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Officer Hudgens Fires Both Barrels Of Richard' L. Tea Succumbs to General Permanent Committee to be Appointa
Shoteun Into Man Who Shoots At , Debility and Complications incidental Immediately and instructed lo
Secure Suitable Grounds
Him in Jerome Saloon
To Hardships of Military Life i
(From Fn l iv '. Ia.:;
. th .i .h'.f f i nil the mX'ihooiar of,
v. ,t,.rv Mitimt til n. in. I. I Mto. which mused li mark. Haw-
offi.: ..lin trudgen of Jer rn. m .t tig his wn Officer llttrigena fired
and i,'t-"v ! ft Mettir. named ' both barrel and t'ulto fell to the
I'M"., in -If defrme. The trBgiy floor dwd, Vita eighteen buckshot
..-e.irred in n n',i..n, and under lr- ( In till eheil.
i :imain c which tXoHr ate Hudf iw i IV widen termination of the row
and eommoM hit action M deters- that wm 'apposed t bo going ah m
in of twattoworlhy f .ni lertt'oo by Iltidp-ens came to the seone and wm
nil law-abldlar cit.tenV Attending entering the bHHdiiig by the ntlitnpt
this shooting affair it If believed j to shoot him down without ntty mine
that Offleer Hodgen wan to be-made , or jtiattf tvtition. I believed to have
the victim of a trap that hurt been ' had its origin in n well laid plan to
carefttllr t for utm, but wiich fall take III llfo whim this enuriigeous
od of extent :on through hi concep
tion of the ehancteriitlc of the man
he was deal n with, and which was
ahstantintd by subsequent event.
Mr. Hudgonn was rolled to thoi
plaee nt an unseemly hour, on re
port over the telephone thiit a Mox
ten u fight wnt uotti on in the n
leon he was directed to come to. Ap
proeintiriK that lie was unpopular
with tho element endued in the con
officer lmt nnd wnnnded uuntlier
.Mexican In tlint city some months
Ago, under justifiable conditions and
for whieh he wan exniiornted. The
killing of flnirloi King over ti year
ago, who iiNii wan serving in the
position Mr, Hudgonn litis nucccoded
to, together with tho bitter's titipnp-
(From Friday's Dally.)
itiekard L. Tea pned nwaj Inet
night t 7 it'eloek nt Fart Whipple
after tiu Illness that covered ninny
months of patient suffering, attribut
ed to general debility nad n coinpli
cation of dlwNfim iiieldontnl to a
Iohk and prtiUtnvottliy mfllaiiry en
toor duriiiK tho civil war and prlva
tloim Inridcntnl to hi wcitern er
vice afterward. The death of this
veteran oldler nnd exemplary citi
zen in one that will bo learned with
national reyret and with narrow in
'the community where hi lnt day
were npiMit. Hin tlcmino rovenln an
Interest itik' and remarkable persotml
ity of other dayn, and whieh in not
neutrally known even by Ids most
Intimate acquaintance.. So conspicu
oun was hin record an a noldlur dur
ing tho civil war that ho wan ac
corded tho distinction by congress of
ularity anions the lawlc.m Inclined
.Mexican of that place, prompted I bo Inn permitted to enter either the
vengeance which aahi han been ef-lnauatc chamber of the floor of the
IrAtsirii' Im tAnlr Ihi. kr..ift ti 1 1 n i tol fi. ptlvi.lt- f roul rn I ml liv llm pool ft Mil I linnn finil i.fibiv miv lirlvlli.L'O of
arm himnclf with a shotgun. An he . determined action of thin popular cither. Thin mark of distinction wan
cntirod tho place he wan greeted, officer. due to hin jftillnntry on not only one
field of battle, lint on many, This
OIL EXCITEMENT BELIEVED DEAD HE recognition of the vnlor of Mr. Tea
(From Thumday'n Dully)
Tho present oil excitement that in
prevailing in tho Verde Valley han
brought to the nurfaco an interesting
tramactlnu of other day, pertaining
to a sale that wan consummated be
tween 0. V. Hull and V. H. Head,
on April ll, 1881), for a strip of land
that ndjoinn on the north tho old
Cnmp Verdo Military reserve. After
lying in a vault in thin city for over
thlrty-ono year, tho deed wan resur
rected yesterday a'nd filed for record,
Mr. Head writing from New York
city to hid ngent hero to have tho
document recorded immediately. At
tho time tho sale win cloned, Mr. Hull
wan residing at Camp Verde, and
where Mr. Head also wan tho post
trader of tho military, and conducted
a general merciiuudise establishment.
