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wnxLY JouBMAZriamai wedwmday, septekbsr 30, ioo
The Social Mirror
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(From Sunday's Daily)
One of tint most charming luncheon
1( the last week was thnt given ut tne
lavapnl Club Friday afternoon by
jus Ann McKcnsic. A Inrgo brass
Ly1 of long-stemmed American beau-
If ruses wns the center piece, und pop-
Lr wro scattered over tbo cloth.
UrotmU this nttrnctivo tnblo wore sent-
L Mrs. Wallace Fnirbonk, Mra. Leroy
tndcrson, Mrs. (Frederick P. Cruice,
iisa Wlnnlfroda Gale, Miss Dorothy
lings, Mr. Hogtto, Mrs. J. A. Hope,
rs. W. II. Doyle, Mrs. J. W. Fllnn,
Its. O. Longacrc, Sr., Mrs. Thomas 0.
liorrln, Minn Llla Hawkins, Miss Olive
arrison, Mis Kmroa Dutcher, Mrs.
it), Mm. Dixon Fagcrbcrg, and
Its. Francl L. Wright.
Thursday evening Mayor and Mrs.
orri Cloldwator wore, hoste to the
aturday Euchre Club and entertained
following members most delight-
oily: Mr. and Mm. Francis L. Wright,'
lajor und Mrs. C. C. Walcutt, Jr., Mr.
Mrs. Thomas 0. Norrls, Mr. and
(m. H. D. AHken, Captain and Mra.
LMward A. Sturges, Major and Mrs. J
Watts, Mrn. Fred W. Foster, Mrs.
K. Hlonn, Mm .1. F. Tuylor and A
f. Edwards.
The duck dinner given by Mr. und
Irs. Harold A. Cheverton on -Monday
Ivcuing at the Yavapai Club wns one
( the enjoyublo affairs of the week.
ktit- table was attractively decorated
ilth daisies, and covera were laid for
Ir. and Mrs. Chevorton, Mr. and Mrs.
Francis L. Wright, Mist Ann MeKen-
Iir, and the Messrs. C. T. Joslin and
H. Hoyt.
Captain and Mr. Kdward. A.- Sturges
ntnvln! w el 4 Am
Ueligbtfully Friday evening at a sup-
Ler after the troop dance given ut the
new gymnasium at Whipple Darruck.
rhuse who thoroughly enjoyed the eve-
ting were 3iniorf ana Airs, v. v. ai-
Lutt, Jr., Mr. and' Mrs. Thomas (I.
Corris. Mr., and Mr. Harold A. Chev-
Lrtiin, Mrs. (Fred W). Foster, Miss Win-
ii if red Fredericks,, Miss Harriett Jean
lliver, Chaplain f V. .Career, Doctor
K. Graves, und. the Lieutenauts John
11. Hakcr and. C 3. Hoyt.
4 -
One of the pleasant affairs of the
irek was the picnic on Wednesday
Lut ou the Jersey LJly road and was en-
ayed( by Mrs. Hugo Kichards, Mrs.
I'red W. Foster, Mrs. Thomas U. Nor-
lii, Mrs. Edward A. Hturgcs and Miss
IVinnifred Fredericks.
(From Sunday's Dally) . , ST. JOHNS, Ari., Sept. 'Jll-Jf Mark
Tim friends of Mark Smith, say the Hmitn is under the delusion that his
.Phoenix Itepubllcan, arc making ' the biennial visit to this county has- done
most extravagant claims for Cochise .n'm "' good this year he Is wholly
euiintv. Iinsed mi iwitlilmr. .... fur ..mi mistaken. Every two years for sever-
be ascertained. The majority of Mr. y h" yjsite,! thl. c,unty ami
Miss Llla Hawkins and Miss O.ive Ha, Smlln 1. the beginning was placed at dts,2or IhisrK
risen returned home Monday from a 1000; that was quickly raised to MOO the territory, but he has done nothing,
very pleasant trip to the Montezuma then to 2.100. lint It Is evident Aparhe county is tired of Mild; wo
Castle. that that is not believed by the claim- want something done. Wo want state-
..Mrs. John C. Hermlon and her daugh- vtH. ' .it ns wn wanted it so bhdly we
ter, Miss Florence llerndon, left Man- The other dny It was asserted by 'one w,,,rp, willinK h u"il,,'l with New
.i t... it..... t i.-... r .i... U...1.1. ...i Mexico two years ago. There in a si.e-
wwj tvt U UTVlir, lUUt. TTUL'IU IMVY Willi"1 Mt- UUUUUV1 IIMII. I HIT Illll' I .. Alt I t. , ,
spend a month before going to Hoston Jurlty of his candidate in Cochise for tnt0,,00ll wg .. wo ,vin ' t M t
uiiu uusningion, u, u.t wncru tney ex- wouiu mc uun vampncii wni Mnrk Hmith nnd why ovrry rnnchor in
. . . . . i .
