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weekly Journal-
" I 1 -
Marley and Three Son$ Said to Have
Filched Stock Valued at Over
Sixty Thousand Dollars.
The notorious cattle stealing caie
of over one year ago in Navajo
i.., it. - vt-w,. r.
county, m -which oik
ami the value of the livestock alleged
to have been stolen was snid to have
reached the gigantic sum of $65,000,
was ended at Holbrook on Sunday
morning at 5:30 o'clock when the
Jury brought in a verdict of guilty
against the father, and his three
The men were found guilty under
lait one of the twenty indictments
found. The remaining cases will he
heard after e'ection.
This cae attracted vciy much
attention in live stock circles
throughout the west, and was with
out a parallel in criminal transact
ions of its class. The father and his
sons conducted a wholesale butcher
ing business it was alleged, in sup
plying the Santa Fc Pacific rail
road with beef on the block, and at
such a reduced price, that the avenue
of supply was naturally questioned,
and later developments led to the
discovery of the way and means
tlicy had of filling the various con
tracts. A canyon no'rfH of Winslow
was found where the beeves were
driven to nnd butchered, and the
precaution was taken to burn the
hides that carried" the varlow brands
of the many rangemcn wh'o were
losing their cattle one by one, and
George O. Ford, president of the
Ford Mining Company, and his sec
retary, F. S. Swan, arc in the city
completing arrangements for the in
tailing of a large amount of maclr
incry to begin development on an
extensive basis. The main shaft of
175 feet, will be continued to a depth
of 300 feet, when drifting and cross-
cutting follows. It has also uecn
decided to introduce diamond drills
to explore other portions of the
group and a line of work has been
mapped out that will take the winter
to complete. Mr. Ford is sanguine
over the outlook, and starts off with
two shifts as soon an the machinery
is installed. The Ford mines where
developed enjoy a good name among
miners, while the surface indications
at various points on the group are
attractive also.
Quite an important cattle deal was
closed in the city yesterday, when
R. W, Ainsworth sold to Walter
Cline 200 head mjrc or less of
range animals, including the Dia
mond F ranch and personal property
on Turkey creek, the consideration
being withheld, The purchaser was
formerly located at Camp Wood in
the range business, but dinposcd of
his interests. The proprrty acquired
from Mr. Alnsworth is In the moun
tain ranges of the Bradshaws, and is
regarded as attractive for cattle rais
ing purposes.
Charles Davis, colored, a recent
urrival from Phoenix, was arrested
yesterday by Deputy Sheriff Young
on1 the alleged crime of forgery
committed at Phoenix a- few days
ago. He f will be taken back today
and is aajd to have sj curled quite, a
sum, of rhpney through his artistic
manipulation of the pen.
with the regularity of the rising of
the sun. An estimate of the number
of cattle, that had been driven from
the ranges, of the; twenty .stockmen
in Navajo county, to the deep can
yon, where further trace was lost of
them, reaches to at least 2,500 head.
The detection of the crjme occupied
several months of diligent and
shrewd effort, but finally the long
link was welded and the verdict re
turned. On Sunday morning met with
very much satisfatclon among all
residents of. the above county. One
week was required to try the case,
and the jury deliberated about hi.t
Associated with this crime, the
Marlcys kept scrap book of press
notices published throughout the na
tion) which as so wide in the
range of notoriety that hundreds of
papers mentioned the wholesale
transaction. The book' was of nine
by twelve inches in size and carried
over 100 pages, of printed matter of
the standard column in width and
in small type with no two clippings
from the same paper.
The credit of convicting the,
above men rest with E. S. Clark
of this city, and. Rece.M. ,Ung, of
Phoenix, attorneys representing the
s.tatc. Senator AsHurst.'of this city,
j. E. Joncs,vf Flafcstaff, and, B. F.
Adams, "of Albuquerque, v tfcre of
counsel for' the defense,.'
By Associated Press.
ELY, Oct, 28. The strike of the
copper miners and mill smeltcrmcn
was called off today by almost un
animous vote. Qthcr union in the
district called meetings and instruc
ted delegates to 'the- Ely Labor Coun
cil to use every effort to end the
strike. The men return to work
immediately at a wane scale effect
Ivc October' 1.' which' allowed all
classes Of miners and laborers an in
crense of 25 cents a day.
Mrs. J. P. W. Stewart Iqft yester
day for New York city, to visit with
relatives and friends for a few weeks,
and during her absence will select
the furnishings for the new home.
of herself and husband which (tots
the mountain ton to the southeast
of this city about two miles distant.
