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t From SaturclayN Daily.)
The Arizona Mine Supply Com
pany shipped yesterday to the Com
mercial Mining Company in Copper
Has'm. A steel cage Imilt at their
local works in conformity to the
new mining law of the state passed
at the first session of the legisla
ture. Four Intge ore cars accom
panied the above utiltiy. The same
firm also reported that the two
new sixty horsepower boilers arc
en route from the east, and should
reach Skull Valley neat Monday.
This additional power is for the pur
pose of expediting the unwatcritiK
of the main shaft, where the flow
was so heavy that the equipment
I .OS W'GKLES, Nov. 28 Joe
. Mandut, the pride of the south went
.down i.i deefat today before the
, tigrn.h onslaught of Joe Rivers of
I.,s ngelcs. It was a clean cut
ntry for the Mexican and a rc-
! iu.irk.iblr reversal of form, he ex
hibiting' more speed and cleverness
j than heretofore in his career. Al
j though a strong favorite in the
betting. Mandot had little chance
with the aggressive Rivers after the
fifth. Rivers was careful from the
outset, and piled up points in every
round. Mandot was in distress in
the fifteenth and Rivers being too
anxious to finish the fight missed
many vicious swings, allowing Man
dot to stay until the bell sounded.
Mandot's flash in the last round
was met by River's determination
for a knockout.
All science was discarded in the
last round the men standing toe to
toe ami slammed rights and lefts
to the head and closing in, fought
firecely head to head. The honors
were about even for the round as
the final gong clanged.
Mandot tried desperately to over
i.i ..... i. ....it. .v i ;
luuiii iii i. limit it. i k 3'"i i ... , , i .i r....l
, .. . . .i conic Rivers big lead m the final
nig pump was also shipped to the ! ... . , . .,
, . ,, . . J . i round but was not equal to the
Jl llll- ll.lHWilll V. lllllI.UI.t III
Eureka district, with a miscellane
ous amount of lesser mine supplies.
task. His flash of speed surprised
Rivers for an instant but the Mcxi
can tore in giving him blow for
' blow. Just as the gong sounded
Mi'ibbN JuuiuAb I Rivers whipped a vicious right
ut&iKicib ruitiB.uisw,K aK:iill((t Mall,ot.s cilcew, shak
ing the New Orleans boy but the
(From Wnttimitny'i" Pnllv)
The Hoard of Supervisors has fin
ally and definitely settled the vex-
latter kept his feet and grasped the
I victor's right hand as Referee Eyton
held River's left hand aloft as a to
alious question of establishing jus-1 , .
.r i t..:keii of victory.
lice mi wic iicacf iircwiinin iiiiuuh'i-i ... . , ,,
... . . ..... Rivers today is a who y different
..... i.iiihIv i.i fiiMrilflnf.n liMl I ' '
., i . . .. i i .. r boxer from the boy that was so
the recommendations made by Coun-! .
... A rVC.Ii;. ....I .....,.r. l.-i.-. miliLisscu 11 iiic nc
..... ..-.i.:..... tl 1.- ,f. Orleans lightweight last Labor Day
. . j He fought a coo!, beady battle ant
The' original order embraced ,Mn . i"scad of covering up from the at
three districts to be created, but at acks of ' ,c Southerner ought the
the recent meeting a restricting I a " Tmie after
was ordered, which will embrace in
the future Ash Fork, Scligman, Hag-
dad, Mayer, Huuihlchce, Jerome
time he beat Mandot "to it" and the
left swings in his defense were near
ly perfect against the stinging
straight left of Mandot which tauta
lized and punished him in the pre
vious encounter. Rivers form was
Junction, Jerome, Cottonwood. Kirk
laud, I'rcscott, Humboldt, Camp
V.tiIiv Cmiun-ss limrlioii. Crown
King and Constellation. Each of a " that puzzled Mandot as
,1... ..r.ri...... i,-. .l....-in I mucn smprisc.1 tlic spectators
boundaries, which will permit of the 'lot inability to slow down the
ready disposition of official business, local '" s swinging rushes at tunes
and with convenience to all affected. I ,!uk, I,,,n '"lcrate. Rivers was
The number of justices to be ap-1 h,crallv " f tl,c Southerner
oointe,! will nrohablv be in harmonv I WHC" "ol 'KKmg at long range,
with the divisions above created. ""d rights and lefts to
... piiiv ,n 'the body which he varied with an
. occasional uppcrcut, a method of
rn mavr nrviPF. ! offensive fighting against which
IN HOME STATE I Mandot's science was of little avail
' Several times Referee Eyton was
(From Wednesday's Dally. , compelled to pry them apart am!
vi.;i.. ......;., i,rnii.t. id- ,-itv i once Rivers hit the referee when
yesterday en route to Jerome from i lircakl"'' away.
a husim-ss trio of several weeks in Nelson Outpointed.