pect to spend tnu winter. present and said Mint lie had nothing the cattle and sheep country will vote
Mrs. Paul Burks went to Ash Fork against Mr. Smitii, but he believed ir tut republican nominee despite any
Tuesday to men! her sinter. Mn. Xtur. thnt his mniorltv In Cochise would be I"1 Imrly "Hlllatlon.
' ' 1 " " 1 fill. .t 4. .1
mv Hnilivfin nf unU i.v !!. imm (linn lnnn i-nmiU nf 4i,l. Alt. 1 111 iimioprnm oi orinrm Arizona
in i , ... . e , it ""d everyone else who was nffected by
will vlull In I'.nun.tt fnp nlm..t n I forntifft nf niiinliin ifi thn lml nf n . . . ..V 3
, . . - . . . . . . . .u. ...uui. . - - -' " - I II,.. ti.l. It. I,,,. ... .1.. I.. . XT ' - -t
i i ..i..i.un iiiiiiiu lu iiii; illivilju jn-
1110 II Ml. I Iial. I iUnn nsprvnllnn Inn) vnr urn
air. ami Mrs. o. Ij. Putnam, of New vvniic uiey were sun' talking nuout at the present inactivity of the dele-
Orleans, left for their home Monday, tho wager another Smith man from Co- gate to congress in this matter.
after a stay iu Prescott of three chlsc enmc up and joined the conversn- My executive order two millions, of
months. tion. ll -man sum hnf Hmiih'i. tmi- ncrcs or land were added to tbo domain
Pnnl H,k TA.,,rn,l hnmn W.... loritv In his countv wonld h more r the Nlivnj"" ad this county is
. I h crrnfl InmKr In n
day from an offlcial visit of a week at than t'OOO. Mr. Campbell offered to Th nd. of arriH of ,. tha.
nagstarT. take n uat on mm, on tne proposition iUBt becinnlnc to attract settlers were
Miss Winnifreda Gale and Miss Dor- "i margin or jcss man iuuo. .lust 1 withdrawn nnd turned over to the dus
othy lddinas snent the first of the then what afterward turned out to Be ky hued sheep herders despite tho pro-
week at Jerome,-whefe thoy were the U bluff wq Instituted. Tho friend of tests of white ranc'ners. Mark Smith
.i..t- f vi n.i v.. win rtn.v Mr. flmlih. who U known not to bfl did nothing, though Andrews of New
.Lieutenant and Mrs. Halph R. Olus, afraid to take chances said that he 7,; r ay ,1
returned Saturday evening from Us was not betting hats, if Mr. Campbell movement wherebv i.nrt of the lan.? nf
Angeles, where a portion of toolr hon- would make n noise like 100 some- New Mexico which was given to the
cyruoon was spent. They will visit for thing might be done in tlic way of I Indians will be returned to the publl
a few days with Mrs. Glass' parents, betting. domain.
Mr. nnd Mr, italmrt. II. Itimnliitor. he. ' Mr. Camnbell Is one of the worst It was a mutter of newspaper com
fore going ,o housekeeping at Whipple ,ae in the territory to push a blutt J-t f
fnt..u...l.d I nnn till 1 In milfilfll mimA l'ifV Willi I . n
x....-. ' '"-7 new power and in many Instances drove
Mrs. H. J. McOIung and children re- an offer of $1000 and he added: "Now, w,lUe nneart9 awnv frora tIie wutcf
turned to their home in Phoenix on just keep on rulsing until I holler. Get i,0j,., that had been the drinking placet
Monday, after a pleasant stunner spent up your money." There wus no bet. for yeurs for the big herds of cuttle
lb Prescott, the iruests of Mrs. Me- A letter received yesterday said on the rnnges.
