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City 'News
In Brief
(From Thursday's Daily.')
Visitors From Mine.
?lr. and Mr. Harry J. Eckcrt are in
the city from the Prince Albert camp
on Groom creek, the former coming
on business by which resumption is
to begin at once.
Range Visitor.
Nelson I'untenncy is in the city
frota Big Cliino valley, and reports
the country garbed in green, there
being now no dry spots due to the
heavy rains of the past week.
Visiting Dentist.
Dr. L. A. Hawkins, of Jerome, and
a dentist by profession, is visiting the
city to attend the convention today,
at which Dr. Arthur E. Smith, of Chi
cago, is to deliver a course of special
Leaves For East.
V. A. Rcichard, manager of Ruff
ncr's livery and garage, accompanied
by his daughter, Gladys, left last night
for Greenville, Pa., to visit with his
parents and other relatives for the
next month.
Visiting Friends.
Mrs. Ward H. Wheeler, of Mayer,
was a visitor yesterday with Prcscott
friends. Her husband, it will be
learned with pleasure, is regaining
his health, since returning to the
country from the Northwest.
Resumes Studies.
Miss Mabel Lloyd, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. II. Lloyd, of this city,
who had been spending her vacation
at home, returned yesterday to Ber
keley, Cal., to resume her studies at
the art institute of that city, for her
second year. Her mother accom
panied her and will remain for a
month's outing at different coast
Oil Business.
Charles Saner, of Jerome, was' a
visitor to the city during the week
coming on business pertaining to his
oil land interests in Big Chino valley.
Mining Men Return.
C. X. Macy, of Elko, New, and S. T.
Walton, of Placerville, Cal., who had
been examining a property in Black
Canyon, returned to the city Tuesday.
The latter will return home while
Mr. Macy remains and Idler visits the
Senator field.
Going to Desert.
Attorney C H. Rutherford, of Jc
romc, is in the city en route to .
camp near Wendcn, on mining bus
iness, lie states the big copper com
panies are again in full swing with
the customary number of employes at
work. Other camps arc resuming,
and conditions arc again satisfactory.
Range Soaked.
L. I- Harmon is in the city from
Camp Wood, and gives the usual re
port of that range country being in
the path of the big storms recently.
He states grazing is restored to a
better state than known for over ten
years, and a season of prosperity is
Peculiar Weather.
A. I. Emmcrt, an arrival a few days
ago from a mining .camp north of
Swansea, reported that for the first
time in 15 years rain had fallen dur
ing July. Such an event was surpris
ing, and accosioncd comment among
the few pioneer residents, the rainy
season usually taking place during
the Winter months.
On Vacation to Coast
Bound for the coast for a fort
night's rest, a party consisting of
Grace M. Sparkcs of the chamber of
commerce, Mr. and Mrs. Perry L.
Bones, of Phoenix, and Misses Anna
Rosenberg and May McDonald, left
yesterday morning. While Miss
Sparkcs is away, Miss Blanche Mc
Donald will be in charge of the office
of the chamber of commerce.
Mining Engineer Here.
Robt. DcLargc, prominently known
in mining circles throughout the
State, and with the Ray Consolidated
in the engineering department, is in
the city from the coast, and before re
turning home will make an examina
tion of a property in this field. He
will be remembered as a resident foi
many years of this county, when in
terested in mines.
Expert Dentist Arrives.
Dr. Arthur E. Smith, of Chicago,
highly rated in the dental profession,
arrived in the city yesterday from the
coast, after delivering a course of
special lectures on anesthetics, in
which nerve-blocking to relieve pain
has been bis feature. He will conduct
in this city, beginning today a like
demonstration. Three days will be
devoted to his interesting duties.