Ho- ...istrrn ciiiis. C. It. Rutherford I N,:w YORK, Nov. 28. Ilattling
imparted the important news that ' N'C,S()" was outpointed by l.cach
!,r hns t.racticallv decided on estab-1 Cross ot,:,y in ten rounds, Nelson
lisbing a manufactory in Arizona I was ,llc .''Kgrcssor throughout but
faltered after the first blows, his
blows lacking steam and many going
wild. Cross was too clever for the
days in which to file an appeal from
the decision, which will be heard
before the Commissioner of the Gen
eral Land office at Washington. The
Arizona I. anil ami Irrigation Com
pany received a favorable verdict
last month on the protest sailed by I
Duke against the company acquir
ing title to certain sites on Willow
Creek for water storage purposes.
Duke attempted to re-open the case,
which was decided yesterday against
malndcr were easily Ritchie's. All I these officials that he has fifteen
through the fight Ritchie ducked
and blocked clevcily but Wolgast's
left caught him in the right eye and
nearly closed it. Wolgast declared
he didn't hear Griffiin caution him.
In the first two rounds the local
lad outboxed the champion, in the
fourth outfought him and in the
tenth which was really the turning
point of the fight, stood shoulder
to shoulder with him and slugged
to the body and head. Wolgast was
much the worse for the milling and
Tom Jones his manager increased
the allowance of brandy, the cham
pion had taken during each inter
mission. All through the fight
Ritchie blocked aid ducked cleverly
but Wolgast's left hand bruised his
left eye, and nearly closed it. In
the fighting his right eye was slight
ly damaged and his lip puffed up a
bit. Hut Wolgast's blows were light
and did no other damage. Wolgast
.seemingly was lacking in condition.
The round before the finish his legs
were so heavy he could hardly lift
his feet from the mat while Ritchie
was fresh and breathing easily and
danced around pumping at his ad
versary and pecked him with straight
Wolgast says he did not inten
tionally foul Ritchie and thinks it
was a poor way to win the champ
ionship. "I didn't hear Griffin cau
tion me and 1 do not believe I
struck, a foul blow," he said after
the fight. "Ritchie was rough when
I first got in . trouble in the six
teenth, from him throwing me
igaiust the ropes, instead of hitting
me. i would ugui nun again to
morrow. Kitciuc protested ne was
fouled but said he was strong and
could have finished Wolgast in an
other round.
The new champion wbo is known
the sporting world as Willie
Department of the Interior, Unit
ed States Land Office, Phoenix, Ari
zona, November 26, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that plat
of the following fractional township
has been received at this office, ami
will be officially filed December 27,
1912, at 9 o'clock a. m.
Township 12 North, Range 2 East,
G. & S. R. H. & M., Sees, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8, 9, 16, 17, 18.
On and after above date this of
fice will receive and act upon ap
plication to make entries in said
Eureka district.
Frank L. Carlisle and wife to John
Lawlcr Q. C. deed. Copper Queen
and Mountain Spring mines, Eureka
October 22, 1912
L. I. Fletcher to Sara Thackcr
M. deed. Golden Pass placer, Dig
Hug district.
M. Tregcllas and wife to Chas. M.
KrCyW. deed. Lot 35, Rlock 17,
October 26, 1912
D. L. Sturgcs and wife to Ellen
M. Gould W. deed. Lot 2, Rlock
I, Pine Crest Addition, Frescott.
Robt. CummiiiRS locates 2 mines,
Peck district.
United Verde Extension Mining
Co. appoints L. A. Kehr as statutory
Verde Fruit Co. to Verde Valley
Railway Co. W. deed. Right of
way across SW. qr. and W. Iif. of
SE. qr., Sec. 8, 16 N., 3 E.
United States to Edward Hush-
ncll Patent. Nugget mine, Slate
Creek district, and Ontario, RIuc
Dick, Fairvlcw and Jumbo mines,
Hassayampa district.
October 28, 1912
E. A. Rogers, county treasurer,
appoints A. J. .'icrndon as deputy.
R. W. Aiuswnrth to Walter Cline
Hill of sale. 200 cattle and posses
sory rights, Turkey and Lynx Creek
E. 11. Potter to F. II. Harris Rill
for bis hat fastening device, which
is now on the market.