' n ....... TU!.. !!!.. I- .1.. 1
Clung's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. that Tombstone would undoubtedly - ".,. m. Rmmy urpioreu
Drake. give :. small majority for Cnxneron nnd who wish to see this part of
. .. ... . m i . . , ., t. Arizona progress and settle up with
Mrs. Hurry If. Trille and children another writer said be believed that it WlttM!,ur; ,, pattIl. M(!B And ,.Pt
returned to her home In Phoenix on was pavdblo for Cameron to carry the ()Ur ,iP)rKntc n0( ,jom. not,ng for us.
Monday. Mrs. Tritlo has been the county by a iiurrow majority. This county wantH Its land back, it will
The word which comes dally to ter- make a difference in our taxable prop-
ritorlal hcndiiunrters from Cochise, erty, for with it In the hands of the
B 1 .all
llttl. loon mil m M ta than the VJU 1'iouucn uh uuuiidk.
rM - 1 - I i.i i i . i .i i i..
. w m njv.rw I t .1 .... In... 1 !n Inllj.ru ' - ..........y
UliAMI nVBU.1 W fllUMlA IUIOUI1UUUU .u n ' I .,.,.,,. .1. I. .1.. .
. . afltl '"',wr' vaaftiwii iiuuuun liic1 lit)
based on mo nesi grounus uuuuuauir, ., nf Tn,,In nminu.i, r..,,r.n
Kotcd Trotteri aad Pacers to Compete leads the Cameron managers to believe T)e in,nnB Jart thf,y nrcja more
at Anal TtnitortM Fair. I tout that SmitTi strongnoia is crnm- jand on which to grate their flocks.
They stated that they, had not the room
ion the reservation, although there were
I lhinAiwt ft 4 nftl4a r t 1fiti1 nn( ti m Mil Vtw
i j a.. .1 ..u.i H...Mi am vm AH TTtf I ' v J
wona uw u...7 ...... . the Indians Inside the reservation
voted dYivers in the country will tie in ketbtonb Minm i HMit. ijPut,n took the matter up With
attendance at the rourto Annuul ler- 4 the president and the executive orfter
ritorlal Fair. Included in the eutrles Krom Sunday's uaiiyj resulted.
are hor.es which are dully wlnnluc "wur., epi. .o.-ie n.r.. ... D-i.Kate Andrews of New Mexico,
Fashions of Otker rrencn
Beginning to Assert Themselves
ticular Norrowing of Shoulders, Typic
al of Reign of Louis XV.
Hprclnl to tliu Jourmil-Mlrif r.
XKW YOHK, Sept. liO.-As the sea
son progresses it becomes more tnan
ever evident that certain modified I)i-
rectorle features will continue to pre
vail in smart frocks throughout the
winter, but that tho pure Dlrcctnric
style will appear in harmonious com
bination with features borrowed from
the styles of other periods. That cling
guest of her mother, Mrs. Morris Gold
water, .for the past three months.
PHOKNIX, Sept. '-'0. Some of the bllng.
fastest horcs iu the trotting und pacing
Thursday afternoon tho Whipple
ridge Club wns most pleasantly enter
lined by Mrs. C. C. Walcutt, Jr., at
it home on Pleasant street, and those,
resent were Mrs. It. K. Sloan, Mrs.
'red W. Foster, Mrs. Edward A. Stur-
Ii times, Mrs. Bullivnn, .Mrs. . t.. .icany,
lit. TI-..I TI..-1... l ti.. II. -.1.1.
iVor OfJ'ifs. I aui urr, uui ..i-n iminci.
LDubeWean Oliver.
rffl I
H . . . . ! .. 1 tlft.1.4 .Ia.I.Ih.,1
tion cB110 I'reacott Hrldgc Club very pleasant-
whl(y 00 Tuesday nfternoon at her home
n Mount Vernon Avenue and hud an
er guests Mrs. Morris Goldwater, Mrs.
homos G. Norrls, Mrs. Q E. Mcany
ad Miss Theresa Fredericks.
