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Farmers and Others Seeking Locations
On Verde Lands Flanked by Orchards
Noted for Luscious Fruits
(From Thursday's D.UIyi
1 very choice npplo, jicnch a ml
-poi'lmiMis were exhibit od and
implied yesterday at tlie Cham
f Commerce room. They wore
, ted from the Robert Finney, W.
W inf iclil And llnskcll orchards.
1 aro probably the "show"
, s of the Verdo Vulloy.
- ui Hoblctt for tho Arizona Land
Irrigation company, Official
i -graphcr Hner and Secretary
1 ir of the Chamber of Commerce,
eel the party, which left Pros-
Inst Snturdny at 12:35 a. m.
v mg nt Jerome Saturday morning
n light wngon and span of
Ji mountain horses were engaged
,1 after foregathering with somo
the good fellows at Jerome tho
I 1 left for tho valley with tho
t . Ke in tho Inst notch.
l"t)d time was made to Coravillc,
w re Postmaster Sid Chick furnish
( 1 a lunch of mountain trout, and
l iked beans, melons, peaches and
creini for the wayfarers. Jim Camp
I of Morrlam, Kansas, a school
ir.ite of Sid's, Is holding down the
t office with him. Jim is a char
.1 tor whoso name charms all lovers
of horseshoe quoits, n game of which
lie is the inventor and writer of
n't. Together, the old time school
mates arc going hunting bear next
w ck to be gone nearly a month.
-Mr. Chick directed tho party over
tl,f mountains to Robert Finnic'
p.'a 'o on Beaver Croek. The road is,
at best, what is termed a "feather
bed;" namely, a continuation of jag
go.' rocks without foothold or soli.
After seven miles of this going, a
finished stretch of three miles of
Jack Trcnbcrth's Flagstaff highway
wax reached. This link in tho Ari
Z' na highway system is splendidly
constructed, being protected on both
r des in such a manner as will render
it n good condition during nil sea
sons. Mr. Fiuriio's place was reached at
J o'clock Saturday night. Part of
the day Sundny was spent in collect
ing fruit specimens and taking photo
graphs. Some especially alluring
vistns of the celebrated Soda Spring
wire snapped by Mr. Baer. Several
hundred visitors from nil parts of the
onntry have bnthed in and drunk of
its invigorating waters. No analysis
has yet been made but tho Chamber
of Commerce Is sonding today a five
ga'.'on carboy which is to bo analyzed
in tho chemical laboratory of the
liuvorslty of Arizona. Several won
derful cures of indigostion, dyspepsia,
and kindred stomachic ailments havo
been effectod nt tho springs.
The water from Finney's spring is
fingulnrly like that of tho Napa Sodo
Springs near San Francisco; and, If
aerated, will mako n delightful tonic
beverage. Tho Finnoy ranch Is just
one-half mllo from Montezuma's Well,
which will be directly on tho highway.
At Camp Verdo .Monday, a sldo
trip was mado to W .0. Wingficld's
orchnrd in tho Lower Verde. There
aro some splendid specimens horo of
whnt conscientious orchard culturo
will do In Yavapai county. Ono very
notable cxamplo of this is a Koifcr
pear trco with over a ton of fruit on
its branchos. Wingficld's cannery
has preserved over 8000 cans of tabto
and pie fruits and vegetables this
fenson, tho principal Hems being
penrs, peaches and tomatoes. Mr.
Wall, who -Is harvesting tho crops has
also achiefed unusual success in
prune and apple drying. Little fruit
is allowed to wasto in the Wingficld
orchard; such as cannot be canned,
dried, or shipped green, aro mado
into cider and pcary, tho lattor bolng
tho juice of tho pear.
Camp Verdo has changed markedly
Mnco tho last Chambor of Commorco
visit, in April. Wingficld's old storo
Is hereafter to bo used for a ware
house, a fine, spacious, concrete
structuro havine boon built just In
front of it. The stock Is now bolng
removed. Several framo residences
anil stores occupy tho main street
and the Cami Verdo Hotel has beon
forced to Install a number of tent
bedrooms outsldo tho main building
to caro for tho oil-frenzied speculat
ors and promoters who havo beon
rampaging tho valley ceaselessly for
the past thrco months,
A large number of mining locations
have been made In different parts of
the valley, thought to bo in tho oil
iM-nririK ,.u; the total of which ran
p over 40,00 cre,, rh(m loea-1
tions. together with quar tercet ions j
filed upon, embrace a strip of land!
some thirty mile long by two nwl'
n half miles wide.
