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Weekly journal-miner. (Prescott, Ariz.) 1908-1929, September 30, 1908, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Sn 11 1 f RI n ' ,",,:,v 1",,r,'r J",,w,,rM u"' ,1',M,,
U n Ell u 1 S I t"r "'-v !,f,'r lht' ""'t"'1
HhIuFx lifih ,,( " ,':u,k hH ,,,,r,,.v i ,'','
Ug lit! I 1 111 U fit.-il. iii.ln. profits mill shiircmlders
I. Mi
uLnm:. .-.t. .v .iii.ige Nave, of
the 1 i v f r ; . .nirt fitting on tb cae of
Pwrd'r v.. W illii-i'. ti' l iy handed' down
a d. -i, n that ii of great interest to
Biliif ..w tiers in tnin territory In tbut
It r-.tiKlriir tho ri'(turmt of the
federal nnd terriMriil law as tn whnt
work "'mil be deemed u sufficient an
aual expenditure upon or for the Illic
it of an unpatented mining claim t
save the claim from forfeiture.
The (Vilrrul statute iin this nut' K"' i I
M follows: "On each etAttlt l ated
after the tnt"fa day of May, l7l', and
nattl ii patent ha been issued therefor,
not le-.., thnn one hundred dollars'
worth of libor shall to performed or
Improvement made during ;: h year."
At too trip I of the ease, the testi
mony wbi substantially ha follow:
The plaint tit, Oenrg K. Porter, bad
worked npon the two claim no aver
age of eight hour a day for llfty-three
day, besides furnishing supplies aad
material; that, during this (into, ha had
accomplished in actual sinking in
winxe twelve to fourteen feet deep, sla
to nine feet.
It was contended by Wallace, a re
locator, that the value of Ike labor, as
thown by the actual number of feet of
work accomplished, waa not aufScient
to meet t:ie requirements o fthe etatate,
Upon the theory that Htia work eon Id
to contracted to to performed for tU
to 12 a foot. !
The plaintiff, on the other hand, con
tended that, under the advert eondl
tkn, and for the leasee that be w
eoMipelted to do all the work kltnaetf,
he enuld not aoromptUh more than
toree or four inch n day, nnd that,
. hnvi.-.e (v.'tnally worked Hfty-three dnya
ami iuriiii iuM the ncrrnsttry oupplle,
he ohonM lie eutitled to to allowed the
value of hit work measured by the time
he Y,tm a-tually employed in perform
lag th work, together with thu eoat
of the ntfcenMiry auppliea.
The I'otirt, upon there faeta, held
teat while the aetaa! work arompl!h
ed nhould considered la detfrmln-
Itta whether or not infflcieat annual
snenditttre bad beea atade t bold the
lalma, it waa not the only method of
arming ft this determination ; that the
atatutt did aot provide that the eae
hundred dollar' worth of labor to bo
performed or Improvement made npon
etaim during each year hujd be
ttlSllKK, Ariz, Ht-pt. i.V The flmt
iro to be eiKotuitrrnl in the UlMi foot
level of the .luiietion Mitie waa itrurk
dVring the pmt work, nnd although it
ha not been found in commercial
Uantitie n yet. thn indieationi mir
rounding the flmt And nre very favr
ii Me for n repetition of the rich glrlM
rnide ou the higher lerela of lao mine.
The ore i n nulphicle, and wa ti-
iM.tinervd in No. 3 rroaarnt al a li
tnnee of nbout 17. feet from the 'in
tinn, nnd it i without doubt fi ',.utin
untion at depth of the largrj en of
ore eneountered on the UtOO foot level
neferal wwk ago, nnd from whleh
heavy hipmeat' of high gaHde ore are
being made by the company.
The 2,30 gallon low lirt pump re
eently taken from trie Hrlggn I be'-n
inntalled at the Um ntntlon of the
.tnnrtion and i now in ttat.
At the other mine of. the liMriH
nothing e)e of an imoertani nature
hna developed during tku weet. Tliv
nhipmentf .'nun the vaftona pro;iortioi'
continue about the name as in ,;ie pt
few weekn. A total of jAmhl . . am of
ore i being shipped daijr.
The Unelo Ham shaft a v ' opfier
Quren Compnny osk bM eqaippad
with i-ee instead of the bic1 o. that
were in uce lnce t'ie weaiiniine of
work nt that haftJ-
Wolverine A ArUnna U pi eentiag
levelopment work nt a . Ilve'.v rate
The ingestions in tho laclln- winxe
are very favorable t.iwaad flu ling ore
in aniiininir uwiiiiii'. win ' wm
ore are now being enrottaflered
Ahntiuek-Ariaoua eontiatMk ' pay
exehive attention to ekplormi n and
devrlopmeat work.
