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From Maine to California the Country
Rallies to Hii Support and Accords
Magnificent Vote.
The election of Wilson and Marshall In' a safe majority
of electoral votes, is made certain by incomplete returns re
ceived from the country at large up to 10 o'clock. With
Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and other large states repre
sented by only meager reports, the success of the Democratic
ticket in a majority of heavily populated states is certain.
Early returns give Wilson the "Solid South," embracing all
the Democratic states south of the Potomac, and Connecticut,
Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New
York, and apparently West Virginia, "Indiana and Missouri.
A Roosevelt victory in Illinois was Conceded early hy the
evening by Democratic taadcrsYand he.promiscd at" 10 o'clock
to carry witty it a, plurality greater than 100,000. New
Hampshire arid "Vermont. Had apparently, given a majority to
Taft on thc?basis6f' fa'irly comprehensive returns received at
that time: rates-whqre the results were reasonably certain
at 10 o'clojgjay'ejthd .following electoral vote Wilson 267,
Roosevelt 2f9,'taft 8. '
Rhode Island also became a doubtful state on the returns
near ' midnight, ..ba$ed . oiitrav,yjotcs , .reported and,, fffi.
not wholly improbable its five electoral votes' would go ,to
"Wilson. Early returns gave an apparent victory for Taft in
New Hampshire and Vermont but the Taft plurality dwindled
;is midnight approached to very few hundred votes in each
state and it seemed likely will be wiped out entirely.
The vote in Utah as reflected in the dispatches up to
midnight gave indications that the state might be carried for
Taft. The vote in Pennsylvania is amazingly close, the re
turns from more than a thousand precincts embracing over
185,000 votes giving each of the three leading presidential
candidates more than 60,000 votes. Taft's lead in the Phila
delphia districts was offset by the heavy vote olled by Roose
velt and Wilson in other parts of the state.
Many surprises are shown m the returns. The New
York State Assembly seems to be overwhelmingly Demo
cratic. In Illinois the indications were that Judge Dunne,
Democratic candidate for Governor, won notwithstanding the
heavy Roosevelt victory. Former Speaker Cannon seemed
to be defeated for re-election for Congress in Illinois. In
addition to Roosevelt's apparently certain victory in Illinois
confident claims by the Roosevelt managers that Iowa, Michi
gan and Kansas would fall into the Roosevelt column seemed
verified by partly complete returns at an early hour this
(Wednesday) morning. Returns from California are meager
but left the state- in doubt between Wilson and Roosevelt.
Uncertaintv reo-nrdinr- Vermont is settled bv the announce-
T j o"- o
mcnt of the complete vote which gave Taft a majority of 924
votes. At 12:45 this (Wednesday) morning, the Providence
(R. I.) Journal eonceded that state to Wilson with the vote
close in New Hampshire. It seemed probable that New Eng
land entire, with the exception of Vermont, has gone over
to the Democratic column.
Reports at midnight give indications that the electoral
vote of Wilson will pass the three hundred mark. It is cer
tain Illinois will give Roosevelt an overwhelming majority.
The race in Pennsylvania is sq close to bring all the three
candidates within the range of success.
Indications contained in the early incomplete returns
were that the Democrats make gains in the United States
Senate, but whether these gains will be sufficient to change
the political complexion of the Senate is undetermined. In
New Jersey it appeared likely a Democrat would succeed a
Republican and while Progressive leaders in Colorado will
not concede it it appeared from Wilson gains indicated in
early returns the possibility that two Democratic Senatori
will be returned from that state. In Montana, Walsh, the
Democrat, is slightly in the lead in the spattering returns.
Warren, Republican, is running ahead of Kendrick, Demo
crat iti'Wyoming.
PRINCETON. Nov. 5. Governor
Wilson sat tonight 'with a party of
friends aroitinl a brilliantly illuminat
ed dinner table as tbu election re
turns began coming in. The returns
wjilch continued to conic from Mas
sachusetts, Connecticut and New
York all favored Wilson and the
dinner party showed pleasure. Cap
tain "Miir McDonald, a Texas Kan
gcr who is the Governor's body
guard read a stack of returns and
felt so happy he exclaimed: "I won
der if I'd net arrested if I just shot
off my gun. If it keeps up this way,
I'll l..t.t 1 1 t.ir.t '.... In.itn "
I II ll.lt I. tU JI1DI 1111(1 1.11. IWWBV-
The governor was not overconfi
dent and when the returns crime front
New York, he smiled and said: "I'm
supposed to carry the city by three
to one in order to win the State."
A celebration of the victory by
Story of the Election as Given In
Dispatches Furnished by The
Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Nov. fl.-Chalrroan Mc
Combs, of tl" National committee, an
nounced shortly after 1' o'clock tonight
that tlio victory of Wilson was com
plete. Ho said Wilnon had carried
Maine, Massachusetts, Now York, Con
necticut, Maryland, Now Jersey nnd
nli of the Houth.
