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"4.. V
l.-"MiWy .... p
' H r.
it .
4 s
All Indications Point
To Rise Possibly
To 15 Cents
(Fritn HunJ.ij D.illv)
Copper i ranging o very close ti
It cents n pound I hat Ilium ( no ipies
I Inn of the improvement, says tho
Mining Record. One of t h liiiinrt'itit
factor in tin red nietiil iltii'itioii, in
answering n query a to why tlm iric
flitl tint advance, enllcd attention to
tnc fuel that In- sale of copper pro
duced in thi country Iiiivp, for some
thni', been in excess of the production.
Taken in connection with Ilic in
i-rotmos in the consumption of tlic red
metal in the I'oiintry, we run readily
fco t tin l tint statements iiiiiilo to tlic
effect thnt there in " surplus of stock
upper on linml in tin United States
aro wull foiinili'il. In substantiation
of thi Is tin report thnt tint GpiipmI
Kleetrip Miiriiritiy purennsed during tint
MiM week si-vernl milliiin Hunulrt of
copper, palling lor ib-livpry iit'xt year.
Here, also, wp find another indication
of thp general trend of business. No
large corporation, such ns tin General
Klectric, is going to Imy in those quan
tities unless there i proof that busl
nitw will Itself become better. There
have also been spvernl tnttitiv or
ti!r placed ponding Hip outcome of the
oloetiiin. Thi Inn given rise to
strength in tin' prii-p of popper.
Of .nnrtp, them is hoiiip agitation
rosftMliig probable tnrilV revision,
tint these nip lont, o fnr n their Im
portance i concerned, when wp eon
aider tip increasing consumption hero
ami nl. mart. In Hup. tho export for
cupper will aggregate for October
about t't.iHM) ton, snowing thnt the
healthy rate f buying abroad I not
abating "vi with Hip utrenctheninu
of the retl niptnl iiinrket.
TnktiiL' n look in restriuppot, wp
liml thnt i" the Hiiuiiner tlio Knle,
while freiiient, weie niiiiiII. Tlioy
weie IlKiireil by the lhotm:inils of
poiimls ami not by the million. hen
tne first 1,(11)11,1)0(1. pound kiIp w:is
iiiiiiIp in this country for the yp.ir tlio
eopprr intercuts bi'Kiui to take notice,
but now thnt there are evidences of
.multiple million!) it in a siin that then
ii really a decided chiiiiye for the bet
This has caiiuil the riht Mort of ef
fect in the copper share murkpt, ami
there has been a change in tone the
p:iHt few day.s. Ilpavy interests urn
Inlying and tne eopppr market looks as
though it would mioii be advancing at
a rapid pave.
The introduction of more economi
cal metiodH ami the installation of
better equipment have done much to
ward milking the mining and rcduc
tlon of copper more profitable, no much
more ho that an advance of 1 cent a
pound means more from an earning
basis than it did when higher prices
ruled; that is, more is considered with
the actual figures at which copper is
eel lint; now and was xelliu tiien. It
cannot be denied that Calumet & Her
la has: inado lure Kales at 1 1 cents,
liml is not Helling a pound below that
lljjnre. The Males aKureynteil an en
tire month ' output mid the popper
will be delivered to the piirchnsers
during December. The sales were
made to both Kitrnpcnn and domestic
Ktirnpc has at this time about (i per
cent of ii year's actual supply on hand,
or about a time weeks production.
This htands out strongly against the
113 per cent of Hip world's supply
when the Kronen copper corner wnii on
in 1880. U is stated that consump
tion In this country today is equal to
thnt of llHI'i, while throughout Ku
rnpp it is r.Miinj; about 40 per cent
ubovp what it wan biHt year. TIiih nil
Knr to prore thnt there is substance
bark of the rod metal market, nnd it
flppiik well for tlio K'r',;'t industry
timt wan ho hard lilt in the curly day
of the panic,
The i.illhWPfit-
iipaii. .'Mpntly
i tioiii; two
I I - It' I'. '). t. :in
i-rn I , . cm nt 1
rtrani ! -il I tin- v
rn i let ' poles i i twres between
ll.n-iiit i uid Kylviri le. They expect
t., ha' .he line pompleted to .Sylratt
iie by nrmlH'i !lrd, theicby wiiitilui;
i boiiiis : ,fiii) rained by the mi'ii of
Hie amp ollered for geMinif the line
in in lime to s;ive the (dection retimi".