Later Mr. Hull went to Jerome, and
acquired valuable real estate and
mining interests, while Mr. Head re
mained at the pnnt and nlso became
intcrentcd In agricultural lauds, re
tiring however from active business
several yearn ago, and disposing of
nil Interests except the old Hull
rnnoh. It linn never been improved,
but its ideal location in 'the center of
the supposed nil belt, necessarily
brings It to the front again, and it
s probable the owner appreciates Its
possibilities as being in the name
elnm a wan portrayed no vividly
when tho west wan electrified many
years ago by tho appearance of an
interesting mining work, entitled
"Colonel Sellers and His Millions In
RETURNS TO VOTE has been attained by only a few mcu
in the ranks, and accordingly it in
8AX FICANCISCO, Oil., Sept. 12. regarded an nn honor that many strive
When (leorge Webbor, her husband for, but few attain. Ho wns decor
whom she thought dead and burled nte( with a bronze medal by tho war
these two months pnnt, loomed up on department, and the emblem of his
her doorstep at Point Dlclimoiid,
healthy, vigorous and full of life two DEPOSIT OF FIRS
days ago, Mm, (1. A. Webber, initead CLAY OF HIOH OKADE
of clasping tho prodigal to her breast
hastened to the coroner's office In (From Wednesday' Dally)
this city nnd at once began negotta- Considerable discussion In prevailing
tions' for the return of tho money ver tests recently made of the new
(From Kridn I'' )
i ..' nllls.
. -..t t. LI. ;..a. f I Vnv Atiftt I fftlUt t Mt U Ii It '
the Inn. In h! civ.l war career first eahibiii.ni in Frcc tt on opt.
was wounded .-i t time., and in I, IMt. t tba plant of the lumber
confUrt three bullets tntered nil of Cummerr nt outlined last nifcM
body. Fnder those conditions, ht are eatnrd out. A permanent ...a.-
uoviir faltrr.,1 but continue on doty sittre of three with President Fred
until twenty years atto when tht erick a member. eX-offlelo. wi.l h
limit of thirty years of mntlnuoua appointed and Ihm eorarn.ttee will
service placed him on the retired list tw known a the Fair committee and
of the army, with the rank of f'rst will procead Immediately to obtain
sorg(nu. snitahle gronndn.
With all his prominence he wns I Next Thursday nl?ht instean oi ne
reticent over tho dltinction he en- rreular meetlnf ol tnc namner i
joyed and always disdained reviving Commerce fiey will hold a "get to-
nny of the peronal eonniderntions ex- gether" dinner at tue noioi si
tended him, but was agreeable to re- Micbae'. Governor aioan, mourners
liearse generalities of tho grent strug- of the Hoard of Control, the officers
gle. Out of the serviie, "Dick" at the post, through the eominaumng
l'en, as he wag familiarly known to ewlonol. uud the territorial ugineer
nil, was agreeable and jovial, and to will be the Invited gueit.
which characteristic was associated a George y. I'arker, a well known
generous disposition and a genial I'rescottlte writes from Los Angeles
bearing at all times. Ho began his that he a member of the committee
military life as n private in the which has the proposed trip through
Fourth U. H. Artillery nnd in n few Arizona in charge, that he Is proud
years afterward was transferred to of present! and dclred Hint the ex-
the cavalry service, where he nerved cursionlsts Imve an opportunity to
until the end. Hin last duty wan tin- nee bin beautiful homo city while go-
dor Captain Wallace, nt Fort Whip- lug from the Grand Canyon to Phoe
plo, as first sergeant In n troop of nix. The excursion trnin which will
the Sixth Cavalry. He wan about 71 be made up of Pullmans nnd a diner
years old nnd n native of Pennsyl- will leave San Diego nnd Lo An
vnnln. He in survived by his wife gelen on November I, will go to the
who wns with htm when death came Grand Canyon and thenen to Phoenix
us a relief to his sufferings. to see the finish of the Los Angelos-
Phoenix desert automobile race. Park-
SAPID PKOORE8S er'n plan in to have the train stop in
HT SINKING- SHArT Present t for a few hours and permit
the Californiaun to see the coming
JF.KOMK, Ariz., Sept. 13. Twenty mountain resort of the southwest.
five men are now employed at tho The Chamber were all in fnvor of
camp of tho Arknnsns nnd Arizona tli.s nnd agreed to entertain the vis
iii.xiTiient lie drew attention . n,
. A !.-. .... t 1 Jt '
i.i.i uini uiu uiivoiu ot the nut ,L I
bile htid had n great efr.t .
hotel business nnd that imW j,
rondu woro one of tho most aW
nnsetg which a city could
T. 0. Norrls made n report m ,
. . r . i. .. , ! . , . . .. .
and nssured the body tint tit'
would soon bo an excellent rnad fros
Present! to Phoonix nnd that tj...
present road from Prescott ta th.
