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R C Sutton Returns
With Bride From
San Rafael
(From Saturday's Daily;
Quite an agreeable surprise was
occasioned yesterday among the many
friends in the city of F. C. Sutton,
-when he alighted from the train,
accompanied by a bride. The event
took place at San Rafael, Cal., a few
days ago, and an interesting feature
of this hymenal occasion was that
his most intimate friends were un
aware of the purposes of his mission
until he returned to this city.
His bride is a charming young
woman, and a social favorite in her
home city. Mr. Sutton for some
time has been the fireman on the
yard engine of the S. F., P. & P. in
Prescott, He is very popular and
with his bride has received many
congratulations. They were extended
a pretty serenade last night at their
rooms in the Head House, the par
lors being thronged with many who
came to wish them a happy and pros
perous future.
(iFrom Thursday's Daily.)
According to .a statement made
yesterday by Deputy Assessor E. W.
Stephens, frost during the early part
of this month performed some of
its characteristic freaks in the Verde
Valley, destroying crops in one sec
tion and in close proximity permit
ting others to escape. As a result
one-half of the fruit is killed and
the yield this year .will be far below
that of last. Some of the unusual
conditions witnessed were as fol
lows: At the farm of Charles Coulson,
every bud in his orchard was nip
ped and the loss will be complete.
His neighbor, Ed. Cook, less than
half a mile away, was more for
Tinate, and every tree will bear its
In the Upper Vorde, at the or
chard of "William Jordan, the frost
passed over, but when the large in
terests of the Verde Fruit company
were reached, the destruction was
disastrous, and but a very small
yield will be had.
The big Haskell orchard also
escaped, and this year will have its
largest output.
On the Lower Verde about one
half of the fruit is saved, while along
Beaver Creek, Oak Creek and other
outlying sections, heavy damage re
sulted. One loss to be regretted is
that of Henry Schuerman, on Upper
Oak Creek, who will have practic
ally nothing to place on the mar
Vet. Another heavy loser is Henry
Ames, in he same section. Clear
"Creek appeared to be out of the
zone, and but a very slight loss
will be recorded. Since the destruc
tion of their orchards, the owners
will endeavor to recoup losses sus
tained by devoting their time to
Mr. Stephens states that he found
prosperous conditions everywhere in
that section. More land is under
cultivation than in previous years,
and the flow of water into the many
canals is maintained at its custom
ary measurement. All residents are
thrifty and the big granary 0f the
county never appeared to such good
advantage as this year.
Another favorable indication of
the country was shown in no beef
cattle being for sale on the ad
joining ranges, the supply being cull
ed to its limit, with a heavy demand
for more animals.
The ne wterritorial bridge is being
used and its splendid construction is
the pride of the community.
GALENA, 111., April 27. -In ac
cordance with a custom established
many years ago this city today paid
tribute to the memory of its illus
trious son, Gen. U. S. Grant, on the
occasion of the eighty-ninth anni
versary of his birth. Large dele
gations of visitors from surrounding
towns attended the exercises in Grant
Park where stands the fine monu
ment to the warrior, presented by
H. H. Kohlsaat of Chicago twenty
years ago. The oration of the day
was delivered by Bishop J. H. Vin
cent of New York.
Threaten to Supplant
Orange Flowers With
May Brides
SPOKANE, Wash., April 2', Fra
grant apple blossoms will supplant
the time honored orange flowers as
wreaths for May brides, if the plan
worked out by Samuel Glasgow, sec
retary and manager of the Centen
nial Mill company of Spokane, meets
with as much favor in the apple
districts of the United States as it
has in this city. He contends that,
as the apple blossom is the national
flower and marriage is woman's" most
important step in life, the two
should go together.
"I have discussed the question
with the Spokane Chamber of Com
merce and the Spokane Horticultural
Association," said Mr. Glasgow,
"and through them we are in hopes
of interesting every community in
the Western country and the apple
districts east of the Rocky Mountains
in the movement. The commissioners
of the city and county of Spokane
are enthusiastic over the plan. Rev.
Dr. Will A .Betts, pastor of the First
Methodist Episcopal church, says he
will perform the ceremony, free of
charge, for the first bride decked
with apple blossoms appearing at
either his parsonage or church.