Uepreeiitntives of the company Here
say I hut eoiiiiertioii will also be made
with the Anderion Apache Copper
Company's property, located twelve
miles from llachita, and thnt if fu
ture development justify they will
extend tneir lines to I lunulas, thus
uivluu through connection with the
new ndd camp for the llisbee people.
II is alo reported here by authorized
repreentatives of the eompr.uy that n
telephone exchange will be installed nt
Mylvnnite if it becomes a permanent
Frank .1. (!raf, who is interested in
the Skyscraper mid Handcar mining
claim in the Sylvniiite district, yes
terday received returns from the firm
of Franklin, Smith A 'V. nssayers, of
samples taken from these tv.o claims.
The assay gave returns ranjjinjj from
FJO per ton to 1:100 per ton.
Yesterday a prominent business limn
of Itisbee received a telegram from
Hiirlinganip in Denver, one of the not
ed nssayers of tne west, pronouncing
the ore at SylvanitP, of which Minn
plus were split him, to bp calvaritp, a
form of lelleriiim ore richer than hvI
vault e.
The above two paragraphs tell the
latest developments in the new gold
camp in New Mexico.
With each mi ling day il is be
coming more apparent that Sylvnnite
is destined to become a permanent
camp. The opening of a five foot vein
on the Skyscraper and llnmlcar claims
has cnncd a rpuewal of thij excite
ment which attended the first account
I of the iipw discovery. The nssny re
turn received by Frank .1. Ornf were
made I rum wimple taken from thesp
two clnims, nnd the result hit been to
establish beyond the ipiestlon of a
j doubt thnt caairite Is to be found in
I this new camp and thnt the nren I
big fioin which the rich ore has been
1 extracted.
I I r. (!oti.aies, a part owner in the
Skyscraper, returned to tao new camp
last evening after spending the day 111
the camp. He was working with two
miners when the live foot vein on the
Handcar was discovered. "You may
say without any exaggeration," said
Dr. (Ionales, "that we hnv n five
foot vein opened up upon which we
will put n force of miners to work iut
mediatelv, ami the indications are
that we will be shipping fl.'O ore
within a few days."
(!us llevmuu, a traveling man, well
known throughout Arizona and Xew
Mexico, arrived in tlio city ypstprday
from Hylvnultp. Mr. llpymaii spent
several day.s there and met many old
time miners hp has known for years in
Arizona and Nevada.
"I ilo hot profess to ho a miner,"
said Mr. I ley ma n, "but I talked with
tliee old timers, nnd I am willing to
back their judgment. The concensus
of opinion is that Sylvnnite is n bet
tor prospect for a big gold camp than
Cripple Crppk was in the parly .stages
of that camp. I gathered this opiu
ion from the miners I talked to nnd
many of thoui are from Cripple
Mr. Heyman Mates that it is now
possible to obtain comfortable lodg
ings in the camp and that the hard
ships of the last few days iiavo been
I Walker, and i doing hi. portion of
the annual wolk. In 11 drift fill from
I t .in bottom of Ii ol ft. shaft ome
1 .ifii I'.okiliff rpiart. and b'.id ate be
ing eii'-'.unterod. The '.unip '.nttiins
I about I " tolls of ore which it i he-
I lievpil would pay to ship. .Nnmple of J
this ore have assayed 10 pre rent Inail.
1.1 per rent copjipr and "'-a nr.. ilver.
Mr. f'ros is wnll pleased v,.h his pur
Thp Cnthprim Adjoins tm lleruoii
dy. (ieo. A. Walker a Ian owns an in
terest in the Catherine.
Mr. Walker and drover Keed are
tilling the assespmrnt work on Mr.
Walker's claim, commencing with
the Scott A Crawford group.
AN.VAI'OMK, Oct. .11. -Oa a Hut
gi'diron today Hie Indian from Car
lisle .nlniinislerc the tlrnt defeat tn
the Miiishipuient. Tap (in si ncitrn wis
Carlisle 1(1, Navy (i.