TKRRK HAUTE. Nov. R Debs, the
Socialist nomlnuo for president did not
voto today. Owing to tlio extensive
campaign lio mado ho was unablo to
bo homo during tlio registration period
NKW YOItK, Nov. C. National
Chairman McCombs of tlio Democratic
committee conceded n Roosevolt vic
tory in Illinois.
NKW YORK, Nqv. fi.-New York
will cast in fortyflvo electoral vote
for Wilson. Congressman Bulzor is
elected Governor. Chairman Karnes
conceded Wilson carried the state by
100,000. Tlio Democratic Btato 'Gmitr
man, Palmer, claimed Wilson wotdd
havo a plurality of 250,000.
NBW YOItK, Nov, fi.-Chalrmr,n Mc
Combs Just ld tho Now York up
state returns exceeded expectations and
that tho entire state would give Wil
son a greater voto than tho combined
voto of Tuft and RqoMVtdt.
NBW YOHK,'Nov. 5.-rrturw from
272 district of tbo state outside of
Princeton students began at 11
o'clock tonight when the bell of
Nassua Hall, where the Continental
Congress met, began to ring put tp
signal Wilson's victory. The students
gathered with a band of instruments,
pcr1na,nts and torches and formed a
parade that passed Grovcr Cleve
land's house on the way to Wilson's
Friends who were with Governor
Wilson while the returns were com
ing In found difficultv in getting him
to concede he won, Dudley S. Ma-
Llonc, his son-in-law, and Senator
O Gorman of New York, came out
bf the room where the returns were
being read and said laughingly: "The
Governor refuses to be elected." Ills
message to Chairman McCombs was
his first statement admitting that
all doubt of his election had passed.
the city give Taft . .1557, Wilson
4r,,M7, RoosoveU .13,50.1. In 1008 Taft
78,322, Itryan fll,72fl,
NBW YOHK, Nov. fi. Bight lain,
dred and eighty election district in
tho city give Wilson I0l,157, Taft
07,81H, Jtoosovolt 04,877.
NEW YORK, Nov. 5. Chairmai
Harries of the Republican State Com
mittee shortly after seven o'clock
made the statement Wilson would
carry New York by a plurality ol
a hundred to a hundred and fifty
NBW YORK, Nov. fl.-Ohnlrman Mc
Combs sent word to (lovornor Wilson,
at Princeton at 7 o'clock, that his
election was indicated by an over
whelming vote nnd that there are only
two states In which tho vote will b
NBW YORK, Nov. fJ.-Oco. M. Pah
mer, chairman of tho Democratic Htatn
cotnmlttco, authorized the statement
at 7 J 1 f o'clock claiming tho stato of
Now York for Wilson by 250,000 plur
ORK, Nov. li, Ono thousand
ono hundred and ninety districts In
tho City of New York give Wilson
SfS.ft'OS, Taft 87,055, Roosevelt 122,303.
NEW YORK, Nov. 5. Woodrow
Wilson is the choice of New York
Wilion Says Gi'eat Cause has Triumphed.
Taft and Roosevelt Both Acknow
ledge Their Defeat.
l?RINCfeTON, Nov. 5.--Rcstondi ng to a telegram from1
the Democratic National chairman asserting that Wilson was
unquestionably elected, the Democratic candidate sent a dis
patch ;to, ,McCombs as follows : "J deeply appreciate your
telegram, and wish to extend to you and members of the
campaign committee my warm congratulations on the part
you havplayed in the organization, and conduct of the cam
paign which lias been fought out upon essential issues. The
great cause has triumphed. Every Democrat, every true Pro
gressive of whatever alliance, must now lend full force and
enthusiasm to the fulfillment of the people's hope, the estab
lishment. of the jeoples rights, so that judgment and peace
may go handin hand." This was Wilson's first utterance of .
a public ch,7racer following his acceptance of the reports that
he had been' deleted.