Mrs,, Stewart, has christened- the
home Glcnburncy, in memory of her
former residence in the south. It
will be occupied by January 1, next,
and will haVe the distinction of be-
, . t . t .t.f
ing one of the nest apponticu nam
(mlrtrii .with the most fascinat
ing environments in the slate,
Mr. Stewart left yesterday for nioc
nix. as' H fair visitor for the week.
With hi w(fc he has concluded to
make Prcscott their future home,
and recently closed a Ijkrge cattle
deal, as welj. will he become interest-
cu in uinci im.m... ...
Disease Menaces
Life of Sherman
Br Aiciitud ptom.
UTICA, Oct. 28. Vice-President
Sherman is seriously ill and steadily
falling at his home here. White his
physician believes there is no im
mediate danger of death yet the pa
tient's condition Is such it 1 a mat
ter of conjecture how murh longer
he can withstand the ravages of the
disease with which he is afflicted.
He is suffering from kidney trouble,
lardcnlng of the arteries, and soften
ing of the muscles of the heart.
peculate Over Successor.
JUAREZ, Oct. 28. A new menace
to Chihuahua developed today by
the entrance in the State of Antonio forces are about fifteen miles apart.
Rojas, the rebel leader, who has been It is. feared they will join in an at
terrorizing Sonora and his possible tack upon Juarez.
by AMocUteil Pre.
INDIANApOLJS, Oct. 29. John
Golden, president of the United Tex
tile Workers of America testified in
the dynamite trial he had corre
sponded with the. Iron Workers'
headquarters in Indianapolis about
;tlic explosion. He said in April
1908 he wrote President Ryan en
closing a clipping headed "dynamite
exploded" saying "enclosed please
find newspaper clippings, which will
be self-explanatory." Ihc clipping
referred to the explosion that month
at, Fall River when two spans of a
bridge over the Tauton River were
much nn
The Road Races
PHOENIX, Oct. 28. In the Los
Angeles-Phoenix race the Frank'
was first;, the Cadillac (Soulcs) sec
ond and. the National third. It the
San Diego to Phoenix race the
Stevens Duryca was first; Apperson
(Ferguson) second; and Mitchell
(Greer) third.
PHOENIX, Oct 28, Ralph Ham
lin, four times before a contedcr
In the Los Angeles-Phoenix road
race, won the fifth annual Desert
Classic when with his face masked
in yellow mud he drove the Frank
lin, the same car used in previous
races Into the State Fair grounds at
2;05 o'clock this afternoon. Soulcs
driving a Cadillac came in an hour
later, followed closely by Fred Ful-
By Associated Pim.
Uiltcd States Circuit Court of Ap
peals sustained the decision ol tnc
Arizona Court convicting Goodwin
imd Stewart of the piurder of Alfred
'Hillpot near Globe.
. NEW -YORK, Ott.v 2fl. Silver
62, Mexican dollars 49.
illness of Sherman and speculation
over the possibilities of his with
drawal .from the Republican ticket
because of the precarious condition
of his health, have aroused discus
sion over the probable method of
filling his place. The general opin
ion expressed was that the Republi
can National Committee or the ex
ecutive committee possessed power
to fill the vacancy, No one profes
ses to know whether the Chicago
convention provided for such an. em
ergency. Precedents are admitted to
be lacking.
junction with Salazar, operating
I south of Juarez. The two rebel
Ijlown up. It was one of the jobs
McManigal confessed having travel-
Jed from Indianapolis under instruc
tions from McNamara to perform.
Golden identified a copy' of, ttic.. reply
sent him by Ryan, Ryan referred,
to the 'editorial ih the Union Maga
zine commenting on finding dyna
mite on a job at Cleveland, which
non-union workmen were said to
have placed that they might "discov
er" the explosive and be promoted.
Testimony that Ryan and McMani
gal talked for two hours in a room
to which the door was closed was
given by J. 11. Cook, a former steno
graphcr for McNamara.
lcr in a National. McKec in a Cad
iliac was the only other Los Angeles
racer to arrive' tonight . The time
of Hamlin was eighteen hours forty
two minutes; Soulcs' time was nine
teen hours and twenty-five minutes;
Fuller's time was twenty hours and
nineteen minutes. McKec, twenty
three liours and thirty-six minutes.
Campbell in a Stevens Duryca won
the Sail Diego-Phoenix race arriv
ing at 3:49 p. m, His time was given
at 39 hours. The official time of all
will be announced tomorrow. The
drivers were forced to tow cars over
the Hassayampa and Aqua Fria
rivers which were Swollen by cloud
bursts. The National (Lyons) was
the only other San Diego car to ar
By AMoclrtod Irea
WASHINGTON. Oct. 28. Prcsi
lent Taft after being here two days
will leave Washington tomorrow for
New York to he present at the
launching Wednesday of the New
York the blgiicst American Dread
NEW YORK, Oct. 28. Lead
M40 to $450.
sss ll sssB
Such Belief of Military Experts Who
Ak Watching
4 In the
FighfcWift Take PlaceNear Adriaoopk
And if Lost,
.. . t .