thousands of dollars on the trucks of sulphide ore on the Keyitoie property entered a protest ulded by Solonmon
' . . . . . ... t I . ... . , i. i,n'n soon an mn orucr wuii muni) puuiu,
the Cist and although tho Phoenix I jj, 0e of the most important of the. I
track now holds all track records west favorable developments In the h, nimaret that Arirona must lose this
of the Mississippi Hiver there Is no ,Htrict which hBTC at- land unless something done very
bo broken t the coming raV, meeting, traded notice in mining and financial nh nuMnUol to ArjJ,oi,a
i.,..i..-,t (.. t ..ntrtes far the free- centers. interests by tho present delegate
. mii.i- t mL . ...ii.. i.o u uii niotiii. causinir much dissutlsfactlon among nil
forUIl PUCO II VIlUllOH. mm uuiovi idc nirinc iin-aun i . . --
ou last Wednesday at
broke' the world's record
mares, and alto tho reco
' ...I . . mt I ... . . .
faslost nnllcs on the- grand circuit the Miami aud Inspiration mines. in devote his time to seeing that Anion
.. . . .a . 4 I . a..
trucks this vear. The second neat or drill hole in waicn ino ore w ans gei u sipiare urni.
this roc
the third
.In.lnx.i another horse which is eu- wnero ino .uami vu.u,..y ..- v,. ;i.,.n,,i iv wii,.
tercd In tho 4.:04 and free-for-all puce, Lpcd a vast tonnage of chnlcoclte o"t Lhjpf who C0Veted certain very vnlu-
did u utile, at Columbus this week in uml there is every reason io ueiieve nbJ(, wnfr j10jpB nortn of ncre
,QAt that tho sulphides extend wituout a
break through the intervening uvey- MTBIJO MOOBDft
stone and Eureka ground, and In nil
i effo
III, '
ad fro
.ltd &1
of t
The weddlug of Miss Augusta Kosa-
Itid ltnlble nttd Mr. Edward Hussey
night will tnko place Wednesday ove-
itiir tho reVenth of October at tho
,'oodruff Club. Indianapolis. MIs Knl
Io hag hostw of .friends iu Prescott
ho extend their heartiest congratuW
ons and best wisncs to tho young
ouple. Mr. Knight Is one of the lead-
vrioDkf -attorneys oi indianapons anu v
tnoM,regcnt is the prosecuting attorney of
Irn F'WIotIod ccraaty; lie Is the son of Mr.
eorire A. KaWtt of Hraxll, one of tud
t" ''aiost prontMitt lawyers of Indiana,
irneu j.,n(l jB n graduate of waonsii oiieK
',ivmiiiil Yal University.
irewstfl Saturday afternoon Mrs. John Mason
ob!i(osb entertained a few of her friends
ml Iwitcrv delightfully at bridge, coinpll
P "'imentary to Mrs. Murray Muinvan, oi
hult Lake City. After delicious re
m fiifreshutents, vory pretty prizes were
ln cudltrlbuted, Miss Theresa Frederics
HBlwlnnlnif the biirh score-whlch was a
. I - - rr
iitn.eush on. Mrs. ram
) f,I'lu...v. r.lv.l ii sot of sliver bodkins
for the consolation. The hostess was
till (UUUVKHVllI - -
b8.. Insisted by Mrs. Frederick P. Crulce
"'"hl... Il.u nftntnnnll Were
i uune F'J"'"H ,HV
Mrs. Frank. M. Drencher Mrs. u. r.
Meanv Mrs. B. E. Sloan Mrs. Murray
HuUlvan, Mrs. II. D. Altken, Mrs. Paul
Hurks. Mrs. Thomas 0. Norrls, Mrs.
Frederick P. Cruice, and Miss Tieresa
I In
,d tbi
roll JH
o Mis
tion. This horse The strike means that In all prona- " '"""n,""
, Columbus, Ohio, Uy not only the Keystone but the P"g
(cord for pacing Kurcku and Live Oak properties, also, (.nmoroni wh(, is known to thorouRhiv
record for the two carry the sulphide ore body opened in lindmtaiid this situation, and who will
o grand circuit the Miami aud Inspiration mines. The jnVote his time to seeing that Arixon-
this vear. The second heat of drill hole in which tho ore was stracK ans get a square deal.
,ce Citation paced In 2:03, and on tho Keystone is about 3,000 feet A council of chiefs met Leupp at
l,d heat in i:03. south of wst from the Ked Koc shaft. J
),. another horse whlen is en- whcr0 the Miami company has deel. Influenced by a wily old
Copjt de Om, who is also entered in
the free-for-all, won a heat on tne
grnud circuit two weeks ago In l!:03tf.
