveiv town
we visited by lu delegations of tne
lending men of the town ami section
iiml escorted to our lintel. The reeep
tion riimmittccs were moi partisan in
their nature, hut cure of democrats.
tes art- wNt,' until .Mr. Morrison
.'filing, "lint if I wan over eon-
SHKK.MAN, Toxic.. .Sept. III. -Mr.
Mary .Iniineriiiaii, of San Francisco,
thli afternoon poiitively identified Kill
llatllelil, in the (I ray son eoiinty jail, as
James I', Dunham, wanted In San .lone,
California, for the murder of nix per
At tne time of the murder in May,
1S1M1, Mis. '.immerinnti elainiH to have
lived just outside Sijn Jose, a mill)
from the place where the wholesale
daughter took idacc. After much per
suasion Mrs. Ximmcriunn consented to
go to the county jail, and sco if she
could identify Hatfield. At the Jail
when Hntflcld wan brought into the
room where Mrs. Zimmerman preceded
him, Unite present say he allowed uvury
sign of recognizing the woman, than
wouldn't notice hrr any moro. Mm.
Zimmerman, after a careful look, le
ctured the man was undoubtedly Duo
ham. ,
HAN JOSH, Calif., Sept. U.-Thc
new that the Texan suspect, Hill Hat
Held, had I n positively identillnd as
.liiines (', Dunham, has created intense
excitement nere. There has for twelve
years been a standing reward of tlO,
j 000 for the arrest of Dunham by Santa
i Clara county, and other rewards nITer
. ed bring the atiiount to $1 1,01111.
Dunham's crime in May, IMJHI, is ,n
'oiinteil as the most fearful In the an
j nals of California, not oven ex
mtinv of them Hie U knonii men of . 'P"K m... no tine in inier m .xiinnie
Northern Arizona, look Cameron ,v i V ' ItlMtielio l.iunont liy I 1im
the hand and pledged him their sup r"' Dnrrant in a church in Han I ran
port ami votes. .Scores of leading dem Jsl pr'',,dinK the Dunham crime,
oo.rnts are inakini! no secret of their Dunham, who belonged to a very lnKn
intention of Mii.i.ortinir Cameron. I.V respecte.l ramily of this county.
l.elieve that Smith himself is hurtini,' m,t 11
l.lif fH .n,?finiH mnrn f,nvl.ii!' . ololiel l(.
I -""
ele. I was told liv men who attended
Collection Increased
Over a Ton Of
.! iii.I
(Cioiii Tuoj-ilay s iMIIyi
With live tons of Yavapai i-mnity t xviiiiitu; Man Here
i I'f 'in sunii.i
l'ol.ind VlntU'r.
.1 r Tai I I'
in t i" '
Ash Fork Vldtor.
IVii II. dl. ha., "i I'"' ' ""'
in the il.
l'liocnlx V)ltor.
Mrs. D. . Seaman (
the uiii'sl "t friend i" 'h.
Visited Hero Yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. I.. S. .dwell of
I !..! f ' I 1111. vi. lei here M-irniuy
inineral exhibit from the territorial.
fair grounds in ' nix, three tons of
the mineral treasures of the new cop
per country tributary to the Arizona
and California railroad and itjriciiltur
al exhibits from the Halt River valley
in a fiixty-foot express car, Fair Com
inissumer A. A. .luhnM arrived here
yesterday from Phoenix on IiIm way tu
the Albuipicrcpie exposition and nation
al irrigation congress.
He added another ton of the Vhv.'i
p.ii exhibit to the collection here and
.stopped over today liefore continuing
on his way. Copper bars and ore
from the United. Vordo mines weighing
an additionnl half ton were loaded in
the car at .leroinc Junction.
Accompanying the exhibit front
Wickcnburg was u barrel of llassa
yampa water taken from the historic
stream, the history of which is en
twined In the romances and tragedies
, 1'liicerit.i iiitn-
l.iiiini-SS visit.
from n visit
dav.s. The barrel is var
his meeting fat Wiuslow or Williams
that lie made the statement that later
in the campaign the territorial commit
tee would issue a pamphlet which would
Ire m-nt to ewry voter setting forth In
detail the many things he has accom
plished for Arjzoha in the past twenty
"All over t1u north the voters ant
wonderinir whv Mark Smith, if he is
mo tilled with the record of his nc.com
pllHtimnnU, does not pit them out,
The repuhliojiiiM have raised that issue
In the territory and the men who have
nttuuded Mtrk Kmltu's meetings have
Httcndnd uiierjng (o hear Hmith'.s an
ftwora t t(je r)l!)ciin charge that
lie has dun ii nothing, anil that Ids olflce
hiiKjIieen Ireutca! oit n dlpncure.