Back From CarnivaL
F.arl Simpson, who' figured promin
ently in cowboy doings in Prcscott
during Frontier Days, lias returned
from Salinas, Cal., where he was
judge of broncho busting during the
California Cowboy Carnival. He
brings new that Johnny Dobbins,
winner of the Arizona broncho bust
ing championship, failed to secure
similar honors at Salinas, but came
out second. Simpson is to remain in
this section, and will train a string
of six race horses for the Northern
rizona fair.
Bottomless Roads.
Maricopa county's roads arc with
out bottom as a result of the heaviest
rainstorms of many years, that fell in
the Salt River valley this week, ac
cording to J. W. Abbott, who motor
ed up from the capital yesterday. Re
port- that roads in Yavapai county
arc impassable are unfounded as far
af the two main southern arteries are
I concerned. In places, the Black Can.
yon road is washed, but it is nowhere
,impassablc: the Wickenburg route is
m good shape between frescott anu
the county line.
(From Friday's Daily.")
Business Trip.
D. J. Sullivan is in the city on a
business trip from his United Mine
Co. camp at Congress.
Vacation Trip.
Dr. J. B. McXally left yesterday for
a week's vacation at Los Angeles,
where his wife is spending the Sum
mer. From the Camp.
C. E. Warren, one of the owners of
the Promoter group of gold mines in
Crook canyon, is a visitor on import
ant business affecting this property.
Mining Business.
J. J. Daly, who is operating a group
of gold mines in Mineral Point dis
trict, is in the city on a business trip,
and gives a good report of the show
ing made. '
Visitors Leave.
Mrs. Fred Winship and Mrs. Fred
Whcton, of Phoenix, who had been
enjoying the Prcscott climate and
visiting with friends for a few weeks,
returned home yesterday.
Visit to Coast.
Mrs. P. W. O'Sullivan, wife of the
well known local attorney, left yes
terday for San Diego, Cal., to remain
awav for the next two months visit
ing jvith her daughters and many
friends at her former home.
Country Visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. James Cameron and
daughter, the former one of the best
known pioneer residents of Walnut
Creek, arc visiting the city for the
first time in many months. Mr. Cam
eron is engaged in livestock raising
and reports this industry in fine con
dition since rains are taking place
Mining Man Returns.
Louis Goldman, of the Copper
Queen Gold Mining Co., has returned
from Paris, Texas, on an inspection
trip, lcaiing today for the camp at
Country Drenched.
Grant Carter, of Kirkland valley,
was a visitor yesterday and stated the
drouth is called off. Rains are occur
ring regularly, and ranch and rangt
interests arc in the finest shape ever
known for this time of the year.
Resigns Position.
F. A. Johnson, superintendent of
the Gold Blossom Mining Co., oper
ating on Indian creek, has tendered
his resignation and is leaving in a few
days for his'homc in California. The
property continues active and a new
superintendent is to be appointed
Come to Reside.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Hinsdale were
arrivals during the week from North
Yakima, Wash., the former to accept
a position with the Prcscott Title Co.
He has had many years 'experience
in this line, and until a sTiort time ago
was manager of a title company in
the above city.
Vacation Trip.
The Misses Harriet and Ruth Oliver
returned yesterday from an outing ol
a month included in which was a trip
to the Yosemitc valley. They are at
the home of their parents at Fort
Whipple. The first named is to re.
turn Sunday to Tltocnix where she is
an attache in the office of the secre
tary of Arizona.
Return From Phoenix.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Brown, who will
be remembered as residents of this
city a few years ago, arrived from
Phoenix yesterday .to remain for a
few months. The former will direct
from this end the affairs of the Lucky
Strike Co., operating near Placcritas, j
of which he is president. The prop
erty is active and is making a good
showing in copper.
Home From East.
Miss Esther Ross, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. W. Ross, returned home
yesterday from the Eastern and
Southern States after an absence of
nearly a year, and is receiving a wel
come from many friends. While
away she attended the Louisville Con
servatory of Music and contemplates
following a professional career.
Visited Old Home.