T)ie lonn-An.ona cotniany !l pro
t abiy renii uppratioBH n t' i!rt of
the evrrinu mouth,
. mm
. i :. - ...trap l..M
i.i'.ili'y 'l"i I le iH-piii "i
' In ievv .if the Kin-ill l to de-
of the
.r in oer forty year
I Nntj..nnl Hnnk syMem whlh ii only,
lone twenty "lath of " r ,nn l'rrj
I ........... Il.a, n.lfnonioa i,! II
- ii';.. it'i'k fab H. I
fond make fhe fnrthe. nn.n. . m ; - - . , .(M
I. I'in. '
Hctit. 21
Claude Whi.tlrk MT. I Vverlll, .M.
Deo.1. Minnehaha Onxy IMnenr. Illg
ting Uist.
V. h. Joi.ea lucaten tiold l.nrfle hx
tenOon Mine. Hlne Tank --
Mnmojlo M.md.ni.i. locntea Mweet
li .inc Aliae. Itinek -' "" . .
II. I...il(er. !l " ,,n
I If eil. fxi.mt.
( 'ha.
r"L7' ? ; 'wr TV cl a committee to lert a list of nev
iwmn in iwwif I'm ma i, ii uup nun
Itepttbllcana Salaet Their Us for tbs
PrivUu.is Today.
irS-om Matulav'K Itailyt
A large number of Repuldicans at
tended the meeting which waa ealto!
last nlgbt In Asecor CanipiieU'a olBee
T. IS. (Tauipbell. rliairmon of tae eoun
ty cent nil committee, presided over
the gathering and J. al. Aitken acted
n aecretnry. f'pon motion, E
Clnrk and H. K. Morriaon were nput!nt
,ix mt'it Preif
IXOOUN, Nubni.k:i. Sept. 2Vlli
Hrvnn's own lwlllwlek, the Common-
r's pot hobbytiie guaranty of banh
depoiiita i-aine in for n drastic dmb
bing at the hntttls of Prof. J. Lnurenie
Lnughlin. holrter or a caatr or r,como-
mica in Chicago Pnivemlty. The or.
euiiion of the gruelling of the demo
ratic enndidalo's Intuiting theories
waa the meeting nf the Nebraakn
llankem' Association. To tbl aneem
My the Chtrairn pn!esor doliereil a
BddreM on "Tto i.uaranty of Hank
Thnuigiioiit thn fn-ech the professor
on nrrnunt of his high ataadlng an an
economic expert win heard with gnit
attention nnd nt times warmly ti
plaud by the Nebraska banker.
Knrlv in h s mldrena U " eeti
clenrly he w hitting at Mr. Bryan
Tenter he came out onealy io mii attneh
on the Commoner t theorte
He an id in part:
"The argument in Klvi.r if inmring
deposits is addressed to m rtnsses of
Demons: flmt, the lapo 'om; secon.t
tho litinkcm and stoegbol. rs In banks.
"In this country-the arc persons
who are witling to pet lass ugmnit
clnuN to stir up tttau ;m between
iatoresta which at te 'v bouml to
gether, provided Hhy " thereby ere
ate pulitlral I mom en uch they can
le voted into oBtM. w nn attempt
eems to to madel to the Interest
f 1 .l.ooo.WM) depeatloi ,( our eountry
ijrnini-t those of tie I." ",W uf atock-
holders in banks. In ruth, their in
teiestd are bound up s ether; the los
of one is the loan of i other. No au-
tagonlum exiita1 bet u them; an I
the only explannflou f so attempt to
working: npon a mining claim labored
a .sttnleiftat .number of days, in good
felOt, for the purpose ef performing
bin annua) labor, to a the claim
fro rt 'forfeiture, be would he entitled
to receive pay for his labor for the
number of day actually consumed by
bim la Its perfoiniaoce; that any other
construction of t!n' statute would work
a gross Injustice irton a single claim
owner who bad nn moan to employ as
itancethift for :h reason that l i
a well known fast thst two men work
lag together ia a mm ft or wlnie can
perform three erom- times the amoant
of work that ' man. working aloue,
eaa ierform In fbje mwne chnraeter ef
pronnd. ' . w
' It must not bftt iunuoie I from this
'aeJslon thai a elalm owner can bold
tntoon numiia to I e voted for today at
tile primaries e ilolegates to the eoun
ty convention next Hatnrday. Their
report, which l otnmendcd the follow
lug, waa unalmi'ily adoplodt T
C;tnipbll, R. S. Morrison, P. I. Ilnst
Ingx, K. IT. Peak. K. W. Wells, V. S
Norvicl, E. & Clark, A. W. Bdward,
Leroy Andorson, .1 M. W. sloore, fl.ir
r- Ilartor, C. T. .fmlln, Robert llmw
John H. Belli J. . IV) ret, J. C. Urn. I
bury nnd O. ur
Tins busineaa bi-iiu transacted ami
ignl. short talks were
klnrrlspn and Clark
tii iis on their earn
in the north, an
n demon and T,
pol ilonl outlook in
some dftails a
made by Mei
as t.. their ol
imittn with Cm
addresses ,by
K. Camtoll n
tae county. Thf aiei iing was thor-
i-1 -. i . i . i 1 1 . i.