Grand Canyon was In good condtthnl
Hf leportcd that lie was trying tj
nnve ttio estgnnl party of ten ant,
mobiles divide at McCarthy, Xtr
Moxico, nnd one half go to I'hocnJ
by wny of Sprlngcrvlllo nn.l tb.
other by wny of Prescott and therj
compare notes nnd sec if it were noil
an actual fact that the Prccolt IrijJ
was tho easier and tho more caj)rj
Delegates to tho Mining CongrtiJ
to lie held next mouth in Chicago nl
well nn delegates to the Inlmil
Waterways Convention to bo hld ial
the same city nt about the jamJ
time were thou considered and it hi
most probable that Yavapai will btl
represented nt both of thce import!
not congresses.
paid by her for funeral expenses. l' C"y discovered near Prescott by rj0ppor company, work being confin- Itorn nnd to extend their hearty
The Webbor case In one of tho " awjnmru, an-. -;
strangest ever brought to light in or M,,,dt!,,K l,ur,0c tl,CQr us"
the coroner's -office. Last June Web- withstand Intense heat. SevernI
ber disappeared from his homo at rlcl" ot i 10 C,B' bf0B rc v
1SS1 Noo street, duly 28th last, a I mi' enj, loinum-ii
close friend of Weblier announced to nv " .u...
Mrs. Webber that her husband's body W ot Bacyrua, Ohio which gave
had been recovered from tho bay ""' "lt r.u n'" ,UJ
near Mciggn wharf. Mrs. Webber ",u lUB l,ru,,,";i ,Y,U '
viewed tho body of tho drowned W of ,'e"t' an'l ro,"",n ,n ,ft
man, and no persistent wan the friend uml'"t condition. There s no met-
that it was tho body of liar husband 1 kow thnt wl 9t;'nd thl" 1,n1ten"
that nhe Identified it ns such and ''l'erature, wh ch Is regarded as
had it removed to the undertaking favor of this clay
parlors of Suhr & Wlebolt. Mrs. cl ai ,vin " K"'K'
Webber went Into mourning. After n1"1 thorough trial. rhe clay
the funeral and interment in Cypres, '" wn HC,,t w" tBfn rm
f t 1 ...It tat .A ...... ..1 Ah I til
Lawn cemetery nho defrayed tho ex- 1,0 ulT ' vv.u.ouv .
penses and tho next day took up tho n,,,-v " ""'"
position of nurse at Point Hich.nond. inv..tlgatlon of
pao i) n k suown iuui in" Bu.fi; m
(From Thuriday'a Dally.)
Frank Cox, of Phoenix, in charge
of tho legal department of the South'
rrn Pacific in Arizona, pained through
the city yesterday eu route to Flug
htnff, whore business Interests re
quire his attention for a few days.
lie was joined nt Jerome Junction by
bis brother, meat merchant of Jo
rnme. Mr. Cox, who has a personal
record of out and out candidates for
the sonnto on the democratic ticket,
nnd with those known to have pri
vately confided to friends their in
tcntions, states that before tho pri
innry election there In assured at
least twenty-four who desire to wear
ono of the glittering togas of the
new state, dlo nlso says the pollt)
enl situation In im-mming a highly
colorod lino in the south nnd aspirants
by tho score are coming out into the
open for nil offices.
(From Thursday's Dallyj
During tho present week thero has
.been quite a revival among homo
Htcnd locators in this vicinity, United
states Commissioner Moore reporting
the following applications? J, M
t'onlreras, I (ID acres near Dewey
Alfred Htapp, 10 acre in Skull Vnl
leyj .1. Cage, HID acres in Thompson
Valley; Geo. II. Mnrtlu, Did ncren
threu miles northwest of Prescott
Henry .lost, 100 acres adjoining tho
Hughes' dry farm near the America
ranch, nnd Mr. Mnrlett, HID acres ad
joining the above locution.
Husband Roappoara
ulimitcd and one of the desirable
Two days ngo, whllo nttending to thnt u caa bc m t
hor duties nt Point Richmond, Wob- ( unu,ullij. ow COst. It Is located
ber, In the flesh and smiling, loomod m tn four in,le!( from thls city
up at the front door.1 I he shoclc was t tbo foot of Quurta mountnln.
too mucii mill sue tainteu. wnen
.1 ..i!....ll.. ..