Prince C, who recently won second
money iu the $30,000 race at Iloston,
will also be seen at tho Phoenix track,
aad will be driven by Myrou Mcllenry,
probably tho most celcbrnted driver of
butuw homes in the, world today.
Sonoma Oirl, who has n trotting re-
cor,d of i'MYi, 1,11(1 Hichnrd Gratton,
with a record of J:04, are also include
ed In tho entries, as is also tbu Call
forniu horse Zolork.
William Durfce, tho California horse.
mnu who now bos In the enst probably
the most kensatlonal racing stablo in
the country, owns several of theso fas
ones, and will bo present at the Phoe
nix meetlnu with his entire stnuic.
Dick McMuhon who Is nlso one ot
the most noted drivers in tho country,
will bring his entiro stable to Phoenix.
robability continues on into tho Live titttrwMaU filed M Bffftrtti Mf Tkt
Oak. rrtSKOtt TltM C,
Tne Infcpiratlon workings disclosing
tt.n Minim .diaracter of ore, are directly Beat. 23.
I . . ...... .1 fl
nnrth of the site on the Keystone .Mary uiirtea to .inmes uniespic, .u
where the drills aro
and tho sulphides hu
. i
n the inspiration rigni up io ,ii.t,i,.t.
lino dividing the two properties, so Ann (,P!tp to James Oillespie, M
(From SunOS" Unllv)
Work Is progressing satisfactorily on
the new shaft on tho Emporia mining
claim, according to the statement of
II. H. Keays, superintendent, who wns
here yt'stcrduy on business.
The shnfi Is now down 125 feet. The
ore body Is two nnd a half feet
thickness In the bottom, carrying aver
one vlue iu gold of $26 to the ton.
Tho ore showrf continuously from tho
top to the bottom of the shaft, tho
greatest swell being at tho 100 foot
level, where" the pnystrcak averages
four feet' in tblckneas. A sample of
this has returne 40 in gold to the ton
The Emporia mine U located sevsa
lallea aouth of pHy tha Prescott
aad Beaatorttage rou.
, be at least some apparent reaion for
their presence. Lamentable exhibi
tions nf bixarre frocks, recklessly spat
tered all over with buttons of con
trasted colors have been a feature of
the past summer season and the mnk
crs of autumn frocks should profit by
OiCNe summer failures. Long lines of
self color buttons and buttonholes fol
lowing the linn of opened coat skirt
lug skirts, shortened w .'tllnes, scarf rm!,( ,.o:,t fronts, outside sleeve seams,
draperies, long close sleeve and long frontSf Ptc, aro-usually effective
coat sof nearly straight lines will be! Iin,i jn KOod tastc iMidP.!i buttons u
in vogue all through tho coming win-j j,r(,at variety of buttunllkc ornaments,
ter, there Is no doubt, but It Is prnc- flal rosctts, caiiocnons and llttlo ro
tlcally impossible to predict the various ,.ltPH nlt), pendants hanging from
deviations and combinations walcli j (j.jr mitres urn also used to great ad
will characterize fashion during the ' vantage, llrald ornaments In an end
cold season. The icroyable und pure j,.s variety of forms form another
Dlrei'toric style in coats, though pro-1 striking feature of many imported an
nounced In the early domestic1 models, J ,umn model.
Seem in the best Paris houses, to be j Among the rktrt waists designed for
giving way to straight, limp, long,llt,tumn and early winter use are some
lines of no particular period. Thls 0f heavy linen In -white or ln ' plain
coat may retain certain Dlrec.torie fea- ht or dark cplors. They are nppar-
lures, particularly in connection with ,,tlv almost tight fitting for tho rea-
the collar and waist line, but Louis 8on lmit the two deep sdie pleats cross
XV. Ideas enter into' the scheme In the jK th. outer ends of the shoulders are
shape of big trimmed pockets, and of Pitched flatly to the waist and there
frills falling over the nands. H scarcely any fullness under tho arms.