kin f. , t... .ii j. wrmonpi ,i-i more win omy
the total ot tfbUb at 3..v. a a.y imTm r Wg 0, 1 MTxTiM
Ig of ;tbe JftbtUti i tURt, if the result TO Y0SC-'
bi (nMntkw t comply with t tt.;'sf tomorti;c . ' niKg timers J
fete. W rataa of tb& labor wlii not be hi"" i lfl'-ruii.u ofiloM Hashtrtiah, or
IWdV b. f; lie value per foot i.V FohUvuI of tWftew Yoa. This l
b, the work Jrf'gbt bo ' mtrAct- ,th toaLfnuiitg of
ftflcd4 thAf tkirTt.brHi;tw
,w.uiauiaw .iun e-i a (,isiiijar
. Se',.wpBs1
y vt MB? at tke
lh at
l.,vt W.
uorniice as to ltnkirii: ..iratlons by Lots 3
ayinf:: if thi lots i- k" ''' .'erome.
... .... f...n..r un ,.,' lis arcii'iii ei i. . I'aini'iei'
.1,.. .fhaa i- ' ' i,,""n' v v-
liiitden Wonder
Wm. WlngHeld to
I. Ml
"Ali.ohite securit ideed! A "flPeed. .1W.
'inyihitig in human liirs Is eapab'e wvu fljg ; - Hi-'
of nl..i.iit- i'Crtalnt. Men are nm ,.(W11 R .,,r. i ..iti., imm wir
et perfect, nnd I b doen hu-me-s . f ;. ,, Wi,.,r o mit9 y, 0f
with fallible Hainan i 'ig. ' m,,,,,,,,,-,. ,
i v . i: t lark rt al. to
important operatkaBs. . die! a h..ii-. )npk
liorrowinit of a tmak i-.-iy hnxe sn em
bexxllng offlclalt ti' imml ilepreioi.
mnv oblige banka t continue mini
rather than for8 fni i re. nn( yet, in
view ..( all thesa iln . the bankf uro
aokeil to giw abaeln - ctirity. Why
not nsk ii I'lergytian l.ei 'iminu i'1"
tor of n church, le jjm- ilolute mv.is
llv tl.nl no olie ta ir li nk will ev"
tell a lie. commit an
or go to hell tmi V.
r in eondoi't.
nut make t'n'
!h:it no pi
Ym. I nnd IMcer-. Wnlk-r Dist.
Iin no of Ti .l'.i:e mirt i
.1. t i intin. I.
,,!'..( I to .1 V
title of
, I. ilNtrilniting nil 1
nit in. I'.'i'liew.
' -I. C. llrnillitirv. C lin
linilllH IM. IfllflfUr flu itn....l.. I
Tiger Hold Company nincn.l artieU,
of incorporation.
Sept. 22,
Ii., V. Powers et til. Ini'nrni.rat. w
II. .11 llrnaolKir ( 'inul .....I : .... '.
Untiitnl Stock $100.0110. vltT
H. W. rinlicr locates ;t l'f.r. tr.,
nut (irove Oist. '
, .iiiiii. ...r i.n,
M. II. .('niniilifitl Im-iiiiw ..
11 .1-... Ml... " 1 ''I'"
i .I i ii ii i v ti i- i-z-tm,
i ttr n-..i. i . .
jikii'k luruirn lMnr.l..n Ila.
i I I i J 'Ti. r S'liJts
.luippli Trnjipmnn to Yrh. cia ijfaii
tl.. it ' '
I C'spili,
Clias. Ii. HttekliiRliam ot nl htotu,,
nil' .-niii'iiiii oiuirjl iv l"Xtflr)(t ('
.. . t. I ... I. ......r. ...... Q
K. I. Hris t-t nl. in. i.rpoMt, in
Copper Cuiiipatiy. Capital Nt, l
A. C. (lilniore & wf.. ,1. P . ,
In... Lanier to .1. Q. siinhcn
... - "
. imts on uextcr & (, .
i M inei. Knroku Dint.
create such nn Jta:; tn must be due
. . . . . i
o me sitppunawa 1 ' mere are i v
000,000 votes attaint: ' depositom and
only lJW,0fJ0''timiii : the bank stock
holdersa awirfvait so inconeei value
list we must uis
Am bis.
