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Weekly Journal-Miner
The Coldest Weather in Years May
Cost Southern California Mil
lions of Dollars
$y Associated Press.
10S ANGELES, Jan. 6. Thou
sands of men are out tonight pitting
their ingenuity against the cold in an
effort to save from further damage
the Southern California citrus crop,
valued at $50,000,000.
What the loss entailed by last
night's freeze was cannot be esti
mated. But it was serious, so seri
ous growers and citrus experts say
that it will have an appreciabe af
fect on the price of fruit and the
outlook is not encouraging.
The Weather Bureau predicted a
Manufacturers, Importers and Jotters
Confer Witk Vays anal Means
Committee of House.
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6. A score
of manufacturers, importers and rep
resentatives of other interests, af
fected by the customs changes,
:aired their grievances before the
House committee of ways and
means today in their first of a ser
ies of hearings, preliminary to the
sharp revision of the Payne-Aldrich
iariff law coming before the extra
session of Congress.
The discussion ranged Irom poker
-chips to sponges and caustic potash
to laundry soap. The burden of the
arguments was the maintenance of
the present tariff instead of the
jchanges proposed by the Democrats
.along the line of the terms of the
chemical tariff revision bill put
through both houses to the White
House veto last year.
The specter of Jhe gigantic glue
trust whose tentacle? reached out
over Europe into South America
was raised by Charles Delaney, pres
ident of the National Association of
Glue and Gelatine Manufacturers.
Delaney pictured the "European
JBy Associated Press.
SACRAMENTO, Jan. 6. Har--mony,
apparently, is to be the watch
word of the Republican majority in
the lower house of the California
legislature which convened today
and unanimously elected C. C.
Young, of Berkeley, father of the
direct primary law, as Speaker.
Every one of the eighty members
of the assembly was in his seat
-when the assembly was called to
order. There was one Socialist, C.
W. Kingsley of Los Angeles, first
legislator of his party in the history
of the state, 25 Democrats and 54
Republicans. The Governor's mes
sage was read.
The Senate of the fortieth legis
lature got under way today looking
much like the thirty-ninth. Lieutenant-Governor
Wallace presided and
Senator Boynton was re-elected pre
sident pro tern. Many of the offi
cers were re-elected. The hold-over
Senators took the front seats. The
r".lm, windless night with tempera
tures as low or lower than those
which last night shattered the re
cords of thirty years. Smudging op
erations were in progress all last
night and today and tonight contin
ue until the present almost unpre
cedented cold wave abates.
The cold created much inconveni
ence, demoralized the trolley car
service by freezing the air brake
valves, burst water pipes and it is
reported that ice was so thick in
some sections that children attempt
ed skating.
glue trust" as controlling seventy
five per cent of the output of glue in
Europe and extending its operation
to South America. -The glue trust,
he said, also engaged largely in the
manufacture of 'gelatine. He said
the present tariff on glue and gela
tine was not prohibitive and declar
ed any material change in present
conditions would seriously weaken
the industry. He suggested separat
ing th? two item; agreeing there
could be some adjustment of thi
rate, if separated in the tariff classi
fication. The committee sharply questioned
several witnesses regarding profits.
Delaney could not give round fig
ures but later said he had rinothcr
business which gave considerable
profits. "What's your side line?"
was asked. "Curling hair" Delaney
replied. "You'll find the gentleman
from Kentucky a pretty good cus
tomer" interjected Representative
Longworth, while Senator-elect
James of Kentucky who loves to
joke about his bald head, smiled in
dulgently and promised his patron
Bonds Will Be Submitted
To Court Within
Ten Days
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, Jan. 6 Bonds for the
32 labor leaders convicted in the dy
namite trial, on whose cases appeals
were granted last week will be sub
mitted to the United States Circuit
Court of Appeals in Chicago in the
next ten days, attorneys for the de
fense announced tonight.
presence of new members was not
so noticeable as it might have been.
The Republicans decided to divide
among the ten Democrats patronage
amounting to twenty dollars a day.
