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Journal -
ITManigal Officially
Photographed In
.M'Namara Brothers Refuse
To Pose For Camera
By Associated "Press.
LOS AXGELES, Calif., May S.
Ortie McManigal was officially photo
graphed today. The McXamara
brothers were asked to permit the
same but refused and there is no
way under the law to force them
to submit to being photographed.
The McXamaras received many
visitors and flowers from union labor
friends. Tomorrow the question of
bail in the Llewelyn dynamiting
case will be considered by Judge
Bordwell. The attorney for the de
fense says no other immediate ac
tion will be taken.
The twenty-fifth biennial convention
of the grand lodge of the Order of
BRith Abraham will begin its sess
ions in this city tomorrow. More
than 1,000 delegates from all parts
of the country are expected to be pres
ent. The lodges of Xcw York city
alone are sending oOO delegates to the
gathering. Governor Marshall will
welcome the visitors and they will
be edaborately entertained during
their four dajis stay in the city.
The order of B'Rith Abraham was
founded more than fifty years ago
and is one of the oldest Jewish or
ganizations in America. It now ex
tends from the Atlantic to the Paci
fic and has more than 00,000 mem
bers. In the past two years it paid j
616,000 to widows and orphans, $200,
OOfl to sick members and donated $15,
100 to hospitals and orphan asylums.
CHICAGO 111., May 6. Amateur
marksmen, numbering almost 100,
from Illinois and neighboring States,
and including some of the best in the
country, are gathered here to parti
cipate in the second annual interstate
five-man team and individual cham
pionship tournament, which is to be
pulled' off tomorow at the grounds
of the Chicago Gun Club. The in
dividual competition will take place
simultaneously with the team shoot.
'The winners in either event will carry
off the championship of their res
pective States and each member of
the winning team will be awarded
a silver trophy. The individual scoot
er with the best card of the day will
3lso receive a silver cup.
By Associated Press.
oials betray their bewilderment at the
state of affairs in Juarez. A thrill
spread at the news that- General Xa
varro was wounded. President Diaz
conferred with the Cabinet and an
official declared that the fight at
Juarez confirmed the govnnment's be
lief that Madero is not able to con
trol his men. The government is
looking for General Reyes to restore
rieace more than anvone else. All
hopes have been centered in him.
Hundred and Fifty Rebels Capture Custom House, Continue
Fight Into the
By the
By Associated Press.
EL PASO, Tex., May S. Insubor
dination in the ranks of Madero 's
army and the lust for fight which the
concessions of the federal government
deprived them, caused a fierce at
tack on Juarez, which culminated to
night in a retreat in the darkness,
after a day of continuous skirmish
ing. One hundred and fifty rebels,
unsupported, carried the fight into
the city of Juarez, captured several
outposts and failing of reinforcements
retired. The casualties in Juarez are
not known, but five Americans on J
tins side ot the line were killed and
twelve wounded. Thousands of peo
ple lined the river and 'housetops
Colonel Steever protected to both
armies against the fire into Amer
ican territory which was lessened con
siderably thereafter. Col. Steever
and a thousand troops patrl the river
to keep the people back.
Tonight couriers are dashing back
and forth in an effort to arrange
an amistice, so that the peace ne
gotiations mar continue: .Madero
tonight is a sad and disheartened
man. His efforts to prevent a gen
eral attack on Juarez was successful,
but only after i was bombarded.
There are conflicting stories of the
cause of the outbreak. Madero thinks
a remark of Colonel Tambourel, of
Juarez, taunting the insurrectos, was
the real cause. Madero regrets the
occurence. The fight lasted until
darkness, and was a thrilling spec
tacle. Early in the day a dozen rebels
emerged from the hills and crawled
along the banks of the river to the
outposts. Madero claims the federals
fired first. At any rate the federals
left their abode in the stronghold
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK. Mav S. Xewspaper-
men of Manhattan, talked with Chi
cago, Omaha and Denver over one
wire by long distance telephone, 2,000
miles, tonight. This is the longest
telephone conversation in history.
By Associated Press.
WASHIXGTOX, D. C. May S. -President
Taft, addressing twenty-five
members of the national grange, who
called to protest against reciprocity,
today, said he had not intended to
play politics in the matter and that
if the republican farmers desert the
party he would be sorry, but this
would not change his views,
ne declared that he believed
reciprocity would be good for
the whole country and that
would not argue it further. After a
year's trial he was convinced the
farmers would find they were wrong
and he right.
XEW YORK, May S. Lead $4.40
to $4.50.