"I have also interested the own
ers of commercial apple orchards in
the Spokane valley and other parts
of this country in the movement and
expect to announce a substantial
prize in a short time for a photo
graph of the best house or church
wedding decorations fashioned with
apple blossoms. Personally, I will
present a purse of gold to the bride
winning the first prize. This com
petition is free and open to every
woman in the United States and
"There is likely to be some op
position from the orange growers,
who may feel that they have a mon
opoly on the wedding wreath flower,
but I do not believe it will be very
serious, as the life of the apple
blossom season is not more than
thirty days in the spring, after
which orange blossoms may be worn
by bride and bridegroom."
PHOENIX, Ariz., April 2G. The
case of the United States against
Grant Bros, will again come before
the Supreme Court of the Territory
on May 3, when a motion for a
new trial which has been made by
attorney for Grant Bros, will be
argued. United States Attorney 'J.
E. Morrison, who is at Tucson at
tending Federal Court, will go to
The government instituted proceed
ings against Grant Bros., a Los An
geles contracting firm, for violation
of federal laws relating to the im
portation of alien labor, and the court
of the first instance awarded the
government damages in the sum of
$45,000. The case was appealed to
the Supreme Court of the Territory
and the lower court's award was af
firmed. The defendant then made a
motion for a new trial, which will
be argued May 3. In case the mo
tion is denied it is likely that an
appeal will bo taken to the United
States Supreme Court.
WINONA, Minn., April 27. The
intellect and the power of the Meth
odist Episcopal church arc concen
trated in Winona today. For the
past twenty-four hours every train
has brought its quota of the fathers
of the church to this city to attend
the annual meeting of the college of
bishops. The regular business of the
conference was taken up in earnest
this morning and will continue with
daily sessions until next Monday.
Bishop Henry W. Warren of Den
ver, the senior bishop of the church,
is presiding over the business ses
sions, which will be interspersed
during the four days with impressive
religious services and several func
tions of a social nature.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., April 2S.
The Santa Fe railroad has been try
ing out the Western Engineering
company's differential axle, and re
ports that a car" equipped with them
has been run 130,760 miles on its
San Bernardino Valley Traction line
with perfectly satisfactory results.
During all the time no attention was
paid to the axles, as they are self
lubricating. One of the electric lines
in Hawaii is fully equipped with the
axle, and the cars of the Angels'
Flight in this city have recently been
fitted with the invention.
The purpose of this, axle is to les
sen the flange friction with the ac
companying wear and tear on tracks
and wheels, and the increased trac
tion power required in -consequence,
an obect sought by railroad men and
inventors for years. Solid axles are
now used, the two wheels so attach
ed that they both turn with it at
equal speed, or one must slide while
the other turns on a curve. That is
why they grind and shriek so loudly
rounding the curves of the city
The differential axle Is really two
axles, one for each wheel; the ends
of these are set into a strong box
coupler, so that one turns independ
ently of the other. By this means
there is no curve friction and grind
ing and the efficiency of the motive
power is largely increased.
(From Thursday's Daily.)
Reports in circulation during the
past few days of a strike of rich
gold ore being made on the proper
ties of the Pick and Drill Mining
company, near Humboldt, were con
firmed yesterday by E. W. Stephens,
deputy assessor, who was at the camjj
and personally investigated the zone
where the best showing ever made
in the development is in evidence.
Mr. Stephens states that he went
down the main working shaft to the
COO foot level, after a round of
shots had been fired. Before the
muck was cleared away he picked
from a two .foot vein a sample OT
the ore exposed. Returning to the
surface he made a horn spoon test
and was surprised to see the amount
of gold in the pan. He also exam
ined other points underground with
similar showings.
The plant had completed a five
days' test run on ores, and it was
estimated that from $300 to $700 was
on the plates. The mill is of six
stamps, equipped with a new prin
ciple on concentrating, which gives
good results. The camp is reported
as one of the most thrifty in that
country, and a force of twenty min
ers is employed. The property is be
ing practically operated ,and there
is every indication of it proving a
(From Thursday's Dillyj
George C. Reese, who arrived in
this section about five months ago,
from Sumas, Wash., in the advanced
stages of tuberculosis, passed away
yesterday at the Mercy hospital.