In the first half thn Navy hati the
best of it until just before tiino Wag
called. Then Carlisle, began a unric
of four scores, all placement gl,
beautifully made bjr italonti.
In the second half Hip Nary player
went in to iiunihilato the India line
and by plunges drove llirliartlnon avrr
for the Middles' only score. Narta
(left kicked tin) goal.
UtuidverliHcil thlna arc- 1d aaaio
times. .loamal-Mincr want alu will
Atll it quietly.
l'AUADISK, Arl.., Oat. :t0. I). .1.
Dornu, on sinking the Dornn ic Galla
gher r3-ft. ahnft a couple of feet, on
countered an 8-incli vein of good ship
ping ore, of the lead-silver class. Tho
ore carries good lend contents, nnd
appears to bo of the name grade us
thnt taken out In tho incline, above
several years ago and unsaying H" or..
in silver.
This .13 ft. incline, which Is nn old
working, is situated about 80 feot in
an eiiHtprn direction from the 120 ft.
or main shaft, nnd 011 the main lead.
Recently this incline hud been con
nected with tho main shaft by a drift
run eastward from the latter at tho
0-ft. level, the drift showing a good
vein of concentrating oro nil tno wny.
Seven men are now employed nn
thp HisboeSonoru property, continu
ing tho upper tunnel and driving u
new crosscut to the ledge at a point
on the hillside, lower down,
The upper tunnel has been driven
215 fent, and it it now hollered that
the main ledge will be encountered
when HOO feet In. The ground is be
coming softer and looking better.
Tho other working it between the
upper tunnel and the abandoned low
er tunnel, iiar what is known as
till.,. (witllt 'I Blwr fin wli n la mm.
pending by too trail from the aban
doned tunnel turns to tho left just be
fore reaching the upper tunnel. Hera
a short crosscut to the ledgo has been
started, and will (in completed in a
few days, when drifts on tho lodge In
both directions will be run. Along
the ledge oro is exposed an the sur
face in a number of places, for qulto
a distance, an that it 1 expected good
ore will be encountered in the drifts.
lack Crosa haa purchased an later-
t ia ! Catherine olaisa fro at Jay
(il.Olti:. Oil. lilohc is one of
the few import ii 11 1 mining districts in
the Fnitt'd .States that uas shown any
substantial advancement this year, in
the face of the erv discouraging bus-ine-s
condition throughout the coiiii
try, anil the political turmoil and un
certainty that has prevailed since the
national con vpiiI ions were held. The
developments of ore in the popper
mines of the district have been so not
able as to attract wide attention, ami
Olobe todny has 11 greater reputation
as 11 copper camp than any otuer camp
in tho country, with the exception of
Hutte. During the past two weeks a
doen nr more of Hip best known min
ing men of the I'nited States have
visited Globe in thp Interest of com
panies and syndicates having millions
of dollars to invest, mid negotiations
are now pending which will probably
rpsnlt in two or morp new companies
with large capital acquiring mining
piopertips here.
The phenomenal developments of
sulphides by the Miami Copper Com
pany nas been a splendid advertise
ment for Globe district, mid the inter
est has been heightened by the great
improvement in the Old Dominion
mine and a -ncce.-slon of copper atrikps
in other properties
The Minuii eoinpnin, which more
thmi two mouths ago ha. I developed
7.11(1(1,(111(1 ton of Milphido, has contin
ued Hit1 deteltipmeut of its property
with the most Mitisfactory results. It
is now said tnat the Miami ore body
has liccn citiSHcut on the It". foot level
for 1 100 feet nnd developed in other
directions and 011 other levels until at
the present time a tonnage of consid
erably over 10,000,0(10 tons of chalco
cite ore can lie reasonably counted up
on. The crosscut on the ."70 foot level
after passing through an oxidized belt
penetrated the popper bearing schist
and is now in ore identical with that
opened on the levels above. The new
working shaft of four compartments is
to be located 'MD feet t.ist of the Red
Rock snaft, in the conglomerate ami
will be sunk to n depth of at least
1000 feet. It will lip a stpiarp shaft
nnd fitted with powerful hoisting ma
chinery. Sinking continues at the Red
Spring shaft, UI.10 feet northeast of
the Red Rock workings, where it is
said thp Indications are favorable.