ia a loval
miss It at eat
"The eulvj
den: on the
men who are
em, and shu
nre louned ntO ii"
th solvency j$ '
than Ue baMt
on a steamer ;iail
iteaate rare, imtal!
having the MMBif'
with th depoatier
"It ia eataVHat
who makes bftlritlii
appenm a iniaeettci i ...n as to
bnnking busiasja. In real1 ty, the
posita aie oaJ-Jhe i.'w matarktls
urogta: ikey km be wisely kjfi
fairy taagfbj i.ivosted jft, tl
wonM be, Wrt-ftLU' n i rollta, mt cm n
leasee. To hampioiitable retmU,
need skilled latlrtto w .rk ub th ran
a bank is depen
i- of the business
mom nnd borrow.
ra whose fund
more interested In
-e business men
"'. The fMsseager
ie owners of the
interested in not
"ink. ftto it h
i l the bank.
.1 is the depi'-itnr
i, proflUbieb Mere
doctors give a ftprv
tient thail evef k.'
flanks, or aay
terprise. ran no alore
security l.mn a Sltber
Mi'ien to :i 'ioiftd I
always be riktifo '
fallible. 4.
Mr. Rryan Mm v
must nil agree Mtli
thing). I want M -form
nt ri'piUHiw
nenr future, is ike 1
the penalty on he
on the eoHHiilMllty. '
"If the Knjjlisb
n, nning elciirly tho-.
Mr. Hryan fa rets -
who cheated Ml de
loaa and not ithl
hw deposit. r ajr an'1
the ciiM-. it iagi
Mr. Hrynn is rffli.
Kuarunty of dfpoi'-
The only way t..
n"t of ia. li Imirk v
in by iii.T.-islajl th.
and fon.-erutlw bni.
"The pcrsiataat
slsnd the paiumt
diaalered. alao ia t
a guir.mty syweni
reckh Ii an king.
t'oder this ptfca ot
itor, the stocp1lir
"a tofore najryit
thine. Not oify he lose all his
stock, but kaAN. les tkc penaUy
that the law lmr, end the b'" of iiie
stock nnd foe pen it v avo enonnh t.
msbe Ifim exetctag . n
"It reallv amaAc ue to find nuv
one so ignorant of m
as they, aad yctiigi
from one who doM n
bninc en
.niii absi.lutf
. in (.minifc t .c
.... it
,v. I uere w
. as :nen are
said, and we
n, 'One of tin
adopted In the
tanks in the
that will put
.t hi n n and nut
'i gunge eoiiveys
Aor.ls mean that
ilixing me man
itnrs by ba1
i wto proteeted
in-. If, that l
., ii.H that
iijiI!"im t. tho
tr. I the initi!!
inakiiiK ii loan
iards to . m tul
lure to under.
h of toaking is
contentlnn that
' .mid discourage
Ir. Bryan sayst
nring the depo"
'ife an taai n
bank loses an
itu .
e'.' '
p ,.
materials, aot
Uy because tl
tnrn. Ta
vver devtato.
bo luadgsgywl
the. 6xawiiMt
uswal i jr Aivea
the pioaetory
rfofeikftt, ajl
him f juuwr
r oiu a&tat; wttb tl
in i niJ
ilustry, tot if
in i.-inks Vfjiigtar
t i .ivllfgag m re
n-. i.le tan i iBOsi
ive, aad"&s!
:i;tyrr:6tJts OtOi
i tie laad, aad all
Ktrtict and to tkfflftti
it .. -;i.le that tku d.
iim'.er existing toT .
first I.imc all ItaVegi'
vi.l.. I i.rofU-, kad
ilv, hef ore the 4gJ
trom Mr. HryggV
just as thtnga jire '
the inn.llti..nsj4 li
ns well as If w Kn.l
giiaranty of deponi' .
"The womt jmoue i -v fallacy in the
Hrguinrt!tx of tk u.inty theorists i-
it. .. . . L 1.,. . .1
in? .-in i in taei , ninouncu, in
nystarn would tljra,w .. much money In
national ysten
-atement - ome
hesitiate to in
he bankers. Is
i-ot know tint
rv bank inns'
surplus, until
K!.l.rrs Ibbil
t loses? Then
point of view
:.iv. we have
'. vigilance just
e mueti v.inntel
. nr,:
Af:r ajV
nterti'ng at 3
plfftj i i a: vJ'
to-, or. ' riff i.
ye.tiwdny fcjJliH-Satns.-al
. CHi-en's. Cviet,al,.Mkh
u.v!or the, djiiiertjoa. l.n? at.."