Mrs. J. G. VanHoutcn, who will be
pleasantly remembered as a resident
many years ago, concluded yesterdaj
an enjoyable visit with many friends
and returned to her home in Los An
geles. While here she was a guest of
Mrs. J. N. Hall. Since leaving Prcs
cott, Mr. VanHoutcn has prospered,
and is now superintendent of build
ings of the Pacific Electric Railway
Co., in the above city.
(From Saturday's Daily)
Coast Outing.
Mrs. A. Stutliman and niece, Rosic
Dryer, have left for the coast for a
few weeks outing.
Brief Visit.
C. A. Randall, in charge of the Con
gress mines, was a visitor yesterday
on business, returning to the camp
later in the day.
Vacation Trip.
(Miss Nellie Barrett, bookkeeper of
J. I. Qardner, left yesterday for the
coast to remain for a month on a va
cation trip and to visit with friends.
Comes to Reside.
M. L. Colby, a real estate dealer of
Jerome arrived in Prescott yesterday
and is to take charge of a tract in
East Prcscott to be placed on the
i u. i rtiii m'ti ;.7i;.i.
Coast Outing. Forbes states, was also in the favored
Mrs. G. M. Colvocoresses, wife of j clas during last week's big rains, and
the manager of the Consolidated at ; the condition of the country is cxccl
Humboldt, passed through yesterday lent.
for Los Angeles to remain away for)
the rest of the Summer.
State Official Here.
F. E. Ross, State bank examiner,
returned from the East yesterday and
is to remain here for the next ten
days to visit with his wife and on
official duties.
Leaves For Coast.
Miss Alice Andres, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Matt Andres, left yesterday
for Los Angeles to enter St. Mary's !
College, to complete her education.
She is a graduate this year of St.
Joseph's Academy of Prcscott.
Returning Home.
W. H. Reynolds, a principal of the
Arizona Biughamton Mines Co., with
a party of friends, has returned from
the works at Stoddard after u week
of inspection. All are leaving today
for New York City.
Coast Visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Applcton, ol
Santa Ana, Cal., were arrivals by
train on Thursday, leaving their auto
on the road out of Kingman, owing
to roads being washed out. Mr.
Applcton is making his second trip to
this section on mining business.
Not Overlooked.
Charles King was a visitor yester
day from Big Chino valley, and stated
his range country was also. in line
with drenching rains, giving this in
formation after failing to read of the
holdings of King Brothers being in
the rainy doings of the past two
Campbell Enthuses.
While ordinarily reticent in regard
to his range affairs so far as giving
publicity to what is prevailing in wool
prices, the condition of the range, or
the losses sustained during freak
weather, Colin Campbell, the biggest
individual grower of sheep in the
West, stated yesterday the Ash Fork
country was in the finest shape ever
known. He said: "I will simply
paint this kind of a picture: The gen-j this section, G. I- Mctcalff left Sun
crous downpour of rain during thtlday for his. old home at Lexington,
past three weeks has carpeted the Ky., to return early in September
range in all directions with a most with his wife and two children, to rc
ibundant and luxurious growth of I side permanently in this city. He
grass. There is only one disagreeable states his bronchial troubles have
feature in the sheep business at pres- ! been cured, and his restoration to bct
ent, that is the probability of the gov-! tcr health than he has enjoyed in 15
eminent taking over our clip and al-' years is attributed to the climate. In
lowing us only 55 cents a pound; a j appreciation of the benefits derived
vear ago the Goods could casilv have , Mr. Mvtcalff has contributed an ar-
been bought for 35 cents a pound." j
(From Sunday's Daily.)
Comes to Visit.
Mrs. A. D. Woodmansce, a former'
resident of this city, is a recent ar-.
rival from Wickenburg, coming to
visit with friends.
In the Yosemitc.
.Mrs. B. Robinson, Arthur Robinson ,
md Arthur Robinson, Jr., arrived in
the Yosemitc valley, August 1st and
.ire staying at Camp Curry.
Mining Man Here.