Very little is heard from the Key
stone property, on which prospecting
is being carried on with churn drills.
It is said that tne work has not been
very successful, the drills having
reached 11 depth of but H00 fci't. No
information is given out by the Miami
management conducting the work on
tin Kevstoue.
It Is said a Hundred Thofta Occur
Every Day.
Ni:W YOIIK, Oct. ii'.i.-Whilo its va
.1 a
nous guariiians 01 tne peace are
squabbling as to the best way of pro
teetlng thpir municipal patient, that
paticnt-In other words, Fntlipr ICnlck
erbucker -i.s suffering tho usual result.
Hurglary nnd larceny crimes nro bo
coining uncomfortably frequent, now
totaling over .15,000 annually, whilo
the total value of these hauls is near
ly $10,000,000.
Brought down to a dully basis, New
York has almost 100 robberies every
twenty-four hours, this being at the
rnto of ono for every fifteen minutes
day nnd night. Nor aro these potty
atTaini In which property of little
vnlue is involved. Tno nvernge value
of eaoh lot of loot secured by burglers
and thloves is $400 or moro than n
good mnny honost folks earn in a year
r.vory hour marks tho theft of $2000
worth of property and every tlav near
ly $50,000 worth.
In spite of tho fact that these rob-
berle total 35,000 annually, the aver
age annual number, of arrests has been
only 1701, or just about one in twenty.
Of those arrested only ono In four la
convicted, so that the chances in fa
vor of the burglar would seen to be
about fiO to 1. It is said that under
the present police system only 7 per
cent of stolan property is recovered.
Failure of Bankera Bringa Craah of
Many Compatriot.
BOSTON, Oct. 20. Application was
made for a receiver for Inn Hndann
River Company nnd seven other cor
porations of Now York, ns the outcome
of tho recent failure 0f.K. II. Gay &
Company, bnnkers, of thla city, New
YoTk, Philadelphia nnd Montreal, who
carried about $7,000,000 in obligations.
(lay Company financed nil eight
Gl.Olti:. Oct. :tn. - Dr. .fames Dmig
las and l'teident ClmtliM S. Smith,
nfter 11 thorough inpei-tioti of tne Old
Dominion mine, departed tor the east
last Suildny, well pleased with the de
velopments, ei inlly 011 the I It Ii
level and the ent drifts of the 10th
nnd I2tli levels. The Old Dominion
mine net it looked so well n it tloes
at present, the ore reserves having
grown rapidly in the Inst few months.
The latest strike of sulphide on tno
llth level, in the crosscut oil block il,
within a few hundred feet of 1'i'i"1
creek, is very important. The ore is
said to run high in sulphur arid iron
mid assay from (I to S per cent cop
per. The extraction drift is being
continued westward and will oon be
under the creek. At the smelter live
furnaces are in blast nnd the proline
tion of copper this mouth will proba
bly exceed the September output.
Information cntnes from itotnn that
tne Old Dominion company has paid
oil" a loan of $ lOii.Ollii, the last of its
lloating debt which has been carried
during the past five years of smelter
construction and mine development.
Old Dominion now has a working cap
itnl or between fsOO.OOO and VJ00.00O,
after the payment of Its lloating dent.
As it had net earnings of $15,000 in
August and Hie same in September, nnd
should ilo as well this month, there is
every prospect that before Christmas,
stockholders will receive a dividend
Sinking has continued at toe F.urc
kn shaft in the Arizona Commercial,
which has now reached a depth of
about forty feet below the 000 foot
level. The shaft has been in very
good looking ledge matter from the
(lOi)-level down, with some showing of
copper. However, tne fact that there
has been careely any increase of wat
er in the shaft would indicate that the
vein has not yet been penetrated. The
h:ift will be sunk to 700 feet, at
which depth h level will be opened mid
the ore should be found to bo of the
ame character mid value n that ex
poi nt water level in tho old Black
llnwk working. The Black Hawk
ein on tne property of the Arizona
Commercial is one of the strongest
and best miueralixed xeius in the
eistern part of the district nnd tho
opening of a rich and extensive ore
body would seem to be only a ques
tion of development at greater depth,
(ieueral Manager llennie, who was
here for a week or more, consulting
with the local management in regard
to the further development of the
property, returned to Clifton early last
week, lie expect to visit Globe, again
within the next two or three weeks.