Kd. Anthony, who is interested lit
the Verdo Valley Oil company, ac
companied the rty lx mild up fie
valley from Camp Verde; where, on
the near bank of the rlror, a shnlo
stratum running from one to fitfeon
foot in thickness visible for sev
eral lumdred yard. Some shale chip
ping highly Itnpreirnatod with tho
odor of petroleum were brought back
to l'reseott, an was also, a fine piece
of gypsum in great qunntlty along
the river bank. Both theo samples
aro on exhibition at tho Chamber of
Commorco office.
Doctors Blenzby and Do Vore, who
came into the valley a few days ago
with letters of credit from Los An
geles nnd Proscott signed four con
tracts with holders of land In tho
valley near Camp Verde. It Is un
derstood at Camp Verdo that these
gentlemen aro representatives of tho
Union Oil Compnny of Los Angeles.
They will return in a few days to
secure further contracts and stated
that they would soon be drilling with
an up-to-date outfit.
All kinds of contracts arc being
signed. Sid Chick says ho has sub
scribed to one which calls for pay
ment to him of $500 twelve months
after date of signature, if the lcasscc
does not commence boring. This con
tract allows Mr. Chick 10 per cent
of all the oil produced on his lands
nnd nil improvements nnd products
remain his at the expiration of fif
teen years. lie is allowed to farm
the land while boring or producing
operations arc not in progress.
A good many of tho land owners
In the valley are chary of signijig
any form of contract, believing they
will profit more by leasing or selling
outright nftcr it has been determined
whether oil can be found or not.
Along with this activity in oil, It
Is evident that farmer are seeking
locations in tho Lower and Middle
Verde. Tho party encountered not
less thnn n dozen caravans, which
have come Into the volley from Flag
staff and points In the southern part
of the territory.
Keaching tho Hakc!l ranch at sun
down, the party wore regaled with
a chicken dinner, peaches and cream,
and wild honey found in n nearby
envo that day. Mr. Haskell, who has
recently sold his Interest in this or
chnrd to Kx United States Senator
Clark, has one of the largest and
.best-pruned places to be found any
where. He hns 5000 trees in lull
bearing, the majority being .apple.
Like nil other Verde horticulturists,
Mr. Haskell is looking forward to tho
completion of tho Santa Fe branch
from Cedar Glade Into tho valley. In
suite of every endenvor more than
a third of his apple crop Is a total
loss yearly duo to insufficiency of
nearby markets. A good many of tho
windfalls are being fed to the hogs
or made Into elder and elder vinegar,
but It is impossible to get sufficient
helit to nick tho fruit which remnins
on tho branches and that which, is
rottlnd on tho ground.
Nearly every resident of tho Verdo
Valley Is praying for oil, belloving
that its discovery will inuuce tne
Santa Fe to build a line through tho
entiro length of the Verde without
Barring tho presence In Increasing
numbers of tho coddling moth and the
slow but steady progress of the John
son weed throughout its entiro ex
tent tho whole Verdo Valley Is prom
Islng ono of tho richest crops ever
yielded. Near Camp Verde, several
fields of alfalfa aro nearly choked
out by tho latter and thoro is scarcely
an orchard which 'has heen sprayed
carefully enough to keep tho moth
Jumps C. Sellers tho solo dry-farm
rr of tho Verdo, Is undaunted by the
drought of August and his sixty acres
of corn look remarkably well, if a
trifle behind tho senson. Ho has
been getting roasting cars, string
beans, squash and pumpkins for sev
eral weeks and will have enough feed
to carry his stock until the crop of
1912 Is matured. Some time ago, In
iin attempt to secure water near his
houto bo encountered a thick stratum
f Muc shale emitting a distinctive
linoleum nit. As result of this
expat ) ion, tJi- belief li general tlint
iarye oil bodies underlie this portion
of the alley. Sel'ers has refused ta
consider leasing hi property to ull
(U'rom Thursday's Dally.)
Itolit. H. Morrison has temporarily
abandoned his Inn practice nnd is
new devoting most of his time and
ability toward solving ii dolleatc
domestic problem, that of cxtcrmtn
atins an a tiny of lodents, that lids
nearly effected their purpose of eat
ing him out of homo and homo. His
ills from these pests assumed such an
attitude in rot-rut months, that it is
afight to a fininh, and to success
fully combat the nulsanco he has at
last rciortcd to scientific principle!.