"At thp (jamernii meeting evflry
hull wan crowded t U capacity ami
many were ujiiiblu ti gain attendance.
People drovu iuiuty miles to attend
mid uMtiro Ifalpli CamcriMi that they
were tired of twenty years of nothing
done, and that tney intended to iilacn
him in eongruHH and then expect him to
In things for Arizona. Especially en
thusinstic wni tin) meeting at Wiunlow.
Then the finoru Iiiuiho haH a Keating
capacity of 400. Hvery neat was occu
pied, the uislttH were tilled and ninny
could not gain admission. There nlso
ma,ny dmnoc.ratH came (o Cnineron with
pledges. of mi'ijulrt. I found that the
young nieii of .northern Arizona aro gn
ing to Cameron in n body, it is not
becuuse Rh Cnpi;roii In a rcjiubli
cau, but tnu jfiipe 111 the north know
him mul they bolinvn in him. The Idea
Iiuk gotten abroad throughout Arizona
that Cameron is a winner, and mice
thit idea is (Irmly seated in the minds
if the people you euii ml more stop any
mint's trhimvji' thar'sou run htop a
great river rr'ilehlngMhe sea,
. "Mark ainilttVcauipalun Is 'pattern
I'd after that '(If his muster Hryan. It
is iinytniiij; to catchy viites. Whjr, he
nven had tle in'idai'lH' In' line -of his
meetings ifjf liorth to tell the farmers
that if Til ft Is elected ainl ii republican
ffSngrcss, the tarilT is to be so revised
us to place wool on the free list. 1
'would like nothing better in this cam
paign than to take the stump with
Mark Smith and answer his own argu
ments. Ho would defeat himself by an
overwhelming majority. The .tnreat
of :i republican congress putting wool
on the froo list makes one think olio
of two thliigH either Mark Smith Is
siitferliig from wifteitlng nTJlie balm
or else he imagines Ills .Northern Art
zona wool growing hearers are them
helves KufTerinir from iinreKirrf In IHU.'t
the Cleveland congress put wool on the
free list. Will Arizona growem ever
foriret the cniinouueiieeiif The wool
iirodiirt of Arizona rotted in the ware
itoiife until McKinley and a republican
congress roMorod the duty and wool
leaned many cents In price. The wool
groweis have been milking money ever
since. Yet M.irlt Smith lias the nuilac
Ity to go before a wool growing con
tditucnev and elaiiti that the repuhli
can congress and president are going
10 take away the prosperity a repnii
1 1 cti ii administration has given them.
"Cameron, as 1 stated before, will
win uiiil win big, If the republicans
only take olf their coats and work un
til election day. The only danger now
Is apathy over conlldence, Cameron
is making a campaign unprecedented
in the history of Arizona. Ho leaves
Springervillu Monday on a horseback
trln of I-.'i miles tnrouuh the wildest
i it i in it t ii i u section of eastern Aiiznua,
, ending up at Clifton. He will meet
bundreds of voterH who never liefore
-and he'll
to the home of his father in law.
P. McOliiieoy, murdered Mr.
and Mrs. MrOlincey, Mrs. Dunham,
the murderer's wife "and Col. McCliu
cey'.s daughter, Mliine Shessler, a hir
ed girl, Col. McGlincey's stepson,
.lumen Wells, and a hired man. Mc
(iliuccy mul Wells attended a fraternal
meeting at the town of Campbell,
about two miles from the Mcdlincey
homestead. In their absence Dunham,
who was a student nt the Catholic
college at Santa Clara, went to the
Mcliluicey hou.su mid killed the three
women with nrf fixe. Then he lav in
wait for the men mid slew them with
the same weapon.