Climatic benefits were unavailing,
and all that was possible to alleviate
his suffering was extended by a de
voted wife and others. His father
will arrive in a few days from the
above city and accompany the re
mains home, where interment will
take place. The bereaved relatives
have the sympathy of many acquaint
ances. The body wil! be prepared
for shipment by Lester Ruffner.
Send Us Your Mail Orders!
P. 0. Box 166
(From Saturday'? Daily)
According to a telegram received
vesterdav from Mrs. Ben. II. Yeager
at Phoenix, it is probable that her
husband will recover from the ser
ious iniuries' he received about
month ago at Morristown, when fte
horse he was riding ten ana crusnea
him. Mrs. Yeager states that an
operation had been performed for an
abscess in his side, which resulted
from the accident, and from which
he was experiencing the most intense
suffering. The attending physicians
stated that the operation would not
only relieve Mr. Yeager of the agony
he had been undergoing for several
weeks, but that in all probability
his life would be saved.
Mr. Yeager has been passing
through a critical condition for sev
eral days, and until the operation it
was not believed he would survive.
The receipt of this encouraging news
is welcomed by his many friends in
this city and elsewhere.
WESTON, Ohio, April 27. A hand
ful of Civil War veterans who wire
among the survivors of the Sultana
disaster, gathered here today in an
nual reunion. It was forty-six years
ago today that the steamer Sultana,
bound from Xew Orleans for St.
Louis, loaded with Union soldiers re
turning home after being paroled
from Confederate prisons, was de
stroyed soon after leaving Memphis
by the explosion of her boilers. Of
the 2,200 persons on board only
about 300 were saved.
The Results Hade This Newburg
Lady Glad She Followed
Newburs, Ala. "For more than a
year," writes Myrtle Cothrum, of this
place, "I suffered with terrible pains !rf
my back and head. I had a sallow
complexion, and my face was covered
with pimples. Our family doctor only
gave me temporary relief.
A friend ot mine advised me to try
Cardul, so I began taking It, at once,
and with the best results, for I was
cured after taking two bottles. My
mother and my aunt have also used
Cardul and were greatly benefited.
I shall always praise Cardul to sick
and suffering women."
Cardul is a purely vegetable, per
fectly harmless, tonic remeay for wo
men, and will benefit young and old.
Its ingredients are mild herbs, hav
ing a gentle, tonic effect, on the wo
manly constitution.
Cardul has helped a million women
back to health and strength.
Have you tried It? If not, pleas
do. It may be Just what yon need.
tpatx Medicine Co.. Chittinooji. Tenn.. for Special
The Swigert BrosOptical Co,
imoin """ oRiaus
Pi I ml tulMlwIj M at -flalif u Umttaaiit fliSt
Adda X Urrltc laboratory
Established In Colorado. 1866. Samples bi
mail or express recedye prompt and careful
attention. Oold And Silver Bullion
Refined, Melted and Assayed or Purchased
Concentration Testa loo lbs. or Oat
Load Lots. Write for Jerms.
16-1738 Lawrenee St. DENVER. COLO
Prescott, Ariz.
Proceedings cf the
Supervisors of
Board of Supervisors of Yavapai
journment, Thursday, April 13th, 1911,
Present Geo. 1. Harrington, Chairman; Harney bmith, .Member; J. .
Stewart, Member; C. A. Peter, Jr.. Clerk; II. D. Ross, District Attorney.
BE IT REMEMBERED, That at a regular adjourned meeting of the
Board of Supervisors of Yavapai County, Arizona, especially called to canvass
the local option returns from Camp Verde Justice Precinct, on this 13th day
of April, 1911, with the entire Board, the Clerk and the District Attorney
present, the said Board proceeded to and did open the ballots and count the
votes cast at the election held on the first day of April, 1911, in Camp Verde
Justice Precinct, in said Yavapai County, the boundaries of which said Jus
tice Precinct are hereinafter set forth, for the purpose of determining whether
the sale of intoxicating liquors saould be prohibited in said Justice Preeinctr
which said votes were duly returned by the election officers of said Justice
Precinct, lawfully appointed to conduct said election, to this Board, within the
time and in the manner prescribed by law, and
WHEREAS, It appears from the count of said votes this day made, as
aforesaid, and this Board hereby declares, that there were 101 votes cast at
said election, and that 74 of said votes were "For Prohibition." and that 2"
of said votes were "Against Prohibition," and it is therefore determined that
a majority of the votes so cast are "For Prohibition," and that the sale of
intoxicating liquors in said Camp Verde Justice Precinct shall be prohibited.