Town and Finding Themselves Unsupported
Army of Madero Retreat in Darkness
on the river and fled. The insur
rectos were led by W. II. McKensic,
a Canadian, flying a pink shirt. At
the first fire of the rebels two fed
erals toppled over. The federals fled
to the trenches but soon abandoned
these, the insurrectos, however, not
advancing then continued firing from
the shrubbery. At five o'clock this
evening the federals brought a can
non into play. The rebels hugged the
river bank and the shells flew far
over and fell in the "Peace grove"
where the commission met. The reb
els, under the protection of the river
bank, forced the federals back, the
latter being fearful to fire lest the
bullets might go to the American
side. The rebels then crept to the
Santa Fe bridge, forcing the federals
back into the city and seized the
custom-house. The rebels then en
tered the town itself and ' for four
hours there was continuous firing on
the streets, which here looked like
a real battle. Insurrecto reinforce
ments reached the Santa Fe bridge
and after a short parley did not
fire. However they soon withdrew,
abandoning the rebels in the city.
Later, when darkness fell, these re
trearet successfully. i
Many Americans were among the
band that entered Juarez. The first
killed on the American side was
Antonio Garcia who was standing
two hundred feet from the Associated
Press correspondent.
Americans Killed.
EL PASO. Tex., May S. A woman
sitting on a porch, back in the city,
was shot in the wrist and abdomen,
at six o'clock tonight, two Americans
were killed near the bridge. The
name of one is supposed to be Camp
and the other had a card "R. II.
Ferguson, Troop F. Third Cavalry,
Serious Situation at Jerome Discussed
At Mass Meeting and Steps Taken
To End Boilermakers' Strike
(Special to the Journal-Miner.)
JEROME, Ariz., May 8. Following
the receipt yesterday afternoon by
Assistant General Manager Will L.
Clark of the United Verde Copper
Company of orders from General
Manager Charles Clark and Former
Senator Clark of Montana to close
down the entire smelting plant at
Jerome at once in the ovent that
boilermakcrs could not be secured to
take the places of the men who quit
work a week ago, the largest mass
meeting in the history of the town
was held tonight at which the serious
situation was discussed and a com
mittee appointed to try to adjust the
differences between the company and
the boilermakcrs. The meeting was
attended by nine hundred men, in
cluding oil the merchants and many
of the leauii;? employes of the com
pany employed at day work, every
one of whom were anxious for the
prompt settlement of the trouble.
Frank E. Smith, postmaster, pre
sided and Will L. Clark in a short
address stated the position of the
company and the harm that would
ensue in the event that an amicable
adjustment of the differences be
tween the employes and the manage
ment was not reached at once. Ho
stated that under the present condi
tions it was impossible for the com
pany to secure enough boilermakers
and that some of the mechanics who
had quit work had spread the news
San Francisco." The names of the
others killed were not learned. There
is occasional firing in Juarez to
night, though Xavarro is in complete
command of the situation.
In the main insurrecto camp today
confusion reigned. Orders were given
for a general attack but later coun
termanded. It was urged by some
of the chiefs that progress would be
made with a small detachment which
the main force should reinforce and
easily take Juarez. Madero waiver
ed on the notion and finally 'held to
his promise to not attack the city.
Those bearing flags of truce suffered.
One insurrecto with a flag of truce
is said to have been shot from his
horse. This was not confirmed to
night at 9.13 o'clock. An automobile
with a flag of truce left Madero's
camp for Juarez tonight. It is said
General Xavarro was willing all day
to grant an armistice, but that the
insurrectos ignored all efforts in that
Federals Use Machine Gun.
Five Americans came to the middle
of the bridge and asked permission
to bring the rebels who were wounded
across. The request was refused.
John F. Jones, of Chicago was caught
in Juarez sightseeing and allowed to
cross to the American side. Other
rebels also crossed and all said forty
federal dead were found in one aban
doned trench. They declared the reb
els can casilv take the town if sup
ported by reinforcements. F. Cassidy,
member of the American legion of
the insurrecto armv. said that seventy
rebels with a white flag were met
on Comercio, street by a band of
federals. The latter fired a machine
gun and the destruction was terrific!
Artillery In Action.
EL PASO, Tex., May S. The at- i
of the walkout broadcast with a view
of keeping others from coming to
Jerome to secure employment. It was
also stated at the meeting that the
boilermakers had represented that
their action was backed by the na
tional boilermakcrs' organisation and
that no union man couM be found
to take their places. This tew was
not shared by other mechanics em
ployed at the works who denie! that
the local trouble was either author
ized or -had the support of the na
tional organization. One of the strik
ing boilermakcrs was present and
represented their side of the case
with the result that Mayor David
Connor, A. A. MacPhersnn, Tim Shea,
G. W. Hull and John W. Harrington
were appointed as a committee to
confer with the boilermakers and have
the strike declared off. At a late
hour tho joint committee was in
communication with the office of the
Xational Boilermakers' organization in
Kansas City and one member of the
committee stated that ho believed an
amicable agreement would bo reached
early in the morning.
