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Weekly Journal -Miner
Arrangements Perfected
For Entrainment Of
Division at Fort
Sam Houston
President Fears Radical Step
Might Cause Serious
t Complications
By Associated Press.
SAN ANTONIO, Tex., April 17.
On the surface there is little acti
vity at Fort Sam Houston today. The
quiet, however, is ominous. Even
though the movement of the division
quartered here and at Leon Springs
reservation is not contemplated, ar
rangements are perfected for quid
ntrainment. The troops stationed in
a big bend of the country between
Eagle Pass and Presidio where the
revolutionists have been especially
activewere rearranged today.
President Loath to More
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 17.
The President tonight replied to a
message from Governor Sloan of Ari
zona asking protection for the citi
zeens of Douglas from the fire of tho
federals and insurrectos, that he was
loath to endanger Americans in Mex
ico by taking so radical a step as
sending American troops across the
border to prevent further fighting.
TORONTO, Ont., April 17. The
library boards of nearly all large and
many smaller cities and towns of On
tario are represented by delegates at
-the eleventh annual meeting of the
Ontario Library association -which op
ened here at the Public Library for
a two days' session. The work of
the librarian, the relations of the
library to technical education and th'e
use of the library for children will
be among the subjects to be consider
ed by experts at this meeting.
ATLANTA, Ga., April 17. The an
nual national convention of tho Kappa
Delta Sorority opened here today at
the Piedmont hotel with a largo at
tendance of members from all parts
of the country. Mrs. Earl A. Brown
eon, the national president, is among
those in attendance. There will be a
number of social functions in honor
of the distinguished visitors, the moat
brilliant will be the dinner to be
given tomorrow evening.
By Associated Press.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., April 17.
?. L. Dania, who killed his little
daughter after being wounded in a
revolver duel two weeks ago and
later entered into a suicidp pact with
Eva Bovoe at the county hospital,
died tonight as a result of hi wounds.
He shot the woman four times and
himself ooee. She ii expected to recover.
In Mexico Raging at Agua Prieta
Tide of Battle Turns in Favor of Federals Late Last Night
When Commander of Rebel Forces Reaches Border And
Of Bullets Crashes Through
By Associated Press.
AGUA PBXETA, April 17.
10:30 o'clock tonight firing between
the federals and insurrectos which
began sixteen hours previously had
ceased after the fighting had been
carried to the boundaries of Agua
Prieta by the federals. . The Diaz'
forces by a' thrilling night movement
regained the ground lost during the
day. Present indications are that
daylight will see a renewal of the
The losses today are not known.
The rebels hold every position they
held at dawn, notwithstanding their
one deserted loader.
"Bed" Lopez is in Douglas to
night but probably will be in the
fight tomorrow.
Federals Repulsed.
AQUA PBTJBTA, (By. Associated
Press Correspondent in the Field).
April 171 The most important battle
of the Mexican revolution was fought
today by 1600 federals and 1000 reb
els which resulted in the repulse of
FREEHOLD, X. J., April 17. Tho
case of Frank E. Heideman, the young
German accused of the murder of
ten-year-old Marie Smith, was called
in court today for trial. The court
proceedings, it is expected, will be
brief, as tho accused youth has al
ready made a full confession of tho
crime. . Attorneys appointed by tho
court to conduct the defense will
make an effort to save . the young
German from the electric chair on
the ground of his .weak mentality.
NEW YORK; April 17. Lead $4.40
t0 $4.50
Tin $41.S0 to $42.15.
By Associated Prena.
Judge Bledsoo of the superior court,
tonight, granted a permanent injunc
tion against the California Portland
Cement company, operating its million
dollar cement' plant at Colton and
also gives the plaintiffs damage for
tho loss of the orange crops caused
by the cement dust. The financial
interests on both, sides run into mil
lions. The cotifi'Trays that probably twen
to United States
the former.. The fighting may be re
sumed tomorrow. It lasted from 6:30
o'clock in the morning to sundown.
At nightfall two federal machine
guns were in possession of the enemy
who had suffered a loss estimated by
the rebels of at least 200 killed and
wounded. The rebels gave their loss
as twenty.
When day broke it revealed the
federals formed in a fan-shaped battle
line in a level country a mile from
Agua Prieta with their machine guns
in the center. They gave notice of
their purpose to the enemy with a
hail of bullets from the machine
guns, supported by musketry, their
evident intention being to gain the
border line and adobe guard houses.
The insurrectos went forth to the
fray and directed their 'ire on the
machine guns, but the fire of the
federals was so fierce that it forced
them back"' to the second' line' 'of en
trenchments. The federals advanced
slowly. As they came 'nearer the
fire of the rebels became more con
centrated and ''they scorned the pro
tection of the breastworks and went
into the open. They concentrated
their fire on' the machine guns and
after three hours defense seemed too
strong for the federals and the latter
began to retreat in the face of a
galloping fire. Presently the machine
guns were silenced.
The sharpshooters made it impos
sible to longer man them and sheer
exhaustion occasionally caused a par
tial rest on both sides.
At 11 o'clock the federals again
WASHINGTON", D. C, April 17.
Tho twentieth Continental Congress
of the Daughters of the American
Revolution convened today in the
new Memorial Continental Hall. Sev
eral thousand delegates and other
visitors from all the States of tho
Union were on hand for the opening.
The principal features of the initial
ty fons of ccin"it a day wero carried
through the Ami es and experts esti
mated the fall in neighboring orch
ards at three tons of dust per acre.
The ease will be appealed. If the
decision is upheld the corporation
must buy tho orchards within a radius
of two miles of the plant or close it.