.... n., ..... .... -,uV. "7 amuQUBEQUB I
vm.iu in. once iu nun i.ijr ..., ,,,iUu- KWAT1a ml IO FAU
i wiin i no coroner tor uiu return
nf lit., motinv onl.t liv Imr for ttm
' ' III tllT-llL'II1ltL' XT t tin.,, t-ft
f nl .it , . .1,.. ll.Annl.l fllinwwwriiiwur., i. w!
tn. r i,.i.B.i . -With the Now Mexico 8tatc fair
"I .lo wUh voo wnold .en that T orly U IllOlltll BWuy, tllO mir BSSOC!
got my money back," Mrs. Webber ''' headquarters Jn Albuquerque
said in HubHtance to tho coroner. T ''nv" Mmei1 a 'l'lf ",,0t1 thn"
!. -l.l. t ,.n.,M ..rrnnn ,IM. tl.o OVOr lltlll all XHO UOlllllB lor n. -
Ity to have tho body of my bus Million rc ncing care ....y
mean the othor man-removed from WK" a V,BW Vl ' '7
PV...4, l.nu,.. ..n.l ,...1 in tt. ,.nr' B" 'g ow " l'"""''
' " ' . - 11.1. .-til l.
fl..l,l I H,nnirl.l .iir (tin otlinr mnn "0 nr ivar "u "
,n.. t..,.t.,i ,i niM.n..,.i. r am Iggor nnd bettor
ulnd that Mr. Webber Is nllvo and vw ,,cforo' U " l,cl,,. of "H
" 1. - A I H ...till,, I
w.dl. .till I will not live with him wuo are ini.K
again. After his death I had tho tMMt I" tho completion of arrange
little house on Noo street all fixed mentt. The aviation nioct which U
up. He can have that to live in If w bo ttagca i.y u.enn
i, ...ii u i.oi i .1.1. i.n wnnl.1 not Now York, with ono of tho blrdmen
I - - i il 1 i - i t n
bother me. He drinks and nover " miernauonai repiue . -
works and r think he juit came back ' n'oro fRht ,ltt,y " ""'yi
t0- vot0tM Thursday and Friday of fair week,
Nothing Lai been done In tho mat". M" ono of the biggest features t.ooKca
ter of refunding the funeral expen-
and doubtless will nttrnct thousands
h's, and the coroner Informed Mrs. U ' ovfer tho iaio- "J nw
Webber that ho thought U would be bolloveil Lincoln i.eacney wm
i..,.m.,li,l rt r.n,ni' tin. i.n.iv Bf tba fllgbts, If IJoncbey cunnot come,
ti,.. nther man from Cvnrn T.nw. Mr. Curtlss will send cither Word or
Minora! Survey No. 2321, Apex,
Pascoo and Phlllippa lode mining
claims, situated iu tho Globe Mining
OFrora Waayt Dally.)
T. J. Arnold Is In the city from
district, Gila county, Arizona, and his ranch In I'crgnson Valley nnd re
Claimed by the Miami Copper com- port tho biggest crop of cabbage
puny has been approved by tho sur- over known In that sectlou, which
veyor-genernl. Mineral Survey No. he says will reach a total of 'lO.DDU
2012, Nugget lode mining claim situ- head. Ho owns tho old Tim Uannon
nted In the Slnto Creek Mining dlst- place, and 1ms raised a big crop In
rlct, Yavapai county, Arizona, and till lines by irrigation. He states
claimed by K. H. Hushnoll, has alio that the season bat been ono of tho
been approved by the surveyor-gen- best In many yeart for the farmer.
oral. and all very protpcrous.
ed to the sinking of the main shaft thanks to Parker for his thoughtful
hlch Is being pushed down with ncs
three nhiftn. The shaft Is now down A letter trom James II. Sellers, the
iIO feet and is being sunk nt tho rate original and only dry farmer in the
of three feet a day the last forty erde Valley, proved of great Inter
feet being in a ledge matter made up est and instruction to all present. Mr.