It develcy-od at the meeting that
ten boilermakcrs and their helpers
quit refusing to return to work
nine hours a day after being em
ployed eight hours a short time at
special work and where the smoke
from the smelter was disagreeable.
Xinc hours is a days work in the
mechanical departments at the smelt-
tack on Juarez was resumed at 5:15
o'clock this evening. The insurrectos
forced their way into the city as
far as the bull ring and artillery on
both sides was brought into action
with the insurrectos in control of
both brfdges leading from Juarez to
the Inited States. Madero denied
that the advance was general and is
doing Ins utmost to slop the battle.
righting at Tia Jnana.
SAX DIEGO, Cal., May 8. A mes
sage from Tia Juana, this side of
the border at 6:30 o'clock this even
ing stated that firing continues at
Tia Juana, Mexico and that several
are dead on both sides' with little
known of the exact number.
Insurrectos Determined.
EL PASO, Tex., May 8. Though
firing ceased at 10.30 o'clock to
night it is rumored that an auto with
a white lag has gone to demand the
surrender of General Xavarro and
that on his refusal, another attack
is imminent. The insurrectos who, it
was believed, retreated from the city
in the darkness arc now said to be
concealed in the city awaiting rein
forcements. Physicians have been
ordered to get in readiness. The in
surrectos arc desperately determined
to fight. It is believed they can
take Juarez easily.
Fighting in Zacatecas.
comes that the rebels havo attacked
Sombretete, Zacatecas and because of
the small garrison there, it is sup
posed the place was captured.
Dorango Attacked,
The reports this afternoon arc that
Luis Mover with five hundred rebels
attacked Durango City." Troops have
(Continued on Pago Four.)
By Associated Prcsit.
The House tonight by a vote of 236
to 109 passed the democratic free list
bill. Twenty-nine republicans voted
in favor of it. One hundred rcpubli
can amendments were rejected.
By Associated Press.
Jacob H. Gallinger, of Xew Hompshire
was made the Caucus nominee for
president pro-tem of the senate to
day. The Progressives were absent
and did not support him. The Cau
cus choice will be ratified tomorrow.
XEW YORK, May S.-Silvcr 53,
Mexicans unchanged.
er and eight 'hours in the mine. The
boilermakers demanded eight hours
and on being informed by Former
Senator Clark cf Montana, then visit
ing in Jerome, that their demands
could not be considered at the time,
quit work without further warning.
No Vote Permitted On
The Judiciary
Statehood Measure To Be
Reported to the House
On Wednesday
(Special to the Journal-Miner.)
The ten Democrats havo reported to
the lull sub-committee that not later
than Tuesday the nresent mniorit-r
and minority reports will be submit
ted to the full committee and' that
Xew Mexico and Arizona be admitted
in accordance with the enabling act
with certain changes in the constitu
tion, xne president is to certify to
the adoption of the ioint resolution
to the frovernors of the two territor
ies who will thereupon issue procla
mation for the election of the fust
itate officers.
The report recommends as follows:
First, that the state shall never en
act a law restricting or abridging
the right of. suffrage on account of
race, color or previous condition of
Second, that every public officer.
except the judiciary, elective or ap
pointive, shall be subject to recall
upon a ' petition of twenty-five per
cent of the last vote for said office.
Upon these amendments being sub
mitted, the supervisors'- shall certify
the vote to the Governor who shall
issue his proclamation if a majority
voted for tho same, and they shall
become part of the constitution. In
balloting it is required to plaee a
cross in the square "For constitu
tional amendment" or "Against con
stitutional amendment."
Later the democrats of the com
mittee struck out the amendment per
mitting a vote on the "Recall of
There is a vast amount of politics
in every move. Prominent Arizona
citizens said the attempt to disfran
chise the Mexicans will drive those
voters to the republican ranks.
Eecall Is Killed.
By Associated Press.
The House committee on territories
will finish its work tomorrow by
recommending changes to be approved
by the voters before tho president
proclaims admission. Chairman Flood
expects to call up statehood in the
House Wednesday. One amendment
the people must vote upon, provides
that the state shall never enact res
trictions abridging suffrage on ac
count of race, '.cAlor or previous con
dition of servitude.
The re-submission of the Recall in
Arizona must eliminate the judiciary,
but include all others. A petition
by twenty-five per cent of the elect
ors will be necessary to invoke tha
By Associated Press.
The election of senators by direct
vote was made unfinished business
by the senate today.
XEW YORK, May S. Electroly
tic $12.60- to $12.70.
Casting $12.00 to $12.25.
Spelter $5.50 to $5.55,

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