C R. Caldwell, a frequent visitor,
arrived yesterday from Paris, Texas,-
on an inspection of the Loppcr ijuccn ,
Gold Co. holdings at Stoddard, of
which he is a stockholder. j
Visiting Mines.
Miss Mildred Storey and Miss An
drea Bradley have gone to the Last I
Chance mining camp near Walker, foi j
an outing of a few weeks, as guests; A. liutlcr locates io mines,
of Mrs. C. B. Hayes. iCastlc Crcck l'strict.
Mining Business. !
T V. Wonibachcr. a minintr oner-!
ator of Cherry Creek district, is a
business visitor. He gives a good re-
port of the outlook, in which several
old properties arc shaping up for large
development. I
Eastern Visitor. i
Miss Anna Lawlcr ,of New York,
City, private secretary to Senator W.,sory right and improvements, l.augcr
II. Reynolds, president of the Arizona
Binghaniton Mining Co., accompanied
the latter on his recent trip of in-,
spection of that copper.
Defer Motoring.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Maynard,
of Victor, Cal., the former a mining
operator, arrived a few days ago by
train, leaving their auto on the roail
on account of an accident after leav
ing Kingman. Roads were in bad
shape from terrific storms.
Back From Range.
A. A. Johns returned yesterday
from his Aubrcv Investment Co.
holdings near Nelson, and gives an f
excellent report of range conditions, j
Rains, he says have been abundant'
and the livestock industry could not .
be better. '
Return From Texas. ,
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Hooker and
Mrs. Monte Broadcd, sister of the
first named, returned yesterday from .
Texas after a visit of a month with
relatives. Mr. Hooker states a drouth I
is prevailing throughout that State '
and with few exceptions farming and
ranging face a deplorable outlook. ,
Visitors From Range. i
Mr and Mrs. R. W. Forbes, the.
former manager of the Hayncs Cattle
Co., of Peoples valley, one of the
biggest range outfits in the county
are in the city for a few days visiting
with friends. Pccplcs valley, Mr.
(From Tuesday's Daily.)
I Visiting Friends.
Mrs. A. H. Chartz and Miss Myrtle
Johnson of Kirkland valley arc in the
city for a few days' visit with friends.
Health Restored.
Mrs. Clarence Denny, of Fort Rock,
who has been under medical treat
ment in this city for the past two
months, returns home today, her
health having been fully restored.
Vacation Trip.
William Lawlcr, air inspector of
the S. F. P. & P. in this division, left
yesterday for the coast on his annual
vacation to be away for the coining
Valley Visitor.
P. L. Jackson, of Kirkland valley,
was a visitor Sunday, stating that
terrific rains had passed over that re
gion during the past week, swelling
all water courses and doing consid
erable dauiage to lands. The loss is
offset by the .good done to farm and
j range.
'Mining Business.
V. I. M. Bokcs. leasing a silver
mine near Senator, is a visitor to the
city, and reports conditions' as satis
factory in tonnage output and the
showing in the mine. He will ship in
a short time, and feels elated over the
outlook with the white metal quoted
at SO cents. He is preparing to oper
ate another property, located recently
in that belt.
Belated Motorists.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Allison, with
guests, Miss Bessie Nanning and Miss
Marian Hall, reached the city early
Monday morning after being three
days on the road out of Phoenix.
Cloudbursts overtook them at differ
ent points and washed out roads pre
venting traveling. The visitors arc
from a mining camp near Ilaydcn and
arc to remain here for the next month.
Returns Home.
After a two months' residence in
tide to a New York magazine
which his brother is of the editorial
staff, and the Prcscott climate is the
theme touched upon.
PF.TROGRAD. August -1 Russia's
! national debt which at the beginning
I of the war was 9,000,000,000 rubles is
"' 30,000,000,000.
LONDON, August 4. According
to Norwegian advices, 33 ships were
sunk in July.