A new exterminator is being tried,
and so far as practiced Is proving
successful. It was sent from the
cast by a friend. It consists of an
nppetizing lotion, and when dlsscmln
atcd through corn meal, entices tho
rat to his doom. Its effect is that of
inducing a caunibalistlc desire to de
vour anything in sight, nnd in which
the animal infected expresses a su
premo desire for one of his race.
Saturday last the bait was laid In
the bam and up to dato nearly all
has disappeared, indicating that the
good work is going ahead smoothly
and to all intents is performing good
service, tho number of rats diminish
ing rapidly, with their time evidently
occupied in eating each other, as the
Intention of the concoction specifics
under n guarantee.
Mr. Morrison states that his prem
ises have been invaded by these ani
mals to an nlarmlng extent, nnd In
recent months considerable loss to
personal property has been caused by
them. He says the trouble originated
about six yoars ago, when he was
presented with thrco pair of white
rats by a friend In the enit. For
several months they were kept In a
confined place, but later wero turned
loose. Thev roamed everywhere and
in time the breed became mixed with
ordinnry rodents, which was clearly
demonstrated by variegated colorings.
Somo nrc spotted a yellowish hue,
others arc part black and white, some
are streaked in colorings, in all there
is a mixture that is unusual oven In
the rat family. The new breed has
also entered tho block at other homes,
hence the herculanenn effort to get
them out of the way with tho least
possibility of infecting fowls, and
through the novel method of mutual
TUCSON, Ariz., Sept. 13. Sheriff
Nelson nnd Deputy Lacey are today
scouring the country in search of a
highwayman who held up and shot
Ralph Monks, an employe of tho
Fulton meat market, while ho and
Mrs. Monks wero driving home from
the city at t'MO o'clock Saturday
night. The officers have been un-
able to find traces of the highway
man, although several suspects have
been arrested, examined and dis
charged. The victim of the robber's
bullets will recover.
Tho holdup occurred on a crosscut
road leading from St. Mary's road
west of the Congress street bridge to
River Boulevard on which Mr. and
Mrs. Mouks have their home.'
They had not driven far from St.
Mary's rood when the highwayman
stepped from tho side of the road,
jerked the .horse to a standstill, and
ordered the occupants of tho buggy
to throw up their bands,
Instead of complying, Mr. Monks
struck the robber with tho buggy
whip, Inflicting several hard blows.
The highwayman retaliated by firing
once at, Monks. The bullet struck
him In the lower musclos of the right
shoulder, and rnnging upward shat
tered tho bones of tho shoulder. It
then lodged closo, to tho shoulder
blade, Mrs. Monks who had been
asleep, had raised her head from her
husband's shoulder an Instant before
tho bullet struck,
Then, as Monks sat quietly, tho
highwayman ordered him to throw
H. 1 .. 1. - -1
his monov out over mo uuggy wnen
which Monks did, giving up Iris watch
and about 4-10 in money. After a
severe lecture ly the hlghwnyman of
the foolhardlnpss of striking an arm
ed man, all delivered in carefully
worded English, ho allowed the oceu
pants of the buggy to turn back to
ward the city. Mrs. Monk drove
her husband to the office of Dr. C,
A. Schradcr and the bullet was ex
fi irvta try ai I
mm ulli
XPOICAN'i:, W111U. sipt. 4. -I'lacer
m uors uorklii" nt the old
F.'orace camp, in northern hlnliQ, nro
daily taking gold i-olns of 2.50 nnd
$.( denomination, minted in lSi!'
American nnd French silver pieces
and lend bullets, such n woro used
In the days when tho muzlc-loiidiiig
horio pistol was the populnr side
arm, from tho eloiin-up of the sluice
ttoxes on the Hninksoii-Chnmplaln
W. A. Patterson, a mining engin
eer, and F. 1. Lint, owner of n group
of claims on Marshall lake, who re
turned from the camp yesterday, re
port that most of the ground is re
turning at high ns $10 in gold dust
to tho cubic yard. Virgin gold was
the principal medium of exehnngo in
the Any when Florence has the repu
tation of being the richest and tough
est mining camp In the Northwest,
nnd It is thought that tho rich finds
nro the result of the dust falling
from the scales and sifting through
the cracks In tho floors of the sa
loons, gaming houcs and dance halls
In tho early '00 't.