Some of the latest Paris models nl-;The frouts clone blindly 'a llttlo to
so show a slight narrowing of the tlrd the left side by means of an ir-
shoulders, which corresponds with the r,.jj,iinrly shaped band that Is decorated
style of tho Louis XV. period? but on w 1 1 It four large pearl buttons, the
the whole the long shoulder lines pre-' Mjcf v,.s urn ,,f t)u. munll shirt type,
villi, the shoulder Curve being, how- tloittod luto the armsi'e and fiulshed
ever, vlrutly defined and toe sleeve nql witj, turn-burk cuffs nd theru Is a
Into the armhole with little or no ful'- ( turu-nvi'r collar which fastens with a
ness. Home of the smart coat sleeves, fan.plcated muslin rabat. Fancy wool
especially in the coast of severe tail- t,rajd 0f tne-scalloped or pointed order
ored type, nro set In smoothing, likjR n M!,,.,i for the garnishing of some of
the sleeves of a man's cont. Others tj,p f)lt,iuB Bl,irt waists, which are -to
have a little more fullness, "but are ad-1 ln. worn t,i, winter under rounabo'ut
justed wltlr smoothly pressed gores, so street suits, us they are decldcifly
that there Is bo fulness aronnd im warmer than thhe of linen and launder
urmhole. . equally as well.
The leugth of the coat sleeves varies Xovel shades are conspicuous among
ffom tnree-tunrters and seven-eighths ial,0rnte evening rolc and wrsps.
to the long and ,nltra long. Tho last, 7B bluw, with n tiie ot green ,.lu
With or without finishing frjlls falling ,nem H4em (o predojnlnaje. , Canard
over tho hands, is the most advanced', (iu jH j,ori,ajW tlie most unusual shade
but many women prefer the shorter" for ,.oat8. It resembles peacock blue
sleeves and tho latter will bo seen it mi cotnP n lKiiter and darker shade,
great deal during the coming winter. I.j,n Miiaj known ns. duck's egg, a
Borne charming tea gowns and hou?o Kruylnh, cloudy blue, will nlso be worn
frocks are to be seen In the shops justu Krpal ,ji.nl. Then there Is the nation-
now. Long draped skirts iu - Liberty, a ),uc that Is uulte sjmllar to nary,
moussellne do sole or velvet, with c.ha- j,u( jmt -trilln more brilliant. Drowns
subles, stoles' and tunics of embroider- ranjc cxt t0 blue in favor aud come
d net. edge wlto friuge or gill em- jn mnnv gi,ttde from 'dull orange
broidery arc the most striking features ' through burnt oruuge to a shade that
of nearly nil these gowns. One par- j, aimont tobacro brown.
tlcularly handsome model, liuporteu 0nu o t,(j uon 110taj, features la
from l'arls, was of a reddish nrown (hc trnunnit f hnts at the proseat
velvet In Its skirt part, while the long, an thfl ,a w,nKI) nn(1 fored
transparent coat of net was of Mie( jmnjcnux or a0fanontas effects, that
. . i. , i : i. ...... tmh... Thiil ... . i
same snaue eiKu encircle the crown nnu in some in-
sleeves were long and underneath the' Jn Uroo oVir tl() ,)ack of the
corsace pale .green Uats discloseat, . j, v rui 0f wicl, uro used
themselves. Around the waist were nilUlc wav l wlllch they are
put on Is quite pleasing.
in tho Keystone Mary Cllldea to James UUlespic, .u.
i belnu operated. Deed. Last Chance, Hull Dog, Omaha,
t. l,v,.led Hillside, Protection, Old York, Lottlo
ive been de eloped Mines Martlne, t Weav-
Icht up to the side " ,
.1...... l.n no niieatlou of the Mil
llll'IC ..... .v -"
phldes extending the entire width of
the Keystone.
At n distance of 2150 feet north
west of the Hcd Itock shaft, the Miami
company Is sinking the Ued Springs
shaft, in which oxidlxed material go
ing about 2 per cent in copper ims
been encountered at the depth of 270
feet, which to the management indi
cates the extension of the ore body
thnt dlstnnce, nnd perhaps further. The
Hc.l Springs shaft Is about 2i.00 feet
northeast of the drill discovery ou the
Kevstone. k
Therefore, nn area nearly 2."00 feet
north uud south, by 500 east and west,
of tho Miami, Inspiration, Keystone
and Eureka properties, which, in all
probability, carries the sulphides
Should uctual deevlopments prove
this to be the case, Globe district
would have one of the larger low
grade sulphide deposits,
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28.-Colonel
W. F. Htowart, of the Coast Artillery",
commanding the ungarrisoned post t
Grant In Arizona, who is to appear be
fore the retiring board to dsterain
hi physical ftacsa for t artber mvlca,
reported today at ta war aepanaseni
Deed. Same property,
W. II. Hones k Clint McLaren locate
William McCutchen Mine, Turkey
Creek Dlst.