I'rcscott or Phoenix will be chos
en as the home of the new industry, i oncc. uriW Dane.
Mr. Rutherford stating that he has 1 J
other interests to look after and dc-' RITCHIE IS HAILED
sires to be conveniently located that I AS NEW CHAMPION,
the invention may receive a portion
of his time. He has orders for over, 0ALV CITY, Nov. 28. Wobbling
100,000 of the device, and reports aroui"1 " ,ea,,C11 ,CK. dazzed,
a strong demand among all of the ' aiMl l,0,1' C''K Ad Wolgast, the
Ritchie, was reared in San Fran
cisco as Gary Stcffen and drove a
sand wagon for his older brothers
until be was fifteen years obi when
be began boxing. He showed qual
ity in the amateur ranks and soon
blossomed out in the preliminaries.
At every day work he rose to the
dignity of a chauffeur and automo
bile mechanic. He was first bid in
the lime-light a year ago today
when he substituted for Al Wolgast
at Los Angeles when the latter un
derwent an operation for appendici
tis and boxed twenty rounds with
Freddie Welsh. Since then he all
but won ten rounds from Joe Man-
dot in New Orleans and last May
boxed four rattling rounds with
Wolgast, flooring the champion
The arena was crowded to the
guards and several thousand peo
ple were turned away from the
gates. James W. Coffroth the pro
moter estimates there was $40,000
in the house.
Hoth preliminary events were fast.
Tb- first four round bout resulted
in Young Lanum knocking out Wil
lie Hansen in the second round.
Ray Campbell and Louis Rces, light
weights, fought six rounds to a
Instruments Filed as Reported by
The Prescott Title Co.
Wm. II. Smith locates 4 mines,
Copper Basin district
November 6, 1912
Denver-Arizona Gold Mining Co.
files affidavit of assessment work on
O'Connor mine, Weaver district.
J. L. dimming locales Rallingcr
No. 6 mine, Red Picacho district.
II. P. Miller, agent, files affidavit
of assessment work on 3 mines, Has
sayampa district.
F. S. Moses amends locations of
4 mines, Walnut Grove district.
November 7, 1912
John Opm.it! and wife to Richard
II. Foudy and wife Q. C. deed. Lot
30, Block II, Hooker's Addition, Je
rome. John Opmau and wife to Richard
II. Foudy and wife W. deed. Lot
30 and part of .Lot 29, Rlock H,
Hooker's Addition, Jerome.
J. II. Clinkscalcs and wife to W.
E. Reese W. deed. Lot 9 and S.
IS ft. of Lot 8, Hlock 4, Jerome.
Humboldt Consolidated Mines Co.
files affidavit of assessment work on
S mines, Hig Rug district.
Minnie O'Brien files affidavit of
assessment work on 3 mines, Has
sayampa district.
C. E. Pearson files affidavit of
assessment work on 2 mines, Big
Bug district.
J. P. Clcator to L. P. Ncllis Bill
of sale. Various cattle in Southern
Yavapai county.
November 8, 1912
of sale. 32 mutes, 9 wagons, R J. Frank Dillon to E. S. Clark
scraners. camning outfit, etc. ; M. deed. One-fourth intcrett in
Joseph Schcrcr to O. W. Blickcn
staff M. deed. Golden Fleece, El
Dorado, Hill Side, Loyal Hanna,
Dorothy, Atlantic and Summit
mines, Copper Basin district.
O. W. HlickcnstafT to A. C. Nich
ols, Francis S. Law and Henry Bark-
Geo. O. Ford to Ford Mining Co.
-M. deed. Iron Prince Extension, 1 1';
October 16, 1912
J. H. Wingficld to D. W. Barter
and Geo. Reed and Cole Reed Q. C
deed. Boulder, Ophir, Red Rover
claims, Squaw Peak district.
S. N. Ray and A. E. King locate
1 mine, Copper Hill district.
I.rudt I'l'slier ami Frank Thornton
locate 1 mine, Agua Fria district. I Nondoscript, Jr., Pooh Bah, Lead
r i f.M..t.v ,.,.! ;i,inV nirrt, Lolc ""Wen treasure Mrte lixtcn
Comstock and Dexter nifties. Eureka
Antone Cazzola to Mike Porno
Bill of sale. One-half interest in
Prescott Dairy, stock, lease, etc.
Mike Porno to Peter Paqina
Bill of sale. All interest in same
. property.