Hj'tK.m uniiiutag; rttjij)'!',. ffiu
T'm'vall Wan &ftj ol I, . ini'i.'.
t," -yeji'i'. yitk vifa'S' V'wipUr S
'' .,'! hv.i toof n- tCjIilciit .if tiii
i i ty hvnty
v !.-nv' Iwrt' ' r,da!v. - ,
C . -i,,n, , -
,tf u- U.itly)
thirty ! vn , .Kir-,
lheiJ i te -ri -.
Si ,i i,l,e ff y A,-.
ii . k i f t ef.'i i i.i
. tt I Ijli.J (0 M'.
iVtBtOl Utli
ex.ep i. ;it the tsr?i' ir.ssi've
e latter two dayaV. It is a ssiBjt jf
;i.;.i.li3, aad tmtaf t'.itnilJcs beaonus
iiuniJed vtn? rftS-tji elitaUon.
Vow lea'rV 'H1f services are
nt' a s lo'i.n 'i:.ai!-.', ns are tto t
t'. : .liuw the most soiuiuV day
t, )f Vo:u, liii)riur,or tbepa
i, wlib'h will come as1 a
t ' i ' e tc-i ijaj id iJenHeac.'.'
'.i! ..to i.rtoftaiut o--i fur. t'40 ?'evr
l!-!ny services have
t t.
f At-
(ll.,.! ti.n.iiji'i H u.-'lrupoll. Ia, tutdl
; ; ; ; 'iir)-eSlblistod cofc'
-in, .u'iftp'.ag U the year
'J i'iH T'.,'- .
a'Si.'ff. ',1s..., 7
i.ii pU us uf iAiirUip owned1 ot
v' .; i. jijcl by (torn, nmpy impro-
'el fcjMt.j$jjiHv ui noedi-d for. the
c-.y Yriii ordes beeaoso bt the
Lt.u nti'uUr of .tws. on the lower
Am fontMien .f tii nunusl
.if the A ? 1 teschei's' a
r.t Titc-.u, No-, etiitjor 10. 11
;-O.JW' liAO vm ,
1 liiuftcteE 70 in&msxf
-)k kerdjg. bt;
'es of h getiarittgBil
Iuis- of evefBasi
. do not l ogin taaa t
rk of xcbanjuiglllBj
r.iKH ao,
,11 U
sitow for twei
whole traihi otm.
emietry would to j.s fnlyed--jind yet
tboso re persona; ao ignorant a to aay
rtint dltjiositors nr not givon snythiag
in Qim 7 .Hi banks.
"'The Ignoreuco of commerdral baak
tie )iok.bv the advocates, ef-5a tfliftr.
ftuty, of. dpsiu gre still further
wUe aUbf$i doataad mh gtwfgaty wn
th grounu .it justice .to oeposttom;
that tiny ot'gbt to bava a place wlcn-'i
m ttiey cwbi leave money and get it
i(.' iiu wnewovcr tttcy wanj It. If a 4
. 1 . . - . . . . (.1 . 1 . .
pj',1107 tsssxvv luvip vuuijf niuwm;-., ,
tin rtrtln.fm rf a umntnfrolnl tinb !
... . .
to tie banks i
iv of crivitlnJEa
1 1 e oter '
. J ilc;M)Sidp..
It is t&pj'.
tvmirim&i. man
WPlPr i-fiinJHrr!i
k'a41 '
tMflj ( ; A: Tliddy
',22. ilL.
uuive al) ueces
igcncy clrcnla
in lonfuslnv
' of c-.i-Uwin'
!' ,l the ; it
t 1.. v elite 1
: t. l '.mi.','
t iii.piovl .
! that it is
1 on a WTi.i.
in n-ci 1
uortcd Ty Thf
M. I)
r r.
',1 melt,
f l l,V&.
k ." 1 1
ilmry. Conn
R. .Tohasu.
nihart to ..
Ut Klthi
. . m ... .l-l r. .......... I.... r .1 n .. n .......... 1 1 . ,,,
TO tne Jfeiilltill. am icrriiormi 1 (iimim.1.11 .h..m..., c.uinin! ,nt rhdi-aijl
AuguH 2. IWh: , ,, .
Vnnr cntUBllt tin liesOUHIUn mwrnnin inr iuiiimiiiu in mri, in wit-
Thn Reimbli.. n4 f Arizona represented in convention nt Phocuix this "A
day of August. l'.is, pldge their hearty support to tho nominee .f ti,
veniion lor wriej;v n 1
V mwlcK with satisfaction the history of thu accomplishments r nl
arMt tiartv of Wasbinirton. or Ailnuis, of Lincoln, MclClnley ami liLn-.-vHt.