Instruments Filed as Recorded
By the Prescott Title Co.
July 30, 1917.
O. E. Fuel locates a water right in
Sec. 32, 10N'., 6W.
Keystone Driller to. lo amp
Verde State Bank. Bill of sale. Oik
'drilling machine, equipment, etc
Nat D. Myers locates Durand mine,
' Walker district.
United states 10 aaran r. ituia..
various lanus in see. o., .u.., ...
E- C. Loring to W. A. McGill &
Sons, B. W. and J. 1'. UUI. losses-
bpnng, miles norui oi Kicncnuar.
-r 7 irrif
From Three Years' Suffering. Sayi
Cardui Made Her Well.
Texas Cily, Tex. In an interesting
statement, Mrs. G. H. Schill, of this town,
says: "For three years I suffered untold
agony with my head. I was unable to
do any of my work.
I just wanted to sleep all the time, for
that was the only ease I could get, when
I was asleep. I became a nervous wreck
Just from the awful suffering with my
I was so nervous that the least no.se
make me jump out ot my bed.
,.. L - u un
till U1U1. ill SUIi, U JUU.J f iiUU lJ
do all my household duties.
mt lQ dQ anything mm
f fc Cardu; I fool: three bottles in all.
;t sureiy mc 0f tlose awuj
headaches. That has been three years
ag0i ami j know the cure is permanent,
f0r I have never had any headache since
taking Cardui. ..
Nothing relieved me until I took Cardui.
It did wonders for me."
try tor your uouoics maae
Irom medicinal ingredients recommended '
In medical books as being of benefit in j
female trrciBies, ar.tfiu years ot use nas
rirmfAn 1hit 4Vi hnnVc nr rlohi Rpm'n !
taking Cardui today.
AUGUST 8, 1S17.
j J. H. VanZandc to J. L. Johnson.
. Gold Hill mine. Peck district.
: Carrie T. Goodwin to Wm. Adams.
! 1C0 acres of land on Willow creek,
! fouth of Wagoner postofnee.
A. C. Best and wife to J. H. Dillon.
Lot 12, Gardenland Tract, Prescott.
Andrew Drake files affidavit of as
sessment work on four mines, Hum
boldt district.
W. T. McConnell to E. U. Whee
lock. General power of attorney.
Geo. Calder. et al. locate Dutch
man mine. Quartz Mountain district.
A. A. Fairchilds, et al, locate four
oil claims, Del Rio district.
M. L. Colby to Peter Bulotti. Lots
5 and 6, Block 10, Cottonwood Addi
tion. Hassayampa Alfalfa Farms Co. tc
Blanche A. Hcslop. NWJ4 of SWJ4
Sec. 26. 16X., 2W.
Stanley Day, et al, locate six oil
claims, Del Rio district.
J. B. Shaw and Frank Kass to Big
Butte Copper Co. Lucky Find No. 1
mine, Copper Basin district.
W. E. Defty to Dundee-Arizona
Copper Co. No. 1, No. 4, No. 5, No.
6 and No. 8 mines, Verde district and
one-half interest in Jerome Tunnel
Company ditch and water right.
W. L. Richards, ct al, to Copper
Valley Mining Co. Snowdrift Nos. 1,
2. and 3, Springtime Nos 1 to 7 mines,
Copper Basin district.
T. E. Cowdcn, et al, locate two
mines. Humbug district.
July 31, 1917.
Geo. L. Hudson to Nancy Hill.
Part of Block 20, Humboldt.
Mrs. S. B. Mayer, et al, to Harry
McMichael and Dan McDonald. Tract
at Mayer.
David F. .Holt locates four oil
claims, Del Rio district.
W. D. Lippy and E. F. Stifcl to
United Verde Extension Mining Co.
Omega, Leo, Hummer, Virgo, and
Santa Ana mines, Verde dislrict.
KJty C. Crain and husband to
United Verde Extension Mining Co.
One-half interest in Lone Star mine,
Verde district.