of iron, schist, and porphyry, with Sellers remarked that the recent dis
the Iron predominating. Foreman eovery of oil in the Verde would
Mason is enthusiastic over develop- prove of great value to both politt
incuts in the lower part of the shaft, cal parties, as woll ns the prospective
and did not hesitate to express him- candidates in tho field, as the oil
self ns being confident thnt the new wns being obtained at a time when
formation coining in below 000 feet the politicians of the now state would
in the shnft, means that thero is ore need it for lubricating purposes and
somewhere near where they uro now owing to its peculiar qualities would
working. The power plant is work I fill a long felt basic want in politt
lug In perfect order, and is now thor- cnl circles
uglily equlppod for any emergency Secretary I raser last night in re
that may come up. New powerful sponso to requests of the members
pumps uro at hand to lie used in present delivered u short lecture on
cam of nn Inflow of water Into the the newly installed exhibit. Ho drew
shaft groator than the capacity of particular attention to somo excellent
thoso now in use. Two large air peaches which were really duo to
compressors, ono operated by elec- dry farming because thoy had not
trlolty nnd ono by steam, ore kept in been irrigated for the past twenty
porfect condition for work, insuring years
always n supply of air for under- Judge Moore reported that tho .'12,
ground working, should one or the 000 acres of land In Lonesome Vallov
other of the machines become ills- on which scrip was to be placed
nblcd, tho ono in renervo always be- would bo Inspected within tho next
Ing ready to start in motion at once, fow dayn nnd there seemed to be no
A now and commodious boarding doubt but that the project would bo
house has been .erected near tho of- favorably reported upon.
flee building. General Manager J. H. O, 11. Walhridgc of Now York and
Leeper is now located at the main Donver, who Is Interested In the
offlcen at the mine, and all tho busl- Arizona Power company, complimented
ness of tho company Is now trans-1 the Chamber on its activity. He o'
acted there. They ore doing most peclnlly pralc the summer colony
effective work In every department, project nnd the fact that the body
and the company Is practically dem- was not rolying entirely upon the
onstrntlug tlio rait li it litis always mining industry but wns alive to the
openly expressed It had In its hold- advantages of diversified industries
Ingi, nnd is doing more toward tho n connection with the good roads
development of tho Jerome district
than any other company owning prop
orty along tho mineral belt.
(From Tauraday's Dally.)
At the annual meeting of tltl
stockholders of tho Toptop Heitbl
Mining nnd Milling company held in
Prescott yesterday, tho following of
ficem were re-oloctcd for the cniulnjl
year: K, G. Wager, president; V. W,
Hons, vice-president nnd treasurer, and I
K. .1. F. Home, secretary. The nowl
board of directors will be compo'tll
of F. K. Wnger, F. h. Carlisle, W W.l
Hoss and K. J. F. Home.
The meeting wns probably tbe most I
important one over held by tho com
pany, in view of the consumniatlosl
of plans that insure the treatment oil
.i... . . . i . . . i , . . . .1. ...... i
mi; i uuiii'i iiv iiiintuvcu iiiui-iiiui'i;i
the largest portion of which is nowl
on tho ground and ready for install'
tlou which will bo the first time It
over n quarter of a century tho
ductlon of tho ores has been under
taken. Tho warm wcntlter of the put
summer has necessitated a temporary I
suspension to complete tho erection l
of the pluut, but with the change!
Komiitg on, tho ptirposo Is to rush tte I
work, nnd begin operations not Utefl
than December 1. From Hie oM
dumps and In tho stojcs and drift
nn estimated tonnaso to last foot
years on the basis of twenty-five I
tonn per day is nmltabto for concen
trating and cynnidlng. For the first I
tlmo in tbo history of mining U
central Arizona tungsten will bo one
of tho essential products, which mt
nl is carried In the ores that h
been on thn dumps undisturbed from
the day the property was first wots
cd in tho early '70's. The ncenmuh'
tton of years, with tho recent devei
opment, rovlvos Jntorest In tb fm
ous old producer, and that Its future
is filled with great possibilities i) f'
lieved by many miners who have re
cently visited It.
hunk tho only
kind with which to make valid lo
cation on tale at the Journal-MlB"
office. .
(From Frtday'a Daily.)
Tho O. K. Market ranch yosterdny
shipped to the O. K. farm n Mint vab
ley n McCormlck one row com binder,
whieh is the first nppllnnco of its
kind to be Introduced In tho county,
nnd of which there nro very fow in
use Iu tho west. It Is of Into tnven
Hon and litis tho capacity to cut, tie
and bundle corn in one operation.
It is also equipped with appliances
for picking up ttnlks lying on the
ground, ns well will it cut down
weeds ns It moves along. It Is pro
polled by two horses and has a cups
city of from eight to ton acres a
day at an ordinary rale of speed. It
begins work in a few days, after
which it goes to Williamson valley
and other places, Its introduction
creating much demand from tho
farming community. It weighs 1S00
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