'.. r . . . ti,.. v. t . . ..... . :l
other ilisttnu... "ii ii siaiPMiirn aim imtuvi. m ..in u nion if r (tl
past half eentiiiy. replete with glorious aelueveinents, simrticiorizcil l,v a
OX material. int iieetoai aim mom prmir iiii......... a'ii nj- 1 1 innuti,
reeital of a. ts of ltepublieau statesmansinp.
The Republican parly in a progressive party with its vision t ti. ftw ,1
anticipate and, ns they present jiienienes. m siiecimsimiy soive n , ,.,v
le'ii Unit Will ineillnliiv ennironi ns ni i-iriy .")(u in nn- ,i.i 111. en,i--f ,1
hiiieaa uruuress.
. . . .... . ... ...!...., . .1
tin the contrary the Hltllmie in l.ie innorru.-c party nas i.e.n onr ,f o'j
tun an. I opium. tion. I
V. e ei,tj.i!ituiato the people of this nation upon the assured rertauiH ..f til
. n 1,! William H. Tnft, and Jam's S. Mherman, an tisstiran.e tlmt n rani
I l.v the ret tint of bii-ii:.-" conliilence aud the hopeful mj;M .it tlicrnul
..f oui iniliiNtri.il and ciintuercinl nctivltios.
in W. l.iisiiie loni'iiiiiie was cnanen uy me eiccuon or a n.'in...ri
lent iimiii a platform threatening radical and destructive )i.,iiye m til
.imc poii.-ies or toe covernnient, nmi inai perioo 01 iiepri'.'h.n rnutiDuii
-hout the whole uf that Democratic adminihtration.
in TlKlT business c.nli.l. nee u again shaken, this time by the 1 111 j.rox i-Jta I
of u.lnidnal spei illation, the assurance of the election of Taft ami the iv.ntnl
an .' "f thoce x ernineiit.il policies that Las mu.le tho Kcpuhliran party til
party of prottre. and pro ority, has almost instantly restored eonil.b n.e. ail
alrea.iy prosper it prevails tnrongnoui me tanu.
With opportunity to redeem tneir piengcs 10 ine peopio m ati..i 1 icii.rjti
in rvcry eanpaigii for twenty-five years, having control of thu lecisiativc bristl
it the Temtorial government, tne ijem..'-raii iiariy uaa aisnanv 1 i :i. v, mi
nut it.4 proaises to the people.
We call' attention to the a complmbn ents of tho present Territorial mini
i.Hration ia brinsinir about reform in matters thnt havo for years hrca a lul
cause of complaint bv the people.
Instead of a record of broken proinii whii u marks the history nf 1cmJ
erstic leuislation in this Territory, the Heputilican ailtiiliHstration ims Mil
extent ami in spite of opposition effect ei some or tno reforms .jemau.ie.i.
Its condnrt of punlte ntratra tins wen so ucceptania 10 ine people mat 1
Rfimlillcan imrti in Arieona-ia stronger thsn ever beforo. F.l .-trTo.'r- hi
bien so manneed that tho iullic dctit lis Le 11 reduced, tho burdens of tiint
have been lessened, ami the credit and reputnCon of toe Tcrri: ry h'.nh
than ever before. The laws have been justly enforced, so that the u.ur.r.i.urd
resources of the Territory command the full eonftdeace of mvestur iruta 1
parih of the world.'
Jn lut3 the tn mil or tne territory was a i.i,inm,innj.
a 1B0) it is N,OOA,000.
' In IOCS the Territorial tax rate waa OS cents.
In HMhJ, lti7'. jnd ItrtlH It vm 75- cents.
This result is due to the policies which i nve distluguislieil i..ciu.r X
II. Kibl ley's niministrotion.
We feel that Arizona is to be eongrattl.itel upon the wise, able ami err
omieal a.lmJiiiM ration -of Hs affair of the Territory at the han.N .,f Hivfti
Ji.utth It Kit I ..v II in ..itilanlnl.lv thn nl lonl innrBor Arisoiill eer lul
'iVMwtnip thnt 'aAniltiittratlAti mnrm Ikait SKIO fTlM) ksva btton Bliliro'iria'cl '
thg oaaatrtii turn of additioaal 1 utMlag t the various Territorial .nMMiti"
and eoatrarv to the history ot tweaty-five years, not a dollar of m.n.y u
will to borrowed with whjeb pay for these improvements.
fe avurv connlv In Am T..rrltnrvl ilireetlv tiix ta Lbfl nets of the TcrritOI
mbMllittri,t'iin fhe rat njf'tat . flnn Iihh hi. 11 re. hired from one-eiirM a :" '' "
Wff pnlrdt Ihuan Tirf., i.iuimi villi I.... iniJv. broken lir-iini-ei of t
Ptunocrstli. tiartv. ' 1
VI' o UlUa. heti 1.41,,. .m, f .,'. .,, ,. .,.nMuin( fn rscttre tu tt'i
..All. III.. ,.C ;..!. I nnA !, I m, u...l f nnniiftiiniK- ft r . h .1
t s j unr 1 s vi s iu (1 Lt,Hiv a' 1 v 1 f ' p1 11'" wt,VP
highest development of exeiy faeulty of tho individual, the x", 1 . (
eeuntt for good citlxenh! an l aavandv of civiiizatioa.