Bf Aa-ocUta4 Pre, ,
SOFIA, Octly 28. The Bulgarian
forces captured the towns of Lule
and Demotika, It. is also reported
the Turks r.rr constructing earth
works along the river Erkcne west
of Eski Baba. It is stated the Bul
garian cavalry succeeded in cutting
off communication between Ardian
oplc and Macedonia.
Big Battle Predicted.
LONDON, dct. 28. The Turkish
army is crouching for a great at
tack oq the ARulgarian.i. so military
experts believe.' To this end it- far
reaching lines Jtavc been Drawn in,
massing into mighty cr.iuuiits, to be
hurled, against the victorious Unitar
ians about Adrianople. lit: suppos
ed movement 'has been executed
with such sicatyh. that th: belief in
existence1 is founded onlv upon the
6 which it was thought they would
have been extended.
The news that Eski llaba had been
taken without Turkish rcsistencc
Shows that the army of Nazim Pa-
By Associated Press.
, LOS ANGELES, (Cal.), Oct. 28.
Oakland won the 1912 Coast Lea
gue Pennant by defeating Los An
geles in both games on Sunday. Ver
non also won two from Portland
but Its chances of winning the cham
pionship depended on the loss of ope
game by Oakland.
Brannen k Saucr are finishing
their big' grading contract at the
Point of 'jpdcljs military target range
and durldVtlic week a big Improve
ment .vvlli have been cJTcctcd. The
same firm has also received advices
from 'Washington that additional
grading Is lo be authorized, which
will call for the outlay of over
$1,000 "more. They have been noti
fied togO ahead with the work. It
Is believed that the desire of the
war ut(Jiii wiiciii in i h-a u vi
)n order at the earliest opportunity
1 .m a.
for the school ol muiKctry mat u is
hcliyed will soon be ordered to Fort
.Whipple. v
- i
NEW YORK, Oct. 28. Lake
weak, J6 17-20c' to 17j4c.
Electrolytic $17.65 to $17.75.
Castings $17.00 to $17.25.
Course of Events -
Off the Map
sha Is not where it. was supposed to
have been. Constantinople dispatch
es reiterate the readiness of. the
Turks to assume the offensive. In
any case a few days must sec some
thing decisive. The nulRarians ad
vancing, reported they had blown up
a bridge over the Tchorlu River,
showing a turning movement is pro
gressing rapidly. Unless the Turks
arc able to take the offensive vig
orously the present indications are
they will be driven out of Europe al
together. Turks Surrender.
BELGRADE, Oct. 28.-Semi-o(B-cial
advices report that the Turkish
army, which retired from Uikap to
ward Voles, surrendered to Servian
cavalry today and delivered their
arms. The Servians later' seized
123 guns. The section of the Turk
ish army defeated at Kumanova ap
pear cn(Irc1brokcn,up. i'1
Town Captured.
REIKA, (MontcncRro.) Oct. 28.
The Montenegrins have captured the
town of I'lcvHc near the Bosnian
! j ! ! !
4 Special to the Journal-Miner. 4
H PHOENIX, Oct. 2.-Mrm.
j- W. W. Elliott of Prescott won 4
4 the Goldwater special for th 4
4 best lace collar and the blue
ribbon for the best Irish cro-
J chet cuff set. Anna Ridenour 4
4 of Phoenix was awarded the red 4
4 ribbon for the best Irish cro- 4
4 chet cuff set. 4
4 4 4 4 ! 4 J 4 4 4 4 4
J, E. Pawley was in the city Sun
day from the mining camp of Dr.
Hughes, near Poland on Turkey
creek. He states that the showing
is good and recent development has
been attended with better results
than formerly. Dr. Hughes is ex
pected to arrive In Prcscott during
the present week, when it is believ
ed a large line of work will be au
thorized. MIND AFFECTED.
An unfortunate woman named Em
ma PuvoMky was taken Into custody
a few days ago on the charge of
being inianc, and her examination
took place yesterday iu the superior
court. It will be continued today.
She has attacks of a violent nature,
and is regarded as dangerous at
At the Old Stand.
A. J. Hcriulou has been appointed
a deputy treasurer by Col. K. A.
Rogers, and entered on the duty
yesterday. Mr. Herndon Is conver
sant with the office and hit services
will be valuable from his fast ex
periences as county treaiurer, during
taxpaying tlmr, especially..
,iH.,'' I '

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