' TT:...I Cl.l..r I T
Ulllll.l .7iu.v lu ft.
principal dealers in the large eastern
cities. The final selection of a manu
facturing center in this state will be
announced after the various boards
of trade consider the' matter.
Mrs. Rutherford accompanied him
home yesterday.
(From Friday ' Dally.)
Wednesday night in the chambers
of the Superior Court, a very pretty
wedding was solemnized by Judge
Chas. II. McLane, when Miss Ina
Jones and Bruce Miller were united
as husband and wife, The bride, a
proposscssing young woman, arrived
from Colorado on the afternoon
train, and was joined in the city by
the groom, who resides at Jerome,
and is with the United Verde Cop
per Company in a responsible ca
pacity. Many friends of the princi
pals were in attendance, and the oc
casion was made a very agreeable
one to all. Under Sheriff Raiblc was
the groom's best man, while Mrs
Mollic Farley accompanied the
bride. Mr. and Mrs. Miller return
'd to Jerome yesterday, where they
will reside in the future, and were
followed by the felicitations Of a
host of friends.
M'roi" I'rlrliiV i. Di.llv)
D. J. Sullivan ami A. K. McGill,
of the United Gold Mines of Con
gresi, were in the city yesterday on
business, and report mine work go
iug ahead under favorable condit
ions. The mill will he started up
conqueror of Battling Nelson fouled
Willie Ritchie in the sixteenth round
of their fight and with a wave pf his
baud Referee Griffin disqualified hint
and Ritchie became the lightweight
champion of the .world.
By cool, calculating generalship
and courage and all round splendid
' r,..i. ..i.:i:... ik.-i.:- ..
'H"""H uixnt ,iitiiic nunc ii win
ning fight. Although the record
book docs not show a knockout to
his credit he indsiputably punched
his way round after round to vic
tory whh a waspish left to the face
and a stinging right cross.
The end of the fight came after
those at the ringside noticed in the
fifteenth that Wolgast's strength
was waning. In the sixteenth Ritch
ie with confidence carried the fight
iug to the champion from whose
face the .sneering smile had vanish
ed. Ah Wolgast was going away
Ritchie made him wince with a two
handed volley in the mid-section,
then quickly shot out a crashing
right and caught the Cadillac fighter
fairly on the jaw. Wolgast fell back
on the ropes and sagged, pitching
forward toward his own corner.
Ritchie crowded him and a9 he
raised U head repeated the right
cross and Wolgast went sprawling.
At. the court of four, Wolgast, brain
clouded, flung himself at Ritchie
who rushed to meet him. With
twenty seconds of the round remain
ing Wolgast hit low with a left
Griffin' rushed in and cautioned him
but in another instant he ripped in
another low left. Ritchie was plain
ly in distress hut tried to fight back.
Griffin then gave the decision to
(From Saturday ' Dally)
The sale of the Octave Mining
Company holdings in this county,
conducted under bankruptcy pro-
ccdings, was confirmed a few days
ago in Phoenix by Judge Sloan, of
'the federal court, wherein H. C.
Gibbs, of Boston, bid in the prop
erty for the sum of $35,000. All of
the purchase price has been paid
over by the buyer and the company
passes into his hands.
With this final judicial action tak
en, the intention is to begin oper
ations in the near future, it is re
liably reported, and a large line of
development is being mapped out
Several engineers have recently vis
ited the property, and as soon as
incidental matters arc adjusted op
crattons will again, be under head
way. The Octave is equipped with
large reduction works, including a
cyauidmg plant.
(From Trmrmtayii iMiiyi
Telegraphic advices from Phoenix
yesterday conveyed the important in
formation that John Duke had been
given an adverse verdict in his mo
tion for r, rehearing of the contest
he instituted against the Arizona
Land and Irrigation Company, both
tlic register and receiver of the
locate 1 mine, Hassayampa district
L. I. Fletcher to Sara Thackcr
M. deed. Adclbcrt, Louise, Bonnie
Girl, Carlton, Arizona, Oscc, lode
mining claims, Big Bug district.
Sara Thackcr to Copper Mountain
Gold and Copper Co. Claims as
above and 6 others, Big Bug district.
October 17, 1912
Dan Bowers to Peter Scbafcr
Q. C. deed. About 7 acres in Mayer,
Arthur A. Foster and wife to R. E.
Ebcl Q. C. deed. Lot 5 and Easter
ly 6 feet of Lot 4, Block 6, Hooker's
Addition, Jerome.