Superintendent W. K. Carter of Hip
-Superior & Boston informs us that op
erations aro progrpssing satisfactorily.
Ore salpuipnts are bping mailt' to Hip
HI Paso siiipUit nt the rate of about
fifty tons daily. Returns hnvo been
very good, the ore nveraging better
than 8 per cent copper mid the silver
value being well mnintnliieil. At the
ureal r.arieru mint' tne east tlnrt on
the ISO-font level is still in ore., al
though not of ns high grade as for
mprly. Thp north crosscut on the IIIO
level is going ahead as fast as three
shifts pan drive It. Tno new shnft for
the Great Kastem is down about thlr
ty-live feet. At the Gardner shaft the
station 011 the south side of tho shaft,
at 100 feet, hag been completed, ami
the crosscut is in over twenty feet.
It will have to bp driven nbout 115
feet to iuterkcct the Black Oxide lode.
A station is now being cut 011 the
north side of the shaft at tno 100 level.
Globe Consolidated is shipping from
two to three cars of sulphldn oro n
week, from the Gem mine. A bin iust
poniplptt'd nt the mine facilitates mid
cheapens the handling of tho ore, and
It is the intention of the iniiiuigemi'nt
at mi parly date to construct a tram
way from tho shnft to the railroad
spur In the gulcn below, which would
greatly reduce the cost of handling tho
ore and make it practicable to increaso
The oro for shipment is being stopod-
irom mo uem vein in tho west drift
and holds up well In slzo anil value.
Drifting on the Gem vein has been
Htnrtcd toward tho east nnd tho ore
shows some improvement.
KINGMAN. An.. Oct. ",) Many
r.irh'ads of material for tut1 mill of
Hie Arizona Gold Mines Company have
I. ceo received in Kingman and will be
taken down to Hip Bi Metal mines as
!ooii ft the spur track is complete.
jThis week 11 carload of cement was
' taken to the mine to be used in pre
paring the foundation for machinery.
The plant when completed will be one
of the mos't up-to-date in the territory
and the sampling ami handling of the
ores of the mine will be careful and
This mill will be used to prove the
value in the property mid work out
a simple and economic mctnod of sav
ing the values in the ores. The vein
is 0110 of Hid largest in the territory,
it extent not even yet hnving been
determined, although it shows for
more than .'UK) feet on Hit) surface.
Sampling has been carried across
more than 100 feet of vein.
O. F. Kiiencer, general manager of
the Golden Star Mining Company, was
in town from Cerbat a few days ago.
lit- reports that ore is coming in the
shaft of Dip Golden Gpiii iiiIiip, owned
by this company, nnd that from its
appearance there is a great body of
ore on the footwall of the mine. The
shaft ii being sunk on the hanging
wall of the property, tho footwall be
ing nbout fifteen feet away nnd carry
ing the ore body. Samples from the
ore cutting into the shaft have given
values at about eight ounces gold. Tho
snaft will be sunk to the 000 levtd ns
fast ns men can drive It down, sta
tions being cut and drifts started nt
the 100 levels.
.1. I,. Whitney, who was general man
sger of the McCraeken Mint's Compa
ny, was in Kingman several days this
week 011 busirie.s connected with the
trial of the ease of John W. I.ane
against the McCraeken Mines Compa-
, 11 v ami others. He believe that the
mines will soon be in tho hands of
people who will work them on n large
scale. The McCraeken properties nro
among the greatest of tne mines in
the territory, the ore bodies being of
immense size ami hnving n iiiiifirm
l richness not found in any of tho other
j great properties of the territory. Mil
lions of dollars are now in sight in
the mines, although only the ton level
has been reached.
Mineral survey number 2."(l.l for the
Siamese, Pittsburg ami Side Line mines
in Cedar Valley mining district, .Mo
have county, owned by the Arizona
Southwestern Copper Company, nave
been approved by the surveyor gener
al of Arizona. This company, of which
Leonard Hoffman Is tho general man
ager, is developing these claims nnd
hnvo a splendid showing of copper ore
on the Pittsburg mine, of the group.