The Senate decided to meet only
once a day for the present. The
grist of bills is expected tomorrow.
Friendship The
Cause of Trouble
Judge Arcnbalo! Tells
His Errors Were of Tne
Heart Only.
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6. Friend
ship for Scranton associates whom
he loved and worked with for years
was the motive which led Judge
Archbald to negotiate with officials
of the Erie and Lehigh Valley rail
roads over the settlement of coal
land matters and induced him to en
dorse certain notes, according to the
statements of the accused jurist to
day when he took the stand in his
own defense before the impeachment
court of the Senate.
Archbald follewd His wife on the
stand. He repeatedly denied that
any improper motives influenced his
actions or that he sought to use
corruptly his power as a federal
judge to induce railroad officials to
do certain things.
Mrs. Archbald telling of the Euro
Adrianople Is 1
Stumbling Block
Turkey Insists On Retaining City, Allies
Balk, arid Peace Conference
' Is Suspended.
LONDON, Jan. 6 The first stage
of the peace negotiations which was
regarded by diplomats as largely as
one of pretense on Turkey's part
to avoid the appearance of yielding
to the demands of the allies without
pressure from powers, is now over.
It is expected the second stage
will now soon begin with the pow
ers behind scenes pulling the strings
which will compel Turkey to con
cede the bulk of the allies' demands.
Turkey renounced in favor of the
allies her rights to the Island of
Crete at the conference today and
promised further rectification or the
Turns Down Dissolution Plan Suggest
ed By the Attorneys of The
Union Pacific
By Associated Press. ..v
plan proposed by the Union Pacific
railroad attorneys for dissolving the
Union Pacific and Southern Pacific
railroad by allowing Union Pacific
stockholders to have the exclusive
privilege of buying Southern Pa
cific stock now owned by the Union
Pacific railroad corporation, was
curtly but positively rejected today
by the Supreme Court of the United
States. Justice Day announced the
conclusions of the court on the plan
proposed by the railroad attorneys
and opposed by the government. He
Im.peacL.ment Court
pean trip the judge enjoyed at the
expense of Henry W. Cannon, a di
rector of the Great Northern and
other railroads, said Cannon was
her cousin, that the families had
been intimate for years, and the in
vitation of the Archbalds to- go to
Europe came to her personally. She
gave the Senate a letter from Can
non, which, with others passed be
tween Cannon and the Archbalds
was filled with discussion of the
trip. The personal exchanges em
phasize the close relationship that
existed. The judge denied he tried
to get credit from litigants and pos
sible litigants in. his court and de
clared he never made an attempt
to conceal his interest in the Katy
did culm dump deal or the settle
ment Yf the Marion Coal Company
Thracean frontier, but insisted upon
the retention of Adrianople. The
allies declare this was not satisfac
tory and suspended the conference.
The conference may be resumed
either by notification from Turkey
that she has fresh proposals to sub
mit, or by the allies on the ground
they have a communication to make
to the Turks. It is expected the
work of the conference will be taken
up at the end of the week.
CHICAGO, Jan. 6. Four men
were arrested suspected of being
the automobile bandits.
delivered the opinion on December
2nd holding the ownership of stock
by the Union Pacific as a violation
of the Sherman Anti-Trust law. The
court took the position that the cor
poration was only another name for
the stockholders and to allow Union
Pacific stockholders to buy the stock
now held by the Union Pacific Com
pany would amount to nothing effec
tual. The case will now go back to the
district court of Utah where the
suit originated for that court to en
force the decree of dissolution di
rected by the Supreme Court.
Auditor Refuses to Pay for Machine
And Matter is Now In
The Courts
Whether the "Switch" is Legal is The
Question That is to Be
News Room of the Journal-Miner,
Room 203, N. B. A. Building.