CINCINNATI, NovsEm an early hour Taft concede :
ed Wilsohs ejection. He sent congratulations. r
OYSTER BAY, Nov. 5. "Like all good citizens, I ac- , . ,
ccpt the 'result of the victory of Wilson and the Democrats in'
e'A""1 Wd contentment," said wRoosevclt tonight. He V
senfpngrMtions. ,y
CINCINNATI, Nov, 5. Taft'at 11 o'clock tonight con
ceded ,thc election ol Wilson,
orouicrs Home here: J he returns insure the selection of
Wilson to t the presidency. This means an early change in
the country's economic policy in reference to the tariff. J
this change can be made without halting prosperity I sin
cerely hope it may be. The vote for Roosevelt, the third
party candidate, and for Debs, the Socialist candidate, 'is a
warning their propaganda in favor of fundamental changes
in our constitutional representative government has formid
able support. While experiment alid change in the tariff are
being carried out by the Democratic administration it be
hooves the Republicans to gather again to the party standard
and pledge a new faith to their party's principles, organize
again and defend the constitutional government handed down
to us by our fathers."
for President bv a tilurnlltv ttlmni
cd at midnight of about 200,000 from
returns received front nearly every
election district in Grcnter City New
York nnd' all but .100 nf h .WJ.t .1!..
tricts outside of New York City.
tan icii kooscvcii in the same dis
tricts by about 35,000 votes, Con
Krcsstnan William Sulrcr is elected
Governor with a plurality estimated
at about 175,000 over Gob li. Hcdtfcs
the. Republican nominee, who in turn
ted Oscar Strauss, the candidate of
the Progressive party by about 17,
000 votes. William Ilarncs, Jr.,
chairman of the Republican State
Central Committee issued the follow
intf statement l "The result of the
election in the State of New York
demonstrate one tiling: that the
Roosevelt movement is repudiated,
Hy all the frantic efforts made to
secure the votes from, the people
Kcncrally the result shows practical
ly none but former Republicans
Joined the Kooscvrlt movement."
NP.W YORK, Nov. 5-At this
hour, 11:30 p. in, indications arc that
the Democrats have elected 10 oiit
of 12 members of the House of
Representatives. The Republicans
have r.irrtpit tlti firtt mid trrwinil
districts and the Democrats every
tiling else. 1 he Democrats will also
control the Legislature and aln a
United States Senator,
- nUHPALO. Nov. 5. City com
nlete ifivcs Tnfl 1.1.2fiR. Wilson 24-
298, Roosevelt 19,357.
PHOKNIX, Nov. R.-ltetiirns from
twenty precincts including llishre, nnd
Tucson complete give Wilson 1,11'.',
Roosovolt 1,014, Taft 500. Ilayden,
Donlocrnt, Is reelected to Congress by
n overwhelming vote.
TlKrSON, Nov. o Returns from
olirht out nf seventeen precinct of
Pimn county Including Tucson com.
plot (rlvo Wilson (10,1, Roosovolt 551,
Taft .IS", Woman Miffrage and the
recall of judge carried in tho county
by Jftrge vote.
TUC&ON Nov. HTucson complete
and sent Wilson a telegram of 1
(fives Wilson 03l, (Roosevelt 05.1, Tafi
.'128, 'Deb Pimn county except m
fow Hmall precincts gives RooiieveH
B8B, Wilson 005, Taft .13ff, Dobs B9.
PHOENIX, Nov. 5.Rcturns from
half the precincts of this county,
the larKcr ones of Phoenix not yet
li), Indicate a Democratic majority
of COO, The Progressive vote s
four times as large as the Republi
can. The Woman Suffrage amend
ment seems to have been carried
overwhelmingly, every precinct so
far having given it a majority. The
Socialist vote is surprisingly Jargc.
PIIOKNIX, Nov. 5.-Rett.riis all
over Arizona Indicate Wilson carried
all fourteen counties with the pos
sible exception of Coconino in which
Taft has a lead at ten o'clock. Wil
son will lead Roosevelt about th'rce
thousand. Taft is a poor third,
HISHIii:, Nov. 5. Twcnty-cight
precincts in Cochise county includ
ing Douglas ami Hlsbee give Wil
son 1538, Roosevelt 1102, Debs 543
Taft 264. Haydcn, Democrat, for
Congress, runs ahead of Wilson, All
initiative and referendum measures
carry bv about seven to one.
TUCSqN, Nov. 5.Thc count in
Tucson is very slow but enough
now to show that all constitutional
amendments have carried about 3 to
1. Woman Suffrage carried about
2 to 1. The referendum! arc close.
KINGMAN, Nov. 5. lilght small
precincts in Mohave county gave
Wilson 75, Roosevelt 56, Taft 35,
Debs 50, Haydcn, Democrat, HO,
Fisln.r. Progressive, 56, Campbell
Republican, 33, Smith, Socialist, 50.
Suffrage amendment it carrying
three to one.
niOKNIX, Nov. 5.Thirty out
of thirty-seven precincts gave WIN
son 2191. Taft 484, Roosevelt 1483,
Debs 351. Haydcn is leading the
Democratic ticket by 150. Thr re
maining precincts except one, Mesa,
arc small. Woman suffrage carried
in every precinct- Meager reports
as to other measures
i CLIFTON, Nov. 5-Scvrn pre
djKUjnjTrccjdec three
(CoBtUutd on Pag Flv)
n. n .

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