After the deed, Dttiiimm mounted n
horse mul riding at top speed, passed
iireouy inrougli tlie city of Han .lose
mid esrapud into the wild mountainous
regions surrounding .Mount Hamilton,
on wnicli tlie ijtck UliHorvntory is lo
eated. liefore daybreak hundreds of
men were on his trail. Two dayn nftrr
i ne man msappearcil into the mountain
fastnesses, a shot was heard mid un
hour later Dunham's puny emerged
from tne hills onto the road. It was
supposed that Dunham had committed
suicide, but a thorough search of the
entire reuiou failed to reveal his
Since then scores of men have been
arrested in different parts of the world
on suspicion of being the murderer,
The only person spared by Dunham on
the night of the tragedy watt 'a is year
old baby which was found sleeping
peacefully in a crib where Its mother,
grandmother mid nurse were lying
with heads crushed by the murderous
I lie .Mcdlincey faintly were among
(he best known in California. Col.
Mcdlincey had charge of the Hnntn
Clara county Horticultural exhibit nt
the Chicago world's fair, waH president
of the (Image and mi authority on
agri-ultiire. Dunham had rnparutud
irom ms wire ami revenge is supposed
to have been the c'nuse of the crime.
His relatives changed their name to
coDli, one bountiful sinter died of it
broken heart.
nw n delngalo to congress an
j;ct all tjioir viit)H.; HnMl win
Cameron's successful onslaught up
on the stronghold of the Democratic
candidate among the old-timers and
miners of the different large camps in
the Territory is creating consternation
in the camp of the Kelly syndicate,
ami it is now reared that the expect
mit reward from their work In report
ing "great" crowds that hear Mr.
Smith will not materialize, fur the de
feat, of their candidate becomes more
mid more certain each day. Tucson
iiished, with golden hoop.
(Prom Tuesday a Ii'itlyi
Disgusted with Jits experiences in
Nevada, W. M. Campbell has returned
to Presentt and purchased his former
business here. In conversation with
several friends yesterday he said that
business conditions in tne Sage (Irtish
State were worse than reported mid
that thousands of people were ttucklug
from tho country, many penniless.
Miners are deserting their holdings,
leaving their house furnishings and
personal belongings behind and he saw
instances where saloon keepers left
their business places for other parts
with the doors open and stock of goods
at the merry of the public.
He met many former residents of
Prescott In ids travels, who expressed
ii longing to bo here again, many as
sorting that they expected to he here
in time to vote at the coming campaign.
,1'iuic late hist
Charles Hyder says that during his
recent trip to PrescoM lie heard consid
erable talk of a railroad from Wick
eubiirg through the mining country
east of here. This is one of the good
thlngi promised us by Frank Murphy
a few years ago, mid if it comes now
or soon, It will be welcomed mightily.
A road from here to Hriggs mid con-.
nectlng witit the Crown King ron
would give Wickcnburg a great otitlt
as well as inlet, and would make fotr
gateways of commerce for the tovfij
mo ta ik may ne premature, nut 1 1'
seems to bo persistent. Tho route ji
been declared as feasible by railrifcid
men. We need that road and we neVd
a smelter. We must have the smelte
before another Is started at any point,
in which event such an institution for
WIekehbiirg would be delnyed for
years. The way to get a smelter is to
go after it. It is rumored and with a
color of foundation that the town will
soon be supplied with a sampling
works. This will be a groat benefit to
tho miner mid prospector in tiio coun
try as they can find n ready tnarJtet
for their ores mid it will also viu:our
ago the development of many proper
ties now lying idle. Miner.
i; i:. M.'Uillcn, th
my mini, is here on a
Homo from Dctivor.
l Fvarls has retoiiod
uith relatives in Deiixer.
Home from Klrkland.
.lohu Stephens armed home yester
d.av from a short business visit in
Kirk land.
Homo from Visit.
S. W. Hogue arrived home yesterday
from a week's visit at tho "Har Dia
mond" ranch.
Back from McOabe.
l'nder ShrrilT Neagle irrivrd home
yesterduy afternoon from an otlicial
visit to .McCnbr.
Back from Trip. ,
Deputy Sheriff John Merrill arrived
aonie last night from a short visit in
lerome .Junction.
Will Start Wood Camp.
William Nelson left vslerday for
Prairie-, where he will -tart a large
wood cutting camp.