NOW, THEREFORE, By reason of the premises and pursuant to the stat
utes in such cases made and provided, it is hereby
ORDERED, By the Board of Supervisors of Yavapai County, that the
sale, exchange and giving away of intoxicating liquors within the prescribed
limits of said Camp Verde Justice Precinct, as hereinafter set forth, be and
it is hereby absolutely prohibited, except in this, however: That this order
shall not be construed so as to prohibit the sale of wine for sacramental pur
poses, nor the sale of alcohol stimulants as medicine, in cases of actual sick
ness, but such stimulant shall only be sold upon the written prescription of a
regular practicing physician, dated and signed by him, and certified on his
honor that he, the physician, has personally examined the applicant, naming
him, and that he finds him actually sick and in need of the stimulant pre
scribed as medicine. Provided,' that a physician who does not follow tne
profession of medicine as his principal and usual calling, shall not be author
ized to give the prescription provided for in this section; and Provided, fur
ther, that no person shall be permitted to sell more than once on the same
prescription, nor shall any person be permitted to sell at all on the prescrip
tion of a physician not herein authorized to give it, nor on a prescription
which is not dated, signed and certified as above required: Provided, that
every person selling such stimulant upon the prescription herein provided for,,
shall cancel such prescription by endorsing thereon the word "Cancelled,"'
and file the same away.
That the boundaries of said Camp Verde Justice Precinct (consisting of
Townships 13 and 14 North, Range 4 East, and Townships 13 and 14 North,
Range a East, Yavapai County, Arizona,) as heretofore established by this
Board, and the prescribed limits within which this order is and shall be ef
fective, are as follows, to-wit:
Commencing at the Northeast corner of Township 14 North, Range 5
East, Gila and Salt River Base and Meridian; thence southerly along the
eastern boundary of Township 14 and 13 North, Range 5 East, to the Southeast
corner of the said Township 13; thence westerly along the southern boundary
of Township 13 North, Range 4 and 5 East, to the Southwest corner of Town
ship 13 North, Range 4 East; thence northerly along the western boundary
of Township 13 and 14 North, Range 4 East, to the Northwest corner of said
Township 14 North; thence easterly along the northern boundary of Township
14 North. Range 4 and 5 East, to the place of beginning, all in Yavapai
County, Arizona.
That this order shall be and remain in force for two years from the date
of said election and until such time as the qualified voters in said Precinct
may, at a legal election held for the purpose, by a majority vote, decide other
wise. And it is further
ORDERED, That this order, declaring the result of said election and pro
hibiting the sale of said liquors, be published for four successive weeks in the
Arizona Journal-Miner, a newspaper published in Yavapai County, which said"
newspaper is hereby selected by this Board 'for that purpose.
Any person who, after the publication of this order, shall, within the
bounds of prohibition herein prescribed, sell, exchange or give away, with
the purpose of evading the provisions of the statutes in such cases made and'
provided, any intoxicating liquors whatsoever, or who shall in any way violate
any of the provisions of Title XLTII of the Revised Statutes, 1901, shall be
guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in a sum
not exceeding three hundred dollars, or be imprisoned in the county jail not
exceeding three months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
All of which is done and ordered by said Board of Supervisors this 13thi
day of April, A. D. 1911.
C. A. PETER, JR., Clerk. Chairman- "i
of the Board of Supervisors of Yavapai County, Arizona.
The following claims were taken up and audited, and upon motion, duly
seconded and carried, warrants in payment of same were ordered drawn upon
the Expense Fund, to-wit:
Claim Warrant To Whom Drawn. Account. Amount.
No... No.