The court permits the older plant
to- continue to make less than hun
dred barrels a day because the stat
ute of limitations ran against that
product without protest from the
property owners.
of Revolution
TroopsDespite Protests Hail
Douglas Wounding Seven.
reformed and advanced in pursuit of
their original intention to gain the
boundary, marking the movement
with heavy firing. The rebels made
confident by their early success, re
turned gallantly to the encounter
after they had been employed in the
interval in the erection of trenches.
The advance guard of federals now
consisted of fifty cavalrymen and 300
infantry. Behind them was the sup
porting force under protection of
trees and bushes. The federals re
served their fire but from,. the rebel
trenches came an unceasing stream
of bullets. The federals again found
the strength and determination of the
foe too great and recreated in good
order firing as they , left and leaving
two machine guns in possession of the
Prom tho beginning of the battle
regardless of warnings a rain of bul
lets poured into Douglas and when
the day was over seven non-combatants
were wounded.
When the battle began Colonel Wil
liam Shunk had his troops "to the
line and kept citizens out of the sup
posed danger zone. This did not
avail ,to save the Americans from
There is every indication that the
battld will be resumed tomorrow
morning. If the federals are success
ful it means a battle on the streets
of Agua Prieta with increasing men
ace to the citizens of Douglas.
Attack on Town Renewed.
By Associated Press.
DOUGLAS, Ariz., April 17 Tonight
session, following the eustomary ex
change of greetings, wero the address
of tho President General, Mrs. Mat
thew T. Scott, of Illinois, and tho
annual reports of the other officers.
The latter 'showed a gratifying growth
in the membership of the .society dur
ing the past year. The conization
now has eleven hundred chapters with
a membership of 66,074.
By Associated Press.
XEW YORK, April 17,. - Isaac
Harris and Max Blank, proprietors
of tho Triangle Waist company, al
roady indicted and charged with
manslaughter in connection with the
death of 143 employes by Are, were
found by the coroner's jury today
responsible for the death of on, of
the operators. The -verdict was re
turned in tlx case of Mary Herman,
whose esupn. from th ninth toori
Belisario Garcia gained the American
line and surrendered. He said he did
so as an individual and not as com
mander of the rebel forces. His sur
render for a time gave rise to the
cry that the rebels had surrendered.
Colonel Shunk said at 9 o'clock that,
judging from the present positions of
the forces, intermittent firing at least
will be kept up all night.
The federals by using mounted men
succeeded In getting a large force to
within 400 yards of Agua" Prieta by
nightfall. Two and three men were
on each horse and the driver then re
turned for more. From a ravine they
opened fire on the city and the bullets
tore through walls, windows and
roofs. The rebels were awaiting an
onslaught from the bull-pen on every
In the night battle the federals
used a three-pound field piece, sta
tioned to the southeast of the town,
and began hammering with shells.
An explosion at 0:30 o'clock which
shook the town is believed to have
(Continued on Page Four.
SAX ANTOXIO, Tex., April 17.
San Antonio's annual spring carnival
week, commemorating the battle of
San Jacinto, when Texas pioneers
broke Mexican power for all time,
opened today under auspicious condi
tions. The city is putting on holi
day attire and the hotels and board
inir houses are rapidly filling with
visitors. The earnival program is
more elaborate than in previous years,
and each day will be full of bril
liant attractions. The crowning fea
ture will be the floral pageant and
battle of flowers, which will take
place at the end of the week. The
presence of the military troops in
San Antonio is expected to aid in
making the earnival the most success
ful affair of its kind that aas ever
been given in the Southwest.
was cut off it is alleged, by a loeked
The responsible verdict reads: "Be
cm so of culpable criminal negligence
in failing to observe )egal precaution
of leaving the said door unlocked."
NEW YORK, April 17 Electrolytic
$12.35 lo $120.
Casting $12.00 to $12.25.
Spelter $5.40 to $3.50.
Jonrnal-lfiner High - class job work
Administration Plays
Last Card For Peace
Through the State
President Taft and Advisers
Believe Congress Should
Act at Once
By Associated Press.
"WASHINGTON, D. C., April 17.
President Taft said he felt tonieht
that 'he had done all he could to con
trol the situation on the -.Mexican
border, ne and his advisors believe
that congress must say whether the
situation is grave enough for inter
vention and its consequences. Througk
the state department the administra
tion has played its last, card and it is
reiterated in no uncertain fashion
that affairs like that at Douglas last
week will not- be- repeated.-. The de
partment Jias asked, for assurances
that no more fighting to endanger
Americans be allowed and only a few
hours after the second demand was
announced came dispatches showing
a ?cond battle on.
The President is plainly worried.
Taft has told his callers that he does
.not contemplate a special message to
congress. Xo one here doubts that in
tervention will mean war and rage
for probably years. The topography
of Mexico means many things to over
come. The federals and insurrectos
might join against the United States
and dissipate the good feelings which.
It has taken years of diplomacy to
crcate between the United. States and
the Latin-American countries..
At 'Xew York Brooklyn 1,
York 3.
At Chicago Pittsburg 2, Chicago 7.
At Cincinnati St. Louis 1, Cincin
nati 5.
At Boston Philadelphia 10, Bos
ton 2.
At Washington Xew York 6, Wash
ington 3. Ten innings.
At Philadelphia Boston 0, Philadel
phia 1.
At St. Lonis Chicago 7, St. Louis to
Cleveland Rain.
XEW YORK, April 17 Silver 53tf.
Mexicans unchanged.
By Associated Press.
EL PASO, Tex., April 17. A report
received late tonight from Murce
believed to be reliable is that 2C
insurrectos had arrived within tnelrs
miles of Juarez and would be ready
to attack the two by morning.
Weather forecast for Arizoaa
Bair. Southern California Fair.

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