Hero on Business.
It. II. Ilruce Is in the city from his
ranch in the Agua Frit district on a
short business visit.
Left for Homo.
j Attorney C H. Kulherlord left yes
: terday for his home in .lerome nfter a
: two days' professional visit here.
I A FlviiiK Visit.
I,. I. Itounell. the Dewey merchant,
llvliur business visit to the city
yesterday, returning
i evening.
i Leaves for Homo.
II A. Harris lelt yesterday for his
I hum., in San Francisco, after a ideas
i.'iul visit of four months with Mr. and
Mr. .1. W. loind.
Passed Through.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry (ioldwater pass
ed through here yesterday on their
i way home to Phoenix from (in extend
I eil tour of tne east.
Rov. Lathe Rotnnicd.
Itcv. Herbert Lathe has returned
from his vacation and will conduct
services at the Congiegatiiinal Church
morning mid evening.
A Flying Visit.
Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Hurley of .ler
ome .Inaction paid a living visit to
the city yesterday leiurning home on
the alternoon train
Homo from Jerome.
T. '.. Campbell, general manager of
the Hnvnes Copper Company, arrived
home last night from a visit to hi
company's camp near .lerome.
Will Leave for Home.
F.x-Countv Treasurer John llartin of
this county will leave this morning for
his home in ban Diego, California, nf
ter a pleasant visit here with relatives,
Now Deputy Appointed.
It. K. Johnson was appointed a dep
it t y recorder yesterday by County Re
corder Hradbury. He will register the
voters ot the Jerome Junction section
Stopped Over Hero.
Alex II. Lyons and Phil Pecharich
Jerome merchants, stopped over here
liit night on their way lo Copper Has
in district, where they have promising
mining interests.
Back from Nevada.
J. J. Clark arrived here last night
from u tour through several mluini;
camps of Nevada. He says mining is
more active In Arizona than in the
Sage ltrttsh State.
Pasacd Through.
George II. Fpton, general manager
of the Oro Griinde mine, passed
through hero last night on Ins wiTv
honie to Wlekenburg from a visit (fo
New York, lie was accompanied Hy
three Now York capitalists, proMpecTn
ivijt investors in Ynvanal count v miuek.l
Entor University. ' VP
. I. Humes, of the Prescott IlkdN
'hool, who won the uold medal at the
Territorial Fair last year for tan half
mile run, leaves this morning for Tuc
son to enter the University of Arizona.
jiounty Hide Contributions.
iioumy mile
Pino Flat Visitor.
.toe Swlgert e. Pine Flat i- kr.o on
mining buslne.
Groom Creek Visitor.
t I' SirieeM of I i room
siting in He i
Mining M" ,Ior0'
W. (. Coiner, the Walke,
man. is here on t'"Mi
Walker Visitors.
(in, Dahlni and V
Walker are vi-iting in the
Visiting With Friends.
Mr. John . Tiugg "f
Imf LMiest of Ir.etiil- in the
OlrctilnUiiK Anion His Friends,
,. VI. ...r.. .,1 H.tlltC I
M''M HI l '
iK among Ins , t f'neiid heie.
Purch.iHlnK Suppllefl.
Peter Mackin f "rin ('rr,'k W"H
tester.lat par. hnsing supplies.
Visited Here Yesterday,
I pper
Max ton
Here on Btwlnew.
Dan Curglll arrived ncre Un
from Illtie Hell siding on a ,h
ine.ss visit.
Mining Man Hero.
It. C. Houston united he M,
from ins mines lu the Discu
mining district after u year's aWn p
Loft for Feacock.
P. II. Hragg left last ,,,,, r ,
Peacock mine in the ( oi.pcr tVin
t rift nfler a short busnis, (, ,
uacK to -meson.
lien iuuilruni and h s ni the
liiiuilriim, who have been spc ndii)2
i. ..i ll.u !.. ,1... i.i... .. . S
jim inuiiuin in mu v liv h l,l ii
will return to their winter hljm.
Tucson this morning.
Delivered Bcof Steers,
Joe Rudy, Albert Rudy ami Cli
f ....
i-,vaus in iviniianii icrt vcstcfdir
leriioon tor ineir noincs, afit.r
! ire ula t-
Journal Miner for high class job wrrk
Long, tl.e Lower Lynx Creek ing; n consignment of fat stecn t)
here vesleiday.
local meat markets.