John llalblleb locates May Ilfll
Mine, Dig Dug Dlst.
L. Gndette to H. M. Cummlngnnm
wf. W. Deed., All of Lot SO k Part
of Lot 20, Dlk, E, Jerome,
Joseph J. Bbaw k wf. to II. W. Joss
W. Deed. $1,000. Lots 2, 3 4, .llla
E, Jerome.
Leroy Anderson k D. L. IJorint in
corporate Le Vtiughan Mining k He-,
duction Co., Capital Stock Hf.0,000.
Sept. 24. '
G. K. Westcott .locates Highland.
Placer, Dig Hug Dlst.
J. H. Moore to C. E. Pearson, w.-
Deed. $100. Lot on Jim .Crow No. 'i
Decree of Probate Court In Estate
of Gullermo Hargas, deceased, setting
apart numerous mines, Cherry treoK
Dist.. as homestead for widow.
L. I. Flotchcr to Dell Itiggins, m.
Deed. Hf. Int. in Alberta, Supreme,
Daisy Hell Mines, Agua Frln Dlst.
John M. Hoss et al. Incorporate
Gold Prince Mining Company. Capital
Stock $2S0,000.
Bert- 25.
George Oyler A wf. to 'John A.
Forbes, Q. C. Deed. 175. LoU 12 ; 12,
Hlk 24. Prescott
qity (if Prescott to John A. .Forbes
(J. C. Deed. Lots 10 k 18, Blk. 14,
.i.i. .. n
three gathers run tnrougu wim KM :
Hl..eveless luce coats are worn a
great deal at present over evening
gowns. They are of ns many
and types as the numuerou
loug ratiRe of shapes permit, una oi
the handsome models shown the other
day at a fashionable function had a
robo of corn-colored crepe tie cnine 1
set with lace. A three-quarter length
sleeveless coat of ercnm-colred Met
darned with yellow silk completed tho
rich creation. The separate coat has
reached tho height of its rPulHrUv
and it js being fnshloued or many un
usual materials., Taffeta and supple
suftln aro equally popular. Hatlste, f6r
the first time In tho history of tno fa
bric, is maklnir "P at" to be worn
with silks and voiles, nine, veivci
and black satin Is used lightly on n
majority of the batiste models and
0 . s-
(From Tuesday's nlly '
Joe Young was shot and painfully
wounded In tho left thigh Sunday'
night nt 10 o'clock In Hellgman by Pat
The shooting, which occurred in tho
Dickerton saloon, wus accidental, Mor
rlsy was toying with a six shooter, 41
caliber, thinking that It was not load
ed. The weupon wns discharged, tho
upon some of the fancier models j ,ujt entering the front of the thlgn,
pompadour silk. .Irisli lace aio i" pnsslng through tue limn, ami coroinK
sometimes sparingly used, but tae((Ut ))Phlud.
plainer coats are in better taste, tneiri A physician was called and Mia
effectiveness being left to their lines . wound dressed. Voting was brought to
nnd their artistic colrings, the residence of his mother In (his city
Embroidered nnd jewelled clasps aim y,.t,.rdny. He was restlug ey si Ust
buckles are quite popular at present ns
in ornamentation of smart gowns.
They can be made the most picturesque
flwturu of an otherwise simple gown
dr they may give the finishing touch
to a frock of great magnificence. Hut
thn also are used quite lavishly,
though not always in tun very best
taste. The matler of applying buttons
Is not so simple It may seem, Their
effect upoa the liar of the coat must
ib carefully studied aad there should
Young and 'Morrlsy ore friendly.
Wilni'Mes to the snooting assort posl
lively that it was accidental.
PlTTHHl'HG, Hcpt iIJ -The long
protracted drought of western Paaiiyl
vanla, east Ohio and West Virginia
was effectually broke today by rl
throughout the strielisa territory,
Mrs. J, J. Uawklas, Mm. Harrlaoa
. i.

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