O. L. Habcnback, et al, locate IS
mines, Lane oisinci.
Sheriff for Gy-Zo Chemical Co. to
Annie Cox. California and Arizo
placer Washington, Natural Soap
Geyser No. 1 mines. Tip Top district.
Thos. E. Campbell to Nelson Pun
tciincy. Bill of sale. 500 cattle, six
horses, machinery, etc., on Upper
Thos. E. Campbell and wife to
Nelson Piintemicy. Various lands in
Sees. 12, S, 9, 13, 17N., 2W., and in
Sees. 24, 23, 13, 14, 17N., 2W.
G. W. Smith locates 16 oil claims.
Del Rio district.
August 1, 1917.
Garrett O. Vync and wife to J. T.
Rathgcb. NK' Lot 3, Home Acre
Tract, Prescott.
United States to Wm. Griffith. Pat
ent. SW'A Sec. 24, 15N., 2W.
Ray Frazicr to Burrcll Wright
Bill of sale. One-half interest in 550
cattle, saddle horses, etc., on Turkey
Ray Frazicr to Burrcl Wright. One-
half interest in possessory right, ten
miles north of Crown King.
W. D. Heath and wife to D. W.
Wingfield. SEJ4 of XU4 and NEJ
of SWJ4 Sec 14. 13N.. 5E.
August 2, 1917.
Harry How locates four oil claims,
Del Rio district.
N. II. Longacrc locates Lucy Per
line mine. Black Canyon district.
J. B. Shaw locates three mines.
Copper Basin district.
,-Lco Krouskop locates one oil claim,
Del Rio district.
Herbert J. Wile locates 15 mines.
Verde district.
Kate A. Clinkscalcs to Roger W.
Warren. Lot 19, Block 7, Jerome.
Paul Morse and R. Y. Milne to J.
I. Johnson. Option. Morse and Red
Jacket mines, Turkey Creek district.
(John B. Starkev and wife to O. D.
Mikels and Fred M. Bradbury. 209x
629 feet in SEJ4 Sec. 29, 14N., 2W.
G. G. Crawford, et al, locate Marion
placer. Black Canyon district.-
State of Arizona to A. T. & S. F.
Rv. Co. Strips for right of way across
Sec. 2 and XWtf Sec. 16, 22N., 6W.
total of 9.76 acres of land.
August 3, 1917.
W. C. Smith, et al, amend location
of Wonder oil claim, Del Rio district.
W. O. Smith, trustee, to Copper
Range Mines Co. Big Nngget placer
and a water right, San Domingo dis
trict. W. O. Smith, trustee, to Copper
Range Mines Co. Silver City, Gold
en Copper. Silver Plume, Kultur, Cop
per War Baby, Copper Bar, Copper-
itc, Hassayampcr's Dream, Coppcr
illc mines, San Domingo district.
Santa Fc Pacific Railroad Co. tc.
Miller Livestock Co. Sees. 1, 3. 5,
9. II, 13, 15. 17, 23, 25, 27. 35, 21N..
9W.; Sees. 31. 33, 22N., 9W.: Sec. i,
21N., 10W.: Sees. 3, 5, 7, 9. 17. 19,
23N., 9V.: Sees. 1, 3, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4,
NE4 of SE'4. S'A SEtf. S!i SWM,
Sec. 5, Sees. 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17. 19. 21. j
23, 25, 27. 29. 31, 33, 35, 24N., 10W.
Wm. P. Eshom and wife to J. E.
Rudy. Bill of sale. One-half interest
in cattle, horses, etc., Mohave county.
W. S. Lane to E. A. Edwards. Op
tion. Argcnta Nos 1, 2 and 3 mines,
Turkey Crcck district. One-half in
terest assigned to X. N. Thompson.
(Continued From Page One)
confessed that he was on his way to
Canada, but registered in Clarkdale.
He said he was rejected by the Can
adian army because he had a "full set
of false teeth (upper plate)."