A wagon road has been surveyctl to
the mines and will oii be built. Mr.
Hoffman purposes opening the mines
I to below the .100 level as fast as men
;ean ilo the work.
1 In Many Ways, But Particularly In
Miner Pasea Away from Gangrene at
Mercy Hoapltal.
(Krsia Saturday's Bailv)
Aftpr n brief illneca Jo'nn Moore
succumbed to gangrene in the Mercy
Hospital yosterday morningn t 11:30
He was IJ4 years old and a native of
Ireland. He was a miner by occupa
tion and had been a resident of this
county eight years. He loaves no Im
mediate relatives in the territory. He
wns nssoclnted with Bon Blnnchnrd in
mining nnd business interests and r.
sided In Blnnchnrd, where he had
charge of a mercantile establishment
in which he and Blanchard were lntpr.
His remains were tnken In eharire
by the Mans and Shannon undertak
ing establishment to be nrenarnrt fnr
burial. The funeral will be held thla
afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will
bo In tho Citizen's Comotery. Rev. L.
W. Whentley of tho Marina street
Methodist church will conduct the ob-seqiiles.
Jsaraal-Miasr far high tlast jeb work.
NKW YORK, Oct. 2S.-XPW York
fppls more than a merely curious in
terest in tne oft-repeated prediction
""it tl on I mines of the country will
be exhausted in another hundred years
for the reason that this pity is the
greatest coal consumer in the world.
According to statistics recently col
lected the metropolis uses over 25,000,.
000 ton. aniiually anil requires the
M'rvkes of 511,000 men to keep itself
warmed and lighted.
More than $150,(1(10,000 is invested
In tho biisinpss of supplying tho citv's
residents with coal, and no less than
2000 coal barges and 150 tugs are kept
busy in transporting it about New
York nnrbor. Thp.so coal bargcH aver
age in capacity from .'150 to 1500 tons
apiece, nnd in them thero is nlw.iva
ufloat about the city more than n mil
lion and a naif tons of coul. Kvcry
day thero is loaded into barges in tho
tnrbor of New York more coal than
is used In a wholo year throiichout the
Kmplro of China.
Last year tho coal wharves of the
city handled 28.440.000
and this year the total promises to run
nun uuovc .10,1)110,000 tons.
Avornging lactones nnd smnll con
suinpra at u price of four dollars for
each ton. Now York will spend during
the coming winter $120,000,000 to
keep Itself warm. The city govern-
ment will alone use nivirlt- mnnnn .
, . ,v,wu mini
. TTiiiMi-ver pinim Now York may
have to municipal elpanllness to bo
attnbuted tn tho fct that threo-quar-ers
of the coal shipped from Us docks
is nnthrncltp. Where the whole tre
mendous amount goes my bo guessed
from the fact that the large hotels SB
100 tons a day encn, tho largest steam
ships 1000 tons a day and department
store each 50 tons daily. Altogether,
tnther Knickerbocker with the 30
000,000 tons of coal which he burn,
annually is anything but glad to see
the approach 0 winter.
i'he Prescott Nationnl Bank recelv
$1000 from the New Cumberland Min
ing Company yesterday. Tho gold la
the result of n Tcin ...111 ..... -
... . uu 04 iuv
company's mill. Tha New Cumber-
1 till MA. A. 4 I ...
i""!"'"" ra loeataii in tha Tur-
kay Craek ditrit.