Catherine C. Nolan, widow, to
David II. Biles W. deed. Lots 1
anil 3, Block 22, Prescott.
John B. Smith to Oscar W. Jen
nings W. deed. S. hf. of SW. qr.,
Sec. 14, T. 8 N., R. 5 W.
October 19, 1912
W. J. Mulvcnou files affidavit of
assessment work on 7 mines, Peck
W. L. McClcur and wife to Abbic
Williams W. deed. Lots 20, 22,
Block 21, I'rcscott.
If. L. . Robinson et al. locate 4
mines. Weaver district.
Elizabeth C. Albcrtsnti to Geo. E.
Thome Q. C. deed. E. hf. of NW.
qr. of NE. qr., Sec. 32, 14 N., 1 W.
Elizabeth C. Albcrtson to Geo. E.
Thornc Bill of sale. One-half in
terest in cattle.
October 25, 1912
Ralph B. McMahau to Chas. II.
McMahan General power of attorney.
E. H. Meek et al. locate 6 oil
claims, Verde Valley district.
Geo. A. Carter and wife to J. H.
Stephens Deed. W. hf. of SW. qr.,
Sec. 3, NE. qr. of SE. qr. and SE.
qr. of NE. qr., Sec. 4., NW. qr. of
SE. qr. and S. hf. of SE. qr., Sec. 22,
NE. qr. of NE. qr., Sec. 27, 15 N.,
R. 4 W.
B, M. Belcher and wife to B. II.
Smith Deed. All interest in Lots
4. 5, 6, 7, 19, 20 and 21, Block 13,
Prescott; also Silver Bowl, Silver
Queen, Sunrise, Last Turn and
Spring Ridge mines, Banning dis
trict. October 21, 1912
E. T. Chabrc files affidavit of
assessment work on 2 mines, Walker
C. E. Brown ct al. to Lynx Creek
Mining Co. Q. C. deed. Brown
Nos. 1. 2 and 3 placers, Walker dis
trict. E T. Chabrc to Lynx Creek Min
ing Co. M. deed, L'Aurorc Nos.
I and 2 mines, Walker district.
E. T, Chabrc to Lynx Creek Min
ing Co. Q. C. deed. Hope placer,
Walker district.
schat M. deed. Same property.
G. Norris
9 TT
I ratcnt. i avapai nunc, iiassayampa
Kangaroo, Mondcscript Extension, district.
Iron Prince, Nondescript No. 1 and j Julia B., Edith M. and Lonic A.
2 Side Extensions, Silver Prince, j Hall to James P. Clcator M. deed.
Crown Prince, Hidden Treasure, ( One-half mtcrcM in aonora ano
American Flag mines, Turkey Creek
sion, Nondescript, Acorn Extension j R. Zwcifcl to Alice WaTdron M.
mines, Black Hills district. jdecd. Keystone mine, Pine Grove
Frank Thornton and Mamie May- district,
er file affidavit of assessment work' November 9, 1912
on .1 mines, Agua Fria district. j D. E. Nelson locates 1 mine and
C. C. Miller to Henry J. Sudcr ;1 water right, unknown district.
W. deed. Lots 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, j M. Pachan and Eugene Tanke lo
Block 6, Mocllcr Addition, Prescott. cote 2 mines, White Picacho dis-
Bella G. and Geo. F. Bcatsnn tojtrict.
James R. Bcatson. General power i Lydia Smith to Ralph D. Jones
of attorney. and wife W. deed. One acre in
J. R., Bella G., Geo. F. and Grant i NE. qr. of SW. qr., Sec. 4, 13 N.,
Bcatson to Geo. II. Miller Bill of, 2 W.
sale. Cattle and possessory rights, Jos. Bold ct al. locate a water
Santa Maria range. ' right on Agua Fria River, near
October 29, 1912 Humboldt.
Frank W. Giroux and II. J. Perry Copper Queen .Gold Mining Co.
locate 3 mines, Lower Agua Fria; locates a water right on Agua Fria
J. W. Lind files affidavit of assess
ment work on 6 mines, Walnut
Grove district.
Head Lumber Co. gives notice as
judgment creditor, of intention to
redeem Lot 1, Block 3, Murphy's
Second Subdivision, Prescott, from
November 11, 1912
Frank Gybcry files notice of pre
emption location on 160 acres of un
surveyed land in west portion of
Yavapai county.
Robt. Friedel files affidavit of
assessment work on Silver Mountain
sale of Receiver for Harlin Wood mine, Humbug district.