He kindly offered to have "all this
sworn to, if you wish it."
The following letter is from a man
whose divorce suit is pending in the
Superior court:
"I claim exemption physically and
dependents. Kindliest mail mc one or
the forms an application for exemp
tion should be written pn.
"I have no sight on my right eye,
suffer from piles, twice operated on
for rupture and all false teeth.
'"If you insist on mc coming to
Prcscott, kindljest forward my trans
portation, and should I take for
granted you will meet my expenses
while there? My wife is in a hospital
in Los Angeles under a doctor's care.
and I just send her every dollar I had
and got to send more as soon as I
earn it.
' "I can ill afford the trip even at
your expense (as it would take three
days time) and I would have to leave
our house1 empty.
"Would a doctor examination by
any doctor you care to name residing
here in Jerome together with an affi
davit sworn to before a notary public
satisfy you? If I must come, could
my examination be deferred six
weeks or two months, as I hope to
have my wifeliomc by then?"
He "ashures" the board that he is
willing to oblige, and then signs
himself respectfully, Armand Sceburg.
Unfortunately, Uncle Sam forgot
to figure on sick wives and men in
such a condition of total dccrcptitudc
as Sceburg. He also forgot to give
the local boards time to read through
such long and rambling mis-ives. He
thirdly forgot to remember that lots
and lots of folks of really good inten
tions, do not know enough to believe
when they sec it in the paper, that
"You are hereby ORDERED to ap
pear for physical examination on'
such and such a date. The Iraft must
be taken seriously, or a file of soldiers
will take the forgetful man very scri
ouslv for him.
(From Sunday's Daily)
Lewis C Younger, until recently of
Nevada City, Cal., has returned after
an inspection of his newly acquired
coppers in Black Hills district, and
stated yesterday he will establish a
camp at once and place a force of
five men at development work. During
Mav he visited the property and
made arrangements with tiic former
owner for operating under a bond. A
hoist is en route, and shaft sinking is
to be prosecuted. This property is
located southwest of the Copper Chief
about three miles and the shipping
point for the present will be Dewey.
Mrs. Younger accompanies her hus
band and later is to .make Prescott
her home.
To Kathryn Bennett, her heirs and
assigns, and Robert E. Morrison, her
agent and attorney:
You and each of you arc hereby
notified that I have expended during
the years of 1916. 1915, 1914, 1913,
1912 and 1911, the sum of Eighteen
Hundred Twenty Dollars ($1,S20.(X
in labor and improvements upon tht
"George Washington," "Henry Clay"
and "Blind Girl" lode mining claims,
located in Big Bug Mining District,
Yayapai County, State of Arizona, the
notices of location whereof arc of
record in the office of the County Re
corder of Yavapai County, Arizona,
as follows:
George Washington: In Book 31 of
Mines, page 366;
Henry Clay: In Book 31 of Mines,
page 365;
Blind Girl: In Book 36 of Mines,
page 494, records of Yavapai County.
That such labor was performed and
expenditure made in order to hold
said claims under the provisions -of
Section 2324 of the Revised Statutes
of the United States and the amend
ments thereto concerning annual la
bor upon mining claims, it being the
amount required to hold for the year
ending December 31st, 1916, the year
ending December 31st, 1915, the year
ending December 31st, 1914, the year
ending December 31st, 1913, the year
ending December 31st, 1912, and the
year ending December 31st, 1911.
And if, within ninety (90) days of
the personal service of this notice, or
within ninety (90) days after the pub-
lication hereof, you fail or refuse to
contribute your portion of said ex
penditures as co-owner, your interest
in said mining claims will become the
property of the subscriber, your co
owner, who has made the required ex
, penditures, by the terms of said Sec
tion 2324.
' Attorney in Fact for L. M. Earth.
First publication May 30, '17, (W).