Urd. khl .... I ., ..mm hnn.l nilkflr lllulfttiAl nr ft. 1 m Uli ' rtl1 'J' '
JUai..MAM .... t.u... .. ...... .. 4..,., 4.. I. ..11. 1 .... .I.A ..m.arn l' lil.Lt I
Tetritoiy, m.r on t'e . " er nana, tt-e grarttiirt to aay wiotoms T. -leges
tliAt are dirc.i: i n.tory or that would confer rights or ur-f t
are nt equal.
, " . ? 'i ' Kcpublivun j-aty of Arizona pledget it
.f i-...i,gru-jrtir ! te.t .o..p!e of Arixona on the proepeet "l '
f-r or pe.)(i;"ni ' -m- plmlye the bcavty ufld persStcgt uMtt
can party of Ar.. ua tu accouipiisk kha end.
We wiiMo i (lie attention tl Pt'vpjc- of Avixvnn to the
i m ' i trtpn' . ii .M i loreftnljv, ivs'l a KcpuWicftn iwi.ji
pre' ".ity thi-i , i.aitiua.v.lll centfaue fkr-joa II i aearc
thst t'.r w?U ...iu be i'-Jli. ttwYgtlc ebjif 4&Mti!t) It 'b gtro .
IH . rttrs t . ,,m Mar. win be a Makawmiatrrea la -m
it the.c any Mt snWlt Cat H fwMM d to iW '."
the ... . i...r! ti"i oan inn thorn. Ya btiburit that a vot t.r 1
' war, is cieiyulcnt t jt'apartniunij
.' 'ion pot only.nf u I'emoetatle c ' '
. . offat;? llt wt and ft Demoatktie fi"
tu for n Kep.nliliftti delegate to C"'
nd certain and in any evont remote t
fidmiaalcn of eilrjicrriitply as- a ftato v.
m Pitriatie c.fitMliJcatton of fertfO -Ari.n"
ifei cad . i i . upuu tl eiihi'thWnt nf a uerny toe
'ir.iirr :.a: ajrt laMo'us selling stoejk.f.r ihasyufpofa ot y v
t'." or the . ilinmetit of tro snmevfti Ariaeaa, must p i "
ow prosceds ilerlved fo tbe sie of anew
and'.1 .;r Vi j.rwf!
f i'.' I t i : tnrv ' it tli
'ill .'it, d oiV c
.'l,i:i.ly r Jhs' -.
i ! .ite fi : tQirted'
ie ) ill Ii iy . i e( renin' .
.. i ,1'pii I, uenti'i 'i
i' -it ;
.1 -i f
,.1 d
,n 1 1
e 1. 15"
-f tl t HTiy, Ul ha t- tusivoly Rpple 0-Rb PriHr'
'':ivot " M-F.idg to usenpunts of eakeoLWim la. wt"-.
l.'e.MnJor, !;
' i I'l.' liMyni,
If ),i el v
i-v'' 'mrr doi'.".. fuv-ideut of the wWa.
' 't W tub e" .Iv 'of Ciiliforula. " w'
':.,' . W .. !1 )"' t lttUrt.tintfa
rfrceire toggles will be lfliv
e e. .1'iriag tUe dhy si'ssluns an I on
"f "u'.l. dttpotiatenili nl ,,f Hehnols
.'. !. .lollyilptw'dent of I e tcnrnry'
. . i'i. who cigaiteit I ir. .Inrdnn,
c i liliHt that "lO cni.nn - hesion
ii '. c the most succesnful i. t)i lis
f rv .if the issoolatloii.
Fast t;,.e inj.oc!ailv, wto do aot bi
bjtiaj to nnv ci.tsbllsho.1 coiigregatifni,
tot who liio to take pan -in tbo tel.
flttion of lb feutliTil. ' There for'
'f'rery .tvailahle hull and pin e of pub.
ji) meotlg on tha,Jast si.)e, many in
IfaVftj-i i.nd the lirmu, h'ivo beou lit
'.(tl up as tempoiaiy j.l.-ieiM of worship,
VAtHlNUTO.V, Ho,it. 85.Today's
report on Mnnl'u cholera shows for the
tu-cnty-fonr hours ending at wight this
ii orning forty now cases against thir
ty six the day before.