PHOENIX, Jan. 6. Application
was this morning made to the Su
preme Court for a writ of manda
mus compelling J. C Call aghan,
Auditor of the State, to approve for
payment, a claim of the Arizona
Motor Company for the purchase
price of an automobile contracted
for with the selling concern by the
State Board of Control. The appli
cation had been made Saturday to
Justice Cunningham but he desired
to consult the other members of
the court before entering the order
for the appearance of the State Aud
itor and a hearing, and suggested
the application be renewed Monday.
The Supreme Court this morning
refused to hear the matter, the par
ties being unable to agree or stipu
late as to the facts. The' court has
a rule only to hear matters where
the facts are established, consequent
ly the application for an order for
Callaghan to appear and answer will
be made tomorrow morning to
Judge Phillips of the Superior Court
of this county.
Tne situation which makes a
merry tempest in the political tea
pot of Arizona all came about
through a series of circumstances
transpiring about as follows: Appli
cation was made by the prison offi
cials at Florence to Ihc Boara of
Contral for an automobile, it being
set up that with the working of
the convicts on the roads and the
maintaining of the several convict
road camps now in existence, the
use of an automobile would be a
saving to the state and expedite the
administratioin of the duties of
Warden Simms. The Board of Con
trol trfok kindly to the suggestion
and ordered an advertisement for
bids for an auto.
On the opening of the bids the
contract was awarded the Arizona
Motor company for a 44-horsepower
7-passenger car, the total price be
ing $2,343. It -will be recalled that
during the territorial administration
an auto was purchased and given
over to the use of the Governor's
office where it remained until the ar
rival of the newly purchased Abbott-
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 The op
erations of the Clearing House As
sociation of Salt Lake City, and its
controversy with the National Cop
per Bank of that city were explain
ed to the money trust investigation
committee of the House today. Five
bankers testified.
The Prescott Auto Company an
nounced yesterday that eight Stude
bakes cars are en route from De
troit, Michigan, all consigned to lo
cal purchasers, and are due to ar
rive this week. They are of this
year's model, of various horse pow
er capacity.
Detroit, when a switch was made
and the old car was sent to the
prison at Florence and the new car
was taken in charge by the chauffeur
of Governor Hunt. The car is m
such use today.
The fact that tfie new car did not
get to the prison, the institution for
the use of which it was originally
advertised for, seemed to be of lit
tle concern of any one around the
capitol. There was some jokine
with Governor Hunt over his ap
propriating the new car and sending
the old one to his pet state institu
tion and other jokes over the gov
ernor using a car at all, it being
recalled that he had exhibited un
usual walking proclivities on the oc
casion of his inauguration. Every
thing went well until the claim was
presented to the auditor for pay
ment of the -car.
Auditor Callagan refused to ap
prove ihe clairiJj tahing the position
that the car was not in -use by the
institution for which it was purch
ased, and he was not certain just
what position his bond would be in.
should some taxpayer raise the -ucs-tion
of error in payment.
Auditor Callahan declined courte
ously but specifically to discuss the
case about to b? brought, but
from sources outside the Auditor's
office it was learned by your corre
spondent that the position of Audi
tor Callaghan is taken, Hot on the
question of the necessity of a car
for the Governor or Board of Con
trol, but because of the fact that the
contract with the motor company
specified that the car was for the
state prison and claim for payment
of same was drawn against the
prison fund, although the car was
delivered to the Governor and used
by him since delivery last November
up to date.
If the auto can be paid for in such7
a manner, other state funds might
be used; those of any state institu
tion, for the Board of Control or the
Governor's office. Callaghan oppos
ed the purchase of the new car
from the beginning and according t
the records of the Board of Con
trol made a motion that all bids be
reiccted at the time the Arizona To
tor Company bid was accepted.
Jy Associated Press.
rector McAdie of the government
Weather Bureau here said tonight
that the cold weather is practically
at an end. The indications are for
a heavy frost tomorrow followed by
a rising temperature with the chanc
es for rain tomorrow night.
Southern California: Fair Tuesday,
killing frost in the morning, light
northeast wind. v
NEW YORK. Jan. 6. Silver
63Ji. Mexicans dollars 49.

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