To J. C. TOVREA, his heirs, ex
ecutors, administrators and assigns:
You are hereby notified that I have
expended during the year 1913 Five
Hundred Dollars in labor and im
provements upon the following min
ing claims situated in the Blue Tank
mining district, Yavapai county, Ari
zona: Little Annie, Golden Treas
ure, North Star, Copper Bottom,
Home Stake, notice of location ol
which is of record in Book 83 of
Mines, at page 366, records of Yava
pai county, Arizona, in order to hold
said claims under the provisions of
Section 2324 of the Revised Statutes
of the United States, and the amend
ment thereto approved January 22,
18S0, concerning annual labor upon
mining claims being the amount re
quired to hold said claims for the
period ending the 31st day of Decem
ber, 1913. And if, within ninety days
from the personal service of this no
tice, or within ninety days from the
publication thereof, you fail or refuse
to contribute your proportion of such
expenditure as a co-owner, which
amounts to $250, your interest in the
claim will become the property of the
subscriber, your co-owner, who has
made the required expenditure, by the
terms of said section.
Dated at Prcscott, Arizona, this.
10th day of February, 1914.
First pub. July IS. 1917 14t. (W).
Prcscott. Arizona, May 21, 1917.
To Ike Frollcy and Joe Brogliatti,
Their Heirs and Assigns:
You arc hereby notified that the
undersigned, equal co-owner with
you in the following described mining
claim, the undersigned being the
owner -of an undivided one-third in
terest therein, has expended one hun
dred dollars in labor and improve
ments during each of the years 1911,
1912, 1913, 1914, 1915 and 1916, upon
the following described mining claim,
situate in Humbug Mining District,
Yavapai County, Arizona, to-wit:
Swiss mining claim, notice of loca
tion whereof is of record in the office
of the County Recorder of said Yava
pai County in Book 6 of Mines,
page 244, in order to hold said claim
under the provisions of Section 2324
of the Revised Statutes of the United
States, making a total expenditure of
six hundred dollars.
Now, therefore, if within ninety
days after the personal service of
this notice upon you, or within ninety
days after the publication thereof,
you fail or refuse, or either of you
fails or refuses, to contribute and pay
to me your proportion of said sum,
as a co-owner, to-wit: $200 for each
of you, making $400 in all, being
$66,665 on said claim for each of said
years, your interest in said claim will
become the property of the under
signed under and by virtue of said
Section 2324, who has made the re
quired expenditure, as provided by
the terms of said section.
First publication May 23. '17. (W).
Prescott. Arizona, May 21. 1917.
To B. Frolley and Ike Frollcy,
Their Heirs and Assigns:
Your are hereby notified that the
undersigned, equal co-owner with
you in the following described mining
claims, the undersigned being the
ojvner of an undivided one-third in
terest therein, has expended one hun
dred dollars in labor and improve
ments during each of the years 1911,
1912. 1913, 1914. 1915 and 1916, upon
each of the following described min
ing claims, situate in Humbug Mining
District, Yavapai County, Arizona,
notices of location whereof arc of rec
ord in the office of the County Re
corder of said Yavapai County, in the
Books of Mines and at the pages
thereof below set opposite their
names, to-wit:
Save mining claim, nook 76 of
Mines, page 554.
Christopher mining claim. Book 69
of Mines, page 511,
in order to hold said claims under the
provisions of Section 2324 of the Re
vised Statutes of the United States,
making a total expenditure of twelve
hundred dollars.
Now, therefore, if within ninety
days after the personal service of this
notice upon you, or within ninety
days after the publication thereof, you
fail or refuse, or cither of you fails
or refuses, to contribute and pay to
me your proportion of said sum, as
a co-owner, to-wit: $400 for each of
you, making $SO0 in all, being $66.663
on each of said claims for each of
said years, your interest in said claims
will become the property of the un
dersigned under and by virtue of said
Section 2324, who has made the re
quired expenditure, as provided by the
terms of said section.
First publication May 23, '17. (W).

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