While Patterson and Lint were In
camp the miners were working on
ground formerly occupied by n gamb
ling house and dance hnll, which
figured In some of the most tragic
events in the history of northern
Idaho, before the advent of n rail
road in tho western country. Oun
fights were of daily occurrence and
few nights passed without one or
more being slashed in bowle knife
Veteran prospectors nnd placer
miners now living at Lewiston, nnd
other parts of that district, who
flocked to Florence when tho first
gold was found, declared years ago
that tho richest diggings were where
the camp town was located; but, ns
no water was available until n steam
pump was installed recently for con
veying water to tho sluices, no at-
empt was made to mine the ground.
(iFrom Friday' Dally.)
Ike Cooper, of Jerome, urrived in
tho city yesterday on horseback nf-
ter snmewhnt of an interesting trip
nd one also that will bo remembered
for years on account of tho experi
ence he passed through in riding
out in tho open the greater portion
nf tho previous night with tho rain
falling on him incessantly. His
novel trip was duo to traveling on
horseback from tho Copper City tin
ier the guidance of an old timer,
and trails wero followed over the
Black Hills range. After leaving
Walnut Springs, however, thero were
many trails forking, and as night
was coming on, tho one that had tho
hardest beating was taken. They
went into a canyon, and nut being
able to discern any of tho familiar
landmark, s a ' bunch of cattle was
aroused and hither they followed
them. Finally they landed in Lone
somo Valley, and taking the north
star as a beacon they pulled into
Vfagcr siding on tho Bradshaw rail
road at about .1 a. m., where they
went itno camp under the platform
of that lonely flag station. It was
better than nothing, Mr. Cooper says,
but they were compelled to duck of
ten from under one crack to the
other, according to the amount of
rain that was dripping down on their
shelterless abode. At tho first peep
of daylight, they remounted their
horses, and after considerable zlzzag-
glng, got on tho right road for the
first time, and arrived in this city
about 10 a. m. yesterday. Mr, Coop
er says that he has been in this sec
tlon for many years, but bis Has
sayampn proclivities as a pathfinder
will cease hereafter. Ho returned
home in the afternoon on the train.
GLOIJi:, Ariz., Sept. H.-MIss Ful
ward, u nurse at the county hospital,
met with a painful accident yesterday
afternoon In front of the Trust build
ing. She attempted to mount her
horse nnd the animal started before
she was prepared, her foot caught in
the stirrup throwing her to the
ground. A bystander grasped the
horse by the bridle as ho attempted
to bolt. The horse, however, was not
quieted until ho had stepped on Miss
Fulword, painfully bruising her.
Miss Fulward is known to many in
this city, She was a guest here in
the early summer at the St. Michael
and Linn hltels.
Instantly Killed At
Hassayampa Bridge
(From rriilnv'H DhIIv)
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
That the Blue Dick nilno on the
Hassayampa, is destined to be one
of the great inlnornl producers of,. ,,, , , ' , ... . .
1 in Globe Inst evening with Stowart
ims section, is tne dciici or .1. A.I
Forbes, who arrived from his camp
yesterday, after making nn examlna-
tlon of development under way by 1
M. G. Burns, general manager. Mr.
Forbes states that ho was astounded
to sec whnt was In evidence in the
lower tunnel where on eight foot
body of oro is exposed that samples
$30 to the ton In gold, silver nnd
copper. This oro body was opened
by the present management nt a
point about 300 fect from the mouth
of the old tunnel, and Is regarded ns
a remarkable showing by miners who
havo visited the property recently
nnd familiarized themselves with de
velopment. The reviving of this
property was undertaken a few
months ago nt tho instance of Mr.
Burns, who is conversant with tho
district, from former association with
other properties there, and that his
judgment has been vindicated is be
lieved from what has been accom
plished since he nssumcd charge. Tho
Blue Dick wits abandoned, many years
ago, nnd Its entry again into tho
productive column has stimulated
other operators In the district to rc-
vivo their properties.
Mr. Forbes states that his Indc -
pcndcncc group Is under bond to
enstern investors, and In a short
time expects to receive advices that
negotiations will bo closed., Tho dist
rict generally, he says, is assuming
much interest In investment circles,
nnd with tho splendid showing on
tho Blue Dick, ho nntlclpatcs n very
prosperous and active region.
PHOTNIX, Ariz., Sept. 14. Tho
governor hns appointed delegates to
two Important assemblages, to be held
this month, both in the city of Chi
cago, the American Mining congress
and the convention of Good Roads.
The American Mining congress will
bo In session Sept. 20 to Sept. 20 In
clusive, tho delegates appointed being
John H. Ware of Chloride; Hoval A.
Smith of Globo; Charles K. Mills of
Mnrenci; Norman Carmichari of Clif
ton; David Morgan of Silvcrbell; O.