405 E. C. Smith, 399 loads of soil for Plaza $ 99.75
40G R. B. Cree, J. P. fees, CongTess, 1st quarter 39.65
407 J. C. Tovrea, Constable fees, Congress, 1st quarter 25.55
40S Western Union Telegraph Co., messages during March 10.03
409 Dreyer & Blundjerg, O. D. R. furnished on order 10.00
410 E. Wine, bounty, 2 coyotes 4.00-
411 Clark Brink, bounty, 24 skunks, 3 cats. 1 coyote 29.00'
412 Thomas J. Warren, bounty, 3 cats, 2 skunks 5.00-
413 O. A. Ilesla, care of clocks 1st quarter. 45.00'
414 J. S. Hogue, J. P. fees, Ash Fork, 1st quarter 149.95
415 Frank B. Johnson, bounty, 2 skunks, 2 cats, 1 coyote 6.00-
iiu jum uracnez, interpreter's iees, .msuce v.oun zjv
417 A. M. Cameron, bounty, 3 coyotes, 7 skunks 13.00
41S Crystal Ice Co., ice during March 11.S5
419 Cons. Telephone Co., rent of phones and messages for March 66.50
420 O. K. Meat Market, O. D. R. furnished Mrs. Hale 3.40
421 Geo. II. Francis, J. P. fees, Humboldt, 1st quarter 54.95
422 C. H. McLane, J. P. fees, Prescott, 1st quarter 133.25
423 J. M. Watts, fees, Clerk of the Court, 1st quarter 3S6.95
424 J. W. Smith, Sheriff's fees, salary, etc., 1st quarter 4.350.5S
The following claim was taken up, and upon motion, same was disallowed
on account of not being legal charge, to-wit:
304 Dennis Welsh, services holding inquest 10.00
The following road claims were taken up and autdited, and upon motion,
duly seconded and carried, warrants in payment of same were ordered drawn
upon the Road Fund, to-wit:
32 53 A. W. Whitaker, road work, January and February 219.001
fi4 Vtpm Mfrr Cn..
55 A. W. Whitaker, March salary, road foreman 120.00
56 John Tomson, removing dead cow from Jersey Lily road .... 5.00'
57 T. J. Boltz, work on county
58 C. A. Peter, Jr., freight paid
Upon motion, duly seconded and carried, J. T. Pierce was authorized to
spend the sum of $150.00 in repairing the County road from Harrington to
Upon motion, duly carried, the County Superintendent of Roads was di
rected to authorize the employment of A. W. Whitaker as road foreman at
Jerome, at the rate of $5.00 per day,
was directed to expend the sum of
road in the vicinity of the Pfau mine.
In the Matter of the Appointment of
Mr. Stewart placed m nomination
Mr. II. L. Fishel; Mr. Harrington nominated Mr. narry Colvig. The Board
proceeded to take two ballots, each member having voted for his own nom
inee. It appearing that there being no choice the matter was postponed
until a future meeting of the Board.
A letter from the McKmley Mining & Development Co., relative to a
road at Iron Springs, was taken up for
seconded and carried, the matter was
A letter from R. J. Rice, in relation
ern part of the County, was placed before the Board, md the County Super
intendent of Roads was directed to make an examination of the work perform-
ed by Mr. Rice.
Upon motion, duly earned, -Mr. Keese M. L.mg and D. M. Clark were ap
pointed delegates to the convention to be held in Phoenix on April 22nd, 1911,
for tho purpose of forming a Territorial Good Roads Association.
Tho Clerk was authorized and directed to sign a lease between the County
of Yavapai and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railwav Companv. coverine
ground in Ash Fork now occupied by county jail building.
In the matter of the building of the County wagon road from Del Rio to
Ash Fork, was taken up for consideration by the Board, and discussed at
length. After due consideration it was decided by tho Board to construct
said road, and D. M. Clark was hired to take charge of the work.
There being no further business, t"e
C. A. PETER, JR., Clerk.
Journal-Miner for
Board Of
Yavapai County
Prescott, Arizona, April 13th, 1911.
County, Arizona, met pursuant to ad
at nine o'clock a. m.
rnlverf for ro.id -Trio dft
road 3.00
on culverts 107.27
for man and team, and Mr. Whitaker
$100.00 in repairing the Cherry Creek
County Auditor:
Mr. Is. V. Davis; Mr. bmith nominated
consideration, and upon motion, dulv
taken under advisement.
to road work performed in the south
Hoard, upon motion, adjourned.
First - class joL work

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