John Rollly Wing Out In rjJ
uiohi i-opujar uanuirlatt
(From Saturday's Daiivi
With one of tho most t.nLj
balls given in this city in rn.ny ttj
1 ne nazaar given iy me laejt.l
Catholic parish closed this mnr.J
the small hours. More than n lt
couples ot tne youth and )fl,.
the city tripped the light flr
until after the midnight iimir .
music of the Iteso orchestra il
one present left with pki.rint iJ
iirnnccs ot tne nail and tlio three
bazaar given in tho basement J
Wilson block, conceded by al J
the most successful over givtt
.lohn Reilly, candidate tn, A
treasurer on the Republican t
won tho pane for tho mint
candidate on either ticket at u(
ing contest. He received 257 ,
A. .1. Ilcrtidoti, cntidldnte for tc
er on tne Democratic ticket, w
.1.1 votes in the contest, I
Glenn Wood pulled nwny the fl
iiaKer junior wngon, given tbe 1
popular boy. lie received 2.'1
ngainsl 10(1 for Ross Hnsti
Cnrrio Perkins wns voted tki.
popular girl nfter n spirited tc
fine received it.n votes; 558 volfi
'polled for hilecn Thorbccke.
juvenile suffragettes were pr(J
wnn unniisome (ions, dressed ait-l
Lester Ruffner easily showed l
tie ns the most popular young i
lor in the pity. He outclass! rl
contestants in getting votes ob?
presented with n "eonvcnlenrV
saffron hue iriven to the baznnri.
.1. W. Wilson Clothing Companj.j
Herman .1. w. Wtlson will prewi!
prize to KtifTuer today.
Stricken With Paralysis Ho Is rJ
to Speak.
(From Saturday's Dally)
I'arnUeil, unable to pcA, brj
parently nut bereft of hearing. . I
ilii vow, a saddler 111 the einoli.v
Levy nnd Company, was taken :
Merry Hospital yesterday. Hj
roiiilitioii is considered H'rimni b
attending physicians. They hat
He hope for hi recoverv.
Ila.M's came hero from ph-xj
short time ngo and nccented .1 t.A
in the Levy store. Thursdav I
noon h niplaiiieil to other
ployes of the estnblisnmcnt thl
was ill, but continued nt his wo:
til l! o'clock, the time of t'A
Walking down from the galk-rl
I el I eight fppt to the and UA
Nathan Levy, who was standi!
tin' front door, henrini' the no:
Hip rear end, walked bark and !
Hayes lying helpless. With the 1
other employes, Hnycs was earr
nn nnibulaneo antl taken to bli t
merits in the Montezuma IloteM
pnysicinn wns sunioned. A mutl
tlio pnysicinn stnved nt his Ul
luring thp night. He hns not r
since nt; fell. His condition i'.I
no improvement and lio wns tH
tne hospital yesterday nvcniD?
"'clock. His nttpiidnnts helicre
hp has not lost tolullv the nJ
hearing, as ho obtys the mirc'il
pnysicinn 's order nt times.
NKW YORK', Oct. 20.-M:m
limes, daughter of Mr. nnd M'i
it . ... ...
nam iieynoiits I mips of this c
William Wnrts White, Jr., oi 1
lence, R. I., Were united in inf
today at tno homo of the bmle'i
ents on West Seventy. third strn
Bishnri I'ri'.l.iri.lr u
the relatives hnd most Intimate (
01 tlie two families were
tho Imnri
followed hv a In rirn rnri'ftttrin
Abnor Howard, formerly Mis
v-iuounn, wuo wns marred a
ago in Ynnkers. wan th
honor, -nnd Miss Dnrnttir Tn
ter of the bride, the malr of
Lfn... . .
110 Driuesmaida wnm Via
Us of Racine, Wis., and MisJ
waterman of T'rovldenrn.
nan of New York was tho
wnilo Stuyvesant Fish, Jr.,
Miiaon or Providence Wm
Seton Porter
ard and Mcrvln White, brother!
groom, acted us ushors.
short I
Mist !
Thra Conylcted and Two Dtfwl
Pred by Jury,
Hedderly, William Smith and
I). Hynes. thren dnfnilnn in
called Los Angeles land fraud
were convicted lv a iur of
trict court this evening. r.
er and .Teramlnh Huntley were
i nn couri nail i nut
DfHdant Eatabliahet Alibi to J
inif out for twn I....... ,v
- w miib, me jur
case of Theodore Whilemora, oti
"n miinier or ids wife, whi
tered bodr Cr,.....i ..ll
.uuuu i;icinD
IN7. ia a rr . .. I
uwnr iiarrison,!
JtrMy, raturnad toaight a yerdil
not t.aty. Wkit.ssar. ,AUA
llllhl. 1
jury fj

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