H. Goodlow of Sasco; Fpes Randolph
of Tucson; Paul Johns, Thomas K.
Campbell, Cbas. T. Joslin, Orleans
Longacre of Prescott; L. W. Powell
of Tucson; W. B. Twltehell of Pboe
nix; Walter Douglas of Blsbee; Thos
Armstrong, Jr., of Phoenix; Charles
J, Kimball of Crown King; Peter J,
Hippie, of Globe; W. F. Staunton of
Tombstone; Will L. Clark of Jeromo;
John O. Greenway of Blsbee; Major
W. A. Menseh of Kingman; Ellis
MacDougall of Oro Blanco, and C. K.
Finney of Los Angeles.
The Good Roads convention will
meet Sept. 18 to Oct. 1 inclusive. It
will be a long and no doubt a not
able session as the good roads move
ment is now one of the most opular
matters befqro the people and inter
est is growing every day. The dele
gates appointed aret Del M, Potter
of Clifton; T. O. Norrls of Prescott;
O. (P. Bullard of Phoenix; David Bab
bitt of Flagstaff, and W. M. Adam
son of Douglas.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Sept. 14.
The postofflee department hat Issued
an order for the establishment of
postal tarings basks at Morenel, Je
rome, Williams, Wlaslow, Metealf,
Kingman, Stafford, Tombstone and
Grand Canyon. T-e order will be
come effective October 13.
1'IIOKNIX, Ariz., Sept. 14,-Dcputy
United States Mnrshal Bush Ander-
! son nnd Chief of d'ollco A. J. Moore,
I ............... -I.. 1 1... it- 1... irm -T...1
nnd Steel, the two murderers whoso
case had been transferred from tho
territorial courts to the United States
court, It being shown that their
crimes were committed on rcscrva-
tlon property. The party left Phoenix
Saturday afternoon in an auto, bound
for Florence, whero the two men.
have been confined for some time on
account of the fear that they might
break jail at Globe.
Stewart and Steel murdered two
business men of Globe in a camp tho
Globe men had established at a ford
near old Fort Apache. They wero
chased overland by Sheriff Thompson
and captured thrco or four days later
In the northern part of the territory,
after one of the most thrilling mats
hunts In recent years.
Tho men were brought back by tho
way of Phoenix and were hustled Into
Globe from this city In an automo
bile, it being believed that there
might be a demonstration against tho
men if the exact time of their arrival
in Qlobc became publicly known. Tho
men Wore tried In gIoImj, liui It was"
discovered that the United States had
jurisdiction because of tho crimes
having been committed on land still
hcld by the government
Tho men were hustled out of Globo
nnd removed to Florence for safo
keeping, and they nre now called
upon to face a United States court.
They were taken to Globe without
notice of their coming having been
announced, as it wn feared that
somo of tho old time feeling might
be aroused, and the men taken for
cibly from tho officers.
Stewart nnd Steel are known as
bad men and the officers took no
chances In their overland trip. Both
Hill and Chief Moore occupied the
front scat of tho auto and were heav
ily armed. Stewart and Steel were
heavily shackled and manacled, and
Deputy Anderson unarmed octuple!
the rear scat with them. This pre
caution was taken to that thero
would be no chance of either of the
men becoming possessed of a weapoa
and thereby give them an opportunity
to put up a fight.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Sept. 13.
Thlrteen more freight steamers are
to engage In the growing coastwise
trade of Pacific ports, according to
announcements made here. Ten of
the, it It said, are to be operate!
by the American Hawaiian Steamship
company, while the Callfornla-AtUntlo
Steamship company is said to bavo
chartered three more steamers.
The American Hawaiian company's
vessels are 14,000 tons freight steam
ers. They will run between 8a
Francisco, way ports and Panama,
starting the first of October. The
company also bai chartered two mors
steamers, one the Melville Dollar, a
3000 ton vessel now operating on tbo
Paelfie coast, and the steamer Lyra,
a 0000 tun vessel now on the Atlantic
which will be brought to tho Pielfle
The California-Atlantic Steamship
company has Increased Us service to
handle the Increasing offering of
freight between this coast, New Vara,
and the middle Wrst.
It has chartered the stearar Port
land In New York and will brlu It
to the coast, tho steamer Tumptao,
which is now loading in Baa Fraa
Cisco, and the steamer Rward. Tltss
latter was chartered from the Abctxa
Steamship company. The Portland
hat a cargo rapacity of 500 tons, ami
the Seward about 1300 tons.

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