Purchasing Supplies.
T. .1. Laird Is in thc city froa
mines on Groom Creek, purtlti
supplies. Ho reports a heavy ftm
his section yesterday momltiff
destroyed the vines In the higher :
Home from Holbrook.
Attorney General K. H. Clark
-! . t lnA I n a f . I r. 1. 1 ,
orn part of the tcrritdry, naerVlJ
Hvered sovnral campaign kpeediei I
. I f i . . I . . . iL . . . .1
wool grower, arrived here last miipii . un:rou, too noxi atltpttl
Enters Soldier' Home.
(!. C. Reynolds, a California till
in( an old Arizona pioneer, left 1
terday morning to enter the Blii
Home in California, to spend tie
elining days of a well spont and
able life.
Largo Deer Killed.
K. O. Crowo has the largest
killed this season on exhibition it I
. . i
Sunday, returning ()i K. meat markot. It is a five mJ
. . . i
ed buck of the black tnil variety.
was shot by Crowe Sattirtlsr it
Cedar (Hade country.
Loft for Home.
Mrs. M. H. Piper, Mrs. Mttraret j
lint t and daughter, Miss Fliiabetl
liott, were outgoing pansengert
ntgni lor ineir nomes in j'noenii, ill
spending the summer month
pleasantly with friends.
Visit from Parents.
J. H. Arker is enjoying a visit M
his parents, J)r. and Mrs. .1. W. Ad
of llirininghom, Alabama, who tfii
Sunday evening. They arc cn root
California and will tarry here tera
weeks before resuming their tour I
the west, it belnR tbpir first vltitb
Will Leave. JorvHoe.
Mr. and Mrs. Y. L. Carlii'.e
leave this morning for their boa
Pittsburg, after a pleasant rlitt
Mr. Carlislo is a stockholder ot
iiiiinti.' man. vi-i"-"
Hero on Business.
Andrew Peterson i in the elty rrinn
'tne Flat, on a short business visit.
Back from the Coast.
p. A. Johns arrived home Sunday
. t . . .i a
.,iUI frftin n shot Visit to 1110 CO.ISI.
Visited Here Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. II. Farrell of Mr
on.1 It. K. Fartell. visited hero
Wool Orowex Visits.
C. C. Hutchinson, the Northern An
night from Flags tall.
Left for Bouse.
lacob Schwab was an outgoing pas
senger last night for House, where he
has mining interests.
Purchasing Supplies.
C. Warren, superintendent of the
In. mii i Minim, ( iimtiativ. is III Hie
itv pntchasiitg supplies.
Visited Hero Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. .1. It. Cray of Skull
vallet t isited here
home on tho night train.
Cabbage King Visits.
Judge (leorge A. AiliMvnrtli, tne Jit
nitier calibaue kill!!, is here on one of
his peiiodical business visits.
Purchasing Supplies.
John A. Forbes is in the city from
the Independence Mine in the HnsMi-
yiimpa district purchasing supplies.
Homo from Visit.
Miss Inn Harbin arrived homo Sun
dav n it'll t from a tisit with relatives
mid friends in San P.ernardino, Calif,
Camp Verde Pioneer Here.
(dirge Hinicc, .justice of the peace,
road overseer and pioneer of Camp
Yerde, arrived here last night on bus
Registration Deputy Appointed.
Kd Kucker of Jerome has beeii a
pointed n deputy recorder for legist rn
tiou purposes lit County ((reorder
A Flying Visit.
Charley Hurkes of the Upper Verde
country, paid a Hying business visit Central Arizona Copper Company,
to the city yesterday returning home veloping tho Shylock mine in
mi the afternoon train.
Baptist LMlcs' Tea.
' The Haptint Ladies' Aid Society will
hold their "tea" nt the homo of Mrs
Itlnck Kills, considered among the
mising ones of thnt section of
mutinous1 1 I in suner-
..!. , l.i I .. ..II. . , . . 1
vmors- nine coiteciioit yesterday were
one wild cat each from Thomas War
ren of Ciook Canyon, (). W. Huberts
of Fair Oaks, and James il'rcel of Aguu
Democratic Candidate Here.