United State Land office
itr..i...... i i .1.. i I . . ;"
lYuiK.m mm me ncitcr oi seven an opinion to that effect.
round, four were even ami the re.' DnWo hr
- t.uvi, IIUMIICt
been notified by
and wife, to Lena Hcrter. 1
October 30, 1912
Bashford-Burmistcr Co. files affi
davit of assessment work on Home
stead mine, Walker district.
N. J. Rittcr files affidavit of assess
ment work on Mamie mine, Mineral
Point district.
October 31, 1912
Fannie A. Hinman files certificate
of pre-emption on N. hf. of NE. qr.,
Sec. 25, 16 N., 2 E.
Geo. E. Meany and wife to Emma
T. Richards W. deed. N. hf. of
Lot 17, Block 2, East Prescott.
N. F. Wykoff, C. W. Lovlcss and
H. W. Heap file agreements with
the Oliver Typewriter Co. covering
typewriters purchased.
November 1, 1912
Henry B. Bates and wife to W. D
Clark, trustee Deed. Goodcnuff
mine and millsite, Eureka district.
November 2, 1912
Edward A. Johnston locates Black
Hawk mine, Verde district.
N. B. Voorhees to Golden Eagle
Mining Co. Q. C. deed. Eagle,
Golden Eagle, Golden Eagle Nos. 1
and 2, Ensign, Enterprise, Eclipse,
Earl, Elk, Equator and Eagle mill
site, Walnut Grove district.
Wm. V. Fisher and wife to S. A.
D. Jackson W. deed. SW. qr. of
SW. qr., Sec. 26, E. hf. of SE. qr.,
Sec. 27, NE. qr. of NE. qr., Sec. 34,
11 N., 3 W.
Arizona Copper Belt Mining Co.
files affidavit of assessment work on
4 mines, Black Rock district.
November 4, 191Z
V. Slinkard and W. J. Mayer lo
cate Riverside mine, Big Bug district.
H. C. Vincent and wife to Chas,
E. T. Chabrc to Lynx Creek Min-'lC Jcnncr W. deed. Lot 7, Garden
ing Co. Bill of sale. Mining sup
plies, etc., Walker district.
C. R. Staples locates Lynx Creek
No. 1 placer. Walker district.
E. A. Marlowe to Frank Marlowe
Power of attorney. Concerning
Lone Star mine, Tip Top district.
Frank L. Carlisle and wife to John
Lawlcr M. deed. Red Cloud mine,
land Tract, Prescott
,J. E. Fitzgerald locates Oversight
mine, Hassayampa district.
Martin and E. J. Delancy file affi
davit of assessment work on 3 mines,
Hassayampa district.
Grant Bcatson to J. R. Bcatson
Power of attorney. Grants power to
sell cattle, etc. ,
C. C. Miller to Lena Hcrter W.
deed. Lots 1, 2 and 3, Block 10,
Moellcr Addition, Prescott.
November 12, 1912
Thos. J. Morrison files bond of
$1000 as Justice of the Peace, Octave
United States to Jennie I?. Clark
Final Receipt. New Haven mine,
Hassayampa district.
November 13, 112
E. Block files affidavit of assess
ment work on 4 mines, Hassayampa
E. Block files affidavit of assess
ment work on Copper Dyke mine,
Big Bug district.
Farwcll Mining Co. files affidavit
of assessment work on 4 mines,
Walnut Grove district.
November 14, 1912
J. M. Goodwin locates Reserve
mine, Verde district.
Al Francis locates a water right.
Silver Mountain district.
Riley Shmm to Wm. A. Frazcr
and W. G. Davis Q. C. deed, ner
tel placer, Big Bug district.
Cyrus R. Shipman to Redman
Stockholders Corporation M. deed.
Same property.
W. C. Denny and wife to W. II.
Denny W. deed. One-third interest
in Sec. 9, 20 N 10 W.
J. L. Cunnnfngs to Jasper Gold
and Copper Co. M. deed. Baltingcr
Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mines, Red
Picacho district.
J. D. Cooper locates 2 water rights
near Hillside station.
Nov. 15, 1912.
S. N. Ray ct al locate 3 mines,
Copper Hilt district.
Wm. G. Parkinson files certificate
of naturalization.
Nov. 16, 1912.
Win. Nclcon ct at file Aff. A.
work on Heather Bell mine, Black
Hills district.
H. O. Partcn & Jasper Phillips
locate Pot Hole mine, Hassayampa
Mining location noticei ror ! at
tbe Joaraal-Miner eflee.

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