...... ..... 1. 1.. W - -.M-L. .. .. 1ft '
no upH n, aw mimj ui hwvij .n. -i
"4 tjton whlcJj grts U, do thi.''Pat
banks, letogtibw tho fu0 of tbw quasi- .7. M
rmblie, gti1oo, Md, tbaf . fetoy mast 1 XMm'.
. . . . . I . . . . .. i . .1... . .
gjve- swuniy w oapomwrs jv eroruw riannc.
ingjmd udgmnt ijy 4aig' loaus,, j.' r rij).
wfk': t&e kr f.lie thai Hid afock nt0 Mll),
ou..,, win -nnr h tt ."S, m ease , , -
of error tr frnudf I answer, unemirV- -,1, . . i . v,
,.n)lv, the, do. In fact, the naiMfkh TL0'"'T T'it nr
Vnornnco r.hnwn by ti.e advocator off VM v" ""' t'off'ory
deposits in oo port of "u 01 ",J aej ajijaiw- .ymnpa Kiver.
.t ppiar more tma7.1n I'. J'icr ta. Artinr A. Vtah'jr, V.
Deod. H. bf. Lot 13, BJk. K. Pre-4t
try isicrpor
",'Uiil .Jtoi'k
iiiMiranec of
their r.rgtiniei.
than in not knowing that trje banks
now put up a yory large , fund as a
focurlty for dcjiosttoM,
"There am only two possible ways
of uslug a guaranty fund; olthcr Air
iiltiuiatc, or for immadlato rodeiuption
of deposits, is It coaeelvabla that the
political orators do not know that
there la already it guaranty fnuil for
tlii) ultliiiiito piiyiuuMt uf ilopositH? Thu
caplUil, Hurplus, and undirliloil profits
(Ji-rmnnlii Fire la. Co., appoints I-'.
G. Drown as Htutntory Agt.
Illakn Ituker files Aff. A. woik on
TJroora Mine, Cherry Creek Ulst.
.). V. tyauder to II. Vogo, J. K. M l-
lcr. W. II. Bander Wm. Oammili, M.
Deed. Mary M. Mine, Kuroka D'st.
T. c. Avorw loestos Ivory Onyx
iltjJP, lll( Hug Dlst.
i.i 11.., m...... t ..Lft.1.. nt MjnMrKMl lilt
isfi'i'it . cure the imuiediatf 'jtawttgo ly
ir ii
. . .!. uo of ttil
i rt".-.ii -
ri ti t to a quire
!Jte" ti. l.SC ri
ui 'i ;'ti aet.
We pledge e bfM en'ortt. of our cAitfldftta lor dclaTate te
t.i t.'.e iiyihbtl . -.v, t) y te .cute n prnj Taduction ot rtllTcn I '
In ri:-cna, ao '.at tlii.' ntv be n ilTiuWgt1on against the Tn
z .uu. and $ tt w etui ue favor the eaaftgteltt f a M ctwkting 11 '
ml--ion ia ijfce "errh. t of Ari7ma to to appointed by tlw gt "
power to in," ,ne i iijjJ I'tfieiunijfcition. over, cHargef.and of
hv rnilroadra t-i . i ajul t,t make the ne' isnry reports and rc
to tto. latn.i .. c.'inerev u-modxtiOH of tto UBtd tt fer
juwtmcut. .
Wff' toir CTixiaat of . Mttlo Rnil sheen anon the irovernwe'
serve ntniw per ;;ovejntiut i ' m strictiona. . . ' - . , l,
4tAr 1 1. a v.,,li.M.. . ............ l..l.4n nHaVutaes nv 1' r"
meat la the various coign!.. . in Atlxoati ot'ito alaa twrTfyod by u
Wm tMftA..,.i:ii...iiM ..1...1 i . . i m . . . .1 .A..iir in.
" " sni'" .iieijr pu-' i ,ir- ives as in jvpr oi -- .
mant ia -fmigie for go. u - , Arirouu, aufl fuillier declare in
lican pdtty .-in unalternat !y oj i.i.sed to the euiploywOBt of convict ' ' r "
building of pi, bile blK'.wa'v .. , ,
BelleviiiK that all -eei, a o equal tiol'oic tbp lttw, and thoro ";'' ' w
discrimination In the application of, admlnlatmllon of fins name, the it'l"
party ef Arlsoaa, declares ittf opposed to pormittliig ntiy orgauirt
called ,,Club tp iiispoH0 of li.pior without it lieonoo, nnd favor ,10(T0,
of n law thnt will plneo such clubs on nn etitmllty with, clllons who ta
ucousii an 1 1 uuporve tae law,
I 1
AiibHN T. IIIIID, Clmjrinnn.
OKOItOi: II. HMAWjBV, Socrelary.
'aaa&lW tjif Afi

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