Mark Smith, candidate for delegate
to congress on the democratic ticket,
arrived here Inst night from a tour of
the northern counties. He, K Chief
Dillon nnd a few of the faithful held
a conference after his arrival.
(From Tuesday's
Bouse Visitor.
Mrs. H. L. Short of House is visiting
in the cilv
Krborger, No. IL'7 West Curley, tomor
row itlternoou at It o'clock.
Circulated Hero Sunday.
William ltuVns of Iron Springs cir
culated among his many friends here
Sunday, returning to thn popular re
sult on the Sunday night train.
Mlno Manager Hero.
Charles H. McKinley, president mil
general manager of the McKinley
Mining and Development Company, is
here on business of his concern.
eft for Homo,
D, J. Dallon, a popular employe ot
the S. F., P. & P., left Sunday night
Ifor his hnnie in Phoenix, after a pleas
int visit with his many friends horoj
J. t). Stephens, a former resident of tin,, ..mi -ini iA mnlntnin tie
tt-tiii . . . .1 "
iimiiiiMiii vnuey, is nero from his
iinme in Los Anceles. He Is i.Im
way to the Hillside section, where he
has promising mining interests.
Bounty Hide Contribution.
Mrs. (I. (Irinello was the only con
tribiilor to the supervisors' hide, col-
lection of bounty wild nnimnli yester
day. She brought in too outer covor
ing of one wild cat from the William
son valley section.
Will Visit Rolatlves.
Mrs. J. (
(From TuestJaVs Dally)
.1. V. Van Kenton, who has been i
iiected with tho Journnl Miner for
past four months lirtho eapaeltr
night editor, left Sunday to f
position on tho stall of tne llisbcel
view. Mr. Van Katon Is a mit
widu newspapor experience, and i
telecniplt editor nnd "mnko-un"i
is probnbly without a peer in Ariisj
lie goes to his new position wit
kindest wishes from this om,
from tho many friends ho b"
dtirinir his stnv hero. Tbe v
will bo flllod by Mr. It. B. llm
forinorlv of the Los Ancelct H
and is it gentleman cquipi" ''7
literary stnndnrtl that has been
llslinil liv ttin .Tnnrnnl-Mincr. Hf
nrrivo this afternoon from w
gelos and enter immediately upon i
fFroin Sunday's Daily.)
a f . . Inn Athlblt I
Aiicr srcuriiitr a i"" u" ' ;.j
IT 11
ores from the mines of the new ej1i
count rv Irltintiirv to tllO ArUOBl
llerniloii and diiucliter. California railroml, A. A. .TohnJ "J
Ml Ml... t, " ' I .1 l. mnrn hC 1100 SJ
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t here they will be the guests of rela- now in tlie territorial fair grou1.
tlves a mouth.
The lib peculiar to women, take different forms.
Som. ladles suffer, every month, from dark rings round their eyes, blotches on their akin and tired
feeling. Others suffer agonies of pain, that vords can hardly express.
Whatever the symptoms, remember there Is one medicine that will go beyond mere svmntoms n
act on the cause of their troubles, th. weakened womanly organs. symptoms, and
Wine of Cardui
Mrs. M. C. Austin, of Memphis. Tenn., writes: "For five (5) years I suffered ,n, ...
of female disease, but after using the well-known Cardui Home TVetmenU ias Bnllrely S 'mp,m
JllllIi-Y'wrV tt.. Ill UutUnoo,, MMIflnt Cb" rh.ii..Jl:!'y 'n"op.
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mid C. collection on his way 10 i"
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from thn Arizona nnd Callfo""'1'
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mini ri,,iur uuiiobi i i to
weluhlnir 580 nounds. It awnyi iJ
cent in eopptir mid 13 ounces in fj
The chunk was tnknn from tbo ""l
w - - . Ti. it im
iy J. A. Doyio. i - i
largest piece of any of "'f,, J
nnd is remarkable in not nnly "1
richness. , -.
ii'inr i;ninmissiniier ,iomi" - -i,i
thuslastle ovor tho mineral PM'BJ
itlus of too now copper county-
says thorn will bo great "'
that region this fall nnu '
o.. i,n .lournslMi"1
I Industrial' and Mining edition 01
1 page before the iipnly xb,u"
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